Boehner, Rove, and Chamber Wage Big-Moneyed Assault Against Tea Party

Karl Rove
In 2010, the GOP won the majority in the House in large part due to the efforts of the Tea Party movement. The grassroots movement was motivated and energized to make phone calls, doorbell, donate, and get to the polls because they understood that Barack Obama and the far left progressives that he leads had to be stopped. One way to at least attempt to add protection into the political process to ensure that would happen would be to make sure the Democrat party did not control both Houses of Congress along with the presidency.

Due to the surge in political involvement by every day citizens in the grassroots Tea Party movement, there was a shift in control in the House of Representatives. One-third of the Republican members of the House elected in 2010 were freshmen. They included Tea Party favorites Tim Huelskamp, Trey Gowdy, Tim Scott,  Justin Amash, Raul Labrador, and others. With this GOP takeover, those in the Tea Party movement had hope that Barack Obama’s far left agenda to ‘fundamentally transform America’ would be stopped. The then newly elected Speaker of the House, John Boehner, spoke a good game in support of the Tea Party movement. In an article published in December of 2010 in the New Yorker, Boehner was quoted standing strongly for the Tea Party, welcoming the influence these every day citizens would have in not just the political process, but in getting the Republican Party back to its conservative roots.

Back in Washington, Boehner reported what he’d seen to his Republican colleagues. While many Democrats and the mainstream media mocked the Tea Party, Boehner pressed his members to get out in front of the movement or, at least, get out of its way. “I urge you to get in touch with these efforts and connect with them,” he told a closed-door meeting of the Republican Conference. “The people participating in these protests will be the soldiers for our cause a year from now.”

Boehner went even further in his welcoming of Tea Party congressmen by stating the following.

The emergence of the Tea Party, Boehner says, forced upon Republicans, in one cycle, a rebranding that otherwise might have taken the Party a generation to achieve. The channeling of the Tea Party transformed the House Republicans. When the 112th Congress convenes, next month, a third of the Republican members will be freshmen, bound to a mood of deep disaffection.

Boehner’s praise and support of the grassroots Tea Party movement and those ushered into the House because of it eroded in two years.  In December of 2012, Boehner began his purge of conservatives from powerful committee positions. Since then, Boehner has ramped up his attack on the Tea Party into a very vocal and nasty display.

In following Boehner’s lead of disdain for the Tea Party movement, FOX News Contributor Karl Rove has moved his attack on the Tea Party away from the white board on FOX News to using his often praised by mostly failed organization American Crossroads. Earlier this year, Rove outright declared war on the Tea Party. News reports surfaced the day after Christmas that Rove is not only reloading in his war against the Tea Party, but is forming additional organizations to fool the people in donating, as reported in the New York Times.

But this year, Crossroads announced that it was financing a new effort, the Conservative Victory Project, to intervene in next year’s Republican primaries. Some conservative leaders accused Mr. Rove of trying to squelch anti-establishment candidates.

Now Crossroads appears to be testing a new approach. The group has so far stayed out of Kentucky, for example, where Senator Mitch McConnell, the minority leader, is facing both a Tea Party challenger in the primary and a strong Democratic opponent. Instead, Mr. McConnell is backed by a new group called Kentuckians for Strong Leadership. Although it is legally separate from Crossroads, most of its cash came from Crossroads donors, Mr. Law sits on its board, and the two organizations share a treasurer.

Crossroads has lobbied to help set up similar groups in races where its brand may be less appealing to voters or donors, according to two Republicans with knowledge of the conversations. But Mr. Rove has grown so controversial among some conservatives, the Republicans said, that candidates worry that donors will not contribute to a super PAC if it is connected to Crossroads.

Joining in the attack on every day Americans in an attempt to squelch their involvement and influence in favor of elitist establishment Republicans is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, who is apparently more interested in crony capitalism than free markets. According to, the Chamber is frustrated with opposition to amnesty, which they wholeheartedly support.

Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donahue has already pledged to get involved in Republican primaries, and a Chamber of Commerce spokesperson, Scott Reed, denigrated conservatives by saying his organization’s mantra will be, “No fools on our ticket.” The Chamber of Commerce sent a letter to Congress earlier this year saying that a “failure to act” on amnesty is “not an option” and indicated one of the main reasons it decided to play in Republican primaries was because the group was frustrated by resistance to amnesty, which would lead to an influx of foreign workers that will lower the wages of working class Americans.

The Chamber supports plans to infuse a ton of cash in their war against conservatives and the tea party.

The Chamber of Commerce plans to spend at least $50 million to wage war against conservative and Tea Party candidates during the 2014 midterm elections while Rove’s American Crossroads is reloading as well. They hope that “a less restive Republican caucus” will pave the way for initiatives like immigration reform. The Chamber of Commerce has indicated it may also pressure incumbent Republicans in moderate districts who are not on board with amnesty to get their support.

