Disgusting: MSNBC Panel Mocks Romney Family Photo for Including Adopted Black Grandson

In a disgusting and contemptible display of bigotry, liberal panelists on MSNBC on Sunday stooped to a new low by mocking former Governor Mitt Romney for having an adopted black grandchild.

It’s truly disgusting that ideological-driven hatred and desperation created by low ratings has driven MSNBC to this low, but alas, here we are.

On Sunday, Melissa Harris-Perry was joined by a panel of fellow elite liberals in a comical segment to try and caption photos taken from throughout the year. As it was a light-hearted segment centered around comic relief, Harris-Perry could be forgiven for a bit of off-color humor. However, humor turned to ugly bigotry in short order as the seething liberals laid eyes on a Romney Family picture that included Kieran Romney, Mitt Romney’s adopted grandson who is black.

Immediately, the gasps and muted laughter rang out from the panel and as Harris-Perry calmly asked for a caption for the photo, Pia Glenn, off camera, began singing “One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn’t the same”- a Sesame Street song that highlights the differences between objects.

The panel continued to laugh and a panelist offered his prejudice disguised at wit by saying, “It sums up the diversity of the Republican party and the RNC, where they have the whole convention and they find the one black person.”

Yeah- because in this scenario, the racist is the kindly grandfather with a child on his knee, not the snickering adults who are mocking a family’s photo because it includes an adopted child of a different race.

Let’s imagine for a moment that a Republican or a conservative had the nerve to mock a family photo of a Democrat for having adopted a child of another race; what are the chances that anybody- right or left- would find such mockery acceptable?

As the left talks about “dog whistles,” a super-secret coded form of imaginary racism that is only understandable to fellow racists, liberals are granted free passes to spew hatred all they want, so long as it is in the context of bashing Republicans.

Kieran Romney is not a token child; he was adopted and given a better life by people who love him and wanted to offer a loving home. It’s pathetic and sad that these bigots could be so blinded by ideological hatred as to stoop to this shameful low. Shame on MSNBC for allowing this kind of behavior on the airwaves. 

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  1. When is the last time MSNBC jumped Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for trotting out their adopted kids? Two faced lying bastages!

    1. She would rather see that baby aborted than to see anyone white adopt them.And these are the very meaning of leftists racism.That child will have better parents than obviously these racists had!

  2. MSNBC ought to go bankrupt. They are an abomination to the American journalistic society, which isn’t much to begin with!

    1. they are owned by NBC who is in Obama’s pocket. So no chance of going bankrupt. He will first bail them out…

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  3. Martin Bashir comments are an attack. Duck dynasty comments are freedom of speech. This is just another right wing crazy cherry picking story. Duck dynasty comments were direct and precise against African Americans and gay people and the right was OK with that. More than OK with that. Make up your minds.Talk about Hippocrates.

    1. really? how are the duck dynasty comments freedom of speech vs bashirs comments? if it tell you to go f*ck yourself. if I think of all kinds of crap (heh, heh heh) you should do to yourself or others… better yet, if I extrapolate what your freedom will lead to – how is that different. g’head

    2. How are they different? Are you really that stupid? Bashir wanted violence enacted against another person. Phil Robertson answered a question about what he thought was sinful. Quote one thing Phil said that was hateful or directed at a specific person. Please!!!
      You left wing radicals are the most intolerant, hate-filled, racist bigots on Earth. You need to seriously reevaluate your principles b4 its too late. GOD does not forget. And yes, homosexuality is a sin, as is adultery.

    3. you’ve got to be freaking kidding me… roflmao, thanks for sharing sparky. and tell me… since you clearly pick and choose what parts of the bible you adhere to, what’s the magic formula? you mix textiles in your clothing, you eat shellfish, etc.

      And riddle me this one, if it’s such a huge sin, why on earth did Jesus say not a single word about it? lol

    4. Lets see… you really don’t see the difference between Martin Bashir advocating for someone to physically assault a public figure, For using a metaphore that you yourself have used before. And a guy stating his religiously based opinion, not advocating against anyone in particular but honestly answering a question, and then offering another opinion about his sexual preference and asking a question?

      Well, ok then, that explains a lot.

