Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee Calls for Martial Law

SheilaJacksonLee Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is not known for being the sharpest tool in the shed. She has said some pretty outrageous things in the past, most recently referring to herself as a ‘freed slave’. She’s also known for being a far left, Obama defending, Progressive hack. In addition, she came under fire for her atrocious treatment of her staff which led some to deem her the ‘boss from hell’. But, none of this compares to what Jackson Lee said on the floor of the House on Monday. While speaking on the floor of the House about the partial government shutdown, Sheila Jackson Lee made a curious and disturbing statement.
It is not the truth to suggest that there are not enough voters, members of Congress, that would vote right now today to open this government. It’s something called a continuing resolution, but it’s a bill that you put on the floor that has been passed by Republicans and Democrats in the United States Senate. This is not an idea of anyone over another person. Republican and Democratic senators have already voted for this ‘clean bill’ that we could vote on today. We have martial law. What that means, and my colleagues know what it means is that you can put a bill on in just minutes.
Did Sheila Jackson Lee just change the meaning of the words ‘martial law’ or was she overtly and coyly giving Obama a message of what she believes he should do to deal with Republicans? Does she want Obama to increase his ‘Campaign of Pain’ against the American people? Martial law has absolutely nothing to do with the process of making a bill a law. It specifically relates to the suspension of habeas corpus where Americans can be imprisoned without a hearing and where military forces are used against the people. The fact that we have witnessed numerous incidents of police being used to intimidate, block, and, in some cases, hold innocent Americans under armed guard during Barack Obama’s ‘Campaign of Pain’ against the American people makes this call for martial law by Sheila Jackson Lee all the more disturbing. Video below.
  • GPD12292

    What an absolute idiot. She is as dumb as a box of rocks.

    • Mark Almas

      Hey thats not nice I know some very good rocks

      • Tzione

        Yeah…I’ve got rocks that I brought back from Israel,that are “crying out”…;)

      • GPD12292

        You’re right Mark Almas, my apologies to rocks everywhere. Maybe someone could send her a can of Fix-A-Flat to inflate that air head of hers, but that still doesn’t fix stupid. Hopefully people in her district will wake up soon and vote her out….Nah, to many on the government dole for that to happen.

        • Drew K Simmons

          fix a flat, or SLIME? ;)

        • Hollis Stephen Matise

          She gives new depth and meaning to the word “moron”! I live in Texas, and to most people here she’s the butt of an incessant flow of derisive jokes. I can’t understand how she keeps getting re-elected, (unless her district is filled with her family, and she’s paying them off!) Personally, if I WAS part of her family (I THANK GOD I’m not, but if I was) I don’t know that I’d want to admit it!

          • Rick

            She is black, that is how she keeps getting elected. Most of her constituents are probably black and we know how most of them vote,.

          • Jerry Ross

            WITH IGNORANCE

          • Rick

            Truth hurts eh Jerry? kma

          • Julyette J

            I kind of thought Jerry was agreeing with you. That most of them vote (unintelligently and uninformed) with ignorance. ????

          • Rick

            My apologies to Jerry.

          • Harold

            U said what everyone else was thinking

          • Mark Javorka

            Rick did “Not” say what I am thinking or he would have called himself a Racist.

          • susan

            Well isn’t she Black then again her Mom could be WHITE and her Dad Black so I guess she black when its benefit her stupid comments !!!! Now that we got that out of the way. All I see is a SHEEP,COW or a PIG and I’m not going to the Slaughterhouse …..

          • You Knucklehead

            What do you mean??!!!! She’s the spitting image of a Silverback with makeup on. But that’s an insult to Silverbacks. There’s no doubt that Gorillas are more human than this old whore.

          • neena

            dangerous thinking Mark…. that’s how we’ve wound up with an uneducated .. white hating… anti American president!! You.. and ones like you.. are the Racist!

          • neena

            dangerous thinking Mark…. that’s how we’ve wound up with an uneducated .. white hating… anti American president!! You.. and ones like you.. are the Racist!

          • danny

            Amen to that neena…

          • Joseph Mandich

            Speaking the truth is speaking the truth!

          • Mark Javorka

            I have many Black Conservative friends..
            I am a Life long Conservative,Traditionalist and Constitutionalist.
            but most of al I am a RINO, Republicans are no where near
            conservative enough for me !

          • robmanwiller

            Do you even know what a ‘RINO’ actually stands for? Republican-In-Name-Only? Either you aren’t a Conservative/Constitutionalist by the real definition, or you don’t understand that a RINO is mostly a left-wing liberal hiding out in the Republican Party like a mole or spy who believes in the dim-witted ideas of and votes with the left. It can’t be both scenarios.

          • Mark Javorka

            Yes RobManwiller It can and it is ! Both scenarios !
            I am a “R”epubican “I”n “N”ame “O”nly as The Right side of the republican Party has no balls at this time either.
            Now either your dumb’r than Sheila Jackson if you don’t know I am being sarcastic to emphasize my point or you don’t know what a RINO really is, A RINO is a Center leaning Populist Republican. He plays to the MSM puppetry Agenda that Garnishes That RINO Votes which in turn Fuels said Politicians Power, Greed, Corruption, ” E-T-C !”

            Now please robmanwiller If you can, Explain to me what it means to be a Conservative/Traditionalist/Constitutionalist ?

          • Guest

            You’re wrong! A RINO by the true definition is a fake – a fraud! They are NOT true Republicans like the original Goldwater/Reagan model. They vote with the left being political moles. They should just join the left and stopping making believe they are conservatives. If that’s your group, then you take ‘dumb’ to a new level of political ignorance. BTW, if ‘ECT’ is suppose to mean ‘etc’. (etcetera), then you should try to correct your typing dislexia or maybe pick up a dictionary once in awhile or use spell-check also. Also it’s pretty difficult these days to recognize ‘sarcasm’. ‘Nuff said.

          • Mark Javorka

            You mean a Fraud like your Fictitious screen name “Guest’ ?
            I corrected my etc now, Correct yourself and stop breathing…
            Your using up good air you wind bag

            So as your second attempt at defining a RINO is even ‘Dumb’R” than the first. I will not ask you or your second Fake/fraud screen name to define Conservative, Traditional, or Constitutionalist as I am now Dumb’r for having ever spoken to you.

            Merry Christmas all !

          • robmanwiller

            You’re wrong! A RINO by the true definition is a fake – a fraud! They are NOT true Republicans like the original Goldwater/Reagan model. They vote with the left being political moles. They should just join the left and stop making believe they are conservatives. If that’s your group, then you take ‘dumb’ to a new level of political ignorance. BTW, if ‘ECT’ is suppose to mean ‘etc’. (etcetera), then you should try to correct your typing dislexia or maybe pick up a dictionary once in awhile or use spell-check also. Also it’s pretty difficult these days to recognize ‘sarcasm’. ‘Nuff said.

          • Mark Javorka

            Bullshit Neena,
            Prove President Obama is an American !

          • ron

            Then why did Obama spend millions and millions to cover up his past with Lawyers. His past is SEALED. Is yours???????

          • T. VOGT

            and then give the Lawyer that did the hiding a supreme court position, like that’s right, fair or legal.

          • 2SHAY

            Well, this is how the Nomenklatura acted in soviet russia. CYA’d, hand greased hand, sheep were sheared, and slaughtered, and the golden curtain descended. It’s still in place, too, >30 yrs later. Why dont we cross-compare Russia under Red Regime to the present situation in the US? Granted, things are still better here, compared to a nearly overnight Change in ex-SU…. But this is the Change BO is bringing to this once great nation. Can one hate America this much? Wait… Can one hate G0d this much!? I guess, sadly, he’s the only “King” we deserved… As our own children voted for this ‘messiah’.

          • Bradley Hill

            Good point Mark

          • Timothy Mahoney

            Your response is inane. Most blacks vote for blacks. Fact.

          • gillian2005

            And that’s not racist, right? But when whites vote for whites it is?

          • Alexander Smith

            Blacks voting 99% black is racist, but you aren’t allowed to talk about that. You are only allowed to talk about mostly imagnary white against black racism. Though with only 13% of the population being black and Obama now serving his 2nd term as President, the white racist story is getting more and more difficult to articulate by the hate community.

          • Raymond Babcock

            all you have to do is ignore the truth the rest is easy

          • Rob Porter

            Well said. Alexander.

          • Annie

            That won’t stop them from trying. Blacks are more negative of whites than vice versa.

          • Wallace Mynatt

            Most Conservatives who are always called racist would GLADLY replace 100 white LIBS with 100 black consertives. NOW WHO IS REALLY racist?

          • kenneth russell

            No. The issue here is not being addressed. Tim is saying that most blacks vote for whoever promises to give them something.

          • hotairwsj

            That is not what Tim said. He said, “Most blacks vote for blacks. Fact.” That IS a statistical fact. Voting for whoever promises to give them something cuts across all racial lines That is a statistical fact about people in general. No racial group has a monopoly on that behavior.

          • T. VOGT

            I vote for the one that has SANE ideas, COLOR isn’t in my voter profile, but do they blame everyone else for holding them back. My family didn’t own slaves and a great grandmother was Cherokee. Yet because I am Red haired and have two colors white or lobster red I’m automatically a racist if I don’t buy the Resident occupying the White House’s repeated speeches, Honestly I don’t think anyone has written a new one in years? Maybe he is lip-syncing his speeches

          • Raymond Babcock

            you have it right

          • Rob Porter

            If it’s fact, it’s not a racist thing for him to say that, just fact – but God forbid that someone should be honest and actually state fact nowadays. That 41 individuals would agree with your poorly written and poorly thought out comment doesn’t say much about their powers of reason.

          • gillian2005

            Your comments might go over well in a faculty lounge but in the real world they’re hogwash. This isn’t an academic forum–it’s reality.

          • Rob Porter

            I didn’t realize that this forum was intended for dum-dums who don’t think further than the end of their nose! Yours is just a silly comment, Gillian. I deal with reality and if you think my comments only suited to a faculty lounge then you’re out to lunch. Try exercising your brain a little, think, it helps, and then you might just have an understanding of what I wrote.

          • hotairwsj

            Rob, Are you familiar with the phrase, “Do not cast your pearls before swine.”? When the insane exercise their brains, you just get more of the same. it isn’t worth the frustration. You always end up right where you started.

          • budripkin

            When Obama gave more sympathy to a black thug then he gave to our murdered ambassador plus his protectors that’s not racist? With a less than 40% approval
            he still has over 90% black approval … are the majority of white folk
            out of step in regards to racism .. after millions of us crossed racial
            lines to vote for him?

            With all these facts you won’t listen to the truth … so you have exposed yourself for all to see

          • gillian2005

            You would think that by now the black community would start to ask the question, “what has he done for us?” Oh yes–Obamafone–food stamps–all the rest–but one day–probably soon, Obama will go away and all that stuff that buys votes will begin to disappear. Then what? Skills to find a good job–if there are any to be had? A real education–not an affirmative action one that emphasizes self esteem over actual accomplishment? Values taught by mom and dad? Where will all those things be? What has he done?

          • Fred Closs

            Tim, you might want to read the demographics of her district.

          • hotairwsj

            Those demographics are interesting. They support exactly what Tim was saying.

          • GEV

            Mark…your a fool. Rick was not talking racist…he was speaking his mind and his thoughts. If you think he was racist that tells me you have racists thoughts yourself.

          • Mark Javorka

            I’m speaking my mind GEV, your an idiot…

          • adam999

            Mark it is YOU’RE an idiot. Please refrain from attempting to insult another person intellectually when you cannot even properly use “your and you’re” in a sentence.

          • Mark Javorka

            Adam 666 please refrain from breathing…

          • huluvaguy

            Truth today is always racist if it doesn’t fit the liberal narrative. FACT !!

          • Tammy Thompson

            But he is right

          • Mark Javorka

            no, he is not right Tammy if your speaking to me about GEV’s Reply to me.
            I have opinions about individuals I may have conflict with.
            They are my thoughts I express to that person directly or kept to my self . So If I have a Problem with Rick and he happens to be white , I am a white guy that is Racist against White people ? That’s stupid….
            Sheila Jackson is an absolute wing nut Progressive Liberal Whatever color her skin happens to be. Any one that votes for her is even more stupid than she is.
            It has nothing to do with Black people. It has everything to do with “The Entitled” vote… These people come in all colors , shapes, sizes and agendas
            I guess that makes me an equal opportunity Racist right Rick, GEV, Tammy, Neena ?
            Your all Fools. We need to fix this Non functional Republican party, decide whether we the voter want to support a party that does not value the constitution, a responsible fiscal approach, or its Conservative ranks anymore…
            Do we need to break this Two party system and go a new Party.

            The worst day is here. I as a Constitutional Conservative feel like the RINO because the Republican party does not resemble anything I value at this time.

          • Dave Martina

            Well said, Mark.

          • Lynn Beamon

            Well said, Mark. I am a black conservative. I think Sheila Jackson Lee is a moron. Does that make me a racist? Given the demographics of her district she is supported by a population made up of low income, people who are a majority Black and Hispanics, FACT!! Stating that fact, does it make me racist? I guess I would consider myself a RINO also, but not a left-leaning RINO, a conservative RINO. The Republican party has become too moderate and caves in too much for my liking. Does me being conservative, tea-party follower, Sheila Jackson Lee truther make me a racist? I’m not racist, just a believer in FACTS.

          • gillian2005

            Racist? No–you’re black–and so is Sheila. She richly deserves the title of moron–and that description cuts across racial lines. But, my friend, you will be accused (or, no doubt already have been) of being an uncle tom–or an oreo–or whatever the newest insult is to describe a conservative black in this country. As for me? The only label I would give you is American. Damn fine label, if you ask me.

          • Raymond Babcock

            you will not get to read here what i was told when i asked why are you voting for obama the hate was off the chart

          • Mark Javorka

            You will not get to read here that Blacks in America have to fix there own social and personal problems.You will not get to read here that Black “Entitled’ masses have been emboldened as well as The White “Entitled” Masses that feed from the Lowest common denominator… The Free stuff President Obama and his Progressive Liberal Socialist Party is offering these people.
            You will not get to read here that the “Entitled masses have learned that one vote does count.
            That is how Scum Bags like Sheila Jackson get elected. It has nothing to do with Race as this Status is read.

            Even someone like me that can’t refrain from using “They’re” incorrectly in returning comment to all the people who are commenting to me know this Adam999 ?

            I don’t need to blame one Black Senator for what’s really going on here. She used the term “Marshal Law” specifically Adam999
            You’re an idiot Adam because, you can’t even stick to the content of this status… Next,

          • Robert Eugene Melling

            Since when is stating facts racist? Oh, I forgot, it is now de rigueur.

          • Rob Porter

            That’s a really stupid comment! If what he said is factual, why is it racist?

            I am neither American nor live in the U.S. yet through wide travel in the U.S. and keen observation have come to regard most black Americans as racist. It’s evident in what they say and in attitude, yet blind to their own racism are quick to accuse others of that. And yes, most do vote on the on the basis of colour – deadloss Barack Obama and numbskull Sheila Jackson Lee two glaring examples. This woman is a total disgrace for the stupid things she says and internationally recognized for her first-class knuckle-headed comments!

            Try a bit of honesty, not least with yourself, it goes a long way.

          • Mark Javorka

            President Obama was voted in to office by a large number of different races. He did not get my vote but he did get an incredibly high number of White votes to win the office Twice ?
            This status is not about Race or racism. It is about Sheila Jackson the person calling for Martial law !
            Some here made it about race.
            I agree with you 100% that Sheila Jackson is a Progressive Liberal disgrace of a human being. That is my opinion and many other’s. It does not give me the right to stray from this status and squeeze in racial statements as cannon fodder to make my point. I am saying one doesn’t need to do that based on Sheila Jackson’s history. One only needs to open one’s eyes….

            That’s as honest as I can be about this status and the topic Rob Porter.
            and to say, I don’t go on status’s that reflect other Country’s social issues/problems and give Keen observation on anything. it’s really not my place to do so… at least for myself…

          • rotosound2001

            I’ll cut to the chase and call you an idiot then since you don’t understand that voting based on skin color is racist.

          • Mark Javorka

            I’ll cut your reply a new thought.
            Conservatism , Constitutionalism, and Traditionalism will not and cannot support the bullshit you and your opinion are throwing around this status.
            WE “The CCT’S” Have always been tolerant and shown empathy to every Class, Race, and social need before us. I will not change my values because it’s popular at the moment to throw insults, ridicule and or racism around willy nilly on every internet status that comes along.
            I hold firm to my opinion. Shiela Jackson is an absolute wing nut Progressive Liberal. She was elected by an overwhelming number of people who want what she’s giving out for free. What percentage of those who voted for her and got her elected in Texas ?… were black is not of my concern. Seeing that she is not re-elected by the people in that voting district is Texas business.


          • John Hall Jr

            She is not only black but a woman. Affirmative action in use!

          • Guest

            Maybe muslim too…I am so sick of the push votes…bullying people…I stood by and watched this happen…I don’t want slaves no matter what color…I wonder if the populace knows white people were slaves too…especially women…who’s spouse died and owed money they paid with servitude…the women who were in the saloons were paying back money they owed…sad no one reads history any more…voter ID is very very important…we cannot let this one slide…
            and marshal law is awful…not in our country if you please…we are not in hurricane or tornado…

          • Nedra Duysen

            Coal miners were also slaves, but the blacks don’t want to hear about that. I was not alive when they had slaves in this country and neither were the whinny cry babies. If they don’t like it here, they are no longer slaves and free to leave at any time. I am sick of this and after Obama is out of office, there will no longer be repatriation.
            We will no longer pay for something we had no control over.

          • alan41241

            I don’t expect Obama will ever leave office. He will enact Martial Law and remain in office until he’s dead. The Constitution? When’s the last time he paid any attention to that?

          • Kevin Dirk Boaz

            and you think we’ll just sit and take it? that would surely spark the next civil war

          • susie


          • Don

            He is already firing the Generals and Admirals that disagree with him…

          • Kathy

            I’m looking for change following the Nov 2014 elections! If not, the next Civil War is very possible

          • Stephanie Shawn Dowdy-White

            Yes its obvious that he doesnt want to ever leave. I wouldnt be surprised if he rewrote the law that states you can serve more than 2 terms.

          • wesleymethodist

            It is not a law , it is in the Constitution. Look at Amendment XXII.

          • gillian2005

            You really think that Obama cares about the Constitution? That the 22nd amendment or any other clause in the constitution would stop him? Want proof? See the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare and the individual mandate provision. Obama said it wasn’t a tax–it was a fine–but the SC had to call it a tax in order to make it constitutional.

          • Sue Ann Carey

            The SC forgot to tell some of the Senators because they themselves call it a fine!

          • texasjo

            And, notice, they NEVER call it a tax, they say “it is the LAW of the LAND,”…it is a TAX and should be talked about that way, and an unfair tax, to boot.

          • CSHJ

            He won’t have to rewrite it, he will just do it.

          • Eva

            Yes, Obama has been already working to get the term limit for president voided! Our Socialist Media does not mention that!

          • meri

            he has put in to congress to make it so presidents can serve 4 terms

          • Nancy

            That is when I leave the country, and I think there would be a very large number of people leaving to live in other countries. I have my country picked out.

          • Sue Ann Carey

            He is on the government dole more than anyone. He is their poster child! We pay for his million dollar vacations, etc. Why wouldn’t he want to stay in office? Party on the peoples dime!!

          • Julyette J

            They are already trying to rescind the 22nd amendment!

          • deborah

            I said the same thing to my husband just the other day!

          • CSHJ

            Sadly, I think you are right!

          • Tammy Pfaehler

            Scary, but it seems that is where it’s headed.

          • Nancy

            I really think if that happens, he will not last too long there are too many people in this country that hate him, and would be glad to hear of his demise. And I would not shed a tear if that happened.

          • Dan Applegate

            First Nedra……we have to get Obama and his COMPLETE regime out of office! We all have to voice out and convince the un-informed to vote with us! And if the black people that follow Obama would only realize how terrible their lives have been under his Presidency…..maybe just maybe, they would join us! The Sheila Jacksons………well, what can I say? She is a lost cause with a lost soul!

          • DanMR

            If somehow the Black Leaders would lead by a more positive demonstration instead of the consistent money making, high living style they currently do, not only would the Blacks be better off, but the country as a whole also.

          • deborah

            I agree with you,I to am sick of this crap to.

          • Nancy

            Add the Orientals too, they were slaves when they first came to this country, working on the rails for the “new” trains, doing laundry for others. And there were plenty of white that were slaves at onetime or another that couldnot pay their bills.

          • Lonnie Snyder

            YES! White people are/have been slaves, too! The word slave or Slavic, aka Russian, is the root of the term. They didn’t even have a written language until the 15th. Century when Byzantine Monks used Greek Cyrillic letters to give their words written meaning. Now they have nuclear weapons! My how things can change in just 5-600 years!

          • living

            Not to mention that the “Slaves that were in America” were sold to the settlers by there tribes in Africa.

          • Victor Magilke

            There has been slaves throughout history. As a matter of fact, the first slaves in the US were white.

          • Julyette J

            You are right – no one reads history anymore. Our text books have been rewritten to make them politically correct. I seriously doubt if anyone under the age of 45 even has access to accurate history.I have read that shortly after elected, Obama wrote an executive order allowing himself to declare marshal law at any time HE deems it necessary.

          • Alfred Morales

            the way he’s been turning on our military I think they will turn on him first and impose marshal law on him

          • Alex

            Alfred Morales, the military is already refusing to support him which is why he’s apparently training Muslim and Russian troops to come here and enforce martial law. He is PAYING for other people to come here and enslave us.

          • Sue Ann Carey

            Someone is going to do something…someone has to fight for the American people! Obama and his ilk want to enslave those who do not agree with him, whether they be white or black. There are many black people who do not agree with what he is doing. Either they are scared to voice their opinions or they are waiting for a black leader that they trust to lead them. What they do not realize is that this is something we need to unite—both blacks and whites-Hispanics, etc–to get the job done and stand up to get these traitors out of office!! WE the people!!!

          • texasjo

            It’s quite “rigged,” and if someone ever figures it out, on the Conservative side, maybe they will get their act together and fight FIRE with FIRE, instead of just taking that crap.!

          • Julyette J

            I pray you are right!!

          • texasjo

            That’s they he tries to get guns away from everyone, including our military!

          • CSHJ

            Start collecting OLD history books. I started several years ago because I wanted to leave as accurate information as possible to my children and grand children. The printed word will stay as it was written but not so the digital books.

          • Julyette J

            Brilliant forethought! I wish I had been that intelligent. I never would have believed (back in the 60′s and 70′s) that that this would ever happen, but my grandchildren have not learned the same history I did or even the history I lived!

          • texasjo

            When I tell my school teacher daughter that wasn’t the way it was, she looks at me strangely. Also, I had a comment directed at me once, when I said “I know because I was alive then and witnessed things.” Someone commented “We will have so much fun when your generation DIES.” Well,they are having fun because my father, in the Greatest Generation died for them.

          • Kevin Keefer

            My ancestry dates back to 1675 (verified authentic) and were called “endentured servants” sold to the Livingston family by King Charles to work their plantation in a stretch of land now known as Columbia county New York. The bell tower of the original church is still standing beside the burial grounds of the original Livingston family. Unfortunately the local church historians didnt have documentation of anyone other than the Livingstons.

