Ruling by Edict: Obama Issues Two New Anti-Gun Executive Orders

The Obama Administration appears to be testing the waters of public opinion as they announced two new executive orders concerning gun control on Friday. Though this administration has remained hostile to the issue of gun rights, the Obama Administration has maintained a hands-off approach for nearly a year as the fever-pitch for increased gun control laws has nationally faded from public discussion.

However, with the announcement of the two new executive orders, President Obama may be signaling that he’s willing to act unilaterally and, perhaps, unconstitutionally to create and implement gun control policies.

The Obama Administration announced the new executive orders that would allow the federal database access to mental health records by offering an exemption to existing privacy laws that protect patient privacy. Further, the executive orders “clarify” that citizens involuntarily committed to inpatient and outpatient facilities can be prohibited from firearm ownership.

Of course, such provisions are likely to rile gun rights advocates who note that the Second Amendment offers no such allowances, but only states that the right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed.”

The White House touted the results of President Obama’s executive actions concerning gun rights, 23 edicts issued last year, claiming that federal agencies have provided 1.2 million records identifying people who are unsuitable for gun ownership.

The Obama Administration claims that the new executive edicts will not go into effect until after sixty days of comments and discussion that begins next Tuesday, however the Obama Administration’s record for transparency has been increasingly poor in recent years.

The new rule concerning the circumvention of privacy laws will provide  “an express permission to submit to the background check system the limited information necessary to help keep guns out of potentially dangerous hands,” the White House said.

However, with a two-prong attack on gun rights for those with perceived mental issues, many fear that new rules targeting those with mental health issues might serve as a slippery slope as such rules open the door for the federal government to decide who is mentally fit enough to open a firearm.

Further, with the loosening of privacy practices and the thickening of scrutiny for those who have been committed to receive help, some citizens might be hesitant to seek short-term mental health help if there is a danger of having their Second Amendment rights revoked.

The White House’s statement aimed to assuage such concerns by claiming, “The proposed rule will not change the fact that seeking help for mental health problems or getting treatment does not make someone legally prohibited from having a firearm. Furthermore, nothing in the proposed rule would require reporting on general mental health visits or other routine mental health care, or would exempt providers solely performing these treatment services from existing privacy rules.” 

However, several high-profile instances have occurred in recent years in states with strict gun control oversight where law-abiding citizens have been stripped of their rights for a wide-range of mild psychological issues.

The move by the Obama Administration may signal a willingness to reignite the gun control debate at a time when Americans remain deeply divided on the issue. Though many favor stricter rules governing the right to keep and bear arms, the last push for federal gun control laws failed miserably amidst pushback from gun rights groups and concerned citizens. 

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  1. Divided? no AMERICAN is divided on this issue.. there are AMERICANS and there are communists dictator wannabees.. “we the people” shall prevail against this evil, treasonous usurper.

    1. he is far from a wanna be- he is doing whatever he wants and No one stops him. He is doing exactly what he wants, and we do nothing!!

    2. You don’t vote and pass Executive orders, moron. Keep listening to that Leftist-media, you tool. Only Obama can write Executive orders….only the EXECUTIVE BRANCH (OBAMA) can issue these.

    3. and the american these orders do not have to followed by american. these orders only effect the government

    4. They only effect the government and how it operates, that’s correct. How the government operates can greatly effect us, though…

    5. thats true , but im kinda sick of and tired seeing obama supporters walk around and say ” thats the law now” idiots

    6. Executive orders are not laws. They are orders for the executive branch and not a way for the president to bypass congress. The government wants you to believe they are law and are trying to make local law enforcement enforce them as law.

    7. Yes, Executive Orders ARE laws and can only be overturned by 60% of the Senate; however, since the Senate is predominantly Democratic, that has not happened. When another president is elected, he can overturn Executive Orders, but there may be a time period to do so or else Congress will have to pass laws outlawing the Exec. Order.

    8. Really? I think my parents had no choice when Roosevelt issued his Executive Order to incarcerate them.

    9. Curious which ‘order’ was used to register, accurately locate and send Home the milions of Mexican ‘Gandys’ (WWII railroad laborers) to open jobs for the returning US troops? I witnessed the relatively overnight transition and was very curious about the logistics. I strongly suspect the powerful Union involvement. Same Unions that prevented the railroads from eliminating the Caboose crew, even though the siding, consist switching and ‘humping’ was rapidly being electronically, auto switch controlled. The collective Union Vote is powerful. Jimmy Hoffa learned… the final way.

    10. He cannot actually ‘proclaim law,’ Executive Orders are binding as policies or procedures for those branches of government he is Constitutionally mandated manage. Anything he does at that level can be easily countermanded by Congress. If mental records are sealed by law, he will face pretty stiff opposition on these orders. If, on the other hand, the privacy of these people is only a matter of Executive policy, he can make such changes until the law is changed.

    11. Of course, this presupposes he is inclined to follow the law and he’s demonstrated that he is, in fact, likely to ignore any law that doesn’t suit him. One should point out though, that once it is widely believed the Executive branch is prone to ignore any law it doesn’t like, the populace will begin, en masse, to do the same.

    12. The people, en masse, also disregarding the law is PRECISELY what the Liberals are trying to accomplish. Liberals WANT another civil war to occur in the USA. Liberals believe only they will survive a war politically and it will leave them in charge of the country permanently.

    13. The ‘Autopen is the latest official signature (used by this sitting president). Highly dangerous to Freedom, due to the fact that a memory stored pattern of ‘ones and zeros’ have no conscience, no allegiance.. Any agenda driven entity, foreign or domestic is then able to use without representation, lacking Constitutional ‘Due Process’ the ‘official presidential signature’ to sign anything… into Law.

    14. Looks like you are part of low information crowd. If is an executive order, how can republican congress pass it? Waiting…

    15. Here’s the tricky part about executive orders. Congress DOES have the authority to nullify or repeal any EO. If Congress does not exercise that option then an order stands as if it was a law passed by Congress. There are numerous precedents in the courts supporting this. As far as I have been able to determine, not one executive order by obama, or any other president, has ever been nullified by Congress. Also, an order issued by one president CAN be rescinded by a subsequent president, but to date that option has also never been exercised by any sitting president.

    16. George W. Bush rescinded some of Clinton’s Exec. Orders. Yes, there have been presidents who have exercised that authority.

    17. Actually there was no vote. Executive order is where the Executive Branch goes around congress. This is why he needs to be impeached. He believes he’s above the law and that he is god, and that we just need to bow down and kiss his feet.

    18. 1/4/14, By not bailing out what surely is becoming a shortfall of 7M millennials by March(apx 1M), just signing up for bamcare may prove his undoing. I just hope the GOP doesn’t screw this up.

    19. You are right, no American wants guns in the hands of people who are mentally ill. Thanks President Obama !

  2. “perhaps, unconstitutionally” ??? !! Ya think? These executive orders have absolutely nothing to do with operation of government – but a gutless House will allow them to stand as law. Are we a land of Law, or a mob of public opinion?

  3. Wasn’t this az$hole in favor of guns back in the day? Anyone? I’m fed up with the lies, deceptions and the general misleading of We The people. I know this is by design, but when are We The People going to turn this thing around….one way or another…pretty or ugly. I ask you.

    1. We the People, do not have the guts to turn this around and everyone knows it, including our government.

    2. I’m ready…just name the date, time and place…I’ll be there…time to march on DC with our torches and pitchforks and run the Frankensteinian monsters out of our government. They do it in Europe on occasion….hold the government hostage until they surrender and resign, and they hold all new elections to get a new government….even if it’s not an election year. Can we collectively start a recall on all of their a$$e$?

    3. Exactly…recall in every state who’s congress elect refused to keep their oath to represent american citizens!

    4. recall those who do not uphold their oath of office, namely, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution,

    5. No, Obama has been solidly against guns for many years. Back in his Senator days he came up with the idea of selling guns through reputable gun shops and “following” them back to the illegal gun owners. They called it Fast and Furious when he was finally elected…the intent was never to follow the weapons, but to put gun shops out of business by hook and crook.

  4. OK so the executive orders are designed to keep crazy people from buying guns. I am not seeing a downside to this executive order. So unless you have been mentally ill, or are mentally ill, no need to worry. If you are mentally ill, OK, worry that you can not purchase a gun, we all understand your rights are limited in relation to the second amendment and still think you should not be sporting a gun partner. Do we really believe that second amendment rights should extend to the mentally unstable who were under medical care. Well?

    1. You must trust Obama with your health care, too? You must trust that Obama knew and did *just* the right thing in regards to Benghazi? How about the IRS …you must have trusted Obama with that, too? Etc., etc., etc.

      Good grief, if Obama CAN’T BE TRUSTED with any of the above, why in the world should he be trusted with this?

    2. you are a complete idiot if you want a lawbreaker and habitual liar writing executive orders to be law

    3. Define ‘crazy people’….maybe then you’ll understand why many of us oppose Gun Control in any way, shape or form.

    4. The down side is that the government gets to define “crazy”. They have a penchant for re-defining . What you think is “crazy” does not matter. Any idiot understands that a raving lunatic should not have access to dangerous implements, including firearms. In any case, the current background check covers those people. The difference involves government access and evaluation of YOUR medical records. Obviously, it cannot be stated often enough that there are VERY FEW firearms crimes committed by legal firearm owners. Guess who is the problem – THE CRIMINALS. Criminals don’t follow laws. One more will only be an impediment to people who will NOT commit a crime with a firearm. Kinda like having a neighbor who is a thief, and they arrest YOU to stop him. Stupid, and ineffective.

    5. For starters, there’s no due process. Your opinion is part of the problem in this country. You would willing give up a constitutionally guaranteed right without even being afforded due process. That is idiotic. No one should trust any government with that much power.

    6. Why even engage in debate with a KNOWN LIAR. Owebama does not have America’s best interest in anything he does. The sooner you realize this the clearer events become and the better off you’ll be.

    7. I guess those other pesky amendments in the bill of rights shouldn’t apply to mentally ill people either. Just throw them in jail forever, don’t even need to worry about having a trial. After all they’re mentally ill!

    8. You could be denied simply for having a prescription at some point in history for say prozac

    9. Depression is, by far, the most diagnosed “mental illness” in society. And it IS deemed a mental illness, one that this petty dictator can qualify as disqualifying to own a firearm.

      Yes, I have known all along that this would be the strategy used to disarm Americans, particularly conservatives. Diagnoses of “homophobia,” subjecting children to “irrational religious beliefs,” and all manner of conservative beliefs are now all on the table for consideration. We have already been called potential “domestic terrorists” by this administration for touting freedom. Be assured that these designations WILL be acted upon… unless we resist.

    10. Who gets the set the definition of crazy, mentally ill or unstable?
      If had the task anyone voting Democrat would be labeled mentally ill.
      Food for though!

    11. there are already too damned many laws it’s said ignorance of the law if no excuse–i defy anyone to tell me they no all the laws ! laws will never fix the lack of common sense- or inability to know the ten commandments.

    12. Last time I checked just because you own a gun and have a mental health issue didn’t mean you had a goal of shooting people.But then again, Liberal logic right? You are very dim and I feel bad for you.

    13. Stacey, you can not seriously suggest that you read the executive order. The order says – involuntarily committed to inpatient and outpatient facilities. In other words people who are so unstable that their freedom was stripped away due to their being a risk to themselves or to others. A serious risk, so serious that a medical professional has them committed. If they can not be free because they may very likely cause harm to themselves or others then they can not own guns. Your simple minded comment about mental health, shooting people and iberal logic is so pathetic as to make anyone wonder whether you could have a sense of self.

    14. You sure are filled with rage against the mentally ill, you should seek help and certainly should not be allowed to own a gun pardner…

    15. bottom line, you can’t arrest or otherwise limit people who have committed no crime!! we don’t arrest anyone who ‘looks like he might be getting ready to rob a store’. we don’t arrest anyone for thinking about cheating on his taxes. we don’t limit anyone from doing anything!! only when they do something wrong, illegal, can we stop them! the whole reason for having a gun…talking about normal citizens here…is to be able to protect ourselves because 99% of the time…plus…there is no cop or other authority there when we are attacked. and that goes for any authority…government…that oversteps its bounds, too!! that last part is the real problem considered by our founders to be the whole reason we should be armed! and look, your right to own and bear arms in no way requires you to do so, either. feel free to go unarmed, it’s part of your rights to do so! but we have that choice, unfettered by government because the government did not give us our rights…we were born with our rights!

    16. And what if the powers that be all of a sudden declare you as mentally ill? What if a diagnosis appears in an obscure medical record of yours that strips you of your rights? Who defines “mentally unstable” because that is not pelled out in the law, neither is there a definition of mentally ill. This is purposely way too subjective. This law has no recourse, no means for you to counter and governmental claim of unstability. I guess we should “trust” the government that has a repeated track record of lying to us.

    17. The problem is that 100% of the people who were mentally ill and committed mass murder with firearms DID NOT seek help and DID NOT have a psychiatric record indicating problems that would point to potential violent acts. THAT my friend, is the issue in a nutshell.
      Responsible people get help. Are you okay with the Government defining ‘mental health issues’ for the ‘Cannnot-purchase-a-gun’ rule to apply? I’m not!!!

    18. I doubt that anyone here would disagree with keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, but given the administration’s record, and that “mentally ill” has not been explicitly defined, it is very possible for that to change and refer to all who disagree with Obama and such. Not that we want the ill to have guns, but that this Unconstitutional EO could go further down the rabbit hole than he is claiming. And every time I hear about gun control, it is always how to take guns away from law abiding citizens, not from criminals.

  5. Its a slippery slope if Obama gets away with this he will be able to expand on the simplest terms of mental health. I would have to say that I was feeling a little sad to day driving my semi here in Michigan in the snowy weather, Sad Stress, anxiety, and depression, But I’m good now until Sunday night bad weather coming Monday is going to be @#&*!

    1. We are already told by Leftists that “homophobia” is a “mental illness.” That’s over half the population (if the truth really be told) who simply think rightly that there is something wrong with homosexual behavior.

  6. If any ban be instituted it should be on all Democrat’s,

    In 1863 a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States.
    In 1881 a left wing radical Democrat shot James Garfield, President of the United States, who later died from the wound.
    In 1963 a radical left wing socialist shot and killed John F. Kennedy, President of the United States.
    In 1975 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at Gerald Ford, President of the United States.
    In 1983 a registered Democrat shot and wounded Ronald Reagan, President of the United States.
    In 1984 James Hubert, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 22 people in a McDonalds restaurant.
    In 1986 Patrick Sherrill, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 15 people in an Oklahoma post office.
    In 1990 James Pough, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 10 people at a GMAC office.
    In 1991 George Hennard, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 23 people in a Luby’s cafeteria.
    In 1995 James Daniel Simpson, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 5 coworkers in a Texas laboratory.
    In 1999 Larry Asbrook, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 8 people at a church service.
    In 2001 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at the White House in a failed attempt to kill George W. Bush, President of the US.
    In 2003 Douglas Williams, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people at a Lockheed Martin plant.
    In 2007 a registered Democrat named Seung – Hui Cho, shot and killed 32 people in Virginia Tech.
    In 2010 a mentally ill registered Democrat named Jared Lee Loughner, shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed 6 others.
    In 2011 a registered Democrat named James Holmes, went into a movie theater and shot and killed 12 people.
    In 2012 Andrew Engeldinger, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people in Minneapolis.
    In 2013 a registered Democrat named Adam Lanza, shot and killed 26 people in a school.
    One could go on, but you get the point, even if the media does not. Clearly, there is a problem with Democrats and guns.

