Tea Party Leadership Fund to Primary John Boehner

John Boehner
There is now a movement to primary Speaker of the House John Boehner. The Tea Party Leadership Fund has sparked a movement to do just that, as reported by Breitbart.

The Tea Party Leadership Fund will announce on Friday an effort it plans to undertake to search for a candidate to primary House Speaker John Boehner, Breitbart News has learned exclusively.

The group is funding a $25,000 ad campaign against Boehner and a petition drive at PrimaryBoehner.com with a goal of collecting 1 million signatures by Jan. 31. Radio’s Rusty Humphries, a spokesman for the Tea Party Leadership Fund, is leading the group’s effort to find a candidate.

“John Boehner has declared war on conservatives demanding lower taxes and limited government,” Humphries said in a statement provided exclusively to Breitbart News. “Today we declare war on him. We intend to send a message to his fellow ‘Republicans In Name Only’ that such ideologically bankrupt leadership must come to an end.”

The group’s release states it has polling that shows at least half of Republicans in Boehner’s Ohio district are willing to support a GOP candidate who is more conservative than the Speaker.

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  1. The crying is just to hide the binge drinking Richard Burton glass eyes he’s more than famous for. Send the boozer to rehab. Anywhere away from the Hill is an improvement.

  2. Well I think Johns days are limited on the Hill. I am a Tea Party Member and you my freind are not forfilling what you promised us the people.

  3. Boehner has been a BIG Disappointment to “We The People” on his sellouts to the Corrupt administration of Obama!! He Needs to go, Not only Out of the Speakership, But Out of Congress as well…. With All of His Lies and Corruption, He would make a Good Democrap!!!!

    1. We dealt John an untenable hand. Too many in the Tea Party are political newbies who are clueless about how things work. the poker hand we gave him included not electing Romney (which would have made his job as a conservative easier by far) then we lost the Senate too. John is faced with nearly insurmountable political power from Obama and Harry Reid. I think he is doing the best we could expect and blame ourselves for not giving him something to work with. Easier to play the blame game.

    2. Lame excuses. Others in history have been able to do his job FOR THE PEOPLE. If he doesn’t know how to play hard ball.. then get his balls out of the position and put someone in who CAN do it. He has SOLD out the people.. period.

    3. Bad mouthing and fighting AGAINST grass roots conservatives is far from the best we could expect. Boehner has to go.

    4. He has had MANY opportunities to stand his ground no matter what the outcome. I have no respect for someone who caves without even trying. He has shown little or no leadership. When they tried to remove him last year he whined and promised he would stand up for conservative principles…NOT. He is weak and a typical RINO type POLITICIAN. We have several in the House that are TRUE Conservatives who could lead…not follow. Cantor is my Congressman and I wish someone would primary him too. If they are conservative enough I will support them.

    5. There is a serious divide within the Republican party. Old Rhinos of whom are quite content with big government and unaccountable spending tearing apart of the we the people. There are two excuses for Boehner’s failure to the people. One, he does not fight because his goals and objectives are actually liberal. Or two, he is a coward scared to actually fight for we the people of whom he is supposed to represent. You can’t stand on the sidelines and wait for the safe moment to step in… You fight and fight hard… WIN or LOSE! We the people, our country, our forefathers, our children and grandchildren deserve nothing less than every ounce of fight we have. Not political correctness, not a wise stance, not cowardice… FIGHT!!!

    6. well said, very well said and inspiring as well, Curtis you seem a likely candidate for his replacement,

    7. I concur….excellent. Thankfully we have a few who do just that….Gowdy, Cruz, Paul, Lee, West….

    8. Tinkabell and JohnQPublic are totally correct,MaeciHarris is wrong as they followed the meek line and gave up to many things without
      fighting and we find out that they were dealing with Reid even after claiming to support us

    9. Are you really Karl Rove or just one of his staff members? Reince Priebus or one of his staff members?

    10. You can defend his actions all day, But the worse thing he has done so far is buried the Benghazi scandal. All he has to do is assign a damn Select Committee. It is that Simple! Yet he continues to protect his dear leader, I am done with his bull, as far as I am concerned he can choke on it!

