John McCain Censured

John McCain
Republicans in Maricopa County have long been frustrated with John McCain. When McCain held a ‘closed door’ town hall on amnesty with Jeff Flake, the junior senator from Arizona, local Tea Party organizations were on-hand to protest their stance on rewarding illegals with citizenship. Frustrated with McCain’s overwhelming tendency to side with the progressive Democrats and attack conservatives, one group of Arizona Republicans decided to do something about it. 

The Maricopa County Republican Committee, the state’s largest Republican group, formally censured Senator John McCain for “long and terrible record of drafting, co-sponsoring and voting for legislation best associated with liberal Democrats.” This official censuring of McCain happened during the annual mandatory meeting of the Maricopa County Republican Committee. Nearly 1,500 precinct committeemen (PCs) were in attendance. The vote to censure McCain passed overwhelmingly with only 351 in opposition and 1,150 in support of the action. 

Here is the full transcript of the official censure as reported by IC Arizona.

Senator John McCain Censured by Arizona’s Republican Leadership

As leaders in the Republican Party, we are obligated to fully support our Party, platform, and its candidates. Only in times of great crisis or betrayal is it necessary to publicly censure our leaders. Today we are faced with both. For too long we have waited, hoping Senator McCain would return to our Party’s values on his own. That has not happened. So with sadness and humility we rise and declare:

Whereas Senator McCain has amassed a long and terrible record of drafting, co-sponsoring and voting for legislation best associated with liberal Democrats, such as Amnesty, funding for ObamaCare, the debt ceiling, assaults on the Constitution and 2nd amendment, and has continued to support liberal nominees;

Whereas this record has been disastrous and harmful to Arizona and the United States; and,

Whereas Senator McCain has campaigned as a conservative and made promises during his re-election campaigns, such as the needed and welcomed promise to secure our borders and finish the border fence, only to quickly flip-flop on those promises; and

Whereas McCain has abandoned our core values and has been eerily silent against Liberals, yet publicly reprimands Conservatives in his own Party, therefore

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the Maricopa County Republican leadership censures Senator McCain for his continued disservice to our State and Nation, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that until he consistently champions our Party’s Platform and values, we, the Republican leadership in Arizona will no longer support, campaign for or endorse John McCain as our U.S. Senator.




    1. Too little too late, if you ask me.

      If only it could prevent further damage caused by McCain’s lies. How ever we will have to wait for the next election to get rid of this embarrassment.

      As a Veteran, this guy is(as formally stated) a traitor to both the State of Arizona and these United States. As well as every person who gave and currently gives their lives to protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    2. never to late to do the right thing, i am very happy to see my fellow citizens waking up no matter what time they do just so they do

  1. Finally!!! McCain and Flake should both be disposed of in the next election. Unfortunately it’s year’s off.

    1. It looks like Mccain poisoned Flake. We are going to try and help his good buddy Lindsey Graham to retire also.

  2. It’s time to go John. Thank you for your service to our Country but don’t let the door hit you in the keister on yer way out.

    1. Recalls do not work for for members of the national elected legislature. There is no provision in the Constitution for recall elections, and the federals courts have ruled that federal officials are not subject to state election laws.

    2. Why are our senators and representatives federal employees anyway? They represent the people of their respective states and should be paid by and responsible to them, just like any employee. Same benefits as state workers, etc.

    3. Do it anyway and let it go all the way to the Supreme Court, like all the garbage the Social Democrats pull. I live in a different state and resent being negatively impacted by his intransigence. Bad enough Durbin, Feinstein and Schumer -but at least they are voting consistently with the Social Democrat Party values.

  3. What a dismal disappointment this guy proved to be. A true hero for an interval, but then a fawning, mealy-mouthed fool. ‘You’ve been sitting here too long for any good you’ve been doing. Go and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.’

  4. throw his sleezy azz out in the desert — bet the buzzards won’t even touch him

  5. McCain was born in the panama canal zone. Can’t be American, impeach him. Panama — McCain-amnesty-Panamanian one day American next-they take us over. The end of America, now it is McCain amnesty camp number 1.

    1. I believe you are wrong on the Canal Zone question. Before Carter turned it over to Panama, it was American territory.