          • wesleymethodist

            Cavy4Freedom; please, the word id martial, not marshal.

          • Cavy4Freedom

            my writing on here was changed somehow…on one of my posts… cannot seem to find it now…to correct it…I did not phrase the response like that…

          • CSHJ

            You said one that extremely important, you said “I stood by and watched this happen”. Sadly that’s what most of us are doing. We sit at our computers and bitch…we point fingers and then go about our business and do nothing…………we just watch what happens.

          • Justin McInvale

            How many blacks know that their own people in Africa sold them into slavery?

          • disqus_yeZNegncsV

            I agree, and she is one that keeps race fights going strong!!!!!!!! Count your Blessings Jackson you are making more money with benefits than you and all the others deserve. The more you get the more you want!!!!Get over it!!!!!!

          • Frank

            Even the dead ones and those with no Photo voter id!

          • T. VOGT

            ohhh but they count according to the Panther Party and Holder, because they voted Democratic like they would have done when they were alive, or in their own counties where they had already voted..and lets not forget the counties that 120% of the Registered voters ALL voted for Obama and NOT ONE for Romney, and then the poll worker that voted election day and sent in an absentee ballot for herself and half her family she managed 6 votes all by herself.

          • Guest

            how ?

          • disqus_88Acd5V7cT

            how is that???????????

          • Daniel F. Melton

            More than once.

          • Preston Weiters Jr.

            10/12/13, You’re so right, Rick. What you’re seeing is a self-defeating cadre of dummies who keep tyrant like “Barry who?” in power. Behold my disgusted look.

          • AFONTANA58

            Love the pick!

          • Preston Weiters Jr.

            10/12/13, Let’s back Dr. Ben Carson for 2016 if we, by then, haven’t yet imploded. Remember, to quote Dr. Carson, “Obamacare was never about h/c but rather, control. All hands on deck to pass this meant a gateway to a Socialist state; w/o health, you have nothing.”

          • CSHJ

            Cool picture. I would back Dr. Carson in a heart beat. Also Ted Cruz. They both are brilliant and have back bones.

          • Alfred Morales

            Preston Weiters Jr. that is a KOOL pic Thumbs up on that

          • sevensins

            I want to believe blacks want the same thing we all want. I guess the good ones are out numbered by the bad…same as us.

          • susie


          • Victor Magilke

            You forget that 95% of the black voters voted for Barack Obama twice.

          • Darlene Whitney

            Not to mention how many people are out to prove that they aren’t prejudice and will vote for anyone who is black without even knowing who they are or what they represent.

          • Victor Magilke

            Not this voter. I don’t suffer from white guilt.

          • Dan Applegate

            EXAMPLE……….B. H. OBAMA!!!!!!

          • Mark Javorka
          • Lady Dee Dee

            you have that right–just like Corrine something from Floirida–she keeps getting re-elected due to the same strategy!!

          • Jonathan Glass

            Actually, True The Vote did some statistical analysis and found that her district has huge anomalies in registrations per address. covered it last year.

          • Fred Closs

            Rick she is black, but she keeps getting re-elected because Sheila Jackson Lee’s constituents continue to vote for her to continue receiving gifts from the treasury that she delivers. The fact is only 38% of her constituents are black. 41.5 are hispanic and 56% earn over $25,000 per year. I invite to read this;

          • Jerry Smith

            I live fairly close and yes they black and a saint in their eyes. Fact is there needs to be a limit on how long anyone can be a member of congress, cause it is clear that the longer they remain in congress the more out of touch with the American people.

          • Cyborg3K

            She routinely gets 110% of the vote in her gerrymandered district.

          • Terry Looney

            Now rick that was very racist. Its true, but racist. You might hurt Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Oprah’s feeling. Yes, I know they are the most bigoted people on the planet but we have to play nice. Screw it your right!

          • Kathy

            Yes, a recent article stated that her “district” is high crime, low work and project housing! There, I said it all without being “racist”. Is that better for you, Mark Javorka? If votes were checked following her election, you would probably find numerous “multiple voters” and voters who reside in the nearest cemetery! The truth may hurt, but you’ve got to face the facts!

          • Marsha Lakin Tuttle

            I agree Rick, you said what so many of us never had the guts to say. And it is the gospel truth

          • Thor

            If you had ever seen her district it would be clear as to how she keeps getting elected.

          • Cavy4Freedom

            free stuff…welfare…and food stamps…as I see it…sad…instead of their learned leaders giving them education…and a pride in their nation…all that it has done to improve the lives of people…even if they don’t go to college…my husband worked very hard to get what we have…no guilt for us…God Bless our American way…not the European socialist or communist way…most of the wonderful churches in Europe are museums…sad…

          • sue

            That don’t matter, as long as she has enough votes to get around Texas!

          • susie


          • Julyette J

            When she is the object of conversation I am ashamed to admit I am from the same state. Maybe she is one of the one’s who has benefited from the “zombie vote”. If we can keep the DC crooks out of state business and keep the voter ID law in effect, hopefully, she and all like her will be voted out!

          • Cavy4Freedom

            motivating hard working people to take the time to vote is very difficult…which I do not understand…I have voted every election since 21…I was so happy to do it…never truly trusting that my vote counted …Connecticut had curtain pull machines back then…with leavers…

          • Julyette J

            So did KY when I first voted and they were still using them 30 years later.

          • KECMN

            Obviously, she keeps getting voted in, perhaps y’all need to find a different person to run against her – one that loves this country and makes sense would be a welcome change! Of course, who am I to say anything…our state keeps voting in Claire McCaskill!

          • Cavy4Freedom

            change our candidates please…find good people is an effort…most are working two jobs now…or out of work with no income…that they are not counted on the unemployed any more…

          • Anne Scott Adams

            Term limits! She was that idiot, who took to the streets in Houston, with her thug voter base, following a hearse after Travon “Obama’s son” Martin-Zimmerman verdict. They closed an interstate and no one was arrested! They should all have to take and pass both a civics exam as well as an IQ test!

          • Julyette J

            I’m not sure her district has anyone brave enough to face the MSM tear down that good people get. Look what they do to Ted Cruz who IS an America, Freedom and Constitution loving American.

          • Catherine Maio
          • Julyette J

            Actually, no, he isn’t. He had duel citizenship and publically gave up his Canadian citizenship. He was born in Canada to an American mother.

          • Frederick Salizari

            The only thing that works with people on the dole is more dole.

          • Valerie Parkhurst

            I have always wondered why she has lasted as long as she has.

          • Stephen Zeigler

            she gives her constituents free phones for starters, helps them get welfare and other gov. handouts. The Republicans tell them to get a better job. No contest for the stupid….

          • Linda Patterson

            she keeps getting re-elected because of that thing that obumma says does not exist, voter fraud.

          • DMS

            If that is true – that she is the butt of jokes – then please explain why she is in Washington, DC. Obviously people out there are thinking that or she would be re-elected time and time again!!! People need to wake up and start voting on facts and not on color!

          • Charlie

            No Hollis, she makes a moron look somewhat intelligent.

          • John Brofka

            No depth … too shallow.

          • Justin McInvale

            You just insulted all the morons out there lol

          • Bill Atwood

            If yhou were a close family member, you would be swinging in a tree

          • Daniel Francis

            She stays in because of ACORN and a lot of $$$$

        • Scott Felix

          Fix-a-flat relies on the hole being small to seal. No chance of that happening with that dingbat.

        • Mike Ritchie

          You can’t fix stupid.

        • Brian Augustyn

          Can’t fix stupid!

          • detroitheat

            But you can Kill it…..

          • MidwayAtom

            That isn’t funny or rational and some dingbat with a lower IQ than hers just might try it. Hopefully will be able to vote her out.

          • Cavy4Freedom

            yes you can…vote them out…little by little they will get it…and we will see some new faces … but they must be from a trustworthy party…which we need now too…

        • Thor

          Fix-a-flat might not fix stupid but it might seal it in.

          • Julyette J

            Now that is a scary thought!

        • Cameron Stapel

          I think she has enough hot air now!

        • Wayne

          As a wise man has said, “You can’t fix stupid”, or ugly it seems.

        • Gary Iampaglia

          Never underestimate stupid!!!!!

        • Robert Goggin

          Could we add Corrine Brown to this group.

        • susie


        • HerrPierre

          She’s one of those that the justice department gerrymandered into office.

        • HerrPierre

          She’s one of those that the justice department gerrymandered into office.

        • Justin McInvale

          Like Ron White says You Can’t Fix Stupid.

        • Terry Looney

          “You can’t fix stupid”. A Texan said that

        • $9787932

          Now if she’s the elected official from a certain district, and assuming because she was elected partially because she’s so darn smart, what does that say about the intelligence of those that voted for her to begin with. How bright can they be?

      • resident

        don’t be surprised if they actually do it…their heading that way any how…. and GOD help us all if they do…

        • Keet Hensley

          That will be the final signal for bullets to fly.

          • southern tom

            …DECLARING martial law would start something the Left really isn’t ready for… they may think they are, but I the last 2 years, We The People purchased 4.5 million hand guns, an equal number of long guns, and more than a billion rounds of overly priced ammo… DECLARING martial law would be the start of the RESTORATION…

          • Cavy4Freedom

            but why do you think Napolitano bought millions of ammo…so we cannot fight…we have guns but no bullets…well not enough …anyway…but that isn’t they way to go…as soon as a upset militia will come in and we will be interned…worse case scenario…I know Janet N. is not working for??? against??? us anymore but her buddy John Kerry is in the shadow of her devices…

          • southern tom

            …WE HAVE enough guns and ammo… and we won’t be interned unless we lose… before the buying frenzy, it was estimated that 80 million Americans were armed… many are now armed to the teeth… if only 1-out-of-8 stands up and resists, that equals 10 million… 4 times the number of people in our military and national guard… THE KEY is to have a Plan of Action, and a List of Things to Do immediately upon learning TS-has indeed-HTF… the last thing any of should be doing is standing around wondering what to do!

          • Keith Salomon

            just make sure you can hit what you aim at. They will rely on automatic or rapid fire to suppress, just pick them off and take there weapons and ammo off the dead!!!!!!!! and remember arrows are quiet! Never underestimate the power of the masses when riled.
            LOCK AND LOAD
            the country will soon be the peoples again

        • Brian Augustyn

          Seriously doubt God would be on their side, but they will need the help..

          • southern tom

            …IF THIS turns into a shoving match, we’ll win… it won’t be pretty, it’ll definitely be messy, but when the dust and smoke clears, the socialists will be running for cover! Then we’ll have to root ‘em out of their hiding places, like the Israeli’s did with the Nazi’s after WW2…

      • Darrow_for_the_Prosecution

        YEAH!!! I had a pet rock once.

      • jonzz999

        Beat me to it, Mark!

      • michael spurlock


      • Teddy

        Yes, there must be at least a million pet rocks still out there. A pet rock is a fun and loyal companion but o
        ver the years some pet rocks have ran away and joined the democratic party and are now sitting in office all over the country.

      • Princess Leah

        oh, THAT’s flipping awesome. thank you… too funny. I read her babble three times, trying to figure out where she was going with that. oy. You would think, if you are able to rise to that level of employment, that you would be able to form a sentence. I don’t care what color she is. Stupid is stupid. Maybe she was just not accustomed to speaking in public? :) And to think they used to speak poorly of Bush’s speaking engagements. Wow.

      • luvbach1

        They make good pets.

      • Raymond Babcock

        thank you very much

    • Humanity4Humans

      and yet there she is trying to make a policy

    • Rick Rymer

      she been smoking crack with obama,,,…. banging 7 gram rocks… They are WINNERS !!!!

    • billconner

      Your insulting rocks everywhere

    • Bob

      Please do not insult rocks, the Amoeba, a one celled organism has more intelligence than Sheila Jackson. No offense to the Amoeba.

    • fantasywriter

      What’s makes her statement particularly disturbing is her history and that of the Obama Administration. Like an idiot parrot she often repeats ideas she has heard in closed meetings. Ideas that are actually being talked about among the socialist elite. I find her statement chilling.

      • Jerry_Rigger

        That is an interesting point. She is rather out there mentally and has said some incredibly stupid things in the past. It is possible that she heard the word (obviously she has no idea what it means) in some closed door meeting, and in her mental confusion (she could have done crack or choomed with the Kenyan) she blurted it out in some vain attempt to sound intelligent. She is a certified moron with an IQ of about 60, so anything is possible. That is chilling! What is more chilling is that there are many more like her actually in Congress that are making life and death decisions about we peons. God help us! It is going to get ugly. I hope it happens before I depart this world, and I certainly hope I don’t depart “because” it gets ugly. If it does get ugly, and I depart because of that, then I could not be the first or last to die for freedom because I will be on the opposite side of this and the rest of those morons.

        • fantasywriter

          Well said, well spoken Jerry. I guess I’ll be there with you in the end.

        • Carolyn Swann Swanson

          there is a whole lot more peons than politicians thats why we should all be prepared

        • Misti Dawn Taylor

          I believe we the people are going to have a civil war against our Government cuz the 28th amendment. We are able to stand and fight our very own government.Obama is the biggest disgrace to our country! “Load up on your ammo,” cuz we are probably going to need it sooner or later….

          • Keet Hensley

            Reloaders are nice, when the Gvt. runs out we won’t make them more, but we know how to do reloads, SAVE YOUR BRASS.

          • Cavy4Freedom

            aren’t they making brass expensive now??? I heard that somewhere….

          • Richard Erwin


          • Cavy4Freedom

            remember the saltpeter…oh my…no…please Lord…I pray no…this president … and congress are a mess but not that …and people are not even thinking what will happen if the martial law happens…and no foodstamps or money…or food…electricity…ugg…no

        • sue

          It’s the same kind of voters that kept re-electing Marion Barry and Qwame Kilpatrick in Detroit. They are proud to elect anyone who keeps the dollars coming in, even if they know little of it will ever help them…all that hope and change they keep being promised.

        • metro143

          I think she should marry Al Sharpton, Then we could get Joe Biden to marry Nancy Pelosi and have a wedding performed by Rev. Jesse. WE could make a movie about it. It would be fun to watch. We could call it ” THE JACKASSES of Pennsylvania Ave.

          • Julyette J

            But, please, sterilize them all first! The thought of them reproducing is enough to keep you from ever sleeping again!

        • Cavy4Freedom

          Imagine 15 years down the road when us baby boomers are very old and sick…with this Ob medicine to care for us will be expanded..yeah…fun or what…I hope I am wrong…
          I am so sickened…that we would go down this sister-in-laws suffer in Italy with their med help…they have to hundred not 10 miles or so…to have procedures
          done…life and death ones no electives…sad…sad … sad…is all I can say…

      • origwwotp

        I wonder what district in Texas elected this moron. And the thought that she heard these words in a closed meeting is disturbing, but a positive thought is that the closed meeting included a moron like her. That the elites don’t have any discretion about WHO they are planning their moves WITH, gives me hope.

        • Whinerssuk

          Sheila Jackson Lee is the U.S. Representative for Texas’s 18th congressional district. The district includes most of inner-city Houston.
          That should tell you everything you need to know.
          “Not known for being the sharpest tool in the shed” ??
          She as sharp as a sack of hair.

        • Whinerssuk

          Sheila Jackson Lee is the U.S. Representative for Texas’s 18th congressional district. The district includes most of inner-city Houston.
          That should tell you everything you need to know.
          “Not known for being the sharpest tool in the shed” ??
          She as sharp as a sack of hair.

        • Raymond L. Dalton Sr.

          I was wondering the same thing. My son lives in Texas now and I can’t believe that he would vote for such a moron as she is

          • Thor

            Very small almost all black and impoverished district of middle school drop outs.

        • bisty

          18th district , do I need to say more.

      • Wraith Ideal

        She should not be considered elite in any circle. She should be considered the village idiot. Rule of thumb – If it looks like a pig, sounds like a pig, and smells like a pig … odds are its a pig. Same applies to idiots like this.

        • $76375094

          The village idiots were sold off back then, but the gene pool lives on.

          • gillian2005

            Somewhere a village in Texas is missing its idiot. Oh, wait–we found her……in DC.

          • Julyette J

            Could you please lose her again?

      • Wayne_

        She is the one who spoke of widespread spying and a database looong before the NSA leaks were known. She’s not smart enough to come up with thoughts of her own…or that she shouldn’t repeat certain things.

        • fantasywriter

          Exactly my point.

        • Thor

          And she thought we had landed on Mars.

      • Cavy4Freedom

        a lot of people do not know what the future may or maynot bring but I sure hope and pray we do not see that one…militia on our streets…and martial law in place…we had a little one in the riots…after Martin L. King was killed in 1968…we had cerfews and the national guard was out on our streets…

        • fantasywriter

          Cavy4freedom, I go back before M.L.K.’s assassination. It was my first year in junior high school when the Watts riot occurred. The National Guard was everywhere and talk about curfews. Yes, I also had experience with militia in the streets and I too hope what this woman says does not become reality. Sadly, this woman is often in meetings where things are discussed and she doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut.

    • jba

      Now, now….. that is not so… she is even dumber… at least a rock knows when to keep quiet….

    • Chad3sonofchuck

      Stop insulting rocks with your comparison. She makes a box of rocks look like Albert Einstein.

    • Eden Pictures

      rocks have purpose she doesnt,
      Rocks dont speak, She souldnt either

    • Richard Erwin

      im ashamed she is cosidered a Texan

      • Skydog1

        I would be too if I were from TX, but I’m from MO and we have Reps. Emanuel Clever and Lacy Clay; so I really don’t have a lot of room to talk here….

      • Thom

        I am a Texan as well and she is a BIG embarrassment to Texas

      • Whinerssuk

        She is only considered a Texan by people outside of Texas.
        No one In Texas (outside of the 610 loop) even remotely considers her a Texan.
        She probably thinks she was born in Texas.

    • Syd Bates

      Keep the box of rocks handy. We might need to throw them at the government stooges that would follow this type of order.

    • Hollis Stephen Matise

      She makes a box of rocks look like genius material….haha! ;^)

    • Mark Quijada

      You must feel sorry for a liberal. The only thing they can do is attack the person not the substance of the argument. Liberal is a disease with only one cure”THE TRUTH OF CONSERVATISM”

    • Linda

      Rocks are probably smarter!

    • DestroyProgressiveSocialism

      She needs to leave Texas. She represents the biggest ghetto in Houston. They breed dumb and ignorant!

    • bwtanker

      i think the rocks have the edge

    • Viiit

      Even dumber!

    • Ricarrdo estavans

      What about the morons who keep voting for this piece of schit.

    • jimmyv65

      True but what does that say about the people that keep electing her

    • Ryan

      Agreed! However, I was thinking ‘dumb as a bucket of sand’. I do not believe her elevator goes to the top floor. If you get my drift.

    • WingRider41


    • CSHJ

      Hey……….don’t insult the rocks!!!

    • Thomas Doyle

      That’s why she is a Democrat..

    • rockyj

      and the box has only 1 rock in it and it is crumbling

    • Fred Closs

      That’s an insult to rocks.

    • deborah

      I agree!

    • Raymond Babcock

      stop talking bad about a box of rocks

    • Robert Eugene Melling

      Please don’t insult rocks; God made them.

    • tinkrbel

      U r being too kind and most unfair to a the box of innocent rocks. Who r the idiots that elected her in the first place? I can’t listen to her shrill nonstop racist remarks.

    • doglover

      Then the people that voted her in must also carry the label of lack of intelligence.

    • Artie

      A box of rocks does have sense enough to stay where you put it.

    • Renigeid

      A reply here, today, just might get me kicked off Facebook. This ole gal is lower than volcano lava.

  • TxTEA

    The Marxist neanderthal speaks, Unfortuniately she lives in TX.

    • Mr. Center

      Texas will be a blue state by 2020, maybe even in 2016 according to the polling data.

      • Scooter McHeadshot

        not after this shutdown it won’t.

        • Mr. Center

          America will survive the shut down no matter how bad it gets for the american people. Americans will remember the anarchy caused by the Tea party……as they receive Obamacare.

          • Twyla

            I don’t know what world you live in, but your head isn’t where it should be. The Tea Party is not the cause of this mess, they are just a symptom of the attempt to ‘Socialize’ the American people by this administration. I was born an American, and by God’s grace I will fight for my freedom along side the Tea Party or anyone else who will stand up to the idiot in the White House!

          • Ric Jarvis

            You think they’ll be able to afford Obamacare ? I personally know one couple who’s premium will rise from 174 a month to 460. You should wake up and smell the coffee !

          • Scooter McHeadshot

            hahahaha! you crack me up. Typical communist, try to marginalize the opposition, and pretend that msnbc (dead last in the ratings) somehow represents mainstream America. And FYI, only 15% of Americans didn’t have access to insurance in the first place, and by it’s own admission, the ACA will still leave about 9% of Americans without insurance once fully implemented. The govt spent $634 million developing the web portal that doesn’t work (as contrasted by the $150 million Apple spent developing the iPhone) and they hid the actual cost of insurance in the very backend of the website to keep people from leaving the website due to sticker shock. It is a horribly conceived and executed program, and our joke of a Pres has gone all in to try and salvage his reputation. Both he and the ACA will not last.

      • NOBO

        Huffington Post, NPR or Daily KOS not you best source for reality based news.
        When your bubble pops you will see the world is much different than the internal reflection that you have been accustomed to.

        • 7citizen7

          These polls were probably conducted by a lot of left leaning people that only report what they want to report and did not include every one they interviewed.

          • thisoldspouse

            They were likely conducted in Austin, the Liberal @nus of the state.

          • Mr. Center

            Polls where made by the same people that predicted the 2004, 2008 and 2012 presidential elections correctly as well as which congress members will be elected/reelected at almost 100% correctness. Math has no bias.

          • Twyla

            Depends on who programs the computer. LOL!

      • AFONTANA58

        Every Democratic run state is in the toilet economically. Texas is the most successful state in the country, run by Republicans. Texans believe in Texans. I need not say any more.

        • Glenda Lee

          People don’t like him, but Scott with the help of the Republicans has Florida looking good financially.

          • Carolyn Swann Swanson

            yes scott is a good gov. and he doesn’t like what is going on in washington. but he takes good care of fl.

          • Keet Hensley

            Shhhh they are keeping secrets here in FL. they are not telling the truths.

          • Brian Augustyn

            They are actually talking about lowering our taxes. Reducing the cost of vehicle registrations here in Florida. And yes we still have NO state income tax. (Thanks touristas)

        • Mr. Center

          Texas is one of the FEW republican states that make more money than they spend, its an outlier. Its second to California as the most economically run state.

          • Twyla

            I live in Tennessee, we make more than we spend.

          • waitandsee

            have you been hit in the head lately, what is economical about California

        • Johnathan Huntington

          I agree with you, Unfortunately, there is one district in Texas where the voters vote for a women with left wing Marxist ideology. Texas has a long history like Kentucky that has many who stood for liberty and freedom.

      • HarryTheCat

        Well, good luck with that theory, Skippy!

        • Kscon

          A simple majority vote and Texas is out of the Union. Not so far fetched.

          • HarryTheCat

            I believe you misread my comment. It was in reply to “Mr. Center”, not to the person whose post appears above mine.

        • Mr. Center

          Would you like me to explain the rationality of the prediction and run the numbers your self or just wait till 2020 (maybe 2016)?

      • Texansplus

        Of course. Why do you think Eric Holder is suing Texas over their voter ID laws? The Dems. want all of those illegals votes and don’t forget the dead people.

