Organizer for 2 Million Bikers to DC Rally: ‘We were Discriminated Against Because We’re American’

Million Bikers On Wednesday, America will solemnly remember the attacks that have stained September 11th. Twelve years ago, terrorists orchestrated a terrorist attack of unimaginable horror. One year ago, terrorists attacked on consulate in Benghazi, murdering four, but reminding Americans of the very real threat of terrorism that remains present. To honor the victims of these attacks separated by eleven years, a group has worked to build a rally in Washington D.C. to pay tribute to those who lost their lives on these days. The event called “2 Million Bikers to DC” aims to raise awareness of the terrorist attacks and serve as a reminder of the lives lost. The group intended to obtain a “no-stop” permit through D.C., a permit that allows a police escort to move the group through the nation’s capital swiftly. However, despite talking at length with the D.C. Parks Department, the group was suddenly informed that the permit had been denied as they claim that the department had not received an application. The denial of the permit has fomented outrage as the District of Columbia has granted the American Muslim Political Action Committee a permit for the Million Americans Against Fear Rally, formerly known as the Million Muslim March.
“On Thursday’s conference call, [Parks Department employee Sheila Gotha] let it be known right out of the gate that she was not happy with this permit and that the D.C. residents were not going to be happy with the bikers. And we said, ‘Well, that’s why we want the permit, so we can just get through there… and hour or two and we’re done,’” Belinda Bee stated in an exclusive interview with The Tea Party News Network. “From my understanding, [Gotha] has told two other media outlets that she had never heard of our permit, that we have never had a conference call. I shot them the email showing where she scheduled the conference call and on that conference call is the permit number,” Bee stated.
The biker ride-through comes at a time when racial tensions remain high and at a time when systematic harassment and targeting of conservative groups have become more overt. The IRS has been targeting conservative and Tea Party groups for years-long harassment, illustrating a willingness by government to strong-arm dissenters. When asked about the motivations behind D.C.’s denial of the permit, Bee bluntly stated, “We were discriminated against because we’re Americans…. [Muslims] are going to celebrate the deaths of the Americans and that really has all the bikers very upset.” Bee said that the plan remains unchanged. ‘The only thing we’re doing differently is that we’re not going to have a permit. We don’t have to have a permit; those streets are paid for by our tax dollars and we have a First Amendment right to ride down those streets.” The biker rally will begin at the Harley Davidson dealership in Fort Washington, Maryland, on Wednesday at 8 a.m. where rally attendees will enjoy opening remarks, a blessing and the Pledge of Allegiance. From there, the rally will roll through D.C. without official escorts. The organizers hope to hold a similar rally annually and Bee hopes those attending will only behave lawfully. For more information, please see the group’s Facebook page.
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  1. I have NO doubt. There is an OVERT effort to suppress ANYONE who believes in God OR the U.S. Constitution.

    1. There is more of us than there is of them ..the bible says one can put a thousand to flight and 2-10 thousand to flight…..demons that is. This has to be done by the praying Holy saints of YHVH MAy the Lord clean out his white house spiritually in Jesus name amen!

  2. I have heard people defend the Muslims as only wanting to show America that they can be good Americans and draw the media to it.
    I guess that is why they chose 9-11 for their day to show us?
    Liberals are either naïve, stupid or malicious hypocrits for allowing this to happen.

    1. it the beginning it was about how poorly they say they have been treated when all the outrage started they changed the name and the reason for what they are doing

    2. Yes,, they changed the name of the march a few months ago, and asked all Americans to join them. This was the release a few months ago:
      “The American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) is hosting what it hopes will be a gathering of one million people in Washington, D.C., on the 12th anniversary of 9/11 to urge the government to reveal “the truth” about the attacks.

      “We want to hold President Obama accountable for his empty promises of creating a transparent government,” march organizer Isa Hodge told U.S. News. “What exactly have we spent all our money, lost lives and taken lives for? The entire record of the 9/11 Commission has never been released.” Protesters will also denounce “FBI traps,” “illegal tapping and surveilling of Muslim Americans” and “media propaganda making the word terrorist synonymous with Muslim,” he said.

      The march was announced as the “Million Muslim March” earlier this year, but its name has since been changed to the “Million American March Against Fear,” according to Hodge.

    3. American Muslims feel like other Americans are blaming them for the actions of the foreign radical Islams (mostly Saudi nationals) on 9/11. Viewing the comments on this article, it’s not hard to understand how they came to that thought.

    4. Yes, because all Muslims are like the 9/11 bombers, just like all Christians are like the Westboro Baptist Church. Please educate yourself. K, thx.

    5. You do the same, Fishy. You know you hate Christians. You’re just using a comparison in an attempt to pretend that you’re more “liberal” than Christians are about things like this.

      So, what are you pulling down per hour…before taxes?

    6. I don’t hate anyone, but I also don’t pass judgement on people as well. Because I disagree with someone’s ignorance and intolerance, that automatically brands me as liberal?

      I’m not sure what my income has to do with any of this, but I’m assuming that you’re trying to somehow paint a clearer picture of whom I might be, when you don’t know a single thing about me other than I’m open minded and apparently not as prejudiced as some of the people on this thread.

    7. “Because I disagree with someone’s ignorance and intolerance, that automatically brands me as liberal”

      And THAT is a form of judgment, dimwit. And it’s what you are disagreeing WITH that makes you a liberal.

      I know as much as I need to know about you from your posts, just as you feel you obviously know others with whom you disagree.

      You’re FAR from open-minded. Please don’t make me laugh. You are as prejudiced as you claim those on the right are, so stop lying and making excuses for yourself.

      What a dimwit. You don’t even apparently read what you post…

    8. Ignorance and intolerance is not exclusive to any one particular political ideology. Disagreement is not judgement; ignorant and intolerant aptly define any number of people. By your logic, if I said the sky was blue, you’d think I was passing judgement on the sky.

      I’d like to have an intelligent discussion with you, but you don’t seem interested in doing so. If you feel that you need to have the last word in this argument to feel satisfied that you won- so be it.
      Yay! You win the internet! :)

    9. You missed my point. You did NOT say that you THOUGHT someone’s comments were ignorant and intolerant. You said their comments WERE those things. Yet, you also said you don’t pass judgment on people.

      You have clearly disagreed with yourself and don’t even know it.

      You can’t have an intelligent discussion with me because you don’t even understand what it is you’re writing…

      I’m not interested in having any last word at all. There are numerous posts by others here that I have not responded to.

      I’m interested in truth and reality.

    10. It must be so easy to live a simple life where everything is so black and white, huh Dixie? I couldn’t care less about Islam or Christianity.

    11. That made no sense at all, zero. What do ALL baptist churches have in common with Westboro? What do all muslims have in common with other muslims? They are millions and multi millions of identical clones! They can’t choose, decide, convert, debate, etc. they are born, raised, indoctrinated, unforced 5 times a day on their knees, etc. they no NOTHING other than the hatred they have been taught for multi years. That is the problem, you can’t change their minds because they have no mind of their own, they are zombies to this “religion” and you can say we hate all muslims but our religion (as Christian) don’t TEACH us that but not the same with their. They must hate us. I hate they are enslaved and blind to anything but those teaching but “it is what it is” and if they remain in that walking dead, then they will continue to wish us evil and be willing to blow themselves up to achieve it. I feel sorry for them but I don’t trust them and they tell us, show us and act upon it and that is what nothing will change until they change and I don’t see that happening any time soon.

    12. Thanks coming from a man that has awesome posts on here. I have read them all and you know you stuff and present it in an easy to understand form. That is not saying the deaf, dumb and liberal will understand it but you can lead a jackass to water but can’t make it drink right? :)

    13. As “baptists” most of us put our religion on and wear it Sunday then take it off the rest of the week. As a Muslim, it is your way of life. What about that can’t we understand? Answer: Our God is NOT our way of life. Wake up “Christians”. America is going down if we don’t act.

    14. Your post shows that you know absolutely nothing about the Muslim religion, other than what FOX News blowhards and other ignorant folks have spoon fed to you. Seriously, pick up a book and read sometime.

    15. Take me up on it, Fisch. I’ve got three English versions of the Qur’an (which I have READ), and a copy of the 40 Hadith – all written/translated by Muslims.

      Funny how your wild claims are permissible, but mine are not.

      You know NOTHING about Islam. All one has to do is compare the founders of each religion to know the differences. How did Jesus live? How did Muhammad live? Which one carried a weapon? Which one served people? Which one served himself?

      It’s so plain even a caveman could get it. What, you haven’t evolved to that point yet?

    16. Which is why I couched my response as I did.

      By the way, don’t “dabble” in the Bible. Either study it seriously or ignore it completely.

    17. As a red-blooded American male, I took it upon myself to read through your beloved Koran. I am aware that the majority of Christians in America have not read through thier Bibles and so I figured I would be the exception. In your Koran (Quran) it speaks of peace, love, hope, but there’s sognificantly more to this book than meets the spoon-fed eye. First off it “commands” muslims to “deceive the infidel, until such a time as an attack can be successful”, then it states that the killing of infidels insures ones place in heaven. does that sound peaceful to you? Not to this American Infidel. Go on sheepishly following your Muhammed. Know whom you serve before you speak, the “Great Deceiver” or th “Great I AM.” There is no God but Jehova, and Muhammed is not His prophet.

    18. Exactly. Muslims who allegorize the Qur’an take those passages to mean something they do not mean. For instance, “jihad” is an inner struggle to them. Yet, it was obviously NOT an inner struggle to Muhammad or his original followers who spent a good portion of their adult lives slaughtering people and Muslims still do that today.

    19. My beloved Qur’an? I’m agnostic at best… I believe that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof/evidence and to me, no religion has been able to justify their legitimacy, much less their superiority.

    20. There are no “extraordinary” claims in Islam with the exception of Muhammad’s alleged midnight ride where he flew on a donkey.

      In fact, there is nothing the least bit engaging or supernatural within Islam. It’s a philosophy, a way of life. That’s it. Nothing more.

