NEW SURVEY: Is Obama More of a President or a Dictator?


    1. Since my parents don’t know I’m saying it……

      I’d say he’s really more of a d*ckless traitor.

    2. No sane person would disagree that he is in fact the president which means that he:

      A – has faithfully executed his oath of office, or:

      B – has acted in treasonous ways, which makes him a traitor.

      You’re just being obtuse.

    3. Obama is the worse president ever. Some people see him as being as courageous as a lion, but he has the brains of a rock.

    4. I believe he has acted treasonously and has trampled the Constitution that he swore to uphold. If he’s American, I believe he’s also a traitor. If he is not, well I should think there’s a mountain of charges of fraud we could pile on him. We would have our hand full arguing over how to untangle this mess left at the White House after 5+ yrs of foreign occupation.

    5. You got a lot of guest votes. Surprised they didn’t catch the “glitch” in your post for you would have been bombarded with v votes.

    6. Maybe not, but definitely the worst in our lifetimes. FDR was a Socialist who was as hated by his opponents as he was loved by his followers. His policies did a lot of damage and probably prolonged the Great Depression. Then there was Woodrow Wilson who acted almost as dictatorial as Obama and started the League of Nations. His foreign policy blunders in WWI were a major cause of WWII. We’ve had bad Presidents whose goal was one World Government before and we survived. I just hope we survive this time.

    7. You going to LOVE IT when you’re being rationed on your FOOD, ELECTRICITY, WATER and everything else hun??? I bet not. YOU IDIOTS who wouldn’t HEAR THE TRUTH are the reason we’re IN the mess~! Just won’t be “LOVING IT” when they come drag you out of YOUR house~! He is leading us ALL to the slaughter and you have the gall to LOVE IT??? OMG~!

  1. Obama was profiled by professional psychologists before his first election as a Narcissist/subtype dictator.

    1. I’m not clicking on your link but I have educated myself and he is NOT an American. Don’t you find it strange that the lady who FINALLY came forth with his real birth certificate is now DEAD? TODAY, he may as well declared himself dictator because that is what he is. EVEN IF he was American, he has committed treason. He has lied, let Americans die, traded arms illegally, let the NSA monitor all of us, The IRS scandal and on and on and on..ANY other president would have been impeached. BUT HE IS HALF BLACK so it is okay. DUH~!

    2. Does this lady have a name, and where did she obtain this document? I don’t watch Fox news, so you will have to enlighten me on this one.

    3. apparently you don’t watch any news, she was on a plane that crashed in hawaii and of the eight people on board she was the only one to die, he is taking lessons f rom the clinton’s on how to kill off people who are a threat to you. google plane crash in Hawaii, idiot liberal sheeple.

    4. Still you provided no name, and how this document was obtained. How convenient was it for the President that only “she” died in the crash. Amazing what people will believe when their core beliefs are fueled by hate, and bigotry.

  2. It was quite obvious that he hated America when he was campaigning and saying in his speeches that he wanted to “fundamentally change America”.
    And yet so many people didn’t “get it”.

    1. Agreed! The word”fundamental (s)” refers to the roots of a thing or the principles and foundational underpinnings that make something solid and strong! To change the fundamentals of something is to remove it’s foundation and then just blame the fall on capitalism! Only the ignorant would hear his promises and vote for the enemy to dictate to you on how you are going to live your life! Mankind is not equipped to build a utopia, especially by ripping the heart out of society!

  3. People should have voted for someone qualified to run this great nation, Obama is in office only because his skin is back, and white folks are to stupid to know that that is not an excuse nor a qualification for anything . … Wake Up America !!!

    1. there has been anyone that has been in politics that really cares about the people and this country for a long time . all any one cares about is money and power .

    2. And a gullible electorate. In the ’08 campaign, Barack Obama ignored Sen. McCain most of the time. He ran a campaign against George W., as if Bush were still running, and people were gullible enough to believe it. They voted for him because he wasn’t Bush. Never mind that McCain wasn’t Bush either.

