Common Core Indoctrination: The People Must Obey Government Commands

Common Core Everybody wants to improve education. There are many opinions on how America ought to go about better educating the generation that will soon inherit this country. With massive deficits and a national debt over $17 trillion with no clear solution in sight, the next generation will have their work cut out for them as they navigate the choppy waters in the wake of the today’s “leaders” who have seemingly failed to uphold the golden American standard of giving the next generation a better life than the generation before. So, in order to improve education, what is being done? Is the Department of Education pushing for a privatization of education, knowing that doing so creates a more robust competition and better learning environment? Are they dusting off “No Child Left Behind”? Nope- the prevailing trend is the Common Core Standards that not-so-subtly seek to fundamentally control and shape the political and social perspectives of the generation that is on deck. Unfortunately, the examples of Common Core indoctrination is nothing new; the examples are too numerous to mention. However, the most recent examples of leftist brainwashing comes in the form of teaching possessive nouns to teach children to mindlessly follow the will of government. Chris Sardegna of Orange County, California, has captured what Common Core is teaching third graders. The exercise calls for students to make sentences less wordy by employing possessive nouns. The first example is: The job of a president is not easy. The answer: “The president’s job is not easy.” Nothing outlandish here; aside from the all-too-frequent vacations and golf outings, the president’s job is, indeed, difficult. What follows is more disturbing as students are subtly reminded to obey government and abandon free-thinking.
2) The people of a nation do not always agree. 3) The choices of a president affect everyone. 4) He makes sure the laws of the country are fair. 5) The commands of government officials must be obeyed by all. 6) The wants of the individual are less important than the well-being of the nation.
So, for those reading, I have an exercise for you: What are the underlying, take-away messages from these statements that children should be bringing home? 1) The president’s job is to make sure everything is fair. 2) It is the duty of citizens subjects to follow what government tells us 3) The individual’s wants are less important than the nation’s well-being. Of course, this is erroneous on several levels. First, the president’s job is to execute the will of Congress. Period. If we were going to nit-pick, if anyone had the job of assuring fairness, it would be the Supreme Court who rules on the Constitutionality of laws. Second, it is most certainly not the duty of citizens to follow governmental commands. Our birth as a nation came from the disobedience of patriotic citizens who saw that the government’s commands were wrong. The Civil Rights Movement, a shining example of courage, came from continued civil disobedience. We should teach children to challenge government and disobey that which is wrong. Further, we should be trying to foster belief in the individual, not demean it. Of course, the nature of Common Core indoctrination is often very subtle. They glorify union bullying as heroic examples of standing up for rights, but institute small jabs and misrepresentations to purposefully manipulate the minds of those who know no better. The left is looking to get ‘em young, and with Common Core, they are likely to succeed unless Americans share and voice their outrage over what children are learning.


    1. It was always superfluous and a waste of our money in my opinion. The hijacking and reconfiguration of Common Core goes beyond that to dangerous though.

    2. I agree. Our Nation got along fine for nearly 200 years without it. Since its creation, test scores have flatlined.

    3. Indeed, like many other things that the feds ‘help’ us with, it is better managed at the local level.

    4. I would go so far as to say the entire cabinet of the Executive should be disbanded and dissolved.

  1. You still have free will students. Don’t let them tell you any different. They are just trying to get your votes and get you backing them in any way they can. They are evil and you need to turn your back on evil.

  2. Mr. Campbell, what is the source of the purported “exercise” pictured above? Who is Chris Sardegna of Orange County, CA?

  3. We should not keep giving tax payer dollars to schools that promote socialism! All Professors,and teachers who promote socialism should loose there teaching lic,and charged with conspiracy to commit Sedition! This is not a communist country!!

    1. You need to check your spelling.
      It is “lose.” “Loose” means not held tightly.
      “There” means a position, such as “over in that place.”
      Your word should be “their,” which is a possessive.
      There should be the word “be” in front of “charged”

      Perhaps the Tea Party needs to come out with a new spelling book!

    2. Amazing! You are bothered by his misspelling, but didn’t notice that made on the indoctrination form (I won’t call it classwork). They used Affect instead of Effect, do you suppose them mean it as an attack?


      3. (of pain, disease, etc.) to attack or lay hold of.


      3. something that is produced by an agency or cause; result; consequence: Exposure to the sun had the effect of toughening his skin.