        • Larry Davis

          They want the illegals to vote for Wendy Davis. If they ever get their hands on the Governorship again, I fear we here have lost it. She will see to it that a Republican
          is never again elected. If that happens, I may have to move out of the state.
          There will be an express train built to run more illegals in from Mexico.

          • linda stoever

            Just remember who won the Alamo. They heros may have lost the battle, but they didn’t lose the war.

        • Mr. Center

          The investigation of voter fraud was amazingly low, like under 100. Republicans did the investigation btw. The majority of the Latinos/Mexicans in america are citizens like you and me.

          • mgh1149

            Maybe, but Texas has somewhere near 1.7 million illegal aliens.

      • moxie

        Texas bleeds RED not blue!!!!!!!

      • Jerry_Rigger

        Texas will be independent again before that happens.

      • radiogirl660

        Why is it that the liberal elitists leave the states that they have already destroyed with their policies, and go to other states where freedom and opportunities still exist, only to then demand their failing liberal policies go into effect in their new states?

        • susie47

          The dyed-in-the-wool socialist will never admit that their plan failed, just that it was not sufficiently funded. They will not stop trying to force their ideology onto their fellow citizens who they feel must be ‘educated and transformed’. Unfortunately, quite a lot of the American population has been ‘transformed’ or are well their way.

        • Mr. Center

          If demand you mean vote than they vote for the people they want in office because its their god given right to vote.

          • Twyla

            Sir, you don’t even know the proper way to address our Heavenly Father, God’s name is NEVER begun with a lower case letter! (Unless of course you are an atheist.)

          • Keet Hensley

            But in OHIO your vote don’t count unless you are Dem.

        • Keet Hensley

          Sounds like Immigration, especially Islam, not safe where they came from but let’s make USA like home.

      • Richard Erwin

        to many rednecks to many guns but getting to many libtards from out of state movin in gonna be a tough fight

      • Keet Hensley

        I think Texas may become it’s own country, sure is big enough.

      • Jody Daniels

        It will be if Wendy Davis is elected GOV!!!

      • southern tom

        …THERE WILL be a deciding confrontation long before 2020…

    • antheaura

      She needs to go to jail just the same!

    • Glenda Lee

      Vote her out! I’m working on getting Nelson ousted.

    • Bluwater

      I would have thought she’d have to be in the same part of the country as Hank “Capsizing Guam” Johnson. Who knew there were two districts in the USA that drank enough drain cleaner to elect these two?

  • Rob Patterson
  • Raymond Davis

    I don’t think Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is as dumb as some people think she is. She is the reason the words “keep your friends close but your enemies closer” is some thing we all need to remember..” Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing” is another comment worth remembering..

    • Elaine Robles

      I agree with you. I have come to believe that if we don’t agree with them we may be in trouble. I call her mentioning martial law a threat against the Americans who don’t believe like her.

      • DanMR

        Not only well said, but thought out.

        • Elaine Robles

          Anyone that speaks like her is filled with hate. That is why she is dangerous.

    • antheaura

      I don’t think so much that she is stupid, although it apparently doesn’t matter, she says things that make it appear that way, and doesn’t even bother to say “excuse me”. She is a vicious, hateful monster though and we need to be sure to pack her along with the rest of the treasonous bunch.

  • Truth

    Koko has more brains than this one!!!!!!

    • factsobill

      Not to mention a larger vocabulary!

    • Elaine Robles

      She has a devious evil intend. Her brains are there. She means what she says. Her and those like her have probably already discussed martial law to the citizens that don’t go along with there way of doing things.

  • liberalssuck

    Bat crap crazy!!!

  • Kimberly04

    How about putting her in jail first.

    • Petek1

      Do not put them in jail, I for one do not want to pay anymore for their survival. Execute them for treason…

      • Mr. Center

        If anyone is committing treason its the Tea Terrorists. Shutting down the government our Four Fathers fought so hard to build!

        • Jeff

          Mr. Center, I believe you may be just about the most retarded moron on here. First off the Tea Party are NOT, I repeat, NOT the ones who shut down the government. That was O and his Democrap buddies. Do some research. The Republicans have brought several bills to the table this past week that would fund the government to keep it open, yet O and Reid said “No” to every single one of them. Quit drinking the kool-aid and quit blaming the Republicans for all the stupid crap the dems are doing. BTW, moron, the term is “forefathers” not “four fathers”. Stupid is as stupid does.

          • Lenny

            No you stop with your stupid half truths and outright lies..the Pres and Dems refuse to play the Republican games..where THEY shut down the govt trying to stop Obamacare and want to pick and choose who gets to suffer and who doesn’t with their bills..I applaud the Pres and Dems for not passing anything that doesn’t open the entire govt and not just the Repubs pet favorites..playing favorites with people lives and well being..Shameful.

          • Lenny

            No you stop with your stupid half truths and outright lies..the Pres and Dems refuse to play the Republican games..where THEY shut down the govt trying to stop Obamacare and want to pick and choose who gets to suffer and who doesn’t with their bills..I applaud the Pres and Dems for not passing anything that doesn’t open the entire govt and not just the Repubs pet favorites..playing favorites with people lives and well being..Shameful.

          • mgh1149

            :) :)

        • NOBO

          Four Fathers? I’m curious who these men were.
          Can you please reply?

          • robotnik

            They’re on Mount Rushmore, silly!

        • tescobedo

          “Four” Fathers, move over Sheila this one is as dumb as a box of rocks.

        • Jerry_Rigger

          Go clean your four skin!

  • Nash Montana

    If annoy find words adequate enough to describe my utter contempt for this that waffle.

    To quote Princess Bride, Rep. Lee, I do not think that word means what you think it means.

  • Press Watchusa

    I think she meant MARTIAN Law

    Sheila Jackson Lee is probably the only person in Congress who believes United States astronauts planted a flag on Mars.

    I love sharing this

  • bigMike

    Chimpo the clown is at it again!!!

  • Marri

    I’d like to know how long ago she was a slave-she doesn’t look that old. Also, does it appear that the liberals are getting a little nervous about the debt ceiling vote around the corner? I think this punitive approach to the shutdown is starting to backfire. This meanness is certainly nothing I have ever seen in my lifetime.

    • Tom

      She must be over 150 years old.

    • jwdent .

      She wasn’t. And her parents weren’t. And there are no “african-americans” in this country. Well very few…Oh and one we all know about Barrack Hussein “the communist” Obama…We the people are AMERICANS.

    • Christopher Koda

      It happened in California when Brown was Governor and is Happening again since the brain dead commies have re-elected him again.

    • Jerry_Rigger

      She is a slave raised on the Demoncrap plantation and a slave to the party. She gets a twofer with slavery to the Kenyan also. She would never stray from the “massahs.” That would require enough intelligence to survive on her own in the free world.

  • Petek1

    This is the next step that I have said for a couple years, would come. That would give Obama all the power. No Congress, No Supreme Court. His rule would be law. He would become the King just as he wants….

  • Larry W Taylor

    Two words!

  • Tigerlake4

    Wonder where she got that idea from???? !!!! If this government tries to do it most of them will not survive the backlash!!

    • jwdent .

      The key to surviving in martial law status..Take out the first wave of bullys that come for you..then don’t wait for the second wave..go after thi idiot judges and authority figures who sign the writs.

      • Tigerlake4

        Than we kill’em all!!

  • Tigerlake4

    Revolution is coming soon!! She won’t last long!

  • spasticjack

    She has no clue what calling martial law would do to her kind…just sayin,,,

    • Mark T Kopchak

      that’s right. congress will be desolved. Obama will “dictate” what happens.

      • Larry Davis

        Which is exactly what Obama would love. I’m pretty sure that has been in his plan all along.
        He is taking a page out of Ferdinand Marcos playbook back in the sixties-seventies.

    • antheaura

      Lol, you’re right. I didn’t even think about it. However, just like dear and glorious…they’re ELITE..! They are “above” having a “kind”!

  • NoGuff

    Leftist NewSpeak. Anything can mean anything they want, or nothing. Depends on the needs of the moment. This is why you can’t take Leftists seriously.

  • Scott Steers


    • calvin

      because her district is a district of bigger IDIOTS than she is.

      • Jerry_Rigger

        Half of those are also criminals from New Orleans who fled Katrina never to return. Not all of those refugees were criminals, but many were and still are.

    • Renee’ M Eaton

      unfortunately a lot of idiots vote

      • Julie

        It’s not nice to speak of the dead.

    • jwdent .

      Because the MAJORITY are dumbed down psychologicall and emotionall as a result of fifty plus years of pacifist/marxist programming, and people like Jackson KNOW IT.

    • Jody Lee

      The district where she lives is predominately black and they will return her to office until she dies. Never remove your cash cow, the one who helps provide the free stuff. I wonder when the black community is going to realize that Pres Obama is more interested in the Hispanic vote more than theirs. America has been divided, and defeating their, (conservative patriots) enemy is the prime objective. High crimes and treason are happening before our very eyes.

      • Nancy Caldwell

        Kentucky just keeps redistricting to keep the Dems in power locally. Maybe Texas should try that. Obama is one of the worst racist, he ranks with Sharpton and J Jackson. Right now in the US, whites, blacks and hispanics are the top 3 races, in that order. If all illegal Hispanics in this country get the free ride in, then the blacks will be third and Hispanics second, maybe even first. The black communities need to think about this.

    • Christopher Koda

      They do it all the time Especially in California.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Who’s that guy in the picture and why is he wearing makeup?

  • John Dallmeyer

    This is what is so troubling, , Some Americans feel they are owed something from the minute they are born, It is Congressman who have learned to promise a free ride stay in office, the ignorant, irresponsible, lazy, unmotivated have learned vote for who promises to take care of you. Any individual who receives government or should I say taxpayer assistance should not be allowed to vote it is clearly a conflict of interest to the betterment of all American people

    • pamndev

      That’s not necessarily fair, John. At this time, I am receiving temporary assistance, although NOT by choice but out of necessity. I am on disability and also receive some help with food after a rare, large, fluke air bubble in my brain did some significant damage. While I was unable to vote in the last presidential election, as I was tethered to my bed in ICU, I usually do and I do NOT vote based on who’s going to give me free ‘stuff’. I vote for those who most closely share my viewpoints and values…and that is those who would choose to uphold our Constitution and actually listen to the people who voted for them instead of running their own agenda once they get into office. There are some who get help because they need to feed and clothe their kids and they may have no other recourse.
      I do understand what you’re trying to say, but to “any individual” is just not fair. I know that if I had a choice right now, I would NOT be using any sort of assistance. The fact that I need to, at least for now doesn’t affect how I vote or my opinion toward idiots like Jackson Lee. Just sayin’.

      • Anthony Clark

        Buy all these freebies should be done by the states or the people not the federal gov’t. The federal gov’t should be shrunk back down to year 1900 levels & get rid of the unconstitutional departments & programs. Get these back to the states & the people.

      • Catherine Buchanan

        You are exactly the type of person this assistance was intended for. Praying you get better.

        • Kat Katablog

          AND, I might add, you could get more deserved help if there weren’t so many leeches that will vote for anyone with a free iPhone.

      • Danny

        I know what you mean Pam> I think people are so fed up with the idea that the world owes them something and all the rampant fraud and abuse, Of course sometimes people need help and I am glad its there. But I think you can agree that this congresswoman, a black racist, it over the top. I certainly pray that you will be back to good health in a short time. We serve an awesome God.

      • Jay

        I stand with John on this but, I believe it should be geared to those who are on public assistance habitually. Voting should not be eliminated but, restricted for a period of time to eliminate a conflict of interest.

        • Twyla

          People who can demonstrate an inability to provide for themselves due to unfortunate circumstances should be taken care of by those of us who are able to assist them. This is best accomplished on a LOCAL level, not a state or federal one. We need to delete the programs that are not administered locally and put the federal government back in the business of protecting our country, as was intended by our founding fathers. Our cities and churches should receive the funding to take care of the poor and needy, not Big Brother. This would create less fraud and waste. Then the conflict of interest as to voting would be moot.

      • Long Colt

        Thank you for stating what my position is so eloquently. The ball of my right arm is cut off. My upper half of my back was crushed in a cave in which led to dystonia. Without botox injections my back could literally break itself. I grew up on a farm and have worked since I was 5 feeding hogs, hoeing beans, etc. I hate being on assistance, and like you, if I didn’t need it I would not use it. I vote for the best person who closely resembles my belief in the Constitution. EVEN IF IT COSTS ME ANY ASSISTANCE, I vote for people who live the Constitution. My father was a WWII vet and it was from him that I learned that the Constitution of the United States of America is a sacred trust under God. I will defend it until my last breath.

        • Logan Rawhide Jenkins

          Admittedly you need assistance. I served 42 years in law enforcemnent and always got pissed off to see occupants of federal housing projects in line at super markets pulling two full baskets loaded down with prime cuts and steaks from the meat department while a lot of folks try to feed their kids on peanut butter and wonder if they will have enough money to pay for school lunches while some lard-assed, spandex wearing, hoochie mama sits on her front porch smoking cigarettes at almost five dollars a pack and drinking beer and allowing crack dealers running from the police to run through her front door and out the back.

          • Long Colt

            Yeah, I get mad too. Like some I’ve seen, I don’t get my groceries in a Mercedes, I don’t own or want a smartphone, and the computer I am on was a gift. I even tried working for myself building to specs, personal computers. I got crowded out of that because I couldn’t produce them at a cheaper cost. The big mass producers of computers ruined that for me. I just want people to know that I TRIED. I appreciate your understanding of my situation.

        • Carolyn Swann Swanson

          i don’t believe they are speaking of people who have to have assistance, just those that could work but don’t because they make more from the government hand outs. And a lot of it is seeing our country taken over by ignorance and immorality.

          • Long Colt

            I know, I just still have a hard time dealing with my disability and feel the need to make people understand that I am not on assistance to abuse it like some do. I was always self reliant and being disabled was a hard blow to my mind. I have to lay down almost every other hour to make it through the day and jobs that let you lay down when needed are just not out there. If there was a place like that I would be there in a heartbeat.

      • moxie

        You are exactly the kind of person assistance was ment for. Someone needing a temporary hand up. God bless you and yours. Hope you get better soon.

      • Christina

        Yes but according to john dellmeyer, all of us are freeloaders, vets, disabled, unemployed, and they choose to blame us because they are so much better than we, the needy. Cant you see? They cant take responsibility for their own ignorance that obama used to get elected, so they resort to that. Americans are deceived by and large by the media, church rhetoric, and propaganda. Rulers take over the people based upon their ignorance.

        • Jeanne delaney,willis


      • bpr

        and it sounds like you are exactly who the system was created to help. It’s one thing to need a hand up…a lot of people need it. Its another thing to feel like one is ‘entitled’ to a hand out (which you aren’t that type).

      • wmeyerok

        Pam, You must agree that you are not the normal ssi case. I have watched lawyers get rich on getting able bodied people approved for ssi. I have also watched people with debilitating injuries or deseases work to better themselves with education or rehabilitation to be productive citizens of our country. Soldiers who have no legs, blind people who work, elderly who hurt every day but are on the job on time and earn every dollar for every minute they are paid. I have also watched as people who are ‘unable to work’ sit and get so fat they can’t walk because we fed them instead of making them work to feed themselves. You seem to be the kind of person who even if they cannot perform the job they want would go get a job they can do and strive to improve themselves for a better one. I watch as so many who could do this sit and complain that they can’t when in fact they just won’t. And they raise kids who won’t either. It is a vicious cycle and it has to end or we will all eventually quit being exceptional or even normal but will be the country of the mediocre and miserable failures.

      • Dianne Parsons

        Pam, I too am disabled. I don’t accept anything other than medical insurance to subsidize my medicare. I didn’t used to use their insurance either, but my 16yr old daughter needs to be covered. Also this new F’n un-aca has changed the supplemental insurance the county gives me. Now it is a ppo, and my neurologist isn’t in their plan! So I will still pay the same deductible I paid when I only had medicare. My question is, then why do they even call it coverage? aca, and obombus has destroyed the insurance options, for us disabled, and for anyone working. It is not up to US to be disabled, but we used to have options to make our lives a little easier. obombus has taken that away. I was able, and did vote AGAINST the alien in our white house. And as long as voting is a part of our USA, I will continue to vote against this POS.

      • bob e. wills

        @ pamndev….hope you get well soon. Don’t condemn yourself for doing what you have to accept for a time. And I do not believe that John Dallmeyer meant anything of the kind, to your situation. Everyone needs someone’s help sometime in their life. But it has always been there for Americans and others. Again…we do not have to have a government mandate be forced upon us to do what we are already humanely doing .

      • Alan Mims

        Maybe an IQ test. Stupid people should not be allowed to make decisions that effect everyone!

      • merc

        and the programs were set up for people just like you! but sadly there are way too many folks on it that do not qualify as you do and like I did years ago, In south Alabama young girls are encouraged to have a baby a year just to get the benefits which just creates another generation of expecting it, we need to change at each home, that ripple effect will reach the government in time,

      • SSJWZ

        In a state gvmt it is so much easier and efficient to identify those who truly need help and those who are scamming the system. When people rail over the lazy, stupid people who abuse the system does NOT mean everyone in the system. They are referring to the multi generational families who can work and wont.

      • Kathleen Beilke

        I’m so sorry that your physical condition has put you in a position of need. Most Right-wingers, when they are talking about assistance, are not speaking of men/women like you that are actually in need of assistance. It’s understood that we, as Americans need to help the less fortunate, and those that are in a time of despair. HOWEVER, I would venture to say that you and those in conditions such as yours are the MINORITY of government assistance. I understand about permanent disability even where people collect SS before the “designated” age. Don’t fret about needing help, and don’t ake it personally when people are slamming welfare recipients…..thy are not talking about you!

      • Jeanne delaney,willis

        pamndev your an exception sorry about your hard times. in your case its necessary. but you’ve probably worked most of your life and are entitled to this sort of help because you put into it by working. these benefits were made for the people who expierenced such problems such as yours. the point that john was making i believe is that the people who expect freebees from tax payers are these illegal aliens that think the united states is responsible for their well being and this country was not based on freeloaders. even some americans have that state of mind because this so called president promises them everything on the taxpayers backs so obviosly they vote the clown in or for that matter all democraps.

      • southern tom

        …THE KEY WORD, pamndev, is TEMPORARY…

    • DanMR

      I have to disagree with you, Sir. I am 60 years old and worked all my life until I had my stroke during surgery a month after I received my Masters degree in 1998. Had a good job waiting for me in Indianapolis and if not for the stroke which caused me to have short term memory loss I would be working still. The disability I receive is a life saver. I would of done anything to avoid this, but without the disability we would of went under.

      • robotnik

        I think the person was talking about a safety net vs freeloaders.

      • Kat Katablog

        As robonik stated, we don’t resent helping those who help themselves and truly need a hand. We’d even in some cases like to see you get more – but the millions of leeches prevent that. They know far better than you how to maximize gaming the system. You should certainly resent them too because they make everyone getting help look bad while stealing from those that willing give help and stealing also from those that need help.

        • Logan Rawhide Jenkins

          I agree with Kat. Here in Tennessee we have a state welfare system called TennCare and are reading media reports of folks buying pain killers on TennCare and selling them. Our state government is cracking down on this thank God.

      • moxie

        If the system worked as it was intended to you and others like you would be the only ones that could be helped. There are people out there that truly need this and because of the freeloaders are not able to get it. Good luck to you sir.

      • wmeyerok

        DanMR, So you didn’t get the job you wanted due to a stroke. And that you needed the safety net is something we all agree on. But I see you have the ability to make thoughtfull argument and I can deduce your ability to read. How many jobs are out there that you DO have the ability to do just by these two attributes? I got shot in the chest, I allowed this injury and traumatic experience to affect my life and it put me out of law school. Shame on me. I have worked ever since. I have the abilities and disabilities. I DO NOT WANT MY FELLOW CITIZEN TO BE OBLIGATED TO SUPPORT ME. There is a saying ‘Only the strong survive’ and another ‘If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger’. The government has given us the ability to reverse the whole idea of evolution of survival of the fittest and has instead populated our country with the fittest pushing the wheelbarrow full of the weak.

    • bpr

      between the attitude of self-entitlement and political correctness…in the words of that funny fedex commercial…”WE’RE DOOOOMED”

    • mike1jeremie

      No matter how noble that wish to help the needy it should never negate the rights of others. The left in all their feel good fake caring willfully violate my rights all in the name of helping the needy. You are never poor enough to rob your neighbor but that is exactly what the likes of Sheila and Obama are trying to do. And our argument is a loosing argument because we are preaching hard work and self reliance which is what freedom is. The left is preaching the easy road and free stuff which is slavery. We either separate ourselves from them or we lose our freedom.

    • Twyla

      Oooh, John Dallmeyer, I LOVE your thought process!!! I never thought of this in way, but you have a very valid point. wonder what it would take after we straighten out this mess to get this set into law?

    • Jeanne delaney,willis


  • Bill

    Hay TX she needs to go.

  • Ben Love

    The bitch doesn’t know what martial law is. She was just throwing out a new word to see if it would help get her message across. You folks down around Houston should be real proud of this idiot you voted to represent you! It’s like you are a whole nother country.

    • GB

      Her district is the welfare capital of Texas. What can we say….

  • ProfLewis

    Pitiful. Moe Howard of stooges fame would have called her a morooon (that’s moron with emphasis). I actually like seeing this toad woman blurpping stupidity and carrying the sewage-tainted Democrat water. She’s a dumb, mean, unlettered loud-mouth… a picture-perfect mural of Democrat hack flack. She makes pointing up their worst warts so easy, and if you can get past her vicious, brain-dead, feral kookiness… funny!

  • Jim Bob

    Martial law when referring to the House of Reps isnt the same as martial law as we think of it.

    Under the martial law procedure, long-standing House rules that require at
    least one day between the unveiling of significant legislation and the
    House floor vote on that legislation — so that Members can learn what
    they are being asked to vote on — are swept away. Instead, under
    “martial law,” the Leadership can file legislation with tens or hundreds
    of pages of fine print and move immediately to debate and votes on it,
    before Members of Congress, the media, or the public have an opportunity
    to understand fully what provisions have been altered or inserted into
    the legislation behind closed doors.

    The Dems love to use this one. They have done it in the past.

    • Jeanne delaney,willis


      • Jim Bob

        Yes it is!

    • mgh1149

      Kinda like they passed Obamacare, huh?

      • Jim Bob


  • Jo Momma

    Wow….where stupid meets ignorant

  • Dan Hardesty

    The first one to speak of imposing this out loud… the flood gates open.

  • Porphyry

    Squealer Jackass Loo–the git the keeps on blabbing.

  • cozmofox

    What a great time to be a kneegrrrrrr. Everything for free, no expectations, no work, and no sense required.

  • June Webb
  • deimos19

    I had a friend who was a lobbyist in DC for several years and I asked him once why he stopped doing it. he got this far off look in his eyes and said “they need a hanging, everyone one of them.”

  • deimos19

    I had a friend who was a lobbyist in DC for several years and I asked him once why he stopped doing it. he got this far off look in his eyes and said “they need a hanging, everyone one of them.”

  • James Mckaskle

    How is she a rep from Texas? you all lose your minds or something?

    • Cathy Mayeaux

      temporary insanity? that’s my best guess.