      By the way, you should read the book of Daniel. Even so-called “higher critics” can’t explain its accuracy away except to say that it was written after the fact by a counterfeit Daniel. The problem though is that not all of Daniel has come to pass yet…

    21. See, this is where religion completely loses me- flying donkeys, talking serpents, blue colored people with four arms… even in my college experiments with psychedelics, I never saw anything that crazy. People tell me that I lack faith, but I just tell them that disbelief, based on lack of evidence, does not require faith.

      I’ve dabbled in the Bible somewhat, but mostly just to have a counter-argument to those who so blindly thump it.

    22. Needless to say, you are a disgusting idiot and instead of “dabbling” in the Bible, you should get someone to read it to you and explain it’s source and content. It’s always possible for one to see the light and to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. He never closes the door on heathens.

      Fisch, you should do yourself a favor and keep your mouth shut because you are making yourself look “intellectually naked”!

      Up Yours Mac

    23. Oooh, anymore names you can call me? You sound like a Rhodes Scholar! Maybe you should read a little ancient history to put it in context for you. If you would like to have an adult debate, I’m down. If you want to call names and hurl insults, the sandbox is that way –>

    24. Okay…so take “legitimacy” out of it. Take the followers of these texts out of it. Take the texts of the books that the people of these faiths (Christian and Muslim) at face-value. Plain and simple, Muslims are required to deceive (taqiy’ya) and to kill for their faith (Ji’had). Defending Islam as a “peaceful religion” is either naive or taqiy’ya…either way Fisch, Muslims are “required” to deceive and convert the infidel (anyone not Muslim) or kill them…legitimate or not…it is what they believe.

    25. I know at least a few dozen Muslims- not a one of them has tried to deceive me (to my knowledge) nor have they tried to convert me. They certainly have not killed me. Infact, about the only time the Muslims I know even talk openly about their religion is when they are denouncing the radical, fringe elements of it, whom you so broadly paint as the norm within the religion, rather than the exception.

    26. Fisch, you aren’t the only dude that went to college and received a BS in “Superiority Complex”. Liberal professors are turning out hundreds like you each semester. Even 5 to 6 % of our population is near brain-dead as you are………they, too, are “pseudo” intellectuals. Needless to say, this world would be much better off without you (and them) spouting such trash talk!

      Up Yours Mac

    27. Not angry Fisch, just no longer tolerant of Liberals…we

      have given too much for too long and it has come back to bite us….but, no longer. The only thing worse than a Liberal is a devout Atheist Liberal….Have your say now because you will soon be going back in the closet!

      Up Yours Mac

    28. BS somebody else because I know exactly what the “religion” represents. Zombies that allow themselves to be enslaved to a barbaric”we will rule the world” regime. Peddle is somewhere else.

    29. Westboro Baptist Church – what, 15 or so members? Islam – millions of members throughout the world and many terrorist events completed since before 911?

      Right now, Muslims are killing Coptic Christians in Egypt. They are destroying lives in Nigeria and Thailand.

      YOU need to wake up…

    30. The Crusades were arguably some of the largest and most widespread acts of terrorism that humankind has ever witnessed- can we call it a draw?

    31. To an extent I agree. Would the world put up with that today? I can’t see that it would so why is it putting up with atrocities committed by Muslims?

      BTW, Islamic slaughtering of. “Infidels” has been occurring since Muhammad and has never let up. It continues today.

      Do we ignore and say, Catholics did it. Now it’s Islam’s turn?


    32. yes and I cant for the life of me understand why the American people are not upset with USA funding muslim brotherhood

    33. I have educated myself, sir. It is you who needs an education. Might I suggest you read Sword of the Prophet by Dr. Serge Trifkovic, or A God Who Hates, by Wafa Sultan, or While Europe Slept, by Bruce Bawer. Now, how does it feel to go back to school.

    34. I’m not sure anyone was asking you, but thanks for augmenting my reading list just the same. :)

      FTR- I have read Bawer’s ‘Stealing Jesus’ – it wasn’t necessarily a bad read, but did get a bit over-reaching and rambling by the end.

    35. Fisch, Here are a few more titles that should help you understand the Islamic threat. Marked for Death, by Dutch PM Geert Wilders. Defeating Jihad, by Dr. Serge Trifkovic. Londonistan by Melanie Phillips, and Faith, Reason, and The War Against Jihadism by George Weigel. These authors understand the threat Islam poses to the West, as they have experienced the negative consequences of living side by side with it as modern day dhimmis. Should give you a broader perspective of the Prophet and his religion.

    36. Any idea what’s been happening in Dearborn(istan), MI and Murphreesboro, TN along with many other areas of the US?

      I don’t mind anyone legally coming to this country. I just expect them to obey our laws and assimilate. Muslims cannot do that because Islam is an all-encompassing ideology.

      Muslims in Florida are now demanding that their kids get out earlier in the day so they can pray.

      The word “taqiyya” comes to mind because it is often used by Muslims to deceive until their numbers become large enough where they do not have to deceive anymore. They can be belligerent and demand whatever they want.

    37. Yes, because all Muslims are like the 9/11 bombers, just like all Christians are like the Westboro Baptist Church…

    38. Just under 21,000 terrorist events worldwide since the original 9/11 and ALL of them perpetrated by Muslims.

      Did you know that nearly ALL rapes in The Netherlands and Sweden (and a growing incidence in the UK) have been perpetrated by Muslims? Of course, they refer to them as “Asians” so as not to offend them…

    39. Link to story below.

      Obama’s Syrian Rebels Dismembered a Little Girl With a Saw, WHILE She Was Alive [READ HERE]

      Mr. Conservative is the top website for news, political cartoons, breaking news, republican election news,…


    40. If you can provide unbiased proof of this claim, I’d be happy to believe you. Anyone can make outlandish claims; backing it up with facts/evidence can sometimes be a little more daunting. I can think of a few dozen terrorist events that have occurred in South America alone since 2001, and a handful that have occurred in this country, none of which were perpetrated my Muslims. But yeah, keep believing what you want to believe inside that make believe world of yours… Peace.

    41. I could care less if you believe me or not. The truth is out there. You’ve simply dutifully ignored it.

      You obviously believe what you want to believe too. I’m sure if I took the time to provide you with all the proof you need, you would still pan it.

      I have better things to do than fully waste my time trying to school you, kiddo.

    42. I’m happy to provide you with unbiased, verifiable facts contrary to your claim, I was just wondering if you could do the same. I guess not. Yes, the truth is out there- I read some of it; it didn’t comport with what you were claiming, hence my query.

    43. Yes, I CAN. But I already went that route with another dude who simply denied what I posted was the real deal.

      I don’t have time to prove my points to you so you can pan or deny it.

      I don’t care if what I’m saying comports with what you’ve read or not. That proves nothing except that you’ve possibly read the wrong info.

    44. Can you back up your claim with links to specific acts, or is this just another attempt like you did before when trying to claim that the crusades were equal to today’s terrorism? So we should get to see links to at least 35- 40 reports, right?

    45. I’ll make it very easy for you, Dixie- you like easy, right?
      Click on this link:

      and click on every year from 2001-on and see how many incidents are listed that are NOT attributed to Muslims or Islamic terrorists and/or occurred in countries where Islam is not the predominant religion. There’s 35-40 just within the first few years.

      Additionally, why would you not equate the crusades to today’s Islamic terrorism? Both had major social, political, and economic impacts on respective regions (The Crusades – Europe; Islamic terrorism – Middle East); both involve(d) an attempt to reclaim geographic regions for political control; both involve(d) an extermination of nonbelievers or ‘infidels’; both involve(d) a significant amount of infighting; and much like the Crusades, I believe the Islamic terrorism movement will ultimately fail.

      I’d be happy to provide you more information, if you so desire. Peace.

    46. Now let me see if I understand you correctly. You’re saying in essence that terrorist attacks on American soil (like hijacking planes and flying them into American buildings) is somehow an attempt to ‘reclaim’ a geographical region? Since when did any part of America ever belong to the terrorist nations responsible for that?
      Incidentally, I would hardly rely on Wikipedia as a reliable source for anything since it states right up front that it can be edited by anyone. You yourself could have inserted those links.

    47. You’re taking once individual incident and extrapolating it to an entire movement. I’m talking about the general rise in Muslim extremism/terrorism over the the past 30+ years, not just one isolated incident, so no- you misunderstood me. Maybe instead of saying “today’s Muslim extremism”, I should have said “Muslim extremism occurring in recent years”.

      I referenced Wikipedia for expediency, since everything was all in one webpage, but you are welcome to cross-check any of the incidents listed and I seriously doubt you’ll discover that Wikipedia was wrong.

    48. You’re taking once individual incident and extrapolating it to an entire movement. I’m talking about the general rise in Muslim extremism/terrorism over the the past 30+ years, not just one isolated incident, so no- you misunderstood me. Maybe instead of saying “today’s Muslim extremism”, I should have said “Muslim extremism occurring in recent years”.

      I referenced Wikipedia for expediency, since everything was all in one webpage, but you are welcome to cross-check any of the incidents listed and I seriously doubt you’ll discover that Wikipedia was wrong.

    49. Not much- just finishing up some paperwork and watching the stock market do fairly well today. Although, Tesla is down about 3.5 so far… :(

    50. No, I’m very conservative. I would consider myself a constitutional conservative. I care about life and living things. Not particularly any one type of people. The people I love, are my family and friends.
      I don’t think the lack of hate makes me a liberal. I think conservatives can be non-haters, don’t you?

    51. just as Laura explained I can’t believe that a mom can earn $6233 in a few weeks on the internet. check this w­w­w.J­A­M­20.c­o­m

    52. Whoopee…I prefer alternative news sites any day. Don’t have cable and stopped watching TV months ago.

      I’ve read my share of books and independently produced videos (like “Loose Change” and many others) about 911.

      I’m not yet sure what I think so watching one YouTube video that had the same info aired on “all major networks” won’t convince me either. But gosh, thanks.

