Sleazy Left Funds ‘Main Street Republicans’

George Soros
The GOP establishment are ramping up their efforts to attack Tea Party conservatives in an effort to prevent them from winning elections. In fact, while lecturing the Tea Party on not primarying an incumbent Republicans, the GOP establishment is threatening to primary Senator Mike Lee, a favorite of many in the Tea Party. In addition, as TPNN reported previously, there is a well-known war being waged by House Speaker John Boehner, GOP operative Karl Rove, and the Chamber of Commerce against the Tea Party.

Michelle Malkin sheds light today on the ‘Main Street Republicans’ and other PACs posing as right of center groups that are actually funded by the left. 

What do George Soros, labor unions and money-grubbing former GOP Rep. Steven LaTourette all have in common? They’re control freaks. They’re power hounds. They’re united against tea party conservatives. And they all have operated under the umbrella of D.C. groups masquerading as “Main Street” Republicans.

LaTourette heads up the so-called “Main Street Partnership,” which claims to represent “thoughtful,” “pragmatic,” “common sense” and “centrist” Republican leadership. Reality check: The pro-bailout, pro-debt, pro-amnesty, anti-drilling group founded by former liberal New York GOP Congressman Amory Houghton includes three liberal Senate Republicans (John McCain, Mark Kirk and Susan Collins) and 52 center-left House Republicans. LaTourette himself is a self-serving Beltway barnacle who held office for nearly two decades. Now he’s leveraging his new tea party-bashing platform to benefit a family-operated lobbying business.

The New York Times shed light on LaTourette’s tangled web of GOP establishment outfits last week. But that story just scratched the surface. As the paper reported, the Main Street Partnership is a nonprofit group that charges members up to $25,000 per year to rub elbows with Washington’s rich and powerful. The Main Street Advocacy Fund and the Defending Main Street SuperPAC are political satellites planning to amass $8 million to bolster Republican liberals and moderates facing tea party challengers in 2014. McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies is LaTourette’s lobbying firm.

The Times notes that “corporations and lobbyists” fund the Main Street Partnership. But far-left donors provided seed money for these affiliated K Street fronts. 

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  1. The things that are stopping Tea Party candidates from getting elected, are all based in the religious right issues.

    Stop pandering to the religious right……….and concentrate on government………and you will do a LOT better, than you are NOW!

    Get OFF of anti-abortion, get OFF of gay oppression, and get OFF of religion. Then you will see candidates succeed far better, by allowing them to concentrate on better government, better jobs, more jobs, a better economy, and so-on.

    1. so it sounds like you are not a conservative are if so you don’t stand up for your princiles . As a conservative I want vote for and mod are lib and both partys now are about the same. We NEED GOD in the country now more than every since the gop gave us obambo

    2. Separation of church and state, Jerry. Repeat that 50 times. You obviously don’t want Allah shoved on your kids and that goes for all religions, even yours.

    3. no such thing as separation of church and state in the constitution. Asking God’s help does not force my religion on anyone. Denying me the ability to ask his help is infringement on my religion.

    4. I gave you a thumbs up because you’re 70% right.
      No one is infringing upon your religion, nor should they.
      No one is denying you a right to pray, ask ,confer, or converse with any Diety you chose, nor should they.
      There IS an implied separation of religion and government within the First Amendment, however.

      If it’s any consolation, I personally don’t mind when an individual seeks guidance from their G-d.
      I do, however, have a huge problem when they try to inject their religion into OUR government.
      You can be a disciple 364 days out of the year, but you can surely spare one day to be a US Citizen, can’t you?

    5. You are sorely misinformed. You cannot force your religion on me, nor me to you. It’s a simple concept. The U.S. is not a theocracy. Iran is. If you want to post your religious symbols on the court house lawn, you have to allow it for all religions. Look at the mess they’re having in Oklahoma. They apparently forgot that freedom of religion doesn’t mean “only if it’s the Christian religion.”

    6. C Ken… the 10 Commandments as a whole are unconstitutional. Iran is a theocracy. The USA is not. You cannot force your religion on me. You want prayer? Which Hindu Prayer would you like?