Perhaps this coordinated attack on the Tea Party and conservatives by Boehner, Rove, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce offers an explanation as to why the GOP as a whole has been lame in their response to Barack Obama’s use of the IRS to target, intimidate and harass such groups in 2011 an 2012. It will be interesting to see how the GOP expects to win any races while simultaneously attempting to destroy its energized base. 


  1. He knows they RINO/GOP has problems and that is why he is attacking. The TP conservatives are not going away and he knows this and he is one step from extinction.

  2. You don’t p*ss off your base. Just ask the Dixie Chicks or A&E. Rove, Boehner, McCain, et al are toast.

  3. The GOP can’t win anything without the TEA party. I’ll support the TEA party, not the GOP. There is little difference between the GOP and the Dems – they both only act to keep their seats and cushy salaries and opportunities.

    1. I agree,I will only support the Tea Party even if it means letting a democrat win,I will no longer send money or cast my vote for a RINO or lesser of two evils

    2. I will support the tea party but I won’t let a democrat win. we need to retake the house, it is that simple. we can not have diversity between the republicans and the tea party republicans. that is how we will lose!

    3. We will lose anyway if we elect progressive Republicans. They will continue the same policies of the progressive Democrats but may do it in a little different manner. They still will fight giving the power back to the people.

    4. Also agree. Everyone needs to remember that Boehner and the rest of the RINO “leadership?” have actively prevented closure of any of Obama’s scandals including disallowing a select committee to investigate the scandals. Holder still has not suffered the wrath of congress for his lies.
      TEA Party = YES, GOP = NO.

    5. I too agree with you, I’ll only support Tea Party backed candidates this coming mid-terms and future elections. I’ve had enough of RINOs like Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Rove & the rest of their ilk. It’s time we get some true conservatives back in government to take this country back from the evil libs & progressives that have taken us down a path to destruction.

    6. both parties are bought and paid for by big corps and peeps like soros that’s why the Tea Party is a treat to their profits and anti American agendas. Just be careful for the tea party sleepers that want to trick you for their votes like Boehner. wont take long for them to show their true colors

  4. Gentlemen you are proving that you are a part of the problem… if can’t lead constitutionally … get out of the way!!!

  5. The base is energized thanks to Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and others. We need to do a better job of utilizing social media to get the word out at the grassroots level! Heck, a bunch of teenagers just organized a flash mob at a mall, for goodness sake.
    We can do better.

  6. Boehner – History! Rove – discredited in 2008 and 2012, little more than a talking head, and dangerous for conservative thinkers. Chamber of Commerce and Tom Donahue – house slaves to the Rockefeller Republicans. Screw them all, and the horses they rode in on.

  7. Karl Rove has given us Obama, not once, but twice! He put McCain in place in 2007 and also refused to allow Sarah Palin to speak out, He’s also responsible for Romney clamming up after the first debate in 2011. Now he is telling the rest of us to shut up!

    1. I posted this on another thread but it’s relevant here too:

      I have been an independent for about ten years. I live in Mass. and
      I have always found scare tactics like this offensive. For example
      when Ross Perot ran, all the GOP establishment were spewing out this
      kind of talk about Perot is sucking voters away from the GOP- I honestly
      don’t remember who the other candidates were; Bush must have been one.

      My point is: if a political party believes their cause is so
      important, they need to put forward a candidate who is worthy of my

      But most of the GOP leadership firmly believes that their members are
      a bunch of ignorant rubes– and independents are even less capable of
      making intelligent decisions about who to vote for. Therefore election
      after election they come up with rationalizations to explain why we
      should sacrifice our principles so that they can stay in office.

      I have add enough!!!

      I hope it’s true: their arrogance has caused a ground-swell
      of us “rubes” to finally be sick and tired enough to purge them from our


    1. We can do without Karl Rove and John Boehner both. Let the tea party joiin the Old fossils and maybe the GOP has a chance to take the election in 2016, but unless they fail to get along, they will no doubt lose to the Democrats again… WAKE UP CONSERVATIVES, your voters are getting really sick of your bickering… We may decide to get another party for the GOP, and un-vote the ones that are not supporting the Tea Party…

  9. Need any more proof that the core of both parties are on the same side to destroy the constitution and control every aspect of your life? The solutions are easy. everyone just boycott FOX news until they get rid of the scum like Karl Rove. Don’t watch any movie or TV shows that have stars with views you don’t agree with. Don’t shop at stores that promote things you don’t agree with. Trust me. The conservatives are the ones with majority of the jobs buying goods and services. Hurt their pocketbooks and things will change quickly. Don’t just talk the talk. Walk the walk. Be proactive, not reactive.

    1. Tay, I’m with you on that 100%, I’ve been doing exactly that for some time. Big opportunities ahead for true patriots, walking the walk will become more challenging day by day.