    1. Lets push for legislation: no democrat shall be allowed to purchase, own or harbor a firearm.

    2. And all conservatives should promise not to use arms in defense of a Democrat….since they hate guns so much

    3. I’m afraid I must disagree on not allowing any “Democrat” to own any firearm. I am Conservative and strongly believe in Our Constitution and Our Bill of Rights. To not allow the Socialists, ones who are citizens of this great Nation, to own any firearms would be a violation of the 2nd Amendment. We would become like them. We do not want that.

    4. If this all true, and it very may be. Why not post the murders committed by Republicans as well, or would that not fit your agenda? This is a little misleading because you make it sound like only Democrats can kill other humans, where this is far from the truth. Anyone with a gun can kill another, it’s that simple. And no political party has any special exemption. This countries issues are far larger than simple politics. Our entire system is corrupt and is far from what was intended when this country was formed. It’s all a smoke cloud and trickery to blind the American people from the injustices our government has planned for us. Playing this left and right game is what they want, pull your head out of the sand man, our issues are far grander.

    5. i think you are on the right track about corruption and about politicians playing left against right, but as far as the issue, our second amendment rights are the only issue, if the second amendment falls so goes the u.s. and the rest of the free world you can bet the farm on it

    6. Or you could do your homework and realize that”all” mass shootings have been a product of the lefts philosophy of entitlement. When these men don’t get their way they throw tantrums and kill people. Please name for us Right wing nuts that have gone on shooting sprees. I certainly can’t name any.

    7. You mean the invasion unnanimously supported by democrats? Nice try “idiot” how about a real 1 person shootem up….

    8. You cannot be serious… How’s Iraq looking today?
      The Fool on the Hill has made such a monumental mistake with American foreign policy we may never recover.

      You know what I mean, *this* place…

      By Andrea Mitchell and Courtney Kube, NBC News

      “U.S. intelligence officials said Friday the situation in western Iraq was “extremely dire” after radical Sunni forces linked with al Qaeda raised their flag in the town of Fallujah – site of two of the bloodiest battles during the Iraq war – and gained control of the city.

      Islamist insurgents have also battled tribesmen for control of the Iraqi city of Ramadi.

      The fighters brandished their weapons and set police vehicles ablaze on Wednesday, The Associated Press reported. A provincial spokesman said the militants had taken over police stations and military posts in Fallujah and Ramadi after security forces left.

      An interior ministry official told Agence France-Presse that ISIL, the al Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, remained in control of parts of the two cities on Thursday.”

    9. ‘Persian’ associate often informs us, her people are just naturally like that. She mentions casually the tribal battles that have forever been the area’s (including many others) historic way of controlling population density. She, her family, among millions have scattered around the globe.

      Primarily northern Europe, British holdings and USA are their pre-planned destinations. Much preferring the Socialist guarantee from starvation, while under section 8 housing (works extremely well in non-monogamous and feral relationships, more subsidized children the better). From that fully subsidized socialist position, of which they share and know the detailed intricacies, they are then able to survive…. and prosper. Laughing at the host’s naivete and ignorance is an insider joke btw.

      Quite unlike their own historic ‘system’, western socialism is guaranteed survivable. Gradually they learn to feign assimilation, become elected to power and control the host to their liking. Starting the entire unsustainable cycle anew from ‘within’ the host.

    10. Intestinal ‘Parasites’ thrive under the same conditions. Taenia solium larvae from Pork, is easily transmitted by hands used in wiping (cultures that are strangers to wiping paper, wisely refuse to shake hands) after bowel excretions, then preparing food for others, are well known for their transmittal of larvae to the unsuspecting next ‘Host’.

      Something to say for cultures that shun Pork, as if Pork were the causation. Makes ‘gun control’ seem like ‘petrol control’, to prevent aggressive immolation, directed at one’s cultural/personal enemies, Which btw takes the place of guns, in societies where guns are controlled.

      Brings to question. Would you rather risk being shot ….. or engulfed in Flames…. Alive ?

    11. Nolen,

      My post is on individual situations, but I did not want to skip your question without validating your point! I suggest you read the Government document called ‘northwoods’ 1963, you can find it on google search. Both Parties have been working to move the United States into the New World Order with Bush and Obama going full speed ahead!

    12. this is the fundamental reason that today we have the mainstream republicans so charged up against the tea party/conservative push for turning away from all the socialist nonsense.

    13. If I were to describe myself, I’d say I’m a conservative Constutionalist. I believe in integrity regardless of Party Lines. I realize the difference between electing a Politician or a Representative. Politician’s have proven to be self serving, Representatives serve We The People.

      Very few have actually served We The People with honesty and integrity! When Ted Cruz stood up against ACA, he was right and he was steadfast in his position regardless of the pressure! Most of the politician’s attacked with accusations and intimidation about shut down of government…I as well as many other american’s say…BS…all should have taken the same stand against the unconstitutional law!

      Boehner right now is working on immigration reform to allow illegal Alien’s amnesty! These people broke out laws, killed our Boarder Patrol Officers, sold illegal drugs to our kids, abused and killed american’s and have filled out jails, frauded the IRS out of 4 billion dollars a year and displacing american citizen’s, taking our jobs in an already limited availability situation, bombings, attempted terrorist attacks! Just exactly when did our country start rewarding criminals with the product of their crime? And what message do they get about respecting the rest of our laws?

      What is Boehners agenda for this…he has been promised financial support…he’s going to trade america for personal benefits…he’s not the only one! No, real American’s have said enough! The Tea Party is two million strong and growing. It’s growing with american’s just like myself, who are tired of the dishonesty, deception, theft, self serving, ever extending branches of government who have violated Constitutional laws, and made american’s their victims!

    14. exactly…I am at the point of understanding that we can no longer rely on the idea of taking control of government through election of republicans and then taking control of the republicans by pressing them into truly constitutional leadership. and this means we now have the huge job of not just defeating dems and their agenda, but also the ‘slickery’ repubs and what they keep on doing!! this is exactly why I’ve also committed to, if need be, the idea of being sort of a lone wolf out here. I know I’m not alone, but I also am completely aware that now it is down to much the same risk as being in the military. it could cost me life and/or livelihood.

    15. No, you are not alone, many are very alarmed at the total disregard for the Constitution and our Rights! However, I have heard that come sometime in March, information will be given that will not only shock american’s but perhaps give them a great reason to celebrate!
      I know one thing for sure, american’s have been saying accountability, but at this time I feel they will demand responsibility and accountability…punishment for all involved!

    16. I will be waiting!! I enjoy what I’ve seen of what you have to say. hope you won’t mind if I kind of try to keep up a bit…lol. I’m old, grumpy and grouchy, but only a little hardheaded. that last, well, plenty of people will tell you that’s a lie!! whatever, I do know that whatever happens, even if we get things turned around, we’re all going to pay the price, and for that I’m prepared…at least if it is for making the turnaround work!! thanks…see you next time.

    17. Thanks al11,
      Sure! To be honest, the information as I understand it, will turn thing around in itself! I know it’s a challenge keeping up with everything going on, but this is not the first time we’ve had to deal with unrealistic government, it’s just that Obama has crossed the line with the help of Reid! No re-election for these people will do a world of good along with a change in power of the congressional seats!

      That’s okay, I think the environment reflects a little grumpiness these days! No problems here I’m usually posting on newsmax, come and join in!

    18. Hello there al11!!!…I just now realized I have a follower! I guess I should pay more attention…lol…It’s good to hear that not everyone thinks I’m a kook!…Thanx!

    19. lol…I don’t do it much, maybe 5 or 6 times over the years. but you said some good things and I just wanted to see what else you’d chime in with. I’m old, grumpy, grouchy, and somewhat difficult, I suppose, but now and then I just like being part of things.

    20. Indoctrination into the concept of ‘The Great Society’ using the wealth redistributive ‘War On Poverty’ as it’s justification, was only one of several initiations of the Liberal Leftists (pandering political party lines blurred) plans for Utopia. Concepts only imagined by the forcibly redistributive ‘Fairness and Equality’ dreams, that have historically been unsustainable.

      One result is sporadic and drastic, violently forced declines in humanity, due to their ingrained in-satiation, the Leftists demands for uncontested Authoritarian Power.

      Only the resistance manifested in Freedom against totalitarian forced disarming of society, resulting in rampant forced wealth redistribution, causes ‘Their’ dream (ie: a Nightmare) to be repeatedly restrained/delayed.

    21. and prior to the vote, called for by the leading democrats, too!! you tube is full of stuff showing Hillary Clinton, et al, clamoring for action in Iraq, etc.

    22. Of course, maybe Hillary’s votes shouldn’t be counted “against” her, since they were quite probably only for POLITICAL show.

    23. Yep Democrats like Kerry, Reid, and the UN security council pushed for it for 12 years in congress before Bush even got into office!!!!

      Hmmm makes you the idiot! and we were not even attacked yet.

    24. Dont forget how after we had gotten Iraq almost stable and under a stable rule. BARRY come and tells the enemy we are leaving and leaves behind almost a Trillion in military hardware now being used by the enemy Hmmm. it cost to much as he put it to ship it back to the state.

      Now we end in a war worst the first one and fighting the enemy that is using our stuff to kill our soldiers.

      Yep democrats do such a good job, lighting the fire of war in the middle east after a hard fought peace.

    25. I see you didn’t back up your claim. I can do that do. Republicans are like Muslims and what a theocracy instead of a democracy. Or the moon is nothing but a bowl of cheese and nobody has ever been there. Oh, this is fun.

    26. From Rani Rich’s post above
      In 1863 a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States.
      In 1881 a left wing radical Democrat shot James Garfield, President of the United States, who later died from the wound.
      In 1963 a radical left wing socialist shot and killed John F. Kennedy, President of the United States.
      In 1975 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at Gerald Ford, President of the United States.
      In 1983 a registered Democrat shot and wounded Ronald Reagan, President of the United States.
      In 1984 James Hubert, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 22 people in a McDonalds restaurant.
      In 1986 Patrick Sherrill, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 15 people in an Oklahoma post office.
      In 1990 James Pough, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 10 people at a GMAC office.
      In 1991 George Hennard, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 23 people in a Luby’s cafeteria.
      In 1995 James Daniel Simpson, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 5 coworkers in a Texas laboratory.
      In 1999 Larry Asbrook, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 8 people at a church service.
      In 2001 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at the White House in a failed attempt to kill George W. Bush, President of the US.
      In 2003 Douglas Williams, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people at a Lockheed Martin plant.
      In 2007 a registered Democrat named Seung – Hui Cho, shot and killed 32 people in Virginia Tech.
      In 2010 a mentally ill registered Democrat named Jared Lee Loughner, shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed 6 others.
      In 2011 a registered Democrat named James Holmes, went into a movie theater and shot and killed 12 people.
      In 2012 Andrew Engeldinger, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people in Minneapolis.
      In 2013 a registered Democrat named Adam Lanza, shot and killed 26 people in a school.
      One could go on, but you get the point, even if the media does not. Clearly, there is a problem with Democrats and guns.”

    27. I see again that you didn’t back up your claim. Here I will just poke a hole in your statement and save you some time. You claim “that”all” mass shootings have been a product of the lefts philosophy of entitlement”. But how about McVeigh and Nichols? Or 911?

    28. 911? What guns were used in that attack? Ugh McVeigh, Nichols again you are astounding. I repeat my question “WHAT GUN WAS USED”? Neither event involved guns, 911 terrorists used box cutters. McVeigh and Nichols used explosives???

    29. Sorry, clearly killing with guns is the only thing that counts in this discussion. Just look at your list — the first two are right-wingers.

    30. What is going through your head? What two are right wingers? And yes this is am article about “Dear Leader” taking away constitutional rights from Americans. The argument is that if you have or have ever suffered a mental illness(as you clearly do) can he take away your right to bear arms through executive order.( read above article for confirmation). Those who believe in the constitution find this appalling as it clearly states that this right “shall not be infringed” if your point is to bash right wingers then we are done. I have clearly stated a well known facts that all the mass shootings in the twentieth and twenty first century we committed by registered” democrats” if you don’t like the truth then you can chose to ignore it. Face it this president is a disaster, he has no regard for the American constitution and wants to re-write it. These are not difficult facts to except.

    31. I clearly said the first two. It wasn’t a trick. And you clearly said as I quoted you above and will quote you again, “”that”all” mass shootings have been a product of the lefts philosophy of entitlement”. This is something you have yet to prove, because you or no one else could.

    32. Well you are clearly mistaken as “The first two” Were undeniably democrats, Jesus. And they are “all” listed above. What more proof do you need. You are clearly not reading ready conversation with you is over.

    33. Are that thick? Anyone can make a list. That doesn’t mean the information on it is correct. Sure they are both democrats, but they were both right-wingers politically. Which, if I’m not mistaken is direct evidence against your claim.

    34. Right wingers and democrat? Well that’s a new one. As to the list go ahead and fact check it you so desire. Let me know if you find any inaccuracies. Bubye now

    35. That is new to you? Apparently, you have no understanding of political history before the 1960′s if that is shocking to you.

    36. More off topic distractions, I am bored so let’s just leave it at that. You continue to support “Dear Leader” and I’m just going to go on and continue to despise him for what he is. Enjoy

    37. I didn’t vote for Obama in either election. And no, it is not a distraction at all. You really should learn about politics if you want to discuss them intelligently. So sorry if the truth scares you but they were both right wingers. It also shows that your theory that only leftist kill with guns as wrong.

    38. You really should read:
      American Conservatism: History, Theory and Practice to see that Republicans weren’t always conservatives. In fact, throughout most of their history in this country they were liberal.

    39. Yes, but what we call Liberal today is simple statism and more on par with King George’s political view.

    40. Really? It seems like they are taking issue with me not getting in line with a stupid claim that all mass shootings were by liberals and the list that “supports” it, even though it uses single victim murders as evidence of mass murders, and even lists murderers that were conservatives.

    41. “It seems”? I assure you that your perception does not warrant your contempt for people that you have enjoined in conversation. Though their thesis might be supported imperfectly the truth of it remains, political violence is generally (by a margin of insignificant deviance) a tool of the Left.

    42. Really, I will raise the crusades and say the terrorists we went into two wars against. I’d say that is a large amount of political violence.

    43. The Crusades ended in corruption, but were initiated out of a sense of self preservation. The Moors had blazed a 70 year trail across the Mediterranean, threatening to swallow all of Europe by the sword. If you are not a troll, and you are genuinely amongst your like minded, then I suggest that you could be allowing a bit of modern, pop history influence into your analysis.

    44. Politics is a component of everything whose motivations cannot stand alone. Your question suggests that politics can stand alone? Is that your position?