    • Mr. Center

      Polling as Texas going more to the left every day. 2020 it will be democrat, maybe in 2016.

      • NOBO

        Obviously polling of likely Democrat voters.

      • NOBO

        Obviously polling of likely Democrat voters.

        • Rob_Corelli

          Undocumented Democrats.

    • NOBO

      From Houston where all the Katrina refugees went.

  • jwdent .

    What she and so many others like her who are about as racist as they come is civil war. The stupidity of that is that “we the people” out number the baffoons who are calling for it…and we are getting sick and tired of these diedin the wool idiots. We the people do NOT want ObamaCare and we want a balanced budget and we want to see some serious spending cuts in Washington. Those who oppose this are simply partisan hacks who want to lord over the American people while the strut their self images and elitis status…She needs to be knocked off her elitist pedestal along with most of the rest of the incompetent nincompoops in D.C.

  • Wayne Spencer

    they might not be enough Duct Tape to fix this STUPID

  • Donnie Smith

    martial law
    Temporary rule by military authorities, imposed on a civilian
    population especially in time of war or when civil authority has broken
    2. The law imposed on an occupied territory by occupying military forces.

    • BrookeM

      I’ve also heard (not sure if it’s true or not) that under martial law, there can be NO presidential elections and so Obama will get what he wants and become the ruler of America indefinitely whether you like it or not. Very dangerous times in America. Bring in the military and clean this mess up!

  • Anne E. Kohls

    Where has all the common sense gone in this country? People can’t seem to think or rationalize ideas anymore but repeat what they are told to say. In many cases, they have no idea what they are saying when they try to string together talking points. They sound like uneducated robots.

  • Donnie Smith

    Maybe someone could pass that along to the moron…

  • MacIndy

    I’m having fun with nicknames for these folk. Sheila “Martial Law” Lee. Harry “Double Barrel” Biden. Barack “57 States” Obama.

    • robotnik

      58 States.

  • capnjack43

    I want a Military takeover where this idiot and her ilk can be placed under military arrest and tried for treason.

  • dashandra monika

    dear god…whay didnt her parents use a condom that fateful night!!

  • Sonja Fassbender

    This is what they have wanted all the time, I’m telling you folks OBAMA will put us under martial law and in interment camps, they are already out there. I know the one in Georgia is.

    • BrookeM

      You’re right. This is exactly what Obama wants. The military MUST stop him before it’s too late.

  • Unc Remus

    Ignorance and Stupidity are Lib Prog Virtues

    • yankg

      And a requirement or office.

  • Tigerlake4

    This is why normal people don’t like blacks!! The essence of stupidity!

    • Rob_Corelli

      This type of remark is not helpful to the cause of conservatives. It just gives liberals fodder to tar all conservatives as racists, which is far from the truth. Unfortunately, there are black people like Sheila Jackson Lee and [half black] Barack Obama who are anti-American leftists. On the other hand, there are black people like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams who are gentlemen, scholars, and patriots. Contrast that with white anti-American leftists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. It is a good idea to judge them by their words and deeds. That is what normal people do, should do, should aspire to do.

      • Jerry_Rigger

        Paid trolls have instructions to post remarks like that, hoping to ensnare what they believe are racist conservatives. Other trolls click the up arrow and are usually called “guest.”

        • Rob_Corelli

          Sigh, I keep forgetting the old New Yorker cartoon in which a dog sitting at a PC says “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”

  • Tigerlake4

    It is not the color of their skin… is their stupidity! It is their behavior!! Animals!!

  • Tigerlake4

    What kind of loon wood vote for this loon?? Total wack’s!

  • Tigerlake4

    I am sure this is obamas sister!! They look alike, sound alike, smell alike, must be a commie!!

  • Tigerlake4

    Who wants to bet….she doesn’t even know what Marshall Law is??

  • Tigerlake4

    She is roaming the streets in DC looking for Marshall!!

  • IReadit3

    This woman is far to stoopid to be coy. (yes the spelling of stupid is deliberate, “stoopid” is reserved for people that need note cards to remember to continue to breathe)

  • navychick63

    What idiots voted her into office?

  • Toots

    Listen when any of our elected officials use the word “martial law” we as Americans should throw that person out the door. Is she insane. Oh my God ! Can it get any worse with these far left wack O’s.

  • Mark T Kopchak

    I believe Obama will declare martial law before his reign ends. His minions will create unrest in the streets and many people will want him to do it. when people compare Obama to Hitler they aren’t suggesting he will kill millons of americans, but that he will assume great power through martial law. Power unprecedented in american history. this is a dangerous man when it comes to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.

    • ckirmser

      Hopefully, unlike the Wehrmacht, the US Army will not stand for his shenanigans.

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    Americans deserve the government they elect. And she was elected, by Americans, whom probably need to lose their right to vote. Anyone voting for her is whacko.

  • bluelight61

    dumb scum

  • David Taylor

    Actually, guys, though the string of words she utters could be misconstrued as a sentence, when Jackson Lee throws gas on the conspiracy bonfire with the words ‘Martial Law’, she’s referring to a House parliamentary procedure.

  • Tom Hritz

    Oh, martial-law is coming, just not in the context that this moron is saying. How can the Democrats keep voting these idiots in? We have Hank Johnson in GA that thinks Guam will tip over due to too much put on the island……..wake up, Amerika, we are being run by dummies!

  • Alan Pine


  • Tobin C. Yackel

    Well martial law would be needed if the Dumbacrats keep spending and borrowing the USA into the gutter and riots break out.

  • discussion10

    In 1961 Reagan warned America about the dangers of Obamacare. His fear has come to pass with takeover of the health care industry by the radical socialist Democrats. Socialized medicine, also known as universal healthcare or single payer has always been the goal of Obama and the radical Dems.

    In 2007 Obama told union campaign supporters “My commitment is to make sure we have universal healthcare for all Americans by the end of my first term as president. … but I don’t think we’re going to be able to eliminate employer coverage immediately. There’s going to be potentially some transition process. I can imagine a decade out, or 15 years out or 20years out.”

    “When Vladimir I. Lenin sought to remake Russian society into a “proletariats’ paradise,” he targeted three sectors for control: health care, banking and education. Sound familiar? Of these three, however, Lenin viewed socialized medicine as the “keystone” to building his socialist utopia.” — IBD

    “The Bolshevik leader told the Russian people everybody would be able to afford going to the doctor, not just the “greedy rich.” He also claimed centralized control of the medical industry would “reduce costs” and end the “waste” from “unnecessary duplication and parallelism” in a competitive market.” — IBD

    “In a little-noticed 2009 speech, Obama vowed to demolish “structural inequalities” in America and rebuild the economy on three new “pillars” — socialized medicine, banking and higher education.” — IBD

    “Like Lenin, Obama plans to ration care, especially for the elderly.” — IBD

  • robotnik

    I think she’s just stupid.

  • Vernez Gonzalez

    All We the People want is a balanced budget, smaller government, no one forcing Obamacare on anyone except those who need or want it, control over the welfare systems, support for our men and women who protect this great country and freedom from those who hate us! Is that really too much to ask?

  • Marlin

    You Texans need to get this girl under control!!

  • D Falcon

    This and and all her fellow imbeciles need to take a hike. How do these people get placed in the positions they do???!!! Good grief, I sure hope the people that voted for Obama and his cronies are proud of what they are doing to our country! I am getting sicker by the day.

  • Elden Morris

    Bring it on. It will give veterans and patriots an excuse to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  • Danny

    typical black racist, that has power and is trying to use it to get back at the dead people who were slave owners possibly to some of her relatives.

  • Dalton

    This lady is a foolish idiot

  • SourPea

    We don’t need the Government, the Government needs us. This “shut-down” is showing the American Public just how Machiavellian Washington,D.C. is.

  • Sharon

    she’s so stupid.that goes to show us more how the dems feel about us American people

  • David Smith

    there is definitely something wrong with her brain, no common sense, no logic at all.

  • Teasip

    Aren’t there enough intelligent blacks in the Houston area to vote this idiot out of office? Saying she’s “not the sharpest tool in the shed ” is a gross understatement.

  • leetron

    There’s no explaining stupidity. She’s a cretin…end of story.

  • Ron Hirang

    How the F!!! does this idiot get elected?

  • JamesPF

    Texas needs to remove all of their gd liberals send them to Chicago or Detroit, or New Orleans or DC for good.Just get them out of Texas permanently. The blue state conversion has to be stopped. Texans you had better remember the Alamo because this is the new war to win and not succumb.

    • Guest

      The same way Charlie “gay liberal” Rangle (sp) gets elected. Brain dead supporters.


    Sheila is a poster child for planned parenthood. Racist fool of a woman needs to be removed from office.

  • mikecoats55

    i think we’ve found the missing link

  • jayhill1947

    Ms. “Freed slave” — you are a dim-witted, dip-shit!!

  • Grant

    I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure she’s just flapping her mouth for attention like a 5 year old, spoiled, child…

  • JimSherwood3

    Me thinks this woman thinks the Reconstruction Act of 1867 was preferable to the U.S. Constitution. When Texas secedes one of the first acts of the Texas Legislature will be to purchase Sheila a free “Carnival Cruise” to North Korea.

  • Troy Maynard

    This bitch is an IDIOT!!! I’m sorry she’s from my state of Texas… I think she also the dumbass that stood outside the NRA convention telling more LIES!!! These damn demoRATS can’t get a damn thing straight!!

  • Kathleen Smythe

    Whoever voted this woman into office should be slapped upside the head. Get her out of there. She is a blithering idiot and does not deserve to be in any form of government.

    It’s scary to think that the voters in this country have become just that stupid to keep voting for people like Lee, Maxine Waters and Barak Obama.

    • yankg

      And don’t forget, THESE PEOPLE REPRODUCE.

  • Mike Gilmer

    Tyranny and dictatorship are the last refuge of a socialist government when the money runs out. Look at Venezuela.

  • Guest

    That is all they ever want… complete control of everybody’s lives that they don’t approve of. Pretty Liberal, huh?

  • John Fah-q Smith

    That is all they ever want… complete control of everybody’s lives that they don’t approve of. Pretty Liberal, huh? If some of these idiots don’t wizen-up, they might be ripped from their seats, figuratively, AND physically.

  • moxie

    Brain dead!!!!!!! She is a nut case!!!!!!!

  • Nelson Stanley

    She needs to be a slave again !!

    • Long Colt

      She already is to Obumma. Just too stupid to know it!!!

  • Nobama_in_12

    Why is this woman even allowed to work in the government? She has shown herself to be a racist. And she is constantly saying things that make her look like she might not have all her brain cells working in unison.
    If the only thing keeping her in office is the color of her skin (Im not saying it is, but someone please tell me any other attributes that she has), then people, look at where we have come to. It is time to forget about a persons skin color and kick ALL the dead beats and trouble makers out of the government.

  • Tom Luedtke

    I wonder who the smart ones were that voted for this real smart woman! Wow. Must have been from Detroit City area!

  • Dan Barber

    I have another idea to overcome the sequestration of government services… let’s sequester the legislature and excutive branches of our government in the capitol building in DC, lock the doors from the outside. Ban all pollsters, special interests, news organizations and any form of entertainment. Provide everyone with box lunches and cots for sleeping. Post guards around the capitol to prevent intruders or escapees. When they come to an agreement allow someone to send up a smoke signal (all cell phones and other forms of communicaions would be banned). If we the people agree to their agreement by a majority vote of all legal voters, then unlock the doors and let them out!… this is no more of a stupid plan then what we the people have been forced to endure.

  • Amber


  • big_goo

    She appears to prove that AP article in the NY Post saying that the average American is dumber than average is true.

  • JayUser

    Scratch a Marxist, you’ll find a Fascist.

  • Ron Wade

    Webster -definition of Idiot – Sheila Jackson Lee

  • billconner

    I’ll tell you what lets put marital law on the democrats spending, and their attack on the Constitution, free market, capitalism, and American people!!!!! Vote them out and all that think like them

  • blakeNaustin

    The woman is a far left fool and mental midget. Only in California would she be voted into the House.

  • Chris Lee

    Step back from the crack pipe, Sheila! God, what a twit!!

  • yankg

    “FREED SLAVE”????????? If that is so, she is too damn old to be in Congress. She needs to be in a nursing home for brain dead citizens, and chained to her bed.

  • Tim Hillman

    another jackson on drugs lol

  • Eileen Barlett

    She is dumber than she looks .

  • Finane

    Another puppet was elected.

  • Christine Huck

    Dumb? No. Evil. She is inspired by a black, dark force and I wouldn’t be surprised if it escalated into something more threatening, like a reality.

  • 1911er

    I came into this world kicking and screaming covered in someone else’s blood. And if necessary to protect the Constitution of The United States of AMERICA. I will go out the same way

    All hail the Domain of Neptunus Rex

  • Paul Kopacko

    What was she trying to say? The words, grammar, syntax, usage and context are a mangled bit of confusion more akin to someone having a stroke than presenting a coherent speech on the House Floor. What she said makes no sense whatsoever. Is this the best Texas has to represent them? If I were a citizen of that state, I’d be so embarrassed right now. This unstable and deranged woman needs to be voted out of office so a person with a brain can be elected.

  • billwhit1357

    All those elected to Congress are a reflection of their voters. Those who vote for these horribly unqualified lowlife racist scum are voted in by the same kind of racist lowlife racist scum. Just look at Obama voters, they are the most UnInformed, UnEducated of all, on the same scale of voters from Pakistan or other muslim nation, where the poplulation are mostly uneducated. And the same goes for Jacksons voters! What does she represent, a Ghetto in Houston?

  • Gordon Waite

    This is the caliber of person that African American voters put into congress! All of you out there, that continue to bend over backwards for America’s Black culture, due to your “White Guilt,” Need to WAKE THE F()CK UP! Start carrying a concealed weapon, like most of the n1ggers in the hood do. And when one of them tries to drag you out of your SUV, or threatens to shoot your baby in the face. we blow them out of their Nikes. Stand up America and let society know we are sick and tired of these ghetto rats running wild, sucking our tax dollars at a rate ten times that of any other race, and committing violent crimes at a rate five times that of all other races combined.

  • Frank Martinez

    What in the heck is a S.Jackson? Why would voters in Texas vote the windbag into office? Is Texas once again dragging the bottom of pit, enough that Texas gave the country this creature,who calls herself a ‘freed slave’..What is about free..belonging to the democrat sink hole? Come Texans dummy up!

  • jba

    The Democrats certainly have more than their fair share of stupid representatives… but then…. I guess they need to have representation that accurately reflects the electorate.. so what else are they to do???
    This… person….(can’t bring myself to call her a “lady”..) is perhaps the stupidest rep bar none….. though Nancy Pelosi certainly is running a close 2nd… When you look at her legislative past…it is incredible just how stupid she can be and not receive the wrath of the media…(but we know why that is… don’t we..?)

  • Robert J Knight

    That would open the flood gates and believe it or not this country would get back to what it use to be. Control to the majority.

  • ralph

    This is what is know as a common piece of trash, a garbage truck leaking has a 1000 times the quality of this common trash

  • bpr

    one could take all the businesses in the entire USA and not find a greater concentration of fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption than in our own government…city, county, state, and above all…Federal. We need to put term limits on ALL OF Congress. No more career politicians. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

  • RichJ

    she needs to be given a drug test

  • thistlefarms

    It appears that
    the qualifications to be a Senator or a Representative are very low. Maybe the
    qualifications for Executive positions are just to be alive and go to
    Washington once in a while?

  • Jim Clegg

    One ignorant wench for certain! As a senior member of the Congressional Black Caucus (aka, the New Plantation Owners Party), she regards herself as untouchable even as she (and her peers) do nothing to improve the lives of the black citizens paralyzed by urban America policies. In the end, just another fat, dumb and happy corrupt pol that loves to make stupid and insane comments while displaying NO FRIGGIN’ LEADERSHIP!

  • Raymond Andrews

    Never a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    • Brendan Smith

      We must be cautious…

  • Rick Wolf

    The only time this air head opens her mouth is when she changes feet.

  • The Truth

    Who “Effin” voted her in? … Stupidity !

  • RichJ

    She’s right about the “martial law” comment… It was on Fox news. Watch the vidoe

  • Diggsc

    As dumb as she is, imagine how dumb her constituents are to keep voting her into office!

  • Joyce Edwards

    I have watched this dumb woman talk on the House floor more than once! She is a FAR left radical NUT JOB!! Can’t believe the good people of TX voted her to be their representative!!

    • mzungu

      Weak minded are easily bought with promises of shiny toys and junk food. That along with a deep-seated hatred of whites and desires for revenge for their own shortcomings. That from the party of historical racism and legalized slavery.

  • Doug Leuthold

    Just give me one smart, honest and trustworthy Democrat Party women that is in any of the houses or any federal workers………..there isn’t any

  • Gerald Allen

    Vote black and this is the level of stupidity and corruption that you get.

  • Seabass120

    How is Texas allowing this person to represent them? After reading the story on how she treated her staffers, I can assure you that I wouldn’t last a day without sending her teeth down her chicken-hole.

    • Mountainhiker

      Had to be a band of real idiots to vote for someone as clearly mentally impaired as this women!

  • James A. Lonon

    What is frightening is that she was elected at all. I never expected mental disease was so rampant in Texas. The Texas I know is probably the most sane State in the union, so, you understand my confusion.

    • mcrognale

      She represents a mostly all black district in Dallas. Any more questions?

  • mzungu

    I predicted this after the last election. Just wasn’t sure who would start it. But I knew it would happen after something big like the shutdown. See in this way we can have Barack as President for the rest of his life. And the monkeys can be set free from the zoo to rob and pillage as they please, swarms flooding our borders. Now that Jackson Lee is no longer a slave then she can become Massuh and whip dem white folks ntil they bleed blue. Take dem white folk and throw ‘em in da slammer willy-nilly, the richer the better and that’ll teach ‘em to mess wid black folk. Yeah!
    I fully believe martial law will be declared.

  • Mountainhiker

    This women is not a “freed slave”, she is a slave to her own bigoted, hate filled mind…

  • Bill Thompson

    I don’t think those words mean what she thinks they mean.

  • Rick Alarcon

    IGNORANT!!! Much like their “Lead Sheep”

  • Deane Cooper

    I believe this mentioning of Marshal Law is all smoke. These idiots only want to intimidate in the hopes that it brings about paranoia and confusion. Seriously, look at all the stupid crap he has pulled lately, the one thing that stands out clearly to me is the fact they were done by the depts that Oblahblah has under his full power as the president. Parks and rec are under the Dept of the Interior, which is controlled by the executive branch. Military is also controlled by the executive branch. Looking at all of the shenanigans of late and knowing the instances have come solely out of these departments makes the picture much more focused and sharp. If there were going to be any REAL damage done to the citizens of this country they certainly wouldn’t have let old Sheila in on the secret. She always let’s the cat out of the bag. Conversely, if you want to get a message out to make people react you want Sheila in the conversation.

  • Jim Stark

    well what obama has done, in some sort of a way, is declare martial law, in using our police, to stop people from using our national forest,and other federial controled…. controled.. lands and stopping and even arresting our veterans,, so i guess we could call this a modified law,declared by the president of the united states, iN MAKING EVERY ONE AS MESERIABLE AS POSSIBLE.. WHAT MORE COULD IT BE,,,BUT TO MAKE THE PUBLIC SUFFER???

    • Shawn

      How about a little, just a little, blame on the Tea Party and GOP here. You’re being willfully ignorant. As far as the parks, it sucks, but that’s what happens when the government closes. has NOTHING to do with Obama.

  • ranchdancer

    maybe one of those sycophant journalists could ask Jay Carney, what martial law has to do with the passage of bills, surely, he would understand what she meant and tell us.

    • Jeanne delaney,willis


  • Eva

    Oh My, what a shame she is to Texas, she is an idiot!!!

  • Bob

    She’s not happy with her own identity and, like all leftist extremists
    , obsesses with her personal agenda.

  • Mark Culbertson

    stupid as stupid can get, did she actually gradurate high school or they just passed her so they wouldnt have to deal with her

  • RhettButler1

    This fool had better watch what she wishes for. She lives in Texas…………….

  • Sparten1

    She is a perfect example of a systemic ignorant congress. Until these loons are removed from congress it will never be any different.

  • Sparten1

    Obviously someone has been talking about martial law and she went away with a different conception of it. Could that be why the government is buying up all that ammo? And secreting military armenante around the country?

    • Shawn

      Don’t be an idiot. She was accusing the Rep House of acting like they had martial law

  • Ken Keplinger

    I hate Shelila J, but you guys are stretching the truth a lot here, don’t act like a liberals, otherwise whats the point. I watched this speech where she is clearly and wrongly accusing the (R) of declaring martial law. I thought it was a liberal tactic to selectivity quote and lie, I am disappointed.

    • Shawn

      Ken – thanks for some rationale thought on a very misinformed (and apparently very racist) board. Don’t like her at all, but lets keep statements in context. Sure Glenn Beck will create a huge conspiracy theory out of this one.

  • Denise Rogers

    IdeR…..why do they say Ider instead of ideA?

  • AnneCameo

    Liberals and Obama “lemming followers” – are required to be stupid, before they actually agree to follow their politics. This politician is a “prime” example.

  • Don Clayton Roxby

    Moron. With imbeciles like this running out country it should be no mystery why we are in a mess. If these chumps want a revolution I am ready to give them one. I am armed, highly proficient and pissed off. Bring it.

  • Don Clayton Roxby

    Moron. With imbeciles like this running out country it should be no mystery why we are in a mess. If these chumps want a revolution I am ready to give them one. I am armed, highly proficient and pissed off. Bring it.

  • Randy Cardwell


    • jt4

      Unnecessary. Show some class.

  • Flower Bunch

    Who ARE these people? Are they actually Americans?

  • Shawn

    Not saying I like her but this is a huge case of taking someone’s words out of context and putting in much more meaning than is there. She said those words in relation to the House process, not in regards to imposing martial laws in the USA. Only the weak-minded would and could read it that way.

  • don cook

    she needs to be put behind bars for her and quanell x so they can discuss what they have done wrong

  • Rick Ferrarelli

    I am sorry, Martial Law is closing of the “peoples” Landmarks and monuments.

  • cally1

    geesh, maybe I’ll run for an office, I always (erroneously) thought that you had to be smart, educated and politically updated…obviously not, not and not

  • CrazyAuntJane

    Now read this:
    Makes it really chilling! Yeah she’s an idiot but she’s probably repeating something she has heard as much as she understood and can remember it!

  • Pacountrygal

    With a record like that looks like she could very well be voted in as our next president!

  • Eden Pictures

    I cant believe she was elected

  • ScrewedUSn12

    there are probably things in action here. 1 she is stupid and has no real idea what marshal law is or what is required to enact it and the consequences on the citizens of the USA. 2 she is smart to get the idea in people’s minds so they will be more receptive of the idea when obama tries to enact it. this is not the first time a wacko democrat has spouted marshal law.

  • jt4

    Don’t believe she was calling for martial law. It must be a term used in congress- slang.

  • Constance Brooks

    if you are a freed slave, why are you working for the government?

  • Tigerlake4

    She doesn’t know if her daddy was a Silver Back, German Shepard, or a Pony! But the most of her brain stayed in the condom!!

  • Tigerlake4

    Total IQ = 1.4

  • Angela Cleveland

    So this idiot has NO intelligence at all. Maybe she would be happier in another country. U-Haul anyone?