    2. My thoughts exactly – I have only attended a few tea party meetings so I don’t consider myself a strong tea party activest but I do know many gop candidates would not have been elected. We should all boycot fox news until they can karl rove. It worked for duck dyn on a&e so I’m sure we can acheve the same if we band together. Then we can work on the others next election.

  10. The reason those three are going against the Tea Party is because the Tea Party is standing in the way of the democratic party’s agenda. All three are RINO’s.

    1. Rove was never a moderate…he swings with the liberals…which is why his candidates fail! Look it up and see what happened to the rinos his establishment supported….most were not elected, regardless of how much money he threw at them!

  11. It is all going to come back on them. We need to vote out all the non Tea Party Republicans and send them home in shame. America does not need them!

  12. Only someone like Rove or Boehner would kill off the hands that feed them. I’ve believed for a long time now that these guys are more likened to the dem party than the repub party. Unfortunately, there are a whole boat-load of them — not just these two.

    1. And there are a lot of patriotic Americans who will be working to get rid of them. We know our enemy….. so the battle is half won!!

    2. For the last 20 years or so, I have watched the GOP tracking pretty much like the Democrats, both going into a liberal direction, even following with the SHARP left made with today’s incumbent President! Today’s Democrat is yesterday’s Communist, today’s Republican like yesterday’s Democrat, and the TEA Party pretty much like yesterday’s GOP, only more conservative.

      It REALLY pisses off the Dems, AND the GOP that there is NO real ‘head’ of the TEA Party to go after! They have to flail and swat at ALL the TEA Partiers at the same time, hoping to do some damage! (G)RovLl and Boehnhead are going after Cruz and Lee, and the Dems attack with the IRS.and by stuffing or destroying the ballot boxes,!

  13. This will go a long way to assure democrat dominance, and the blame will be aimed at the TEA Party, not the establishment rino’s.

    1. Only a wuss troll..would not stand their ground and fight for what is right
      for their country…and wring their hands worrying they might get blamed for doing the right thing! Get real!

  14. Here is the Beginning of the END to the ESTABLISHMENT Republicans, aka, The RINOs. This couldn’t have been a Nicer way to GET RID of a Bunch of Traitors to the People who voted these A**Holes who have Campaigned they could be the VOICE of the People and can be “TRUSTED” to vote for the ISSUES that were very IMPORTANT to us REPUBLICANS (who are CONSERVATIVES in our Beliefs).

    The votes that have made US (the People) really mad, were;
    1) This Bi-Partisan Vote (the GIVE-IN) to take away Retirement Benefits from OUR VETERANS and give Benefits to ILLEGAL ALIENS!
    2) Giving in to AMNESTY to 10 Million ILLEGAL ALIENS who BROKE OUR LAWS!! and putting them in FRONT of the LINE of those who came into our Country LEGALLY.
    3) Promising to PROTECT OUR BORDERS and WE THE PEOPLE from Enemies who CROSS those Borders. Example: John McCain MADE CAMPAIGN PROMISES (Using the TV Ads Having the Border in the BACKGROUND while he made a Promise to Increase Border enhancement, Making for Stricter Laws, and Increasing Personnel to Patrol the Border.), and somehow since those Promises and TV Ads, He got “AMNESIA” , voted for “Less Border Patrol and NO FENCE”. John McCain, and his sidekick and fellow Arizonian, Jeff Flake along with fellow RINOs, have turned their backs on U.S. (Meaning You and me, the People, and OUR COUNTRY). These “RINOs” are MORE DANGEROUS to this Country than the KNOWN FOREIGN ENEMIES. Because they will CAVE IN to the SOCIALIST PARTY (aka, the watered down word for COMMUNIST or The Democratic Party).
    4) Giving in to the Democratic Party during the SHUT DOWN of the GOVERNMENT. When the TRUTH COMES OUT, that it was the CHIMP (Obonzo) who was in CHARGE of CLOSING DOWN Monuments, National PARKS, and even the “OCEAN” off of Florida to inflict PAIN upon the People.
    5) The RINOs are “SCARED TO DEATH” of the “LAME STREAM ‘MARXIST’ MEDIA”. They can’t stand up and make TRUTH come out by CALLING OUT the LIES by the MAIN STREAM MEDIA. IF they have to, Start a Campaign every day calling on the Media to report the REAL FACTS, even those that aren’t helpful. But by doing that, The TRUTH eventually COMES OUT!.

    What WE Conservative REPUBLICANS is the REAL CONSERVATIVES Taking over a Party that is run by those Dinosaurs RINOs. Throw THEM out into the Pastures.