    45. You are taking a relativist position that I find pointless. I don’t care why I’m attacked, only that it is happening. Nothing mitigates terrorist actions.

    46. It’s 10:40, if you don’t have a girl coming over then you need to get out of the house and find you one.

    47. Palefire I just bet you love the way Obambutt has run this country right into the ground Wake up smell the coffee he is nothing more than an I wanna be tyrant. So get your head out of your Air raid shelter (AZZ)

    48. You mean they use facts there too? No thanks. I’d rather not join you in some crazy-land where I have to believe stupid things people say on the internet because it confirms my unfounded political beliefs.

    49. You are a troll of the worst sort. Your “facts” are not founded on any historical or logical truth. You are talking down to folks that you would never insult so in person. If you are trying to have an honest conversation then please try to moderate your contempt. If you are simply entertaining yourself by eliciting negative responses then mission accomplished, sleep well.

    50. I was insulted and had lies made up about me from the get-go. I also posted a book that backs up things I have claimed. I haven’t seen a single source by anyone that disagrees with me. I’m not a troll. I’m trying to get people not to blindly follow lies.

    51. I then offer that your efforts are misplaced and futile. People are upset, and at times the ire can build to rage because all of us have been put into a position of political impotence. There is no need to “assist” corrections through “poking the tiger through the cage”. Rather, I will be so bold as to suggest that if we are among like minded folks, that we “gently” guide our friends to more tenable positions that we may elevate the conversation and the cause.

    52. I don’t understand your position. I’m trying to elevate the conversation. There is plenty to be said about Obama and leftists. But to make up lies and have them repeated is just wrong, and I will call it out.

    53. My position is that most folks commenting here are expressing opinions forged in personal experience rather than in depth study. That doesn’t make their position any less valid. The Left is historically far more willing to engage in violence than any Conservative individual, group, or movement. If you are better informed then do us all a favor and add to the conversation rather than engaging in sophistry intend to play “gotcha”.

    54. I’m not playing “gotcha” as he made the initial claim. I was correcting a claim. Just like I will correct yours because neither of you will back up your claims and resort to personal attacks when pressed too. You know like your NC free speech alley attack. The Left is not historically more willing to engage in violence.Neither is the right. There is no realistic way you could even come up with a number. So why even bother making it? Historically, we do know both groups have commited terrible acts of War, genocide, and murder.

    55. i have really tried to give you a fair shake but you are determined to carry on your obvious troll behavior. Conflating islamo-fascists with American Right, ignoring the vast historical accounting of the violence of the Left from the Bolsheviks to Mao and Fidel (just to name a few), your argument is bouncing all over the place and lacks coherence other than you taking issue with simple inaccuracy.

    56. Um, I didn’t try equate Islamic terrorists with the American Right. You named a few form the left, and I named a few from the right (jihadists, Christians throughout time, Nazis, Fascists) . Again, both on the left and the right kill people. What does that tell us? Not much, except getting their people all excited and ready to go to war for their own (leaders) beliefs.

    57. John Wilkes Booth and Charles J. Guiteau. Those two. You know like when I said above the “first two”. Keep up Q.

    58. I would point out that with Nichols and McVeigh the term ‘extreme’ right wingers actually does apply, though it is universally applied by some to anyone opposing the agenda of Obama or whoever…lol. not all, but just sayin’…add to that the fact that no one of us on the conservative side who truly believe in our constitutional rights in any way support what those two did and we backed entirely the apprehension and justice for their acts. same goes for the idiots who bomb abortion clinics, kill doctors and others associated with them, etc. and the same applies to any and all who do wrong, whether they claim for themselves conservatism, patriotism, Christianity, or any other thing! as for 9/11 or any of the long list of terrorist crap which has come out of the Islamic world, there is nothing conservative about any of that!! it is all about domination and oppression, not about ‘rights’ in any way, shape, or form!! those of us who are truly, constitutionally conservative never in the least associate ourselves or our ideas with such trash. the left should understand that easily and simply quit trying to somehow indict all of us, the vast majority of true ‘right wingers’ with the taint of such atrocities! are there those among us who get emotional and drop ‘bombs’ like calling all democrats horrible in some way, yes. it happens! but the time for emotions has to cease, and some clear understanding of the realities of terminology has to take hold!! personally, I’m so tired of the endless misunderstanding of simple terms such as freedom, rights, law, the u.s. constitution, and so much more. it makes productive dialogue impossible, and completely hinders any ability for people to truly understand anything.

    59. 9/11 was an inside job, please see the government document called ‘Northwoods’ written 1963.

      After you read Northwoods, you then need to read the New World Order… go back in memory because it came out of the mouth of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama…

      The agenda is the New World Order and it involves members of both parties. Our Presidents are no more than puppets for the elite group owners of the World Banks, starting with Rothchilds! All the History is available for those who want more than just argue on this site…you want the truth…it’s everywhere!

      Now to set the record straight….Democrats…pro Slavery
      Republican’s set Slaves free! While you do a little searching why don’t you check how many countries still use Slaves. It’s a sad thought, but our country does business, allows trades to be bought and sold in the U.S.A.

    60. So apparently liberals kill people with guns and right-wing fascist and religious fundamentalist kill with planes and bombs. You know, since we are making unfounded blanketed assertions.

    61. Just making an observation. The article and the comment you replied to centered around guns, not terrorism. I’m not saying I disagree with you, I know that the left and right changed sides. It’s just that when you say “You claim “that”all” mass shootings have been a product of the lefts
      philosophy of entitlement”. But how about McVeigh and Nichols? Or 911?” it makes you look like you don’t know what you are talking about. I know it’s just nit picking but it still looks bad.

    62. No, they were not. Do your homework beyond MJ and HP. Both had ties to Elohim and the American NS, as well as WS groups. None of that is Conservative. Both had contact with some shady characters in the PI that have connections to mozzie groups.

    63. Neither one of the incidents you mention were shootings. Mc Veigh set off a bomb. September 11, 2001 was an attack by terrorists that crashed jet liners loaded with fuel into two buildings in NYC and the Pentagon in Washington DC. The weapons used to overtake the plane were box cutters not guns. You argument does not hold water.

    64. According to the criteria in the list above, he would definitely qualify as right-winger; he was a registered republican after all. But I can agree with you on that too. He was a right-wing anarchist who hated the government. He also voted libertarian if remember correctly.

    65. Sshh, it’s a list on the internet posted by a random person, how dare you question the validity of any of the information on it. It also says a left-wing radical shot Garfield, who lived a strict conservative christian lifestyle and was even a preacher. That isn’t to even mention his conservative political beliefs which aligned with Grant’s rightwing philosophies. Most of the people on here seem to think that democrats throughout history were all “leftwing”. We wonder what is wrong with this country.

    66. Pale fire, in the past 100 years, all Democrat presidents, when abled by a democrat controlled Congress have pushed us towards socialist programs. Look up LBJs Great Society. You can argue Garfield’s assassin should not be on the list, but can’t deny ObamaCare is Socialized Medicine.

    67. Thank you JDon! Someone has finally has seen the light and embraced reality. If only the rest of these guys would. As for your other point, socialist programs are a bit off topic. We can talk about getting rid of all those socialist programs (military, roads, and so on) another day

    68. Ken, are you “just saying” that the list is “irrelevant” ? The mass shootings in the past 50 years are proof enough.
      What about JFK? Oswald was a communist.
      Just saying. LOL. IMHO

    69. Democrat include: Communist, Socialists, Nationalists, Muslim Hate groups and all Pro Government control progressive groups. They run as democrats, but over half of those in the Administration that are “Democrats” are member of other groups. Barry is a Socalist Registered member of the “New Party” and have publicly stated he feels the 1st, 2nd and 4th amendments should be repealed or replaced. Same view from his B@#ch adviser Valery who is a member of the Botherhood who wants Islamic LAW in the USA and by her own writing and statements Pre 2008 would be on a terrorist watch list today bared from entering the USA and arrested.

    70. Also, Adam Lanza was not a registered anything, though his mom was a right-wing nut preparing him for the end of democracy. Jarold Lee Laughner also hated the govenrment and was a registered independent. Though he claimed to be not to be a democrat or a republican his political theories are definitely right leaning. Not to mention the obvious, he shot a democrat. The list also leaves off many right-winger murders like, James Oliver Huberty, Jim David Atkinsson, Donnie Baker, Richard Popalowski, and Wade Michael Page.

    71. it’s true that many Christians certainly are conservative, but there are also many, very many, who continually vote democrat and buy into that philosophy. the jewish people have continually voted, majority of them, likewise. real conservatives/real republicans don’t want any sort of theorcracy, palefire. we want to take our country back onto the basic structure of our constitution, limiting government involvement in all things which are not specifically outlined as duties of the government in the constitution. in fact, government should have no power whatsoever in our personal rights!! there is a huge difference between wanting theocratic rule and simply wanting our God-given rights. if you object to the idea of ‘God-given’, please understand that is okay, too, as long as you recognize that it is not government which grants us our rights, it is government which is not allowed to have power in our rights and the choices we make under those rights. I can own and carry a gun, for example, but I can choose not to do so…and the government cannot say that I may or may not do so! I can contribute to my church or not, but the government cannot rule that I may or may not. in fact, for that very reason, I do not believe the government can allow tax deductions for charitable contributions!! but try getting that past anyone these days, whether you’re talking about the church or easter seals!! see, we conservatives are very real, very much into our rights, yes…but also into you having your rights, as well…and most of all, keeping the government from either supporting or oppressing any of us in any way!! the only thing government has the power to do, constitutionally, concerning any of our rights is simple…when one of us uses our rights to harm someone…say I shoot you, for example, without legitimate reason, or use my gun to hold up your store…then the government is empowered through the court system to do something about all that!! this is where government ends for us…

    72. you must be confused … The DEMOCRAPS are the ones that reduce rights and want more more more power and government control!

      go collect your check and move on please

    73. I’ve never heard of them. And thank you, I will collect my paycheck on the 15th, like I do every month.

    74. These chat with Reid’s finest are fun. but i am Curious does Reid and Pelosi smell full wet Pamper or Depends!!!

      just having fun with you — have to good week and maybe soon it just might possible, just might that we agree on something when Barry is forced out of office for the Traitor he is. :D

    75. You do realize that A. There political beliefs aren’t the only factor in most mass shootings (the some are). B. A muslim Jihadist Terrorist would be by definition right-wing. I mean really how much more conservative can you be? C. I’m a registered republican, but I seldom if ever vote for either republicans or democrats. So that doesn’t tell us much. What exactly is the MEDIA blaming on right-wing extremists? Except that maybe most of them are nuts, which clearly most of the posts on this page is evidence of that.

    76. yep but i use 90% instead of all, it give them a sense that there might be hope for their people.

      The rest of this is not to you Quin but to the Democrats lying here waiting for something to pounce on………

      We cant find any republicans that go out and kill mass numbers of people.

      Every segment has those that get pissed and kill their wives of the lovers other lover. Crime happens to all. But the vast majority of even petty crimes and murders are caused by Democrats and Minorities in the system. The democrats want more but know the system they want will never work. Those trapped “the Poor” lash out and get gun ILLEGALLY and commit crimes n murders.

      only a small fraction of total violent Crimes n murders committed with a deadly weapon or hand gun are whites or republicans. they tend to do white collar crimes or just stupid stuff.

      Rifle they keep targeting is only on average 400 deaths out of 40k+ with firearms/clubs/b_mbs or other deadly weapons. Of the 400ish rifle deaths most are by idiots and well those are better for Genetics pool they are gone.

      Yes suicide is almost half of all gun deaths in that last census but suicides die no matter what if they dont have a gun it will be with a CAR or something else that can kill many people. again those we can handle not having in the Genetics pool. Voluntary removal is hard to prevent. we spend billion trying and most of the time fail and loosing others in the process.

      Point is Most of those that Kill others by what every means no matter how you stack the numbers are either nuts or democrats. only a small number are republicans, you cant even get a list of them there are so few.

      so please Demopucks do your work own reBUTTal research and find a list of just 10 republicans that have kill more then their family or themselves. Name 3 that have tried to kill a POTUS.

      YOU CANT…. the list above is short and there are many more Democrat/communist/socialist/Muslim/Palestinian’s that have done this. Your party openly in congress and in “private” meetings lol we get it on tape a lot. CALLING FOR DEATH of their opposition, it is Illegal and they should go to jail for it. Slander is bad enough according to the left, but calling for someone or a groups death is ILLEGAL!!! ANY one that does it should be in jail. Jackson, Sharpton, Reid, Pelosi, the list is LOOOONG and they do it all the time.

      instead you blame the right!?!?!?!?!?

    77. Feel free to do the homework yourself and post all the republicans, independents, socialist, communist etc that have committed mass murder or assassinated or attempted to assassinate a US President. Unfortunately, I think your list will be quite short based on this already documented and confirmed statistics. I’m sorry you don’t like the truth, but obviously you can’t handle the truth that which party the problem truly lies with!

    78. it is my understanding, that most blacks vote democrat.
      Black on black crime is the highest.murder rate.

    79. Most black on black crime is committed by kids in gangs that haven’t reached voting age therefor haven’t chosen a political party and most likely don’t give a crap about politics .So try again!

    80. Go suck on your koolaid bottle ,maybe it’ll clear your vision and bring you out of your fantasy world!

    81. Nothing you say matters anyway ,We have this thing called the bill of rights ,what part of “Shall Not Be Infringed” don’t you understand!

    82. Anyone with a gun can kill? And anyone with a knife can kill too. Or anyone with a rock or a sledgehammer. Or even a hammer or a frying pan. Or an icepick or rat poison. Or a bomb…or hands even, if they are stronger than yours….gosh…the list is endless. And as is also the case, anyone with a penis can rape. That one is really scary, as half the population has one of those!!!! They should all be in prison!

    83. Ariestar: A penis is not a prerequisite for rape. Although very rare, there are cases of women raping men. Rape is rape…although I do understand your point and agree!

    84. Rape is an act of violence, however, in the united states we do not accuse everyone who has a penis, of rape anymore than we accuse all gun owners of being criminals or potential killers, self defense excluded!

    85. This was directed at Ben Futrell, above, who said that anyone with a gun can kill. I found that bizarre, since a gun is only one way to kill, & that was my point. Yes, there are those that will accuse all gun owners of being potential killers, and would therefore see justification in confiscating all firearms.

    86. Airestar,
      They all know that killing isn’t limited to guns. We have some real die-hard Socialist posting here who will slant the truth, change topic, and make the most ridiculous assertions to avoid confronting truth! They don’t want you to be able to shoot back. they in fact are anti american with a pure hatred for freedom!

      I don’t think there is anyone here so ignorant as to not know where most gun crimes are committed, the government dependency in the areas of these crimes and their political alignment of financial support!

    87. Oh c’mon, that’s got to be the rarest crime stat out there. Alien abductions are more common – by far.

    88. The status above is about Gun Control, 2nd Amendment,even stretching it to include crazy people… but the jump over to include anyone with a Penis can rape ?
      Considering the number of Penis’s out there Vs Rapist’s alone, your more likely to be violated by a fence post,bicycle seat, or door handle statistically speaking…
      But the, your more likely to have a rational and stay on point discussion with a Conservative any day over a Modern progressive liberal. eh,

    89. I’ve heard that women can rape also, but I just don’t see it. Men are stronger, & have a built-in tool, so to forcibly rape a man, it would take a lot more than one woman, plus other items I presume. I think the woman rape claim is when a grown boy is seduced, but willing.

