Allen West: Obama and Holder are the Vile and Disgusting Racists

Eric Holder, Obama’s activist Attorney General, has made it clear throughout his tenure at the Department of (In) Justice that he has two sets of rules and two sets of expectations. One for blacks and one for everyone else.

When members of the New Black Panthers committed obvious voter intimidation back in 2008, standing in front of a voting station in Philadelphia with their bully sticks threatening potential voters, Holder refused to press charges.  In fact, Holder went even further than a refusal to file charges by stating that making a big deal out of the incident was demeaning to ‘his people’.

There is a danger in the Attorney General of the United States viewing the world constantly through the eyes of race. As he has clearly demonstrated throughout his time to occupy that office, he deals with each case before him, and even with cases not before him such as the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case, through the eyes and actions of a race-based activist.

Given Holder’s history, it should come as no surprise that Eric Holder would attempt to interject himself into the day to day operations of a school system of which he is not part. Disciplinary action. Through the eyes of a race-baiting activist, a disparity in discipline must certainly be due to inherent racism on the part of the disciplinarian. It could have nothing to do with the number of rule violations by the student. It could have nothing to do with the severity of the disciplinary violation. No. In the eyes of someone like Holder, who feeds the fuel of racial unrest in order to exert power and control, racism must be the reason behind all disparity. And, if it isn’t, he will deem it so anyway. 

In a report from The Hill, Eric Holder once again steps in to look at disciplinary action across the board, across the country through the lens of race. 

Attorney General Eric Holder called upon the nation’s school districts Wednesday to rethink “zero tolerance” disciplinary policies that he said disproportionately punish minorities and push too many students into the justice system. 

“Alarming numbers of young people are suspended, expelled or even arrested for relatively minor transgressions like school uniform violations, schoolyard fights or showing ‘disrespect’ by laughing in class,” Holder said during a speech in Baltimore. 

Holder’s remarks accompanied the release Wednesday of new federal guidance from the departments of Justice and Education pressing schools to adopt disciplinary policies that are “fair, nondiscriminatory, and effective.” 

Many might ask whether Holder’s actions and accusations are themselves discriminatory and unfair. One person who did more than ask, who actually called Holder out on this blanket application of his race-based reasoning is Lt. Col. Allen West, former Congressman from Florida.

So now the US Department of Justice under Eric Holder will use its power to enforce “civil rights protections” in school disciplinary actions. In fact, the DoJ and DoEd are putting schools on notice that they are prepared to use their authority to investigate the claims of racial disparity in the punishment of students.

West, who is a combat veteran, also taught in a school known for violent incidents for one year. He continued his attack against Holder’s race baiting with an example from his own personal experience.

I taught high school for one year in Deerfield Beach, Fla and in the end, it was such an enjoyable experience breaking up fights daily, that I decided to return to the combat zone of Afghanistan.

Teachers are already disrespected and attacked, not feared. There were students at Deerfield Beach who steered clear of the lunchroom for fear of being picked on or engaged in a fight. A kid was stabbed while I was on the faculty there.

Yes, this violence on campus was perpetrated 8 out of 10 times by black students, male and female, but it had nothing to do with racial disparity. It had everything to do with a lack of discipline and control.

If Allen West experienced this type of out of control behavior by students in just one year, imagine the type of stories you’d hear from teachers who have worked in a violent prone environment for years. But, reality doesn’t matter to the likes of a race-baiter like Eric Holder.

Back in 2009, Barack Obama went on the immediate attack against a white Cambridge police officer following the arrest of a black professor, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Prior to knowing all the facts about the situation; Obama himself jumped to conclusions and went on the attack, infusing racism into the situation.

“I think it’s fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry,” Obama said. “Number two, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. And number three – what I think we know separate and apart from this incident – is that there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately, and that’s just a fact.”

The dangerous difference between Obama’s racially fueled opinion and that of Holder’s, at least in these particular instances, is that Holder will use his racist allegations and use the force and wrath of the Justice Department to pressure schools to discipline students differently. With this expectation, there are two rules. One more lenient set of rules for blacks and one for everyone else, namely whites.

West addressed this not so thinly veiled racism on the part of Holder as well.

This is my clear and succinct message to white Americans. How long will it be before “you people” realize you have elevated someone to the office of president who abjectly despises you — not to mention his henchman Holder. Combined they are the most vile and disgusting racists — not you.

Indeed, Lt. Col. West. Indeed.


  1. Col. West, if you read these comments, I can say that I have repeatedly stated similar if not exact rehtoric concerning black racism in many threads and I experience accusatory, abjectly racist – even vicious – rejoinders of the most desultory nature imaginable for speaking what is the undeniable truth. The black population is by and large wholesale racist toward whites.