    1. Here it is.

      RESOLUTION #8: Senator John McCain Censured by Arizona’s Republican Leadership – As leaders in the Republican Party, we are obligated to fully support our Party, platform, and its candidates. Only in times of great crisis or betrayal is it necessary to publicly censure our leaders. Today we are faced with both. For too long we have waited, hoping Senator McCain would return to our Party’s values on his own. That has not happened. So with sadness and humility we rise and declare:

      ü Whereas Senator McCain has amassed a long and terrible record of drafting, co-sponsoring and voting for legislation best associated with liberal Democrats, such as Amnesty, funding for ObamaCare, the debt ceiling, liberal nominees, assaults on the Constitution and 2nd amendment; and

      ü Whereas this record has been disastrous and harmful to Arizona and the United States; and

      ü Whereas Senator McCain has campaigned as a conservative and made promises during his re-election campaigns, such as the needed and welcomed promise to secure our borders and finish the border fence, only to quickly flip-flop on those promises; and

      ü Whereas McCain has abandoned our values and has been eerily silent against Liberals, yet publicly reprimands Conservatives in his own Party, therefore

      ü BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the Maricopa County Republican Committee censures Senator McCain for his continued disservice to our State and Nation, and

      ü BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that until he consistently champions our Party’s Platform, we, the Republican leadership in Arizona will no longer support, campaign for or endorse John McCain as our U.S. Senator.

  6. censure from a single county though, hardly does anything to him, correct? It would be good if a recall movement was initiated from this censure.

    1. Right. It’s like being a man w/o a country. If he can’t be received in AZ, what’s he gonna do?

    2. Sorry, members of Congress (and the President) cannot be recalled, only defeated, according to Constitutional scholars.

    3. Actually I don’t believe you will find that to be true. 18 states allow recall of Senators: Alaska, Arizona,
      California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan,
      Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode
      Island, Washington and Wisconsin.


    4. Contrary to popular Web sites, the recall of members of the U.S.
      Congress has never been permissible according to the Constitution, and
      no member of the Congress has ever been removed by such means. That’s
      because the U.S. Constitution sets the qualifications and terms for
      being a member of the House or Senate; changing those qualifications or
      terms (as in making them subject to a recall) is unconstitutional and
      would require a constitutional amendment.

      I think I would defer to the wisdom of the Heritage Foundation over

    5. I sit corrected, that was referencing State Legislature Senators, not Congress. I greatly appreciate that you included the citation. Thanks!

    6. Yes, but I don’t think it’s ever been tested. I looked it up awhile ago and a lot of legal scholars believe it’s unconstitutional because the document doesn’t list it as one of the means of removing an elected federal rep. Same with the presidency.

    7. My apologies. The Ehow reference was with regard to State Senators rather than Senators representing States. My bad.

  7. It’s just the first step in a process which will force him to either retire or not seek re-election.

    When you look up the work RINO in the dictionary, a picture of John “Manchurian candidate” McShame appears.

    He can deny he received special treatment while in Hanoi Hilton, but the FACT remains that when he walked out he was healthier and better fed than the others who were imprisoned there.

    1. Have you no shame? Do you think war is a parlor game? Some people here on this site are far from patriots. You are an embarrassment to the Republican Party and America. congratulations! Get some class.

    2. Mike, please get on the right side of the fence. No one in the Tea Party thinks “war is a parlor game”. But, we’ve had more than enough of frauds in government and in the military.

    3. “If you dispute something, you had better have done your homework, otherwise you should refrain from commenting.” – Mike Tragesser comment, 2 mos ago

      Take your own advise, Mike. You have no idea who you’re talking to.

    4. BOOM! Glitch Girl, who apparently is a 13 year old girl, just lowered the hammer on you, boy. You’re pathetic!

    5. OK, she’s 13. What is the excuse for the rest of the adults posting here like immature brats? I don’t think pathetic means what you think it does, Boomboy. Make sense.

    6. I have been feeling exactly the same way about McCain, but the fact that he broke in Hanoi Hilton is not to be held against him. And that seems to negate the story that he was shown preference. Being tortured until they break you is not my idea of being shown preference. Every time I see his little short arm, I cringe to think what they must have done to him to cause that. Even though I agree that it is time for him to go, let’s do it gently and don’t be mean to him. God, he’s suffered enough…….