    90. My point was staying on topic of the status period
      You were doing a great job right up until insinuating any or all Men are Rapist’s and should all be in jail into this status. I am saying Not all men are rapist’s and I for one am offended and sad for you at the same time that you think that way because with out procreation you would not exist…
      Now please explain that to Bill Powell for me.

    91. Mark, you missed the whole point! I was making a comparable analogy to illustrate how ridiculous their thinking is! Duuuhhhh!

    92. Right Ariestar… and as I said, you were doing fine right up until you compared all penis (men) to Rape ?

      Not sure how that fits with the other examples you listed… Duuuhhhh!
      But, I’m not asking and i don’t need to know how you qualify it so please, no explanations needed.

    93. and what about your agenda, at least he posted facts verifiable facts what have you posted? have a nice day

    94. Anyone with an automobile can kill another to and in fact more people in this country are killed by cars then by guns

    95. For the last 150 years with 70 of them quantified African Americans have committed 55% of all murders in this country, 95% of African Americans are Dem’s. That mean that we know for a fact that at least 52.3% of all murders are committed by a Dem.

    96. I give you truth Ben, not agenda! You are more than welcome to provide any information you find opposing my post. Socialist now call themselves Democrats, and the movement has been happening within our schools for several years.

      Why the Violence?

      One might wish to search why young people are taking their anger back to their schools in violence! Common Core Education, according to Psychologist who have testified that their clients, children and teachers are being affected with emotional trauma ranging from suicide, depression, violent outbreaks, fear and lack of self confidence. Common Core Education is a Socialist program geared to dumb down kids and eliminate individuality. Peer pressure is used for anyone who does not join in the crowd movement! Violence, dysfunctional, incompetent needy adults is the end result. Parents all over the united states are fighting the federal government to remove this damaging program from our children’s lives!

      Anyone can deny all they want, but the facts stand on their own!

    97. If we are paying attention….we are being desensitized daily. Our children are playing violent games with content even adults should not be exposed to. We are no longer interacting because our faces are planted in our phones, tablets or whatever mode of technology is the lastest tool. We have forgotten how to be polite, curteous, and how to filter out things that should not be said. Freedom of speech is great until it steps on someone elses freedoms. We no longer have patience or restraint….Its everyman for him/herself. No one will have to destroy us, we will do it to ourself. We are all game pieces on a board. They will kill of the weak and sickly and make the rest of us work to support their greed. This is what happens when we forget, get lazy, and have the “gimme” syndrome.
      And dont even get me started on this alien crap.

    98. Excuse me ben but, isn’t your Lefty friends still blaming George Bush for everything 5 years into the next Presidents Terms (plural) of office ?
      Please, practice what your friends have perfected and at least we could respect your consistency…

    99. while i might agree to some extent with the article….there is this…..tim McVeigh was a registered Republican when he lived in Buffalo, New York, in the 1980s, and had a membership in the National Rifle Association while in the military,[83] but voted for Libertarian Party candidate, Harry Browne, in the 1996 presidential elections.

      ..and mental health is truly the big picture…maybe this order will help, of course with risk of over reach and abuse always with gov’t and this prez

    100. bill Ayres, and his wife, blew up how many people? how many buildings? Eric hold did an armed takeover of a collage. the Boston Bombers, were a registered democrats..
      but we are talking about gun deaths, gun violence, and people unfit for guns.. not bombers… Elaine.

    101. true enough..just trying to offer a little balance.
      and the crazies will have illegal guns if they want them anyway

    102. You are so obtuse I feel sorry for you. No one is “playing” a left right “thing”…..reality is such that it IS a left right thing, with huge differences between the two. If you can’t see it, then maybe you’re just too stupid to be in the conversation at all. Retarded MFer…

    103. Wow, that was quick! Usually the progression into half witted crude ranting takes several responses…

    104. Why don’t you go ahead and even the playing field by posting this list of Right wing conservative shooters?

    105. Sorry Ben, Republicans are not going to go on killing sprees just to even things up. Do your research.

    106. I would argue that what is now called Democratic is actually Socialist movement that has dominated our schools and created emotionally unstable young adults. These people are usually unemployable and end up on the streets or on social programs to survive, if not criminal activity! The Socialist Party is attempting to transform our country. Socialist are known for the slaughter of anyone who does not conform. When American’s start seeing them commit the same acts as Jihadist…well, I don’t think to many american’s are going to just sit back and let it happen!

    107. They voted for the Clintons twice, then 0, more honest and radical twice, and they will elect 0 again if he wants, or The Clintons again. Stop it? and lose their Bennies? No Chance.

    108. The illusion, things aren’t always as they seem, so don’t be so sure. March madness maybe a little more exciting this year for american’s as the courts returns their Rights!

    109. I agree completely that it is the democrat/socialist/progressive party. these three terms mean virtually the same thing!! I don’t know that everyone out here who is buying into the democrat side of things is a bad person, or in any way would continue to support them should things devolve into some of the horrors we’ve seen under communistic rule throughout history. however, I find it hard to believe that anyone with the political savvy to get into office or be among the leadership or other higher ups in the democrat party don’t see where this would go. it is already obvious that many of these people, from Obama to Sharpton to many others, would not find some or much of those horrors to be both expedient and acceptable. I do believe that much of our military and our police forces would rebel up front should such things begin to occur, thankfully. unfortunately, which I am not extremist in any way, I find it hard to see how things can avoid devolving into some very nasty and highly costly confrontations, both economically and in the cost of life itself.

    110. I agree with you, not all democrat’s are bad people, but the Party itself is nothing less than legalized robbery! Depriving those who work, of their earnings and their income, thus enslaving them to a system to support those who are dependent on other peoples money, keep both in poverty and enslaved to the government system! It’s an entitlement belief without regard as to who and what is sacrificed, and is non ending. Even if dependents try to get out of the system, their trapped, if they earn any money, the complete cut off forces them back into the system and they will never be able to escape poverty!

    111. You’re right Rani….and I’m very worried that’s why all of these FEMA camps have been built. People of America are finding out the hard way what’s coming and the gov. has been preparing for a response from the people for a long time. Even the local police are becoming militarized. I wish I could say this could be fixed with the stroke of a pen but even the Bible warns of very, very bad days for our country. We need to either stand our ground….or get down on our knees…..better yet…BOTH!

    112. Let’s hope that our military & police will be loyal to there oaths & to the Constitution rather than their careers & paychecks. When their kids get hungry, it will be iffy.

    113. These are not Democrats. I am a Democrat. These ones you see today are Communists, and have been since just after LBJ.

    114. Thanks Gary,
      Exactly! I totally agree with you and so do so many real Democratic voters! Socialist activist has infiltrated the Democratic Party portrayed as Democrats! The Republican’s have some too…Christie, Boehner to name a few. It seems the goal was to get their poeple elected under any or every party to destroy America. What is actually taking place: American unity across all boarders as one against those who are anti American, anti freedom anti Constitutional, those who commit Treason and are Traitors! America stands strong because American’s stand together!

    115. Sorry Gary, but if you vote for Democrats YOU are part of the problem. Certainly all people who vote D. are not communist , socialist or Progressive; but nearly all they vote for ARE. You are a useful DUPE, you will see that some day, but will it be too late?

    116. I guess you have a point, but the Democratic Party is really now made up of deceiving Socialist who, just like Obama, are anti american, anti freedom and anti truth! They should be banned and have been in the past!

    117. That’s exactly how I feel about Demosocialist trying to disarm American’s because of the emotional instability of Demosocialist!
      You may not like undeniable truth confrontation, but hey, there it is!

    118. Posted by Goldy

      on Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 9:03 AM
      Unsettled by the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle
      Giffords and 12 other people, and chagrined that their own violent
      rhetoric may have contributed to the tragedy, the Pima County Arizona
      Republican Party has chosen to help fund their November get out the vote
      effort by raffling off a Glock, the same kind of gun used to blast a hole in Giffords’ skull.

      “Help Pima GOP get out the vote and maybe help yourself to a new Glock .40,” a headline boasts in the party’s monthly newsletter.

      Tasteful and sensitive as always.

      Pima County GOP chairman Mike Shaw defended the raffle,
      saying a gun “is no more responsible for those deaths and the
      congresswoman’s injuries than a No. 2 pencil is responsible for cheating
      on a test.”

      Huh. I’ll remember that the next time somebody kills six people and injures seven others with a pencil.

    119. So, in your point of view, the weapon fired itself? Sorry, I can’t agree with you!

      Emotionally dysfunctional persons kill, not weapons! Who are these people? Facts show they are claimed Democratic mentality! What protects cities, towns, states….Facts also show that those counties, cities, towns and States who have open carry is the safest to live and less violent than the cities, towns, States who restrict weapons!

      When you really desire to make the Country safer, then honestly check out the facts before trying to take on the American Constitution and our Rights! When Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Guns….Not going to happen on my watch, buddy…But if you don’t like American Freedom, you can always leave!

    120. you don’t seem to mention how Giffords husband bought a glock, and an AR, what 6 months after her shooting.. how tasteful is that?

    121. Excuse me, but what does buying weapons have to do with her shooting?

      Sane people understand that guns don’t kill, people do! Did her husband shoot her? Where is your point?

    122. , What does the republican party. Giving glocks away have to do with it either rani??? My point was to Donnie. Where republicans are heartless for giving away a glock, like the one that shot gabbie. But its cool if her huband buys the same glock…

    123. When I look above at your post it has Rani, not Donnie?
      Giving away glocks has nothing to do with it!

      If these people refused to get into a car because someone died in one just like it… one would ever be driving!

      Why do the democrats never talk about their gun club called The Liberal Gun Club? Why do they not admit they own guns? Why is Nancy Pelosi not turning in her gun?

    124. What percentage of Guns have killed people?
      When a gathering is armed, Killing 6 people would be difficult. When it is disarmed, you could call it a killing field. With only a knife, you could kill 6. I say You, because your arguments are illogical, and that makes you unstable, if I understand liberal logic.

    125. thats because of repulicans. its both parties dont just point the fingers a just one party moron they are funded by the same people.

    126. Also don’t forget that when Lincoln was trying to abolish slavery that the Dems wanted to keep it and even assassinated two Rep. Senators to try and prevent them from passing the bill to free blacks

    127. And after all this… we wonder how Democrats are so eager to cheat or support cheating at the ballot box.
      Excess of ‘scruples’ ain’t their problem.

    128. Very telling compilation. Should shut up every lib in the nation. Doubt it though. Thanks for that very telling post Rani. Best post of the day.

    129. Since Virginia does not have partisan registration there is also no way to tell whether Seung-Hui Cho was a Democrat, but again because there is no partisan registration in the state we can say that the claim that he is a registered Democrat is FALSE. (Update: A more obvious point is that Cho was a resident alien, not a US citizen, so he was not eligible to vote in the US)

      The allegation that James Holmes was registered Democrat was based on a Breitbart blogger Joel B. Pollack, who found voter registration records for a DIFFERENT James Holmes who was about the same age. Alex Jones’ Infowars and other right-wing websites then dutifully repeated the lie without verifying it. It was later determined that the Colorado Theater Shooter James Holmes was NOT registered to vote, as evidenced by this retraction: {Newly-released information on the suspect’s birthdate (which, as indicated in our initial report, was a slight mismatch), combined with new details Breitbart News has obtained about the suspect’s likely addresses, together suggest that the suspect may, in fact, not have been registered to vote.}. However, most of right-wing media continued to promote the lie without printing Breitbart sites retraction. The claim that James Holmes was a registered Democrat is FALSE.

      The claim that Adama Lanza is a registered Democrat has been suggested based not on any evidence that he was registered as one, but on the rather dubious claim that because Connecticut has almost 2 to 1 Democratic registration over Republicans, he was probably a Democrat. This of course is a bogus argument to begin with, but even if we were to make the claim that a mass shooter’s political affiliation must be the same as the majority of the people in his area, we can debunk this foolish idea by taking this shoddy analysis down to the local level. Yes, Connecticut voted for Barack Obama, BUT the city of Newtown voted for Mitt Romney. We can therefore claim that with no evidence to support the claim, the assertion that Lanza was a Democrat is not demonstrated and that in the absence of any evidence it is likely FALSE

      But here, you forgot a few.

      For example, on July 18, 1984 James Oliver Huberty, who told his wife he hated “children, Mexicans and the United States” opened fire inside the McDonald’s Restaurant in San Ysidro, CA using a Browning P-35 Hi-Power 9mm pistol, Winchester 1200 pump-action 12-gauge shotgun, and an Israeli Military Industries 9mm Carbine (Uzi) – all legally acquired. He killed 21 and injured 19 before he was shot dead by police.

      On Aug. 10, 1999 White supremacist Buford O. Furrow, Jr., fired 70 rounds with an Uzi-type submachine-gun inside the lobby of the Jewish Community Center in Granada Hills, CA wounding three children, a teenage counselor and an office worker. He then carjacked a woman’s Toyota at gunpoint, dumped it behind a motel and murdered US Postal Worker Joseph Santos with a Glock 9mm handgun.

      On July 27, 2008 Former U.S. Army private, Jim David Atkinsson, who hated Democrats, liberals, African Americans and homosexuals, using a Remington Model 48 12-gauge shotgun, murdered two people and injured seven others inside the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville, TN.

      The day after Obama’s inauguration, white supremacist Keith Luke went on a killing spree in Brockton, Massachusetts. His goal was to kill as many Jews, blacks and Hispanics as possible. When questioned by investigators, the deranged gunman who had stockpiled hundreds of rounds of ammunition, proclaimed that he was fighting the extinction of the white race.

      A little over a month later, Donnie Baker, a former Republican campaign volunteer shot seven Chilean immigrants in Florida. Those who knew him said he was obsessed with the fear that illegal immigrants were taking over the country.

      Just thought you needed updated.

    130. Updated: I see you debunk two, you have one classified as Republican.

      Even with the update, the record speaks for itself, most violent crimes involving guns, are from those with Democratic association. I stand by my post! .

    131. if you dont also list the republican assassins you cant assert that its a democratic problem. this is why people think republicans are stupid. they keep making stupid arguments

    132. You have some republican Assassins, list them!
      I do assert! Not sure how your bright self missed that!
      Obviously, you do know we could move on to inner city gun violence and liberal connection, as well!

    133. Yes, but as soon as these morons kill someone, within seconds they suddenly become Tea Party members. Remember when Keith Olbermann, without having learned ANY of the facts, claimed that Jared Loughner, who shot and killed 6 and wounded more, including Gabriel Giffords, had received direct instructions for murdering innocents from Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin? That was strike one for him, resulting in his first lost job because of wild eyed accusations. Telling the truth is never an easy thing for the left. Facts just never seem to work out for them and when your mantra is, “the end always justifies the means”, it becomes much easier to deal in stupidity and lies than facts and results.