    Perhaps if I were to drop some g’s in my written comments, the perniciousness of those comments would ebb to some degree. However, that act in itself I would regard as racially motivated and thereby self-defeating.

    Perhaps one day, we can leave the quota-driven mentality of Holder behind and actualize as the unified, altruistic keepers of the flame that is democracy – as we like to think ourselves.

    1. Racism and sexism seem to be an accepted norm with in the black community.
      Black men, it seems to me, are encouraged to date out side their race. While black women are shunned and or persecuted for doing the same. It is also commonly accepted practice to shun persons who are the byproduct of interracial unions, and most recently interracial adoptions.

      I also find that “Black History” is designed to make young white people feel guilty while encouraging young black people to be angry and resentful. As it seems to focus on the U.S. history of African slavery and the civil rights movement. And not so much the history of Africa and the Nubian culture. At the same time “Irish History” is completely ignored, despite the role the Irish played in American and U.S. history.

    2. I’ve decided to expound on your thoughtful comments by first addressing them directly and finishing with my own completely unsolicited review of the First Lady’s fashion sensibilities because….well….I’m a girl and I just want to have fun.

      The adoption of wantonly affronting rhetoric in increasingly bombastic banter, particularly by black males, as harmless jargon by a society is itself a fine example of mob mentality that in every case does predetermine the inevitable – the adoption of schizophrenic arguments that to NOT accept the “new” jargon is itself affronting to more “evolved”, pluralistic modes of reason now pervading the brave new collectivist societies; and by so NOT doing, one is labeled as a freakish radical or demeaned as an intransigent has-been.

      The pervasive use of the words ‘rape’ and ‘beat you down’ by the leftist tripe peddler who goes by ‘eddie’ in this thread is an excellent example. Even after being repudiated by another female adult commenter in this thread:

      ‘eddie’ continues to use abusive rhetoric toward me with his excuse being that it is commonplace and intentioned euphemistically. this could be accepted except that I repeated asked him to reel it in, reminding him that he is addressing a 13 year old girl and as such is expected to adhere to more stringent social mores. ‘eddie’ declined to adjust his verbiage toward a less offensive bias.

      It is demonstrably correct to say then that the ungrounded and unconscionable left literally flock to this behavior like pigs to a trough in the same manner that they flock to all things detrimental to the advancement of society toward a more self-actualized, higher order which is itself congruent with universally recognized spiritual and religious precepts.

      To willingly propagate such heresies is one thing, but to become so much so the itinerant Goddess of such mindless acolytes the world over, while contemporaneously representing one’s self and country
      upon the world’s stage all the while displaying so hideously pedestrian fashion sense as our embarrassment of a First Lady continues to display
      is nothing short of truly Orwellian phenomena.

      If one endeavors to emulate or to “. ..become destroyer of Worlds”, then one does have a certain obligation to do so while looking fabulous.What soon-to-be-destroyed great and prosperous society is worthy of anything less?

    3. You just can’t keep my name out your mouth can you? Lie all you want, you called the first lady a “skank” on many occasions. At that point, you have lost all your privileges of being young and dumb. You and your tea party buddies are just hateful

    4. Females denigrate other females while smiling to their faces. It’s like a national past-time for us. Surely your dominant female side understands…..

    5. You’re stupid a** can’t understand the simpliest of things, such as irony can you? How can justify calling the first lady a “skank?” You cant. Oh to clear everything up since I have to be particular with you, I said stupid a** not because I’m interested in you at all in a sexual way, but because your a** is stupid. If I ever want to be completely turned off, I’ll think of your sorry a**.

    6. That’s more like it pedo eddie. My negative reinforcement therapy is proving efficacious in your recovery. You’ve made great strides today in re-acquainting yourself with your repressed masculinity. Soon you will be well enough to start working on your cross-dressing penchant.

      Bu bye eddie. You’ve bored GG to tears. Besides, I have equestrian class and the car is waiting.


    7. Just like i thought, you couldnt justify it, and condemn what I said at the same time. Please, go get an education

    8. “Please, go get an education”

      And exactly where does one find this ‘education’ you speak of, forked tongue of lowly lands? In America?


      Precious few institutions left in America that aren’t expensive ‘camps’. I’m at least intelligent enough to have divined that much. A truer education can be purchased for a few hundred off your ebay.

    9. You should practice what you preach.

      If you desire people to be more tolerant, you must first be the more tolerant person.

      It seams to me you are nothing more than a troll. Which is sad because you started this conversation with a valid point.
      Your desire to spout nonsense destroys any credibility that you started off with.

    10. Not only did you not ask me to reel it in, you were more insulting than I was by many levels. I never even said anything about beating you down. Just blatant lies.

    11. “Not only did you not ask me to reel it in”

      Liar. I conveniently provided the link which anyone can follow and the record of my repeated requests are there.