  • Angela Cleveland

    This is the kind of person who is not a true American. We should purge them all.

  • Jj Martin Jr.

    Her elevator is definitely stuck between floors….

  • WillVMI68

    Jackson-Lee is a comic relief character in the Classical play “Represent This, MF!” (under development)

  • Juanita LeClair Mara

    11:02amDemocrat Sheila Jackson Lee Calls for Martial Law
    You won’t believe what she said this time… CLICK to see what she said
    I can see you feed at the Same public trough as OBAMA, a gutter, one under the eaves of a politician’s building, where bias politicians gather to feast like sows and squander for themselves while they fail to represent the will of the people. You too need to be put out to pasture because you do not hear the majority you need to remember especially NOW when the President has sunk below a historic all time low of 37%!!! AND you want MARSHAL LAW? You swine, how dare you sit on your rump like all the rest of your constituents who failed their promise to the PEOPLE! your mouth makes a laughing stock of America! You are SICK! you need Obama CARE, now sign up your time clock is about to expire! THEN GET OUT of our sight, you are disgusting !

  • krackerhac

    Someone this ignorant can only be elected from a Democrat drawn political district map that must cover a moronic populace. Probably done by EEO laws.

  • Michael Shreve

    It’s for Obama’s Democrat, liberal, progressive, communist play book.

  • Linda

    LOL.. I am from Texas and she is an idiot! Although martial law in Houston might be a good idea. People like her are tearing us apart! That city is a mess and it is people like her that is at it’s roots!

  • Gerry

    Forest Gump once said “stupid is as stupid does.” He must have know that there was a Sheila Jackson Lee on the horizon.

  • Tammy Tobin

    I sure hope that some of these politicians are voted out soon cannot believe the people of this country after obamas first term gave him a back up in Any of the seats.

  • JohnG69

    This video does not show that Sheila Jackson Lee was calling for Martial Law.

    It just shows that she is an idiot, nothing more. It is sad that people are trying to take her idiocy and turn it into something more.

  • Arminius

    Do it, just do it.

  • Skydog1

    The uniformed Congresswoman elected by the uninformed voters. The don’t come any crazier than Ms. Lee.

  • Carolyn

    Who the H—votes for her? I’ve heard her on other things over the years and she has been totally ignorant about all she’s said. She sure doesn’t belong in Congress as a lawmaker.

  • Carolyn Swann Swanson

    obama in a round about way said the same thing when he was on television day before yesterday. I believe that is his plan unless americans do something to stop him.

  • kenan0101

    She got Martial Law confused with Marshall Dillon.
    And she got her being brought to this country in schackles with her great aunt Weezie who had shingles.

  • Robert Powers


  • Frank Priviti

    she is totally brain dead she should just glue her mouth shut. every time she opens it, out comes a lot of nonsense. we can have martial law but only for the blacks

  • James Azanza

    This may sound amusing but it is really very dangerous for us all. This buffoon has no idea what living under martial law is like. Of course, if it was declared, she would be in the elite group, so what does she care?! I have lived under a corrupt dictator who declared martial law and stayed in power for another twenty years. This is dangerous stuff. Not here! To all of you, it would be something most worthy of fighting against. Do not give up your freedom to these tyrants! I have seen it before.

  • BabyGirlie

    She’s smart enough to challenge Debra Wasserman for Chair of the DNC……..

  • Rick Ellington

    another dumb@ss BLACK libtard!!!!

    • Martini Ha

      Racist much?

  • Jimmy Simpson

    It takes the senate and the house to agree… then the president can veto or pass making it a law. Obama-care was passed as a law. Bypassing our Constitution. Then it was thrown as an 1100 page document to hurry up and sign. It is full of surprises…Kick it out. Make it simple. Make an affordable plan not something that is going to bankrupt the bank. We need to trim our Government not succeed to it’s whims. This Country is falling apart because we need an infrastructure that builds, exceeds expectations… not overworked, underpaid and stupid. We need education, American Pride, Freedom to pursue our dreams. Not dictatorship, over scrutinized, tyrants taking every dollar you make until there is nothing left. Martial Law -yes give it to her- Arrest her immediately. Take her rights away. then deport her to the country of her choice.
    along with the other crazed maniacs that want the same life. I love my freedom, My Country and all it stands for ” One Nation Under God” love or leave it.., that’s the choice. Nobody is forcing you to stay.

  • Ed Weaver

    You know, I didn’t hear about this from the mainstream media. You know, the same media that claimed Sarah Palin said “you can see Russia from my house” when it was Tina Fey who said it, mocking Palin pointing out that you “can see Russia from parts (western) Alaska which is absolutely TRUE. And the media ignored Obama claiming (twice) that there are 57 U.S state and welcoming Spanish visitors to the (on May 4) to the “fifth of four (cinquo de catro) and ignored Joe Biden claiming that when the market crashed in Oct. of 1929, “President Roosevelt…took action and addressed the American people” even though Roosevelt wasn’t president for another 39 months!

  • Rollingsworth_T_Vestibule

    The more I see this Female on c-span and NBS, MS NBC and CNN the more I know her to have several screws loose in her head and causes me to wonder “What’s wrong with the people in her voting district’?

  • Brother Bo

    There are Democrats, liberals and rabid, foaming at the mouth liberals. She is in the third group along with too many others.

  • nwbrian

    What’s scary about the entire thing is there are voters keeping her in office. Lot’s of dumb idiots in this country, and they’re winning, because that group is rapidly growing.

  • IUfan37

    I’ve said all along that Obama will declare Martial Law three months before his term ends. I believe this is the fore bearer of things to come.

  • IUfan37

    Sheila Jackson Lee and her ilk are nothing more than the slimy scum that sits between a whale turd and the sand on the bottom of the ocean.

  • Floyd Burney

    …..And Lee keeps getting reelected…More proof the voters in her dist. are racist, ideological morons….

  • Robert King

    I try to spend more money than I have, I learned that from the government, but I cant do it.

  • Jerry Cory

    How in the world does someone like that get elected to office? She’s more like Obama then you would suspect however, she changes the meaning of words to suit her agenda, or his actually. And he changes laws without the niceties of legislation, to suit himself.

  • Michael Lawrence

    I’m not sure martial law would fix anything. The problem is that Harry Reid and Obama do not want to negotiate. The Republicans are making an effort to get government re-opened. Martial law may be taken as a step way over the line on this issue. With 85% of the government open, martial law could touch off something that Sheila Jackson Lee can not begin to contemplate.

    I still can’t figure out how that leftard keeps getting elected in Texas….

  • Ronnie Malone

    We must remember that one of the first things they did was strengthen and add to the NDAA and also changed the conditions of when an ”emergency” can be declared. Then there is the heavy handed words being tossed around like ”terrorists” and all the others. Then we have this statement by this loon. Kinda makes you wonder…..Then the over the top attempt to take guns away. Which may be the only reason an ”emergency” hasn’t happened yet. I don’t play into the whole black helicopter crowds thing. But look at whats happening with the National Parks and ask yourself do you trust this Govt?

  • MTS

    No she is the after birth of a backwards one hand figure fuck . And she is what came of it ..

    • Martini Ha

      Are you 12? What exactly does all of that mean?

  • Paul Roads

    She is as dumb as it gets.How did Texans elect her to the office. That is totally absurd to let Obama declare marshall Law. What a big mistake that would be. That would be the worst in over 100 years. get a life Sheila

  • DJ_Fisher

    Don’t say she is as dumb as a box of rocks, rocks have feelings you know…..LOL

  • bobsolla

    Wtf?recall her from office!stop letting her breath up everyone else good air!

  • Mark Keating

    how do people like her get voted in to that position oh never mind they did it to Obama to

  • dixie1983

    Wow, bet those who voted for her are really, really proud!

  • MsgtGdubb

    Hey Texas, wake up, get rid of this moron!

  • Dave Dowding

    Unfortunately there is no cure for STUPID.

  • Mike Kroft

    how did she ever get elected in Texas of all places

    • Martini Ha

      Well, Texas does have a high number (per capita) of idiots.

  • King Umbarrii

    Ok I am so right wing I think Joe McCarthy should have been investigate for communist activity, I despise Jackson but I understood what she meant. I think in this very rare instance she was just wanting to get things done. I really doubt I would have agreed with what she wanted to do,

  • Ronald Jones

    Sheila Jackson Lee You are as stupid as a fence post. Have you ever seen or experienced a population under marshal law??? I don’t believe you have or have the faintest idea of what it’s like. Untill you figure it out or exist under marshal law, shut your noise hole and engage your tiny brain. You are the type of political figure that makes Dems and libtards look stupid.

  • Glenn

    Unfortunately if Congress is supposed to be a representation of the people, she fits the bill for a lot of our fellow Americans :(

  • the_bat

    Basically, the same kind of mentality that gave rise to the Nazis.

  • Edward Teach

    I hope this “President”* DOES declare Martial Law. That will bring about The Revolution. Then we’ll have legal cause to rise up, storm the Capital, and drag these communist azzhats into the streets and hang them from the tallest trees in D.C.

    • Martini Ha

      Racist much?

      • Edward Teach

        HOW is my comment racist? Communists are a political group, NOT a race……And YOU are obviously an IDIOT. Or just another Democrat STOOGE. Which is basically the same thing.

        • Martini Ha

          “hang them from the the tallest trees in DC…”
          See, they used to lynch black people in this country…

          • Edward Teach

            They hung traitors as well. But keep crying “Racism” at every turn. It’s people like YOU that have made the term “racist” irrelevant today.

          • Edward Teach

            There have been WAY more white people hung in this country than black, but go ahead and continue to cry victim……It’s people like you that have made the term “racist” irrelevant today….

  • Wrangler

    Do many people listen to that monkey?

  • Aribel Chamorro

    sometimes they need an idiot to act like like a bitch to make us blind to the truth behind what she said is only gonna get a lot worse

  • cherwin

    Sheila Jackson is just another sick, twisted liberal dimwit!

  • Thom

    She is a ignorant racist and will be voted out of office soon as well.

  • C.smitty

    This woman is dumber than a 10lb. bag of stupid. Everyone get ready..It’s not the zombie apocalypse we have to worry about. It’s the Idiot Apocalypse we have to prepare for, and it started in D.C.


    DUMB is too kind … perfect example of the inner city racists being spawned by high school dropouts. Guess peer pressure makes them do it?

  • Monte Montierth

    to me this sounds like Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is ignorant (which is curable) and doesn’t know what “Martial law” is. She is just running her mouth. And she did get publicity for it.
    We must do something about gerrymandering. Any ideas of a fair way to redistrict? We can not let Democrats or Republicans or any politic do it.

  • Candyman101

    She obviously has a lot of stupid in her district. They keep sending her back. Can’t any of them read?

  • Mark Quijada

    Dear GPD12292 I know you are afraid of me and other conservatives because you won’t use your real name. To Quote you “What a absolute idiot” “dumb as a box of rocks”. I know you love Shelia Lee Jackson Because she is also ( to quote you) “dumb as a box of rocks”.

  • Richard Allan Stauch

    Sheila Jackson Lee is a dolt. If anyone is only just figuring that out, take my word for it. I’ve been studying the House and Senate for years. I know. She doesn’t understand the terms she blurts out, but (and this is the frightening part) she really thinks she does.
    Nobody in the House of Representatives takes her seriously, and neither should we. Some of the other things in this clip show her making similar mistakes. They aren’t “voters,” if she is talking about Congressmen. And she’s not supposed to say “the Senate” in speeches or in floor debate. It’s supposed to be “the Other Body.”
    Take my word for it, she isn’t asking for martial law to be declared. She’s just too stupid to know what the term means.

  • Terry

    Poor Sheila Jackson Lee is such an astoundingly foolish human being. It’s sad that she is, but even sadder that she feels fine with airing her great foolishness in public.

  • Johnathan Huntington

    Actually I’m not surprised that people on the far left want Martial law. They have their favorite zealot, Obama, in the White house. WIth Martial law, Obama would in effect be crowned dictator and would use his position to put his political opponents in jail. There would be no more democratic republic and left wing tyranny would be in effect.

  • Vicki Vannatta

    Is she stupid?? Seriously – I mean it. Does she have one little clue as to what she just stated because to me it sounded like a person who has absolutely ‘NO IDEA’!!!

  • J-Z

    I stumbled on this site by accident…what a bunch of waa-waa haters! You guys sound like a bunch of teenage girls…go play with your guns or something…

    • Long Colt

      Good, now you can stumble right back out of here. She is a vindictive racist bitch. I don’t give a rats butt if she is purple with pink polka dots, an idiot is an idiot, it doesn’t make a damn to me what color a person is.

  • Jerry Ross

    she is ignorant…the people who vote for her are even more ignorant….an example of whaT IS WRONG WITH THE GOVERNMENT

  • Harold

    Bring it, I am pretty certain there will be a revolt, those losers failed to disarm us, and I imagine the defections would be legion. What’s the point of calling yourself commander and chief if there is no one to command

  • Jerry Ross

    Stonewall and Robert E have been spotted trying to get a name change

  • anarchyst

    . . . literacy tests for voters and politicians would be a good idea . . .

    • Long Colt

      Wow, that means my 14 year old nephew could be president if there were literacy tests for politicians.

  • Long Colt

    I confess to all who read this, I praise God in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ. Come and get me if you dare but know this, I AM THE GOD FEARING, GUN WEARING, CONSTITUTION LOVING AMERICAN THAT ALL THE DEMONCRATS HATE. I don’t mind saying I hope that pisses The muslim in chief obumma off! Come for me yourself Obumma, I DARE YOU TO TEST MY FAITH IN GOD, AND EVEN MORE SO, MY LOVE OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL WAY OF LIFE MY FATHER FOUGHT FOR IN WWII.

  • VioletsMike

    Wow! You guys are dumber and more paranoid than I thought…

  • meno

    What an ignorant person she is! There are no descendants of slaves today! I wonder if little Miss Knows what she’s talking about knows that the first slave owner in these United States of America was a black man, its true! Just saying.

    • Martini Ha

      You are saying there are no descendents of slaves living in the US today? Really? Are you sure that’s the claim you want to make?

  • Tim Maddy

    There are some Good democrats who want to do the right thing, she is not one of them, she is a special kind of stupid, and should be recalled immediately.

  • Nattibratti

    Boy she has the Brains of a Box, Box of rocks. Shelia Jackson would have to be at least 100 and something to be a freed Slave. We need Martial Law because of dumb people like her.

  • BrianF1971

    She is a rock with lips, I swear

  • firerycarmen

    too much stupid

  • Daze Zee

    total idiot. that’s what happens when you give someone a free pass because of the color of their skin.

  • Mary M Scinta LoGalbo

    This is chilling! I pray it never comes to that. We are the U.S.A., not a middle eastern or third world country, but the way things are going, I fear what POTUS has in his mind. He just may try it!

  • enrique

    She is really stupid , just like the people that keep voting for her.

  • Byron Shutt

    Jennifer Burke… could beat and govern better than all these left wing nut jobs the low info voters give us.

  • Emily Brobst

    I can’t believe Lee is that stupid. She might indeed be planting a thought in the Dear Leader’s head, as if he hasn’t thought of it already, as soon as the time is right. This is the Great Tribulation, no doubt about it; we just haven’t seen the maturing of it. But it’s here, incipiently. During this time, people will be taking Satan’s mark (it’s in the Bible) if they don’t know what they’re doing, or if they DO know what God says, they will refuse the mark and be beheaded for their obedience to God Almighty, Who gives us plenty of warning. You haven’ seen anything yet, folks. BE ready. Next up? Immigration takeover, aided and abetted by the usual RINOs, and if the Lord doesn’t come in 2015, after all, then plan to try to survive Democrat third-world “reign” as far as the eye can see.

  • John

    I was in her office and she had a copy of Al Sharpton and Obamas books….only problem was the crayons were all black

    • Martini Ha

      Racist much?

      • John

        I dont see any racist content? is it because I used the word black???

  • Darrow_for_the_Prosecution

    Can’t you people SEE the first (or is it the second) stages of dementia?

  • John Hannigan

    she is too stupid to breathe the same air i do

  • ibelieveinfreedom2

    It isn’t so much that she is stupid, which she obviously is, but that she is a socialist.

    The Democrat Socialists of America (DSAUSA) has released a list of 70 congressional representatives who belong to the pseudo-communist group – and, perhaps not so surprisingly, they are all Democrats.

    The group, originally named the Socialist Party of America until it was renamed in 1972, originally posted in the Party’s 2009 newsletter, openly brags that of the 70 Representatives who are members, 11 sit on the House Judiciary Committee, two hold Co-Chair positions, and four have Vice-Chair positions.

    Independent Bernie Saunders, an open Socialist, is the only U.S. Senator among the Party’s ranks.

    Here is the complete list of the Representatives from 111th Congress who are members of the Democrat Socialists of America:

    Hon. Raúl M. Grijalva (AZ-07)
    Hon. Lynn Woolsey (CA-06)

    Vice Chairs
    Hon. Diane Watson (CA-33)
    Hon. Sheila Jackson-Lee (TX-18)
    Hon. Mazie Hirono (HI-02)
    Hon. Dennis Kucinich (OH-10)

    Senate Members
    Hon. Bernie Sanders (VT)

    House Members
    Hon. Neil Abercrombie (HI-01)
    Hon. Tammy Baldwin (WI-02)
    Hon. Xavier Becerra (CA-31)
    Hon. Madeleine Bordallo (GU-AL)
    Hon. Robert Brady (PA-01)
    Hon. Corrine Brown (FL-03)
    Hon. Michael Capuano (MA-08)
    Hon. André Carson (IN-07)
    Hon. Donna Christensen (VI-AL)
    Hon. Yvette Clarke (NY-11)
    Hon. William “Lacy” Clay (MO-01)
    Hon. Emanuel Cleaver (MO-05)
    Hon. Steve Cohen (TN-09)
    Hon. John Conyers (MI-14)
    Hon. Elijah Cummings (MD-07)
    Hon. Danny Davis (IL-07)
    Hon. Peter DeFazio (OR-04)
    Hon. Rosa DeLauro (CT-03)
    Rep. Donna F. Edwards (MD-04)
    Hon. Keith Ellison (MN-05)
    Hon. Sam Farr (CA-17)
    Hon. Chaka Fattah (PA-02)
    Hon. Bob Filner (CA-51)
    Hon. Barney Frank (MA-04)
    Hon. Marcia L. Fudge (OH-11)
    Hon. Alan Grayson (FL-08)
    Hon. Luis Gutierrez (IL-04)
    Hon. John Hall (NY-19)
    Hon. Phil Hare (IL-17)
    Hon. Maurice Hinchey (NY-22)
    Hon. Michael Honda (CA-15)
    Hon. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (IL-02)
    Hon. Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX-30)
    Hon. Hank Johnson (GA-04)
    Hon. Marcy Kaptur (OH-09)
    Hon. Carolyn Kilpatrick (MI-13)
    Hon. Barbara Lee (CA-09)
    Hon. John Lewis (GA-05)
    Hon. David Loebsack (IA-02)
    Hon. Ben R. Lujan (NM-3)
    Hon. Carolyn Maloney (NY-14)
    Hon. Ed Markey (MA-07)
    Hon. Jim McDermott (WA-07)
    Hon. James McGovern (MA-03)
    Hon. George Miller (CA-07)
    Hon. Gwen Moore (WI-04)
    Hon. Jerrold Nadler (NY-08)
    Hon. Eleanor Holmes-Norton (DC-AL)
    Hon. John Olver (MA-01)
    Hon. Ed Pastor (AZ-04)
    Hon. Donald Payne (NJ-10)
    Hon. Chellie Pingree (ME-01)
    Hon. Charles Rangel (NY-15)
    Hon. Laura Richardson (CA-37)
    Hon. Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA-34)
    Hon. Bobby Rush (IL-01)
    Hon. Linda Sánchez (CA-47)
    Hon. Jan Schakowsky (IL-09)
    Hon. José Serrano (NY-16)
    Hon. Louise Slaughter (NY-28)
    Hon. Pete Stark (CA-13)
    Hon. Bennie Thompson (MS-02)
    Hon. John Tierney (MA-06)
    Hon. Nydia Velazquez (NY-12)
    Hon. Maxine Waters (CA-35)
    Hon. Mel Watt (NC-12)
    Hon. Henry Waxman (CA-30)
    Hon. Peter Welch (VT-AL)
    Hon. Robert Wexler (FL-19)

    - See more at:

  • arb2020

    I’m ashamed that she claims to represent anyone in my state.
    Definitely doesn’t represent my district.

  • Alan Curtis

    What this Black Congresswoman Forgets is that During our Civil War The Slaves were Freed by White People who did not want Slavery in this Country. She should Feel Lucky She Was Not Born in the early 1800′s Instead of the Mid 1900′s Or She Would Have Been Horse Whipped By Her Owner For Her Apparent Hatefulness Of The American People

    • Edward Teach

      She should be horsewhipped for her stupidity.

      • Alan Curtis

        I agree with you 100 0/0 She should be HORSEWHIPPED then taken to Africa and dumped back where she more than likely came from.

  • pdigaudio

    Sieg Heil! The Police State is already here, and Der Fuhrer will impose martial law as soon as we strike back against his Gestapo.

  • lenatoledo38

    All the negative remarks hailed at this Congresswoman, Sheila Jackson are hurtful words thrown at us Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanics and other races that occupy America since the founding of this Country; and now that the minorities have turned into majorities you just can’t accept the changes our President echoed during his campaign. What was the wording Yes, we can Change? Well, there is a change

  • snakeburt

    If Martial Law takes place, it should be to arrest Obama and his radical supporters in the Senate and Congress, put them in a pen, and initiate an action to call a new and certain election for a new President.

  • Alan Teague

    Just imagine how ignorant her constituents
    must be???

  • Tribtrooper

    What a sorry excuse for a human being….are we sure she isn’t Obummer’s blow up doll? Obviously she’s a member of the “Obama is our lord & master”. . . . they meet at the local mental health ward, the padded room where they all wear those nice huggy jackets, you know, the ones with the wrap around sleeves? :)

  • Scott Simmons

    I’m sorry, but, the reference to martial law notwithstanding, what did she say? It sounds like total gibberish.

  • bedellsky

    Naw, she is dumb like a fox. And all this is closer than you think!!!!

  • $76375094

    Martial law is when all politicians local and federal are put under house arrest and former veterans are recalled to active duty to replace the politicians until their priorites to the people are re-established for the benefit of the people and the country. Any and all gangs, will be dis-banded or arrested and put into detention camps until they have been given a threat essessment by the tribunal established military government. I do not think she is very well learned on the concealed weapons requirements that most states have in the legal codes. That is another reason the leftist demos want gun control, it will change the wording and code described when a person is issued a permit to concealed carry. A martre syndrome mental condition is a terrible thing to go through life enduring. And to be an Elected official?????????? Wowww!

    • Martini Ha

      Could you re-write that but in english this time?

  • June Helton

    does she know something we don’t know? Scary if she has something she heard behind closed doors

  • dvdcnl

    According to the above article, she said “we have martial law”. I take it she means Boehner, by not allowing the house to vote on the senate clean bill, is acting like martial law has been declared in the house of representatives. I don’t like her a bit but we need to judge her words fairly.

    • Martini Ha

      Exactly. Good post.

  • Jay DeLorenzis

    If that happens and the opposition does nothing to stop it, we are done as a nation. I hope they all get serious and pay attention to what is happening. I hope everyone agrees Sheila Jackson is crazy.for even suggesting this idea.