    134. Patriot,
      The die-hard Socialist have kicked up their heels, total denial and attacks, as usual, but only one has actually offered to debunk. His attempt was one reported republican act of violence with a gun. He did throw out a few White Supremacist names, but then again, no direct ties to the republican party. His remarks were that they hated liberals, Jews, Black…blah, blah, blah….. Two on my list, he stated were republican and not democratic…Just giving the benefit of doubt of the two, the record speaks strongly for itself!

      Going beyond the listed names, I don’t believe there is anyone who is so ignorant that they lack knowledge of inner city gun crimes, the population political alignment with government dependency….welfare is not a republican program, which would make them non republican voters!

    135. wow! How did you find the political affiliation of all these people? I’d love to see that list myself!….Great point you’ve made Rani Rich!…Kudos to you!

    136. Socialists have never said they opposed guns for themselves, they just don’t want them in the hands of those who oppose them. So when one of their own twists off and goes on a killing spree, they are quick to blame the Tea Party and if that doesn’t work, cry racism, the ultimate liberal argument ender…

    137. Your not even including the crimes and atrocities of the Democratic KKK.
      Or the false flag bank robbery of 1994 which led to the Democrat pushed AWB. In which CIVILIAN semi-auto only AR15′s acquired(from a local gun store) by Police and SWAT(armed with MP5′s), were the weapon that ended the chaos. Now almost completely illegal in CA and NY.

  7. He’s lost credibility with even the dimmest Americans… he has nothing to lose. Watch for more irrational behavior from democrats as they realize the jig is up!

    1. Not that I have seen, the supporters of obama are in congress and illegal aliens…dead people and alien’s voted him in

    2. Everyone is welcome to go to the Tea Party website and sign the petition to impeach Obama, if you are among millions who believe he has violated the Constitution and your Rights! The Constitutional Experts testified Obama has committed impeachable acts on several counts…C Span Hearings

    3. I ment that as a vote for a prison term, for 25;to life..
      T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    4. Rasmussen Reports polls registered voters, and his support has only slightly waned with the recent abominable revelations about his lies, deceits and crimes. No, we are now largely ruled by a nation of parasitic thugs.

  8. These EO’s are just another step down the path to totalitarianism. Anyone who disagrees with Obama’s policies can be labeled as crazy and stripped of their firearms. That’s totalitarianism, by definition.

    1. Hit it out of the ballpark! They will label anyone that goes against their agenda as a lunatic, ergo, there goes all the guns!

    1. It’s because the democrats still control the senate. Impeachment charges are brought in the house and tried in the senate. Vote out the dems in the senate and we can make some changes.

    2. Impeachment is done in the House. The “Republicans” there have more than enough control to do the job. Even if Obama is not convicted in the Senate, an impeachment, which is a very severe and rare indictment on any public official, would be an albatross around his neck and go a long way toward discrediting this America-hating degenerate. It would go on record and into the history books.

    3. He doesn’t need to be impeached, he is a criminal that is not legally allowed to hold the office. He needs to be arrested and imprisoned on charges of treason against the United States of America.

  9. Why has this communist not been impeached yet? I don’t understand. He is single-handedly destroying America!

    1. It will take the people to remove him, I don’t know what the tipping point will be, but it will come before 2016.From this point forward Obama will attack the 2nd Amendment at every opportunity. I think he will be impeached or assassinated.

    2. Only C
      ongress can impeach him, and guess what ….. they are all democrats and help obummer be the communist that he is,he can not be touched unless they can get around the law someway

    3. Too Many Rinos. The Senate is Occupied by 0′s fellow travelers and they will never stop supporting him. In fairness, its not 0, they would support Satan all the way to his home!

  10. As long as Democraps get free SHIstuff they will blindly follow this Arsehole OBlamo.. they are easy to buy.. just give them a freebie, and then lead them over a cliff.. they are not any smarter than a lemming Give them a free years supply of Koolaid it makes them drunk don’t ya know..

  11. When do we try him for treason? When will congress wake up? When will american’s turn to God?

    1. our military and we the people by force if necessary. there will be the last straw syndrome real soon
      i see a coupe coming i know the Marines hate him /a marine i know tells me alot about all that is going on and how they feel about him.he should be arrested and hung for high treason n murder.i will pay for the rope

    2. Sure wish the States and Commonwealths would do their job. They’re the ones who are suppose to protect us and our States and CWs’ Sovereignty from a tyrannical federal government. Maybe we’re looking in the wrong place for blame here. Not saying the federal government escape blame, but the States and CWs must do the duty also.

  12. The
    United States is 3rd in murders throughout the world! But if
    you take out Chicago, Detroit, Washington D.C., New Orleans, and New York, the
    United States is 4th from the bottom for murders. Believe or not,
    these 5 cities also have the toughest gun laws in the United States. Sorry
    liberals, NUMBERS DON’T LIE. What these deluded Communists fail to see is that
    they have created all of this. The mass shooting are a direct result of their
    gun free zones and the mindset that comes from their education system. They say
    that if there were more guns on the street in the hands of law abiding citizens
    the country would turn into the “Wild West”. Those who know our
    history know that the Wild West was never the shoot-em-up bang bang the Left
    would have you believe. People like Billy the kid, John Harden, and Butch
    Cassidy were the “exception” not the norm. Their names stand out just
    like Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, or Charlie Manson. They stand out because they
    were in the news and put into books. The people that lived back then, for the
    most part lived, worked, and went about their lives just like we do with one
    exception; there were NO GUN FREE ZONES. If you were a crook, and you were
    going to try to rob someone you could pretty much be assured that you were
    going to confront a person that was armed and ready to shoot back. Ask yourself
    where are all these “mass shooting” happening? Well, let’s see: California, D.C., New York, Massachusetts,
    Colorado, all places where the Left has stripped away the people’s “right” to
    defend themselves. Let’s also take one moment to look at who are committing these
    crimes, shall we? The Ft Hood Shooter: Registered
    Democrat, and Muslim Jihadist Terrorist. Colorado
    Theater: Registered Democrat; Staff worker on the Obama campaign, Occupy
    Wall Street Participant; Progressive Liberal. Connecticut School Shooter: Registered Democrat; hated Christians. Columbine: Too young to vote, both families Registered
    Democrat, Progressive Liberals, and the latest atrocity; Arapahoe
    High School, Karl Pierson, committed violent Liberal, “very
    opinionated Socialist” who hated Republicans.
    It seems to me that if the left wants to ban anyone from having access
    to firearms, they should start with their own Base. These sick twisted monsters
    that walk into our schools, movie theaters, shopping malls, and office
    buildings know that there is no one to stop them and they can kill and
    terrorize at their leisure. Or at least until the police show up and put them
    down. If Feinstein,
    Reid, Obama, Clinton, or Pelosi get their way they will strip us, the Law
    Abiding American Population of our right to defend ourselves and our family’s
    on the primus of “making us safer” when all the evidence shows that disarming a
    countries population always, 100% of the time, increases the countries violent
    crime rate by 50 to 75%. All one has to
    do is look at Great Britton. The Government, in the interest of “protecting the
    public”, outlawed the privet ownership of guns. THE DAY AFTER people
    turned in their weapons home invasion became the new pass time for the
    criminals. In the end Feinstein, Reid, and Obama don’t, “DO NOT”,
    care if you are safe in your home, shopping mall, or office. Their agenda has
    nothing to do with keeping you or me safe. If they did they would enforce the
    laws that are already on the books. They would secure the borders. Eric Holder
    would stop supplying Drug Cartels with AK47’s, M2 .50 caliber machine guns, and
    M203 40mm grenade launchers. Their
    agenda is control, power, and ruling every aspect of our lives. An armed
    American population does not fit in well with a Government that wants to be
    able to walk into your house tell you what kind of food to eat, what kind of
    shower head you take a bath with, how big your toilet can be, what to drink,
    wear, breath or watch. The Obama Administration has armed the IRS and increased
    its size to 20,000 + Agents. DHS is growing by leaps and bounds. At last count,
    they have appropriated a staggering “2 billion” rounds of ammunition along with
    7000 assault rifles. That’s enough ammo to supply the Troops deployed to
    Afghanistan for 5 + years. Along with this, they have bought 2500 MRAP fighting
    vehicles. These vehicles were designed to counter Improvised Explosive Devices
    in Iraq and Afghanistan, NOT PATROL THE STREETS IN OUR COUNTRY. President Obama
    just signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). With this, and at
    HIS whim he can imprison, without trial or due process, any American citizen at
    any time, for any reason he sees fit. The NDAA grants Obama the power to
    conscript any American citizen into civil or MILITARY service, commandeer
    utilities (food, water, and fuel), farms, roads, vehicles. Obama has said that
    although the NDAA gives him all these powers he would “never” use them. He also
    told the American people that they if they liked their health care plan or
    doctor, they could keep them. He told the people that the murders in Benghazi were caused by a video on YouTube. I’m not a fear
    monger or conspiracy nut. All the facts I have written here can be found at you
    favorite alphabet news source. Feel free to research for yourself. Those of you that disagree with me please
    explain how handing over my weapons to this regime will make me, my family or
    anything else safer. And please try to use complete sentences and coherent

    1. You are correct on so may levels….I suggest getting a water proof foot locker and hide your guns from them. Dig a hole in the back yard and bury them…For when the real need to use them comes to the forefront. This Lying-Tyrant-Traitor needs to be impeached and tried for crimes against the Citizens of this country — And publicly hung on the steps of Congress. Its going to take some time to clean up everything this incompetent fool has done to our country. It is clear he is still power hungry and wont quit until we put and end to his Tyranny.

    2. Michael, you left out the fact that he’s getting rid of all the generals who refuse to fire on the American people, and he’s replacing them with generals who will.

    3. You are correct! More information, look up the 70′s when Washington D.C. banned guns. Within a year violent crime skyrocketed almost 400 percent.

    4. Bravo Sir, Bravo! Spoken like a true patriot. I have been waiting to hear from someone like you. Solid, irrefutable facts, that are staring each of us in the face. To attempt to refute any part of this man’s post would be a waste of time. Nonetheless, I am sure that some socialist with a damaged frontal lobe will jump in “Head First,” and try. Mr. Levine, this retired United States Marine, salute you “Sir.”

    5. Your post is the greatest, most knowledgeable posting of information that I have ever seen. Its people like you, who posts facts as you have stated, that make the argument for the second amendment a valid one. I’m happy I stumbled upon your comments as you really do have a lot of great facts showing how the second amendment is one of the greatest laws of the land that were ever written. You areA great American!!! Keep up the great work.

    1. There is no one in government in their right mind as far as I can tell. As for standing up to the government, yes, that is when they label you crazy and take away any rights you may have left by then. Personally I think it’s time to get the fuck out of Dodge. Congress and the government are not out for us they are out for themselves. I believe they are all in it together and I believe they have some nasty little plan for all of us up their dirty little sleeves, OK fine I probably just lost my right to bare arms. But the stuff I thought only the paranoid believed in is actually all starting to fit together.

    2. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again……The CIA need to bring obama a straight jacket and take him out now!

    3. When asked what kind of Government had been put in place, Ben Franklin said “it’s a Republic, if you can keep it” and he wasn’t being sarcastic. The founding fathers were well aware of what people like Barak Barry Hussien Sotero Obama could do to a people. They were aware of what Government could coerce out of a voting people with promises of care and plenty. He was well aware of the differences in each and every individual involved. So he knew it was always going to be a fight to maintain the freedoms claimed as rights given by God in the writings of our founding document.

    1. No it wont–There will be some that will spew RACIST but, in the end the character of this tyrant is self evident in his criminal actions against the American People. Plus he’s Mixed Raced both White and Black calling the Race Card would be mute since we can simply state that its not an issue do to him being biracial; Still Color has nothing to do with this fool’s incompetency on how to run a Free Nation. We need to vote out the Democrat Senators and get real patriots in the seats that will stand and impeach this tyrant.

  13. Is he hiding behind those little kids again? Hitler did that same thing before he confiscated the guns in Germany. Obama/Soro and his cowardly democrat yes men… oh and a few RINO’s belong on Comedy Central. Because everything he says is a joke and a lie.

  14. This is an unconscionable violation of the rights of the individual. Basically, in one fell swoop, they will target anyone that they (the Federal Government) that has such a GREAT history under this administration of protecting the rights of the individual, decide is a mental health risk. They will set such a huge stigma on seeking mental health help, that people will cease to seek help. For a group of people (Liberal Democrats) that shout from the rooftops that they are the “People’s Party” and interested only in equality and fairness to people, it seems very obvious to me, that they mean the liberty of people ONLY if the people agree with everything they say, and bow down to their chosen dictator.

  15. If the government gets its foot in the door of mental health records how soon will it be before corruption rules? The Second Amendment is under attack by 2 new Executive Orders. He is bypassing the legal system our Founding Fathers set up.

  16. Obama will say any Veteran with Post traumatic stress disorder will not be able to have a gun. Most of these violent crimes are ignorant people that get a gun quickly from somewhere or somehow to pre plan an attack. Countries don’t attack us because we do have the right to carry a gun. Our Veterans would still protect Americans if needed. Obamas strategy, disarm citizens and easy takeover. Wake up people!

    1. Currently there are veterans that have physical or mental impairments that can not own firearms. If you are unable to manage your own finances because you lost an arm, are in the hospital, or suffer from memory loss and the VA appoints a fiduciary to handle your finances under the Brady Bill you cannot own a firearm.

      Personally I know veterans that have suffered from PTSD that shouldn’t have access to guns. I lived with one. But this doesn’t address the issue. Taking away a persons right to own a firearm based on whether or not they can physically write a check or whether or not they remember what they had for breakfast last week is BS.

      This executive order is BS. We do need to address mental health issues. What we don’t need is the government picking through a database and flagging everyone who’s had a problem. Not to mention the privacy issues.

  17. Sorry, Obama. Nobody follows your “executive orders”, anymore. The states are already banning Obamacare implementation, and your latest attempt at another power grab will be no different. Go legal or go home.

  18. Hey people THE PARTY IS OVER FOR OBAMA in two years. Now is the time to think about how you vote next time also think about the law makers that you vote for. Do it right and we can un-do all of the S*** that has be done for the last six years with two to go. Think when you vote.

  19. Hey Obama, stay the f**k away from our guns or we’ll march on the White House lawns with the arms locked and loaded…

  20. Well correct me if I’m wrong here but my understanding was that in a couple of cases, one of great popularity, the shooter broke into dad’s guns. Also as I understand it the AR-15 never made it out of the vehicle, instead he used handguns like the guy at Virginia Tech…. call me odd but how does any of the laws or edicts stop them from accessing dad’s or another family members guns… OHH it doesn’t.

    But funny how they use that as their justification.

    1. You are right. I don’t believe the President cares one iota about reducing violence. He wants the good citizens of this country disarmed. I believe this mental health b.s. is only the first in a series of excuses to confiscate firearms.

  21. The Democrats will slip through bills that include misdemeanors as a reason to deny rights to own guns. LOOKOUT here comes Martial Law !