    7. Separation of church and state was meant to tell the government to stay out of imposing godless controls on the Church it was not meant to keep Godly men out of the Government

    8. Sorry Bert, no dice. The separation clause was meant to be a two way street.
      It keeps the State from establishing a national religion, and it keeps the Church from usurping the State. (ever again)
      It was one of the key reasons the Founders left to establish this country to begin with.
      If you want to know just how disastrous things can get with religious tyranny run amok in government, just look at the Church of England that they fled from.

      Better yet, look at our own country.
      It’s run by a group of deeply religious men (and women) that have distorted notions on how their subjects (sheep) should be treated (shorn).
      We just don’t recognize their symbolisms, or their Diety. Otherwise, it would be obvious.
      I can only assume you’re as dis-satisfied with this as the rest of us are, or you wouldn’t be here…………

    9. kansas55, your right. I don’t want allah shoved on my kids. he teaches that women are nothing and it’s ok to kill anyone who don’t believe like you. And GOD teaches us not to shove him on anyone. That’s each person’s choice. And if you believe in church and state separation then you must be against obumbutt keeping islamist teachings out of our schools RIGHT? WAITING FOR AND ANSWER.

    10. Don, my grandkids pray at school. They were taught their prayers and don’t need a teacher or admin to lead them. Whatever your reference to the President means, isn’t clear to me. It really sounds like you’re extremely misinformed. That sounds like birther, black helicopter b.s. to me, sir.

    11. jerry1944, I think you may not understand what the term “Conservative” means.
      There are several definitions out there, but the most common means just what it means…..conservative.
      If you can’t bring yourself to put your country before your religious beliefs, and vote for a candidate that supports the Constitution above all else (in a governmental setting), then no one is going to hold that against you.
      So long as you don’t hold it against us when we tell you “Go home. There’s nothing you can contribute here.”

    12. I agree to some extent… It depends what area they are running in. some areas are much more conservative and God oriented, and others are moderate with secular overtones.
      I am a very conservative God believing individual, but I realize not everyone is, so we have to pick the candidate that is mostly to be elected. It is better is have a small bird in hand than to watch a Big bird on the roof.
      I am much more focused in having a smaller government via less spending. The ethical and moral issues are important , but that will have to be step 2, after we get elected. .

    13. DUMMY! The things you mention have nothing to do with the situation. It is solely about Fiscal matters and the CONSTITUTION!

    14. HHAMM, it has everything to do with the situation, unfortunately.
      You’re right, it should ONLY be about fiscal matters and the US Constitution.
      The problem is, to unify the TP base, we have to tell (some) people that it isn’t going to be about their pet issues. It isn’t going to be a referendum on drugs, abortion, education, S/Sx marriage, or any of the other trivial diversions that cost us elections.
      They have to understand that all of those issues can only be resolved by FIRST upholding the Constitution.
      Every solution to those social issues can be found in that document.
      I think a lot of the bickering would stop and a narrower range of potential candidates would result if (some) people simply understood you have to put the horse before the cart.

    15. GO TO WORK. GET OFF obumbutt’s pay roll. WE(TAX PAYERS) are running out of money anyway. You’ll change your mind about him and his thugs when you no longer get a check. HAHAHAHA HEHEHEHE LMAO

    16. You are right. When it comes to running for seats in congress at the federal level, they do need to lay off the bible thumping, gays and abortion. All state issues not federal issues. Concentrate on smaller govt and giving the power back to the states and the people. that is what the movement was supposed to be about. Oh and being conservative has nothing to do with being against those 3 things.

    17. TSIGILI–you are listening to liberal propaganda with charges like this. The Tea Party is conservative, and supports limited government, individual liberty, a strong domestic economy protecting American jogs and our borders, and the Constitution–which includes separation of religion and government and the right to religious worship and free expression.
      The Religious right’s leadership are mostly Bush/Rove supporters who hate the Tea Party and are working with liberals to destroy the influence of conservatisn and the Tea Party in the GOP and country.

    18. Randy, what is your plan for the 11 million illegal aliens? How much will your plan cost and where will the money come from? You have to do more than just oppose everything, you know?