      What gets me is all the liberals pulling up luke and how phil shouldnt be judging. How exactly giving an opinion some how gets morphed into passing judgement is any ones guess.

      The other thing I dont get in all this is why do LGBT people get to flaunt their sexual preferences to the world, and no one bats an eye. But here we have a conservative man giving an opinion on his sexual preferences and it becomes front page news and labeled hate speach.

      Another lie that keeps getting passed along by the left is Phils remarks on blacks in the south. Apparently many people either read and didnt comprehend, or never read what he actually said because what people are coming up with bares exactly zero resemblance to what he actually said. Talk about a game of telephone going wild!?

    5. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, has nothing to do with this. It is, however, the HYPOCRITES of the left-wing who spout off about diversity and tolerance, yet mock a family for adopting a minority child. As for the difference in what Martin Bashir said and Phil Robertson’s comments – Bashir thought someone should defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth. I think that’s pretty personal. Phil said he thinks that the Bible says homosexuality was wrong. Where did he attack any one specific gay person and say they deserved to have vile things done to them?

    6. I was just thinking the exact same thing…I think her comments were a little off-color (jeez no pun intended), but compared to the Duck Dynasty guy this is nothing.

  4. That is the beauty of the 1st amendment that it allows idiots like the msnbc left crowd as well as geniuses to rant and show there true ways without having to wear masks! This idiot and her ilk create more conservatives every day! It shatters the myth that the left is tolerant and peaceful rather than what they truly are which is totalitarian, xenophobic and eugenicists. Leaving poverty, loss of liberty, and democide in their wake where ever there side is in power no matter where in the world it is implemented!

    1. “Free speech is endangered species; those ‘intolerants’ hatin’ & taking on Duck Dynasty patriarch for voicing personal opinion take on us all,” Sarah Palin so if you backed Phil Robertson you then should be backing Melissa Harris-Perry for the stupid remarks that she said and if you don’t you are just a hypocrite that is what i think so if your not smart enough to figure this simple idea your party is in trouble

    2. Where did I say she should be fired? Before you write read! The Orwellian double speak from the left is the best examples of their totalitarianism I want her and people like her to be on air as long as possible to prove their double speak! In fact my opening sentence I said why the 1st amendment is great in her case to show how dumb she is! Getting her fired saves her the left and msnbc as it did Bashir!

    3. Why are you so angry all I said is Hypocrisy run both ways Republicans love to scream and shout about the moral high ground but when a fellow republican says something stupid
      you guys circle the wagons and all that I have said is a very simple Idea if you defended Phil Roberts then you should be defending Melissa Harris-Perry lets not forget
      what this article is about so I know you like to use big words and that’s great but your Ideas can be more easily digested if you make them smaller

  5. The writer is a member of the fanatical tea-party…enough said. The mockery was obviously b/c the repub. aren’t known for diversity. That was it. Man, you righties are seriously reaching to try and find something aren’t you?

    1. You are so obsessed with politics it’s blinded you to the fact that it wasn’t right to mock them at all over this. That baby is a part of their family, what is wrong with you? How is a family photo proof of a lack of “diversity.” You’re a joke Melanie. This is why most Americans are moderates and we can’t stand the left or the right. All you idiots care about is playing gotcha instead of standing for what’s right.

    2. If wanting to run this country by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights means I’m a tea party fanatic, then there are more tea partier fanatics than you think. Obliviously you haven’t read those two documents.Maybe if you did you wouldn’t be such a brain washed liberal ash kisser…

    3. Yeah because we aren’t talking about the IRS targeting conservative groups or Benghazi or fast and furious or AHC or any of the other scandals at the hands of this administration. So don’t say we don’t have anything to report or we’re reaching for stories.

    4. First, Melanie, the “fanitical tea-party” is only as “fanatical” as those who brought about the American Revolution, and without them, none of us would be sitting here today freely voicing our opinions as we are able to do. Second, the only people who think “repub. aren’t known for diversity” are the kool-aid drinkers who have been listening to the lies of people like this ignorant MSNBC panel.

