Global Warming Hoax Crashing Faster Than the Obamacare Website

Warmists Al Gore and Barack Obama are seeing their Global Warming religion crumble

Warmists Al Gore and Barack Obama are seeing their Global Warming religion crumble

You won’t read much about this in the Democrat Media Complex in the United States, but while we’re inundated with a never-ending stream of scandals and lies from the Obama regime, the religion of global warming is crashing faster than the Obamacare website, While this hoax, perhaps the biggest in world history, should have ended with Climategate, recent real scientific data is bringing the religion to its knees.

As reported by the UK Daily Mail, peer-reviewed studies reveal three key take-aways:

  • Study says warmer temperatures are largely due to natural 300-year cycles
  • Actual increase in last 17 years lower than almost every prediction
  • Scientists likened continuing pause to a Mexican wave in a stadium

The data, as the article attests, represents a “stunning challenge to climate science orthodoxy,” and says that the new data, “suggests that the scientific majority – whose views are represented by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – have underestimated the role of natural cycles and exaggerated that of greenhouse gases.” 

It’s parallel to the lies from the Obama regime that a “YouTube video” caused the Benghazi terrorist attacks (it didn’t), or that the Obama NSA is not spying on you (they are), or that you can keep your insurance and doctor, “period,” under Obamacare (you can’t). All the hooey about “the science is settled,” and that “the majority of scientists agree,” has just been debunked. 

Do you think the leftists that have used this hoax to further big government’s takeover of every area of our economic freedom will acknowledge this new evidence? Hardly. They’ll double down like they always do. Who are the real deniers? A prediction? No, it’s a fact. Just four days ago, on November 1st, and this was largely ignored by the mainstream media, Obama issued an executive order directing a government-wide effort to boost preparation in states and local communities for the impact of global warming.

Where do taxpayers go to get their money back, and more importantly, when do leftists go to get their credibility back?

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