  15. The problem with the grassroots people is they just don’t understand how the Washington game is played. If you want money from the big donors to keep flowing in, you’ve got to come through for them. Nobody gives away their money for people who refuse to take care of them once they get elected. They want their candidates to protect them from competition from new businesses, not promote more of it which is the type of thing you get from those TEA Party types who seem to think that competition in the marketplace is always good no matter who it might hurt. This is what it’s all about.

    1. No, it’s time to take back our own party!
      Only democrats are encouraging you to form a third party because third parties are loser parties…and you are buying the bridge!

    2. The Republican Party itself was formed in 1854 after the collapse of the Whig party resulting from their position on the Kansas Nebraska Act dealing with slavery in those territories. Their first Presidential candidate was A. Lincoln in 1860. Third parties have not always been losers and the Republican could collapse and be replaced by the Tea Party just as easily as the Whig Party did, due to their positions outraging their base the same way the Whigs outraged theirs. Don’t think that it cannot happen. It has happened before.

    3. Since 1853…no one but a DEMOCRAT or a REPUBLICAN has been elected as president!!

      All THIRD parties have lost!!! That’s 160 years of loss!
      You are living in fantasy land since the TEA PARTY is NOT a political party but a movement.

      Their goal is not now, nor ever has been, to become a political party, but to educate the public and support CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES of either party.

      The DEMOCRATS would like nothing better than to split the Republican party by encouraging the TEA PARTY to become a political party….it “ain’t going to happen”. Stupid, they are not!

  16. The mainstream GOP is failing the voters just as badly as the Dems. i will be looking primarily at Tea Party candidates, myself, as the mainstream GOP is not at all protective of the ideals and principles of the founding fathers.

  17. Leave it to GOP to ignore their base and go for the money thinking they will be able to buy our votes with ads. GOP should know that we their base are not swayed by ads but by actions. And the way they are behaving unless I vote for incumbent they can kiss my vote good bye

  18. 1811 Mar. 28. (to William Duane) “The last hope of human liberty in this world rests on us. We ought, for so dear a state to sacrifice every attachment and every enmity.”[7]

    This is a quote from Thomas Jefferson. It is time for us all to take up the cause to purge this country of those who would destroy it, the R.I.N.O. Republicans (Karl Rove, John Boehner, etc.), The Democrats and the President of the day. We must get the truth out to all who will hear. It is time to organize at every level of government from the Local all the way to the Federal. This is war we must win!

    1. This is what will happen. If they put up another Progressive like, for instance, Christie then they will lose 30% of their support. I will definitely vote 3rd party or no party before I would vote for Hillary or Christie.

  19. If the GOP doesn’t support the Tea Party they are cutting their own throats because they will lose again. The Tea Party is the thing keeping the GOP going & the place where the persons that were elected from (the Tea Party) has enough backbone to open their mouth & speak out when it is needed.

  20. They are both traitors. There are many traitors in Congress who are well aware of the corruption, fraud, and threats against anyone who does not go along with the program of the deceitful administration and elitist Banksters. Knowing and not revealing these high crimes and misdemeanors makes them a part of this horrendous “transformation” they are trying to perpetrate on We The People! They will get what is coming to them either here on earth or the hereafter – maybe BOTH!

  21. Freaking Rove and the other Rhino’s don’t get it. You have pissed of the base and if the Rhino’s win the Primaries the Base doesn’t turn out and vote. The Liberals win and sit back and laugh at people like Rove and the Rhino’s sit back and blame the Base. Jacka**’s. I swear they work for the Democratic party.

    1. both parties are the same and i fear that someday it will take more than voting to take our goverment back.

  22. Another good reason not to be a Republican. They’re tougher on Tea Party Republicans than they are on leftists and statists in either party.

  23. Fuck Boehner and his Rhino Regime – they sided with KING OBAMA. IM SICK OF THE VOMITING KOOLAID !! CAMM EM ALL !!! 2014 will indeed be exiting and prove me right. THE LIBERAL SOCIALIST WILL REGAIN POWER THROUGH THE COLLEGE ELECTORIAL then they will Murder our Constitution all together and say it was the Wish of the United States Citizens – watch and see you Guttless Cowards – just watch and see – you Guttless cowards have allowed this by not Revolting before 2012 – Fuck Yall

  24. yeah, ummmm, too bad you all didn’t see this coming…. you know, like us liberals have been saying from the start?

    1. it’s sad to watch…. you don’t think the republican party will survive without you? they created you. now they will use their machinery to discredit you. yes, you became a pain in the butt. you wanted wackadoo candidates, not the candidates that would pay you lip service while continuing to insure all the money keeps flowing to the top.

      you were played. played like a fiddle. and it didn’t matter who told you, you weren’t listening. you thought you were wagging the dog…. you all truly don’t understand the nature of yourselves…

      no matter. as bad as i hate the republican ideology, you’re bizarre mashup of libertarianism and hatred toward “the others” was scary….