    11. Contact his office, everyone, and tell him. I used to live in his district but no longer. But Lamar Alexander is going to know where I stand!

    12. The choices he’s made; not drawing a line on Obamacare, making a deal for congressional benefits per Obamacare, selling out the sequester for nothing, selling out wounded veterans for nothing. No! He is not conservative, he is a political opportunist just like every RINO in DC.

    13. I think you’re very wrong, he was elected by us to do what we want not to get bogged down in doing what others want him to do, he’s doing for himself and nothing at all for us.

    14. When did we have a say in how they run the government once they are in. There is feedback all the time to these people in Washington but it seems to fall on deaf ears.

    15. Bullcrap!!! Crybaby Boehner would rather play a round of golf with the muslim then appoint select committees to investigate all of the scandals that NEVER get resolved!!! No excuse for that!!!!

    16. Stupid idea is keeping doing what is not working. Stupid is keeping anyone in leadership position who believes amnesty for illegal aliens is a good idea. Boehner has failed the conservatives of our country

    17. Is that why John Boehner is pushing immigration down our throats just like obama did with Ocare? He is a RINO and judging by your old posts you must work in his office.I cant wait to donate to GURR and vote against him in his primary and even vote democrat in general election if a have to but no longer someone I trusted will betray me

    18. “Disappointment” that’s an understatement since Harry Ried just released the e-mail where Boehner cut a deal for himself on the ACA and left Cruz and us out to dry. That’s conspiring against the people in no other words.

    1. Just make sure they are a TRUE conservative, not a fair weather one who will buckle under pressure. How about Issa?

  4. Although I support the Tea Party and have since the beginning, their only hope is to join with the Republicans to defeat the Democrats … when the fight against each other like this, they make a Democrat victory more likely. Look what happen to the Democrats when they ran George McGovern. Any Republican is better than any Democrat, especially as we try to take over the Senate in 2014. After all, isn’t Boehner better than Pelosi????

    1. No! Boehner is bought with promises of funding for his electing in trade….an open ended immigration reform that allows illegal Aliens who break our laws, fraud the IRS over 35 billion dollars, injure american’s, displace american’s and take what few jobs we have. Don’t be fooled by the step by step immigration reform….read it!

    2. But the fact is that only one of them will … and I prefer that Pelosi go. Sometimes you have to take what you can get ….

    3. I’m just a little confused by your statement. Are you suggesting that we conservatives back off of our values and our total support for the constitution and cave to establishment Republicans? Many establishment Republicans have said over and over that they want the Tea party to go away and some are actually working towards that goal. Why shouldn’t we at least offer conservative alternative candidates to the Republican primaries? I don’t think anyone here has brought up anything about a third party option. Agreed THAT would be counterproductive. I believe that the Tea Party in particular and conservatives in general are of more value to Establishment Republicans than visa versa.

    4. I’m suggesting that we find a way to work together to defeat a common enemy. I support the values of the Tea Party … just want to find a way to make them work.

    5. agreed unfortunately the GOP doesn’t see what they are doing. They should unite with the tea party and support the one that can defeat a democrat

    6. The RHINOS don’t want to work together. They put more effort into anti-Teaparty Campaigns that Anti-Dem Campaigns.

    7. Totally agree and they need to stop calling R’s in less conservative states that will not win if they go too far right (NJ, Mass., etc. etc.) RINO’s. We need to adhere to Reagan’s winning mantra of the big tent. Don’t see the D’s calling anyone a little right of them DINO’s. They circle the wagons and win!

    8. Basically yes. Keep your values but right now the Republicans must win the Senate, keep the House intact to stop Hillary. Otherwise all your “values” will go down in flames when Hillary wins like Obama did because of the “holier than thou” folks who stayed home and insisted there was not difference between Romney and Obama. Well Romney would have already done away with Obamacare and that in one sentence is a darn big difference that we should have voted to protect.