      2. power to produce results; efficacy; force; validity; influence: His protest had no effect.

  4. Lol…. Not one singe itty bit of a URL where this could be found. Not in favor of Common Core myself, but until “proven” beyond the writers “word”… It’s Bull&hit. At the same time, there really isn’t any hidden attack going on here unless you really want it to be.

    1. I was with you until your last sentence. (trust but verify) But you don’t see an attack with what this is pointing out? You must always obey the government. The needs of the individual is not important compared to the needs of the state. And you don’t see the attack there…? (rhetorical questions – no need to reply)

    2. Absolutely, I see a problem here. But who knows where this thing came from. Could be another cooked up, political meme to continue to stir that old pot! I have no trust for politicians nor those that will defend some of the most absurd statements and other nonsense, without even considering to look them up to fact check or read the actual story that may be cited, etc.

    3. Khem I have been following this and other so call political memes since obastard has taken office. All I can say is ‘do your own research’…’s all out there. What gives this man or anyone for that matter the right to call a document that has kept us in power for over 250 years FLAWED? From what I can see his policies his duck and run polices are really flawed. Remember…HITLER was charismatic also. Start reading news outside of your comfort zone….you will will start to question. Khem we are in trouble……

    4. No, actually it isn’t. Being from post war Germany (b. 1946) English should be second, but German has all but disappeared. In fact I’d rather speak English. Obviously you have some sort of problem with my typing? I have been on 4 different continents and held citizenship in 2, not counting my birth country. So I have some bits and pieces of several languages but English is my main one and has seen me through quite a few decades now.

    5. Retired Infantry NCO (been on about that many continents as well) and I made it a point to learn some of the language of whomever would be the most likely to try to kill me…..just as a matter of courtesy, of course.

      Now, back to cases.
      Since you’re from Nachkrieg Deutschland, perhaps you’re familiar with this:

      “When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already…
      What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”
      >>> Adolf Hitler

      The leftists in D.C. are similarly following ol’ Adolph’s playbook when it comes to “nationalizing” things like industries (GM, GE, etc) and healthcare, demonizing convenient opponents (conservatives, Christians, etc), pushing bigger government, institutionalizing domestic surveillance, and pushing for gun control.

      If you are truly as world-wise as you say, how can you miss the “progressives” in D.C. attempting to make history to repeat itself?

  5. Where are the parents? If the parents would get together and stick together the brain washers could not get away with all of this that they are doing to our children. Not only are they teaching children to be robots for the govt. They are sexualizing them at a young age and destroying the natural sense of right and wrong. They are separating them from parental beliefs and substituting the Christian faith with Islam teachings. Where are you parents?

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  7. Throughout history, politicians have known you cannot change the political landscape if, at first, you do not create a generation of believers; thus, propaganda is essential to instill “right thinking’ in the children. Skepticism is the essential mindset of a good citizen.

  8. Do you see how these people never sleep? Just when we think we are in the thick of things with Obamacare occupying our thoughts 24/7, they are relentlessly working on another prong of their pitchforked agenda. If we are to win, we must work TWICE AS HARD to COUNTER their PURE EVILNESS. GET VERY BUSY and encourage others to DO THE SAME!

  9. Homeschooling is the best answer for now I think. It’s not for everybody, but It’s not as hard as we thought it would be, it’s all about networking with other homeschoolers.

  10. I bet whoever thought up this quiz, 30 years ago was driving around in a battered, rusted out VW beetle held together with “Question Authority” bumper stickers.

  11. Mr. Campbell, I am reposting my question from 3 days ago, to which there has as yet been no response: What is the source of the purported “exercise” pictured above? Who is Chris Sardegna of Orange County, CA?

  12. Mr. Campbell, I am reposting my question from 3 days ago, to which there has as yet been no response: What is the source of the purported “exercise” pictured above? Who is Chris Sardegna of Orange County, CA?

  13. Old Khem,

    You are an idiot. You allege this story is a possible political “meme”…..yet do you do one IOTA of research? NO. Pearson education, which wrote this tripe homework assignment for kids actually commented on it and said they will investigate.

    Do your homework for once. Rather than call into question the validity of this story (which is a factual story), you might better spend your time criticizing a government that thinks such blatant indoctrination is acceptable.