    12. I am far more inclined to believe eddie, on what I have read thus far.
      A thirteen year old does not have this vocabulary, unless you are a home schooled genius. Nor are they this long winded, assuming you mean that you are the 13 year old eddie is addressing.

      If you are not the 13 y/o in question, why mention it?

      Also, throwing the word ‘liar’ around so frivolously degrades your argument, applies to both of you.

    13. “Meanwhile, Caucasian children are indoctrinated into a fantasy world that institutionalizes self-loathing attitudes based upon grossly biased and distorted racist opinions of irresponsible, ideologically motivated radicalized purveyors of revisionist history who erroneously self-identify as ‘teachers’ – those who have been so repeatedly and adoringly canonized into living sainthood…”

      Thus, is the premise of ALL religions. Christianity is famous for this. Of course one needs to understand that “Christianity” is an invention of Roman politicians.

    14. Edwin Bartley – - – Been drinkin the kool aid huh ? You left leanning Crack-Heads just do not get it, do you ? One day, YOU will find out what Christianity is all about and I wouldn’t wanna be you.

    15. How is what I said leftist? What I said IS 100% fact. Christianity was the Roman Empires “One World” religion. The New Testament is plagued with Roman political BS. It was called “The Holy Roman Empire” from the time the Roman bastardized the Hebrew teachings to subvert their political dissidents. Then they used military force to convert you to their way of thinking.

      At no point in time did I say anything bad about Jesus, and the teachings he spread throughout the Roman empire. In fact I love the 2 commandment thing which he promoted. And the fundimental believe that medical care is a right, not a privilege.

      Also the Roman Church demonized Science, and medicine as witch craft. They also endorsed slavery and later(during the “witch” hunts) the whole sale genocide of pagans. To which red heads were slaughtered in droves, the second recorded genocide of redheads.

      It was not until the founding of the American Confederacy(forgot the original name), and later the Union(A Constitutional Republic!), that medical science became main steam. As medical research escaped the ever watchful dominion of the Roman church.

      And just to be fare… Islamic society stop progressing in the 13th century, due to religious beliefs. Some a**hat stated that “math was a tool of the devil” and the most advanced(100 years or more ahead of Christians) civilization of its time took a 400 year leap backwards, never to recover.

    16. Catholicism was partly the invention of the Roman empire. Christianity is not. You are missing quite a large breadth of historical accuracy.

    17. Slight? C’mon, eddie. You know you’re a bootlicker O fan, based on race. 97% of the black community voted for O twice. That’s racism, which the big gov leftist hatched programs institutionalize on a wholesale basis and which have produced abject failure to meet performance metrics and which do – every single time they are implemented – vastly out spend what could have been accomplished by letting the private sector just work.

      Big, leftie gov is a race-baiting swamp of costly mistakes.

      Maybe if you would spend less time fantasizing about spanking GG on your knee (sick), and more time on introspection on your belief in government as the answer to all social ills, you might acquire some cred.

    18. Oh wow. I actually have a girlfriend, so i dont give a darn about Glitch Girl. I would refute that, but thats not worth a reply. I think you people really don’t know what racism is. Racism is when you think another race is inferior or only fits a certain criteria. An Africa
      n American like myself can not voice a favorable opinion of Obama without being called a racist by you idiots. Several white people like Obama too. Are the racist? Hate their own kind? Please get yourself some IQ points. Thank you

    19. Also the root word of “Christian” is the Latin word “Christ” which means “demi-god” Something a Hebrew man would not claim to be. Even if he was a “gifted” child with knowledge beyond his years.

    20. ‘…Even if he was a “gifted” child with knowledge beyond his years.’

      something that evidently you needn’t concern yourself of.

    21. So, some of that psychotic “Loving” God thing the Christians love to deny, yet the Bible illustrates brilliantly?

      If the Christian God is so loving, then why must I fear him?
      If he is so forgiving, then why is he so vengeful?

      If homosexuality is so sinful, why do priests molest little boys with such impunity?
      If Christians are so great then why are there so many wealthy ministers while children are starving through out the world?

      I am all for judgment day. Bring it on, I have nothing to fear.

    22. I don’t know any roman politicians racking up fat 401K’s on the US taxpayer dime. So your point is….well, it’s pointless, really.

    23. Glitch Girl, you don’t understand what Edwin has written; he was essentially expanding on your first comment, so why are you attacking him? Oh, I know – you love using those big words: “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS.”

    24. …spoken as one who evidently counts remaining beers in the fridge for the sole purpose of relieving yourself of the ‘effort’ wasted to extricate yourself from your ez chair only to find you had run out.

      “Effort”. You probably wouldn’t know it if it landed upon your head.

  2. According to the political correctness mentality, black people can not be racist.

    Because they were once slaves in this country.