  • MSC066

    This is what gets voted into office? I’m not sure who has less intelligence, this idiot, or the people who voted her in. What has this country come too?

  • Mikey

    Her, Reid, Feinstein, Waters, Pelosi, Boxer are ALL the Problem, Vote them ALL out and charge them for crimes against Americans/Treason !!

  • Mikey

    Her, Reid, Feinstein, Waters, Pelosi, Boxer are ALL the Problem, Vote them ALL out and charge them for crimes against Americans/Treason !!

  • Michael Bowen

    i lived in Texas many yrs never heard of her till now ,now i know why .i can’t hear stupid, but i can read it .

  • Navy Vet

    Look at the hate that’s in the eye’s of this bitch. She is a complete black racist who hates whites. Poor Houston, TX for electing this idiot to represent them. She needs to be recalled.

    • Martini Ha

      She didn’t appear to mention race at all…

  • Fred Reyes

    Sheila Jackson “Must I Die” Lee is not a Texan, but she is a card carrying member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), She is from (in a Texas accent) Queens, New York City! New York City? That’s not anywhere near San Antonio, TX where the good people there make Pace Picante Sauce…get a rope!

    • Martini Ha

      Racist much?

  • Rick

    What a foolish woman! It’s morons like her who give America the bad name dumb American!

    • Martini Ha

      Really? I think the Teabaggers would argue they cornered that market.

      • Rick

        No stupid democrats cornered this market for the past 65 years!

  • chuck


  • David Young

    What part of Texas keeps reelecting such an ignoramus?

  • MUG65

    This is the result of an ill informed Provider class voting for the least qualified to deliver free goods and services form the ever shrinking provider class

  • MUG65

    Sorry.. Recipiant Class that only votes for themselves the promises made by people like MS. Jackson Lee

  • VRWCTroll

    She has put the Box-o-Rox to shame!

  • Gee Marie

    hmmmmm…and with martial law come’s …get ready……….MORE OBAMA???

  • Richard William

    End the Fed.

  • eyespeye

    impressive command of logic and thought.

  • Martini Ha

    Could Jennifer Burke be more of a dope? Seriously, you make this leap?

  • Martini Ha

    Her use of Martial Law is confusing, however, I found this on a business site:

    The term “martial law” in a legislative context is somewhat obscure but it has been used before to define lawmakers’ ability to “fast track” bills without going through the usual congressional process.

    However, Lee’s insistence that a Senate-approved resolution to fund
    the federal government be fast-tracked via “martial law” appears to
    conflict with Article I, Section 7, Clause I of the Constitution, which states, “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives.”

  • Martini Ha

    So, no, she was not calling for martial law but using an obscure term — probably incorrectly.

  • Chuck Purcell

    We are laughing about this but it is close to being truth. I have full belief that before Obama’s term is up, he will call for martial law, he will create something to happen that will allow him to call for it and he will remain President indefinitely. He will call the military out to take control of the streets and since most of the ammunition is bought up by the Government then they have most of the fire power if not all most all since they have the tanks and RPG’s. Wait till your own son is standing in front of you with his rifle leveled and trying to make the decision whether it is you or him that is fixing to get it. I hate to be a doomsdayer but I believe this is fixing to happen and we are going to stand there and take it.

    • Cale Carter

      Not going to happen.
      Belay that fear.
      What people do not understand is that 1.5 million soldiers (if they all followed the orders) can NOT stop or kill 90 million gun owners. It is not possible.. not even with all the tanks and planes in the US.

      Obama is an idiot but he is a harmless idiot… instead look for Michelle to run

  • James Youngblood

    she is being very disingenuous. It is impossible to keep up with all the bills they pass. I assume she is talking about the bill that Sen Cruz filibustered and then it passed. Then got amended by the senate democrats with a simple majority. They amended it to take out the language that defunded Obamacare.

  • Randy Lowery


  • sue

    Yeah, and I refer to have brains with my representative. Someone should prefer her to our Constantinople. That will explain all about the use of marital law! May I say “illiterate”?

  • Ralloh

    You have to ask yourself what kind of clueless idiots actually vote for this nitwit.

  • Cameron Stapel

    Sounds pretty much on schedule to me.

  • Donald T

    Can you say, S T U P I D. Crazy woman has no idea what she is talking about or how it would affect “her” if martial law was actually instituted.
    In full-scale martial law, the highest-ranking military officer would take over, or be installed, as the military governor or as head of the government, thus removing all power from the previous executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.
    Martial law can be used by governments to enforce their rule over the public, to suppress political opposition, or to stabilize insurrections or perceived insurrections.
    Typically, the imposition of martial law accompanies curfews, the suspension of civil law, civil rights, habeas corpus, and the application or extension of military law or military justice to civilians.
    Civilians defying martial law may be subjected to military tribunal (court-martial).

  • Corkie Smith

    oh…hmmmmmmm I didn’t realize that “marshal law” means “you can put a bill on in just minutes.” hmmmmmmmm this is all becoming curiouser and couriouser….

    • henryknox

      Yes, in Chavez’s Venezuela or Stalin’s Russia you could put a bill on in just minutes and guarantee the vote and the vote’s outcome.

    • Martini Ha

      Seriously? You misspell the same word twice in one sentence?

  • mgh1149

    Hey, don’t blame Texas. She may live here now, but she came from NY.

  • James Butler

    The old gal is magistical. Who else do you know that can create a 25 watt bulb form a 100 watt bulb just by opening her mouth?

  • heilbama

    Why is this woman still drawing breath in the U.S.A.?

  • Bowserb

    Besides her references to our Mars landing, she also made a speech where she said “don’t blame the gang bangers…those guns are trafficked.” She also authored a bill earlier this year to make 21 the minimum age to buy a handgun. 21 is already the minimum age to buy a handgun or handgun ammunition. A friend of mine lives in her district. Little by little, that district is turning white, as yuppies move in, demolish old houses, and build new high-dollar residences. These things take time, though, and she’ll be explaining “Martial law” for several more terms. Unfortunately, there are more apartments and especially low income apartments being built in my district (TX 7th-John Culberson (R) is our congressman), so with the low income population moving and reproducing at high rates, other districts are at risk. Ultimately, the republic will just fail.

  • thing

    mung kin key maggot mung dia yung maw quaynaw krup got that babyson reggin traitor. hush u pKAW,KAW,KAW,KAW,KAW,KAW biscuit eater

  • #24Fan4Life #NFB

    I got u all beat! I live in Kalifornia! I hate it MORE everyday! As soon as I find a power plant or industrial maintenance job ANYWHERE else Im GONE! Leave Kalifornia to the Treehuggers, Hollywood Elite and the Illegals! Then we will really have a CrapHole!

  • Chaz d

    Like many on far left, I suspect she’s hoping for complete chaos, so that real Marshall is declared and, after the smoke clears, being one of the Obama faithful, she’ll be near the top of the food chain lording over the masses of trembling, humble survivors.

  • donald clark

    Why give this obvious race-baiter a platform? She leads only the sewer fillers, a high maintenance bunch of parasites you would not want in your home, town, or state.

  • carl arasi

    Sheila Jackson, should be recalled,stripped of her citizenship,set to the Congo to live where she will be happy,feels like she belongs!!

  • Norman Zink

    Sheila is an example of the result of inbreeding.

  • Mike

    I guess all you baggers are just to stupid to realize when someone is using a metaphor or do you even know what it means.

    • ESQ

      I doubt it!

  • grandmalou

    what is going on in America in unamerican. What they are doing to our military is shameful. It isn’t the America I grew up in and neither are the leaders. I feel like we are living overseas. And to think we allowed all this to happen. Guess we are the ones at fault for voting the people into office that we did that includes Rep. Jackson. She is just a black Nancy Pelosi.

  • disqus_gXyBBnf8ky

    This is another of the radical tyrannical empire attitude that the Democratic Party has morphed into with this socialist community activist person at helm.
    We must get these Republic destroying “people” out of our government!

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Sheila Jackson Lee is dumber than dumb: She’s an idiot! She is a past Judge of sorts. Can you imagine the crazy rulings that came fourth out of her stupid mouth?

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Sheila Jackson Lee is dumber than dumb: She’s an idiot! She is a past Judge of sorts. Can you imagine the crazy rulings that came fourth out of her stupid mouth?

    • ESQ

      That would be Stupit Mouth! Ain’t no way she was ever a judge?

      • Douglas W. Rodrigues

        She was a municipal judge from 1987 to 1990. Muni Court Judges are usually elected. She was appointed, probably through Affirmative Action

  • dad666

    We need to take back our Gubment NOW

  • jr61020

    It’s people like this that you idiots put into office and then complain about/ WTF is wrong with you voters in TX.???

  • ldazzle

    Texas oughta be proud of this lunatic bitch.

  • Wayne

    This ignorant individual wouldn’t know a good idea if it hit her in the face with a shovel (something I would like to do). I tried reading her crap and comparing it to reality, but they don’t have anything in common. This stupid creature seems to think that the Senate passes spending bills to send down to congress. Unfortunately she has it backwards, like most of her thinking, if it were up to Harryass Reid nothing would ever get done. Why do the people in Houston vote for this brain dead lump of flesh, do they just want her out of Houston?

    • mark1961

      She comes from a gerrymandered district designed to be black. It’s a damned shame she holds the seat that used to belong to the late Barbara Jordan, one of the few democrats I ever liked.

  • Pamela Sue Therrien

    If she is a leading Democrat they are a party in deep, deep trouble.

  • YellowJacket2

    If anyone is taking us so close to the brink of tyranny that it would warrant imposing Marshall Law, it’s profoundly anti American politicians like Sheila Jackson Lee and Barak Hussein Obama. Over the years Lee has repeatedly exposed her love of Communism and her hate of America’s Constitutional Republic. She has bragged that Fidel Castro is her hero and communism is her goal. Her constituents come primarily from the 4th ward of Houston. A place that is overrun with crime and corruption and an area that a white person on foot would not get two blocks alive. That’s who she represents. And that’s who she is. A racist American hating addle brained corrupt career Democrat. And, I’m sorry to say, she has plenty of company in Washington DC.

  • carlhoffman

    Understand Obama knows if he can get by treating the vets as he has who understand how to fight and have fought and died with out being held to account by the citizens. It will be easy to get the remaining citizens to adhere to his decrees, Never waste a crisis and create one when ever you can to see how the citizens react. Once they have enough illegals inside the county they will move to take it. King Obama intends to make us all in Serf’s and by closing what he has closed he testing the waters for the day he decides to impose martial law.

  • carlhoffman

    I would like to see a reporter ask Obama who said the sound of Muslims being called to prayer as the most beautiful sound in the world if he (Obama) realize they were praying for America to fall into their hands! Obama canceled the day of prayer and told the world we are no longer a Christian nation, then let the Muslims pray on the White House lawn. Now he had declared a month to honor Muslims and we still see no move to impeach him.

  • Mike

    PLEASE ! Sheila Jackson Lee has always been dumb as a box of rocks,an embarrassment to Texas. She has proved her ignorance over and over. What scares me is those who continuously put her back in office. The humidity must be poisonous.

  • WACT

    Yes this women is for sure very sick, she needs to be put some where, she can not hurt any one. As far as Martial Law, one can only know it is for sure on the
    way! Obumba has FEMA CAMPS built to put any one in, who does not agree
    how he rules this country. It happened to the Jew’s when HITLER was the
    great dictator and ruled just like Obumba is doing right now! Be afraid people
    be very afraid. Making We The People buy a health care program, and the prez. and the elite don’t have to buy the health care Obumba thinks he is and his family is too good to be made to have the same as the rest of us. So the
    free speach and well as the Consitution has been brush away as if it was dust on a coffee table. At least once a month Obumba makes or strikes down a law,
    and claims executive privilege! I am or will be leaving this country, as no more of my tax dollars will be going to Obumba to take 100 million dollar vacations on my dime!!!!

    • ACW

      No FEMA camps. Please stop propogating lies.

      I realize “martial law” has far-reaching meanings, but she didn’t say she wanted martial law, she said we already HAVE it, and technically, she’s right: “Martial law is usually imposed on a temporary basis when the civilian government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively (e.g., maintain order and security, or provide essential services)”

  • WACT

    Hey Jerry! I am old as dirt, but give me an AR15 or an M1 and I will stand side by side, with my fellow Americans to fight as long as I can. I am a wife, mother, grand mother, and great grand mother.I will go down as long as I am in the U.S.A. as liveing here and paying for every one who gets, free Dr., free meds, free housing, free heating gas, free elictric, oh heck free every thing, back in the day, had to work the fields to buy shoes for school!!! God Bless America and God Bless We The People

  • jwood1952

    So sad for those she represents. She’s consistent….Always dumb…..

  • Kevin G

    What Obama is doing in reality is trying to turn this country in to a full blown socialist government. What he is doing with this shut down is he is strategically doing everything he can to make the republicans look bad. He realizes his poll numbers are down as well, but so what he is already on his second term. He is turning the screws like this with the intent that the voters will vote for a democratic House. He will then control both the House and the Senate for his last two years in office. The government shutdown, and the ACA fight is just the vehicle he is using for the his larger effort of full blown socialism.

  • Tom Duritsky

    GPD you are so right,but this ding a ling will be one of the first people to go to obumas detention camps,lol

  • Lonnie Snyder

    How does a literal asshat, unable to even piece together a cogent sentence, get elected to any office ANYWHERE? My God, what is wrong with us? Shouldn’t our Reps. Have AT LEAST AN ABERAGE IQ to be allowed to serve? COME ON!!!

    • Tim McNally

      Guess she was a better option than what the Right ran. Only way I can explain how she was elected.

  • oneamericanmind

    If she is the “best” that her district has to offer, there are some truly ignorant folks living in parts of Texas. This woman is a disgrace to her country, state and political party and should be tarred and feathered before being kicked out of office. However, if our poor excuse for a president even considers her suggestion of martial law, there are plenty of us who are locked and loaded and prepared to defend our liberties to the death.

  • Wayne Johnson

    She’s doing it because she probably doesn’t really know exactly what either of those terms means. There is just too much evidence of this in her many speeches and actions. She is worse than Hank Johnson’s thinking that Guam was going to capsize and sink.

  • William Mdcannold Jr.

    Jackson-Lee is a LEADING democrat??!!!! Is that headline a pun or an inadvertent faux paux? Surely it is.

  • Sarah Conner

    See what happens when low info voters are voted into office…the intellect just keeps getting more low info idiots…how does this picture of stupidity ever get voted in,in the 1st place…just for example,take the resident in orifice…PLEASE,TAKE HIM…what,wait…I digress…no wonder our 20 and 30 and in some cases our 40 year olds take no responsibility for their actions or inactions,they are following the examples they see in our non leadership politicians…none of these morons will ever become anything but what they are…blood sucking parasites…

  • Barb Bellant-rowland

    GPD-I agree with your comment “i hope her district wakes us and votes her out”…how about this? I hope our country’s states’ citizens wake up and vote all of the current Congress people out. They are a disgrace to their calling, an embarrassment to our country, taking on their own agendas not their constituents, dishonest, and they need to go!

  • Jack Hollis

    Leading democrat my jackass, this broad is about as mainstream as a south wind in church.

  • mogul264

    Barbara Jordan, late GREAT Representative from Texas, a NOTABLE predecessor to Shelia Jackson-Lee’s seat, would be spinning in her grave over the idiotic antics of Ms Jackson-Lee! We would be LUCKY to have someone of HER caliber in that seat, today!

  • mogul264

    Barbara Jordan, late GREAT Representative from Texas, a NOTABLE predecessor to Shelia Jackson-Lee’s seat, would be spinning in her grave over the idiotic antics of Ms Jackson-Lee! We would be LUCKY to have someone of HER caliber in that seat, today!

  • Preston Weiters Jr.

    10/12/13, These people really suck. You can now appreciate what it means to be Independent. This is my shutdown look.

  • metro143

    I think she just blew the argument that a mind is a terrible thing to waste

  • skinner

    is this woman a compete and utter IDIOT???????

  • UteDB

    This is the same monkey that asked if the Mars Rover could see the US flag that the astronauts planted. More ‘gems’ by the day from the CBC.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls. These idiots are the targets of “they” the folks who write them. All who read these words of wit, are speaking at the top of their intellect! Do We elect them, just to hear it? Clean em out! They have no answers just organized confusion! Get rid of them!

  • Alfred Puglisi

    Don’t be retarded. She is using allegory. This is why people think Conservatives are stupid. Puh-leeeze.

  • Alex Hawley

    17% of Independent voters support the Tyrant King Obama. I’ll bet that number will shink when they find out that Obamacare ends the practice of Doctor/Patient confidentiality. You see a doctor has to code, over 200,000 codes have so far been created, to explain illnesses and reasons the patient seen the doctor. It seems that if you see a doctor to end anything from smoking to Drug addiction the IRS and Obama will know. Bye Bye self incrimination protection. You Commiecrats are getting the America you want, but enjoy it because something will break and the last time it did was under another Tyrant, King George. So enjoy the last Tyrant Americans will tolerate, King Obama.

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    Thank you morons who keep voting for this piece of schit.

  • Mary Anne Lockwood Ingram

    This is a serious question, and I may be showing my ignorance, but what the heck are we doing with a Black Caucus in the Senate??? Since we are in such PC times, I personally am offended by this, and can only imagine the ramifications if there was such a thing called a White Caucus. Do they act as a separate entity, or did they just decide on their own to call themselves that???
    And no, before you start calling me racist and crap like that, I just find that delineation and separation of one race, to be counter productive to what is supposedly a House and Congress made up of ALL Nationalities, races, mind sets, etc. Someone that knows the laws, please enlighten me.

  • teapartypatriot

    I,m so tired of these losers bringing up the slave issue. The closest any of them have ever gotten to picking cotton is pulling their own underwear out of their cracks.

    • Mary Anne Lockwood Ingram

      My parents picked cotton, as did my grandparents. My husband’s family did also. A lot of us grew up hearing stories of babies sleeping on cotton sacks being pulled by their parents. Picking cotton was a way to keep from starving to death during the depression…..and yes, if many of you track your lineage, the term “Freeman” will be found, denoting that they were indeed indentured to someone…..Coal Miners knew it as “Owing your soul to the Company Store”, and lived in housing provided by the mines. Just ask the Irish and the Chinese that built our railroads what their ancestors endured. Thank God, it seems most other races moved on and up and haven’t looked back. Times have been hard on every race throughout history…..don’t believe me…..pick up a history book.

      • teapartypatriot

        My grandfather picked cotton too. He used to tell us about it. It was 50 cents a day. He did whatever he could in those days to support his family. My point is that there are people who have slave ancestors from way back that they never knew (As Mary Anne said most of us do if you go back far enough) yet they cry as if they themselves have been slaves. I had an ancestor beheaded by the king of england. Maybe I should go to England and see if I can get some handouts or freebies to compensate me for my beheaded ancestor. Problem is I can’t. Some of us still have some personal pride and would rather get a job than beg for handouts.

  • Gregg Micochero

    Why do blacks think that slavery was only utilized against blacks? If this crazy nut job would read her history books she would find out that slavery did not have a race barrier. The Romans would enslave every single captured person they conquered. She would also find out that Black African tribes would raid other African tribes and capture them and sell them to the Dutch, and other Slave buyers. It wasn’t a racial thing, but an economic thing. Blacks always love to use the race card in every debate, but the truth is, it has worked in the past and they continue to use it, Blacks now have more opportunities than whites do thanks to affirmative action. They get free educations in college, almost 100% employment in government jobs.. been to the post offices? county offices? military? Go to any government offices for anything and they are all blacks with attitudes. if you are black they help you , tell you the secrets to getting what ever you need.. If your white,, you leave asking yourself, ” How did so many stupid people get hired to work here”? Its the cultural mindset that Blacks have developed over the years. It will never go away because its the easiest way to get what they want.

  • teapartypatriot

    I,m tired of losers bringing up the race issue. The only Cotton they have ever picked was pulling their own underwear out of their cracks.

  • Laurie Fontana

    OMG…so embarrassed that she is my rep.

  • CaptMorgan

    Funny, because, what she should be upset about are the pieces of legislation that have been passed in the house, that won’t be voted on in the senate.

  • keithsmustache

    This is exactly where the endgame is for O’bobono. This screeching capuchin is sounding the horn for her fellow primate.

  • francis

    Hates all that are not black and hates Mexican, High Treason and Murders

  • Il_Yankee

    Time for a recall. Sheila Jackson Lee is no longer mentally competent.

  • stonemike

    A simple MINIMUM IQ REQUIREMENT would put Lee where she belongs, cleaning some intelligent persons home, and I doubt she could effectively do that job!

  • jilgavvent

    Yes I agree, in the inner cities we need it to keep us all save especially in Baltimore, DC, PG Co., Chicago, New York, Boston, LA, Detroit, all the failed liberal created cities.

  • Chuck Purcell

    I have read some that think that there is no way the military could control the American population that own guns. You are sadly mistaken. What do think they have been doing with all the drones they have now.They are keeping them in storage? They can drop a bomb or fly in with 50 cal, on them and hit you before you know what happen. The S.A.W. could take out a whole neighborhood before anyone else could shoot a shot. That is if they all decide to follow Obama. Martial law is possible and guess what, taking away your guns in order to keep your kids is all ready in the Health Care policy so you may have to make a decision of gun or kid. People, you better wake up now. Tomorrow when they are knocking on your door is going to be too late. We’ve allowed an man that was not eligible to be President, exactly that and he is fixing to take us down. This has been going on for almost 25 years now. It is a well planned and executed plan. We need to call for a complete recall. We also need a new party since the Republican Party has completely let us down. We need to call for an Impeachment for Obama. He should have never been allowed to be elected. If we don’t, we will regret this whole mess and it is soon. Blacks, if you think this man has you in mind, he is as far from being black as you are from being a freed slave. No one will be safe.I believe most of the politicians will be taken out by Obama as he starts his take over too and be replaced with his own thugs. He all ready has criminals in some of the most high places now.

  • Art Simpson

    I’m surprised they brought marshal law up this early because from what I understand is that once marshal law is in effect the president keeps his seat even during an election year.if marshal law is in effect.which scares the heck out of me

  • Stinson47

    Just who digs these dummies out of the woodwork and then finds more dummies to vote for them? Until we get a savvy electorate we will have dummies in elected offices.

  • lspiderl

    spending bill has to be originated in the ouse to be legal dumbass

  • 66lima

    This woman is so ignorant she can barely put a sentence together.
    And her followers are just as ignorant and keep voting for her.
    And she would send any of them that dare disagree with her for a second to gitmo if she could.

  • gelceea

    LOL, what a piece of trash

  • tvstaff

    INSANITY… This woman is insane.

  • tvstaff

    INSANITY… This woman is insane.

  • retvet

    Who does she really represent? A lot of people are being judged by her. words and actions.

  • Jacqueline Matthews

    Stupid woman,,Why doesn’t she check it out and see how gun control has worked out so far??

  • Michaela Daniels

    i say we call for martial law in the white house and toss that a -s -s OUT

  • Michaela Daniels

    i say we call for martial law in the white house and toss that a -s -s OUT

  • Jovenae Eggen

    This is disturbing… she IS an idiot

  • Ric Jarvis

    Strange how the name Jackson and racism always go together.

