Western Conservative Conference Set for Phoenix; Star-Studded Political & Entertainer Lineup

WCCLogo Something exciting is set to happen in Phoenix, Arizona. If you are a conservative on the West Coast, then it is a must attend event. The Western Conservative Conference, chaired by Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ5) will take place at the Phoenix Convention Center on February 21st and 22nd. Conference organizers have some great names headlining the conference. Arizona based Western Journalism reports,
Whether interested in tax reform, media bias, security threats, immigration reform, or Barack Obama’s scandal-plagued presidency, the inaugural conference offers something for conservatives of all stripes. Conservative congressmen including Matt Salmon, Paul Gosar, and David Schweikert will be on hand to address attendees, as will well-known entertainers such as Ted Nugent and Steven Segal. Additional speakers are being added regularly; and invited guests include senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee, as well as Texas Gov. Rick Perry.
Organizers of the Western Conservative Conference are offering special early bird pricing for those who register by December 31st, as reported by Western Journalism.
Tickets to the once-in-a-lifetime event are currently on sale at a discounted price for a limited time. Those interested in reserving a spot can do so for half price by registering online before Dec. 31. Further discounts are available for the comprehensive package, which includes admission to each session of the conference as well as meal events. The $400 package is currently available for just $199. Planned for the perfect time of year for those in cold climates to enjoy Arizona’s temperate winters, the conference is designed to offer attendees an unforgettable experience.
Conservatives on the West Coast often find the East Coast conferences difficult to attend based upon both cost to travel cross country and the time involved in doing so. The Western Conservative Conference offers conservatives on the West Coast of the United States a great way to network and discuss important issues facing America today. Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio, known as America’s toughest sheriff, will be a speaker at the closing event on Saturday night. During this event, Sheriff Joe will be ‘roasted’ by some of his closest friends including rock legend Ted Nugent and actor Steven Seagal. Other notable confirmed speakers for the conference include radio talk show host and FAIRTax book author Neal Boortz, Congressmen Matt Salmon, Dave Schweickert, and Paul Gosar, as well as former Arizona Senator Lori Klein. Invited speakers include Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul and Texas Governor Rick Perry. More information, as well as tickets and early bird specials, can be found on the event’s site Below is a video with a personal invitation by Sheriff Joe Arapaio encouraging all to attend this conference.
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  1. The Tea Party has to get past the social issues that are killing all of the conservative movement, and FOCUS on the governmental issues. Otherwise, the movement is as good as lost.

  2. I certainly wish all Western Conservatives the best of Fortune on this gathering. God Bless America once again~!

  3. …..then….if you want to be Really Really Really Conservative…fold your hands, bow your head, and pray to Jesus in a Public Place!….The TEA PARTY, which I support, needs to publically accept the Bible as an accepted guide for rule of Gov’t, and a guide for how Gov’t proceedings can integrate the involvement of God. Therefore, the importance of, and inclusion of, God , forms the very definition of this country……or this whole gathering simmers down to “One form of Hollywood displacing another form of Hollywood”. . Our money says “In God We Trust”, but “Separation of Church & State” wins in court, because our founding fathers never legally WROTE “The Holy Bible and it’s teachings shall be accepted as our moral compass to guide Gov’t in formulating laws which honor the God to whom we thank for our new found freedoms.” In Court, what is written and documented stands the test. God and the Bible work in the “Spiritual Realm”, and “changes of soul and heart” cannot be documented and proven in a court of law. If our founding fathers had a “heart for God”, it does us no good now, because we proceed with regard to pure black and white. If our money says “In God We Trust”, how on Earth can there exist the notion of “Separation of Church & State” ??????????

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