Sean Hannity: GOP Should Threaten to Impeach Obama

Sean Hannity

Members of the Tea Party movement have been calling for the impeachment and removal from office of Barack Obama for quite some time. Those calls have fallen on deaf ears with the GOP who have demonstrated a consistent spinelessness when it comes to standing up to Obama’s tyranny. Save for a few bold individuals, led by Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz, very few members of the Republican party have dared to boldly confront Obama and challenge his overreaching, unconstitutional, big government ways. In fact, Speaker John Boehner has failed to even install a House Select Committee on Benghazi, one of Obama’s numerous scandals.

On his radio program on Monday, Sean Hannity addressed the Democrat threat of impeachment of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie over what has been deemed by the left and the media as BridgeGate. He also says Republicans should threaten impeachment for Obama as well. 

New Jersey Assemblymen on NBC this weekend saying that if Christie was at all aware of his aides’ actions, impeachment could emerge as the potential issue. Using the GWB, George Washington Bridge, a public resource to extract a political vendetta is a crime. Having people use their official position to have a political game is a crime. So, if those tie back to the governor in any way, it clearly becomes an impeachable offense.

Governor, where are your liberal friends now? Where are they? Mr. Bi-partisan. It’s not going to happen. Now, we’ve got feds investigating Christie’s use of Sandy relief funds, but, here’s an interesting point. It was in The Hill today. They’re not reviewing the same funds used by Governor Cuomo, the Democrat, of New York. Anyway, so they began talking about impeaching Christie. I think the answer for Republicans is they should threaten to do the same for Obama if they want to play this game. Because, certainly the offenses are far graver than what we’re talking about here. But, the Republicans, as I said, they’re going to coast to Election Day in November. They’re not going to fight for anything.

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  1. Never mind threatening to Impeach Obama, start the proceedings. Anyone else and they would have been strung out to dry. Nixon’s Watergate was a drop in the bucket as was Clintons blue dress affair. No one died because of those scandals, but 4 men did in Benghazi. BP agent Brian Terry and 300+ innocent Mexican citizens died because of Fast & Furious. How many more will because they lost their HC insurance due to the insidious lies involved in the Obamacare fiasco?
    Obama’s toilet is overflowing.

    1. The GOP, you have to be kidding???? They will not even stop a CR that funded Obamacare and Hannity is asking to start IMPEACHING Obama ??? NOT a chance in H88 this is going to happen. Until the TP decides to become a party or something get use to the ONE party system we have and continue to have. This is what happens with a ONE party system !!!

  2. I hope CRISPY gets nailed only to show the GOP what they are dealing with
    The GOP – MUST put up a fight to the DEMS
    If they don’t – They are truly the party of STUPID
    BOEHNER MUST GET SOBER and do his job!

    1. GOP leadership won’t fight because win or lose, they have their cushy jobs and perquisites and they don’t want that disturbed.

  3. What a great game to play impeach me & I’ll impeach you, wow this will be fun for all the political kids with big talk shows

  4. It is time not for threats, but for action. Time for the house to act. Oops, I forgot Boehner is in charge.

    1. If they ever do decide to impeach Obama, they will get ONE – and only one – opportunity to do so, and if the effort fails, it’s game over. They simply don’t have a convincing case, and they don’t have a Senate willing to follow through and remove Obama from office.

  5. Sure they should, but sadly many in the GOP are just as guilty of wrong doing and they themselves would have to face incitement and conviction. Neither party is concerned about the welfare of the country, they are only concerned sadly about their own interests and getting reelected, is anything else just balderdash! We the people should fire all in Congress, the White house and start over.

  6. What?!? THREATEN to impeach Obama??? Why, the media might write something bad about us. We can’t do THAT!!!!

  7. They can threaten. but the problem is, ODumbo knows, that the Libturd communist controls the senate, and Reid would never let it come to trial, and even if he did, not enough Libturd communist would turn on him to convict.

  8. let the people vote and decide what to do if GOP won’t have to guts to start an investigation and impeachment process

  9. In a just world yes, the House votes to impeach and the Senate tries the case. But the House would vote and the Senate would convene just long enough to vote not-guilty without ever calling a single witness. You have to have two houses that are looking for justice to bother with impeachment.

    And the net effect is that the House would do a knowingly futile vote for impeachment, and you’d have every race baiter and wanna be race baiter in the streets calling for riots and calling this a KKK lynching of the worst magnitude. Yes, impeachment is due, would be just, and would be won in a fair trial. But facing facts, this is not a just world and there would be no trial, let alone a fair one. There is not one single Democrat that would vote conviction no matter what the charges or evidence is.

  10. This what we get when we have ball less senators and congressmen willi g to do the will of the people. Their so afraid of being called a racist they sit back and knowingly key this terrorists,install ally ahkabar on this nation.the terrorist knows if the congress (house of Representatives). Ever served hi with impeachment papers he call out a race war. Many Americans see it I don’t care let hi start a race war he already has with his slanderous comments of the Mr Zimmerman trial and acquittal . So who gives a flying A what this muslim terrorist does .lets hold hi accountable he is guilty of assassinating those 4 men inBenghazi he is guilty of the massacre of border agent Brain Terry and 300 hundred Mexican citizens,plus just recently massacred Mexican citizens 200+’used by the same weapons In fast and furious. Plus his lies of spying on us through crap,trap clapper,and using the IRS against Americans.Lying and stealing over and over about Obozo care. Supporting a terrorist regime like Iran .giving aide and comfort,to,the enemies,of Egypt the MUSLIM brotherhood.he is a COWARD he doesn’t have Caucasian blood in him as he says he is part yellow cowardly …Many Americans in this nation are seeing him as he is not a black American but as an ” ENEMY WITHIN” he is a full out bona fide terrorist traitor..
    Signed ..A Mom Against Obama in California…

  11. only fools make threats. Serious people just do it.. Our Congressmen are a gang of wimpy mouthed sissies without a backbone, and balls the size of M&Ms

  12. Hannity and pretty much all of FOX are nothing more than gate-keepers for the elitist thugs ruling our one-party gubmint. I have only seen Judge Napolitano tell the whole truth on that channel and his 5 minute rant – if I’m not mistaken – got him booted from FOX Business. That’s why you see Sean keepin’ it soft with the word “threaten” to impeach. He doesn’t want to have to stand in line for the best table with the rest of the crowd. Too much truth puts you on the ‘fringe’.