    1. Now that we know that Democrat money went to support an independent candidate in VA to ensure a Democratic winner by splitting the vote, it seems plausible to assume that many “Republicans” are fakes and bought by the Democratic Party. If McCain’s record has been abysmal since early in his career, then this goes back a very long way. The GOP has been infiltrated. Not just b/c of differences of opinion, but on purpose, in order to stack the deck. Democrats have proved that they will stop at nothing to win. RHINOS are working for the Dems. We need to see that clearly and vote accordingly. We need candidates who are not bought off by the Dems.

    2. dude, the overwhelming majority of the votes on this bill came from republicans, it was rejected by most democrats.

  8. Largest county in the state – 3.8M+. Takes in almost all of Greater Phoenix and its tributary towns. Great move. McShame is a disgrace. Arizona’s population distro is pretty much like Colorado’s with one county overwhelming dictating policy and clout throughout the entire state. Maricopa. Home of Sheriff Joe and Lt. Mike. Shout out to all the hard work Lt. Mike Zullo has done and accomplished. The birth cert is a fake and Lt. Zullo has proven it to be faked beyond reproach. Excellent.

    All RINOS are on notice!

  9. McCain has demonstrated too many times that his opinion on most things doesn’t evolve, it revolves round and round every time an election is coming up

  10. I was friends with a guy who flew with McCain on the Forrestal and said he was the worst naval officer he knew. The only way he got into the Naval Academy was because his father was an admiral and he finished next to last in his class.

    1. I can back that up. My friends father in law also flew with him in Nam and said just about the same thing verbatim. That was 10 years ago mind you.

    2. That “10 yrs ago” was not Viet Nam! Viet Nam was in the late 60s and early 70s. What you are saying is absolutely false! If you lend anything to this conversation, make certain that you speak from knowledge — not a lie, to get your point across! I am not a McCain supporter regardless that he spent years in a tiny dark hole in Viet Nam! Just get your facts straight before you espouse something that isn’t true!

    3. Dianne, surely you are smart enough to understand the comment was not meant that Vietnam happened 10 years ago. But that he heard the same thing about McCain 10 years ago..meaning it has been a long time that McCain has been more liberal than conservative. You may like and even support the guy, I have no problem with that As for me I believe he has long overstayed his welcome.

    4. Dianne, I hate to burst your bubble, but Tom was saying His buddies Father in Law told his friend the same thing 10 years ago..He’s NOT saying Vietnam was fought ten years ago!! I’d say you should get your facts straight before you espouse something that isn’t true!!

    5. I posted in this thread my detailed acct of McCain’s crash of his jet while “showboating” where he literally flew it into tension wires just off the ground. It was a precisely worded, detailed, true acct that focused on exactly why McCain’s lies about the crash to the Navy were discovered in the wreckage to be false testimony.

      There was no foul language or anything affronting in my “report”, which read just exactly as any NTSB report reads.

      TPNN removed my post. I was censored by TPNN for posting the truth about McCain. This happened yesterday.

      Too bad that even this site censors it’s threads. I thought it stood for the Constitution. Apparently not so much.

  11. I am glad to know this can be done. He should have moved across the aisle ages ago. I am afraid it is a little too little too late but hopefully a REAL conservative will own his seat in NOV

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if McCain switches parties if the Dems manage to hold the Senate in Nov., ala Arlen Specter.

    2. I’m from PA and am all too familiar with the late Arlen Specter. He exploited Republican party loyalty for decades, but he had help; party bosses refused to live by the common sense ‘fool me once, your fault, fool me twice, my fault’ mantra. Once it’s established that telling the truth is a character issue for a candidate for office, they should be removed swiftly because our allegiance to God, each other and country should come before party and the acquisition of power.

    1. I think, now, as citizens, we should hold a stand to censor and then RECALL ALL THE PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS….because they have each SEVERELY violated their oaths they took to defend and protect our constitution, and progressed into full blown TRAITORS. They ALL need to be RECALLED and charged for their high crimes of treason against the USA…..and the SOONER, the BETTER!!!

    2. Let’s not be tunnel-visioned by partisanship. There are Repubs a plenty who should be lifting a voice and a hand against the coup d’etat – and aren’t. Their’s is treason by omission. They deserve to go as much as any Prog.

