Famous Reagan Quote Proven True Again in Latest Gallup Poll

“In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” ~ Ronald Reagan, Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981
“Government Itself Still Cited as Top U.S. Problem.” GALLUP, January 15, 2014

Thirty-three years ago, Ronald Reagan shook the political establishment (you could literally feel the collective jaws in Washington, D.C. dropping) when the newly elected conservative president, hated by entrenched elitists in both parties, made the bold pronouncement that government was not the solution to the nation’s problems. It was the problem.

While this was viewed as blasphemy by the big government worshipers in both parties, it was a statement that the American people knew to be true.

They still know it.

According to a new Gallup poll today, government itself is named as the largest problem in the United States. In fact, over five times more people say government is the problem than agree with the Marxist raving of Obama, the theme of the 2014 mid-terms, which is that of “income inequality.” 

Second on the list, the issue seen as the number two problem, is the “economy in general,” according to Gallup, followed by unemployment. 

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    1. I do not miss the traitor that gave amnesty to illegals and passed the largest active federal gun ban in our history. Reagan was awful but better than carter or mindale. Oh an reagan grew the deficit and expanded government more than Carter!

  1. Exactly.

    Also, the foolish notion that charity is going to solve the problem. The solution is NOT charity, but rather the ability to get OFF of charity.

  2. The ten most terrifying words in the English language are..”Hi, I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” – Ronald Reagan

    1. RIGHT ON! More destruction has been done in the last century by ‘I CARE’ than through any other thing. When a politician says ‘I care’ it is to upstage those who really care – if you don’t do what they want then you don’t care – these demented individuals use us against ourselves. HOW SICK!
      Most people that care also do. Welfare was almost never about caring but about control and obligating people to vote for those who lie when they talk about how much they care rather than to help us help ourselves and get out of our way.

  3. Think about it….. RR said the government is the Problem and he was right on…. Second place ‘the economy in general’, which if you follow the legend you arrive at a big government over spending and in third place ‘unemployment’ again follow the bread crumbs and you end up at big government overtaxing and depleting the capital supply through government give away programs and graft….
    So when you get down to the bottom line ‘BIG GOVERNMENT IS THE CANCER THAT EATS OUT THE HEART OF A FREE AND VIBRANT NATION’….. Then all we have left is ‘Communism and Tyranny of the Bureaucrat’ and a population of slaves……
    If this is what you want, have at it….. But understand that you will be fighting on the side where in front of you will be Free Proud Armed Citizens and behind you will be those Bureaucrats and there thugs with guns to make sure you are protecting their useless hides…..
    Get a gun and learn how to use it, for one day we are going to have to Fight for our Freedom, just as our Founding Fathers did long ago…..

  4. ‘The Great Society War On Poverty’, a dis-utopian dream state, demonized Traditional Family, Faith and Self reliance, in preference for the cradle to grave tax Payer subsidized Feral Associations and escalating Feral spawn. It Worked …for awhile. Now the last vestiges of productivity, the Traditional Family is outnumbered. Discouraged by the overwhelming burden, their subsidies to the Feral’s are dwindling into a bottomless vortex.

    The Traditional Family is Historically the Only Sustainable socioeconomic system. The Progressive Liberal Left, now firmly embedded into the once proud ‘worker’s party’, is akin to an intestinal parasite, a self serving creation, now firmly implanted by agenda driven, manipulated vote, deep into US political economics. A ravaging parasite that devours it’s own host. Thereby naively ensuring it’s own destruction in the process..

    1. You should be pleased that I did not criticize the content of your post.

      If you saw as much horrible grammar as I do (or cared), you’d be “sensitive” as well.

    2. NotJim — Take it from an English Major,
      blogengeezer’s blog was absolutely correct in his use of “it’s” , inasmuch as that is the possessive form ot “it” — referring directly to the parasite spoken of. “It’s” is NOT a “short form” for “it is” !!!

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  5. Ronald Reagan was one in a million. I can honestly say he loved this country. The individual in the White House does not. Sad.

    1. Reagan the president that signed the largesr federal gun ban, gave amnesty to illegals and grew the government more than Carter. You must be a liberal.

  6. I’m “Robert S”

    Remember my username. I hate all of you. I’m a communist paid troll. An informant, and oppo researcher for the KGB.