    9. The Tea Party is a conservative movement, not a 3rd party. People are tired of the same ole Washington and all we want is fiscal responsible conservatives to dig our country out of the deep debt hole and less government interference with out lives and especially our health. It’s time to follow the constitution and stop spending our children and grandchildren’s future. I am tired of Mr Boehner not calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the scandals of this White House. Look how fast Holder got on the Christi case. Can you say “double standards”. Too bad we can’t have the same for the 4 fallen hero’s and the IRS and the Fast and Furious scandals. I agree with you, Jim L. Miller Jr. Let “we the people” decide who we want to represent us. Stop the in fighting or we will not have a chance at the senate.

    10. Also there are some reasons that all Republicans (including those originally in Tea Party) should note that the Tea Party has caused serious damage in less conservative states by forcing candidates upon the party that cannot win in their particular states. Nevada is a prime example where the “normal” conservative R’s (2 of them in primary) were both running circles around Harry Reid (60′s to 30′s) but here comes the self proclaimed leader of the Tea Party Express and pushes Sharon Angle and she lost hugely to Reid which has left us with Reid as majority leader blocking all the legislation that comes from the House.

    11. Immigration reform doesn’t hurt conservatism. By denying the opportunities of Liberty to everybody here because you think you have some Right of inheritance you are bad for the U.S. and the same as Progressives.

    12. Actually the only ones who benefit from over population with illegals are the businesses who desire cheap labor!

      I am american and my taxes goes to the elected to represent american’s and yes, it is a birth right!

      Frauding the IRS out of billions of dollars isn’t helping america or our citizens. In fact, american’s are suffering from lack of jobs and with obamcare, most jobs are cut in hours, american’s are earning even less!

      We are already over burdened little lone have more dependents on our backs!

      Sorry Bob, but it is your mentality that is bad for America, bad for american’s!

    13. Absolutely Rani. It’s people like this that are hurting the citizens in this country. It is our right to have a better life for ourselves and our families. WE ARE THE ONES PAYING. as well as it is for those who came here legally. The illegals are stealing from us. I work with a man who came here from Vietnam when he was 12. He is here legally and totally against ‘immigration reform’. All members of his family came here LEGALLY.

    14. When you think about 15+ million women who have armed themselves…..know there is good reason! No doubt, these women are out to protect their family, their country, they see the writing on the wall with all the violence, human trafficking, knock out games against elderly, releasing of dangerous criminals….

      We are committed to protect our citizen’s, our country in the face of whats going on and the politician’s can live in their own little world of power, but believe me…American’s are not going to be walked on!

      I do not apologize for my religion, I do not apologize for my freedom, I do not apologize for my country, I do not apologize for my Rights, I DO NOT APOLOGIZE FOR MY CONSTITUTION!

    15. Your taxes go to support the government toward supporting the Constitution. Most Americans don’t even pay taxes, and resent you inheriting what I and illegals have built.

    16. Nice try Bob, but totally untrue and you know it!

      BTW: Majority of american’s want all illegal aliens deported! That’s the American Citizen way!

    17. They came here ILLEGALLY. Would you give amnesty to a murderer? To a rapist? Of course not. So why should we give amnesty to people who KNOWINGLY, WILLINGLY came into the country illegally. They broke our laws and they should be dealt with by suffering the consequences.

    18. Murder vs illegal immigration….good comparison Einstein.
      Anyway what does it have to do with fiscal conservatism, or limited government?

    19. What about the word ILLEGAL don’t you understand? Many of these people are NOT here to be good citizens. They have broken one law by NOT following our existing immigration laws, which btw, MILLIONS of people HAVE. Do you know that many of them have committed identity theft as well. more have committed violent crimes and are heavily into drug dealing/gangs. Then there are those who have depleted towns financially because they have ILLEGALLY gotten welfare benefits. In Mexico a person would be SHOT or jailed if entering illegally. the same should happen here.

    20. Welfare and lax law enforcement is not immigrant’s fault. Are you afraid they’ll get part of your welfare check, and food stamps?