    5. Sounds like it’s the lefties trying to reach and find something…so desperate that they have to make fun of a family for adopting a black child and take any chance they have to make fun of the Republican party! Really, is that the best they can do? Oh my, their “tolerance” is showing! It’s a good thing we aren’t all as “tolerant” as the lefties or else we’d be in a full civil war with each other!!

  6. Melissa Tampon-Lobes: Caucasian mother, African-American father, a token daughter?

    In her own words -
    “My mother is the fourth of five children born into a working class family at the end of WWII. She is descended from Mormon pioneers who pushed handcarts across the American west. A white woman (WHITE WOMAN) in a Mormon family, my mom was raised in a racially homogenous enclave of Spokane, Washington…”

    1. She has Mormon pioneer blood in her?? And she acts like an idiot like that? Sad. Some of the best people I know come from pioneer stock. But she is obviously an exception to that.

  7. You have to be sexually pervert, racially inept, socially malformed or educationally challenged.. or a combination thereof, to be accepted by lefties.

    1. No, no, you don’t understand. This will be another black Republican. We can’t have that. Mr. Eric. Your right.

    2. This comment obviously came from a deluded brainwashed individual who has been badly contaminated by the poison of Fox News and right wing racists. They jump on any slightest weakness of their enemies: the “liberals” and blast them with the very criticism they themselves are guilty of. And they do this with the attempt to drown out their own dirt and weaknesses. It’s a common knowledge that the conservatives in America are the worst kind of racists because they are also the certified hypocrites!

    3. And yet, you speak as if liberals do not do the same thing. LOL And I’m not getting this from Fox News, I’m getting this in real life. So please, educate yourself. So, you want to say conservatives are racist hypocrites? I think both sides CAN be hypocritical and racist but please…do not lump every single conservative with the ones that are racist/hypocritical. It doesn’t make you look good and makes you look like a jerk.

  8. Shameful comments from a group of idiots on TV. Really? Is it okay to make jokes about a sweet little adopted baby regardless of color?

  9. This is just a prime example where one race time and time again make hateful jokes at the expense of another race and do it repeatedly with out fear of public outcry and racist card being pulled out on them for making light of something they found humorous. I personally don’t care for Romney but find it refreshing that he took the photo im sure knowing that hateful people wouldn’t see it as a good moment but an opportunity to perpetuate what they constantly complain about.

    1. I personally don’t think Romney was thinking about how others may see the photo; their family simply wanted a family photo.

  10. MSNBC is in competition with the NY Times, George Soros, Barry Satero and his minions. Anti Americans all…. Give unto Ceasar that is Ceaser’s…..

  11. So what would they call Obama since he has a white mother and a black father? Who knows what his brothers and sisters are (I am sure he has a ton of unknown siblings out there all over Kenya)

    1. Obama was raised as a privilege white child unto he went to College here in the states and adopted the racial experiences of those’s who actually lived in it
      Even Michelle Robinson/Obama has white relatives in her family too and look how racists she turned out,Proof of this check her college days as she is in the (Third World Center) If we were to check these racists family’s tree we would probably have some white or black in their family tree too, like we all do!

      But their racism is is so obvious because the protests too much!

  12. Yes it’s racist(dumbass)!!! It’s not ok to single out someone the way you did about race. Why can’t you say nice family photo? No instead you insult a family for adopting a different race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And people like you try to tell me how to live my life and you cant run your own!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Maybe they would rather this innocent little baby would be raised in foster care. I wonder how many of these so called journalist have given a adoptable baby a home and family. No matter the childs color. My guess is NOME!

    1. Well according to Hillary, it takes a village to raise a child. Leftists believe that ALL children should be turned over to government run daycare

  14. they had the guts to try to take down Phil Robertson for his remarks, then they pull this. why isn’t something being done on this ,what i cant understand is the 2 uncle toms on the panel laughing at one of their own,that is portrayed instead of being elated that a poor child is adopted into a good godly household. racism goes both ways MSNBC cant condemn and do the same thing

  15. Is TPNN, the biggest network of racist goons really trying to call out MSNBC? I have seen it all now. LOL!!

  16. we should always be ready for the liberal childish left to jump on that, instead of commenting on the diversity of their family. The liberals on MSNBC especially Melissa Harris-Perry will say nothing good about white people raising children of color. But to her, children should be raised by the state anyways….smh

  17. We do need a reminder now and again of the pigs that are on MSNBC but the reason MSNBC is where it is at in viewership……six feet under……..is because of things like this “panel discussion”. They know that no one is watching them so—-what the hell—go for it.