  • Redeemed

    Folks, please. The Dems do and say enough stupid and dangerous things that we don’t have to make things up, or make more out of what was said than was said. When we do either, we look foolish and, dare I say, stupid. Sheila Jackson was saying that the Senate has a bill ready to go … one that has a Continuing Resolution, without any defunding of Obamacare. Since the Senate is run by Dems, and the President would sign any such CR, then what she is suggesting is that the Senate should just cram that bill down the throats of the House … and get a move on. Such “martial law” – where the minority party’s virtually shut out – is what she is advocating … not the military take over and shut down of our freedoms. Don’t be a sheeple ….

  • Don Atkins

    Here we go…. This is what the asshole Pres. wants to do so he can stay in power… Anyway she is stupid!!!!!

  • Guest

    Gorilla!! once voter ID laws pass. the number will be different when they can not allow illegals and dead black voters to vote, they lose 5-7 % of the vote, besides all those lazy blacks vote go out of their way to vote for a white women.

    • Martini Ha

      Again, could you please be more racist?

  • sonofeire

    This woman is a member of Congress and she doesn’t know what Martial Law actually means?

  • Carmalea Steelman Bentley

    Did she leave her smarts in Texas, under a rock somewhere. Now we know why we need to clean house and vote sum of these not to smart people out of office.

    • Bruce Darling

      She has no “smarts”. She does, however, have $hit for brains.

  • Russ

    I agree with other posts, she is an idiot but she is a dangerous idiot. She’ll use the color of her skin (and obozo and holder) to further this ‘idea’.
    Can you imagine if this person is put at the head of Homeland Security? I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the liar in chief would do it.

  • Aida Payton

    I tell you all not only republican Democrat too is hurting now. Both party, start the day one the Government shutdown. Being her calling Martial law I agree with her 100 percent. call the martial to all criminal who bear Arm. Not from Innocent people
    that’s what she supposed to do call martial law for those all illegal Immigrant. those people Need Martial Law. They killing and raping the Innocent people ship them all back where they come from. therefore her Martial guarantee..

  • Guest

    All IO can say is ??????????????

  • Mongocutwood

    All I can respond with to that comment is ???????????????????

    Democrats always claim that they are the Most Intelligent ones and that everyone who disagrees with them are brainwashed/Ignorant. They DEBUNK that myth themselves every time they open their mouths.

  • Timothy Duggins

    Uppity colored isn’t she!

  • Timothy Duggins

    Uppity colored isn’t she!

  • Kim Hamberger

    Proverbs 18:2A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion. She is an absolutely stupid person, that is so dumb she could not be fixed.

  • James Lucas

    naw, her district is not going to vote her out. HER, district is mostley all black and she has them brainwashed, my, great state of texas makes mistakes but this is the biggest one and you can’t get rid of it.

  • MaxVoltz

    General Urku asks Cornelius to declare marshal law.

  • IrishEyesAreBlue

    SHE is a moranic imbecile … should be committed to an Insane Asylum! I guess she thinks if Martial Law is declared – she is going to be QUEEN!!!! WHAT SHE IS IMPLYING IS RE-STARTING THE “CIVIL WAR” … HOW DOES SHE THINK THAT ONE WOULD TURN OUT????

  • joe biden

    Just think, the “people” that voted her in are much less intelligent than her.

  • Carol Weddle

    They need to get her out of there !!!!!

  • Carol Weddle

    They need to get her out of there !!!!!

  • Rhonda Kelley (nee Williams)

    Texans… recall her. You and only you have the power to deal with her.

  • Rhonda Kelley (nee Williams)

    Should you even be serving in gov’t if you’re that stupid?

  • Mary McGuffin

    It is a shame that we have so many in politics that are so ignorant (Just like this Sheila Jackson Lee). When you think of running a country like America, you would think people would vote in candidates who have some common sense, people who are a step above the average. When a person is chosen to help run a big company, their education and common sense are taken into consideration, but in politics it seems like the dumber some of them are, the more people want to keep putting them back in office. I would like to apologize for the fact that she is from Texas. Thank goodness not my district.

  • Chris Beavers

    Is there really no sort of aptitude test or something to get this position? Seriously, how did that dummy get voted to that position? Do you think she has ever read the Constitution? Do you wonder now if she knows what it is or if it really is something in writing? Maybe she thinks all these things are just terms of some sort???? confusing that someone this ignorant would be representing a specific group of people… which brings up the next question; when electing someone typically you elect someone who you feel has a greater understanding of things, such as government than you do… Who voted her in to office??? Are her constituents some people that walk around in a daze bumping into walls and on coming traffic? Do they all have to live in a rubber room or cannot be allowed to play with scissors?…. seriously if people are voting in someone this stupid or just plain ignorant then maybe there should be a test to be able to vote as well. We forget that voting is a privilege NOT a right. It is one of the PRIVILEGES of being a citizen of this country and we should respect the process a bit more otherwise we could end up with an entire government populated with these booger-eaters.

    • happyscrapper

      We already are.

      • Obama IsThe Devil

        You voted for the status quo.

  • Joseph kay

    This is what the obamanation and the dumocrats wnted from the start, Total control, Home grown terriorest

  • BMacc2

    With the Conservative Republicans perceiving the Tea Party as their only hope to be represented, even lightweights like Jackson Lee feel free to mouth-off with basic criminal ghetto street propaganda. McCain & McConnell will go down in history as “those that gave our country to the coup”. Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave and the left is rolling their weed.

  • Marilyn Detwiler

    I knew someone would mention those two words before long. And she’s probably not the idiot we give her credit for. I would almost be willing to bet she is being paid very well for these types of comments/suggestions/bugs in the President’s ear.

  • Linda Patterson

    this woman is as crazy as the muslim in the White House, she needs to be put away, but Obama will declare martial law if the republican’s don’t cave. the man is crazy and scary, Impeach him now and recall her.

  • Jimmy D

    Her words are as meaningless as this “article”. Anyone who’s covered her for more than a week knows she is a moron and just “doesn’t do words good”. All of her statements are idiotic; not all are sinister. The interrogative forms used (“was she overtly and coyly…?” and “did she just…?”) are weak, leading and designed to plant ideas without the author having to stand behind them as statements.

    With so much to not like about her, we can stop playing the Left’s game of sensationalizing every meaningless utterance. You’ve elevated her to a level of influence she could never attain by her own intent.

  • sevensins

    What kind of a person elects a blatant racist parasite like this into a position in government?

    • joe biden

      The illegals, those who want free hand outs from the government, etc

  • rocka692

    Ms. Lee has always been one to want to put Martial Law into effect as long as it moves her agenda forward. She should consider Martial Law has already been used in this country. This occurred in Little Rock, Arkansas! It is also occurring at the present time by her party with Guards on duty at all Federal locals, such as National Parks. This was and is being fueled by her party the Democrats and the President of the USA in his performance as a King!

  • Jeff Moore

    They forgot totype the ‘r’ in the word idea like Shirley did…its an idear……I bet she says warsh also…didn’t they teach these recently freed slaves the language?

  • Charlie Pritchard

    Dumb Rep. Hank Johnson (D) GA. Guam tipping over and Dumber Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D) TX. every word spoken.
    What’s really frightening is what college do these idiots get a degree from.

  • Shirley Ann Brewer

    Did the representatives forget to ask their constituents what they want?? A government by the people and for the people?? Just who are they representing?? Everyone does want affordable health care, but many do not want the “Obama Care” package stuffed down their throats!!

  • Guest

    Temporary rule of a designated area by military
    authorities in time of emergency when the civil authorities are deemed
    unable to function. Under martial law, civil rights are usually
    suspended, and the activities of civil courts are restricted or
    supplanted entirely by military tribunals. Such “acts done by necessity”
    are limited only by international law
    and the conventions of civilized warfare. Though temporary in theory, a
    state of martial law may in fact continue indefinitely. See also human rights; war crimes.

  • Mark Gatton

    Yep just like the guy that worried about the island of Guam capsizing if we put too many military on it. She isn’t even fit enough to be the box the rocks are in.

  • Jim Pinto

    She and ah, (bear with me) many other people of her pigment are NOW slaves, have been so for decades now: to the very party she is a standing member of, that many blacks vote for. It’s that party and it’s programs which created the physical and social and economic environments locking them in the urban plantation. It’s that party which ‘lost’ the Civil War, which supported Slavery, which enrolled in KKK, which enforced segregation etc. Today it’s the same but more ‘sophisticated’ but make no mistake – the Dems are Masters of their Slaves.

  • PieMan

    Pre-existing stupidity is not covered under ObamaCare!

  • Mark Gatton

    A freed slave…damn how old is she? No one talks about the Africans that sold their countrymen, (men, women, children) into slavery. NO ONE should be a slave. Slavery is a nasty part of American HISTORY. Look at A LOT of other countries around the world today that still to this second practice slavery. Where is the outcry against those countries. China is one of the worst yet we, America, buy billions of dollars worth of products produced by slave labor. I find this OUTRAGEOUS! For this fine politician to say SHE is a freed slave show just how stupid she really is.

  • johnlaw484

    What is that woman doing out of the mental hospital?

  • Mark Bigger

    this congresswoman does not even deserve the acknowledgement of the energy it is taking me to type this

  • Mike Terri


  • Alfred Morales

    someone please give this woman a dictionary but it must be in some kind of oral recording because she might not be able to read it

  • Rolf Johnsen

    Sheila, open your eyes and mind and breath in the dirty air outside! It’s where all the folks who voted you into office are-Outside getting stomped on. Yes-the Middle class citizens, who aren’t on welfare or Government subsidies who are working and paying the bills and taxes of those with their hands out for the free $.
    If you are not up to the job, please step down so someone who is-can!

  • Brock Johnson

    Martial Law will never work. The troops know who’s side they are on and it isn’t hers….

  • Alan Aylesworth

    only one dumber are the idiots that keep voting her in

  • hankrbradley

    Well Sec.of State John Kerry stated recently,”that in America you have the right to be stupid.” So was he talking about the Prezy Oblamo, his liberal buddies in the Senate or just plain idiot Democrats like Jackson-Lee. It is down right scary to know that these are the folks making life and death decisions that affect our lives and that so many support this incompetence year after year!

  • IndyRon

    When they enact Martial Law, I’m hoping she’s the first one to be lynched.

  • Dan Applegate

    If Obama gets his way, this is exactly what will happen for him to succeed in getting full power of Washington D.C., become king or a dictator, and be in office until………..? Watch to see if more liberals like her that mention the same thing! Beware Americans…..communism is beating on our doors!!!!!!

  • John Trapp

    Why do people keep elected retards to Congress? Out of the millions of people out there *this* is the best they can come up with?

  • rickg62

    As is most of what this sorry excuse for a member of Congress says, this is pure gibberish. She rarely makes any sense and seems to talk just to hear her own voice.

  • Jim Sanders

    Obama and the Democrats are holding the American people hostage and it is not the other way around. When they where worried that they might loose Obama Care and the debit ceiling might not be raised, they where the one’s stating that they would shut down the government. In the House and Senate they have allowed Obama to legislate knowing that he has No Power afforded him by the Constitution to legislate. Only the House can legislate and any bill must be sent to the Senate for approval or sent back to the House with any proposed amendments to be read, amended and if approved sent back to the Senate for their approval and then sent to the President for passage by signature.
    Both the House and the Senate have afforded this President more authority than he should have been given, and now he has become rogue and disruptive. I feel that the abuses that both the House and Senate have allowed this President to inflict on our country will come back to haunt them in the elective process in 2014, and then in the 2016 elections as well. This will be remembered for a long time to come.
    We are suppose to have people that are working for us the People, but it appears that there are only a few that are and still true to the people and unfortunately, they are new to House and Senate. Our oldest polticians have become about themselves and not about their constituents any longer and siding with the President even though they still try to make it appear that they are against each other for appearence sake. They have to keep up the show, but their voting record reflects the truth. Shameful, how it is only about them and not the people that they represent any longer.
    The only reason the Democrats want the debit ceiling raised is because they have gotten use to spending our money doing special appropriations that will benefit both the Administration, House and Senate to lavish themselves with special benefits with expeditures cut out of budget saved just for them.

  • Jim Sanders

    What about Kerry signing the US solverenty over to the UN and also signing the weapons treaty. It appears that we are being sold down the river.

  • Dawn Street

    She does not have a clue?? I doubt she knows the meaning of “martial law”. I doubt she has ever read the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights, or the Declaration of Independence, or that ObamaCare mandate/tax that is illegal because the Senate originated it, the Supreme Court declared it a tax, and it was not from the House who do the budgeting.

  • lizzitish

    If this “freed slave”‘s staff think she is so impossible to work with, why don’t they just quit? Let her answer her own phone and really listen to what people have to say, instead of having them filtered through a bunch of her own slaves.

  • TxProud1

    I am ashamed that she represents Texas.

  • Anthony Poole

    If Congress doesn’t stop this landslide we are riding right now by the end of October, the military will not receive their pay, and veterans and folks on SS won’t receive their pay-there will be a new meaning to Martial Law-we’l be marching our government out of the Capitol at the point of a bayonet!

  • Karri Hayes Misky

    She just took the black people back 2 hundred years. “Freed slave” she has NO idea what it means to be a slave. Just because she is black is no excuse. Everyone is born with the right to make their life what they will no matter what. Man up people. Quit blaming everything that is going on today with what happened 200 years ago.

  • Gary Scarlett

    How could people with average Intelligence , Elect a Woman as Stupid as this Woman ?????

  • zoeusa

    #1 Get rid of Sheila Jackson there is no need for ignorance…….People!…call your Congressmen from your state, tell them to make an effort to oversee Obama’s Occidental College transcripts…It is showing evidence to annul Obama’s presidency.( BHO registered as an Indonesian, Muslim, foreign exchange student. Here in the U.S. one can’t have it both ways. One is either a U.S. citizen or a foreign exchange student.) Obama was registered as a foreign exchange student, why do you think he locked-up all his records. Constitutionally he does not qualify to be president…SORRY OBAMA YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!…You are a usurper. Congress must get rid of Obama ASAP..WE THE PEOPLE must save America the Beautiful.

  • Luisita Ayala

    there’s something missing on her head…..”Brain” she has an empty coconut shell.She wants Martial Law so that she can be in power forever? give me a break lady.

  • Eric Hord

    Another idiot that needs to be removed from office asking for Martial Law what an idiot! What she needs to be doing to asking for the house and senate to impeach this tyrant we have in office.

  • RepublicAnne

    SJL is a totally committed pawn in the Obama game. She has no interest in what is good for her country or countrymen… She is a shallow, mean spirited, angry sow with a big mouth and a bird brain… She is getting her “reparations” now and wants more… She does a great dis-service to her race… and to the Nation.

  • Eva

    Well I don’t think she will be filling that seat after next year! What a fool! She has no “IDEAR” what the Definition of Marshall Law is! she can’t even pronounce words correctly!”Idear???? I think she meant to say “Idea”!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THE IDIOTS WE HAVE IN WASHINGTON DC!!

  • Eva

    She is still in office, because the Democrat voters are what I call Lazy Voters!!! If it’s Democrat vote for it!! That is the mentality of the lazy voter!

  • Goon’s ND Redneck

    This woman is a clown, she’s supposed to be a lawyer, if I am not mistaken. The good people of Texas should be so proud of this rep.

  • Harry Pennington

    I have mentioned this before every one needs to watch a movie made in the 50′s called SHADOW ON THE LAND it WELL open your eyes to what is happening right now.

    • widower9

      Where did you come across that??

  • Ray Harbin

    That which is so infinitely frightening about this sub-imbicilic witch– her vote carries the same power as mine and your’s!!!!!!!

  • Jean Aschman

    This is truly a very angry black woman and I believe her message is clear! Watch out for people like her. We can only pray her constituents will vote her out!

  • Timothy Kezele

    These peope are NOT stupid… they know exactlly what they are doing. Look at the big picture people, what IS comming if we the American people continue with our petty differences and fail to come together to protect our rights under the Constitution.

  • Peter Theodoropoulos

    Yeah turning the military loose is a great idea. Then they can fulfill the oath they took to protect the Country against all enemies foreign and domestic. At this moment the biggest threat to America is that Muslim and the Congress might as well grab the Supreme Court because most of their recent rulings sound as if they came from a bunch of drunks or junkies.

  • Gina Sofia Albright

    I am surprised Texans do not recall her. Texans of all people don’t put up with sh-t. She is soooo wrong.

  • susan

    MS.Jackson its time for you to sign up for ACA ( 0bamaCare) you will be owned again…and so will your family !!! Get over it !!! You see its a contract just like slavery….remember you sign it and its the LAW OF THE LAND as you say !!! Then own you !!! By the way Obama is White Too!!!! Remember his MOMMY was WHITE!!!! Or is that the part you want to forget and hate!!!! WAKE UP STOP BEING A SHEEP!!!!! BEN CARSON IS RIGHT AND HIS A ALL BLACK MAN !!!! So why so much hate !!! You should ask forgiveness from God !!!

    • unklbrad

      Abandoned by one side and raised to success by the other. Not to hard to figure out which is which.

  • Sue Ann Carey

    Freudian slip of the tongue? Even the Republicans and American people still have the right to vote and think without pressure and scare tactics from the other side. We’ re not in Iraq…OR is she part of the Muslim Brotherhood like her Lord and Masters’ brother?

  • Fran McLaughlin

    People that voted her in must be real proud

  • GEV

    As stated she is one of the dumbest people in the country…and her constituents look up to her (speaks highly for the folks she represents). The only real thing about this idiot is if there is a camera around she will flag her big ugly snout into the shot.


    As long as blacks have people like her and Sharpton flapping their jaws, they’ll never overcome the stereotype of being socially ignorant.

  • Darrell K Whitfield

    Why are numerous government websites shutdown that do not need anyone to run them> I went to the US Census site and they had the 2010 census shutdown so no one can veiw it! DOes this make sense and who does ity punish? The American people who want to use this free government service! Silly Administration!

    • RageFury

      This Administartion wants you to “Feel” it. Why else would they close revenue Generating, Private Camp Sites…

  • emerutil

    We now know the complete mindset of our political adversaries. A purge is needed. Badly!

  • TxPatriotGal

    I want to set the record straight. Sheila Jackson Lee is NOT from Texas. She moved to Houston years ago,when her husband took a job in the city. She is originally from Jamaica Queens area of NYC, NY. Sadly, her congressional seat is the same seat originally held by Barbara Jordan, who must be spinning in her grave over the stupidity of her eventual successor.

  • Rodney Ortiz


    • RIC54

      Well said thank you for my freedom if you are in the military..

    • Martini Ha

      English, do you speak it?

  • Thomas Wall

    can’t shake the Thug mentality she was raised with. you know, If you see you are losing a debate for lack of intelligent thought, start swinging.

  • ibelieveinfreedom2

    SJL is a socialist.
    Anyone stupid enough to believe the democrats are pushing ‘democracy’, which is mistakenly thought to be what the United States government is, is deluding themselves. The USA was set up to be a representative REPUBLIC. Democracy is mob rule. In a republic, everyone is supposed to have a voice. The socialists took over the democrat party decades ago, and their goal is SOCIALISM! While communism, socialism, fascism, marxism, etc… are all somewhat different, the one undeniable fact is none of them is freedom. They all recognize some sort of murderous dictator who kills off citizens with whom he disagrees. The ignorant dumbmasses of America are blind tools of their own enslavement. You people better start learning your history and pray to God democrats never get their way.

  • buckeyebubba

    Her stupid hair weave braid has for years choked off all the blood to her sparrow sized brain.

  • Lynda Grlffin

    Be kind to the Feeble OLD BIDDY! One gets a TAD Senile at age 151!! Cause she is after all a Freed Slave and Lincoln Freed them back in 1862!! Next find her a Dictionary and the Constitution because she needs to learn the Meaning of Martial Law AND obviously needs to understand how to do her own JOB!! I am Ashamed to claim she is from Texas BUT not much I can do about her accept take the Democrats example and Go Vote in Her District Multiple times for her Opponent!! Whats good for the Democrats is good enough for Repuclicans!!

    • john1schn

      Let’s remember, she’s not from Texas, she’s no Texan. She’s a transplant from New York City.

  • Rod Richardson

    This is the beginning, folks, of the 2nd American Revolution; the Washington elitists, both “liberal Progressives” and RINO’s mistakenly believe that the military will follow them blindly in assaulting and murdering renegade American Citizens. Active socially with many current military personnel, I can tell you that their commitment is to defend the Constitution against ALL ENEMIES, both foreign and domestic.

  • Janice Mericle Amacker

    she is beyond stupid

  • Joseph Cook

    She has the Hitler/Capone Syndrome… her brain has been eaten away by untreated syphilis.

  • strawnman

    She is hands down the stupidest person ever elected to Congress, and that’s saying something.

  • Mike Cain

    These people are not stupid. They know exactly what they are doing. Remember that the U.S. Communist party dissolved with this statement ,” We are no longer needed, as the Democratic party has adopted all our positions”.

  • stacy peacock

    I am pleased she is proud to be called a “freed slave” and an “African American”…she’s a shame to her race… don’t have a race

  • Charlie

    This female gorilla has no idea what she is talking about. Another babbling idiot in Congress.

    • Martini Ha

      Again, you aren’t racist, right?

  • pathel369

    Just wondering if she has taken her medication yet> she’s one reason why there’s a ban on HUMAN CLONING…We already more than enough in the DemoncRATS party no need to add more…

  • wildman

    ole hippo face is at it again with her mindless rantings–perfect example of a demodrud

  • kenneth russell

    There is no rhyme or reason to her logic. Someone so ignorant, AND stupid, are incalculable for the reasons of their statements. What ever district or state ever elected this woman to a public office, needs to hang their heads in shame!

  • Arthur Menard

    give it a banana maybe keep it occupied and ??????????

    • Martini Ha

      Racist much?

  • Roger J Stevens

    Keep on burying yourselves : )

  • texasjo

    Can’t believe it. Sorry, but I’ve seen some of the people in positions because of certain politics, and I wonder how they got out of grade school. One was a professor…on TV, spelling wrong, etc. And, Martial Law? That’s what she thinks she has. What an attitude. Send her to the library.

  • callingyourbluff

    Tea Party is a bunch a assholes

    • RIC54

      Best you can do?

  • MissTrixieB

    Well, if she thinks she wants Martial Law, she’s going to go back to being a slave again. How did this person ever get elected?

  • Brie Austin

    You guys have lost your minds


    LOL!… thats all I got.

  • Walter Martin

    ….and she’s considered intelligent by her constituency.

  • JC

    What a MORON! People actually voted for her? God Help the U.S.

  • Alex Sadulski

    How many dysfunctional voters did it take to get this loser elected???

  • John Brofka

    Give her the benefit of the doubt … she is just crazy stupid.

  • kevinmauro1 .

    This woman scares me. She knows exactly what she is saying. The problem is I don’t. Do you?

  • Jeff Smith

    I don’t think she’s intelligent enough to toss subtle hints out for the Queen (he”s NOT a king!) Bee in the White House. Remember this is the same woman that this about gangbangers and illegal guns: ““Don’t condemn
    the gangbangers, they’ve got guns that are trafficked, that are not
    enforced, that are straw purchased and they come into places even that
    have strong gun laws. Why? Because we don’t have sensible gun
    Sheila Jackson Lee, 2013-04-09 “

  • apinelli66


  • Preparing

    Rep. Lee was a little hasty in the Martial Law comment but we all know that Obama will do anything to extend his Presidency which might include Martial Law. He’s already indicated this with his comments regarding a kill switch to the internet, flying drones in the United States, taking away all guns, taking away all disposable income from the American citizens via higher taxes, Obamacare and making more “americans” dependent of the government. This will be more obvious after the mid-term elections and before 2016 elections. Real working Americans are preparing for this buying up hordes of food and guns to prepare for the worst.