    21. I’ve worked since I was 16. Bought my first car, new, when I was 18. Paid for my own wedding. Bought my own home when I was 22. I have worked with NASA, the united states air force and navy. I was invited by MIT to work at their labs and go to school there free.. I have NEVER received any welfare checks or food stamps. oh.. I did however work for the state’s child support and enforcement agency. I saw many who had NO right be there and were ripping off the tax payers. I’m sorry.. I have to remember you have absolutely no sense of reason. you are a brainwashed obamabot and not capable of real intelligence.

    22. No one is against LEGAL immigration. The problem is that we have allowed so many illegals to come here and stay. IF we inforced the laws, secure the border there would hardly be a problem. Our system is more lax than most other countries…INCLUDING MEXICO!

    23. Why is it a problem? The US is, and is supposed to be different from most other countries. A revolution was fought to, among other things, get rid of privilege by inheritance.

    24. The Establishment GOP needs the TEA Party/libertarians mush more than they need the GOP. Look at what happened when the dissed Ron Paul and his supporters at the last convention? Had those supporters and all the TEA Party not stayed home we might be in a whole different situation right now.

    25. All the illegal and dead people who voted, all those who voted in two States, fraud was planned and planted! The Tea Party is the only Party who actually aligns with the Constitution. I am sick of the lack of difference between the republican party and demosocialist! I want a real choice, one that brings america back to the freedoms and rights our Forefathers designed for us…Liberty! I am voting Tea Party and maybe a few select Republican’s!

      Ted Cruz was right! Obamacare should have been trashed from the start!

    26. The sad thing about the republican party is that they have shown time after time, that they are for sale to the highest bidder just as the dumbocrats are. How can America have any hope in light of people like that?

    27. Good question. But it’s been like this for a LONG time. I don’t know if you’ve ever read SCANDLEMONGERS, but it’s a sobering look at the Republic in its early days. It’s by William Saphire if you’re interested.

    28. The only real hope for the Republican party is for them to get their heads out and join with the Tea Party, or else they will go the way of the Whigs when they all went liberal.

    29. I’m not sure … the important thing isn’t that the Republicans/Tea Party succeed … it’s that the Democrats fail. If the Republicans go the way of the Whigs, only the Democrats will remain … not a good thing.

    30. Consider whose fighting, and for what. Why join establishment Republicans to fight Democrats just to be Democrats?

    31. Because Republicans + Tea Party believers (there is no actual tea PARTY) will never equal Democrats. Remember what happened when the Democrats refused to compromise and ran MdGovern.

    32. If you believe in this day and age that republicans and the Tea Party are the same -go back under your rock!! Dude!

    33. when you go to vote, are you asked for a tea party ballot? No, you are asked for a rep or dem ballot. and after voting, if you are considered an independent voter (not allied with rep or dem), you must re-register as independent or you are recorded by how you voted. And their isn’t a column of ‘tea party’. perhaps you need to get from under your rock

    34. I’m not sure what a “real” party is, but the Tea Party is more about ideas than a viable party. By itself, it has no more possibility of being elected than the Green Party. But it can be a real force in the Republican Party. I think this union makes the most sense for both groups.

    35. I think it’s just an idea … at least where I live. But it has no chance of electing its own candidates … no 3rd party has ever had any success. We need to pick the candidates that most closely represent us (not those who perfectly represent us) and support them against people who don’t represent us at all.

    36. I thought this way until I saw how the republican establishment failed to lend its support to Christine O’Donnell in DE and a myriad of other campaigns across the country since then. Also, the same argument you put forth was used against Ted Cruz in Texas. I believe establishment republicans would rather be a minority party as long as they control that party than be a majority party and have to accept second chair to conservatives.

    37. You have it. We need to remember Reagan’s plea to have a big tent–a winning strategy. When we get all self righteous and start calling anyone slightly left of us RINO

    38. I doesn’t make any difference who joins whom as long as they come up with a STRATEGY than can win. Sadly, you don’t win on ideas, you win on strategy. If better ideas won, Romney would be President today. Sadly, organization/strategy wins ….

