Ted Cruz Asks Obama NSA Panel Why Overreaching Spying Didn’t Prevent Ft. Hood and Boston Bombing Terrorist Attacks

In Tuesday’s “Hearing on the Report of the President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies” Texas Senator Ted Cruz grilled Obama NSA witnesses as to the effectiveness of the massive spying operation, which failed to stop the tragic terrorist attacks at both Fort Hood and the bombings in Boston. Richard A. Clarke, Michael J. Morell, Professor Geoffrey R. Stone, Cass R. Sunstein and Professor Peter Swire were asked by Cruz if government surveillance programs have focused too much on gathering information on law-abiding citizens and too little on the actual “bad guys.” 

I think a great many Americans have concerns about the current state of NSA surveillance”, he said. “I have concerns on two fronts: I am concerned on the one hand that the federal government has not been effective enough monitoring and surveilling bad guys. That we have not succeeded in preventing what should have been preventable terrorist attacks. And at the same time I am concerned that the sweep of the surveillance has been far too broad with respect to law-abiding citizens. And I think a great many Americans would prefer to see that reversed.  

Despite all of our surveillance capabilities, despite having significant indications that Major Hasan was engaged in these communications, the federal government failed to prevent the horrific terrorist attack that claimed the life of 14 innocents at Fort Hood. So the first question I would like to ask the panel is in your judgment, why is that?

Cruz got the witnesses to admit on record, that despite the almost infinite net the Obama agency is casting, they have failed to prevent even one potential terrorist attack, despite the massive amount of data that Obama has been retrieving (many would correctly argue in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment) from innocent, unsuspecting American citizens with no search warrant.