    3. with the exception of at least one …..Trey Gowdy, R- junior rep from SC…..he is a BULLDOG on trying to get ANSWERS on issues like Benghazi, but gets stonewalled at every turn……look him up on youtube and watch some of the clips

    4. Gowdy rocks! He is definitely a bulldog and I hope he remains as tenacious as he has been until we get the answers we deserve.

    5. about three quarters of the repuplican politicians should have the same thing done to them. the last couple years have proven their complicity with the traitors in charge

  12. he just announced he will run for another term. They can censure him for good BUT will they. Tney did not the last time!!!!!!

    1. I agree. I was frustrated the last time the people of Arizona voted for McCain instead of the more conservative candidate(don’t remember his name).

    2. The more conservative candidate in the race was also named McCain; famously said “Just build the damn fence.” but it’s easy to see why people might be confused.

  13. It’s about time Republicans stand up for traditional and moral convictions. McCain has long been a progressive democrat professing to be a moral republican. Get rid of him !!!!!

    1. Ok so now what are ya’ll going to do about the Travis County Commission? Seems you folks got some issues of your own.

    2. We’re hoping to toss Cornyn out on his ear in the primaries this year. He must be worried – he has a front group really slamming his opponent and has been running campaign ads for several months. In Texas, where GOP incumbents are all but rubber-stamped in elections.

  14. This should be a lesson to Senator Jeff Flake,because he is doing the same thing. In fact this should apply to all RINO’S in Washington.

  15. Thanks Arizona. Time to move on and censure the rest of the Republicans who side with the dems/progressives.

    1. Because we elect our official to represent our extremist party, not the country. We expect them to hurt the country, the people, the military before we expect them to admit any problems in our party. Government exists to serve the GOP, not the people. IF you have nothing good to say about the GOP, then make it up and lie, that’s is what our esteemed members do.

    1. Agreed! He really needs to step aside. I find that it is not necessary to be an elected Rep to be the Speaker of the House, but one cannot vote, just be the Speaker. How about Dr. Ben Carson for Speaker, NOW!? How great would that be?!

  16. Its about damn time, get rid of him and all rinos. before they hand the nation over to the demoncrats and they MUSLIMES they follow

  17. I’m not form AZ but yes it is time for him to go and all other lifetime politicians. It was never supposed to be a livlihood.

    1. Think in his heart he really is a Patriot. Wonder if they have something on him. He cries for a reason, perhaps.

  18. To bad they don’t recall him. McCain no longer supports the best interests of America and it’s citizens. He went from “Hero” to “Zero” and is no longer worthey to serve.

  19. Time to rid ourselves of all RINOs and get some REAL conservatives in there who mean and DO what they say!

  20. Congratulations to the people in Arizona for this step. This senile old fool also voted to cut the military pay and benefits.

  21. JUDAS THE ISCARIOT come to my mind in reading what Mc Cain did and is continuing to do. He is a true democrat in republican clothing.

  22. Okay–now lets censure the rest of them that refuse to uphold the Constitution & make this “lawlessness” in DC come to an END! I am glad Americans are STANDING UP!

  23. Yes it is about time , the man has sold us all out that believe in Liberty and Freedom. Just another in a long list of wishy warshy money Grubbing politicians. These men sell America down the drain and then do an about face when its election time, enough is enough were not going to take it anymore. Thank you for your Censure of this RINO

  24. Well, there is not more than a handful of states that will elect your flavor of “Real Republicans” so get used to being in the minority party in both houses. Politicians are elected to work with the other members, negotiate and compromise to get policies enacted for the good of the country. Whining and being stubborn and shutting down the government is for losers. Move to the center and win in November and 2016!

    1. You go first! Your party is so far left that it’s unrecognizable. The Tea Party is not a political party, they are the conservative (Constitutional) part of the Republican party. The rest of the country left us, we didn’t leave you. Our country has a Constitution and you, YOU are destroying it. If you want something different why don’t you, like the Pilgrims, find a country that fits your needs. The only problem is that the socialist countries are going down the toilet doing the very things that you want to do to this country. GO……….PLEASE! LEAVE

    2. EXACTLY ! Wish I could give you a zillion thumbs up ! There are plenty of room for socalist ELSEWHERE !

    3. I am a Republican. We are destroying nothing except your notion of the possibility of electing a far right candidate to national office. If you think any progress can be made by splitting the party and moving so far from the center that independents and moderate democrats will dismiss you as fringe crazies you will be responsible for sending the country further down the road toward the socialism you fear. Negotiation and compromise are the basics of politics. By the way I have moved to Israel. It is not surprising, but they have the same problems, and the same obstacles. Foamy mouthed extremists do not move any nation’s agenda forward.