    39. they need a joint effort to back the person more likely to defeat the democrat.. period. ever look at the democrats votes in Congress. Rarely does the house vote against a democrat stand. In the Senate. they never do. They are the least bipartisan group. Republicans (more than just RINOs) are more likely to vote bipartisan. The GOP has to see that the goal isn’t to win a seat, it is to defeat a democrat (and that includes RINOs).

    40. Could be … the Republicans have run some terrible candidates in the last 30 years … as long as we can forge a coalition that can win I don’t care who joins whom.

  5. Sad to say, I had high hopes for Mr Boehner, It was his time to shine and step up to the plate..Instead he has been on the bench for most of his time. Seems nobody is willing to stand up to the Liberals , and tell em how it should be…

    1. NSA had to be looking into all congress and get something on everyone. I still think that is what is happening to Christie in NJ. The dems want the state and Christie played house with the snake. Now he’s been bitten by the serpent. Boehner is too weak to face the music.

    2. I believe they are all being BLACKMAILED but NOW is the time to SPEAK UP!!!! We the PEOPLE know what the NSA and IRS can do!!!!! .To me he who lets a BLACKMAILER rule him is not a man but a mouse……I rather face the Real American People and let them be the judge.. Then let those fff…ing Blackmailers control me!!! …..Come out and more will join you don’t let the blackmailers win….Don’t be afraid or scared GOD will be with you and The Real American People will also be with you!!!!

    3. I believe they are being BLACKMAILED but NOW is the time to SPEAK UP!!!! We the PEOPLE know what the NSA and IRS can do!!!!! .To me he who lets a BLACKMAIL rule him is not a man but a mouse……I rather face the Real American People and let them be the judge then let those fff…ing Blackmailers control me!!! …..Come out and more will join you don’t let the blackmailers win….Don’t be afraid or scared GOD will be with you and The Real American People will also be with you!!!!

    1. You don’t hear Democrats infighting and calling one another DINO. Think before you ever use this demeaning term again. Democrats are united and don’t name call and disparage anyone slightly more to the right than they are. That is why they win.

    2. RINO’s do not hold one traditional Republican concept holy: not social, not fiscal, not Constitutional. They have no character, nothing they really stand for.

    3. Stop the stupid RINO chatter. You will find anyone else will be almost certain to loose that seat to a D. There is a huge difference between a R and a D. Did Boehner vote for Obamacare? No Republicans did! All Democrats did. That shows you in one important moment that there is a very significant difference. All Republicans voted to save us–if we hadn’t given them Reid in NV and also Delaware and a couple of other states where the Tea Party lost elections that 100% R vote might have been enough to stop this legislation.

    4. Do you realize there isn’t much of a difference between a RINO (McCain for example) and a democrat? That’s the issue. do you know that many RINOs will not vote for impeachment? as for obamacare .. they didn’t read it either. as I explained to someone.. how do you get an agenda through.. you have someone run as a democrat and another as a republican, no matter who is elected, the agenda goes on. The votes in Congress go your way. The nominations go your way. and with the media in your pocket, public opinion against those who oppose the agenda will go your way. RINO talk isn’t the issue. The GOP attacking a group who could help get the democrats out is the problem.. The GOP doesn’t want to share the limelight.. even if it’s a candle providing the light.. The GOP has stopped standing for the people’s wishes just to maintain the seats they have. to gain control over Congress and obama, we need anyone (GOP or not) who oppose what the liberals and obama stand for, Anyone who will vote against them and uphold the Constitution. The GOP has to stop being pig headed and realize it isn’t about party. It is about this country’s survival.

    1. In your opinion. If we had given him a decent hand he would have had more options to move more to the Right. We lost the Presidency by stupidity and non-voting (also voter fraud) and the Senate partly because of Tea Party forcing unelectable candidates on the party in states where they couldn’t win. Don’t blame Boehner for the hand you’ve dealt him.

  6. What a great day for freedom loving Americans!!!! The Republican party in Arizona has also censored John McCain. Every Republican who has betrayed their oath should be censored and removed from office. As well every dumbocrat who has betrayed the constitution should be impeached.

