Obama Pivots to Class Warfare to Try and Shift Focus from Obamacare Failures

As the Obama Administration continues to drown in a sea of scandals and Obamacare-related failures, the president and his team appear to be pivoting to the issue of class warfare to try and distract from the national discussion concerning the abysmal job performance of this administration. However, the latest maneuver is likely to backfire as the president affirms what his critics have long charged- that the president is promoting a socialist agenda.

In remarks he offered on Tuesday, President Obama spoke about the need to address the extension of long-term unemployment benefits. However, the president’s remarks on Tuesday are just a furtherance of his latest campaign to push class warfare- a campaign that was renewed in early December.

In a speech given on December 4th, 2013, President Obama touched on crucial elements of class warfare rhetoric by espousing a need for renewed long-term unemployment benefits and a minimum wage increase. Obama also called for lawmakers to address “income inequality,” a catch-all term that serves as a favorite amongst liberals looking to drive a wedge between America’s haves and have-nots.

After calling for an increase in the minimum wage, Obama stated in December,

“The combined trends of increased inequality and decreasing mobility pose a fundamental threat to the American dream, our way of life and what we stand for around the globe.”

With his Tuesday remarks, Obama highlighted his renewed campaign to discuss income inequality and the gap between the rich and the poor. While Republicans and Democrats can all agree that the gap between the rich and poor should be lessened, the approaches favored by each respective party differ greatly.

The president and his fellow Democrats advocate for an approach centered around tax increases for the rich to offer more benefits for the poor; however, conservatives seem more focused on lessening taxation and regulation to allow for business growth and the extra hiring of employees that come with such growth.

Pleading for an extension of long-term unemployment benefits on Tuesday, Obama urged for the extension of long-term unemployment benefits and even claimed, “Voting for unemployment insurance helps people and creates jobs. And voting against it does not.”

However, the president offered no explanation as to how, specifically, providing an extension of unemployment benefits creates jobs.

Karl Rove, a Republican strategist who often favors moderate-Republican policy, recently claimed that the president’s newest push may be a misstep. Rove stated,

“I think the administration is playing with dynamite. In the short run they get some advantage from talking about the minimum wage and the extension of unemployment benefits. But the more this becomes a question of taking from those who have to those that don’t have, the more they engage the American people in a very negative way for the administration.”

Obama and his fellow Democrats are now facing a storm of outrage after having promised for years that the critics in the Tea Party were wrong about the shortcomings of Obamacare. Now, even center-leaning Democrats are abandoning ship as Obamacare’s failure becomes more and more evident.

The president, having long been labeled a socialist by Tea Partiers and other conservatives, may enjoy some short-term benefit of pandering to the poor, but his class warfare rhetoric is likely a Hail Mary maneuver to try and shift focus from his administration’s numerous failures. With the Tea Party having been revealed to have been correct all along about the failures of Obamacare, the president’s willingness to push an agenda with socialist undertones is likely to only showcase the validity of the Tea Party’s criticism.

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  1. Cannot blame him! It always works with the RINO/GOP and are their any reasons why it will not work again ??????

  2. Wouldn’t need 99 more weeks of unemployment benfits IF we had a real Presidental Leader.

  3. Obamas hordes of illiterate progressive drones will once again believe this BS hook line and sinker. Their lib messiah has now been documented on video and certified as lying to the American public 312 times since he has taken office. And libtards say Bush lied?

    1. Bush did lie. He brought about the patriot act which has led to this treasonous agenda of the NWO. It was John Ashcroft that stated on national tv declaring a war on terror and that this was a NWO and anyone who disagreed was a terrorist. That included you and me and any other citizen. They have the patriot act which writes them above the law of this land, the Constitution, Bush didn’t directly attack the citizens, but paved the way for where we are today. It is both parties that are responsible for where we are today and the loss of our freedoms and the dreadful state of our nation.

    2. Bush is old news, but paved the way for where we are today, both parties are on the same agenda. It isn’t a competition it is an agenda one step at a time. You obviously have no concept of what is taking place and totally missed the point.

    3. There is no doubt that Bush was no comparison to b o, but the stench of the New World order was all over,Bush’s desk!

    4. obama is worse but bush is a progressive establishment rino just like boehnor, mccain, christie, etc,… they are all part of the same one party system.

    5. That is why the Tea Party or some other name needs to become a REAL political party. The R & D is and will continue to be ONE party Big Gov’t. An opposition party needs to be come about. The TP is unorganized, lacks leadership, planning, strategy, money and commitment. The only thing that gets accomplished is COMPLAINING but no results. This was ok in the beginning BUT time to move to step 2. TP candidates very seldom work running under the R party. Except for a few if they get elected they get co opted very quick. The IRS would have not been able to attack ONE political party with leadership like they just and are continuing to do. They can get small groups BUT not one large group. Don’t think the RINO/GOP was not also along with Barry behind this move ?