  25. They may have money, but common sense, and a firm grasp of reality seem to be beyond their intellectual paygrade; they don’t have enough voters or votes to get any of these rino members of the right wing of the democratic party re-elected and most of the electorate are tires of being given pitiful morons like boehner, ryan and cantor etc. to re-elect when they seem only to represent the likes of rove, big
    business and the chamber. At least tea party candidates are trying to reduce
    government spending, stop obamacare, before it destroys the best medical delivery system on the planet. Voting for a rino would be like voting for pelosi or reid.

  26. Self immolation is not the way to win a war. It’s not logical or a winning tactic unless you accept the premise that the Republican leadership takes their orders from the same people controlling Obama and company. The White House is not the only place we have wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  27. DO NOT give any money to the RNC. Support the candidates YOU want. RNC will only spend YOUR money against YOU! The old guard needs to retire.

  28. It would be a pleasure to see an article where a Republican is complimenting another Republican, or in support of a Republican or Independent, instead we have stupids that are doing the democommies dirty work for them… wonder we have kenyan boy, the communist czars, and that ding bat from california…….

  29. We have defined Boehner, Rove, and McConnell’s agenda with real time experience sufficient to eliminate Tea Party support. Apparent the establishment GOP refused to admit they dropped the ball. Their out! Lets move on and use our energy and dollars to support TP candidates.

    1. The TEA PARTY MOVEMENT is NOT a political party and has no intention of replacing the Republican Party!!!

      Those pushing the TEA PARTY to become a political third party are not friends but working for the Democrats. Third parties don’t win elections!!

      The goal is to TAKE BACK our REPUBLICAN party with CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES who follow Republican principles of less government, lower taxes, defend and protect constitutional principles and exercise more individual responsibility.

    2. Republicans don’t win either,if we don,t get our people on the ticket we will vote write in.True conservatives will not vote for RINOS or lesser of two evils anymore

    3. NOT voting for the lesser of two evils gave you OBAMA!

      Please tell me how you accomplished anything of value by allowing OBAMA & CO to be reelected to destroy your country :

      IRS Scandal
      Fast and Furious
      Muslim Brotherhood
      Military benefit cuts
      Gun Control
      etc etc etc

      At least Romney loves his country!

      You can stand on your “principled” soap box while the liberal left kicks it out every time..or you can vote for the person who will do the least damage.
      Continue to work to take our country back by electing constitutional conservatives! Sometimes the end justifies the means. Think ahead and move on!

      THIRD PARTY CANDIDATES DON”T WIN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS. Write-ins are a waste of ink. You really must know that you wasted your vote and ushered OBAMA in the door!! Get real, please!

    4. So did Hitler love Germany,but he was still evil and corrupt,there is no democracy if you only have two choices that someone decides for you.Us conservatives did not support Romney and will not support Christie

    5. REALLY?
      Hitler did NOT love Germany. His goal was to change it to suit his insane ideas of an Aryan “racist” nation.
      Remind you of Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood?

      I don’t support Christie, but if he becomes the candidate, will you cop out and let the Democrats win because your ox was gored?

    6. If we have only two choices a democrat or a RINO yes we will stay home,most conservatives are no longer ruled by the republican party we stand on principles that we believe in not the lesser of two evils because we are told we can.t win or else we would be traitors to ourselves>You vote for who you want and so will we

    7. That’s the American way…it’s all about choices!

      Some choices are insane cop outs and you lose more than you gain…..but that’s your choice!

      Have at it as long as you are willing to live with the consequences!!

    8. They will still be talking in year 3333 about conservatives taking over the RINO/GOP. Will never happen because conservatives cannot get a voice in the party and never will. You need an opposition party and the R party is anything but that and you expect that to be taken over. Even if Ted Cruz becomes POTUS the R party will not be taken over by conservatives. We did this once with Regan and after his time was up the RINO/GOP came back with BUSH. That worked out well he is the reason we have Barry for the last 5 years. Until an opposition party is created other than the R party all you are going to get is lost elections and consistent complaining. Sorry, the R brand is damaged goods and will not be taken over by Conservatives.

    9. Longiron, the whole damn political system is damaged. None of these carpetbaggers have an interest in doing the job they were elected to do. It’s a joke, they laugh at us behind closed doors. Nothing is being done to enforce the Constitution, matter of fact, it’s being chipped at as we speak. Think about the things these meatheads say in public, and get away with. They count on Cool Aid drinkers to carry them through each election, how else have they made it for years and years doing the SOS?

    10. My opinion has history to back it up!
      There are those who refuse to learn from the past and will live to regret it!
      History has PROVEN for 160 years that THIRD PARTY candidates do not win presidential elections…
      That kind of thinking will get you Hilary and her “consort” tainting the WH again!