    • terry1956

      He will need a lot of Foreign troops to even make some headway in trying to pull it off but those Foreign troops will run through the briars, run through the bushes, run through places that rabbits will not go, swim the ocean to get back home after US troops and 80 million armed Americans get after them.

  • czynik

    Well what did anyone really expect from a “freed slave” – wisdom? LOL

  • Guest


  • Guest

    Her mouth overloads her A@@…I have listened to her speak..but can bare only part of it before I get ill to my stomach…childish fits..and there you go …peas in a pod…empty wagons rattle the loudest!

  • Guest

    Waiting for the pending act of throwing herself on the floor and kicking like a small child…just bring in a disabled assist dog and it wont take long!

  • Guest

    In reading the post..forget about color..Martin Luther King did not stand for separation of colors…there are many of color..white, black, brown , red who hold themselves responsible for their actions…and we are all Americans…but sometimes just plain stupid is what stupid does…I dont think they have found a cure

  • howler1968

    We (opposed to liberalism and socialism) need to react cautiously to her remarks. She isn’t referring to martial law as we understand it. However,i feel someone asked her (she isn’t crafty enough to design this) to use this wording to incite an over-the-top reaction from us and this will play into the hands of the obama supporting media.
    I feel Lee (D-TX) should be “invited” to be ballast on the first manned Mars landing so she can see first hand where the Moon landing occurred in 1969.

  • Lloydl333

    Ms Lee is an ignorant racist ding bat.

  • WayneHarropson

    I think it’s safe to say that she hasn’t a clue what she’s saying except that Martial Law has a good ring to it in her mind, and might be just the kind of terminology idiots in power can morph to bring about the totalitarian ends that liberals are steering us into. Put a Military hat on top and some metals and she can be the female incarnation of Idi Amin.

  • Richard Ruiz

    If she was ever a slave…..then I was an astronaut.

  • Rhoadie

    This woman ( if that is what she is) is a complete racist moron. Houston must be embarrassed that they elected this jackass to represent them. She should be in an asylum

  • Press Watchusa

    It is a TYPO
    She said — MARTIAN Law
    Leave Sheila alone!

  • Jim

    Arm yourselves with facts and then challenge if you choose to.

    Current Representative
    Sheila Jackson Lee (D–Houston)
    Population (2000) – 651,619
    Median income – $31,293
    Ethnicity -
    36.9% White, 40.4% Black, 3.4% Asian, 35.6% Hispanic, 0.4% Native
    American, 0.5% other

  • desertdweller

    We have some real nuts supposedly serving in government. She’s one of those idiots who are loyal to a fault and dangerous to the populace I might add.

  • Tomicdawg

    I’m not going to waste time trying to figure out what she meant. She and her fellow libtards, make about as much sense as a bunch of 3 year olds.

    • Martini Ha

      Cuz you don’t understand dem big words?

  • terry1956

    I think she was talking about the congressional process that Peloski and Bohner used to pass the 2008 House big failure bank bail out not military rule( no way could Obama stage a coup with US Miltary).
    Anyway the majority of the House Republicans voting against the bank bail out each and every time like they should have.
    A small percentage of the Democrats in the House did the same each and every time, although a sizable percentage of democrats in the House voting against it first and thus the bill failed on the first vote ( the democrat ” progressive” caucus or in other words the Fabian socialist/fascist voted for the big bank bail out each and every time like most of the senate did, most of both parties in the senate,Obama and McCain both voted for the big bank bail out)
    The DC ruling class majority went nuts, they used the house martial law to ram a big bank bail out through but some members said that the Treasury department threaten the real thing.

    • davidlscurlock

      the dems used to be the most informed people but now they just get told what to think and jump on the bandwagon armed with one liners and dont even look at what they are defending as if its us against them them being the republicans ….who they think are all millionaire bankers who light their 300$ cigar with a hundred dollar bill…but most are hard working moral people who believe that the gov. should be responsible for the bills and that people should work to eat…and for those who cant then the church and non profits should take care of them…but now days its all finger pointing and thuggery look at how pelosi bent everyones arm behind their back and pushed hard to get obamacare passed without anyone reading the bill ….we give away our freedoms to new agers and Utopian philosophies that want government to solve all of our problems …how about letting the fathers and mothers have respect back and let each lead his house according to his / her god given wisdom? oh we cant be trusted to run our lives i forgot….

  • Tonya Smith Haas

    What a waste. She is and always has appeared pretty ignorant. And she also has a bad reputation of stealing monies from us, the tax payers as well as making sure her grand kids get to go to college for free? Come on people, she is a DIS=grace to this country.

  • FrankHerbert

    this beast represents EVERYTHING that is wrong with this society

  • Michael Parnell

    Idiocy on steroids.

  • teapartypatriot

    She’s as stupid as she is ugly.

  • Jerry wright

    I’m years old, and know what America looks like, this isn’t it

  • utugolfer

    She needs to get help, delusional & psychotic, if she were to resign from office that would be a great help also.

  • Ed Kohl

    Sheila Jackson Lee, I can’t believe how stupid this woman is. Who elected her to office? She doesn’t know what Martial law really is, nor does she understand that is Odipshit declared it, there would be an uprising in this country that would take down the President and most of congress, whose heads would suddenly sprout cross-hairs in the bedlam. Listen, Mrs. Lee dipshit. Martial law would put Obummer in office for an indeterminate period of time until HE declared there was no longer any reason for it to exist. There would be NO rights, NO constitution, no Bill of Rights, and truly a Dictator in office in the White House. You are a complete MORON, although I hate to use that term as I think it is offensive for the true moron’s in this country to be classified the same as you. Did you graduate from Elementary school, or did you drop out of the first grade and live on the streets for the last sixty years? Before you open your mouth and say something this stupid in the future, please do us a favor and at least look up the references you are going to use in your speech BEFORE you say a single word. Believe me, the Entire nation and especially your constituents will thank you immensely.

  • A J

    I think this congrmwn has been running a few quarts low quite a while..normal
    Any credence to this article should be dealt with caution, me-thinks
    Hey, here’s a thought:
    Every Obama-phone given to some holders of a dozen or so, “Repay the Govt min. $50 ea. to recoup our loss

  • Joseph r carreiro sr

    Do you think that nearly 517,000 views of this article are in agreement with this completely out of touch leftie.Sure would like to know the % on agreement and disagreement wouldn’t you? Think. The photo had a look of viciousness.

  • Guest

    As the cowboys used to say,” GET THE ROPE” and tie er up

    • davidlscurlock

      watch what you say someone got 15 months for saying he wanted to kill obama ….true story…

  • IHateLibs

    APE Lookin Bitch

  • Shane Croker

    Could someone please tell me what district she represents here in Texas?

    • Cameron Stapel

      18th district.

  • Marbran

    AGAIN…we must vote out all incumbents in 2014. We must send the clear message to those who remain, and those newly elected, that we will no longer stand for this insanity.

    • Cameron Stapel

      If we were living in the country of our founders, most of these people would have been tarred and feathered or worse. Now they can change our life with a swish of a pen (for example, 23 million new illegal citizens) while we can only change things every 2, 4 or 6 years and we can do nothing. We must start using referendums to fire people that defy our Constitution while they are in office. Take a lesson from Colorado. We can do it, it’s in our Consitution!

  • T. VOGT

    Actually maybe she is right establish Martial Law, and hold Holder, Reid, Pelosi, Sebelus, the Obamas, and J Carney..
    to stand charges as treasonous corruption mongers holding America hostage since they have been going against the Constitution for over 5 years.. sounds good to me and Bet a lot of our Military would be happy to place the cuffs.

  • Bill Gilbow

    I am amazed that a fellow Texan has taken her out to a remote location for a one way ride. This woman is a galactic moron.

    • Cameron Stapel

      I think the word should be “haven’t”!

      • Bill Gilbow

        That was my intended comment. I stand corrected! If this was Vegas this would have been done days ago.

  • Don Smith

    If this GOON had a brain, she would be dangerous. As an aside, doesn’t she bear a remarkable resemblance to the former Ugandan dictator/henchman Idi Amin?! Both in appearance and insane rhetoric…

    • Cameron Stapel

      This thing does NOT have a brain and yes, she IS dangerous, fits right in with the goals of both parties.

  • Robert Beal

    I think your expanding her comments to suit your article. The woman is limited (my opinion) but she was elected and regardless of how foolish she speaks; she holds the job until such time she is replaced.

  • A. Patriot


    jackson lee, is of course a STUPID RACIST who should look and see what COLOR her so-called “President” is in her version of this “white racist country” !!!

    The REAL reason “people” like her spew the crap that they do is that they are SCARED !!! They always FEAR that maybe a party like the Tea Party will RUN HER LOUSY EVIL LIBERAL COMMUNIST DEMONCRAT PARTY CULT RIGHT OUT OF WASHINGTON if the LOUSY Mainstream Mass Media Machine Cult STOPS PROTECTING THEM !!!!

    BUT for now people like jackson lee ARE WINNING their fight to turn America into A COMMUNIST STATE where her “IDOL” king barry soetoro (aka barrack HUSSEIN MOHAMMED obama) gets to rule over THEIR KINGDOM OF DUMBED DOWN AMERICANS !!!

    If the “SMART” AMERICA doesn’t WAKE UP ASAP, it’ll be TOO LATE. I Hope To Be In Australia When That Happens !!!

    If this is the second showing of this….oops !!

  • ann redmond

    Poor Sheila, she must be off her meds again…..

  • vet4freedom

    if this bitch wants a war , bring it on !

  • 1Reddevil

    You must be talking about enforcing Martial Law against Black Gangs all over the U.S. Beating up on white folks. If that is what you are talking about I AGREE.

  • Raymond Babcock

    only 15 % of the goverment was shut down

  • Raymond Babcock

    wow what a bunch of haters

    • Cameron Stapel

      We are haters because we are fed-up!

  • dad666

    I agree and they should begin by arresting every Dumocrap and shipping them to Fema camps and putting them on bread and water for six months beginning with this worthless POS.

  • Robert Eugene Melling

    I have been blogging for more than a year that Mullah Obama would use martial law to abort the 2016 Presidential Election. Martial law would allow him to station his now-armed and trained government bureaucrats in strategic places to enforce it. For a Totalitarian Socialist, he certainly does have imperial aspirations. Welcome to the Caliphate of North America.

  • John Oliver

    She is an EMBARRASSMENT; but don’t insult ROCKS like that.

  • sirwiley

    Straight jacket and rubber room for this idiot. We all know Obama wants martial law, but will the rest go for it? My problem is wanting to know how imbecils get elected to high office? Any agents telling me my rights are suspended will be seen as enemies of the Constitution and I will fulfill my oath to defend it.

  • cherykie

    If she’s a freed slave . she must have just come over on a boat from Africa, because slavery was abolished long before she was a refugee from a defective condom….

  • Liam Connaughton

    Let me put it in terms she’ll understand . . . “STUPID BITCH”!!!

  • Chuck Phipps

    How did this dummy ever get elected to office?

  • disqus_ani35b0hTf


  • Wayne

    Why do these people vote for this ugly gorilla looking woman to represent them? Are they just trying to get her away from the area so she doesn’t scare away tourists?

  • Cameron Stapel

    I can explain this to you. She is a pompous spoiled child!
    She is a true racist: being only able to see in black and white rather than truth and fact!

    She is a sociopath: A person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

    She is a Bigot: A person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.
    I am ashamed of her and all the other people in our Government no matter what their color that are willing to trade off OUR freedom and OUR future and OUR money for their party and personal gain.
    I am ashamed of you all!

  • Bradley Hill

    Instituting Martial Law by Pres. Obama will only cause people like Sheila Jackson to go into hiding. Better believe someone will be looking for her as well as a lot of other people who supported this action. Will A new Civil War commence? 250 million angry citizens with guns won’t be easy to fight off.

  • Angry Leprecauhn

    She is a communist, an agitator and ignorant Muppet whose constituents are the dregs of society~FREED SLAVE!???? WTF? Ha Ha Ha what a moron,and this is a person who is actually allowed to be in the halls of congress! I say enact Martial Law on D.C. and begin a clean up operation starting with these AFRODEMECUNTS!

  • Alan Porter

    Creepy ladie

  • RhaKlaatu

    Look at it this way. If she were not elected to office, she would be in jail or welfare. The sad thing is that she is supposedly representing the people that elected her. If she represents some group of people I feel sorry for them.

    • msmischief

      Remember — they elected her. Perhaps they deserve her.

  • Bill Atwood

    I now believe in evolution. Just about 5 generations from swinging in a tree

  • Janice Clement

    This fool is delusional and needs to be locked up to protect everyone and anyone who might ever come into contact with her.

  • Daniel Francis

    Sheila Jackson must have inside protection from martial law or she has no clue about the impact of such a tyrannical tactic. She is a Marxist and Texas needs to get rid of her fast.

  • Aranna Vallotton

    She’s as twisted as it gets. Thing is, with the massive ammo buy and bringing in of heavy artillery to places that haven’t seen military presence since WW11. When your own government buys enough ammo to kill every person in the US with 5 bullets each, THEN refuses to answer for his actions. This twisted beeooochh fits right in.

  • Terry Looney

    I’m curious Sheila, Shouldn’t you be a republican? Since your a freed slave it was Abe Lincoln( a republican) that freed the slaves and it was 84% of the Congress (Republicans) that freed the slaves. And didn’t President Roosevelt (a Democrat) form detention camps for the Japanese Americans locking them away like slaves? Come on girl pull your head out of your butt and think.

  • Matt

    as a Texan in her district..I apologies for her. She still thinks we landed a Man on Mars..NO REALLY. City Employees- in City Trucks were caught on camera going around town, removing her Opponent JOHN FALK signs from Private Properties and Yards..Mickey Leeland(NO CONSERVATIVE) would be so ashamed she has taken his Seat and how she has acted. It angers me even more to think I will pay her salary till the day she be honest..Id rather pay it with her out of office than in. I honestly Apologize for the entire state..she is nothing to be proud of.GPD12292 called this one Correctly.

  • Peter

    ire the Bitch!! She is one who wants to start a Racial War. She ain’t all there? She is so stupid at times like Al Sharpton!!!

  • American Vet

    What an overwhelmingly stupid Gorilla. I will apologize to, in advance, to all the gorillas whom I may have offended by this comment. **Note** No gorillas were harmed in the composing and/or posting of this message. However, she is one Gorilla I would love to see hurt. Badly!!

  • Cynthia Osbun

    If she’s so into it, then why doesn’t she just leave the US and go to a country that HAS Martial Law, and leave us ALONE???

  • Nanci Alley

    This is the dumbest BITCH that I have ever set eyes on! OMG she is a freed slave? That means that she is at least 148 years old. I mean how great is that to still be alive after 148 years!!! Does she even know the meaning of “Martial law”? Dumber than a wet bag of hammers. Let me say another one or two of her whoppers! Astronauts placed the flag on Mars & not the moon! I think we need to send her to Mars to find it! Oh yeah, the insurance companies cancelling health insurance is a lie! Seriously, wonder if she would be willing to bet her entire pay for 2 years to prove everyone else is wrong but her!!!

  • Houstongirl

    So why does SJL have over 500,000 views? I guess a lot of people want to see what a truly ignorant American looks like. She received votes from many people who live in the same vacant lot. OK, so maybe they are homeless. But how did they know to vote for her? Did they just see the “D” by her name? Or are those fraudulent votes? I wonder about this. She is not the world’s sharpest pencil.

  • John

    This is the future of America, dumbed down, ignorant, and stipid.

  • Desiree Seifert

    This black bitch belongs in a BODY BAG, That is where she will do the nation the most good!

  • Nick

    Lets appoint her ambassador to Chicago. Announce she is coming to town with a trunk load of free cell phones and send her in with no armed guards or weapons.

  • Libertarian


  • Gnowark

    “We have martial law …what that means … you can put a bill on in just minutes.” I guess it also means the Senate can again put forward bills on spending, and the house just has to only agree. She is why I am very afraid of “Common Core” – that doesn’t want to teach the real literal meaning of the Constitution.

  • John Anderson Jr.

    I don’t think she’s as dumb as a box of rocks, I think she has smoked too many rocks, I don’t care if she’s black, white or blue with green poke-a-dots, this woman is Bat Sh-t Crazy, yes I said that Shelia Jackson, you have drank way too much Cool-Aid and should be pushed to step down, she does African Americans a huge disservice by pretending to be a real politician.

  • Teapartyunobabyyyyyyyyyy

    She is totally ignorant! She is an institutional racist!

  • Aberration

    I would suggest that she be beat with an ugly & dumb stick, but I don’t believe that is a stick that will make her any dumber or uglier.

  • Michael Tomaino

    I read several posts.. although a little off topic, No one has mentioned the voter fraud that also ‘helped’ get him elected.

  • Steven DePriest

    I don’t think she even knows what “martial law” is. She probably thinks it is a street on Mars… to the American Flag.

  • Carol Lightfoot

    This black witch better shut her big mouth. She thinks martial law is a candy bar, looks like she’s eaten tons of them.

  • haventAclue

    @GPD12292:disqus You are absolutely right! She is dumber than a ton of rocks!!! Can’t believe the good people of Texas voted her into office in the first place!!! What a moron!!!

  • lonnie jessee

    they should expedite her right out of office !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PatriotInk

    Sheila Jackson Lee: No brain. Just a gorilla face.

  • Nick

    yet another one of “the useful idiots” that the Marxist need to keep their lies going.. People that don’t think logically or analytically are the perfect drones for the communist


    When any government becomes more important than the people it was created to serve, then that country is doomed to extinction.

  • digger45

    When martial law is call the next civil wars starts

  • Kevin H Fox

    Words cannot describe her stupidity and the stupidity of those who elected her.

  • sreynolds

    Ugly to the bone and shows you what public education can do to a human.

  • Bucko25

    she is about 3 days out of the trees!! bananas, watermelons, and mango’s are her diet!!

  • Bucko25

    I bet she can’t even spell it!!

  • Bucko25

    Hay TX, you need to flush this turd!!

  • PatriotInk

    Fred Sanford could mash her ugly face in dough and make really big gorilla cookies!!!

  • robmanwiller

    I would have expected nothing less from Sheila “Gorilla My Dreams” Lee.

  • budripkin

    When Obama gave more sympathy to a black thug then he gave to our murdered ambassador plus his protectors that’s not racist? With a less than 40% approval
    he still has over 90% black approval … are the majority of white folk
    out of step in regards to racism .. after millions of us crossed racial
    lines to vote for him

  • Sherryloves god

    Obomalie hates America! If the people can’t see he is taking America to a place to the point of no return they are ignorant, Obama is a evil man!

  • Sherryloves god

    This woman is more stupid than she even looks, plum ignorant…..

  • Bobbi Martin

    this one has NO intrinsic value left in her, and she need to be taken out to pasture with the rest of the cows and left there to rot. What I load of BS she spouts . This is an evil woman who, like Ovomit, is determined to have things HER way or NP way. No you stupid TWIT, we do NOT have martial law ans id it is declared there are going to be a lot of people die because of a bunch of stupid people who there IS no teaching.

  • Eric Weaver

    and her voters will re-elect her meaning they are all idiots.

  • Kenneth Duncan

    Make her the first casualty.

  • Artie

    I dont think she has a clue what she was talking about. I can only imagine what the people in her district must be like. I bet it has walls and men in white coats keeping order.

  • Glitch Girl

    I’m sorry but that pic looks like there are wild berries growing in the mist.

  • ForrestByers

    Someone should ask Sheila Jackson Lee to define the word, ” martial law”. I am willing to bet that she has no idea what it means! I was worried, given her authoritarian, delivery and style, but then, to read what she said in context, leads me to conclude, that I have been giving her, far too much, actual intellectual gravitas.

  • ForrestByers

    If not liking Marxism, socialism, collectivism, etc. is racist, then I guess I am a racist, all day long and up to the Second Coming but I still love my ever loving, dark berry of a wife (“Dark is the berry, Sweet is the juice”), and will so, for all time and eternity! This is been an excerpt from the imagined forthcoming book, “The Adventures of Pinkie and Brownie”.

  • 3catmama

    What a stupid person she is! Her ticket was affirmative action and I would say the voters got the short end of the stick….oh, now remember when that district was created to include a totally black district. This is not racially motivated as I am not a racist…….but she is stupid whether she is black, white or purple! Dumb as a fence post!

  • lou hodges

    She is not a Democrat. She’s a Communist pretending to be a Democrat. This is where you keep getting hung up. These are members of the communist party in hiding, lying to the public to get votes. They are carrying out a communist agenda. I’m 67, I was around when the communists tried to take Hawaii before they took Cuba. Believe me, or believe

  • lessthantolerant

    This one brain dead Simian. No wonder a POS like Obama can get elected.

  • HokieBird

    She’s a village idiot. Unfortunately, she has a vote, as do millions like her.

  • Steve Knight

    What a stupid woman – period.

  • Nannie Sue Hubbard

    Sheila Jackson Lee should be the second person imprisoned by “martial law!” The first should be Obama and his whole cabinet! Yeah, impose martial law!

  • DavePeck

    Typical fukn Mud Duck !! Her and The Mud Duck in charge have shown the American People why they should never make these mistakes again !! Some people just do not have the itellect to govern

  • Nancy

    She is absolutely ignorant,. and this is the kind of person helping to run our government. And, helping to tear our country apart is more like it./
    She doesn’t have enough brains to hold the position she is in. I hope the people that voted for her are not allowed to vote again ever again

  • Dale Putnam

    she may appear dumb.. and not the sharpest tool in the shed.. however, it is with a huge concern, that this is said on the Floor, where the idiots and country crushers can hear it and take it in any direction they want… no matter what she meant to or didn’t mean to say… give the progressive monsters in power a hint of a path to follow,.. to create a crisis and exploit it to the fullest… does not take sharp tools to start… only an armed citizenship to stop….. oh wait.. they are already taking the guns away.. oh oh.

  • knowledgeisgood

    That was awfully strange to hear that word come out of no where, as if she was trying to throw that out as a code to give her personal ok for obama to take complete control of our nation with her backing. She is one crazy fool, and if there is anyone that can’t be trusted, she falls right in line with Obama.

  • K Edwards

    Absolute idiot, send her back to kenya with obamafailure

  • Carol Ann

    She is a racist hater and is in the wrong country with that hate in her.

  • Carol Ann

    She’s as ugly as her racism.

  • Bucko25

    How.. can anyone be that freaking stupid… she can’t even spell it!! A true product of affirmative action!! And…..we gave them the right to vote….sick!!

  • mycountrytoo

    Sheila Jackson Lee doesn’t know the meaning of martial law. Remember, she’s the one who said we put a flag on Mars.

  • Happytobeme2

    Wonder what the IQ is of some elected to gov positions these days?

  • sthnmn

    Maybe we should have IQ tests for people running for Congress.

  • You Knucklehead

    Cross dresser Magilla has lost his mind!

  • AmazedJim

    She is actually DUMBER than a box of rocks. The rocks don’t make comments that make them appear insane. She does. Frequently.