  3. This should not surprise anyone. The radical left will not allow any patriotic groups to display true American pride for our country and all the heroic patriots who are trying to save it. They will lie and cheat to suppress anything that might wake up our country from the danger we are in.

  4. Amazing how true patriots who actually love this country are shunned and seen as “evil,” while Muslims – of whom some perpetrated the original 9/11 are given a pass and permit without problems.

    If this doesn’t tell us what Obama and his administration is all about, nothing will.

    1. What’s amazing is how so-called “true patriots” can’t fill out forms in a timely manner or, you know, actually some do some planning between the Klan rallies so things of this nature don’t happen.

      We do love reading the “brown people” fear-mongering, though. Keep up your gawd’s work!

    2. Actually, the riders had filled out the paperwork in time and were provided a permit number for the ride.

      The powers that be be SAID they never turned the paperwork in on time but the organizer of the rude easily proved that to be a lie by providing copies of the paperwork she had received from DC’s Parks Dept.

      What? You didn’t read about that? Not surprising…

    3. So if they have a permit where’s the issue? I’m guessing you have some proof of said permit? Or is this just a link to some tea-qaeda conspiracy site?

      Judging by the info on your link, you didn’t read about it either, lol. I see no picture of the issued permit (which I’m sure MUST be out there if it was ever issued…) so in the vernacular: screenshot or it didn’t happen.

    4. Research….. Yep, you and beau-coup others around here need to do their research, and don’t limit your “research” to so called news sites like the Blaze or WND or WCJ and others. Everybody knows about the Muslims. Everybody knows how they live and Hate. Everybody knows All about Mohammed (Has anyone really looked to see where the pedophile myth came from ???) If Everybody would really look up all the phrases from the Koran that are posted as proof of these things, they would find that many of them are quoted OUT of Context. It’s really a shame to see so many people that call themselves Christians preaching hate. As far as the bikers going to D.C. ? It could very well be a recipe for a real wreck .

    5. I do plenty of research including 3 English translations of the Qur’an and a copy of the 40 Hadith.

      People argue about Islam but most have never read the Quran ‘an.

    6. I think you mean to say “conservative”. The Klan is and always has been conservative. So they may well be in attendance :-)

    7. Conservative southern dems. It’s kewls. It’s not like this information isn’t out there. I mean, seriously, do you honestly think progressives would be opposed to equality?

      But seriously, where do you people think all of those conservative southern dems went after the CRA was passed?

    8. Of course, they’re opposed to equality. Then again, how is equality measured? Under the terms of Derrick Bell’s Critical Race Theory and emotional virtue of relativism, white (Christian) males are the main oppressors and black men are the main victims.

      So-called “progressives” (Socialists/Marxists/Communists) want equality, but not justice. They want to overturn traditional values that this country was based on and replace that with socialism that leads ultimately to communism.

      It began in 1946 (though in some ways, it started earlier with the Fed).

      It was during the 1970s that the Democratic Party was literally taken over by Socialists and is now the Progressive party of America. You could take the Communist Manifesto of 1848 and place it alongside the “values” and core beliefs of today’s Democratic Party and see very little difference.

    9. Jason Jermaine Smiith .Wow I guess you’ve come down with this deadly pandemic disease of Ignorance too. Wow it sure spreading and affecting what “common sense” you may have had or some sense of Patriotism.The Muslims are enemies of this nation. They assassinated over 3500 Americans 12 years ago and they assassinated 4 men in Benghazi . Egged on by the Muslim Murderer in the stink house. Apparently all you can see is murder and mayhem by this religion. But wow when they “shoot you for being an infidel don’t come crying for aw enforcement to protect you. The “BIKERS” have as much right to ride through Washington D.C. as any Muslim weather their legal immigrants or born here in American. And the Parks dept has denied them as they denied the “christian” Man March a few years ago. The only reason the Christian men got to March was a group of Christian Senators, Congressmen got involved. This is still America and these “BIKERS” have every right to ride on the 9-11 .NO special favors for the “ENEMIES of this Nation and for the record if wasn’t for the MUSLIM Enemies of this nation we wouldn’t have to remember 2 horrific dates as this. .GO suck on your Muslim Kool-Aide.. Signed ..A MOM AGAINST OBAMA in California..

    10. He is not getting the lumps out , thats for sure! lol You could have a pic of permit, but he still wouldn’t believe it. He sounds racist to me.

    11. No, there were 12 criminals who committed the terrorist act of 9/11. The enemies we need to worry about are the tea-qaeda domestic terrorist groups.

    12. Was it not conservatives who got enough of the Voting Rights Act repealed so that new voter suppression laws could be drafted by conservative state legislatures?

    13. I take offense to that remark. I am a gun toting, tea party member. I obey the law and you liberals even try to put us in the category of terrorists? I can see there is no help for you. I can guarantee you one thing about tea party people. We will fight for our constitutional rights and our right to bear arms.

    14. Since when was Sen Byrd EVER a conservative. Read history, the KLAN was ALWAYS a liberal front. Did you forget that is was the Democrats who DIDN’T want the Civil Rights Act???

    15. If you believe that then there is absolutely no hope for you, lol. Nothing about the Klan was ever liberal. Were that the case they would have stayed with the democratic party instead of jumping ship to become the republicans and teabaggers you know and love today.

    16. Says the dumbass who thinks the Klan was started by liberals. I bet you think stormfront is a liberal website too, don’t you? lmfao

    17. The first Klan was founded in 1865 in Pulaski, Tennessee, by six veterans of the Confederate Army.[16] The name is probably derived from the Greek word kuklos (κύκλος) which means circle, suggesting a circle or band of brothers.[17]

      Although there was little organizational structure above the local level, similar groups rose across the South and adopted the same name and methods.[18] Klan groups spread throughout the South as an insurgent movement during the Reconstruction era in the United States. As a secret vigilante group, the Klan targeted freedmen and their allies; it sought to restore white supremacy by threats and violence, including murder, against black and white Republicans. In 1870 and 1871, the federal government passed the Force Acts, which were used to prosecute Klan crimes.[19] Prosecution of Klan crimes and enforcement of the Force Acts suppressed Klan activity. In 1874 and later, however, newly organized and openly active paramilitary organizations, such as the White League and the Red Shirts, started a fresh round of violence aimed at suppressing blacks’ voting and running Republicans out of office. These contributed to segregationist white Democrats regaining political power in all the Southern states by 1877.

    18. In effect, the Klan was a military force serving the interests of the Democratic party, the planter class, and all those who desired restoration of white supremacy. Its purposes were political, but political in the broadest sense, for it sought to affect power relations, both public and private, throughout Southern society. It aimed to reverse the interlocking changes sweeping over the South during Reconstruction: to destroy the Republican party’s infrastructure, undermine the Reconstruction state, reestablish control of the black labor force, and restore racial subordination in every aspect of Southern life.[44]Wikisource has original text related to this article:

      Interview with Nathan Bedford Forrest

      To that end they worked to curb the education, economic advancement, voting rights, and right to keep and bear arms of blacks.[44] The Ku Klux Klan soon spread into nearly every southern state, launching a “reign of terror against Republican leaders both black and white. Those political leaders assassinated during the campaign included Arkansas Congressman James M. Hinds, three members of theSouth Carolina legislature, and several men who served in constitutional conventions.”[45]

    19. Confederates. And who idolizes the confederates? Certainly not the progressives. Who proudly proclaims their confederate heritage? Thank you for proving my point.

    20. Conservatives then, conservatives now. Nothing has changed but their party affiliation.

      Confederates started it right? Which side do you think confederates (traitors all of them) fall on? Who still glorifies the confederates? They certainly aren’t/weren’t liberals/progressives.

    21. I LOVE reading when a typical low-life liberal racist posts something. It really shows how uneducated you really are. Probably makes mama and papa real proud.

  5. The biker ride-through comes at a time when racial tensions remain high…

    Islam is not a race, if that’s what you are implying.

    1. It was before 9/11, you had the bombing of the embassy in Beirut in 83, then the Marine barracks in 83 and again in 84 when the embassy annex in Beirut was bombed in which I was in with three other Seabee team members

    2. You forgot the hostages in 80 in Iran? They were kept for over 400 days.. taken from embassy. What about the USS Cole.. was that not Muslims?

    3. Oh, but gee, who’s keeping track? Wasn’t the Marine bunker bombing also Muslims?

      Again, who’s keeping track?

      But yeah, we need to get into war with Syria. That’ll help.

  6. May God bless the bikers and their endeavors, and may He curse the enemies of America, including but not exclusive to those in its government.

    1. Well actually Jesus says to pray for em and do good to them :) Vengence is his (jesus) so I he can wise as serpents and harmless as doves the Lord says :) God bless

  7. God Bless America..As I watched the videos of the biker patriots I have never felt prouder to be an American…

    1. Americas Misguided Children
      The 911 Riders of 2013 , LETS RIDE!! DC HERE WE COME!! — with Jeri Trusty-Krueger and Deb Shirk Wagner.

      hope you enjoy the ride lather…..

  8. It’s funny reading how they are being discriminated against for being ‘muricun. In reality the problem is their piss poor planning has created an emergency. DC is a pretty big city. It’s not some little “you blink and it’s gone” podunk town. Two million motorcycles would probably create a ridiculous traffic problem (even if they’re just riding through) and call for streets to be shut down and how much money would all of that extra work cost the tax payers? I thought these clowns were against “big government”? Or is IOKIYAR?

    1. wht an idiot you are !! you talk like these bikers are low lifes! every one of them have jobs and familys. you dont know if any of them have lost a loved one to the attacks.. you sir need a history lesson.. america needs to be taken back by the people who founded. needs to be ran by a person who is proud to defend the country and our rights as american people!

    2. He also doesn’t have his facts straight, which is the way leftist roll. They got their paperwork done in plenty of time and DC Parks Dept even provided them with a permit number then revoked it. THEN lied about it to the media.

      Low info people believed it…Jermaine is proof of that.

    3. LOL.. Low info.. you got all your info from one page that shared it to other rightwing unAmerican MeBagger scum pages.

