MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Caught Lying About Koch Brothers; Refuses to Retract

A recent Pew Research Center study conducted in March 2013 revealed that 85% of MSNBC’s content is opinion. Far from being a news organization, MSNBC has become known more as a mouthpiece for the Democrat party and a defender of Barack Obama. In fact, their motto LEAN FORWARD conveniently ties into the word pushed by the progressive left to ‘just move forward’. 

Recently, Rachel Maddow hurled an accusation against one of the left’s favorite private citizens to bully — the Koch brothers. Known for their Libertarian leaning activism, the Koch brothers have been the target of attacks by a wide range of people on the left, from left leaning ‘news organizations, individuals online, and even Barack Obama himself. 

Obama very often attacked the Koch brothers, both directly and indirectly, as he demonized groups such as Americans for Prosperity and other, as Obama put it, shadowy organizations in the left fight against campaign finance laws. This week, Rachel Maddow picked up the attack on the Koch brothers torch accusing the brothers, misrepresenting their donations and then refusing to retract her allegations even once contacted by their attorney. 

Newsbusters provided even further background as to the history of this week’s feud between the left leaning forward MSNBC and their favorite conservative target, the Koch brothers. 

As NewsBusters has reported for years, the conservative-leaning Koch brothers are a routine target of the liberal media for their contributions to causes that don’t fit the left’s agenda.

On Monday, Koch Industries accused MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow of misrepresenting its donations to falsely assert the billionaire brothers are supporting laws in Florida to drug test welfare recipients.

In researching this accusation, NewsBusters has discovered that neither Maddow nor anyone at MSNBC bothered to contact the organization the Kochs are alleged to be connected to.

Maybe even worse, Maddow didn’t bother informing viewers that Comcast, the media conglomerate that owns NBC Universal which includes MSNBC, is actually a contributor to the same alleged conduit the Kochs are.

Our story begins on January 2 of this year when Amy Shuster, the producer of the Rachel Maddow Show, sent an email message to representatives of Koch Industries informing them of a segment airing that evening:

Mark and Rob,

I’m sorry for the late request.

We’re covering the story of the Florida law that was just struck down on the 31st – the law that mandated drug testing for welfare applicants. The Florida Foundation for Government Accountability (FFGA) has supported drug testing for welfare recipients. The Koch Brothers have donated to the State Policy Network of which the FFGA is a member. Do the Kochs wish to comment on mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients?

Please let me know and sorry for the late notice.

As the email message was sent at 8:14 PM EST, Koch representatives were given a total of 46 minutes to respond to the request before air time. Even worse, 7:14 PM CDT is after business hours at Koch.

As such, it seems this producer wasn’t interested in a comment at all, does it?

Clearly, this isn’t what one would expect from a reputable news organization.

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  1. Maddow is just another lunatic socialist, who is against the Constitution of this country, and its principles and ideals.

    1. Ha Ha! Rachel Maddow is the person who researched the story of the 4-day shutdown George Washington Bridge. Her research prevented this whole fiasco from being shoved under the rug. Is it part of the constitution to allow politicians to wreak vengeance on their political enemies, at the cost of the civilian population? Oh, wait a minute! How silly of me! You are also the party who brought us the $24 million govt shutdown. Never mind. I guess the Republicans don’t care who they hurt, as long as they feel they are sticking it to the Democrats.

  2. The Koch Bros are hated by the left because they are conservative. I if they were libs their success would be no problem. AL GORES success is built on LIES.

    1. George Soros is the only name you Republicans have. And really, what is the problem? The Koch brothers can throw endless amounts of money around in support for the Republican Party (aren’t they funding the “Opt-Out of Obamacare” campaign?), but then you are full of hatred for anyone who supports the Democrat Party. You are a bunch of mealy-mouthed hypocrites.

  3. Nothing Maddow said in her report was false. The Koch brothers have a long history of trying to suppress reporting that connects the Kochs to the agendas of the organizations they fund. The Kochs demanded that she read a prepared script by their lawyers retracting her own report and apologizing for it.

    She did not apologize — saying “We will not stop reporting on the political actions and the consequences of the political actions of rich and powerful men, even if they send angry letters every time we do it. I will not read scripts provided to me by anyone else. I do not play requests.”