    4. Pantywaist drivel. You are Charlie Foxtrot. Why don’t you go over to the sandbox or clear the moondust out of your brain.

    5. Does the center agree with the importation of poverty, low skilled workers who will ultimately depend upon public assistance? Does the center really believe that all those claims that the amnestied will actually wind up paying fines and back taxes and not ultimately wind up on welfare, when we know very well that the Democrats will work to undermine any such provisions and make the Republicans the victims of election campaigns, declaring them mean spirited anti-immigrant for defending them? If so, then we are correct in our evaluation of the “center” as nothing more than foolish perpetual victims of a very devious Democratic Party. We’ve seen this story before, Transgressor.

    6. Perhaps you know some other group of people willing to pick your fruit, and clean your toilets, and babysit your kids for less than minimum wage and no benefits. The welfare class is not jumping on that grenade, and neither are the privleged youth of America. So unless you are ready to pay $100 for a bag of produce, be careful what you ask for. Immigration has been keeping prices low for many decades. We need to be realistic. Do your name calling in the street, like a man, within an arm’s reach, otherwise it makes you look like a coward who hurls insults while hiding behind your keyboard.

    7. You know nothing and I find your willingness to find joy in exploiting people for barely living wages disgusting. The truth is that the cost of picking fruit and vegetables is only a very small fraction of the cost of produce in the market, so your statement is woefully ignorant. This from the Colorado State University blog….

      “Farmers and ranchers receive only a fraction of the consumer’s expenditure on food. On average, agriculture producers receive 19 cents of each consumer dollar spent on food.”

      The idea that it would cost a $100 for a piece of produce is a product of your ignorance of economics, your imagination and the lying advocates of illegal immigrants. It’s apparent from the university web site that if you doubled what you paid the illegal produce picker, the costs would rise only a small amount. Another thing you no nothing about is how business reacts to increases in the cost of labor, its ability to increase productivity by automating. Agriculture has been doing so for centuries, from the invention of the plow to planting in geometric patterns, and genetically modifying produce to withstand the mechanics of automated pickers. Tomatoes have been picked by machine for years now, and there are such machines picking oranges that way. Again, you know nothing of how business and engineering unite to reduce operating costs out of necessity. If labor costs rise to a certain point, technology will rush in to limit them.

      Democrats like Harry Reid spoke vociferously on the floor of the Senate against illegal immigration, until he saw their usefulness to your party as voters.

      The truth is yours is the party of political opportunists that cares nothing for the welfare of the nation, but everything for gaining new voters and attaining political power.

      Those are the facts, Transgressor.

    8. As Ann Coulter rightfully concludes, newly amnestied illegal aliens in poverty will fall prey to the vote buying Democrats, who would promise them everything, including welfare and other benefits to get their votes. She also is right in her estimation that an amnesty would undermine the future will to control our borders, as a growing Latino population would vote to undermine current law, and that amnesties historically beget more amnesties. If you were a poor, illiterate and unskilled laborer, would you vote for the Democrats, or Republicans who are trying to prevent chronic amnesty and save the current citizen population from the higher taxes that would be needed to subsidize these people’s existence? Unlike you, I can see how going to you idea of a center on immigration is detrimental for the future of my country.

    9. What you propose that the Republican Party become more like the party of vote buyers who would bankrupt the nation for the sake of staying power. Where have you been during the last 5 years when Barack Obama and Reid were refusing to consider any legislation passed by the House. These two clowns have been using the National Debt to unilaterally raise the National Debt to trigger continuing resolutions to pay for ever increasing entitlements that were creating by way of their failure to address the economy. Harry and his clown buddy use food stamps and other growing entitlements to garner voters who depend upon them. Jobs are only secondary to a party that thrives on vote buying to stay in power. The more people Obama and company have on the public dole, the better position they have in the polls. I laugh at your stupid idea that somehow if only the Republican Party would move to the center that anything would change. Harry and Obama don’t want compromise, unless its capitulation to their demands. As on the immigration issue addressed earlier, you know nothing, nothing at all.