    4. No, I only shared one link. It was on a variety of sources. But believe what you want. Who cares? ;)

      First, you lefties present incorrect info. Then when corrected, you ridicule because that’s all you can do. Nobody cares about your charades and mindless inability to see the truth.

      The left’s use of Alinsky’s rule book has really gotten old. (Yawn!)

    5. This rally was a thought and on the road with riders from all 50 states in less than a month and I would call that amazing not “piss poor”! The mus slim’s have had 12 years to plan their march, they started it when they took the lives of 3,000 innocent men, women, children and rescuers in their cowardly suicide bombings so they get a permit to dance in the streets to celebrate that? Guess what Jason, those bikers are tax payers too! So it’s okay for millions to be sent to arab scab countries from our taxes but an escort through the bikers own capital is too expensive? People like you are the problem. People like the bikers are the solution! I PRAY FOR THE BIKERS SAFETY AND PRAY NOT ONE SINGLE AMERICAN WILL BE ON THE STREET TO WATCH THE SCUM WALK DOWN THE STREET. WAKE UP AMERICA, STAND UP AMERICAN AND SPEAK UP AMERICAN! PS kick stands up America!!!!!!!

    6. I might add too that kind of the same way Wood Stock started, just word of mouth. That is my challenge to all American’s not to give up and be overwhelmed by this Trojan Horse in the White House, we can get him out if we stand together because great storms start with a small breeze and gather strength. Let us strengthen each other and start our own storm.

    7. Was that even English? Are you a terrorist? You know, your command of the English language is looking kind of fishy… And you’re using all-caps… President Obama won by a landslide, lol. Face facts: there are more progressives than there are regressives.

    8. its urban vs. rural and your right the urban cities are growing. they’re for the most part democratic because they need the taxes where as the rural areas have to depend on themselves so they vote conservative

    9. Actually, that’s incorrect. Your side is simply more loud-mouthed and infantile in following Alinsky. You shout people down or drone them to death with your monologues.

      No, there are not more of you than us. You simply have the bullhorn now. That’s all. :)

    10. LoL, you must have not been watching fox news lately. Every debate with a tea-qaeda operative usually ends before the tea-qaeda has begun.

    11. I don’t have cable and I don’t watch any mainstream news at all. It’s all lies – FOX, CNN, ABC, MSNBC (the worst) and the rest. Just look at who owns them and learn.

      Every debate with a leftie like yourself always ends with talking over someone, ridiculing them, and name-calling.

      You’re no different.


    12. So, you blame all Americans of the Muslim faith, for what 21 foreign extremists did 12 years ago?
      You blame millions of Americans for the actions of a few foreigners?

    13. Man, you really need to stop accusing people of things they haven’t said. You are assuming there is hatred, when all you need to look at is the frustration people feel. This country has tried. We have all gone out of our way to show we don’t blame them for what the others did, but that wasn’t enough. I’m sorry, but you don’t get much more than that here. You want respect, earn it. It doesn’t come from demanding it, not true respect.

    14. Really? Because that’s not what I see on this page and any other tea-qaeda page that even mentions Islam. Soon as you mention Muslim or Islam the ignorant domestic terrorists in training come a-hootin’ and a-hollerin’ to throw in as much ignorance as they can spew.

    15. You leftist trolls really amaze. So you want us to believe you were/are in the military. Prove it.

      You, Lather and now KCTed are probably all just paid trolls, one of Obammy’s army of minions who cannot think for themselves and simply go from forum to forum inciting and instigating.

      If you love Muslims so much, go live in Dearborn, MI. They pretty much control that area now and have outnumbered everyone else. They even have a Muslim police chief and a Mayor who will do anything for them to get re-elected.

      They can throw rocks, concrete, and urine and Christians and not be arrested, but the Christians get arrested.

      Ignorance? You’re the one who is ignorant. It’s clear you’re a troll – nothing more and nothing less.

    16. Prove it? LoL. Sure, give me a sec to upload my ERB for you to peruse. Michigan’s too cold for my liking. When I retire from the military I’m going to live somewhere on the east coast but north of the Mason-Dixon.

    17. He gets paid to be here. He’s one of O’s army of mutant leftists that go from board to board stirring the pot on the taxpayer’s dime.

    18. i think hes here the same reason i comment my opinion on a left wing post. he strongly and emotionally disagrees with whats being said and feels he must take a stand. hes just not going to convince anyone in this forum.

    19. Debate never changes anyone’s opinion. I’ve never seen it happen on any subject. It’s why I don’t even bother going to leftist forums to post anything. I might read what they have to say, but why bother inserting myself into the conversation? It’s pointless.

    20. Less than a month, huh? You know, in the military we call that Piss Poor Planning.

      I’m more worried about tea-qaeda domestic terrorism than I am this so-called group of Muslims who applied for and received their permit in a timely manner. Apparently they’re more punctual and orderly than a group of ‘muricun citizens who can’t be bothered to follow rules and procedures. But feel free to keep waving your victim flag. I’m sure the woe-is-me will get you somewhere someday.

    21. Really? You’re “worried”? You’re the one who’s waving a victim flag for the Muslims.

      Sure, you were/are in the military. Uh…sure.

      Feel free to keep flapping your fingers about what you keep saying the biker group did not do even though it’s clear they DID do everything correct.


    22. They HAD a permit and I’ve provided the link TO the actual email that proves they had it including the permit NUMBER.


    23. Yes, the actual email. Did you see it? Looked pretty official, but you’re right, looks can be deceiving.

      After all, didn’t O release his “official” certificate too?

    24. Wow, NBC and Fox just had more pictures of the piss poor thousands and thousands of bikers gathering in DC. They don’t set around waiting for someone to tell them what to do. Just some patriots online talking about going and in a month we have this huge amount of bikers putting the actions where their mouths are. So we know what the muslims are so mad and pathetic about, what is your reason? You’re mother not breast feed you, don’t know who you daddy is, you’re the wrong color, the wrong IQ? What’s your angry little problem? I have so many of these blogs and you have to be one of the biggest woe-is-mes on the site! What a joke (but the joke’s on yourself, you just don’t know it :)

    25. Lefties don’t count FOX…:)

      NBC will work normally for them.

      He’s mad because he’s left and we’re right. It’s pretty clear.

    26. HA=HA, well a picture can’t lie and I am just glad the pictures are being shown of these great men and women making the stand. (I was signed to go until family issue came up but my heart and prayers are there with them).

    27. Knock what off? The truth? Is it creating an ugly knot in your stomach? LoL. I thought this was a free country? Are you trying to deprive me of my 1st Amendment right to Free Speech? You wouldn’t be trying to do that, now would you? I thought that goes against everything tea-qaeda stands for?

      A little bit older than 12. Old enough to know better than most, apparently, lol

    28. Obviously not, lol. Hi Paul, you’re not a fascist are you Paul? Because only a fascist would impugn my rights…

    29. Ok I have read all your bullshit and let me take a second to explain something to you… I am a former police officer, a volunteer fire fighter, and a career veteran paramedic. I lost over 475 of my brothers and sisters on 9/11. I am also chief of a search and rescue team that responded to NY at the request of FEMA. I actually worked ground zero and was active in the recovery process. I am also a biker. I am highly offended at the decision to grant the Muslims a permit to march on our capital grounds…. If I wasn’t on shift I would be riding on our capital…. Believe it or not, despite what the parks department says each and every American has the guaranteed right to assemble under the first amendment of the constitution of the United States of America. If 2 million of my brothers and sisters decide to ride to our nations capital all on the same day so be it….. and if this ride so happens to disrupt the intentions of a bunch of radical Muslims who feel it necessary to spit in the face of every American on a day that we mourn one of the biggest tragedies of AMERICAN HISTORY. THEN SO BE IT. RIDE SAFE BROTHERS AND SISTERS…. Let it be known by our government that we are not going to tolerate the BS that our MUSLIM PRESIDENT is trying to push off…

    30. before I catch a rash of drama about my “Muslim President” comment, let me remind you of you Barack H. Obama Sr…. He was a known Kenyan Muslim radical. He was also know for terrorist activities. wait we still haven’t seen your beloved commander in chiefs birth certificate either…. hmmmm, lets rethink the issue of who the permits were issued to………. coincidence?? I think not…..

    31. Wow, ignorant and a birther, lol. Please don’t be offended by my lack of surprise.

      So let me get this right: you’re angry because a bunch of US citizens were granted a permit that they planned and prepared for and made certain was granted and a group of other US citizens who apparently didn’t do their due diligence in making sure their permit was granted got denied? Right. In the military we have a saying: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

      You think you’re the only one who lost people in 9/11? I’ve countless people that I actually knew, served with, had great times with since 9/11 and beyond. So you can save your violins.

      I doubt there will be that many people there.

    32. Ignorant “birther”? That’s rich coming from someone who insisted on seeing “proof” that the biker’s had actually received a permit number.

      Will you boys be heading off to another forum soon? Just asking…

    33. I doubt it. You don’t have enough integrity or wherewithal for that.

      I mean, yes, by all means, give it a shot though. Who knows, but you might get O/T.

    34. The request of the permit was for an estimated 2,000 riders. By denying them the permit the bike ride will now number probably at least 20,000 participants. go join your brotherhood friends so there will be at least 3 muslim sympathizers at their rally

  9. my god bless every one of you bikers who are honoring the fallen! we need a redneck american patriot who is human and will treat the american as they should be treated!

    1. Ya think? Yes! God bless those riders, they represent the true American spirit, and most of those men and women are god fearing, hard working citizens, and thousands of them are veterans! Yeah, riders take our message to the government and the media that they are not representing us . . . go bikers, God bless!

  10. Someone thinks that telling 2 million American Bikers that they are not Welcome in the Nations Capitol on 9/11 is a good idea. Even better yet, they think allowing one million Muslins to show up to tell America we are not fair to them is also a good idea? And you wonder why we are having problems? Maybe the Bikers should show up in Mecca on Eid-al-fitr! This could get ugly fast.

    1. If you are talking about the bikers, there are already over 800,000 there, check out facebook. If you are talking about the “others”, I would be surprised if 20 do.