    19. pick all of them up, (money comes from foreign aid we stop), put them on buses and deport them and all of their families to Mexico (doesn’t matter if they did not come from there, Mexico will take care of it). Mine the border completely, shoot any survivors trying to come across. Illegal immigration taken care of. Any questions? Oh then make it easier for those who are trying to get here legally.

    20. Well, we could start by closing the loopholes the illegals use to get thousands of dollars for children they are not responsible for and may not even exist. Could also charge fines to the businesses that hire illegals to help cover the cost of deporting them. And before you start complaining of breaking up families, how many illegals left families behind to come here and then married a U.S. citizen to “get their papers”, divorce the U.S. spouse and bring their family across “legally”? And what of the families destroyed by illegal immigrant criminals or drunk drivers that are repeat offenders that should have been deported the first time they were caught, but weren’t because of some bleeding heart liberal judge?

    21. Kansas…it’s a FACT that deporting the illegals will cost LESS in the long run than giving them handouts for the rest of their lives.

    22. Another way to handle it is when they are hired here in the US pass a law that whoever hires they must make them fill out federal papers to start becoming a citizen within 1 year and have a REAL SS# TO START PAYING TAXES. And a fee to become a citizen. It can come out of their paychecks with their taxes. They must also have a employment card on them at all times to prove they are employed. It is fair and will not cost the tax payers nothing. If they break any of these requirements, then deport them and deduct the cost from the foreign aid money we give mexico

    23. OR………….we could start an exchange program.
      A two for one program might work out nice.
      We’ll swap two bleeding heart liberals for one Mexican gardener, or four Progressives for two Latino table dancers.
      Sounds like a win-win to me……

    24. Defund the social programs in the US…continue pushing the recent deregulation of the Mexican Oil industry and assist their country in developing the Eagle Ford Shale play that goes into Mexico from Texas. (Billions of Dollars already for Texas). This will be a huge job developer for the Mexican people and give incentive to Mexicans here looking for work to go back and establish themselves at home and take their families with them. They will no longer have to live in the shadows and can prosper…while saving us tax dollars.

    25. Excellent.
      Helping people help themselves is far better than feeding them off the backs of others.
      I think some dialogue with the Mexican govt. may help resolve some of the issues.
      “Hey, guess who’s coming home!” :(end of dialogue).

    26. Kansas55, the solutions are out there, you just might not have been paying attention.
      Liberals spend huge money on “plans”.
      Big government takes your money to finance “plans”.
      There wasn’t a huge orchestrated “plan” to get them here, and there is no need for any such expensive “plan” to remove them.

      A stroke of the pen would remove a substantial amount of the “incentives” that brought them here, and keeps them here. $00.00
      Re-enforcing the existing laws against hiring illegals by increasing the fines $00.00
      Revoking all state issued driver’s license held by un-documented aliens (illegals) $00.00
      Eliminating any government subsidized housing funding for anyone NOT a verifiable US citizen $00.00
      Eliminate “catch and release”. Stop over crowding the prisons and courts, go straight to “deportation” $00.00

      At the very most you may have to overpay some government union stooges to scan some databases, but at least they would be doing something constructive……….

    27. Oh, I’ve been paying attention and I think your plan/program still needs a lot of work. The vast majority of these people are hard working and honest and many of them do pay taxes. There are bad eggs in every basket, for sure. Many of these immigrants have children that are legal U.S. citizens and your plan/program doesn’t address them. By the way, the vast majority of government employees work very hard and care a lot about their quality of work. It’s difficult for them knowing that people who know nothing about them simply label them as ‘stooges.’