    1. And then replace him with a Democrat or a new R member with no power and probably part of a D majority. Stupid idea!

  7. JB seemed reasonable until he met with BHO who showed him the collection of pictures they had of him and the Goat. Only reasonable explanation. Regardless, he has to go.

  8. To be honest , wherever we primary a Republican we should also primary the Democrat next door in the house, We should primary every democrat running for the senate too. This is how you build a base and make huge change in the system. Remember these are two parts of the same corrupt mafia, very little difference between the two parties.

  9. War on the Rino – Join the Safari of 2014 – We need conservatives with spines — not ” Pay to play” or ” Go along to get along” beltway weaklings ! Send every compromiser packing – For crying out loud !

  10. He’s got to go. It shows now that he was one who colluded with the Democrat controlled House as they drove the economy into the ditch after the 2006 elections. We need fiscal conservatives, not rulers.

    1. In 17 years I will be old enough to be a US Senator. I should be humbled by your support and donations at that time, however, it is my most sincerest wish that Mr. Speaker be removed from the speakership – if not the senate – most rikki tik.

      I see no reason at this juncture to decline any contributors the opportunity to support my 2031 run for Senate, though I cannot at this time foretell the state of my then constituency.

      I do regret to inform you at this time I cannot begin to accept donations.

      Thanking you in advance,


  11. Johnny ” White flag” Boehner has sold us out for the last time. He promised last january to be more open and follow what we the people want. He lied and lied a ” cavorted” with the enemies of this country. The demon rats in congress and Coochie cooing the very terrorist who has proclaimed a jihad on this nation and every American. I’m glad the tea party and his constituents are fed up with him and his treason. It’s time his district recalls him and every congressmen/woman who lied when swearing and abiding by the constitution.. L

    1. first off we need to make sure that it is a fare vote and that the dead and illegal can’t vote. I thought you had to be legal for one year before you could vote. but I have been wrong.

  12. The ‘ party line ‘ RINO’s have got to go . There is no such thing anymore as ‘ voting for the lesser of two evils ‘ . The Republicrat eunuchs have sold the people down the river , and caved in to Obama’s every demand . Enough .

  13. Those that say we are hurting the Republican party are wrong, the Tea party runs those they prefer within the Republican party and put that person in the primary, which is where you want to take someone out, then support them, in the event they don’t win we would still support the Republican over the Democrats. Even 1/2 Republican is better than no Republican.

  14. Good! Get him out, along with any other Rhino in our Government! Sick of them all! Do not trust 98% of them! That’s really sad when you can’t trust most of the people who are intending on speaking for you. They certainly do not represent me or any one I know! Get them all OUT!

  15. Every day he gets more and more like the Democrats, he has been in office too long and has been corrupted by power. He desperately needs to go!

  16. Fools. We have a very good chance of keeping an incumbent in office. A nobody tea partier is too far right for the majority of America’s “center right” emphasize center population. Look no further than Nevada where two R candidates that were center right were polling 60=30 against evil Harry. Then in comes the Tea Party and pushes Angle on us as a
    “more pure” candidate and we lost by the same margin the others would have won by. Only fools would give up a seat that is pretty much a gimme and run another unelectable tea party guy. This isn’t Texas folks.

    1. What’s wrong is capitulation by a Speaker who cares NOTHING about the people he was elected to represent. Blood will be spilled but the GOP will be a stronger party for it. 3M conservatives stayed home in Nov. 2012. 6M will stay home in 2014 rather then vote for RINOs like Boehner.

    1. all RINO’S need to go,, I am happy to donate to a candidate, not to the R’s ever again, to many RINO’S.

  17. An Open Letter:

    In 17 years I will be old enough to be a US Senator. I should be humbled by your support and donations at that time; however, it is my most sincerest wish that Mr. Speaker be removed from the speakership – if not the senate – most riki tik.

    I see no reason at this juncture to decline any contributors the
    opportunity to support my 2031 run for Senate, though I cannot at this
    time foretell the state of my then constituency.

    With that in mind, I do regret to inform you that at this very early
    date and time I cannot begin to accept donations as I don’t yet have my
    own bank account.