    2. Where are the photos or news reports? If there 800k yokels in DC already it would be reported somewhere. Sturgis doesn’t even get 800k people, lol.

    3. Do you have any concept of how many, lets say.. 65,910,437 (Obama’s Pop count) is compared to 20K?

      What about this.. 2 Million vs. 20K…lol.. It is a joke.

      They have been showing a fake vid saying it was from today even though it is months old, What kind of person must lie to get followers? What kind of followers? Suckers?

    4. LOL.. I have seen 500 Vespa Scooters show up for the right band..

      Harleys? LOL, Fucking cookie cutter motorhome of a bikes roaming through Washington looking for anyone who may be Muslim to beat up?

  11. “When asked about the motivations behind D.C.’s denial of the permit, Bee bluntly stated, “We were discriminated against because we’re Americans…. [Muslims] are going to celebrate the deaths of the Americans and that really has all the bikers very upset.”
    How does she perceive that Americans, who are Muslims, are celebrating the deaths of fellow Americans, by marching? Seems as though she is the big boss lady over this biker ride. It was never my understanding that the Muslim Americans were marching to celebrate Americans dying on 9/11. They stated they were marching to demand transparency and answers related to 9/11, and to release the documents they have withheld from Americans.
    Muslims have lived in America since it’s inception, some even fought in the revolutionary war. Others have came to America to escape tyranny and other problems.
    I am Irish -American, I guess I should be grateful people don’t hate me because of the IRA terrorists. I’m a Christian, so I should be grateful people don’t hate me for the Inquisitions or Priests who have abused young boys.

    1. Feel free to down rate me because I can’t hate millions of people for the actions of a few radical foreigners.
      It’s their right to march, it’s the bikers right to ride through DC, it’s supposed to be a free country for all Americans. Those who would choose to remove rights from one group of Americans, because they are different, aren’t real patriots. Those who would blame millions of Americans for the actions of a few foreigners, are not very tolerant. Jesus said Love Thy Neighbor.
      Many boo’ed when Dr Paul quoted the Golden Rule. Are some of you here?

    2. Ted, I am a Christian, which means I believe in Jesus Christ and His teachings, period. If you are a muslim, you believe in Mohammad and his teachings, period. You MUST follow those teaching, you must bow on your knees 5 times a day, you must follow every rule, etc. If your father is a muslim, YOU are a muslim. If you don’t follow the faith, you should be killed, per Mohammad’s teaching. You may kill you mother, daughter, sister, wife, if she “shames” you or defiles Mohammad in anyway, per his teaching. He was one of the most merciless killer in history, and killed millions, had the entire families of those he killed and enslaved turned to whore, slaves and “food” and was a heartless, merciless, animal and this is the teachings they follow, must follow, want to follow and I will not trust them, not for a minute. You think there are “good” muslims that just love us. There is like saying there is hot ice cream, or cold fire. One can’t be a follower of the muslim rule and care for infidels, can’t happen. Why don’t you ask the people in Europe that were nice to them and let them in and now 168 towns surrounding Paris and completely controlled by muslims. That is the plan as Moamar Kadafy (sic) said, “we will defeat the infidels without ever firing a shot, we will out breed them, we will overtake them, their land, their laws and the lives”. FYI Americans have 2.3 children, muslims 13.3! They move into these towns such and around Paris (and all over the world INCLUDING USA) and they get on city and school boards, they own businesses, they become selectman, etc. and then THEY are the ones in control of the government! Sharia law was almost passed in a town in TEXAS USA because there are so many of them and they are getting the majority vote. Now we have one in the white house given them the same. If you think they are A OKAY got live in their country and those of us that still believe in freedom and God will stand guard! You think 9-11 was 12 rouge muslims that just managed to do all of this? You must of missed the thousands upon thousands of them in the streets of arab countries everywhere dancing, singing, praising, burning flags on 9-11. You must have missed the pictures of the Mr Stevens in Bengazi being tortured or the Jewish journalist being beheading on national tv and everywhere there is HATRED spread and carried out on non-muslims, they are celebrating. You need to wake up and take a lesson from the American Indian on being friendly with your enemy. If it was only those 12 from 9-11 WHY IN ANY GOD’S NAME WOULD THEY CHOOSE 9-11 FOR THEIR MARCH? They God we have at least 2 million bikers willing to stand up and say, this is wrong, this is very wrong and they are in DC not to fight with anyone but to honor those innocent men, women, children and rescuers that did nothing but go to work and daycare that day to be blow out of the sky. There should be 2 million farmers, 2 million nurses, 2 million teachers, 200 million Americans marching in DC saying NO DAMNED WAY WILL YOU CELEBRATE THOSE DEATHS BY WALKING IN OUR CAPITAL!!!!!! Get real you liberal!

    3. I’m a liberal? LOL.. Because I don’t hate? I saw the Muslims in videos in foreign lands happy about 9/11. I don’t blame/hate American Muslims for their actions.
      Actually, I’m a Christian. I’m an ordained minister in all 50 states and 172 countries.
      There are numerous sects of Muslims. There are Muslims that can trace their roots in America back to the revolutionary war.
      I saw the photos of Benghazi. I am very active at finding truth. However, I’m not 100% convinced we know everything there is to know about 9/11.
      You immediately “knee jerked” slandered me and called me a liberal because I refuse to allow the agenda of division, which Obama perpetuates, splitting Americans against Americans in every faction.
      If you want to hate millions of everyday American Muslims for the actions of politically incited radicals in the mid-east, that’s your prerogative.
      I took the summer off in 1988 and printed 1000 flyers I made from my Tandy 1000 computer and had printed,, Knocking on 1000 doors for Dr Paul as president. There was no internet. I had to door knock in the hot sun
      What were you doing for liberty in 1988?.
      Rand Paul has been working hard to stop the global elite’s agenda to bomb Syria (for the bankers) thus preventing the deaths of many Muslims who aren’t terrorists. In my efforts to become an ordained minister, I studied many religions and factions of each. If you want to hate me, for not hating a million Americans for what people across the ocean did, then so be it.

    4. I don’t see anyone here wanting to hate you, Ted. The problem is – that you appear to be placing Muslims above everyone else.

      You talk a good game, but I think it’s all just a game with you. You definitely sound like a leftist who seems to not understand what Christianity actually is at its root. It’s not about following Jesus’ teachings. It’s about becoming a new creature in Him.

      At the same time, there are MANY atrocities perpetrated by Muslims daily in various parts of the world. Coptic Christians lose their lives and that seems not to bother you. You don’t speak of it because you’re too busy defending Muslims.

    5. What those Muslims are doing have nothing to do with the rest of Islam or Americans who follow Islam. What about the genocide committed in Africa by followers of Christianity? Or what about the ethnic cleansing that took place in Bosnia? Should we blame those on all of Christianity?

    6. Dude, why are you always responding for Ted?

      Genocide by Muslims has happened in Africa as well.

      How do you know that ALL the Muslims in America are not as they are? You don’t.

      You think because they’re here, they left their “evil” ways behind them?

      See, this is why you’re proving your stupidity.

    7. How do I know all christians aren’t? Do we need to bring up the fact that christianity has wiped out every culture they have come into contact with since all of the “exploration” started?

    8. When was the last time “Christians” strapped on a bomb or flew a plane into something to deliberately kill people?

      I’m not talking about the Roman Catholic Church during the Dark Ages (which was the only game in town).

      Even Jesus said that the enemy would sow “tares” into the fields of wheat.

      In modern times, when have “Christians” tried to eviscerate or eradicate a culture of people?

    9. Just as we know that EVERY teabagger in the US has nothing to do with white supremacy or the Klan @_@…

    10. Still off the track Ted! All you do and say is wasted if you still miss the point. I’ll make it simply, if I walk into McDonald’s I am not going to find sushi. If I go to KFC, I am not going to find pizza. IF YOU ARE AN AMERICAN MUSLIM OR A POLISH MUSLIM, YOU ARE ARE A FOLLOWER OF MOHAMMAD! One of the worse people to walk the face of this earth! There are no Jewish loving muslims, there are no Christian loving muslims, That is like saying don’t judge all KKK as racists. IF YOU ARE A KKK MEMBER, YOU ARE A RACIST. IF YOU ARE A MUSLIM, YOU HATE ANYONE, EVERYONE, THAT IS NOT A MUSLIM. THEY ARE AN INFIDEL AND SHOULD DIE. That Ted is what they are taught from birth to death. I don’t care if they get 44 virgins, their minds are warped from birth to death. They still bring up Hagar and Ismael for god sake! So don’t try to feed me any of your Yes liberal “be nice to the friendly “American muslim” because they like us” bull. Because just like there aren’t really elephants that fly like Dumbo, there aren’t really infidel loving muslims! PS Don’t you be so fast to judge me either. I have been aboard as a volunteer with the American Red Cross, have been a bible study teacher, a youth counselor, a Christian for over 30 years, a interpreter for the deaf ministry, I raised a niece for almost 5 yrs and a grand daughter for 4 while my son was completing his 20 yrs in the army and all this with Parkinson’s and 26 different surgeries (one putting me in a comma for 6 weeks) so I know the Lord, I know difficulty and I know compassion. Like I said, until the muslim “faith” changes they are all clones of mohammad and that will not change. As well as I bought my first motorcycle when I was 55 yrs old and have attended a biker church in my town (that went from 13 original members to over 700 members in 5 yrs). I also I had planned on riding to DC with my fellow patriots but my brother has cancer and will be with us this weekend and that trumps any ride.

    11. “Ted, I am a Christian, which means I believe in Jesus Christ and His teachings, period.”
      Also, thanks for reminding me that being a Christian means believing in Jesus and following his teachings. I spent a lot of time getting my ordination, and feel like I have (and still) follow the teachings of Christ. Although I’m not a practicing minister now, I truly do know Christs teachings. I don;t remember anything about hating a huge group of humans because of a few. Cast the first stone my friend, if you are free of sin.