  18. wow sounds racist to me….I think its great they included a family member in the family photo, I think obamas girls will marry someone like kanye west but would not expect anything diffrent from msnbc when they say if hillary runs for president we americans feel like we owe it to her msnbc-MakingStupidNastyBiasComments daily

  19. Liberal progressive scum of the Earth. Dirty filthy left wing turds. Crass disgusting baby killers. Race baiting low information shmucks. Don’t get me started or I’ll tell you how I really feel.

  20. Shallow people seem to see skin color only and nothing else. Forget the overall situation; content of character, positive actions, etc. I’m guessing the leftists don’t approve of mixed marriages either? Don’t mix blacks with whites? Would Melissa be considered anything other than a ‘token’ then for MSNBC? Because, you know, she’s black and considering skin color only like MSNBC does, they certainly can’t see her for anything other than simply being a ‘black person’. You know, MSNBC, get a black face out there. . . Black people should be outraged!!! You are being so used and don’t even know it. . .

    1. Iv r seem them advocating for segregation within the romney family. And here I thought it was only the right who praises and advocates Jim crow laws.

  21. Does anyone else notice that, at the same time they’re calling US racists, it is ALWAYS the LIBERALS who even bring up race to begin with?? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, liberals are the most INTOLERANT, CLOSED-MINDED RACE-BAITERS, BIGOTS AND HYPOCRITES you will find ANYWHERE!!


  22. This makes me want to call these people names, and I don’t like feeling that way. Dang. I don’t know the Romneys, but that photo shows a beautiful family, including both of the babies and all the other grandchildren. If I had been in the room with this panel, I would have been the one person not laughing, with a serious and then angry look on my face, and I would have had to say, “Shut up!!!” Hearing this made me sad. That baby was given a chance at life and accepted into a huge extended family by two loving parents who really wanted him. How can anyone criticize that? How can they make fun of the baby or the family? Melissa Harris-Perry, who advocates “4th trimester abortion,” i.e., thinks parents should have the option of killing their children before age 2 without punishment, is a scumbag, as she shows herself to be in this clip. What a pathetic group of losers these people are. Shame on them! All of them! They are so racist! Their hearts are full of hatred of all that’s good and right in this world. They make me sick! :(

  23. How sad that these people would stoop so low as to even discus the color difference of this child. So who’s the real racists here….certainly not the Romneys. MSNBC should be ashamed, and will take action only if enough people express their outrage at their employees.

  24. They cannot tolerate any non-white in the Republican circle…even if it is a child. Then their NKVD propaganda would be proven false.

  25. The sad fact is that almost all the most racist, least tolerant, least inclusive and downright bigoted people I know and have met have been left wing liberals. Of course we’ve got them on both sides, but in the decades I’ve been on the right I have only ever met a couple, and neither one nearly as craven, mean-spirited, and racist as the left wingers.

  26. How is this any different than the Paula Deen or Phil Robertson comments. Why haven’t they been called out on the remarks made?
    Freedom of speech is one thing, but this is just plain out nasty.

    1. If you can’t see the difference without having it laid out for you, laying it out for you is hardly going to help. Stupid can’t be fixed.

  27. sure… make a racist statement then have the nerve to call others racist. I’m sure some fish bit that hook.

    1. They are the ones keeping race an issue. If they didn’t, they’d have nothing to call Republicans!

  28. This group of Journalist, if you want to call them that, are just a bunch of Haters, and intolerant wannabes! They seem to be a sad, and depressed, group, who try to cover up their sadness by attacking others! Such as Sara Palin, for having a Christmas Tree! The Romney’s, are a caring, and sharing, family, and they hate that, because it seems like they have lacked that in their life!

  29. According to mainstream liberal ideology he should not have been adopted, as an unwanted black child he should have been murdered in the womb. But they aren’t racist genocidal zealots ……. just ignore your lying eyes.

