Robin Leach Warns America: Obama’s Taking This Country Down the Road to ‘Communism’


Robin Leach, the English-born entertainment celebrity most famous for his long-running TV hit in the 80’s and 90’s, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, sat down with Stuart Varney (see video below), who was guest-hosting Your World with Neil Cavuto on the FOX News channel. Below is an excerpt, followed by the full interview, in which Leach sternly warns the United States that Barack Obama is leading the country towards communism.

I think that it’s — it’s horrifying what this man has led America into. Horrifying. Strong word but deliberately because I don’t think that the world — well, I don’t think that mainly Americans are aware of what is going on in this country.

It’s exactly the same reason that you/I left England in the ’60s before Maggie Thatcher came in and crushed the unions, which were destroying Britain. They were destroying economies. They were destroying jobs. They were destroying initiative, free enterprise, everything. Maggie Thatcher reversed it all. We need that kind of leadership in this country before America is on its knees.

Varney interjects with a clarifying question, asking Leach, “You think that this president has taken us that far down the road to European look-alike country in just four years?

I’m not even gentle with the words of European look-alike country. He’s taken this country down the road of socialism which is a cushy, comfortable word for communism