  25. A great American patriot…a horrific 2 faced politician who has been compromised since his presidential run who now has altzeimers and forgot his values on why he suffered in a POW camp..

  26. This is amazing! I live in Pennsytucky and can’t imagine our Republican committee coming together to censure as they have. Of course, Specter did flee the party in an effort to remain Senator.and was still primaried by the often disappointing Pat Toomey.

    1. As a fellow Pennsylvanian, Pat Toomey needs to be primaried also!!! He thinks that he can collaborate with leftists who want to take our gun rights away and get away with it. We need some decent responsible leadership, Toomey needs to go also!!

  27. Jennifer Burke, It is just sad that the Birth certificate is wasting your faction’s time. It is so over and going nowhere. Nobody cares. I would constructively suggest not using “teabagger”, as it has vulgar conotations in the popular lexicon. Tea Partyer is a clear and dignified name. Now if only the members could live up to that.

  28. Hooray!!! As an Arizonan Republican I have gringed more than I wanted to when McCain continually violated one campaign promise after another! I do hope this will prevent his being re-elected or even running for office again.


  30. It’s about damn time! I will not contribute to the Republican party anymore. I will decide who gets my contributions and McCain sure isn’t one of them. Good for you Arizona!

  31. its never to late! conservatives like to wait and hope that their elected offical will earn their keep and so they waited for mccain and he dishonored us all . I believe he should not run for any office again and will never again get any vote or support from our family . he has made his own bed !

  32. About freaking time. We’ve been waiting for the real Conservative party to show up. Next is censuring the chamber of commerce for supporting the breaking of our laws by illegals and destroying our nation and time to support your real backers the tea party or we need a new party or none. We’ve had enough of this mess.

  33. McCain-a traitorous RINO extortionist coward…this geriatric senile geezer needs a wooden overcoat.

  34. This RINO needs to be sent to the glue factory – along with Lamar Alexander and Cork-up-his-a** Corker!

  35. Long overdue,… left leaning liberal republicans take notice…we aren’t going take your crap anymore!

  36. what’s the next legal step? can we throw people out of office legally for not keeping their campaign promises? Is there a legal way to remove the “representatives” who are no longer doing the job they promised?

    1. Do you know of Mark Levin? If not, Google “Liberty Amendments”. It’s similar and it is spreading. It is growing and real and looks like it’s going to be a force to do something similar to what you want if it keeps growing. Many states have signed on.

  37. Yes, it is a bout time this happened, and it should be a common practice for all idiots like McCain.. .

  38. I was born in Arizona, and I can tell everyone how proud I am of being born in this wonderful state. I am proud of the governor, Sheriff Joe, and proud of what this committee did in censuring this wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is a snake who poses as someone conservative and patriotic, but in the end sides with the left-wing radicals…

  39. Sounds like there are 351 committeemen who need to be replaced?

    Where are the TEA Party Republicans who are willing to take their places?

  40. Next time he has a town hall meeting, ask him whether he agrees with idea that it should be our national policy to import poverty and illiteracy from Mexico. Ask him if he can correlate decreasing national literacy caused by increasing low skilled and uneducated amnestied with the cost of entitlements to the taxpayers and a rising National Debt. Ask him if he thinks that any provisos of penalties and fines and back taxes and prohibitions against welfare and delays in obtaining citizenship for amnestied illegal aliens will last beyond day that Democrats have the power to have them done away with. Ask him why we should expect Obama and his successors to obey federal laws governing his proposed amnesty. You’ve go to put this political hack on the spot and try to defend his actions.

  41. Hurray for Maricopa County Republicans! Too bad more of them are not in Congress. Maybe THEN we could get some censures for Congressmen Ellison and Rangel for wanting the President to govern by executive orders, or for Secretary Sebelius for her incompetence in putting up the PPACA website, or even for the President himself and the Attorney General. McCain’s picture is in the dictionary under the word, RINO.

  42. Democrats are going to encourage “cross-over voting” which is why RINOs like McCain are continually re-elected! RECALL is the only way to get rid of them!

  43. The State of Az is a joke due to the crazy governor; the only thing it can be proud of is McCain.

    1. Care to provide any substantial evidence of this so-called “treason?”

      I mean other than he doesn’t agree with cry baby teabaggers?

  44. About damn time. Now they need to do the same thing with Flake, another liberal masquerading as a Republican that voted with McCain and all the democrats to cut veterans pensions. Don’t stop now, you have another one hiding amongst you!