  4. he can’t right executive order against the bill of rights or the constitution that going against his oath also he was sword in to protect and uphold the constitution and the bill of rights
    not change them thats up to the people of this country not his the were wrote for the people to keep the government in line they were not wrote for the government aka president hahaha to change them so stick your executive orders!!!!

    1. Could you be more specific as to what executive orders he has written that are unconstitutional? I don’t have time to look.

    2. To busy playing Xbox one on your mom’s couch? You know you’re so pithy with your nonsensical comments I thought I would just add to the whole fray. As far as the whole “the rich want you to think the poor are evil” no most of them don’t. Most of them have worked very hard to get what they have in a very fair system and don’t want to have to give the Lions share to some couch surfing lazy a $$. The capitalist system is one that is not and should not be set in such a way to guarantee equal results just equal chance. A system that would guarantee equal results regardless of effort or level of monetary involvement would itself be unjust and theft of the grandest scale.

    3. If what you say is true, why do the wealthy get the tax cuts, and you don’t? If the playing field were indeed leveled would you be better off, or worse off? Are the poor afforded the same opportunities of the well off?

      One person took advantage of the capitalistic system, and became President of the United States. So why would you brand him as a traitor, socialist, communist, etc.?

      I doubt you would be surprised to see how much of your tax dollars go to your so called “entitlement” programs, and how much go to “subsidize” the wealthy. Facts have a way of blinding one’s vision when they have blind faith in what another’s vision is.

  5. He is paving the way for the antichrist. I testify with all my soul before he leaves office we will no longer have a constitution and the new world order will start. their plans go along with biblical revelation. The economy is bound to crash. You could spend a million dollars since jesus walked the earth up until now and still have money in the bank. we will never pay it back bound to crash. the third seal of the book of revelations is about to opened. You better prepare and get right with god Jesus is the lord the true messiah. look up the georgia guidestones their intentions are written in stone. Obama has our country held hostage. Read book of revelations or look up on bing how it pertains to what is going on in the world today. wake up RAPTURE SOON be ready.

    1. So a Constitutional lawyer passed laws that are unconstitutional is what you’re saying? Any particular one that you could bring my focus to.

  6. Obama who can’t talk without a telaprompter, certainly speaks confidently toward his agenda, itakes me wonder about his back ground and who coached him for this role to destroy America, he’s definatly got the resolve down pat.

    1. He was trained and groomed by the old guard KGB from the former USSR to infiltrate and destroy the United States. And actually he is more of a puppet than a real Dictator. He just does what his Communist/Muslim Iranian born Puppet Master Valerie Jarrett tells him to.

    2. You are quite right right. the political science dept at UH was a communist cesspool and the object of CIA infiltration as well. Obama was the recipient of communistic pedagogy there by KGB operatives which pervaded the dept faculty.

    3. Barack Obama didn’t just waltz into American politics and suddenly become president picking up his own bootstraps. Powers greater than he got him there and are keeping him there. It’s difficult for me to believe that Americans really voted for a man whose whole official history is off limits to us. I’ve often wondered if Barack Obama really is a stooge. I think he’s a front man doing what he’s told, saying what he’s told and being a big diversion away from the ones in the dark making the real decisions against us.

    4. You are right about that. The forces of darkness and evil in this World are always working towards a united One World Government. They have a great deal of control over the American political process, and most of our Presidents are stealthily chosen and foisted on us by them in a careful manner to make us believe that we elected them. As they get closer to their goal and the American public becomes more and more dumbed down (politically and otherwise) they are becoming more bold and less careful, because they believe things are past the point where we can stop them. It is interesting to note that the only Presidents who have fought for the values of America exceptionalism and freedom have either been assassinated or at least the attempt was made to assassinate them. the most recent examples being Kennedy and Reagan.

    1. Lenin, Mussolini, and Hitler are dead. Obama believe they had the right idea. How wrong he is and but he fits in this crowd easily.

    2. Can’t have that list publish anywhere without the mac daddy of death – Stalin. Lenin was an angel compared to Stalin.

    3. Are you referring to George W. Bush? Hitler invaded Poland, and Bush invaded Iraq. Sounds similar to me.

  7. Tea Party Communists………the rich lead you to believe your problem is the poor so that you do their bidding, and make them richer………Reagan wasn’t your father’s comrade was he?