    11. Maybe you are happy with the ONE party system we currently have BUT most TP, Conservatives, some Independents, DEM and PUBS are not ! As far as your 160 year history I think you might have forgotten how the Republican party started. They were the NEW, 3 rd Party that Lincoln ran under to get elected and the Whig Party faded into the sunset and went away. Most have voted the last time in 2012 for the RINO candidate. If the PUBS put another RINO moderate candidate hello MS Clinton the next POTUS. At least you know what you are dealing and with no opposition party this will be the way for a long time.

  30. before we can get rid of or marginalize the tyrant, we have to change the gop leadership. what a shame,. but that’s the way it is.

  31. Boehner, McConnell, McCain, and Rove all disgust me. Purge every RINO from the GOP. It is time for the GOP to represent a meaningful contrast with the Democrats and stand solidly behind a conservative agenda and values.

  32. we need a third party!!the tea party is it.i am sick and tired of listing to both dems&repbs talk out of both sides of there mouths on every thing!all of the hearings congress have had are a joke.have any thing come of any of them?no, and not going to because they are trying to cover their ass!!we need to get people in that really care about this country and not how much they can milk us tax payers for.two terms and no more!get out the vote!

    1. We need to take back the Republican party…..why would you reinvent the wheel? No third party has ever won a presidential election! Concentrate on Conservatives in the House and Senate…that’s where you take back our Constitutional principles!

  33. It use to be the GOP stand for conservative principles could talk the talk and walk the walk now we have been infiltrated by Progressives and blue dog democrat’s who claim to be conservative who won’t know what that meant if it slap them we need people who have ideas to move this country forward not the same old same old which is what the GOP and The democrat’s offer. and it is so obvious with the new budget deal which is spend more on illegals and less on our military retirees we need to move every single one of them except the one’s who seem to want to fight for us and the Constitution. kick the bum’s out and get rid of the lobbyist in DC

  34. They are RINO’s . The enemy of my enemy is my friend. So they are friends of the dems. Rove thought we were kidding when we said we would rather not vote than vote for a Mormon. 7 million did no show up. “Do you hear me now.”

  35. I remember when the libs were throwing eggs at Karl Rove’s house. Maybe we should go finish the job. But then again – why waste a good egg on a bad one.

  36. Boehner and Rove are two of the biggest RINOs in DC, willing to sell out America for their own special interests. When the GOP calls for donations, I tell them that I am supporting the Tea Party, they are the only true conservative Americans left. Those Republicans who campaigned on “going to DC and taking care of business for us” and made it to DC before they fell under the spell of lobbyists and dirty money should be recalled and chased out of politics….

  37. The RHINOs need to wake up.The tea party was created by them, not doing there jobs and abandoning the people who elected them. It’s sad that normal hard working citizens are going against both parties when all we want is responsible government. I’m not voting for anybody that is not supported by the T-Party.

  38. It is stupid moves on Boehner and Rove part to keep on with their agenda against the Tea Parties. Why are they doing it? Would they rather we lose than to work with us? They haven’t proved themselves too smart with the actions they have taken. I think they should retire and get out of the way of those of us that want to bring back American values and our Constitution. We do not want the stinking evil world of Obama and leftists and rinos, which Boehner, Rove and the establishment Republicans seem to want. They are traitors.

    1. Banking and major corporate entities of all kinds bankroll both parties. The RINOs are “owned” by these financial and corporate interests. The Tea Party faction (s) come directly from conservative people, however, and the controlling interests do not sufficiently control them. Hence, there is a kind of intra-party civil war brewing within the Republican party that could put The Hillary into tye White House. The controlling cabal of corporate interests will own her, too, so it looks like the Tea Party is fighting an uphill battle. Even so, it is a contest tyat we must win; and along with effective primary victories in the 2014elections being necessary, we must petition God Almigyty to direct our efforts within His sovereign Will every step of the way. This will e a fight that is likely to last the rest of our mortal lives.

  39. karl rove is an idiot just like boehner, mcconell, and many other rinos. I think they work for the dems to stir the pot and keep reps and tea party divided.

  40. Just to make it clear… The entrenched Republicans are causing serious friction within the party by attacking the Tea Party…. I know a hundred guys who will support Tea Party Conservatism vs. Republican sell outs and liberals. It is not the Tea Party that is hurting the Republican Party, it is the RINOs who are hurting the Republican Party and making the Tea Party division necessary. Be conservative or be out!

  41. That’s right stupid rinos with no spines, bite the hand that feeds you. They really cant see the forest for the trees. Grow a set and change your status to democrat. I for one will stand with conservatives. be they dem or rep. conservative make better choices for the most part. Wishy washy republicans are getting to be nauseating with their go with the wind approach to stuff. Show some backbone for a change.