    28. Kansas55. Thank you for your question. It is a good question for someone who doesn’t know anything about immigration to ask. It is also the kind of question smartasses who want to appear intelligent are likely to ask.
      I will answer your question to the best of my ability, but perhaps the better question to ask is what will it mean to amnesty the illegals who are in the country now? The first big amnesty occurred over several years beginning in 1986. They adopted the amnesty expecting some 300,000 illegals were in the US. Turned out they amnestied 3 million–10 times as many as estimated. Now the estimation is 11 million, but nobody knows, so it could be several times that number. But the figures being used are 11 million, and that will translate into several trillion dollars in additional costs to the federal, state and local governments to take care of them if they are amnestied. In addition, all of the millions who now hold jobs illegally will continue to hold them–legally–knocking American citizens out jobs. And their employers will no longer be breaking the law. The costs of amnestying even 11 million illegals will be enormous.
      Now, as to how to solve the illegals problem, I am not an expert, but I have a lot of governmental and political experience, and I am a member of NumbersUSA with some knowledge of various plans.
      Most people agree that people are breaking into the country to get jobs, and as long as the job magnet is available they will try to come, and those here will stay.
      First, make it clear that immigration laws will be enforced, e verify will be mandatory for employers, and illegals will never be legalized. Border protection is part of national defense, so if some of the cost come from current military appropriations, so be it.
      Second, using current technology and the enforced e-verify law, round up employers who keep illegals hired and convict and punish them. Very shortly, the job magnet will begin to dry up.
      End food stamps and other services for illegals, do not allow them any government benefits. If an illegal household has an anchor bably and it therefore a US ciizen, limit benefits to the AC, and nobody else in the family. Having identified the parents as illegals, begin deportation proceedings. Remember, they can go back home take the anchor baby with them. The family separation thing is a political argument, not a real problem. If they abandon the kid, then social services or its legal relatives in the US takes over.
      There are many illegals who came to college in this country on visas, and just never return home. Many of them have very good jobs with their American education and sometimes affirmative actions rules as well. They can be identified, and since they are illegals have no right to the jobs they hold, nor do the employers have a right to hire them. They can join the river of returnees to their homeland, and open up even more jobs to americans
      There are other strategies and decisions to make as well, but if the job market–which is presently illegal– and the government freebies end, there will be an out migration by the millions, first a trickle and then a river. And that will not cost taxpayers a fortune. but it will open jobs for Americans.
      I could go on in more detal but hope this has proved informative to you. It is certainly no exhaustive reply but should give you some idea of the alernatives to amnesty and allowing these people who broke into the US to stay here.

    29. What’s your source that says incorporating the 11 million illegal aliens into legitimate citizens will cost trillions of dollars? What I have read is a vastly smaller number if not even actually reducing the cost to the U.S. taxpayer. This ‘amnesty’ is actually an offer of a road to citizenship that they can participate in if they elect to go that route. Another bit of information, there are a huge number of these folks that work jobs that most ordinary U.S. citizens do not want and will not take. We just added 1,500 additional border security agents to the staff. That alone is costing the taxpayers about 1.5 Billion just in wages, benefits, and other direct expenses.

    30. The amnesty lobbies and US Chamber of commerce are the ones who claim massive amnesty is an economic plus, and it is for them because it will keep wages depressed. I think there are very incomplete models which more or less assume that any growth in population automatically affects the economy in a positive way, and that is just not true unless you limit–or invent–your evidence. I did not save the articles I recently read which refute the models of the amnesty lobby but the study was by highly reliable sources. Even he congressional budget office has issued some anti-amnesty statements, refuting the amnesty lobby claims.
      The amnesty propaganda machine is very opportunistic and creative because a lot is at stake–the virtual remaking of American society and our domestic economy.
      As for border security, it doesn’t matter if we hire more border agents while Obama is President. He has ordered the border agents not to stop families of immigrants with children, issued executive orders stopping deporting whole classes of illegals, and in case you haven’t read the papers, a number of border patrol agents have sued him for stopping them from carrying out their duties. Obamacare is not the crown jewel of his agenda. The crown jewel of his agenda is massive immigration to change our nation demographically, racially and ethnically, politically, and economically. I’m certain of that.
      He also hopes to make a few more very liberal appointments to the supreme court so that we will be ruled not by the language and intent of the actual constitution, but by “social justice” concepts based on “equality” and “fairness”. Massive immigration means permanent change to the left for the United States.

    31. It sounds a lot more like conservative paranoia that I’m hearing right now. You’re worried about their politics? Maybe your brand of politics should be more appealing to the masses then. Do some digging about how much of this country’s money is controlled by how few of the people. Many conservatives and especially evangelicals have a difficult time with hate, racism, bigotry, selfishness, discrimination, and tolerance. Providing a pathway to citizenship is not necessarily amnesty except that it doesn’t all for direct and lasting punishment or imprisonment. Taking 11 million illegals out of the economy right now would be a disastrous blow to housing, restaurants, retail businesses, and especially agriculture. Finally, on the evangelical side of your TEA party, remind them that the 10 Commandments as a whole are unconstitutional. Too many in your party want to turn the U.S. into a theocracy (just like Iran!).

