Obamacare Whistleblower: I was Told IRS Retaliation ‘Came from the Top’

Last week, talk radio host Sara Marie Brenner spoke with cancer patient Bill Elliott. Elliott had appeared on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” in November to discuss how Obamacare is affecting his cancer treatment and, specifically, how thanks to the cancellation notices caused by Obamacare, his new premium would go up from $180 a month to an cost-prohibitive $1,500 a month.

He told host Megyn Kelly that he would be unable to pay the premium and would “let nature take its course.”

Soon after the media exposure, however, Elliot was able to work something out with insurance companies and no sooner was that problem solved, he claimed, than the IRS began auditing him.

According to Elliott, soon after standing up on national television to denounce the president’s signature legislation, the IRS began their investigation beginning in 2009. Elliott claims he did not own a business then and worked for the government in 2009.

As if that was not suspicious enough, C. Steven Tucker, an insurance broker who contacted Elliott after his Fox News appearance is now also being audited and investigated going back to 2003.

Elliott appeared on Brenner’s show last week to discuss the audit and the help he received from South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, a South Carolina Congressman and a Democratic Senator from North Carolina, Senator Kay Hagan. In the segment, he discussed how the IRS audit was ultimately squashed thanks to intervention by lawmakers; however, he noted that he was told that the IRS investigation “came from the top.”

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