    Thanking you in advance,


  18. We need people in Congress who will stand up against the “bullying” of Reid & Obama–people who will not cave under “whatever type of pressure” these “lawless” democrats use against them. God bless America and give us leaders that will love our Republic and it’s Constitution!!!

  19. Just about anybody is more conservative than Boehner. Censor him like Arizona did McCain and then kick his backside OUT!

  20. RINO’s to the left. Time to clean up the Republican party and make the issues clear. Call for a grand jury on Benghazi , fast and furious, IRS, and the NSA.

  21. The Democrats just love us Republicans throwing mud at each other because it keeps us from staying on their case.

    1. Taking action against these RINOs is not mud slinging. It’s removing the bad apples that are helping and enabling The Left in their destructive agenda.

    2. Jan, I agree that pointing out a politician’s voting record or disagreeing with his/her stand is NOT mud slinging. But if you read the comments, there is a lot of name-calling and derogatory remarks. I would like to see TP patriots keep the conversation respectful in order to avoid criticism. We get a lot that is undeserved, and I don’t want those that do it to gain credibility. The Left shows their true colors every time they spew their hateful and disgusting comments.

  22. As a conservative demanding lower taxes and limited government I expect to be opposed by liberals, progressives and Democrats, not Republicans.

  23. I am so disappointed that Boehner has turned out to be so liberal and progressive. We might as well have Nancy Pelosi as speaker.

  24. For a man who stood up on T.V. and cried saying he loved this country, sure has not acted like a person who loves his country nor his supporter, he has changed so much in the past years, he needs to retire he has made enough

    money off the people

  25. So when is rove going to get the boot in the azz, he’s just as bad for the GOP and Tea Party.

  26. Wow. Bet you couldn’t see that comin’ huh? Duh! And with the censure against McCain there will probably be a lot of turmoil come fall.

  27. He is a huge disappointment – far too many things he rides the fence on or leans democratic – he sure did not present himself that way to begin with. Tired of him not working for The People of this country! I am sick and tired of all politicians – the majority of them do not have our interests in mind especially the minute they all made their elected status a JOB! I lost my job over a month ago probably due to Obamacare and there is no work to be had! When they lose their jobs come election time – they need to lose their pensions too – I am tired of paying to keep them filthy rich while I struggle to make ends meet!

  28. Don’t blame john for mistakes that we made. While he doesn’t conform to what many of us consider a more Conservative government. He represents his area very well.

  29. We need young charismatic people with fresh Ideas to run against these people. Oh! Did I mention they should a have some balls to put up a fight.? Sorry ladies.

  30. There are some (marcyharris92 included) who try to give Boehner and his fellow RINO’s the excuse that he’s doing the best he can in an “impossible situation”.
    “They’re outnumbered”, they cry. “They only control one half of one third of the House! There’s nothing they can do!” The GOP itself makes this excuse.
    The Republicans have the better plan, overall. I tend to side with them… but with a handful of exceptions (Cruz among them), I have no respect for them. I do, however, respect the Democrats, as much as I despise these modern-day statists.


    Because they never stop. They never quit, they never back down, they never give up and they NEVER surrender. If only the GOP had that attitude.

    When the GOP controlled all three branches of the House until 2006, did you EVER, even once, hear a Democrat say “but we can’t get what we want done… we don’t control the presidency! We don’t control the House or the Senate! We have to compromise and cut deals with the GOP until we get more of our guys in there!”

    Of course you haven’t. Eventually, they grabbed all three back. The GOP regained the House in 2010, in no small thanks to the Tea Party Movement, but now look how the GOP treats the movement that helped get it back.
    The point is, the Democrats, no matter how bad the odds against them are and how much of a disadvantage, NEVER give up. When you corner a Republican, he holds his hands in front of his face and begs you not to hurt him. A Democrat will lash out like a cornered rat… a Democ-rat, if you will.

    Now, marcyharris92, hopefully you understand why Cruz and company have so many supporters… because they share the same “never say die” attitude as the Democrats have. We need more like him. A LOT more.