  42. The GOP needs to understand that the Tea Party folks vote on a regular basis. We are being harmed enough by the liberal agenda and must stand firm to resist the opponents of freedom. We must stand united and those willing to support liberal progressive ideas will only dilute our efforts. I urge those who believe in the conservative philosophy to support only those candidates who do. We have little time to waste, our nation is in serious trouble and heading toward complete failure. We must reverse the current course and honor our constitution and respect our laws. There is no room to compromise any longer, one is either on board or they are not. Our national debt is unmanageable and increasing, the military morale and effectiveness is being intentionally reduced and our veterans are being denied promises that were made.

  43. I do not even recognize the Republican party. They appear to be Democrat. This is why I am now a Constitutionalist.

  44. That is why CONSERVATIVES should support ONLY Conservative candidates in every state and absolutely AVOID giving ANY funds to the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE. That would be VOTING AGAINST your own Conservative candidates.

    When the RNC, ROVE , BOEHNER and The REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT spends billions of dollars to defeat Conservative candidates, they do not represent Republicans, they are working for Democrats!

  45. Conservatives and tea partiers – Do they vote republican or democrat? That is a no-brainer. Why can’t you old fashioned rich, elitists work together with the groups as a whole? Boehner and McConnell, I am sure that they should consider retirement.. If the old timer republican loose the conservatives and tea partiers, they might find that they are the smaller group and thus will be born a new political party to replace the republicans….just a thought

  46. Why does the Establishment GOP never learn? You cannot compromise with the Dems. They will always use it against you. When Reagan compromised with the Dems and allowed amnesty for illegals with the promise of closing the borders and addressing the illegals, they did nothing and blamed the GOP for being anti-immigrant. When Bush 41 went back on his “read my lips” promise to “compromise” for a Dem promise to address spending, he was bludgeoned by the press/Dems (I know, same thing.) and look at where the debt is today. When Bush 43 compromised and let Ted Kennedy write the No Child Left Behind law, who got the blame? PLEASE REALIZE THAT YOU CANNOT COMPROMISE CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLE ON A DEM PROMISE AND WIN, unless you have lost your conservative principle (or just claimed to have them in the first place.) Like the frog who gave the ride across the pond to the scorpion, the Dems will always be Dems and will sting you in the end.

  47. We have had enough of Obama and the mainstream politicians. Let’s find candidates who will speak for the people.

  48. Let’s initiate a campaign to prohibit Sean Hannity from having Karl Rove as a guest on either his radio show or his television show.

  49. I wish they would spend as much energy attacking the Democrats/Progressives, but perhaps they have more in common with them than they do with the conservatives in the Tea Party

  50. If only our erstwhile GOP leadership were to devote as much passion and time against the Democrats as they have against the TEA Party, we would control BOTH houses of Congress, the Presidency, AND the Supreme Court! Instead, they are concentrating upon preserving their OWN individual positions of power shared with the Democrats. They are content with the status quo, and afraid to upset things. This is NOT done in Washington! The VERY idea!

    This is a major reason why MANY voters are beginning the cry for ‘term limits’! Politicians agree to DILIGENTLY pursue this quest, smirking and knowing in the back of their minds there is NO WAY this will EVER pass Congress. Pols KNOW they will NEVER limit their OWN terms and influence. Even the most ARDENT Mr. Smiths rationalize they MUST remain there to ‘finish what they’ve PROMISED for the voters’! This ‘duty’ seems NEVER to end. Well, the VOTERS have something to say here; they can VOTE THEM OUT! 2014 and 2016 can’t get here soon enough!

    Thus, is the foul, stinking sickness which pervades the cesspool known as Washington! It infects all who are elected and come here., That sickness is known as CRAVING POWER!

  51. Boehner and Rove are symbolic of the PROBLEM, not the FIX for the GOP. When the situation clearly calls for kicking butts and taking names, Boehner and Rove advocate compromise and spineless retreats. Pathetic.

  52. This is really poor business on the part of Rove and Boehner. They need to unite with the Tea party/the conservatives. They can’t win the elections being against the people who want the Constitution to stand in these United States. I will never send another dime, not another vote for a candidate that they put up there because it is “their turn.” We need a candidate that is aware and will stand for the American people, and fight for them, stand with them, unite them, and help them through these terrible times. Shame on Rove and Boehner. This is what happens when you vote for Rhino’s.

  53. I don’t think a third party is the way to go. We are really in a terrible situation here. We have this GOP base who are cutting down the conservatives and the Tea Party. Paul Ryan who might as well call himself a socialist. So many people here have voiced concerns that we are all really feeling. I think that if we can unify and just say no to these people who run as candidates who are rhino’s, and who are against the Constitution, not give any money to the GOP or any candidate who comes out against the Tea Party or the conservative base at all. If they are going to put candidates up there who are no solid in the Constitution, who will not give the American people representation, we do not want them, and we do not need them. We need to build up America, and the American people.