  45. I lived in Mesa AZ for 7 years and only ever talked to about 10 people who admitted to voting for Senator McCain.

  46. We need to ensure that election fraud is handled so these men and women aren’t cheating our system to stay in office. With the American people being in such opposition of them how is it possible to be re-elected over and over again without controlling the votes. I find it disgusting that George Soros owns the voting machine company and I just know that they are rigged!

  47. McCain is only one of the Congress that I have any faith in – You Obama lovers only want to criticize him cause he is a great spokesman that points out the weaknesses of Omama, like almost everything he stands for or does –

  48. If they thought McCain was so darned bad, why did they keep bringing him back? He’s been a RINO for a long time. To wait until now to censure, or better still, vote him out is pathetic on the part of the Arizona Republican Party.

  49. These expat senators that have turned the knife on their Conservative constituents who put them in office, deserve nothing. I salute the Maricopa County Republican group. It’s time to push lazy, and loathsome politicians out of office. Just think for a moment how, some of these radical leftist groups pressure THIER representatives! John McCain’s time serving our country is now over. Without rank-and-file Republican support, he will be remanded to the dust bin of lackluster American Senators.

  50. McCain is the Country’s Geriatric, Five-Year Old! His response to Putin’s Op-Ed in the NY Times was absolutely the WORST. To think American’s should stand behind McCain and treat one of our Allies (No matter what differences we have with them) the way he did, is stupidity at its finest.
    There was a time and day I agreed with McCain and I still vote Republican. But, God forbid had this man been elected to the White House. We’d be at War with the entire Middle East; LITERALLY each and every single country there. We would be at War with Russia, China, Syria, North Korea, and anyone else McCain thought to have looked at us the wrong way.
    McCain is dangerous, ill-advised, boisterous/ blunt/ violent without logical reasoning, and most of all Un-American in every way conceivable. If it wasn’t for his military service to our Country, mandating his ejection from politics would only be the beginning. McCain is a disgrace!

  51. It pleased me somewhat to read of the censure of John McCain by Arizona’s Republican leadership. My thoughts these days however are focusing in on how Republicans, moderates like McCain and conservatives can unite in the common cause of defeating Democrat candidates in the next two elections. We need to brainstorm some ideas focusing on what both factions agree on and go from there. These next two elections are among the most important and crucial in America’s history. Republicans MUST prevail. The future of our beloved America depends on it.

    1. ‘Moderate’ (aka liberal) Republicans like McCain do not want to unite with conservatives. They have done and said a lot of things against us. They want us blocked.

  52. I applaud you…It’s never to late to take action which is in the best interest of the people. Wish we could do that to obama

    1. yes it would be….as I stated “wish” which in reality is meaningless, yes you are correct. Although the game still has to be played out…obama by most of his own actions and the lack of for this country’s American Citizens along with his lies and blatant disregard for the Constitution by breaking laws, lack of leadership, obamacare, misuse of taxpayers money and “all” the other BS, he has shown his true character….he does not realize it yet but he has already lost. He will not be serving out the rest of his term…not from the white house anyway..

  53. Great hope is what I see, By the Blood of the Lamb, and the word of their testimony they will overcome, and they will not love their lives even unto death. Words have power, power of life, or death. Choose, I will overcome.

  54. Too bad they didn’t do this before his reelection. Too little, too late. Won’t mean anything to him now.

  55. I can not believe they took this freaking long. His being in office to this date is also their fault. No matter what he did they continued to back him. This is coming about 20 years to late.

  56. He should have been removed from his position long time ago!!! Hes done way too much damage to the party already!!!

    1. They were state officials, not U. S. (federal) officials. U. S. Representatives and Senators cannot be recalled.

    2. Feel smarter now? Duh. Martini Ha schooling people on democracy is just ludicrous. I wanted to point out his lunacy but got bored with it and just typed what I did.

  57. The powers that be
    That force us to live like we do
    Bring me to my knees
    When I see what they’ve done to you
    But I’ll die as I stand here today
    Knowing that deep in my heart
    They’ll fall to ruin one day
    For making us part

  58. Well over due! Now it is time for the rest of the long standing RINO’s (which stands for) Republicans In Need of Overhaul. Term Limits, No compensations, no special treatment. Get paid by their states and not the Federal Government. No more sweet deals.

