Allen West Calls Obama Out on Syria, Benghazi: Obama has a History of Voting ‘Present’


Since assuming office, President Obama has worked to undermine tough American foreign policy. With one move after another that makes Jimmy Carter look like a hawk, President Obama has instituted a foreign policy based on pillars of apology, cowardice, denials of American exceptionalism and political expediency.

Now, as evidence is coming to light that Syria has used chemical weapons, the president is suddenly a hawk?

As America creeps closer to military action in Syria, Obama has hedged his bets by punting the ball to Congress for a decision on Syria while still maintaining that he holds the power to act unilaterally.

In other words: The president issued a “red line” ultimatum, he got called, and now he wants to put the ball in Congress’ court to relieve him of the responsibility of “owning” the situation in Syria… while still posturing that he could act militarily if he wanted to. That’s not leadership.

On Monday, Former Florida Republican Rep. Allen West, a former Lieutenant Colonel and a 22-year veteran of the U.S. Army, commented on Obama’s leadership on the Syria issue on Lauran Ingraham’s show.

“I think what you just saw play out was a president who has a history of voting ‘present,’ and all of a sudden he got out ahead of himself, and he realized that, ‘If I take an action on my own, I’m going to own this,’” West said. “And no one is thinking like the military mindset, what are the branches and sequels of an action? What is the counter-reaction? What is the follow-on, second- and third-order effects we’re going to have to contend with? And I believe that is something President Obama does not want to deal with.”

“So therefore he says, ‘Well, you know, I want to do this, but let me go to Congress, and let’s get them to approve it, because if something bad happens down the road then we can always come back and say, ‘I probably would not have done if Congress had not approved it and given me the authority,’” West continued. “But let’s not have such a short-term memory. He went into Libya without congressional approval. He went beyond the 90 days of the war powers resolution, the War Powers Act. And we lost an ambassador. We lost Sean Smith, Ty Woods, Glen Doherty. That was sovereign American territory, that consulate there. We did nothing. We have done nothing. Where is our response to Benghazi? Who has been held accountable for that other than the poor little schmuck that’s still sitting in jail because of a video?”

Nearly a year after our consulate in Benghazi was attacked and four Americans murdered, the Obama Administration continues to shrug off the terrorist attack and stonewalls Congress. But Syria crosses Obama’s “red line” and the Commander-in-Chief springs to life to hasten military action, but hedges his bets by putting the responsibility on Congress.

America needs a real leader. If Lieutenant Colonel West is looking for a job, I suggest he apply.