  54. Beohner is not a leader otherwise he would be courting the tea-party rather than attacking them. Rove is a fool. How can we believe him after the way he misread the 2012 election. The tea party is the only hope of the GOP. How many more Republicans would have been elected in 2010 if the IRS had interfered in 2010? How would the 2012 election of obama been changed is the IRS hadn’t silenced the tea-party groups? While I am at it how would the 2012 election have turned out if cathy Crowlley

  55. I can’t edit my post below but what I tried to add was what how would the 2012 election have turn out if Cathy Crowley had not have been allowed to interrupt Mitt Romney when he had obama on the ropes about Benghazi or if Romney had not back off from his questioning on Benghazi in the 3rd debate. I am not crying over spilled milk, but I am afraid that the GOP leadership will choose to ignore the past and not learn from it. They have benn know as teh stupid party. Please not now..

  56. Beohner is not a leader otherwise he would be courting the tea-party
    rather than attacking them. Rove is a fool. How can we believe him after
    the way he misread the 2012 election. The tea party is the only hope of
    the GOP. How many more Republicans would have been elected in 2010 if
    the IRS had interfered in 2010? How would the 2012 election of obama
    been changed is the IRS hadn’t silenced the tea-party groups? While I
    am at it how would the 2012 election have turned out if cathy Crowlley

  57. I can’t edit my post below but what I tried to add was what how would
    the 2012 election have turn out if Cathy Crowley had not have been
    allowed to interrupt Mitt Romney when he had obama on the ropes about
    Benghazi or if Romney had not back off from his questioning on Benghazi
    in the 3rd debate. I am not crying over spilled milk, but I am afraid
    that the GOP leadership will choose to ignore the past and not learn
    from it. They have benn know as teh stupid party. Please not now..

  58. Why do these so called republican conservatives fear the Tea Party? Because the Tea Party philosophy is against big government and for the constitutional rule of this land. Rove and Boehner live for big government and government control of the people. They are no longer in touch with reality.

  59. These country country RINOs only care about lining their pockets with cheap labor costs for a while before the country collapses. Then they will take their gains offshore like Richard Branson did and laugh at us for being fools to have trusted them.

  60. Here we go again. The Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot. If they all worked together they could retain the House and win the Senate. God help us.

  61. No donations for the TEA ATLANTA TEA PARTY! Who are partnering with the SIERRA CLUB! No thanks Debbie Dooley!

  62. We have a very corrupt government. It has been corrupted by career politicians. Our fore fathers were very wise and created the best government ever. But they did not realize that politicians would become career politicians and become addicted to all the power and perks. They will do anything, vote any way to be re-elected. We must have TERM LIMITS on CAREER POLITICIANS.

  63. As long as the GOP attacks the Tea Party they are a dead party. Unless they embrace the conservative principles of the Tea Party, they cannot and will not win major elections. Most Tea Party advocates will not vote for the progressive Republicans even at the expense of a Democrat being elected. We do not want the Republican label on growing and out of control government. It will be better to let the Democrats own the fall and destruction of the USA.

  64. Just keep asking the GOP establishment…………..”How’s that national election success going for you these last two Presidential cycles”? And then remind them of how “small and minor” the GOP will be in the next 20 years if they run-off the “only real base they have, which is the TEA Party”. The Dem’s are just about to “bust a gut” laughing at the RNC and their cowardliness and lack if principles. They “Know” that all they have to do is make a few accusations and you guys will cut and run in a heart-beat!!!! Boehner, you appear to have an German ancestry, you sure as H*#l don’t have the courage of said ancestry!

  65. We need to re-train all the Republicansss, with the constitution, the bill of rights, and teach them of whom this was spoken: I am the way, the truth and the light. clue: “Wasn’t a politician.”

  66. We are the TEA Party, not a tea party! Rove, Boehner and company WILL feel our wrath in 2014. Booyah! Hoorah! Yeehaw!

  67. The primary is where the Tea Party Republicans can win. But only if you ALL get out and campaign for them. They need your help or they will lose. If not you Who? If not now When?

  68. Boehner, Paul Ryan who sold the Tea Party out, and I am not supporting a government shut down but if that what it takes to bring our national debt down and get our economic growth which Obama and the Democrats have failed to do, then do it. If the voters of this country are either to stupid or blind to see what Obama and the Democrats have done to our country shame on them and the children the have and the generations to follow. May one day the uneducated and maybe just plain lazy will take the time to do there homework on who runs for office and. I always hear about cutting benefits for people who worded all their lives but never cutting and benefits on the Welfare recipients. Taking benefits from our Veterans who fought for our country, and I remember when Boehner ran for office he said he would defund Obama care. Shame on the Republicans who are trying to bring the Tea party down.

  69. Rove picked McCain = Loser and he picked Romney= Loser so why would anyone listen to this loser picker

  70. Republican Party is self destructing in the face of a great opportunity, it’s leadership stands only for power which they have no stomach to use.