EXCLUSIVE TheTeaParty.net Bachmann Townhall with Rusty Humphries: “Will we be a Constitutional Republic or Devolve into a Dictatorship?”

Yesterday, radio host Rusty Humphries, conducted an EXCLUSIVE TheTeaParty.net interview and tele-townhall for with Rep. Michele Bachman. Questions were submitted by Tea Party followers via social media. During this interview, Bachmann responded to some of these questions with great candor. She also made a statement directly to the Tea Party movement to offer thanks and encouragement.

“I want the Tea Party to know they made a profound difference and what they’re fighting for is to see if we’re actually going to be a constitutional Republic or will be totally devolved into a dictatorship under somebody like Obama.”

Listen to the full Bachmann Townhall and exclusive TheTeaParty.net interview conducted by Rusty Humphries below.

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