    Of course history ‘conveniently’ forgets the Irish and South American slave trades. Not to mention forcing Native Americans into concentration camps, while they were raped and/or murdered.

  3. Historically (and factually), it was a black who first “legally” owned a slave -John Casor was legally owned by a BLACKMAN – Anthony Johnson.

  4. If Col. West would rather go back to fighting in Afghanistan than teach in a high school because of serious discipline issues…..that should tell Holder that some kids need more discipline, not less.
    When it’s only about race, Holder and Obama are missing the big picture, in that the majority of the country isn’t black. Those black students so inclined will feel justified in acting out more in school to the detriment of the rest of the students. Holder’s recommendation will most likely cause more havoc rather than less.

    1. Holder doesn’t know dicipline–he doesn’t have self control — he acts in favor of terrorism. FAST AND FURIOUS –GO from there!

    1. The price of race cards would go up astronomically, as scarcity also rises to be more rare than gold. Buy now while they’re plentiful.

    1. He is right on more than this. The threat of the islamist-fascist in the WH is worse and worse. The more he is allowed to remain in power with his “stasi” backing him the more freedoms we lose.

  5. So, Christianity is an invention of Roman politicians. That is an interesting fabrication, really well thought out. The fact is Christianity came about in spite of Roman politicians.

    1. Maybe the person was speaking of Catholicism. Christianity preceded Catholicism. while Catholicism did have some Roman influences until many centuries later.

    2. When Christianity came into being, 2 groups emerged from this. Those who believed in the Pope, namely Catholics, and the Orthodox who do not recognize a Pope.

  6. I agree with Col West, They are just that! They have done more too hurt Blacks and whites in six years than Whites did in 100 years Racism is their byproduct. O cares only for himself with Holder they should be tried for treason!

  7. I despise liberals not races. I despise the policies of the Obama administration, the lack of a backbone by congress and the judicial activism of the supreme court and many of the federal judges across this nation. How does race come into play? If we had a constitution loving purple skinned person in the white house, they would have my support. Race baiting is nothing but an excuse to put people on the defensive when debating is a losing propisition to socialists.

    1. It is obvious that you haven’t been paying attention to what the Obama Admin and their lackeys are doing. ANYONE who makes a move against the Obama Admin is a racist. Anyone who does not support the Democrat party is a racist. Anyone who promotes religious freedom, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights is a racist. If you support Voter I.D. laws, you’re a racist. If you support the deportation of illegal immigrants, you’re racist….
      Basically, down a bottle of Pepto so the nausea doesn’t bother you as much and watch about an hours worth of MSNBC.

      The President and MSNBC violated the First amendment when they incited a race riot. A DHS official is stock piling weapons and ammo for the coming race war. After, racist comment were publicized on Twitter, the incident was hushed up. There is a total pro-black racist thing going on in Washington to incite civil war.

      Basically reaffirming the lack up testicular fortitude of the politicians and judges.

      I am just a little disappointed in the fact he didn’t call out the “Uncle Tom” Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. As the vile racists they truly are, but I guess he intelligently didn’t bite off more than he could chew.

    2. I’m afraid it will never be…..that blacks and other groups recognize how they are being USED by “their” party! Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing has improved for these groups of people (who mind you….continue to segregate themselves from the rest of Americans), nothing positive has come from ANY entitlement program, or in the ObamaScare fiasco’s ponzi scheme attempt at a taxpayer funded entitlement program for this blood-sucking minority of people who call themselves Americans. As far as I’m concerned, not only are the liberal administrations/politicians/corporations, etc etc the downfall of this country because of financial greed and power, it’s the hand-out mob who are turning this once glorious country into a 3rd world country….America is NEVER to be the same again.

  8. This is simply one more indicator that this administration is completely out of control. Remember when Holder, after being caught lying about wiretapping a Fox News reporter, the AP, and others, claimed that he was evaluating himself. Apparently, the evaluation was short and resulted in, not self condemnation and change, but a commitment to the same dictatorial style demonstrated by his mentor, Barack Obama. Why bother resigning when there is no possibility of Obama taking a shred of responsibility or requiring such from any of his underlings? No one in this administration, from the president down, cares one whit about the rule of law, fairness or rationality. They are determined to place those of color in a position of superiority while establishing separate expectations through both policy and law. After all, why SHOULD anyone of color take any responsibility? It seems as though Holder and Obama endorse the idea that blacks couldn’t possibly be expected to live up to the standards required of white or asian students. And, somehow, it is all the fault of the white race, thus justifying any policy decisions that discriminate against those of caucasian or asian descent.

  9. I’m “Robert S” and I am dangerous to you all.

    Remember my username – “Robert S”

    I hate all you people. I’m a communist paid troll.