  22. So mister president, how is this going to stop criminals? Clearly it won’t; if you check that you have mental issues on a background check, they’ll obviously see that and see what the hubub is about, correct (do correct me if I’m wrong, I’ve never been mentally unstable and never had to check the box)? If you lie about it, it’s gonna raise a red flag and that you lied about such a thing, and you probably won’t pass your check. So do tell me how spewing private information to people is going to stop jackasses from harming good people?

    Let the good, common folk carry and let them sort it out! There are always WAY more good, responsible people who carry then there are dangerous ones. The govt. has overstepped it’s boundary, and truly needs to piss off.

    1. You won’t have to “check” a box. All records are required to be computerized in the future. This law gives federal access to those records to determine if someone is competent to own a firearm.

      Say someone had a rough childhood and was seen for depression and maybe suicide at 14. When they are a mentally healthy 30 year old they apply to purchase a weapon. The database will pull up their history and show that they had mental health issues at 14. That could be used to deny them the right to own or purchase.

    2. As of last Saturday I had to do a paper background check for a RRA LAR-15. The only time I’ve ever done an electronic one was at a Cabela’s for a Colt.

      Alright, that makes sense, but isn’t this already the SOP and basically what Obama is doing is both redundant and pervasive of OUR information? By this law it seems to me that it is.

    3. Currently I’m not aware of any law or order that gives the federal government direct access to our mental health records. I believe they have databases that a healthcare professional may report someone who is a threat to themselves or others and that is what the government currently has access to. This would give them direct access to our actual detailed records which is more intrusive. They would know the details of every mental health professional you would have ever come in contact with down to the school psychologist.

      Here’s something to think about. I tried to quit smoking and took the generic form of Zyban. It is an antidepressant. I also found that it helped with my migraines. I took it for years. Someone else I know takes antidepressants for pain management and another takes a new one for insomnia. They could require physicians to file mental health reports for people that take antidepressants and other such drugs even if their is no mental health issue. Once the government institutes a policy it only goes forward. It never seems to repeal or go back.

      Edit: Oh, and I have to wonder how many criminals see a mental health professional?

    4. Ahh, I see. I don’t have a good grasp on how the mental system for checking people works. So it’s basically just the people who would be dangerous to society or themselves (which makes absolute sense) that can’t get them, and obviously there’s stuff all around saying that this person cannot have a firearm, and probably those people show up on some database that is updated by health physicians. A comparable thing might be like the FBI most wanted list?

      But now what the president is doing is basically going in to EVERYONE’S past and seeing if they have ever been slightly mentally ill or on an antidepressant, even if it was for different reasons. I had to go to the school counselor when my parents got divorced, and I know MANY people’s parents have gotten divorced. Also my brother died and my mom dragged me to a counselor to deal with it. In both cases I had come to grasp with what happened quickly (within hours to just a day or so), and never once became mentally unstable. So if they look at that and say “you were mentally corrupt, you can’t have a gun!”, that would disarm SO MANY PEOPLE. Wow. That would bring us to our knees and not have any defense against tyranny. I hope this doesn’t go through.

      I don’t think very many criminals see a shrink, or obey the law, or get firearms legally. Again I’ll say it, let the people defend themselves against a threat. Oh wait, I forgot, it’s not about helping the people, it’s about disarming us.

    5. Yes, that would be a good comparison. Today the system relies on that type of database and a person’s honesty when filling out applications.

      If the government is given access to our mental health records our governments recent history shows that they will most likely misuse such a power.

      Today they are taking guns from veterans that cannot pay their bills themselves due to a physical or mental problem. These problems range from missing limbs, hospitalization, to memory loss. Under the Brady Bill if the VA appoints a fiduciary to manage their finances they are unable to own a gun.

      In the recent naval yard shooting, the shooter had a history of PTSD and had discharged a firearm during a PTSD “incident” investigated by the police. He was still issued a concealed carry permit.

      Since person that has PTSD can still pay their bills they would be more likely to own a gun than someone who lost their legs.

      We do have a mental health problem in the US. In the 1970′s the ACLU started championing rights of the mentally ill. The ACLU pushed for and got the legislation that hinders treatment. A mentally ill person taking their meds and living a semi normal life may stop taking their meds for whatever reason. While off their meds they refuse treatment that they would normally accept if they were still taking their meds. And there isn’t anything anyone can do about it. That is one reason that a large number of homeless are mentally ill. Some were productive members of society that after a lapse in treatment refused further treatment. Most wouldn’t refuse treatment were they still in treatment. In a normal state of mind they would want to stay that way.

      The ACLU also pushes to prohibit the reporting and tracking of individuals that are a danger to themselves and others. It wasn’t until 2007 that mental health issues were included in the FBI’s database. It is still not a common practice that keeps the database updated and usable.

      Mental health issues carry a stigma. People are a lot less likely to seek help in the early stages of an illness either due to the stigma or financial reasons. Even close family members are limited in what they can do to get someone into treatment even if they are a danger.

      The reason for the 2nd amendment is still as valid today as when it was created. Self defense, hunting, and insurance against government tyranny.

      While this type of order is intended to stop mass shootings, I don’t really think it will. I think the potential misuse will prevent more sane and rational people from owning weapons.

  23. WHEN! is our Congress going to grow a pair and IMPEACH this B*****D!?!!

    The Pig is just doing whatever he wants and no one’s stopping him.

    ‘Bout time the Republican state Governors put their collective feet down and kick this MORON into next week!

  24. My beef is that he uses people to make “his executive orders look stronger” as if those children carry weight to “prove his point”. They look utterly bored. If he doesn’t have enough gumption on his own to create and make an argument worth hearing and believing to sway the American people than why should we take him seriously? He can’t get laws passed through the proper government rulings. He has to make his own “edicts” to make a ruling. I doubt if they are constitutional. This administration is seriously inapt at governing. I hope we survive the next 3 years of Obama’s Administration and live to see a better day.

  25. Let’s remind ourselves, there are laws against burglary, theft, assault, murder, rape… and yet people still do it. Bad people. People who don’t follow laws. What good is it going to do to make MORE laws?? More. Laws. Are. Not. The. Answer. Enforcement of the basic laws are what we need, with strict, harsh punishment for those that break them. Stop making these useless laws!! Focus on enforcement!!

    1. I agree, making a law against anything does not mean it will not happen.
      Murder, has been against the law , pretty much since day one of the human race, and it still happens

    2. The President does not have the power to write laws. His executive orders are illegal. When will Congress stop him?

    3. Each time any law or government policy is made it justifies them to hire more government employees to enforce such laws against the honest Americans. They will not enforce the laws against the thugs and such, that is not where the interest lies, taking from honest Americans is the objective, breaking the will of the people.

  26. Because government invading your privacy in order to limit your rights is what this Administration is ALL about. Thanks, America!

    1. Done. Unfortunately, two of mine are McCaskill and Blunt – one hugs the President at every opportunity; the other pretends to be a Republican while voting with the Democrats 90% of the time.

  27. I thoght that he was a president, and not a king. Also, I thought this country ran according to the constitution, and the philosophy of Lex Rex, as opposed to Rex Lex. I must have been mistaken. It would be interesting to see if some of the names of the registered voters match the obituaries in some of the newspapers.

  28. I bet he saw all the doses of psyche meds in a grade school nurses office and said ‘now here is an idea to disarm America’.

    Give it time and everyone on MAOIs or ADHD meds will be forced to disarm.

    1. Not just them, but chronic pain for various reasons is often treated with antidepressants. They say it is to prevent addition to narcotics but it be a backdoor to disarming millions more.

  29. and tell me again when the man that violates his oath of office, and can’t understand simple English, deserves to stay in office, and not be impeached.

  30. The more the government takes rights away from hard working, honest gun owners, the more likely illegal guns will end up in the hands of criminals

  31. All the vets that have been diagnosed with PTSD will be targets of this. The pretender in chief has already tried to make the point that vets are potential threats.

  32. Oops! I think in “President Obama may be signaling that he’s willing to act unilaterally and, perhaps, unconstitutionally..” you meant “… unconstitutionally and, perhaps, unilaterally’…”

  33. Anyone who still supports Obama is obviously mentally ill and should have their guns confiscated immediately. Especially Obama and Eric Holder. Who could be more dangerous than those two gangsters?

  34. This Country’s problems started in 1913 – We need to reset prior to that date, by force if need be…

  35. VA already has a law saying if you are involuntarily committed for mental health reasons/observation (usually w/ police issuing a TDO) , you may not EVER buy/own a gun. But if you voluntarily go in, you can still possess a gun.

  36. You can’t give out health records due to HIPAA laws. These laws are very strict and doctors can be prosecuted if they are released without the patient’s approval. Mental health records are more heavily protected. Unless a person is a direct danger to himself or others, no doctor or psychiatrist will release any info to anyone without proper consent. obama can sign all the orders he wants, it’s not going to affect HIPAA. I work for a psychiatrist, I know. NOW, with the new obamacare law and his trying to get everyone’s medical records into a national database, that might pose a problem for patients. The government has been trying for years to have doctors do electronic medical records, even providing subsidies to cover part of the cost. For doctors who have done that, a patient’s info is already out there. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    1. Do you not understand that these EOs are attempts to nullify HIPAA? This combined with Obamacare is very disturbing. He and most all of Washington are on a mission to control each and every one of us, in everything we do. In their ideal world they would know when we take a crap each day. The true sick minds are the lawmakers!

  37. I guess congress will just sit back and let this mad man do what he wants without them……now is the chance to impeach this man……….if they still have the balls to do it.

  38. All in an attempt to disarm whites so that when his sons go on a rappe and murder spree they don’t have to worry about getting shot by the whites they rappe and murder.

  39. Oh wait!……I forgot congress don’t have the balls to impeach they are a bunch of cowards…..all I have seen is talk and no damn action…..When elections come around I have a very large list of people I will not vote for…I also have a list of people who need to be tried and executed for treason.

  40. this is not about democrats and republicans this is about mentally ill not being allowed to bear arms, while to the most part in this one case I have to agree, but there should also be some better guidelines so that the wrong people do not lose that right

  41. The qualifications with which the administration evaluates individuals for gun ownership may be the same as those for the IRS considering tax free status for conservative organizations, some of which have applied for but not received that though their applications have been stalled for over a year. In other words, if you are conservative republican, it may be considered a mental illness. Facts are that areas with gun laws that allow for concealed carry have less gun crimes than area and cities that do not.

    The chief of police for Detroit discovered this and has advised citizens to ptotect themselves to take pertsonal responsibility for their own safety with a personal firearm. He should know. He was in the Los Angeles area and in law enforcement and found that concealed carry states like Maine, have less gun crimes per capita than areas that do not allow concealed carry guns. New York, and Connecticut, appear to be bellweather states for gun violence based on their constrictive attitude toward firearms.

  42. Well, this guy has made mucho enemies and continues to do this. When he’s done, w/ with playing the dictator and man w/ the whip, he better be living in a cave somewhere that hasn’t been mapped yet. The whole populace of America may be angry w/ this fruitcake, but there are some that are MORE angry than you or I. And they have a plan for him after he becomes inactive and of no more use to them. He will be made to disappear.

  43. We need to get this moron out of office at any cost, he is a traitor and a murderer and needs to be punished for his crimes. He lies every time he opens his mouth, he had the lady murdered that could prove his birth certificate is a fake, and he hid his involvement in both Fast and Furious and in Benghazi. It’s time for him to go. Don’t wait until his term is up, he needs to go like yesterday..

  44. I would like to see charts showing the deaths caused by “mentally incompetent” people alongside charts showing the same number caused bt the basic criminal element in this country. A chart with nothing to compare it to shows very little, except bias from those who posted it. I think this would point the best way to aim gun control efforts. It seems easier to try to take guns from non-criminal people,as opposed to eaking them from those who disregard the law, whenever it’s convenient….

  45. This spells doom for any blue dog democrat, between Obamcare and this, they have ZERO chance to win- and good!!!

  46. Can only hope we vcan take the senate and keep the House, Then impeach this numb on the multitude of Constitutional violations he is sworn to uphold.

  47. the White House ‘seeking to assuage my concerns’ just makes me more vigilant and sure that a big fat lie is coming…

  48. Only those who put on blinders and follow dictators in the hopes of being on their good side will back this unilateral executive order. Sheep and cows, bleating and mooing along blindly, paying no attention to the slaughterhouse they are heading.

  49. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” More bullshit !! there’s nothing moderate ABOUT what I have to say. Get that through your heads!!

  50. Well it’s very nice of Mr. Obama to offer us his assurances that these orders won’t affect anything gun owners would be concerned over. If he wasn’t such a lying sack of crap it might actually mean something.

  51. To bad our elected people wont do their jobs, Its called non-feasance, Remove them from office and file suit. Obama needs to be Impeached.

  52. What do you mean “might” be UnConstitutional!! It IS unconstitutional and nobody is stepping up to stop him. This is treason. IT IS TREASON PEOPLE. “…betraying one’s country.” If you do not uphold and defend the Constitution, you are betraying your country. Especially when holding the highest office in the land, and at the time of SWEARING an oath you swore to uphold and defend the Constitution, this is impeachable.

  53. Executive orders only pertain to government employees…they don’t apply to the people. He is pushing so hard though, how can he mass murder whites, Christians, Buddists, without disarming the people.

  54. As long as Boener and the Republicans refuse to oppose Obama for fear of be ing called bad names, Obama can do whatever he wants. The media doesnt care, his low information supporters dont care, so who is gonna stop him from doing anything he wants?

  55. President Obama has never learned that key lesson in politics “You cannot legislate morality”. Yet, he keeps butting his head against that immovable wall.

  56. Democrats created this society of Godless reprobates and now we cant protect ourselves from them BS, AH’s!

  57. I don’t trust democrats or Obama any further then I can throw an M1A1 Abrams tank. They”re the consummate liars on any subject you can name. Obamacare was based on nothing but bald faced, carefully constructed lies. Examine any other program or law they’ve concocted and you find that in the end it’s nothing like they claimed and always costs at least 10 times what their lies claimed. I can see exactly where this Obama lie is headed? My 65 year old wife has had mild depression since she was a young girl. It’s been easily controlled for the past 30 years with modern drugs. Here is what I absolutely believe will be the legal scenario Obama and the rest of the totalitarian democrat party will attempt to and will do given any opportunity at all. My wife will be banned from gun ownership because she has a mental disorder. I will be banned from gun ownership because we live together. My sons and grand kids will be banned from gun ownership because they visit and stay regularly. Paranoia? Hardly. That scenario is totally in keeping with the standard, anti American philosophy and agenda of the modern neo Marxist totalitarian democrat party. They are the greatest enemy this nation and our basic rights have ever faced. There’s one and only one right they demand all their subjects have. The right to free abortions and the right to free birth control.

  58. doesn’t someone with the authority to impeach or something to get rid of that muslin illegal in Washington. I’m getting so I want to puke every time I hear or see what he is doing. How stupid are the people in office or as far as that goes in America that lets this continue? Now is the time don’t wait until it is to late.

  59. Write your congrssman and senator, now! It does not take five minutes. Let them know we are over it. I let them know that the Duck Dynasty fiasco shows that Americans will rally to defeat a wrong and that will be true in the primaries and fall elections. Also let them know you have had enough od Boehner and his crew ridiculing TP members for standing up for our constitutional rights.