    32. Thank you Randy111.
      That’s one of the fairest and most inclusive posts outlining the core principles of The Tea Party I’ve seen yet.
      Did he leave anyone out? Anyone offended?

      Although in tsigili’s defense, I think he’s basing his view on some of the extreme-right “Rovey’s” that come here and thump their book and try to hex anyone that shakes it more than once. Not a lot of us here listen to the left-wing silliness.

    33. You’re absolutely right. We’re not electing a Pope here, folks. We’re deciding who is best suited to run our government.
      A secular government BTW, if you bother to read the 1st Amendment.
      One based on Constitutional laws, and principles, long established.
      The number one reason Republicans lose elections, (aside from nominating RINOS), is because the Far-Right fringe is expecting Jesus to be on the ballot.
      That’s the same twisted “Utopian” mindset the Left suffers from when they anoint some “Marxist clone” to run for office.
      My question to the Far-Right fringe is this………
      “How’s that workin’ out for ya??”

    34. tsigili, you must not be religious. That’s ok. But you should support us to have religious rights. It’s in the constitution. I’m sorry to disagree with you bout candidates that get away from God succeed better. Just look at obumbutt, hitler, russia, china, and the middle east. Then look at this country, the best place in the world to live. It’s what our forefathers used to set this great nation up on.

  2. Sound right being both party are the same That’s how they got obambo. the gop put a mod, The father of healthcare up , Romney for sure isn’t a conservative, And if the gop run a mod like the want, Christie , ryan are j bush they give us Hillary

  3. The TEA PARTY is going to really surprise a lot of people this election. All the Libs and RINOS are scared. And they are going to be a force to be reckoned with from now on.

    1. Really….wow you are so wrong. The tea party is going to get mangled in the upcoming elections.

    2. It is so sad. I know you feel different from HHAMM but this president is taking our country down. The Tea Party is stronger than you think. If you love this country then side up with someone who is going to try to get things back to were the people we elect will find things that is best for the people as a whole. This country will not make it with one group just having it their way.

    3. Every candidate for office here, makes sure they are at the Tea Party meetings, those that went to every weekly meeting won in the last city and county election.

    4. The spermatozoa that fertilized your mother’s ovum was also a minority (of one). Does that mean your mental facilities are then weak?

      Box checked.

    5. We just need to clean house of the most eggregious Rhinos and then focus on Defeating Democrats. The fratricide only benefits Democrats…The Tea Party is the way!

    6. now, now, Glitch Girl… we don;t have to stoop to their tactics… can’t dispute the message, so they attack the messenger

    7. You just keep right on thinking that way, then you will be just as shocked as the rest of the liberals! The Tea Party is stronger than you leftists think!

    8. You can always gauge the power of a movement by how hard they are attacked. When liberals and RINO’s in one breath say the Tea Party is weak and then viciously attack them in the next breath, the real truth of the Tea Party’s strength is evident.

    9. The establishment politicians of BOTH parties do not care what you think or want. They do not care about doing what is best for America. They only care about doing what is best for their party and themselves. They like the perks and the power of their jobs, and they are not about to give anything up or back.
      We are perilously close, if not already there, to not having a representative government. Those in DC, make campaign promises, and then do what they want, once in office, usually in complete disregard to the wishes of their constitutents. I give you Obamacare and the current push for amnesty, for those here illegally, as prime examples.

    10. I remember all of us feeling just like that the last Presidential election. This thing is over. We are living in a two party dictatorship where the mob has been bought, and they rule. I’d get used to it and teach your children and grandchildren what freedom looked like before it was written out of the history books of America.

    11. I hope your’e right. But I’m concerned with the fracture of the classic republican party vs conservative party vs democrats. Typically the party that isn’t fractured wins.