    1. Ignorant m0r0n.. So them covering up stories regarding the death of 6 American’s is okay with you while they are lying about a good business person(s). You need to be taken out to the wood shed and shoved the working end of a shovel.
      I have never in my life encounter so many liberal commie loving pukes who claim to be American’s. Yes, I said claimed. As you are no American and never will be you slimy little bottom feed co_ck_roach.

    2. What’s it like being a twit? I’m very very young and was considering for a moment that I may abandon my considerable intelligence for a decade or two and soak up a little MSNBC. But then again, I’m incredibly wealthy. Who cares that there are now more people on means tested welfare programs than live in the entire Western US? The middle class fools will take care of them; we’ll just tax them more. Spending tax dollars without accountability or recourse does create jobs. Obama and Pelosi say so and I believe them.

      Maddow is insane, Frank. Even kids can see that the network she “works” for is nothing more than a propaganda mill for mindless dupes like yourself.

  4. The Koch Bothers are conservatives and they are getting tired of the mushy moderates running to the center left to get votes. Have the ballz to stand for something besides another election.

  5. maddow and msnbc only” report” on the crap that furthers their agenda. Most of the stuff they say is lies ,or adoring on their knees obama.

  6. Who in the h3ll cares what this lickalottapuss is espousing over at the Mad Socialist Nitwits Bemoaning Communist propaganda for comrade Obama. .

  7. MSNBC and the National Enquirer are one and the same, one sends out across the airwaves, while the other one sends out there crap on bird cage liners.

  8. The Koch Brothers are a cancer on democracy. They want to repeal the 20th century and return us to the Gilded Age of the 1890s. Ain’t going to happen.

  9. The “Freak of Nature” Rachel Madoodoo, has her head so far up another womans skirt she cannot see where she is going. Typical Socialist Freak of Nature.

  10. I could go on about how the democrats supported the communists throughout history but it wouldn’t make the news and barely is mentioned in the history books.

  11. Maddow…Lies? Is She left Wing? Is She A 1% er, The Very Ones She Vilifies Day after Day? She makes 7 Million A Year, according to MsNBC…But Continues to Citicize The RICH!! So She Is A High-Paid Liar!!

    1. That is a True statement….one which continues to puzzle me,But Conservatives let these types of alligations pass without comment….Its time To Speak-Up about the Rich Left and Their Involvement in Politics

    2. You’re a moron. The whole point is just exactly that and its what makes them better than conservatives. Rich liberals WANT HIGHER TAXES FOR THEMSELVES!!! SEE HOW THAT WORKS?!?! We actually WANT TO PAY MORE TO OUR SOCIETY. WE WANT TO GIVE BACK MORE. But we sure as heck aren’t going to do it while conservatives are out there ripping consumers off. But the point is, rich liberals asking for higher taxes on the rich…yep, it shows where their interest really lies…in the betterment of our society and nation.
      So, wanna try how liberals with money doesn’t make sense again?

    3. AarOn…….Moron ?,name calling as usual from someone on the left! You keep your Rich liberals and all Of their Bull…write a check to the U.S Treasurery, so you can give back more to society and pay your higher taxes……Control is all a Liberal wants to do!! Welcome To Them!!

  12. Welfare recipients should be drug tested, they should not be able to drink or smoke either. Maybe a little disincentive would make more people strive to be self-sufficient.

  13. Responsible reporting would be what one might expect of a reputable news organization, but MSNBC isn’t a reputable news organization. It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain cell, when one holds his/her nose and watches MSNBC for even one minute ( which is all I can manage), that everything they present is opinion, and reminiscent of a middle school “popular girl” clique’s
    pajama party where they slice up the classmate victim of their bullying…..

  14. If that were a reporter making comments about oboy there would be fireworks, probably even arrests!!!!!!!!! Oboy is not afraid to single out reporters even at press conferences. Its is only freedom of the press if you work for the mainstream megaliars!

  15. I watched her ramble on about this, continually circling a paper on the desk & stabbing it w/ a pen! She really is a loon! (I like to know what the loons are saying for self defense purposes only)I still haven’t figured out how she breathes while consistently ranting! LOL, after commenting on a letter to the editor 2 days ago in our local paper. I commented I would rather heed the advice of a Megyn Kelly than listen to the rantings of a Rachel Maddow! To which a man replied “prove it, state 1 point where she is wrong”…LOL I stated “Arguing with a fool only makes one foolish” ;)