  59. they ALL work together , he can be impeached , he has not stated the truth during his representation which adds up to perjury and is CRIMINAL ! YOU PEOPLE SHOULD FOCUS ON ARRESTING AND CONVICTING HIM AS WEEL AS THE REST OF OUR FAKE POLITICIANS THAT ARE ATTEMPTING TO TAKE OVER OUR LIVES AS WELL , the sad thing is that americans will go to work and pay their taxes to support the evil doings of these evil people and that is the reason they will not stop , even the next guy will do the same thing .

    1. You do not understand the concept of representational government either. You proved it just above this post.

    1. Ohhh I don’t know maybe because it is the biggest republican group in Arizona! AND they are not the only republican group to do so in Arizona.

  60. It’s about time, but giving him a chance by saying he can flip-flop again and back the party line is ridiculous. He has lied before and it comes easy to him. Just replace him and be done with it!

  61. Since he ran for president, he has been changing into a demorat. He should be rode out of Arizona on a rail.

  62. Anyone else ever noticed how the media give McCain a full pass on his little old bribery case? The Keating Five case was pretty interesting; it seems that accepting more than $100K to benefit a crony capitalist is merely “poor judgement.”

  63. OH MY! ooooooo. OK, So how does that accomplish anything? These idiots will just put the next “McCain” into office and the status quo with remain unchanged.

  64. It’s about time! This should have happened a long time ago. John McCain has not had a voice for conservative principles for a very long time. His voting record has spoken loud and clear on that.
    I lived 27 years in Phoenix, owned a business 15 of those years and can attest to the illegal alien issues that continue to plague Arizonians and cost the state millions… The burden of job snatching, free medical, housing, food stamps, welfare, SSI, and incarceration, continues to fall on legal, law abiding Americans. Why should we continue to send the message that committing a federal crime of entering a country illegally will not only be forgiven, but rewarded with benefits that Americans have paid for, for generations?

  65. Now, that makes me feel proud! McCain was never truly welcomed as a Republican. He is a real mugwump! That is an old political term you need to look up.

  66. Better late than never although one would have hoped they would have done this before 2006 he has never lived up to any of his promises.

  67. Without naming names, I’d just like to express that there were people behind this effort working tirelessly to develop the impetus to effect this achievement in Maricopa. They work on these and other things on top of their jobs and family commitments and all the while knowing that they will probably never receive mention for their toils. Well I just wanted to say thank you to all of you empowered citizen Patriots who made this happen. You are the TRUE representatives of your district.

  68. This censure will do more for the Democrats than McCain has ever done or will do. You’re idiots.

    1. Your opinion has been made. But regardless of how you think of them as “idiots”, these people quite obviously feel unrepresented in Washington, which is the whole point of a representative Republic. With that point being obvious, it is YOU who does not understand the form of government you have and it is they who are actively participating in reforming their own representation in Washington which they obviously feel is not only their prerogative but their duty to themselves, their state and the nation.

  69. If the GOP leadership is censuring John McCain, that means he is serving the needs of America, not some far right-wing organization out of touch with the average citizen.

    1. It isn’t GOP leadership censuring him. It’s the members of the GOP of the biggest county in AZ (aka his constituents).

  70. Watching the last election from Oklahoma I could not believe Arizonans re-elected McCain, His being a progressive was so plain!

  71. We have a very corrupt government. It has been corrupted by career politicians. Our fore fathers were very wise and created the best government ever. But they did not realize that politicians would become career politicians and become addicted to all the power and perks. They will do anything, vote any way to be re-elected. We must have TERM LIMITS on CAREER POLITICIANS.

  72. With the slim margin the Social Democrats have in the Senate, aided by their stealing the MN election for Saturday Night Live comedian Al Franken, who initially lost, what McCain does deserves recall, not censure. If he singlehanded deadly gives “a pathway to citizenship” to 20 million criminal invaders, he should be jailed.

    1. Like they stole the vote for Christine Gregoire when Dino Rossi won, they kept counting the votes till it came out like they wanted.

  73. When a party starts attacking their own members for not being extreme enough It is a bad sign for them. Since they currently control one third of our government it is worse for us. Extremists cannot govern because they cannot compromise all they can do is demand that everyone else do as they say and that is tyranny not representative democracy.