    12. Well there ya go…some times “change” is actually GOOD! A majority of “republicans” have defected, we will prevail!!! This time they are not dragging us with them…….WE ARE DRAGGING THEM WITH US!!!

    13. Ham, let’s hope so. Certainly no other sizeable group appears to be dedicated to the nation right now, just dedicated to themselves.

  4. Every T-Party candidate should make it very clear that the democrats are supporting the other candidate because they want business as usual in Washington. No hope. No change.

    1. Don’t you worry that maybe you’re the reason the TEA Party has no real credibility. If you really want to be taken seriously by adults, you can’t be saying stuff like that. Good grief, Bucko!

    2. Exactly…sound educated and maintain a professional bearing. The country is looking at this party and who represents it. Don’t give the Dems or Repubs any wiggle room to poke holes in the party.

    3. Benpig, with all due respect, the Tea Party is a very diverse group of people, with a very wide range of ways they express their disgust with those that are destroying our country.
      Please forgive Bucko for not having your eloquence. Not everyone can pick a turd up by the clean end…..

    4. Builder- the guy said ‘exterminate.’ This isn’t an issue about “eloquence.” The guy is talking about a horrific criminal act and we cannot tolerate that. That’s a culture of violence showing through and we must be above that no matter how angry we are.

    5. Self defense us never a criminal act against a terrorist. As sarcasm, the remark is misplaced; as criticism it is absurd.

    6. The regime is seditious, it calls for removal and restoration of the Republic.
      Is that a problem for you? personally? philosophically?

  5. birds of a feather flock together, a progressive establishment rino republican is the same as democrat progressive. the democrat/republican/progressive/socialist/communist/marxist one party system.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Keep the faith. The Tea Party is strong enough to make a big difference if we don’t give up.

    2. I started watching FOX when I woke up – when I was 9. I STOPPED watching FOX when I woke up even more – when I was 12. At 13, I’m now banned from TV and I couldn’t be better off.

  6. The republican party doesn’t want conservatives or conservative ideas so it will become necessary to break away and start our own party. There are conservative Democrats who don’t like the way their party has dumped them too. I will not vote for a mushy moderate go along to get along RINO.

    1. We just need to clean house of the most eggregious Rhinos and then focus on Defeating Democrats. The fratricide only benefits Democrats.

    2. Another way to insure election of Democrats. Have you not learned from the election of clinton and reelection of Obama? You people are so stupid!!!

  7. Whenever the Republican Party asks me for money, I tell them I only donate to NumbersUSA, because I am opposed to amnesty. Then I hang up.


    1. Come together and vote for a Democrat in sheeps clothing? No way. We want our country back. It’s the liberal Rinos that need to get out of the way, so we can vote for some REAL conservatives.

    2. Bill , tell that to the Gop Elites (Rhino’s) their the ones who aren’t coming together with the Tea Party.

    3. Bill, that makes no sense, whatsoever. You must be one of those people that just pull the handle marked “R”. There’s no fighting in the party, we’re just taking out the trash. Cleaning out the infiltrators. If, when we’re done there aren’t enough rational, clear headed citizens left to win an election fair and square, so be it. At least we wouldn’t have caved again and elected a RINO, fooling ourselves into believing we somehow “won”.
      People like you seem to believe if anyone claiming to be a Republican wins, the country wins. The rest of us know for the country to win, the RIGHT CANDIDATE needs to win.

    4. It the person with the R isn’t a conservative why would I want to vote for him And yes the gop lose because the have left there conservative ways to be the mods. So they are the ones giving us ppl like obambo and hillary

    5. When the Republicans stop people like McCain, OK! Here is a thought Let the National republican party unify with the Tea Party. Bill, you don’t have to yell, we’re listening.

    6. We are defending ourselves against the party elites. They are the ones that have the Commerce Dept spending $50 million (Tax Dollars) to defeat us. They started this fight – by god we are going to finish it.

    7. When the best Conservative is elected, everybody wins. The Republican party has been infected for too long with the appeasement attitude of the McCain’s out there which in turn hurts all of us in the long run. When we are unconstitutionally forced to pay for healthcare or our current plans are jumping up in price to accommodate a terrible healthcare bill that RINO’s refused to fight, we all lose. The faster the establishment wakes up, the faster we all win. And yes, this so called war may be painful for awhile, but in the end Conservatives will be stronger for it and the seeping infection within the Republican party will be mostly if not fully healed.

