More Bad News for Dems: The Young and Healthy are Bailing on Obamacare


Bad news continues to rain down upon the Democrats as the Obamacare debacle goes from bad to worse. As Americans wait patiently for a solution that will never come for the failed website,, Democrats seem to have much bigger fish to fry than the costly website that is the Ford Pinto of the tech world.

Obamacare runs off a simple premise; theoretically, everyone would purchase insurance, young and old alike, and the healthcare costs of the 87-year-old smoker would be offset by the premiums paid by the 21-year-old marathon runner. A robust balance of young and old is needed to keep premiums down as the young and healthy are less likely to need expensive procedures and long-term care.

The problem is, however, that people aren’t going for it.

According to the Wall Street Journal, insurers are noting that the young and healthy, the lynchpins of the convoluted healthcare swindle, aren’t going for the healthcare insurance. Though Obama and his mindless drones continually pretend as if Americans are excited about the overpriced insurance that is forcing people out of their already-existing plans to force them to pay more for government-approved plans, people are still, unsurprisingly, not enthused about paying more- spelling disaster for the already-unsustainable healthcare overhaul.

Though they try to initially lay some of the blame off on the complete failure of the online healthcare insurance exchange, The Wall Street Journal Notes,

“Insurers say the early buyers of health coverage on the nation’s troubled new websites are older than expected so far, raising early concerns about the economics of the insurance marketplaces.

If the trend continues, an older, more expensive set of customers could drive up prices for everyone, the insurers say, by forcing them to spread their costs around. ‘We need a broad range of people to make this work, and we’re not seeing that right now,’ said Heather Thiltgen of Medical Mutual of Ohio, the state’s largest insurer by individual customers. ‘We’re seeing the population skewing older.’…

[T]he numbers demonstrate a real-world fallout from the digital snafus: Less-healthy customers are more likely to persevere through technical obstacles to gain coverage, insurers say. Younger, healthier customers who feel less need for insurance—but whose widespread participation is important to the financial success of the system—could be quicker to give up.

The average enrollee age at Priority Health, a Michigan insurer, has ticked up to age 51 for newcomers, from about 41 years old for plans offered for the current year, said Joan Budden, chief marketing officer. Arise Health Plan, Wisconsin’s largest nonprofit insurer, said more than half its 150 signees are over 50, a higher proportion than expected, while declining to be specific on its target age.”

Additionally, those who are complying with the heavy-handed tactics of the government and looking to purchase insurance are finding that Obamacare is raising the average premiums for individual healthcare coverage by 32%.

This number will likely continue to rise as businesses self-insure to avoid the costs associated with Obamacare, further draining the insurance pool of healthier, younger customers.

Obamacare continues down the path of destruction, becoming more of an embarrassment for Democrats with each passing day. While the devote followers of Obama continue to lie and spin half-truths, the fact remains that Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster and will likely only get worse.