Black Tea Party Leader Niger Innis: 'The Slaves Had Food Stamps Too; It Was Called Scraps from Massa's Table'

On Monday,’s Chief Strategist Niger Innis appeared on Fox News’ Cavuto to discuss American reliance on food stamps.

The host, Neil Cavuto, discussed how the government is spending millions to protect government buildings on November 1st as food stamp allowances are set to decrease. This shocking action is indicative of a population entirely too dependent on government handouts. Innis stated,

“What this says more than anything is that when you have nearly fifty million Americans on food stamps that are forced to be on food stamps because of a miserable economy that big government is strangling, than it is obvious that what government can give to you, government can take away.”

“If we do not radically change our economy and revamp our economy so that those fifty million people have an opportunity to be liberated from food stamps… what these people need is economic opportunity and a good job so that they can put food on their own table.”

“You know, Neil, the slaves had food stamps, too,” Innis stated. “It was called ‘scraps from Massa’s table!’”

Discussing America’s dependency on entitlements, Innis candidly stated,

“We have to get out of this. I mean, we are on a slow march to being Western Europe- socialized Western Europe, a big-government state where people are not only on entitlements, but have the entitlement mentality… We need to liberate this economy so that we can revive this economy to provide jobs. Take the boot off the private sector so that the private sector can do what it does best.”

America continues on a downward spiral as more and more Americans are dependent on big-government to live. Meanwhile, however, the government’s spending addiction continues to signal choppy waters ahead as America commits to more and more debt each day and as small business and regular taxpayers feel increased pressure to keep bloated government afloat.

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