Chris Matthews Panics About 2014: ‘The Tea Party is Still Growing!’

“Run for your lives! The Tea Party is growing stronger!” That was the central message behind a recent caution from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. Speaking with Michele Goldberg of The Nation, Matthews warned that the Tea Party, the movement the left had hoped would simply fade away, is growing. Matthews said,
“Michelle, I have a sense talking to people, not just from the South but from New York State for example, the Tea Party’s still growing… We here at MSNBC may offer a different point of view some, most of the time. But I gotta tell you I sense it’s still out there and festering. I don’t think the center in the Republican party that survives these years has the strength to take it on!”
Goldberg chimed in and warned of the Tea Party Movement’s progress. Claiming that the GOP had nurtured the conservative movement, Goldberg stated,
“Right! Well the Republican party has kinda nurtured the conservative movement for decades and it can’t just now all of sudden say this is now no longer working for us, ‘We were just kidding!’ I mean, they have created their alternative media infrastructure have spread massive amounts of information about Obama about… about the nature of the country, the idea that this is a Christian nation under siege from secularists. And now people believe it!”
Goldberg later admitted, “I think we’re in a lot of trouble.” Matthews opined that it’s not important if a Republican wins in a heavily-Republican state; Matthews proclaimed, “The danger you get is the Republican you get in the United States Senate will be an out-and-out obstructionist.” Yes- challengers to moderate Republicans who continually cave to Democrats will likely be hard-nosed and will highlight the failures of RINOs in Congress. Matthews calls it “obstructionism,” but when a leader makes the tough choice to stand against a wave of cowardice, that is called “leadership.” I have long noted that the Tea Party Movement is frightening to the left (and the establishment Republicans). The left derides us, tries to delegitimize us at every turn. They flip back-and-forth between declaring us ineffectual but also frequently blame us for any conservative victories. Indeed, the Tea Party Movement is the left’s boogeyman; it is the embodiment of the things they have feared the most- a legitimate, grassroots movement with central hub that can be discredited or severed. It is a movement based on the purest of democratic ideals, a movement based on people standing together to say “enough is enough!” More than anything, the left fears the Tea Party because they cannot imagine an existence of a smaller, limited government. The core of “progressive” ideology is that government is the solution to problems when, as Ronald Reagan noted, government is so often the cause of problems.
  • tsigili

    You bet it is growing stronger………and will continue to do so, over the next 3 years, at the very minimum.

    • George Gaither

      This is not a three year deal, we have to keep their feet to the fire.

    • Martini Ha

      Actually in decline. Down to 22 percent from 25 percent.

      • George Gaither

        Keep believing the polls.

      • Big RRRRR

        You’re so full of crap your eyes are brown. It’s expanding and you know it… and you fear it. Spreading your drivel will not work. We know the truth and it will set us free of you lefties.

      • Todd G

        Decline? A new chapter just formed in my city and it had its first meeting and it was packed. Where are you getting your statistics from, who did they pole and how did they go about gaining there statistics, NSA spying?

  • sheryl brantley

    going to get stronger and stronger…. people are totally fed up…such total lies they spread

    • Martini Ha

      It’s actually declining — down from 25 percent to 22 percent of the population. However, it still maintains a stranglehold over the GOP party.

      • tvaddict1

        Stranglehold? Prepare for the drubbing your failed policies have caused.

      • Ag8tor

        Where did you get your numbers? Another LSDNBC poll? If anyone should run for cover it’s you and your ilk. Keep praising the Messiah. The Tea Party is alive and well and taking back the Republican Party as well as speaking out for the Americans who feel they don’t have a voice because of your Marxist leader. You days are numbered!

  • Mr. Me

    What I don’t get is that the last time we had a Democrat in the White House with a Republican controlled (Obstructionist) Congress, we had the best of the Clinton years. The surplus that “Clinton” was responsible for? No, Clinton didn’t draft the budget… it’s what ended up on his table, and the Congress might have overridden his veto if he didn’t sign it.

    I could go on and on, but the best part of the 90′s, politically, was the Obstructionist Congress. What will make it better this time around is that true Conservatives are taking control of a major party (Republicans), and this is truly supported at a grass-roots level.

  • Glitch Girl

    Chris “he came among us” Mathews. He serves the ideology so that Biden can appear more intelligent than at least ONE other adult.

    • Martini Ha

      Kudos on your lack of Ad Hominem attack. I see you are making strides from yesterday and taking my advice. Nice to see you are growing as a human being.

      • Glitch Girl

        Wrong. I actually attacked both men on a personal level – not any argument either of them are attempting to forward. That is by definition “ad hominem” which is actually normal and acceptable to do.