    12. Being a Christian is actually a spiritual transaction as described in John 3.

      Funny, but Jesus made a whip and used it to overturn the tables of the money changers in the Temple and chased them out of there.

      Yes, He said “judge not, lest ye be judged,” but also insisted that we make a “right judgment.”

    13. What is even funnier is how George Soros, David Rockefeller, and his ilk are the force behind the Left.

      Right or left – I’m not impressed with either party and the Tea Party doesn’t impress me either. Stop trying to pigeon hole me (or push my buttons) because you’ll never get it.

    14. Sorry that you missed the point. As a Christian you believe and follow in Christ and His teachings, as a muslim, you’d believe in and follow mohammad and follow his teachings right? So all of his teachings are of murder, hatred and domination of others what else would they follow? Reading my bible I find a lot of information on the “other side” . It is a shame that is what they believe but it is. They are in the dark and so few every try to find another side (I can understand the fear) but if it walks like a duck, whacks like a duck, smells like a duck, etc. my bet is it’s a duck. That is all I am saying, you are not going to change these leopards spots (the bible says so) so you and others like you need to see them for what they are and what they are, is not friends of ours.

    15. I can take what you know about Islam (and probably x-tianity) and put it on the period at the end of this sentence.

    16. No tomato and tomato are the same words. If you are not a Christian, no big deal,, but the use of an x is derogatory to fellow humans who are Christians.
      If it’s your intent to disrespect people, then you show an intolerance that you appear to belittle others for. That’s hypocritical.

    17. Learn something everyday. I’ve never heard x-tian was derogatory. It just takes less keystrokes than typing out Christian.

    18. Wow, how nice you are to Teddy here. That’s sweet :)

      You’re not polite to anyone else though. That’s interesting, Jason.

    19. “Teddy” hasn’t made any of the ridiculous comments seen by most everyone else posting here. He’s appears to be a moderate conservative.

    20. I see I’ve dialed into your buttons, Jason. So when I post something, you just “have” to respond, huh?

      I like that you’re standing up for your friend, Ted. That’s cute. Do you two sit at the same cubicle, or do you know each other outside of work?

      Speaking of ridiculous comments, you’re full of them.

    21. That’s cute, Jason :)

      You obviously have no respect for them either.

      Then again, you’ve been arguing since you got here so it’s clear that you are either deluded or no stranger to lying.

      Must be why you like O so much :) Two freakin’ peas in a pod.

      O on a lion with a sword. What a joke…he wouldn’t know how to fight his way out of a wet paper sack.

    22. @Modres Don’t feed the TROLLS! KTC, Blather and Jason all choose to ignore fact. The ‘million muslin march’ to redress perceived misconceptions being held on the same day as the slaughter of almost 3000 Americans by 21 Muslim extremists couldn’t be more in bad taste then if some plastic surgeon held a 2 for 1 sale of breast implants during breast cancer awareness week. They’re going to purposefully ignore that the anger is directed at the Muslims in general for making the anniversary of the attack a day about them instead of a day to honor the lives lost during that attack, an attack symbolically against all of the United States of America. If they wanted to have a march on Washington to air their grievances they could have picked a more appropriate time such as Ramadan. If they really felt that the purpose of their march was proper they wouldn’t have changed the march to something with a totally different meaning. If the Muslims wanted to have non muslim Americans sympathy many of them would speak out on the wrong headedness of the Muslim event.
      I salute you dear Modres for your posts to defend against mis-information but remember when you feed the muslim plants such as KTC, Blather and Jason you give the TROLLS power.

    23. This is unintentionally funny :)

      He’s been disrespecting people since he got here and I cannot imagine that he didn’t understand that abbreviating Christianity might be offensive to some.

      I don’t think Jason cares about showing any “intolerance” because it’s what he is and does.

    24. You think the bikers don’t know this? No dear, they still live by the old saying “I may not agree with what you say, but I would die fighting for your right to say it”. The problem is, they, the million Muslim marchers, chose the wrong day to have a march using the original pretense they had stated from the first day. That’s all it is. Plain and simple. They freaked out once they heard about the bikers showing up and they changed the name and reason for their march in a flash.

    25. They didn’t do the 9/11 act. They want answers..They changed the name of the march actually, several months ago and have invited any people to join. This was the release a few months ago:

      “The American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) is hosting what it hopes will be a gathering of one million people in Washington, D.C., on the 12th anniversary of 9/11 to urge the government to reveal “the truth” about the attacks.

      “We want to hold President Obama accountable for his empty promises of creating a transparent government,” march organizer Isa Hodge told U.S. News. “What exactly have we spent all our money, lost lives and taken lives for? The entire record of the 9/11 Commission has never been released.” Protesters will also denounce “FBI traps,” “illegal tapping and surveilling of Muslim Americans” and “media propaganda making the word terrorist synonymous with Muslim,” he said.

      The march was announced as the “Million Muslim March” earlier this year, but its name has since been changed to the “Million American March Against Fear,” according to Hodge.

    26. I posted these comments elsewhere in this thread. Here’s another:
      “American Muslims feel like other Americans are blaming them for the actions of the foreign radical Islams (mostly Saudi nationals) on 9/11. Viewing the comments on this article, it’s not hard to understand how they came to that thought.”

    27. That’s frustration. Take a long hard look at it. It’s what happens to people when they have tried to do the right thing and people just complain anyway. They get frustrated and say stuff because they feel walked on. They are just as worthy as anyone else. You call them names and they call others names. Some days that’s how it shakes out. That’s life, no one’s perfect, but they certainly deserve to feel they way they do, just the others do.

    28. I have called no one names. I feel the Muslims have a right to march, as American citizens,, and the bikers have the right to ride, as American citizens.
      I’m pretty confused on how you have construed my posts. I wish no animosity on anyone.
      I feel America is under siege by the global financial elite, who already own over a third of the world’s resources. They desire a one world government and currency, with themselves in charge. They created the Fed and IRS (in 1913) and have spent 100 years at the agenda.
      We shouldn’t fear other Americans, we should all unite to save our Republic. It’s not Muslims or Russians or Chinese that’s our greatest fears. It’s the cabal of a few hundred people that are pulling strings.

    29. This isn’t the crowd for that conversation and you know it. This is an article about the bikers coming to DC. Leave the rest of that out of it, it isn’t the right place or time.

    30. You shouldn’t be confused, Ted.

      Since you’ve been here, your posts have inordinately provided propaganda in favor of Muslims, period.

      What you FAIL to get (if you really believe this stuff about the banking cartel) is that the ELITE is using Muslims around the world as their foot soldiers to create havoc.

      Now, if you actually believe that Muslims can/will assimilate nicely into American culture, you’re deliberately stupid or deceived – your choice.

      The ONLY Muslims who would be willing to do that are the ones who take the Qur’an allegorically. Unfortunately, it is impossible for the rest of us to KNOW which Muslim takes the Qur’an allegorically and which one takes it literally.

      There’s just something about you that doesn’t play right at all as far as I can tell.

    31. Of course I do. I want YOU to define it so we’re on the same page.

      I’m sorry that contextually, you lacked the ability to discern what I meant. I should have taken more time to properly spell that out for you.

      I’ll do that next time to help you avoid being lost :)

    32. Actually, I would like to think the Biker Ride is about them honoring those who died. However, most here prefer it to be about “getting Muslims”.

      I am exactly as I type here. If something “doesn’t play right” then you are looking too deep. There’s a great many Muslims in the USA that have been here for generations, going back to 1776. You assume that all Muslims just arrived. Also, the ELITE use anyone they can. Like you..
      They have an agenda to turn all Americans against each other, at every dividing point. Liberal against conservative, black against white, Christians against Muslims (American Muslims), even men against women.
      Those who allow their agenda to create their desired results (diversionary distraction) are their tools.
      If you feel like there’s somethine that doesn’t play right, because I advocate all Americans unite, then you are missing the big picture.
      I don’t think you have worked closely with every day American Muslims.
      Also, I contribute to the Tea Party Patriots org often, so I thought I might have a right to post in this website. I was Tea Party before most knew what it is (er was). If this website is designed to display hate and racism, then it will be used by liberals to denigrate Paul, Cruz, Lee, Amash, Massie etc.
      Leftyds will post a link here and say “see, those tea baggers are racists”.
      What haters here should ask themselves, are the leftys right?
      So, in order to not “troll” your fake Tea Party website, I will bid you adieu. Keep on posting hate and give the progressive-socialists something to link to,, to prove that “Cruz, Paul, Lees, etc” are haters and racists because they are “tea party”.

    33. You can post anywhere you want, Ted. I don’t care about that.

      What I care about is when someone simply starts posting what appears to be Islamic propaganda.

      You’re leaving? What a shame…

    34. NO, you are not telling the truth. The original intent was to air their grievances about the way they feel they have been treated here since 9/11. They wanted to complain. That was all it was about.

    35. Hey! Who said they did?! Don’t talk to us as if we are stupid! You think you are the only one who knows anything?? Maybe you need to deflate your ego a bit as well.

    36. I’m posting my opinion and pasting a press release,, how does that construe as talking to you as if you are stupid?
      The majority of that previous post was a copy paste of a release.

    37. When you repeat a mantra like “They didn’t do 9/11″ you are giving the impression that you don’t think anyone here knows that. That is insulting. That is where it looks as if you think people are stupid.

    38. I’ve read them, I don’t have to look too hard to see the frustration people are letting out. Most of this stuff would never be said aloud anyway. It’s easier to say it when you aren’t face to face. And I agree that there are a couple that have gone overboard too. Mostly…. I consider them to be trolls. They come in and say the most outrageous crap to make it seem like everyone here feels that way. It’s what they do man. Ignore them. DON’T FEED THE TROLLS.

    39. Oooooh, so that’s frustration people are letting out? Sounds like whining and ignorance to me. Most of this stuff wouldn’t be said out loud because it’s ignorant and wrong and it would be nice if the people going overboard were trolls, but you can see it from more than just two people and you see it on multiple stories. That kind of lends itself to not being a couple of trolls but a group consensus. And by the logic of some of the people here who blame all of Islam for the actions of a few, those few trolls are enough to apply the comments to everyone, right?