  30. I watched this and what I saw was reverse racism. I also noticed it was mainly the two Black women on the show making the racist comments. They should lose their jobs for this disgusting display!

  31. If they did’t put him in the picture they would have said something. It don’t matter what Mitt does they will not cut him a break.

  32. What is wrong with MSNBC, to take a family photo. And then pick it a part. MCNBC you have to be the Racist journalistic society of them all. To take a family photo and pick it apart. So The Romney family have a black Grandson in their family. Whats wrong with that?? Its okay for other white people to adopt Black children like the Actors in Hollywood do. But if a Politian does. MSNBC has to show their RACIST side. Just because Obamma owns you does not give you the right to pick apart another Human Being. But that is MSNBC Dirty Ways of reporting the news. Always said that the news media only tells you what they want you to know and feel. And MSNBC is the WOREST of them all.

  33. Once again, thank you MSNBC for trying to set race relations back 100 years.Now you can be sure that white people who are thinking of pulic service will not be looking to adopt any ethnic children for fear of being rediculed. This is truly a bizare world that the libtards are creating.

  34. Most of them on that panel looked like half breeds, so where do they get off talking about this family. They are racist pigs.

  35. I think if the Fox News people stopped watching MSNBC it would cut their viewership in half. I do not know anyone else who watches that channel.

  36. Does anybody even watch msnbc anymore? If you do, why? Are you so stupid and ignorant that you need to let someone ELSE do your thinking for you?
    Those disgusting pathetic slimes. Those msnbc scum are worse than rats and should be exterminated like other disease-carrying pests.

  37. But they keep getting attention with garbage like this. If they got no publicity, maybe they would stop it. Harris is the scum of the earth. Don’t watch her or madcow.

  38. That shows how pathetically LOW the people on MSNBC really are………but what else would you expect from a totally propagandist network, that has zero truth about anything??????

  39. No wonder MSNBCs ratings are hurting. It is NOW THE LEADING T.V. TABLOID that has totally lost it’s credibility !!! They owe both the Entire Family of Mr. Nick Searcy & Mr. Mitt Romney an AIRED APOLOGY BY THE PEOPLE ON THAT PANEL & THE NBC CORPORATE HEADS IMMEDIATELY ! That includes EACH FAMILY MEMBER BY NAME ! Nick, Mitt, Lawsuit Time ! And I would like to be on either the trial jury’s or award’s jury’s. There are a number of charges there I believe. If it were my families, I would be attending them from jail. Now there is RACISM PUBLICLY-NATIONALLY AT IT LOWEST !

  40. MSNBC – the network that welcomes racists without suffering the consequences of their decisions.

    Oh, wait! What are their ratings again?

  41. You all need to give MSNBC folks a break, them there is house negros….they like to make themselves feel better than the average black, and how dare this little black kid have a decent life, he ain’t above them house negros.

  42. so MSNBC shows there racism not a surprise there. How horrible that no one throws a fit over this like they do over Phil robertson

  43. It is clear to anyone that these people are relaxed and comforable with their rascist bashing of anyone, regardless of their race or ethnicity, that is different from them in any way shape or form. Now who is the racist, racialist or whatever term you want to place on it today.

  44. Not a typical representation of fascism, but it’s still the essence of. They can’t see the little girl as a person. She’s just a talking point to them, but some mother somewhere sacrificed to take the baby to full term and gave her up to family who could adequately provide for her… On a side note, the media are the other side of the not-talented-enough-for-hollywood coin of Washington DC.

  45. You Racist MSNBC what about the People as Madonna and others who adopted a black African baby so this child would have a home? You are so biased that you cannot see the trees for the Forest. You disgust me.

  46. I think that racism of any kind is equally inappropriate. The comments made by the panelists were inappropriate but they do underscore a problem that exists in America, and perhaps the world, today. Any time that someone does a good thing (like a white family adopting an African American baby, in this case), there are always people who will impugn the integrity or character of the person or people involved. When did anyone and everyone become a fair target? Especially the family of a political figure? I will admit that I was not a fan of Mitt Romney, but I am sorry to see him and his family (especially his family) getting the kinds of attacks that have, unfortunately, become standard operating procedure for many people. And this issue transcends politics or liberal versus conservative viewpoints. There are certain things that are inappropriate, and impugning someone’s character because they saw fit to adopt, and give a better life to, a child is pretty low indeed.

