Scottie Hughes Discusses Harry Reid Attacking Ted Cruz

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  1. Seems that Harry didn’t play by the rules when it came to Obamacare. He took his ball and went home so behind closed doors he wrote Obamacare.

    1. Well yes he did – and if you deny that then you are a racist that just hates having a dark skinned man inn your white house. :{

    2. Racist?! Really..thats your reply. I am embarrassed for you. In an attempt to make a whitty comment you fell so very far off the mark; and in doing so you have revealed yourself to be a pittaful person. HONESTLY.I will pray for you…

    3. All I was pointing out is that EVERY single failure of this administration – if it isn’t George Bush’s fault then it is because Obama is black and we are racists – just ask Oprah -

  2. We elected Ted Cruz to represent us….that’s what he’s doing. I will vote for him again.

    1. Represent you? Everyone knows they are only supposed to do that BEFORE getting elected and then while seeking re-election-then they represent themselves – and we have to like it – Elections have consequences. UGH

    2. Im ready my post to you earlier. I must have meant to post that to someone else. I love Ted, want him for president. My financial support will not go to GOP, they will go directly to Ted.

  3. Harry has no business being in charge of anything. Unfortunately those of us in Nevada who voted against him were not enough to keep him out. We can blame the Republicans for running Sharon Angle against him. That was just stupid.

    1. Whaaaaa! And what did you do to get rid of Reid, besides simply voting and blaming the pubs? Where were you before hand, seriously?
      Bla bla bla…….

    2. Yes it was so stupid. She was not in any way qualified to do that job or to attempt to run against Harry Reid’s mob of backers. The Republicans/Tea Party people just keep on stepping on their own crank when it comes to putting a contender into position to run for any office. We need someone like Ted Cruz from Texas, or Mike Lee from Utah to step up to the plate for Nevada. Someone who will hit hard & call things like they really are. Harry Reid has pulled so many dirty deals in our state and has so many accomplices that keep backing him with their money. I don’t think we stand a chance against his “political machine”. I hate to admit that, but after living in Nevada/Clark County for over 30 yrs. and seeing just how many dirty land deals, etc. that he has weaseled out of being prosecuted for…I know that it is the truth. Not until he dies or decides to retire from the Senate are we ever going to be rid of Harry Reid. I am ashamed to say that he is a senator for Nevada. I have never voted for him and would vote for the devil himself before voting for Harry Reid. He clawed his way up through all the usual political steps to get to the powerful position he holds today and don’t let his pitiful little mealy-mouthed voice ever fool you. He is a backroom brawler of the highest order. If the real truths were ever told of what he has done and how he has done it to get to where he sits today…I feel sure all our hair would just stand on end.

    3. Sharon Angle is not stupid and would have been standing right beside Senator Cruz if she were elected. Maybe the voters of Nevada should take a hard look at who is overseeing that these voting machines are set to register the voters choice correctly.
      I remember reading an article that one voter selected the Republican candidate and the Demorat got the vote. He complained and it happened 3 times before the machine registered the vote correctly. Now, were those 3 Dem voting errors deleted, or added to the tally?????? Get involved and watch for the fraud!

    4. Thank you, Karacek, I believe it was fraud, too, no one has explained the mysterious electrical outage.

  4. The Obamacare mess was not written within the halls of Congress. It was written by a group of George Soros backed organizations, and presented to the Senate in full – without them being able to look at its contents. It is a communist constructed “mandated control” item.

  5. Sen. Cruz is not a Republican, Republicans don’t have the backbone to do what Sen. Cruz is doing. They are a coterie of sniveling, corrupt cowardly apparatchiks.

  6. Harry Reid called Ted Cruz a bully! Hey Harry go to the nearest mirror and take a good look at yourself! You are the biggest bully there is. You and Pelosi both railroaded ObamaCare and made it a law. Don’t forget not one Republican voted for it in the Senate and House–none! But what you did was create a monster, like what that fictional mad scientist Dr. Frankenstein made. Even you fellow Democrats now call ObamaCare a trainwreck! Compared to Ted Cruz, you and Pelosi are kindergartners! Please go away Harry. But don’t go away mad, just go away. You and your pal Nancy both, you pinheads!

    1. Excellent post! Could not have said it better myself. Thanks for putting the truth out there for all to see.

  7. Cruz getting crushed says Neil? I think not. I think his better phrase is they “are fearful of this guy!” Scottie: All Senator Cruz wants to do is follow the rules!


  9. We need more Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Judge Jeanine Pirro, and DR. Ben Carson, they aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. We need term limits for all those in our government. No more being in there for years and living off our tax dollars, they seem to think they have the right to spend it any way they like. They seem to forget they work for us ( not that they give a damn)… Its time to get it together AMERICA….

  10. Wasn’t Ted Cruz the Senator that Harry Reid called a bully if so we need more people like Ted Cruz in the Senate and if he ever runs for President then Ted Cruz has my vote.