        You seem to need to learn the meaning of what you post, little sycophantic bootlicker. Oops! Ad hominem.


  • Student_of_Sherman

    You bet it’s still growing, we want our country BACK!!

  • Codetrain

    It is astounding to me– The two of them are locked in to this mindset which from outside is looking more and more like an alternate universe.
    Goldberg talks about the reporting that “alternate media outlets” (Go TPNN!) have done about Obama; “…and they believe it”.
    It’s like getting to the end of the story ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes’ and I say to my child:
    “Now; isn’t that awful that all those people started to believe the bad things the boy was saying about the king. Isn’t it too bad the boy wasn’t told to stay away from the parade? Then everyone would never have thought any of those bad things about the Emperor.”
    Each time I see some excerpt from MSNBC it is creepier than the last time. Isn’t it possible anymore for news outlets to close once their viewership reaches a certain low? I’m not an expert on these things. However, it’s a mystery to me how they are able to continue to justify their existence to the stock holders, etc.

  • bindare

    The Tea Party is thriving. It’s Chrissy Mathews who is still festering.

  • Jeannie Phillips Morgan

    Thank God it is!

  • QuantumVerp

    If you’re not ‘TEA PARTY’ then you are NOT American.

    • Martini Ha

      Really? No thanks then.

      • Big RRRRR

        So you’re leaving then???

        Hope Hope Hope

  • JohnDoeNumber1

    Matthews may walk this back. He and his cohorts have been lying to their democrat listeners for a long time about the tea party and its members to validate their misinformed beliefs.

  • Martini Ha

    The reality of the situation is that the majority of Americans are moderate. The GOP, however, caters to the lunatic fringe of its party (the Teabaggers) in order win primary elections. Then they have to flip-flop during the general election. The Teabaggers are killing the GOP party — and the GOP leaders are helping them by caving into to their lunacy. The best thing for the Teabaggers to do is to form their own third party. That way the GOP can do what they want, the Teabaggers can do what they want, and the DEMS can win every national election.

    • George Gaither

      This is where the political hacks are wrong, the Taxed enough already people are Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians that realize they work for us , that this is a Constitutional Republic not a Democracy.

    • Oldretirednurse

      You gave yourself away with the “teabagger” meme.

    • Glitch Girl


      And this troll preaches about “ad hominem” attacks.

      So typical of the hypocrite trolls and the indoctrinated “useful idiots”.

  • Thomas J. Butman

    SO far right Chris? The WHOLE scale has mover to the left! Today’s Republicans are JFK’s Democrats and the Majority of Tea Party people are JFK era Republicans.

  • JollyRoger61

    The GOP is slowly being transformed such that by 2020 Tea Party and Republican will be synonymous. God willing.

  • ronwf

    We keep hearing that the Tea Party Movement is forcing the GOP to the right and making it “extremist”. The 50th anniversary of JFK’s assasination would have been a great occasion to point out that the Democratic party well before this shifted far to the left, instead of pretending that it’s a “center-left” party.

    Consider whether or not a Democratic politician could stay in office without being hounded by their clients after campaigning on the slogan “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country!” You can’t even get a RINO to say that these days. That’s a Tea Party Movement sentiment!

  • Lighthorse51

    It needs to not only grow stronger, but needs to replace the Republican Party as they did the Whigs in the early 19th century. It was only 8 years from the founding of the GOP that they gained the office of the president (Lincoln).


    The TEA PARTY is the future. Just because it has many leaders. It is an umbrella that welcomes all who support the CONSTITUTION. As the CONSTITUTION was written!!

  • Tina Couick McRorie

    Love it! Let’s take our country back!

  • Dave

    Good news is bad news for Chris Matthews and other ultra Liberals.

  • Dcp5674

    Great. I love when these ****heads get scared. I’m still laughing after hearing Fox out-rates all three liberal news channels…….combined.
    Hopefully, once the liberal disaster is over and we have a true bi-partisan government, bozos like Matthews and Maddow will quietly fade away so we can get down to the serious business of repairing our poor, battered country.

  • LoanGuySteve


  • LEL

    Why does anyone, except both of the MSNBC viewers, care what this idiot has to say.

  • John Heare

    That stupid Chris Matthews is about a big a liar as communist obummer, but remember msnbc is owned by General Electric who told msnbc if they didn’t support the communist terrorist Obama they would not have a job and the ceo of GE and GE itself was rewarded millions of dollars in loans with a very low interest rate, and the he went to russia and struck a deal with the communist partry there to build jet engines and helicopters!!!!!!!


    Matthews YOU SUCK ASSHOLE!!!!!!

  • Colonel West

    God Bless the TEA Party.