  47. So, were is the outcry here!!! Where is MSNBC firing this lame excuse for a journalist, commentator, anchor, whatever? So, now a conservative family cannot adopt a child of ethnic difference without being verbally executed?

  48. These people who go around stirring up racial tension should be happy they were given a life in America and should stop trying to destroy it!

  49. The hypocrisy and the sheer hatred of the left knows NO bounds. Singing that stupid Sesame Street song to try and make a joke just shows how low the leftist liberals at MSNBC will go to taunt and make fun of the Romney family. Why anyone watches MSNBC is beyond me. They aren’t news reporters or journalists, they are masters at propaganda and lies to spread hatred, division, and prejudice. These people make me sick.

  50. Well said! My husband and I adopted a Hispanic child and are saddened by how narrow-minded people can be. It’s their loss, and they are the ones who appear ignorant and racist.

  51. Pretty disgusting. Mitt didn’t adopt this child. This is a grandchild. These ignorant chatterboxes are attacking a parent….. bad choice… white, black, yellow, orange or blue…. bad choice. And, simply ignorant. What has his little guy done to anyone? Oh, that’s right. Be born. That was wrong to begin with, correct? You peeps need to get a grip and move on. This is not news. If you put 1/2 as much energy into things that do matter, like our soldiers, drug crimes, murder and rape, perhaps we could make a difference in someone else’s life… for the better.

  52. Shame on you. This was not ok not on any level. The whole panel was wrong. The whole lot should be fired. From the ones in front of the camera to the ones behind the cameras. The whole production was the epitome of what is wrong with America today!! Racim, hatred, cruelty….. We should be celebrating family, togetherness, diversity and the fact that a child will have a better life and a better future, no matter the color of his skin or the beginnings he came from. That is what the story should have focused on. SHAME ON YOU!

  53. I’d like to say I’m surprised but to be brutally honest I’m not shocked anymore by anything that comes out of the mouths of liberals on this network.

  54. Why is the term African American used? Should the rest of us use the term European American? Is the use of color to describe someone dirty? Our society is pretty screwed up when a baby adopted out of what would likely be a pretty bad life into one that will likely redefine him into being above average for the US, is made fun of by the media because a black is going to be raised by whites. The picture says a lot for the family… Talk to me when you have a picture of a white baby that has been adopted by a black family. Until then, it is you that are racist…

  55. That little baby is a Black American unless he was born in an African Country so if a white person came to the United States from say South Africa would that make them African American too.

  56. To be fair to MSNBC, Fox News has always been more blatant with their racist overtone and is the headquarters of white-dominating right wing propaganda. And now a slightest remark that remotely smells like a racist comment from the “liberal” wing got those genuine Republican/conservative racists going nuts, jumping up and down yelling “racism”. And they’re doing this in the attempt to deflect attention to their own despicable inherent racist nature. Look, those conservative hypocrites are mostly white and they hate Obama just because he’s black!

    And now Romney is trying to fool the public with his deceptive image of “multiracial” family. So, the original comment by MSNBC panel accurately exposed Romney’s attempt to use the photo as a propaganda material.

    To those Republican hypocrites, give it a rest and know that the world see through you and what we see isn’t as pretty as you think of yourself.

  57. Seriously? I am just speechless. But not surprised. C’mon, it’s MSNBC! What do you expect? This is just sick. You really didn’t need to joke about that. It’s not funny. It’s really not.

  58. clueless and classless buffoons at MSNBC..they would have eviscerated Romney if he excluded the child..he can do nothing right in the eyes of the idiots at MSNBC

  59. As the grandmother of a bi-raicial child this angers me. I love both of my mixed grandkids. My son also married outside his race, his wife is Phillipino, and I for one am glad that their children won’t know what it is to not be able to play with your kids outside because if you sty out over 30 minutes you burn.
    Personally I’d love to break a foot off somewhere in one of these idiots.

  60. smug little racists they are….i’ll have to check how the mainstream media spins this example of making fun of little black babies.