      I don’t think the majority of tea party followers are racists. There are quite a few, however, and they tend to be the loudest ones and the rest tend to let them speak for everyone.

    40. See, there you go again. Calling names and acting a fool. You wouldn’t want them to be trolls is how I see your attitude. You came here to gloat but it only affects you. The whole racist thing is worn down to nothing now. No one really cares about that word any longer. It’s been used so much that it no longer carries any punch to it. You people have got to come up with something better if you want to have any affect. Have you noticed that no one even responds to race baiting anymore? Maybe a few do, but they’ll catch up.

    41. I actually didn’t call anyone a name in that post, lol. I didn’t come here to gloat. This story appeared in the news feed of another newsboard I follow. I always click on the linked story to read the actual article than to merely take the synopsis posted by the person linking the article. I always go and check the comments sections of the stories I read. The comments sections on stories that come from conservative websites generally read like the overboard comments seen here. The “normal” comments are few and far between.

    42. You called my comment about someone fighting for another’s right to speak their mind, and I am quoting you, “biggest load of ignorant redneck bullshit I’ve read in a week”.
      That is your ignorance. You took something honorable and called it bullshit.

    43. That comment wasn’t meant for your comment. So I’ll apologize. I thought I was replying to someone else.

    44. Right, which is why you posted your comment in direct response to Deane’s…

      What post were you actually commenting about then, Jason? Illuminate us…

    45. It was probably one of yours. Before I made my comment explaining myself I went up and looked to see where my comment was.

      There’s not enough light in the sun to illuminate you, mod. And there isn’t enough time left in the world ;-)

    46. No, actually, it appears that you were responding to Deane’s. The time stamp matches and the comments that I had made you had already responded to.

      So, when you’re caught, like a true leftist, you lie your way out of it.

    47. Deane, this is what TROLLS do. He is likely PAID to be here and stir up the pot as part of O’s army.

      I’ve run into trolls like this on many occasions. They offer nothing. They’re only friendly (to a point) with each other when they interact, and generally, they are all far left of center and come here to create a disturbance.

    48. Mostly, yes. But I doubt they are paid for it. They are fanatics, zealots if you will. They enjoy saying, behind a screen of anonymity, what they would never have the balls to say face to face. At least not to the bikers anyway. It takes a certain obsessive compulsion in a persons psyche to really enjoy what they do. I find them to be a very sad lot really. It’s obvious they were most likely the bully growing up, or perhaps the victim of one. Either way, they are acting out a fantasy of someone more bold than themselves.

    49. No, I’m not a troll, lol. I’m just some guy who stumbled upon a website. I’ve actually been clicking on the stories for conservative websites to see the comments. I go there hoping to see something different in the comments but I usually end up seeing the worst of America and it’s pretty depressing, lol. I’ve deployed multiple times in my time in the military and when I read some of the comments like the ones that are posted here I have to wonder if it was worth the lives of my friends and the time I’ve had to spend away from my family.

    50. Right. You go there to stir the pot, Jason and you know it.

      “the worst of America”

      Aw, poor wittle Jason. You’re really an odd bird. I know lots of people in the military and I don’t no ONE who thinks like you do.

      If you really ARE in the military, I’d recommend getting out as quickly as possible because it sounds like if push came to shove, your pity would go out to Muslims who might happen to be terrorists, leaving your buds in the lurch.

      Just saying I can’t believe my taxes are paying your salary (that is, if you are in the military).

    51. I’m too close to retirement to get out now, lol. And you’d be surprised how many progressives are in the military. Where do you think all of those young people who join the military come from? What do you think they do in here? They get promoted. They move up through the ranks. They replace the dinosaurs.

    52. I feel the same way when I check out the liberal blogs and the Huffington post. Don’t forget most newspapers as well. Some of what is said over on those is so far out of touch with reality it is a wonder how these people function in society. But what I said about trolls planting hateful comments is true. I know a couple of them personally. Don’t particularly care for them, but before they knew I wasn’t a liberal they went into quite a description of just what they do for fun. And right at the top of that list is planting racist and bigoted comments on conservative sites. It’s done on purpose because they have to have something to prove they are right about the right. They also like to go to Tea Party rallies and carry racist signs. You don’t have to believe me, but it is true. Of course it won’t make any difference to you either way, you sound very set in your beliefs about the right. Too bad, it’s much more fun the way I do it. I find them and then I write songs about them. I call them Troll Tunes. They usually go away after that.

    53. No, I absolutely believe you. I’m fairly certain that does happen. Like I said, not all conservatives are racists and bigots but the most vocal conservatives tend to fall in that demographic.

      I don’t visit Huffington Post. I use one main newsite that allows the users to link news and post articles themselves. The progressives on that site are pretty polite to all who come in a polite manner. There are quite a few conservatives on that site who are only slightly better than the worst comments on here. I decided to check out the comments sections of the conservative articles they link to see if maybe it was just them that are like that.

    54. Think about this while you make fun of these guys. Whenever that hateful family of inbred’s known as the Hillsborough Baptist Church (I might even have the name wrong, but you know who I mean) announces they will be going to another funeral to sing their disgusting songs and scream their vile insults at the families who have just lost a son or daughter, father or mother, these guys come out and block their way. They organize these defense maneuvers overnight and are there when the sun comes up in the morning. They organize charity events all year long. You don’t hear about that stuff though, do you? Kids with cancer, juvenile diabetes, they have blood runs at least twice a year to the red cross. And don’t forget toys for tots. They work with juvenile offenders to put them back on the straight and narrow,.. I could go on and on about the things they do with no fanfare or parades. They have my highest regards. Always.

    55. My “beef”, as it were, was never with the bikers. I don’t agree with them whining about being discriminated against because of the Muslims. Fact of the matter is that they probably did not plan this very well and are paying a slight price for failure to plan. In the military when you fail to plan you plan to fail. But you get up and move on. You don’t go looking for someone to blame your mistake on. I’m pretty sure no one said they couldn’t just decide to ride through there. I’m fairly certain no one is wishing them ill or going to stop them. Conservatives always talk about being the people who stand for accountability? Well in the military we don’t consider blaming someone else for our failure to plan being accountable.

      Doing charity work is great. It would be great if you heard more about charity work coming from the right side of the aisle instead of hearing the hate-mongering against anyone who isn’t “American” enough, isn’t “Christian” enough.

    56. Nice jab about charity, but misplaced loyalty has your thinking backed up. You can check this out and find I am right about this. The majority of charity work and dollars come from the right side of the aisle. Go and check, you’ll see. Libs are notorious for all talk and no action in that department.

    57. It makes you appear as their apologist.

      I have not heard you, Jason, Fisch, or Lather say one good thing about the Bikers.

      To you guys, they are terrorists, idiots, “mericuns” and worse.

      You’re cover is blown. You’re paid trolls. Just admit it and go to the next forum.

    58. I wasn’t aware that the criteria for posting on this story was to say something good about the bikers…

      Here goes: here’s hoping none of their bikes fall over because I’ve heard that’s a rather painful debacle.

      No one is apologizing for the criminals who committed the terrorist act of 9/11, so I don’t know where you’re going with that one. Unless of course, you’re blaming every adherent of Islam on the planet for 9/11…

    59. Jason (again!)! Yee haw!

      Your propaganda is showing :)

      Oooh, nice try on the biker thing, but you were probably doing that with your middle finger extended.

      You, Ted, and a few others here ACT as if the ONLY terrorists in the world were the ones who died as Muslims in 9/11 by flying planes into the towers.

      Since you’ve gotten here, all you’ve done is denigrate bikers (calling names), while propping up Muslims.

      Your agenda is very clear.

    60. Again, I defy you to find a single post where denigrated the bikers or called anyone a name. Anyway, I’m done here. I thought this was a Tea Party website. I was wrong.

    61. You should look at my posts before commenting on what I have, or have not said here. I mentioned that I have friends that went there on their bikes. I would have loved to ride my bike there, but I didn’t have the time. My wife is severely disabled and I can’t be away that long.
      Paid troll, LOL.. because I don’t agree with everyone? I should “go along to get along”?
      I assure you, no one pays me to post anything. I’m not that important, except to my family and job.

    62. According to the consensus throughout the comments on this story all Muslims committed the terrorist act f 9/11. Just go through and read them.

    63. I haven’t even clicked the “load previous comments” button from when I first got here but you can look through the comments and see that the only people who aren’t blaming all of Islam are KCTed and maybe Deane.

    64. ill agree that there’s quite a few comments with negativity towards Muslims my dad feels the same way but there are more than a few who are just saying that having the march on 9/11 brings up strong emotions and that whether the permit was filed they want to see the bikers ride as a symbol of patriotism.

    65. Hey Jason!

      Thought you’d be posting :)

      Maybe you should take some lessons from Ted then if you think he’s such a decent human being.

    66. I have friends (co-workers) that are there or almost there. They aren’t going there to “get the Muslims”. They are going there to honor those that died on 9/11. They aren’t a bit concerned about other marches, gatherings, etc.
      The Muslims chose the day to protest because they have a desire for redress from the govt (Obama). I don’t think they are unique as Americans, for wanting that.

    67. The bikers are there to honor the victims and families of the fallen along with the troops. But what started this whole thing was the way it made people feel when we found out why the Muslims were marching. Both objectives have changed from the originals they began as. But that is how this all came about.

    68. Sure, Ted.

      The Muslims chose the day to protest just like they wanted to build that mosque a few blocks from Ground Zero.

      “Redress from the gov’t” – uh…sure.

      I just love how all of you trolls are here to support Muslims.

      Bikers? Oh, they’re the bad guys :)


      You’re a Christian, Ted? Uh…sure. You’ve been tossing stones since you got here, but it’s interesting the way you’ve been doing it, I must say.

      This is part of Alinsky I haven’t regularly seen. Thanks for the reminder.

    69. No, actually what comes out of your fingers would be defined as that, Jason.

      The towers were still smoking and they wanted to build a mosque near Ground Zero. Now, they want to march on 9/11.

