Organizer for 2 Million Bikers to DC Rally: ‘We were Discriminated Against Because We’re American’

Million Bikers

On Wednesday, America will solemnly remember the attacks that have stained September 11th. Twelve years ago, terrorists orchestrated a terrorist attack of unimaginable horror. One year ago, terrorists attacked on consulate in Benghazi, murdering four, but reminding Americans of the very real threat of terrorism that remains present.

To honor the victims of these attacks separated by eleven years, a group has worked to build a rally in Washington D.C. to pay tribute to those who lost their lives on these days.

The event called “2 Million Bikers to DC” aims to raise awareness of the terrorist attacks and serve as a reminder of the lives lost. The group intended to obtain a “no-stop” permit through D.C., a permit that allows a police escort to move the group through the nation’s capital swiftly.

However, despite talking at length with the D.C. Parks Department, the group was suddenly informed that the permit had been denied as they claim that the department had not received an application.

The denial of the permit has fomented outrage as the District of Columbia has granted the American Muslim Political Action Committee a permit for the Million Americans Against Fear Rally, formerly known as the Million Muslim March.

“On Thursday’s conference call, [Parks Department employee Sheila Gotha] let it be known right out of the gate that she was not happy with this permit and that the D.C. residents were not going to be happy with the bikers. And we said, ‘Well, that’s why we want the permit, so we can just get through there… and hour or two and we’re done,’” Belinda Bee stated in an exclusive interview with The Tea Party News Network.

“From my understanding, [Gotha] has told two other media outlets that she had never heard of our permit, that we have never had a conference call. I shot them the email showing where she scheduled the conference call and on that conference call is the permit number,” Bee stated.

The biker ride-through comes at a time when racial tensions remain high and at a time when systematic harassment and targeting of conservative groups have become more overt. The IRS has been targeting conservative and Tea Party groups for years-long harassment, illustrating a willingness by government to strong-arm dissenters.

When asked about the motivations behind D.C.’s denial of the permit, Bee bluntly stated, “We were discriminated against because we’re Americans…. [Muslims] are going to celebrate the deaths of the Americans and that really has all the bikers very upset.”

Bee said that the plan remains unchanged. ‘The only thing we’re doing differently is that we’re not going to have a permit. We don’t have to have a permit; those streets are paid for by our tax dollars and we have a First Amendment right to ride down those streets.”

The biker rally will begin at the Harley Davidson dealership in Fort Washington, Maryland, on Wednesday at 8 a.m. where rally attendees will enjoy opening remarks, a blessing and the Pledge of Allegiance. From there, the rally will roll through D.C. without official escorts.

The organizers hope to hold a similar rally annually and Bee hopes those attending will only behave lawfully. For more information, please see the group’s Facebook page.