Sean Hannity: GOP Should Threaten to Impeach Obama

Sean Hannity

Members of the Tea Party movement have been calling for the impeachment and removal from office of Barack Obama for quite some time. Those calls have fallen on deaf ears with the GOP who have demonstrated a consistent spinelessness when it comes to standing up to Obama’s tyranny. Save for a few bold individuals, led by Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz, very few members of the Republican party have dared to boldly confront Obama and challenge his overreaching, unconstitutional, big government ways. In fact, Speaker John Boehner has failed to even install a House Select Committee on Benghazi, one of Obama’s numerous scandals.

On his radio program on Monday, Sean Hannity addressed the Democrat threat of impeachment of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie over what has been deemed by the left and the media as BridgeGate. He also says Republicans should threaten impeachment for Obama as well. 

New Jersey Assemblymen on NBC this weekend saying that if Christie was at all aware of his aides’ actions, impeachment could emerge as the potential issue. Using the GWB, George Washington Bridge, a public resource to extract a political vendetta is a crime. Having people use their official position to have a political game is a crime. So, if those tie back to the governor in any way, it clearly becomes an impeachable offense.

Governor, where are your liberal friends now? Where are they? Mr. Bi-partisan. It’s not going to happen. Now, we’ve got feds investigating Christie’s use of Sandy relief funds, but, here’s an interesting point. It was in The Hill today. They’re not reviewing the same funds used by Governor Cuomo, the Democrat, of New York. Anyway, so they began talking about impeaching Christie. I think the answer for Republicans is they should threaten to do the same for Obama if they want to play this game. Because, certainly the offenses are far graver than what we’re talking about here. But, the Republicans, as I said, they’re going to coast to Election Day in November. They’re not going to fight for anything.