  4. A good portion of the idiots who will fall for this line of $hit are the ones who will be hurt most if they ignore Pinocchiobama’s past.

  5. Would we need “long-term unemployment benefits” if Obama had kept his promises? Probably not.

    1. Picture of the mother who got involved with frank marshal davis, he is the father of the barry, and of course she is the mother!

  6. I will never understand how extending unemployment or legalizing illegal aliens so that they can glut the job market is supposed to be good for America. Obama says it, Pelosi says it, Reid says it. But none of them actually explain it, because they can’t.

    (oh, they’re donors to his campaign)
    (warmist research ship trapped in Antarctic ice sheet)
    (they’re illegal aliens and they broke the law to get here)
    (over 6 million newly UN-insured and everybody is paying more for less coverage)
    (those are muslim terrorists butchering people based on their religion)
    (those are the “new” black panthers – they’re black racists)
    (you stopped counting those people who stopped even TRYING to find work.)
    (more than twice the number of people on food stamps than when you took office)
    (you mean the thousands of female babies aborted every year?)
    (would that be the guns you illegally gave to the drug cartels which killed American border patrol agents?)
    (solyndra, fisker, the chevy volt – all wasted taxpayer money)
    (gm still owes millions of taxpayer bail-out dollars, and the Italians bought chrysler)
    (and al-Qaida just took back Fallujah)
    (is that because your “economic recovery” is a verified FAIL?)

    I could go on and on about King Putt “governing by crisis” – keep the people spinning from one disaster to the next so they never seem to catch on to how we’re losing our nation – but I bet everyone here pretty much gets his scams by now.

    …..don’t we?

  8. Amazing how a guy who has “scammed” America his entire life to get money for everything now spends $4 million on vacations,millions more to send his wife,his kids,his friends on multimillion dollar vacations,went from $200 suits to $3,000-$4000 suits,steals the people’s money,steals $500 billion from Medicare,Is the vapid socialist,the megalomaniac who brought Obama Care,the biggest Fraud in American History and bribed,threatened,intimidated and “Pathologically” lied to get it passed and hurt most hard working Americans badly as he has committed on Videotape No Less,dozens of blatant lies”,wasted trillions,more than doubled the deficit after searing”I will “CUT” the deficit in 1/2 my first term and the absolute “High Crimes And Misdemeanors” that the Constitution calls for Impeachment and THIS Piranha,this self anointed thief,this perpetrator of Benghazi,Fast and Furious,Dictate after dictate while partying at the people’s expense “shouts” Class Warfare,”shouts”(racism when he is perhaps,the most guilt of EVERYTHING he pontificates about!

    Oprah,the Racist who became a Billionaire here now,accuses everyone of Racism? Hell,rape the system,use the system and then declare class warfare when YOU are an ingrate to the people,to the country that made you rich!
    There is NO punishment “Harsh” enough for these tyrants,these amoral narcissists who America’s “Sheep” incredibly tolerate and accept!

    1. Don’t you find it amazing that the Obama’s continue to insist others must sacrifice and give up what they have so others less fortunate can have it? Yet when it comes to Obama, his own brother is living in poverty and Obama doesn’t lift a finger.

    2. You mentioned dopra windbag! It is half the reason this communist got elected! I just can’t wait to see the sheep flock to hitlery!

  9. Put this freaking commie in prison along with his commie buddies!! NSA must have something on everybody who obama doesn’t like….and he is using it to get away with this stuff. A revolution is coming….be ready!

  10. and it will end the same as everything else they the democrats and the progressive establishment rino’s do, wealth redistribution from we the people to them the government and slavery.

  11. You figure it out, The American Communist Party hasn’t run a Canididate since ” O”, ran for office. Go figure !

  12. Let me once again say the word ‘Communist’ as I speak of ‘Obama and his gang of Communist Thugs’. ObamaCare is exactly what was foisted onto the Russians as they slowly sunk into the morass of Tyranny back at the same time we, like fools, let the Federal Government, via Nelson Aldrich, Democrat of Rhode Island, create the Federal Reserve and start us on the road to our destruction…..
    Wake up America, either we vote and Constitutionally take back our Nation from this Cabal Communist/Marxists and World Bankers or we will one day have to take up arms and fight our way out of Tyranny….
    Time is getting short and soon we will be forced to make the decision…. The road to prosperity is through Freedom for all to control their own lives… and there own path to the future…. Redistribution never ever solved any of societies problems….. Freedom for all to pursue their own path is the only answer….
    And now the GOP, where we have been living, has declared war on ‘We the Conservatives’. Now we have been proven correct — the difference between a Demorat and a RINO is exactly ZERO….
    The enemy of the Citizens is all of the politicians who do not support Conservative Small Government…
    Vote them all out of office before we are forced to fight for our freedom….

  13. oblamo the lying Marxist has done nothing to curtail his vacationing or has he been willing to give most of his money up for others?