  60. For every constitutional right that we let the government take away from us a fallen soldier has died in vain, we need a government that is for the people not the corporations, we need term limits for all politicians and we also need to cut their pays until they fix the massave debt that they have gotten us into, not to mention the massave debt to a major communist country, I see that in its self to be an act of treason.

  61. Obama should worry about finding all his “fast and furious” guns before he comes looking for anymore.

  62. Ya mr. President your a real dumb mother fucker now people who may need mental health help wont go seek it . Ohh and those violent crazy people will just find a fiffrent way to get their guns. I didnt know the president was voted in as our first lord and master. Stop your blantant abuse of the executive orders and start allowing our house and senate do their jobs.

  63. Any former military person who sought help with depression, any cops who took anti-depressants, or sought therapy would fall under this un-Constitutional move. Anyone who sought help with dealing with the loss of a family member would permanently added top the “list” More people will avoid seeking help if they know they will be labeled as “mentally ill”.But those are absolutely INTENDED consequences to this move.

    1. As I have responded to others, where are your FACTS to back up your claim, the government registry does not have this order accessible yet and I currently have not found a version of this Order as of yet.

    2. James, in reading “the announcement of the two new executive orders” indicates to me that he is going to be signing the Orders in addition to the 23 he signed one year ago. Combining Orders
      1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 16 signed January 16, 2013 with the upcoming Orders will make what I predict inevitable. He is anti-gun and by writing this Orders he is seeking to eliminate gun ownership by as many Americans as possible.

  64. The next step will be for the government to determine you have a mental health issue because you don’t agree with them. Lookout Tea Party! They’re after you again!

  65. I think there should be a “special” island where we send THEM ALL. And THEY can live without guns and just make laws to decline their own little world. Somewhere just off of Fukashima…..

  66. Well, it is a commonly known fact in the progressive world that conservatism is a mental disorder.. so just like when the irs targets conservative groups, you can expect the progressive run bureaucracy to target constitutionalists & conservatives.

    1. Comparing the “Conservative” mindset against a more “progressive” does not suit your interests. The meaning of a Progressive mindset can be found hear: and if you are putting Conservatism in contrast against Progressivism then I have to agree that it is in fact a mental disorder, not necessarily one that I can see anyone being barred access to a firearm over. But to look at the world today and NOT feel there needs to be change attempted for the better, and I’m not necessarily saying there is no drawback to these orders, then there truly is something wrong.

  67. “The proposed rule will not change the fact that seeking help for mental health problems or getting treatment does not make someone legally prohibited from having a firearm.”……yeah, and if you like your health insurance you can keep it, too. This guy speaks out both sides of his mouth and tired of listening to either one.

  68. What about our veterans? Some/many are being diagnose with PTSD. To my understanding, PTSD is a combat mental issue that they must face for the rest of their lives. Does this mean that they can no longer own or have a weapon?
    I wonder what it’s going to take for Americans to wake up?

    1. Show me where you are able to find the determining factors for this not-yet-effective Executive Order that has you feeling PTSD is going to cause someone to be deemed mentally unfit to own a weapon?

    2. reported that Pres sign two new orders. Here 1st para.

      The Obama Administration appears to be testing the waters of public opinion as they announced two new executive orders concerning gun control on Friday. Though this administration has remained hostile to the issue of gun rights, the Obama Administration has maintained a hands-off approach for nearly a year as the fever-pitch for increased gun control laws has nationally faded from public discussion.

      If PTSD is a mental disorder, then it could fall under or interpreted under that. and YES, I do hope I’m wrong or misread it.

  69. Hitler used to surround himself with children in public to suppress the fact he was actually stripping his people of freedom and the right to exist too.

  70. Careful, this could be yet another diversionary tactic. This guy has a history of creating diversions to avoid even greater scrutiny of issues far worse

    1. As these measures have not yet gone into effect your allegation has no merit. Please stop crying wolf.

  71. Let’s look at the logic of all of the outcry that I’m seeing here. Many of the comments I have read at least seem to be stating that the vast majority of gun violence is committed by “Mentally/Emotionally Unfit Registered Democrats” and if they want to ban people from owning firearms the Democrats should look to their own Party first. Now ASSUMING the former quoted remark is true, by instituting they Executive Measures, the Administration is already doing that.
    Now, before I draw any hate speech to my comment for sympathizing or being a dreaded Socialist, I am a 24-yr old male and I do not identify with a Political Party, as with Religion I have found through, albeit limited, personal experience that when you identify with a Party or Denomination, you no longer are viewed as having your own beliefs and reasons for acting, you are merely “just another (Party or Denomination).” This in turn leads to a more divided Human Race, let alone America than there is any reason to be. I’m all for intellectual debate but when that deteriorates into fact less bickering that is often the comment section of most articles of late you lose that sense of purpose and validity of opinion that was present.

  72. “President Obama may be signaling that
    he’s willing to act unilaterally and, perhaps, unconstitutionally to
    create and implement gun control policies.”

    The use of the words “may be” and “perhaps,” at this point in King Barry’s Reign, actually made me laugh out loud.

  73. And the outrages just keep flooding out of Washington DC! Can’t this be stopped, where is the President of the USA? This man is an Dictator not a president!

  74. maybe you should look up who has to follow these orders. did you know the american people do not have to follow them. these orders cannot be forced upon the citizins of the united states of america.

  75. Last year I had a vivid dream in which this man stood at a podium
    explaining how the government had been taking financial responsibility
    for many Christians who had gone insane. Since the number of Christians
    going insane was increasing at a rapid rate; he announced that “all”
    Christians would now have to turn all of their monetary control over to
    the government who would be taking care of them. Under his
    administration studies have been done determining that those claiming to
    be “born again” have brain disorders.

  76. President Obama would never do anything that was not good for me. Or you. He only wants what vis best for us even if we are too stupid to understand what that is.

  77. We live in a Nation of Laws, ruled by a Constitution. It’s not there to be used when convenient but at all times. A commander in chief of all people ought to be looking to uphold those laws not circumvent them to his liking. There’s already a number of gun control laws on the books placed there through legal channels not executive order. Our rights to privacy are being trampled on once again by an administration that is out of control.

  78. If you seek mental health care knowing the govt may use it against you then you are in fact crazy.

  79. He is doing this to keep former military from going against him when infringes on our rights! Underground coming.

  80. Join the fight! Join the NRA call 877-NRA-2000. All the anti-gunners say the reason they can’t take our guns is because of the NRA.

  81. Any Psychiatrist could find some mental health issue with just about anyone walking into their office. Look at the numbers of ADD/ADHD diagnoses in recent years. Now we have to add adult ADD/ADHD into the mix, and since the Columbine shooters were diagnosed with one of these, it would not be a stretch to say you could have your rights stripped with this diagnosis. Definitely discourages seeking help for even minor mental health issues.

  82. What is next Car control? lol a lot of people can’t drive, is he trying to ban something else manly in this world? Is this real life? Is this freedom? lol…

  83. Ok so I have decided that using the word “unbelievable” whenever Obama does something new and/or Congress does NOTHING is no longer the case. He has created and established himself as a liar, traitor, and a dictator. It is believable that he would sign a new edict, especially when he knows everyone is busy with holidays, because this is what a scoundrel does. How much is airfare to Australia?

  84. They can’t even figure out the Affordable Health Care F.ACT so this will never bet off the ground before he is out of office! And He should be in prison for all the illegal actions he has executed on his own with his signature!

  85. I believe we need to put this guy in his place, why is he not impeached they have so many reasons to choose from.

    1. The only reason I have ever heard was from Rush Limbaugh-he said stinkin bo “will never be impeached because he is black.”

  86. point here is every time he wiggles his ex order pen back and forth a little more of America’s constitutional rights are sliced away.Little by little. The low info crowd the 51% who voted for this socialistic liar wont even notice. As long as they get their free cheese their happy. Conservative Americans of every color need to wake up ,stand up for our collective rights or they will disappear .Due diligence is needed by all ,find out how the elected officials have voted in the past.Vote out the old rinos,vote in patriots. Are they going to stand for the bill of rights and protect the America that has been free for over 200 years .vote for family for pay, biblical world views and the principles the founding fathers started the USA on. Come on America wake up.If you love America then stand up and fight for it by voting in the leaders who also love America, not the guys who have great hair or talk a good talk,used car sales men we have enough of.

  87. I am going a little off track here. But I heard the far left Alan Colmes and Bob Beckel say on Fox News say Obamacare is the law of the land and is here to stay. The second part is debatable. But what these guys refuse to understand is the second amendment is the law of the land but they have no problem with Obama trying to change that law by issuing executive orders for people who want to have their guns. They think Obama should be able to change the laws under the Constitution as they wish.

  88. Did anyone else notice that the picture accompanying this article seems to be an old one?

  89. NO on gun control of any type. Obama wants to be a Hitler! We saw how well it worked in Germany.
    No to Tyrannical Government….NO GUN CONTROL.
    But then again what do you expect from a lying President! We had 2 Democrat Presidents in the last 20 years and they are both lairs. They look at the eyes of the American people and lied.

  90. Yet ANOTHER parallel to Hitler, who was notorious for surrounding himself with children to give a very false impression of himself.

  91. My problem is that Nancy Pelosi has declared all veterans with some kind of mental illness. As a veteran, this scares me.

    1. she’s got tons of security that we pay for-she knows how much she is… let’s just say, the number of people who will not invite her to tea, and that includes the growing Tea Party-did you hear her say, “The 29 hour work week gives people time to pursue their passions”, ?

    2. No ! I mean does she personally own and carry a Gun ? As far as the 29 hour thing the answer is yes I did hear her say that!

    3. No silly, she couldn’t pass the training course, but still she manages to shoot her, (ugh, the thought of the stink), foot, each time she shoots her mouth, like that “A 29 hour work week gives people time to pursue their passions.” I couldn’t beleive my eyes and ears as I watched and heard it coming from that mouth-like, okay nance so those people working 40 hours did not want to pursue their passion like food and shelter?

    1. Not gonna happen Shawn ! We the People have NO House of Representatives ! Forget 2016, If we can’t clean the House this year it will be all over my Friend !

  92. I ignore every executive order this little puppet issues…..I break the law in every state that goes against the second amendment.


  94. The HIPPA law was put into effect for just this reason. SO, no one could just read your private conversations with your Doctor. Most people admitted to a mental institution do it voluntarily and are not a threat to others or themselves. The majority are depressed and NOT dangerous. This is a affront to all law abiding citizens. The MD is the best person to decide if they are a threat to own a gun.

  95. yeh, keep on making more and more laws on gun control..JUST REMEMBER, CRIMINALS DONT OBEY THE LAW..just saying

  96. …shouldn’t the Heritage Foundation or some other organization start compiling the list of illegal “Obama laws”, which are illegal? There is a branch of gov’t responsible for creating laws, but our affirmative action “constitutional scholar” brain fart leader is unable to grasp this most basic fact. This era of lawlessness is very dangerous…

  97. We have a very corrupt government. It has been corrupted by career politicians. Our fore fathers were very wise and created the best government ever. But they did not realize that politicians would become career politicians and become addicted to all the power and perks. They will do anything, vote any way to be re-elected. We must have TERM LIMITS on CAREER POLITICIANS.

    1. Please make sure you sign Bruce Rauner’s petition for term limits in Illinois so it will get on the ballot for the November 2014 general election for Illinois.

    1. I am surrounded by Patriots who ask the same question. What did I do? I stood on an overpass with an American Flag and “Impeach obama” signs. Were all those deafening honks and whistles because I am cute? Think not.

    2. I admire your moxie, Danni, however deafening honks and whistles, be they good as they are, are not actually doing anything to stop this usurper. WE, The People, need those who we voted into offices of legislation and enforcement to DO SOMETHING other than look like scared deer in headlights. We have deluged them with letters, phone calls and faxes, and yet they do nothing.

    3. Thank you-and I have done that also-using my real name and address, worried about the retribution I may encounter. That my real estate taxes are the highest on the block, although I am in the smallest house on the entire block and constant appeals do no good and responses do not come from the most government heavy employee state, that a Cook County Judge greeted the man who damaged my car coming from behind me and going into the oncoming traffic while doing so, that the police report for his ticket clearly showed that he had done what I describe and the Judge dismissed the court reporter before hearing my case, that the Judge allowed the man to change his testimony from that on the police report, the Judge refused to allow me to make a statement when I asked, allowing this insane driver back on the streets, totally demoralizing a Police Officer, who was doing her duty by protecting the public, also makes me suspect I am being targeted. And I would love to put these names of the Judge and the driver online, but I am afraid. The corruption in government is crushing us, and although we are all affected by it daily, this experience I had in July 2013, was my first direct and knowing taste of it. And then to think, we pay these people, until the day they die, for their thievery, criminality and to rob, harm and.abuse us. Is it any wonder the enemies are gearing up?: those who talk of revolution versus those who are taking our weapons.

    4. I understand completely, Danni. I used to live in Lombard, IL. I lived there for 2 years then voted with my feet and moved out of Illinois. The state is nice, the people are good, but the politics are the most corrupt I have ever seen and I came there from New York. I know not everybody can vote with their feet, but if you find yourself able to do so – DO IT. Unfortunately, Chicago politics affect the whole state.

    5. Having lived here my entire life, moving is like going to the farside of the moon-but it must be done-as I try to determine which state weighing utility costs, re taxes, red or blue, those that opted out from bo care, unemployment, license fees, personal control of my life, gun freedom, which state do you recommend? Bruce Rauner said to give him 2 years. He had my vote months ago.

    6. Arizona or Texas. I chose the former 15 years ago and haven’t been sorry. I do believe Texas has better employment opportunities though.

  98. hitler use kids in his move to take all weapons how did that work for him come and get them bitch first you need to find them

  99. When I was 21, I was in the throes of an insidious meth addiction. Long story short, I quickly found myself at rock bottom and committed a felony in an effort to save myself from bodily harm at the hands of nefarious drug dealers. I did not own, nor did I have access to, a firearm. I was sentenced and received probation. During probation, I continued to struggle with addiction, hurting my family and friends in the process. Thus, I became severely depressed for all the pain I was causing others in this world. I thought naively that I could lessen others’ pain by ending my life. So just to be clear, in my severely depressed state of mind, I was in hyper-protective mode. Warning: the following details are graphic. I stabbed myself with a six-inch knife in the abdomen, perforating the stomach wall and lining. For this, I was involuntarily committed. Through an outpouring of love, I was able to successfully complete probation and overcome the addiction. Furthermore, I have married and had children with the love of my life, and I recently completed a bachelors degree with a GPA of 3.65 from a prestigious university–pretty good for trailer trash. I would love to be able to protect my wife and two children, but apparently with the way legislation is going, citizens such as myself are both irredeemable of past mistakes and incapable of rehabilitation. My heart weeps for our country.

    1. Still you are blessed and courageous-just vote and help fight the voter fraud his administration does well-the only thing it does well.

    2. Congratulations on your recovery and success.

      This problem resembles the TSA watch lists as one can be assigned to the list without a court order and there is no process for removing someone from the list.

      I don’t trust the government with the power to irreversibly penalize citizens without court oversight or due process of any kind.