  31. For the Republican Party to Continue, some really big changes need to occur. The election of Constitutional Minded Conservatives, who uphold the values of a Traditional America, Smaller Government, America Comes First, Pride in our Country and those that serve our Military. Free from Tyranny and despot’s who seek to rein in our exceptional way of life and distribute our wealth through taxations. We must take pride in the People of this great country, for without all peoples we are nothing. We need an American for President with Constitutional Values, a Senate with Constitutional Values and Congress with Constitutional Values, or this Great Country will not survive. GET RID OF BOEHNER, REID, POLOSI, OBAMA, MCCAIN, HOLDER, AND ALL THOSE WHO ARE SEEKING TO DESTROY OUR GREAT NATION FOR THE SAKE OF POWER AND MONEY

  32. if the people in this country want to really change the govornment then they will stop PAYING THEM ! every time we pay our taxes we are agreeing to what they do !!!! they ALL NEED TO GO not just dem’s or repub’s or tea party’s ….ALL OF THEM !!!! THEY HAVE ALL BEEN CORRUPTED BY BIG MONEY AND AUTHORITY AND “WE THE PEOPLE ” COMPLY ………..

  33. One of my questions to Congressman Boehner and his cronies is why do they allow our sitting President to act as if he were a monarch? If the ‘health care law’ is the law of the land, then why has Congress allowed, without question, the president to, so to speak, with just the wave of his hand declare certain groups or individuals an exclusion from the ‘law’. Congress is branch with power to change the law, not the president. And the people he has appointed to positions of authority, without any approval from the Congress, just blows me away. Where has the speaker of the House been?

  34. Boehner is far more concerned with being thought a smart politician than he is a principled one. Time for the people to express their principles. He has to go.

  35. Yesterday I posted that the Speaker-ship is bought and paid for as well as most all chair positions. I didn’t mention it in that post but is laid out in detail in Peter Schweizer’s book “Extortion” which is a full account of how:

    Members of Congress must pay secret fees known as “party dues” to
    the Democratic and Republican parties to secure and maintain top
    committee chairmanships and assignments, newly uncovered internal
    documents reveal.

    All I said is that John has purchased his seat and has failed to deliver and it is time to replace him.

    My post was removed by TPNN. It contained no foul language or information which is not already widely publicly known, thanks to the above book.

    TPNN censored my comment and is no different then, than the oppressive Obama administration’s policies which we are all here to reconcile.

    Thanks TPNN, for at least in this undeniable instance demonstrating willful and purely communistic behavior.

  36. Boehner you are DONE stabbing us in the back. But you do plan to retire so I’m sure this is no big deal for you!!

  37. obozo and the dems aint running the show, no govt operation can be legally funded without the house signing off on the agreement for it…also nothing can pass in the senate without at least 5 republican votes….in other words this has been basically led by beohner and paul ryan , cantor ,with mr mitch and cornyn…they got one thing in common , all gettin primaried

  38. Definitely John Boehner needs to be replaced. this situation illustrates the need to not give/assign/elect the longest serving party member of the House as Speaker. This guy was a disappointment from day one.

  39. Boehner. Boehner is an eighth of an inch away from the “We have to pass it to know what’s in it.” plunderers in the other face of the Screw the People Party. Another one of those who can only see what is in it for themselves as they use the excess of the confiscated cash against us.
    He has outlived his lies and promises too.

  40. It’s about time. He’s not what I expected [Boehner]. We need someone who’ll listen to the conservatives in this nation. He does not.

  41. Let the next tear drop fall. Boehner isn’t going to like this at all and it is going to hurt his feelings, which is why we need a strong man or woman in this as speaker. To lead with intelligence and not emotion. Cry on big boy.

  42. Boehner must go as Speaker ! We need to concentrate on electing enough of a majority in House to Impeach Obama and enough Senators to convict him. It is more important to not let one race distract from the majority. Every incumbent must feel the heat or be defeated.

  43. As Levin inferred, they’ve got the goods on this career politician, thus no select committee on Benghazi or IRS. This shameful coward should do us all a favor and step down immediately.