  13. Why threaten–JUST DO IT–IRS scandel, Benghazi (murder–prison time), Lieing about health care and all the attachments–rewarding friends who do his bidding and using the feds to intimidate those who oppose him–Get with it and JUST DO IT

  14. We are ruled now by a bunch of communist bastards and will never impeach the idiot in charge who knows nothing

  15. I ask you this sir: WHY THREATEN? this pathological liar has to be stopped somehow. It seems like he has bought and paid for all the hypocritical politicians he needs to complete the work of putting the pope on the throne of the united nations, the worst part about it is he has no clue he is doing it!

  16. Impeach because all his un-Constitutional actions need to be documented and presented before the Senate. It doesn’t matter if the Senate won’t convict. The people and history will convict him.

  17. The “Do Nothing” Congress didn’t earn that distinction by “serving” with distinction. Impeachment is just ever so….tiring….for them.

  18. It
    would probably take a Select Committee of the House to hold the
    hearings needed to develop Impeachment charges. John Boehner, Republican
    Speaker of the House is in Obama’s hip pocket. You probably have a
    better chance of seeing Jesus than seeing Boehner appoint such a
    powerful Committee. Perhaps Boehner will lose his Primary and become a
    lame duck Speaker. I hope so!

  19. As long as Harry Reid controls the Senate Impeachment is a waste of time and effort. The House could pass Articles of Impeachment hourly, but this Senate will not convict the the President. After the 2014 elections, if the Republicans take the Senate, then will be the time to Impeach.

  20. Tea-chugging conservatives and their media mouthpieces employed by The Rupert have been shouting into the wind, calling for Obama to be impeached … ever since he was originally elected in 2008.

    The House Republican majority and Senate minority have become obsessed with discussing and voting on meaningless, totally symbolic, wholly partisan proclamations as a means of avoiding any discussion of useful, substantive, productive legislation that meets the needs and concerns of the American people at large.

    Stop the Press! Obama ate a cheeseburger last week. Impeach him now!

  21. one can make threats till you blue in the face…they need to start earning there pay or give there job to someone who will do it…as the song goes…alittle less talk and a lot more action! it seems to be the trend.. get in office collect the pay and use the charge card and talk promising the moon, sounds like my x lol I got rid of him !

  22. Sadly, the left and their idiot boss are going to cause a revolution…….it is looming on the horizon. The good thing is though it wont be any bloodshed……..libetards don’t own any weapons…….well they probably have a few among them.

  23. it is truly the time to remove him and about 550 of the other ones in the congress and senate…Millionaires while serving the people…IT IS AFTER ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE…Not themselves…This is a long time coming and needs to be addressed immediately ..Accountability ….Then prison,show these in office currently so the next batch understand WE THE PEOPLE have had enough …

  24. As long as you have a Democrat-controlled Senate and a House controlled by RINO leaders, you will never get an impeachment of Obama or any other Democrat official. First, an impeachment by the House is an exercise in futility as long as the Senate is controlled by Harry Reid who refuse to even consider GOP legislation. And after the debacle of the Bill Clinton impeachment where the GOP was crucified by the media for exercising their Constitutional authority, and where even Republicans in the Senate voted to find Clinton not guilty, the leaders of the Republican Party will not be willing to allow an impeachment proceeding to even start in the House. Talk is cheap. Hannity should know this and use some common sense when it comes to dealing with the current situation in Congress. Of course, it is all about ratings with Hannity: that and being star-struck by the big name RINOs he likes to rub shoulders with.

  25. The big questions at hand here…ARE the crux of the issue. Why no action? Why all the fear from the right? Why no balls? Why no representation? Hmmmmm. Curious in a BIG BIG way. What the heck are they planning? They really aren’t prepared for the blowback, but it looks like they are going to go for it anyway. This is ugly Government that requires a Constitutional solution.

  26. PLEASE, just START the Impeachment process for Obama already! There is certainly ENOUGH evidence of ABUSE OF POWER by this President to implement this. I DO NOT understand WHY, our Republican Representatives of this dear country, that have taken a SWORN OATH to PROTECT the people of the United States AND their CONSTITUTION are sitting back, letting him get away with all this ABUSE. Hear US NOW! Put your BIG BOY/GIRL Pants on , and TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!

  27. be sure to VOTE in November 2014, get the Senate and the House back to the Conservatives, then watch how fast obama gets impeached. right now, the senate holds the American People hostage, as any action performed against obama or the demoncraps would be shot down by the senate. So any democratic Senator in your state needs to be hitting the unemployment line in November, even if you hate both parties or Republicans, unless we change out the turd-filled suits in the Senate, things will continue to get worse, I will guarantee that if the Republicans or Conservatives take the House and Senate, Obama would be GONE by 2015, there is too much evidence of criminal acts against the American People.