  100. During our lifetimes, all presidents have issued executive orders.
    Some have issued
    more than others. These
    directly affect us all.

    ISSUED by U.S. presidents since Theodore Roosevelt:

    Teddy Roosevelt – 3
    All Others until FDR – 0

    FDR – 11 in 16 years

    Truman – 5 in 7 years

    Ike – 2 in 8 years

    Kennedy – 4 in 3 years

    LBJ – 4 in 5 years

    Nixon – 1 in 6 years

    Ford – 3 in 2 years

    Carter – 3 in 4 years

    Reagan – 5 in 8 years

    Bush – 3 in 4 years

    Clinton – 15 in 8 years

    George W. Bush – 62 in 8 years

    Obama – More than 1000+ and STILL counting Executive Orders… Just some of them are

    below. Next, dictatorship?


    If you don’t get the implications, you’re not paying attention. How come other

    presidents in the past 100 years have not felt it necessary to INCREASE

    GOVERNMENT’S POWER OVER THE PEOPLE with more than 1,000 Executive Orders? This

    is really very scary. And most Americans have absolutely no idea what is



    THE HOUSE AND THE SENATE. Even some Democrats in the House have turned on him,

    plus a very small number of Democrat Senators have questioned his actions. And

    rightfully so. WE, the people, should also question what Obama is trying to do,

    too. Remember what he whispered over an open microphone to Russia’s Putin: “I’ll

    be more flexible after I’m re-elected”.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 10990 — allows the government to take over all modes of

    transportation and control of highways and seaports.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995 — allows the government to seize and control the

    communication media.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 10997 — allows the government to take over all electrical

    power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 10998 — allows the government to take over all food resources

    and farms.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11000 — allows the government to mobilize civilians into work

    brigades under government supervision.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11001 — allows the government to take over all health,

    education and welfare functions.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11002 — designates the registration of all persons. Postmaster

    General to operate a national registration.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11003 — allows the government to take over all airports and

    aircraft, including commercial aircraft.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11004 — allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate

    communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be

    abandoned, and establish new locations for populations.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11005 — allows the government to take over railroads, inland

    waterways and public storage facilities.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11049 — assigns emergency preparedness function to federal

    departments and agencies, consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issued

    over a fifteen year period.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11051 — specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency

    Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in

    times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11310 — grants authority to the Department of Justice to

    enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute industrial support,

    to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate

    penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11921 — allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to

    develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and

    distribution, of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money

    in U.S. Financial institution in any undefined national emergency. It also

    provides that when a state of emergency is declared by the President, Congress

    cannot review the action for six months.

    Watch Obama’s actions, and do not listen to his words. By his actions he will

    show you where he is headed.

    Obama has issued executive orders that seek to “harmonize” U.S. economic

    regulations with the rest of the world. These executive orders are yet another

    incremental step that is pushing us closer to a North American Union and a one

    world economic system.

    Obama used the stage at the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s I have a

    dream speech to announce two new executive orders infringing on your Second

    Amendment rights. The first bans the importation of antique military firearms

    for sale to sportsman and collectors. He intentionally mislabels them military

    grade weapons to deceive the sheeple, but make no mistake, the order was written

    specifically to ban the importation of surplus M1 carbines, M1 Garands, 1903

    Springfields and other antiques coveted by collectors and sport shooters. This

    order is the death knell for the civilian marksmanship program.

    Congress had previously passed the sportsman protection act in 1986 which among

    other things guaranteed that the importation of the historic relics for

    collectors and the CMP would not be impeded by unreasonable regulations. But

    Emperor Obama does not bend to the will of the people or the rule of law. He

    will impose on his subjects what he wishes, when he wishes. Kind of like Joseph

    Stalin or the short Austrian house painter with the mustache.

    Unfortunately, most Americans have absolutely no idea what is happening because

    they are not paying the attention that they should.

    The American people need to understand that Barack Hussein Obama and his

    scheming administration is ceaselessly looking for ways to destroy all that is

    good in America.

  101. “by claiming, “The proposed rule will not change the fact that seeking help for mental health problems or getting treatment does not make someone legally prohibited from having a firearm.’
    “If you like your Doctor, you can keep your Doctor!” If you like your Insurance, you can keep your Insurance! And Obummer’s lies just keep on coming. Shalom!

  102. It looks like the Vets are going to be the ones who will be affected by this action. The ones with PTSD are going to be knocked right out of the box.

  103. I think Obambass butt has really over stepped his bounds with these write in laws for his own gains.Impeachment is in order and its long over due.

  104. Democrats are the only ones who shoot people without discrimination….The Democrats always wanted slaves now guess what you are ALL slaves to DEMOCRATS…

  105. Democrat = NAZI…you cannot prove me wrong..yes even you black or else mother firs are slaves to these bastards..hide and watch. the money is gone you will be starved.

  106. I did a little research and discovered that Northern Ireland has Many laws and regulations concerning gun ownership. If you are caught with an illegal firearm you could face 10 years in prison or a fine. There are hundreds of rules about gun dealers and storage and transport of firearms. With all these regulations Northern Ireland should be the safest place in the world to live. Why can’t the left wingnuts follow this logic.Taking guns away from law abiding citizens increases violence. TAKING GUNS AWAY FROM LAW ABIDING CITIZENS INVITES VIOLENCE. I don’t know any simpler way to say it. C a n y o u r e a d t h i s, Here, have another cool aid and take a nap.

  107. If obomba was white I wouldn’t care if he voided and then burned the Constitution via a hawaiian exec order.

  108. Most of the gun violence is not done by people who have or had mental health problems . . The percentage of those who do have a mental health issue , is not much greater then the general populace . .

  109. The majority of gun violence in the USA is from illegal guns and gangs.
    The limitations place on gun ownership will do nothing to lower the gun violence.

    1. Second time I had to post this! This edict has nothing to do with gun control or the public safety. It is nothing more than an attempt by this corrupt president and his incompetent administration to exert total control over the lives of every American Citizen in any manner and way they can. It’s time that people realize that obama is a Socialist / Communist and is out to destroy this Great Nation in any way he can. People need to stat resisting his power grab with civil disobedience in any manner and to any extent they can or we will soon find we are slaves to “BIG BROTHER” and like the nations of the former Communist Block, you WILL do as you are TOLD or else!!

    2. and I understand that but it has zero effect on my factual statement.
      You’re just ranting at me and you have no idea my 2nd amendment position. I’ve been around a lot longer than you might think. I was screaming from the roof tops before people like you woke up.
      That said. Thanks for waking up and spreading the word.

    3. I care less what your 2nd Amendment position is, but I’m tired of hearing people commenting about “gun control” laws, when I know and assume you know that obama doesn’t give a crap about controlling the sell or use of guns–he only cares about grabbing all the power and control over our lives that he can in order to promote his Socialist / Communist agenda. This is the REAL FACTS you should be concerned with.

  110. If anyone has mental heath issues, its seems to be the people at the top…I agree……..THEY SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO HAVE FIREARMS…..

  111. AMERICANS ARE NOT DEEPLY DIVIDED. WE ARE DEEPLY DEVOTED, WE WILL KEEP OUR GUNS… Those who are not criminals will LEGALLY obtain them. And you shall not infringe upon that right. What part of that do you not understand? You guys are asking for problems, and no piece of paper is going to save you when then time comes, boys… So you better listen to the American Public, the HEART AND SOUL OF THIS COUNTRY. WASHINGTON, No matter how hard you try, we will not submit.. You will not prevail.

    Democrats and Guns don’t mix… Here’s why…

    In 1863 a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States.
    In 1881 a left wing radical Democrat shot James Garfield, President of the United States, who later died from the wound.
    In 1963 a radical left wing socialist shot and killed John F. Kennedy, President of the United States.
    In 1975 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at Gerald Ford, President of the United States.
    In 1983 a registered Democrat shot and wounded Ronald Reagan, President of the United States.
    In 1984 James Hubert, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 22 people in a McDonalds restaurant.
    In 1986 Patrick Sherrill, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 15 people in an Oklahoma post office.
    In 1990 James Pough, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 10 people at a GMAC office.
    In 1991 George Hennard, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 23 people in a Luby’s cafeteria.
    In 1995 James Daniel Simpson, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 5 coworkers in a Texas laboratory.
    In 1999 Larry Asbrook, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 8 people at a church service.
    In 2001 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at the White House in a failed attempt to kill George W. Bush, President of the US.
    In 2003 Douglas Williams, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people at a Lockheed Martin plant.
    In 2007 a registered Democrat named Seung – Hui Cho, shot and killed 32 people in Virginia Tech.
    In 2010 a mentally ill registered Democrat named Jared Lee Loughner, shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed 6 others.
    In 2011 a registered Democrat named James Holmes, went into a movie theater and shot and killed 12 people.
    In 2012 Andrew Engeldinger, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people in Minneapolis.
    In 2013 a registered Democrat named Adam Lanza, shot and killed 26 people in a school.
    One could go on, but you get the point, even if the media does not. Clearly, there is a problem with Democrats and guns.

  112. No American should have their right to keep and bear arms taken away unless a jury of their peers finds them too mentally unstable to own a firearm. What we are seeing now is exactly what gun rights groups were warning us about because of Obamacare and the resulting destruction of privacy from it. I don’t want to keep saying “I told you so,” I want the people who swore an oath to the Constitution to stop running roughshod all over our rights!

  113. People I think its time to SHUT OFF THE ELITE………..Its the only way to eliminate them……..TURN THEM AND THEIR BS OFF……..

  114. I think as i read ,that a great deal of you good folks have missed the point…this battle has less to do with gun control ,than just plain control,,period,,Obama,or any presedant for that matter can only issue EO’s under certin conditions,which Obama has the tune of somewhere over 600 times since he has been in office,,what I don’t understand,,why the@#$%^&* has the American people let it go so far ????lets stop kicking gun control around,and concentrate,on regaining control of our Nation ….then every thing will fall back into place as it should be,,,ONE NATION UNDER GOD…strong,powerful and with the people in charge!!! not a Muslim dictator,as Obama sees himself…

  115. now that the definitions for what is a mental illness are so expansive it is a sure fire way to take the rights of the people by stealth.
    Millions of Americans live with various types of mental illness and
    mental health problems, such as social anxiety, obsessive compulsive
    disorder, drug addiction, and personality disorders.
    the DSM-5 contains extensively revised diagnoses and, in some cases,
    broadens diagnostic definitions while narrowing definitions in other

  116. Mmmm it seems reasonable that if someone has made substantiated threats to someone’s life, or is under the care of a psychiatrist for an emotionally based illness, wouldn’t it be reasonable to suspend that person’s right to firearms until the emotional problem has been removed? I do not like Obama using an executive order to implement such an order, but the good thing about an executive order is that the next President can recall it all by himself. I rather like the idea that convicted violent felons should not have access to firearms, but I love the idea that law abiding adults
    that are in some control of their amygdala can defend themselves from either a tyrannical government, or the army of parolees out there. And that means shotguns, pistols with 18 round clips, and assault rifles with 30 round clips.

    1. Those laws already exist. This has nothing to do with it. What the order does is give unlimited access to all a person’s private information without the need to do so through a court. It effectively bypasses the 4th amendment by fiat and has no force of law. It’s about power…period.

  117. Please tell me how the emperor wannabe’s executive orders will stop bad guys from procuring weapons?

  118. How long until this rule is twisted so that anyone considered an “enemy of the people” (most likely through an unpopular viewpoint) can arbitrarily be declared mentally unfit, and stripped of a constitutional right… Its ripe for abus. And if you believe the government has your best interests (rather than their grip on power) as their primary focus, look at what the NSA has been up to behind our backs….

  119. HIPPA. Law created to force insurance companies to accept people who had health insurance with another company. Twisted so the focus was protecting confidentiality of patients records. ObamaCare ignores, no violates that. This new executive order will lead to the dept of Homeland Security gaining access to our medical records. So, if you are accused by an inept mental therapist of being unstable and a beleaguered Govt employed doctor from India who does not understand our culture or laws, signs off on it… You bet on several list. You can not defend your family from a home invasion. If you are a registered TP member, you’ll probably be called in for “screening”.

    1. Also, in the recent past, if a nurse violated HIPPA, she could lose her license, her job, or worse. But Obama uses his dictatorial powers to subvert this law as well as the 2nd Amendment. Impeach Obama Now!

  120. Since 1.2 million people have already been identified as unsuitable, the privacy law circumvention was obviously in working order and in large scale use long before obumbo signed the Dictate. Do we need more proof of government circumvention of civil rights or do we need to allow the Jim Crow laws to apply to everyone?

  121. So what we have now is the medical profession being pushed aside by the federal gov, so they can prove a point , if thats the case then anyone has the right to make a call on some one and say they are nutt’s.

    1. Today Doctors at the Mayo Clinic held a forum-they said without saying it-bocare-stinks-what they actually said is they are unable to determine who has insurance, who the insurance is with, what procedures they can perform, what requirements are there to permit the chosen procedure, if there hospital is permitted to perform the procedure-HEAR THAT BO< REID< PELooozey????????????????????

  122. Ok this is the guy who said if you wanted to keep your current health plan you could…why would anyone belive him now…he must think we are really stupid.

  123. OK, how is keeping guns out of the hands of people who are identified as mentally unsatble a bad thing? Seems like a good idea, no?

    1. Right idea… Wrong approach when you violate the privacy of people to do it.

      Big Brother will surely abuse their “right to privacy information”… guaranteed!

  124. Weak Weak Weak. Republicans have been screaming about addressing mental health issues with gun ownership and this clown does exactly as told even though Republicans will still crucify him for it. Horrible move.

    Oh and for the Executive Order cry babies out there Obama is around 170 executive orders , Reagan had 380…and he his your God stop being hypocrites.

    1. Executive Orders That Abide By The Constitution:

      Reagan = 380 Obama = 0

      That’s the difference… Numbskull

    2. Geetttttttt the fugggg outtaaaa here!!!! Lol!!! If you believe that, I am sure the other brainwashing, indoctrination, and lies that the right gets you to accept blindly and mindlessly means nothing.

      I am not even an Obama fan but I know BS when I hear it!

  125. I can embrace THIS Executive Order better then any congressional infringement of guns. If you THINK this ruling is excessive ill conceived, ask yourself THIS question, had we been able to “see” the mental health records of Adam Lanza would anyone say that we should NOT have intervened to prevent access to the weapons that his mother stored in the house. Adam Lanza should also be nominated for the 2012 Darwin award for killing himself.

  126. LET THAT SON OF A B#TCH come himeself to take my guns… I gurantee he doesn’t have the balls to even attempt something himself, he’s going to hide in his little bunker away from all the real people who make this country what it was before he destroyed it

  127. What I wish for is not something I can post in public nor say, but we’ll say its a relieve of duty permanently without pay

  128. Interestingly enough, now a government agency can have you committed for mental examination, involuntarily, and you immediately become ineligible to own a gun. Then, when you’re released, your record now shows a mental institutional commitment and they can still withhold gun ownership from you.

  129. The government will keep expanding who they decide is “mentally ill”, they just want to restrict gun ownership from as many people as possible.