      You’re full of it.

    70. That saying, by the way, used to be how liberals lived as well. Now, since “progressives” have taken over, it’s “If you don’t agree with me, SHUT UP!”

    71. KC……. your inability tp understand might possibly have something to do with you being intellectually challenged! Ask a friend?
      If that doesn’t work, rry out patient shock therapy—stand in a pan of water and stick your finger in the socket!

      Let me know if that doesn’t work, I have other ideas.

    72. Did you really just tell him to prove his religion? lmao.

      That actually just happened…

      So what is this religious test he’d have to pass? Does he need to start making each post bemoaning Islam and proclaiming as loudly as he can how horrible and terrible it is?

    1. That proves how stupid you are. It’s going to be Jeb Bush, another “new world order” guy. They’re all the same – Dem or Repub – doesn’t matter.

    2. Jeb Bush? lmmfao. Please. He’s too establishment republican. He won’t get the tea-qaeda nod. He’s not crazy enough for them.

      Republicans don’t have any electable candidates. They won’t have any by 2016 and they’re going to lose some seats in Congress next year.

    3. Yes, he will. He has an Hispanic wife who will help gather the Hispanic vote.

      In case you haven’t noticed, since 1896, the presidency has pretty much gone back and forth, back and forth between Dem and Repub with few exceptions.

      It’ll be a Repub next time and Jeb will continue to do what O’s is doing now because you can’t be president without being “ordained” by the elite. Just ask your bud KCTed.

    4. That was bush that demolished the country. President Obama has been trying to rebuild it, it’s just hard with the mountain of ignoramuses he has to work with in Congress.

    5. so one mans right and everyone else is wrong? i feel where your coming from but i dont agree. i just see things a little different.

    6. Oh my GAWD! Trying to rebuild it? He’s been spending so much money on OVERSEAS projects (many of them against Congress’ wishes) that there is no money left to do anything here.

      You’re a true leftist loon…:)

    7. Do your own research. Even if I was WILLING to pull up sources for you, you would deny, denigrate, or misdirect.

      You’re pointless…

    1. So the official theory is that:
      9/11 was caused by 19 foreign Islamic radicals armed with box cutters and almost no flying abilities who managed to overcome our 30 billion dollar air defense system to steer aluminum planes over 500 mph near ground level directly into two steel framed structures magically pulverizing them into microscopic dust and causing a symmetrical collapse of 3 skyscrapers into their own footprints.. all while taking orders from a bearded guy on dialysis living in a cave some 7000 miles away in Afghanistan. What’s not to believe?

  12. May the Road Demons stay away May the Ride be Peaceful and Safe May you be Welcomed by those you pass and May God Bless each of You and God Bless America. Please know that the Family and Friends of those affected on Sept. 11, 2001 and Sept. 11, 2012 ARE REMEMBERED and will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN Ride on Fellow Bikers ride on and let the Thunder Roll and be heard. God Bless Each and Everyone of You.

  13. So, let’s see, we’ve got KCTed, Fisch, Lather, and Jason Jermaine Smith as trolls just on this page. Interesting. I guess we all must rate in order for these boys to take the time to wander over here to spew.

    Then again, as part of O’s army of paid rabble rousers, what else can they do? They likely have to report which site they went to and what they accomplished while there, etc.

    The only thing I regret is that all of us here are paying their wages. Of course, they are probably not getting any type of health insurance for their efforts, so that’s a good thing :)

    I know it’s tough, but they’re probably best left ignored. Then again, that’s like trying to ignore the smell of chicken or pig manure.

    1. Why do you consider me a troll? I’m not against the bikers. I campaigned hard for Ron Paul in 88, 2008 and 2012. I campaigned for Rand to be a senator, even though I’m not from that state.

      I got involved in the Tea Party before most of you probably even knew what it was (although the neocons have usurped much of it now). Just because I don’t hate a million people for the actions of a few? That makes me a troll?

      I wish the bikers God’s speed and don’t feel the majority of them are going just so they can kick Muslim butt. I also feel the Americans who are Muslims have the rights any other Americans have. Same as Hindu Americans, Buddhist Americans, Native Americans etc. If it’s your desire to slander me because I feel all Americans are protected under the Constitution, then so be it. You can easily see what I’m about by viewing my FB account that I am using to post here.

    2. Because all you’ve done since you’ve been here is defend MUSLIMS.

      Second, when you interacted with Jason, it was not the same as with the rest of us.

      Third, this is the first time you have stated anything positive about the bikers.

      You’re entire agenda in being here appears to be as a propagandist for Islam.

      You’re accusing me of slandering you? Grow up.

      I know of no other group that is attempting to do what too many Muslims throughout the world are doing.

      Have no idea about your FB account since I can’t see it.

      But I see from another of your posts, you already left…oh well.

    3. And you my friend are NOT paying my wages. I have worked hard all my life and never taken a penny in unemployment food stamps etc. I have earned every penny I have made doing hard work.
      You have made prejudicial remarks. So, who is paying you? Am I paying your wages? You are probably living on a government check while slandering others.

    4. No, I’m not living on a government check. I’m slandering you? Sue me.

      Unemployment is something that working people actually pay INTO therefore, it’s there when they need it.

      Didn’t you leave already?

  14. You do know they are not just going to DC? They are going to all 3 sites… they are not picking on the “Muslims!” Unless Muslims are going to be meeting in New York and Pennsylvania?

    1. You cannot trust one world on Salon…if it were anywhere near true, you’d see Fox and other conservative sites tell us about it and if it

      were not good for Bush, then all the 98% prog media would print it!

    2. In a 5min search I found the same info presented by NY Times,CBS and NBC. Worldwide media has consolidated from hundreds to a handful of outlets over the last 30 yrs. Just like wealth when its over concentrated its dangerous or the opposite of a free market. Following the money trail tells plenty-

      What,do powerful corporate interests & corrupt politicians in Government,gain from 9/11?War,supplying arms through the Industrial Military Complex,supreme military dominance world wide,total control of the worlds oil reserves & trading currency,lucrative infrastructure & building contracts,insurance payouts,pharmaceuticals,surgic­al supplies,massive Government debt,control of citizens under false pretences & the complete enslavement of citizens worldwide

  15. Americans…being screwed in their own country. WAY TO GO OBAMA. You’re on your way to singlehandedly ruining this country!

  16. There is only one way in which these hate mongers will react with decency: we must call the department; email the department and our Representative…en masse….if they go 2 million responses, you’d see the attitude of the Rep at least change and perhaps the Departmental Rep would get laid off, fired or????? This is TPNN should call for!!

  17. You weren’t being discriminated against. You don’t need a permit for a march, but you don’t have the right to be escorted through red lights. Just obey the traffic laws.

    1. But, the constitution doesn’t allow for the breaking of traffic laws. So, if they break them, they will be ticketed.

    2. Good luck ticketing them Jim. A pretty petty comment from you sir considering the magnitude of what they’re doing. Traffic laws give me a break!

  18. The Problem With Islam and Muslims Is that they are all LIARS. It is a Muslims duty to lie to and deceive Infidels (Non Muslims) according to their beliefs, so you cannot believe nor trust anything they say in public to be the truth.

  19. I think it is about time for all the bikers to surround DC and shut the whole place down for a couple of days. Time for a tax revolt too

  20. The federal government (Obama Administration) has openly declared war on Christianity and open embraced Islam. If you aren’t stocked up on ammo and ready to roll, you had better get with the program or plan to get the h out of way

  21. Here’s the latest word from the DC Police. This goes out to Jason Jermaine Smith in response to his claim that the bikers screwed up in trying to organize this event. He said their wouldn’t be more then 10 or 20k showing up. Take this with two aspirin brother, I know it’s going to hurt.

    “police have counted nearly one million bikers are on the streets of Washington DC”

    The other protest group, “A million Muslims against fear”, had close to 50 people in all show up for their event. So few that they didn’t even finish their day out with their planned march to the steps of the Capitol Bldg.
    Never under estimate my friends Jason. They will always do what they say they are going to do. It’s a thing of honor and pride for them. That is the measure of the man in my book.

  22. Can’t trust Muslims. Their holy book says they can lie to unbelievers to secure their safety! My Holy book, The Bible, says lying is a sin!

  23. The Muslim God, Mohmmed, encourages spousal abuse, says that women are not to be respected, encourages child molestation and violence. As Americans, and Christains, we are against all of the above. And they want us to respect them? Sorry, I have a problem with men who think its ok to abuse their wife, and men who think its ok to molest children.

  24. I have no problems with ANY non Radical Muslim. BUT choosing this day was an Ill fated thing to do. It was a slap in the face reminding us of what SOME Muslims did to us on that day. I would rather do my mourning without having to have that particular much maligned name taking away from the days events. A rally against fear on any other day would be gladly accepted. But to proclaim out loud that there would be a Muslim March on Washington on 9-11 is to much.

  25. I’ve got friends that work at Ft Washington Harley. They were on had for this controlled madness. At some point in the day a message came though the shop and the crowd that the ride through Downtown DC had been canceled due to death threats made by Muslims to the organizers. Luckily that turned out to be false. I am happy to see signs of life in out American communities like this one. I hope more and more of us begin to choose to rise up against the big monster the US Government. They need to reminded of exactly who really is in charge.

    1. Hey Fisch,
      You don’t have to worry…you are not an infidel to them…you are one of them and so was the soldier!

      Hope they toss him out of the Army.

      Up Yours Mac

  26. Belinda Bee, Thank you, and all the Bikers who rode to Washington D.C. for America, its beloved victims, and citizens. It shows that there are millions upon millions of true PATRIOTIC Americans who love this Great Nation, its values, and CONSTITUTION.

    1. Indeed they did come out of a cloud, and answered the call to defend our (Americas) day of remembrance, tributes, & mourning.

  27. All hail Charles Martel, the French knight who vanquished the Turkish Muslims. He saved Europe from being enveloped in Sharia…God Bless Charles Martel…we need another such hero