  61. What a shame to make fun of this family and to poke fun of the fact that one of the Romney son’s adopted a black child. Shame on you MSNBC!

  62. Who said the life of this child will be better? A fat white male teabagger…MSNBC is on to something republicans are adopting the black voter, you people are blind to think otherwise. Idiots, oh no the Romney’s are so wonderful to adopt a poor black child oh thank you thank Romneys oh so gracious now throw in a Hispanic Japanese female, some blind dogs and we’ll call it the second coming of Chris Farley. Ish

  63. “Free speech is endangered species; those ‘intolerants’ hatin’ & taking on Duck Dynasty patriarch for voicing personal opinion take on us all,” Sarah Palin so if you backed Phil Robertson you then should be backing Melissa Harris-Perry for the stupid remarks that she said and if you don’t you are just a hypocrite that is what i think.

  64. It’s not the color of skin that should matter as long as there is LOVE,FAMILY that’s all that truely matters…N.B.C. had no right to slander The Romney family over their grandson’s skin color it’s not the childs fault he was born then accepted into The Romney Family… we don’t live in a time not long ago where desegregation was law we are in a time where we are all Segregated,we live and work as one PLUS WE ALL BLEED RED THIS IS AMERICA WE THE PEOPLE ARE FREE TO LOVE WHO WE CHOOSE THE WAY WE CHOOSE,EVERYONE IS EACH TO THEIR OWN BELIEFS..ME,MYSELF AND BELIEVES WE ARE ONE NO MATTER THE SKIN COLOR….AND HOW MANY OF YOU KNOW YOUR WHOLE FAMILY TREE HISTORY????I BET WE ARE A MELTING POT OF EVERY ORIGIN SOME WHERE ALONG THE BLOOD LINE .IMMAGAIN THAT.

  65. What a bunch of ignorant idiots that should never be allowed in front of a camera or even have a voice to say stupid things.

    1. Do you feel the same way about Sarah Palin or Phil Robertson for some of the gross stuff that they have said if not you should take a long look in the mirror

  66. It is not surprising MSNBC has its poorest ratings period in 6 years.

    Shame on MSNBC for the disgusting liberal bigotry.

  67. Phil Robertson is a celebrity, of sorts, and is entitled to address
    questions concerning his personal beliefs when asked about them. The
    host of this MSNBC show is supposed to be a broadcast journalist. She
    is supposed to be broadcasting a news story, while exercising
    journalistic integrity, NOT making personal on air editorials impinging
    on the right to the free speech of others. She is a racist bigot in the
    extreme and she foments hatred and division of the differing
    ethnicities, which comprise the diverse citizenry of our nation. She
    should be fired like educators are of late, when they give voice to
    their “race-baiting”, “racial hatred espousing” diatribes. They have a
    term for the faux journalistic broadcasting she performs on a fairly
    regular basis, it seems. That term is, “yellow journalism”, meaning it
    figuratively pisses all over the people involved in the “news” she is
    covering. More importantly, it pisses all over the truth. Another more
    politics related term for what she does is, “muckraking” It
    demonstrates for all to see, and hear, her complete and utter lack of
    journalistic professionalism.

  68. If that was anyone else, the media would be demanding that the panelists be fired. These people do not deserve to be on the air and should be terminated immediately.

  69. If it was an African American family with a white child what would they say? They obviously are as “they would state” Bigots

  70. Just WHO is fueling the abhorrent racism that is now running rampant thru America??!!! Is it those of us (my husband and I are solid Independents!!) who are fed up with the law-breaking, power hungry, socialist regime whose leader is sitting on his brains in the oval office?? Or is it Barack Hussein Obama’s “pick and choose” panel who can say and do anything they want, seemingly without repercussions????

  71. The same liberal media that lavished praise on BHO for acquiring a pedigree dog. He “adopted a rescue dog”.

    First dog he ever got for his teenage kids.. Just a prop for phot ops and am excuse to charge taxpayers millions for its transportation, security and trainers. Who are probably Canadians who went to Princeton with Mishka.

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  73. Honestly I don’t think it was that bad. Now what Martin Bashir said was way over the top and the network should have fired him on the spot.