  9. Every time I am contacted by the RNC I state, no money until you learn to work with the Tea Party, period.

  10. Real conservatives simply do not like the out-of-step republican establishment and they will side more with the Tea Party than with them, regardless of the money they will spend spouting forth from their propaganda machine. You see, the problem is that no amount of money can stand up to people of real integrity and the establishment just can’t believe that.

  11. Their war against the Tea Party will be the final nail in the coffin for the Republicans. Whether the conservatives sit home again, or the TP splits off to to be a 3rd party, either way, you are going to give the elections to the Democrats again.

    Conservatives sit at home in 2008….give the election to Obama. Again in 2012 with the added shady election numbers by Obama….Obama wins again……Same thing is going to happen in 2016. Republicans are once again going to nominate a “luke warm” candidate that winds up making people vote, not FOR the Republican, but against the democrat. How long has it been since we have honestly been able to vote for our candidate? The past few elections it has been just to keep the Dem candidate out of office.

  12. People need to realize where the battle is being fought. They need to realize the enemy is overt and arrogantly laughing in their faces. Anyone who has listened to the lectures of Yuri Bezmemnov in the 80′s and understands the teachings of the John Birch Society understand the Marxist indoctrination of our sacred culture started long ago with an assault on our children through the halls of academia.

    If the Tea Party movement is truly a party in favor of Constitutional reforms and a return towards a libertarian life of limited government intervention in our lives, we cannot expect any acceptance or support from the status quo or their media minions. Take a look at how Ron Paul was treated during the primary in 2012. He was deliberately buried from view by the main stream media. Who do you think is running this country?

    People, realize where the battle is being fought. The last vestige of the free flow of unadulterated information is the internet and that is being undermined as we speak. I you haven’t taken the time to fully understand the secret TPP agreements being written by and negotiated in favor of global corporate elites. Try finding the chapter on internet controls of information exchange. Congressmen are only allow to view, under supervision, by specific request sections of the TPP, then not allowed to discuss it with anyone. Sound fishy?

    The election process is as corrupt as the Oligarchy in Washington. From the beginning, the CFR, the TC and the Bilderburg group have controlled policy and elections for decades. Eisenhower warned us of the globalist’s take over of power that began within our own power structure. The military style assassination was the end of freedom as we know it. The murder of RFK sealed the deal. Then Larry McDonald was mysteriously killed thwarting the efforts of the John Birch Society to continue the fight against the Marxist proliferation.

    I would love to see the tide turn in Washington. I am willing to support an attempt at the polls to unseat any and all establishment politicians with Freshmen Tea Party Conservatives. I think any true Patriot will not stop there, but will support all other viable efforts to stop the Marxist invasion of the last vestige of hope in the world. This is the Last Grand Stand. SLL

  13. I’ve said for some time that the republican party was infiltrated by the left and every time the democrats support any republican or help them fight the Tea Party, it just proves my point. By the way, the republican party is supposed to be conservative, so you cannot be left of center and claim to be conservative in any way. That makes you a liberal!

  14. I think they can take away our rights through the IRS and they can scare us through the NSA but they can’t change our hearts and we know what we have to do this year…so lets get her done already and vote the scum out of Washington DC!!!!!!! State by blessed state!!!!! No electoral college here!!!!!!

  15. The Tea Party could split the vote for the conservative party so all conservatives need to vote Tea Party and send a message to Washington or we’re going to have another Democant administration taking this country down the shitter.

  16. I don’t understand why the GOP would be undermining the Tea Party. I thought they both held conservative values.


  18. “We The People” Run this show…Not the DNC or the RNC…WTP :) Vote FOR Honest Americans that represent your thoughts on things….Stay FREE America.

  19. I am more and more convinced that the use of liberal or progressive being not the only warning flags and enjoy the cautionary remarks about the use of RINO for these other fellow travelers — they are best called Fascist Republicans, not at all worthy of assuming the name of a real party they assume they own, as the Fascist Democrats have successful done to theirs.