    1. If not he probably needs it. But I’m sure Obamacare helped him get on Medicaid so he didn’t have to spend any of his welfare money on insurance.

    2. You are woefully indoctrinated into fantastical belief systems that no doubt direct your otherwise uneducated voting history and conceptual paradigms about the nature and mechanics of a representational Republic. BTW, OFA called. They say you better get their pizzas there fast or you’re paying this time.

    3. Sounds like you would have to stop, and get directions halfway down the street to find the dead end.

    4. Hey dipshit, the Tea Party is about free markets and preserving everyone’s rights and liberties. The dumbacrats, liberals, and progressives are socialist/communists.

    5. Wow! I would say you have been brainwashed, but it most likely impossible your brain couldn’t shrink any smaller.

      You are right about the Tea Party proletariats. They are bringing everyone’s rights and liberties back by splintering the Republican party, and finally getting elected officials that aren’t obstructionist Tea Partiers.

    6. Wayne you are so right that the rich are leading us,,,,,Over half of Congress are millionaires today. And Obama is worth around $14 or $15 Million. Yep the rich are leading us all right….right into the poor house. And I’m talking about those in government. You liberals always scream rich. Why don’t you ask Obama about his friend George Soros.

    7. Politicians have been some of the most wealthy for decades. Your point is moot. Reagan started the decline of the American civilization with his trickle down voodoo economics.

      If you think Obama is the problem, you haven’t been paying attention. The man is more conservative than you give him credit for.

      What am I telling you for? You’re on TPNN . They have all the answers to their made up questions.

      If it weren’t for Republicans, billionaires and millionaires would have no rights .
      Nope. Not a liberal. Just a realist.

    8. Obama,,,conservative??? I believe it’s you that haven’t been paying attention. I don’t even know why I’m replying to a knucklehead like you. You are not worth it.

    9. No. You only see what you want to see. It means the truth flies right over your head more often than not.

  8. Obviously, Obama knows nothing of how the American government is structured. It is three branch government in a checks and balances equality of those three branches. One branch does NOT have the authority to run rough shod over the other branches. Obama will be committing even more acts of tyranny and treason if he tries. The Congress branch and the Judiciary branch do not have stand by and let Obama get away with this. In fact, it is their DUTY to stop Obama before he puts pen to paper in his grab for power that is not his to claim. If Obama continues to make power grabs or even threats in that direction, he must be brought down immediately and with the full force of the other two branches of America’s government. Failure to do so will mean the downfall of our country. The power grabs that Obama has already made ire only the tip of the iceberg. Left unchecked, Obama will continue to push America toward the edge of destruction. Don’t let him succeed.

    1. They support no one person in particular. Never have, and never will. Checking facts is what they do. They have no agenda to need to lie. A lie is a lie whether you want to admit to it or not.

      Dang man. At least try to hold your head high with self dignity. Havinh some respect for yourself is the lesson for today.

  9. When he said today that he has a pen and a phone and will move things forward on his own today, THAT was nothing less than being a DICTATOR..he may as well have gone ahead and declared it~! Ya’ll libs STILL think he’s all that and a cup o’ tea??? I know some of you are dumb enough or brainwashed enough to still think he is but you better wake up with a quickness because it is all about to hit the fan~!

  10. They got rid of Nixon for less than what Obama is doing. So why aren’t we firing Obama.

  11. Unfortunately he scares me with his actions. He’s a bad person. Destroying our country more each day. He must be removed from office now.

  12. He is on par with Hitler, Castro,Qaddafi,Idi-Amin,Mao Tse-Tung,Pol Pot,Kim Jong-II,Stalin and any other despots you can think of.

  13. Makes me wonder who the moronic idiots are that answered that he is doing okay so we all can give them a lobotomy! LOL

  14. He went to bed and let the four American die. What a louse! Then flew off to Las Vegas for campaign fund raising. People are getting tired of his sh!t.