EXCLUSIVE TheTeaParty.net Bachmann Townhall with Rusty Humphries: “Will we be a Constitutional Republic or Devolve into a Dictatorship?”

Bachmann Yesterday, radio host Rusty Humphries, conducted an EXCLUSIVE TheTeaParty.net interview and tele-townhall for with Rep. Michele Bachman. Questions were submitted by Tea Party followers via social media. During this interview, Bachmann responded to some of these questions with great candor. She also made a statement directly to the Tea Party movement to offer thanks and encouragement. “I want the Tea Party to know they made a profound difference and what they’re fighting for is to see if we’re actually going to be a constitutional Republic or will be totally devolved into a dictatorship under somebody like Obama.” Listen to the full Bachmann Townhall and exclusive TheTeaParty.net interview conducted by Rusty Humphries below.


  1. America has had enough of the commie MF’er, things are about to really heat up!! Freedom is not free!!

    1. I’m really starting to believe that none of you understand what Communism means…what is this, the McCarthy era all over again?

    2. communism is for the collective…no one owns anything…the government runs everything…churches are shut down…only the leader is good…we are already starting it with share a car..that is a communist thought…austerism…no Christmas … or our holidays…all of our people will forget our past…I could go on and on but you must know already what it is…also killing people who do not go along with the rules…or even talking about it…sad…we have the best and some here desire the worst…Hollywood would be gone…no guns…rationing of electricity…how much water you use…

  2. Early American Patriots risked their property, their fortunes, their Lives.

    They were considered Traitors.

    They wanted Freedom, an American Nation!

    What do we want?

    What are we prepared to risk?

    1. the ultimate in population control….I am worried for us all…martial law…not a good thing…remember Katrina..people shot…rioting and looting…kaos….not a good thing…

  3. we have a president that wants to change history, don’t let kids get taught in schools about american revolution, and keep telling american people about all the contributions muslims have made in forming america with our forefathers, (WHAT) this president is off his rocker, i use to wonder how americans could fight with americans like they did in the civil war. Now i see how that could happen they were republicans and democrats, because we do hate each other, and i don’t see anywhere down the road it could be healed,

    1. I’m sorry, are you delusional? Not saying Obama is the best president, but what examples do you have of him trying to repeal education of the American Revolution, or Muslim contributions with our forefathers (though ultimately, there is some truth to the latter…).

    2. when people are shoved enough…things can happen…our Civil war was not about just one thing…banks and money…and crooked congressional dealing I am sure of it…please Lord…putting God on here…He needs to hear from us somewhere…they the commies have taken it away…humility is gone from society…I don’t call it greed…

  4. We became a dictatorship when liberals decided a good reason to elect a man president was that he was black, the greatest racist act of all.

    1. How does a raced based decision by a majority of the electorate equal a dictatorship. He isn’t staying beyond his elected time frame, please provide your definition of dictator because I think we are talking about two different things.

    2. when he starts shoving laws down our throat that we do not want. when he shuts down ww2 memorial that the people own. when he stops people from demostrating agaisnt him. when 4 of our people die and he turns off the t.v and goes to bed and leaves them to die. would you like me continue matt h. i think you have your deffinition of dictator wrong. a white man would not have done this.

    3. All actions taken by the president have been within the powers granted to him by the constitution. All “laws” that have been passed since he took office have been approved by congress (dictators don’t tend to consult congresses) If you believe otherwise please cite your sources. As for what a white president would do, Bill Clinton did the same things during his shutdowns, so I’m not sure where that opinion comes from either.

    4. no…he did not…his were different…we were not without money in our cawfers…and 17 trillion in debt…with no budget in sight…

    5. why are you quoting the constitution. obumer doesnt even follow it. he is using power that he doesnt have. you can go join obumer any time you want.

    6. then goes to Las Vegas…with Air force one…millions in trips that we as Americans cannot afford…back and forth to Hawaii…$$$ more spent…dog shipped to Mass. while they are on vacation…and we are broke…I think it is awful our planes are grounded when he flies…so more $$$ being shifted ….

    7. We know what he has done and we are very angry about it. It’s time to unite and fight for our freedom and our country. I guarantee there will be black and white Americans fighting to destroy his plans to make our country a communist country.

    8. stopping the law from being dumped…using the court instead of congress…having everyone understanding laws before they are passed…

    9. We had a chance to bring black & white together through respect. But obama didn’t really want togetherness; he wanted to destroy us. And we have to respect each other if we want to fight together for our common good. Get your mtDNA tested and find out where you really came from. You might be surprised – pleasantly. At least I was and so are all the people I have told my story to.

  5. It will be a dictatorship. You can count on that.
    They have 80% of the media and quite frankly their people are better organized and smarter.
    We have 20% of the media, a few rich people who aren’t smart enough to understand the problem and about a million ornery veterans.

    1. Speaking of the left-wing-biased media, are we sick enough of it to do something about it?
      The only way to fight back is to hit ‘em where it hurts: in the pocketbook. Advertisers on these so-called “news” programs won’t like it when millions of us stop buying their products. And the “news” programs won’t like it when their advertisers pull their sponsorship.

      Ben Shapiro (you remember him; he made mincemeat out of Piers Morgan last year on national television) of Breitbart.com has created a new website. Part of it deals with petitions to advertisers. It’s brand new, but already there’s a petition ready — with more to come — for you to sign that will be sent free at no charge to you to an advertiser of Al Sharpton’s MSNBC program. Check it out, sign up, get involved:


    2. Are you aware that the black ministers are getting together to get rid of Al Sharpton? That says to me that they are good American Citizens.

  6. we are being rooked by a non citizen and no one wants to kick him out because of his color. We never seem to learn and if we don’t act history will repeat itself if there is anything left