Dropping Like Flies: Third House Dem in Three Days Calls it Quits

Obama Pouting

In what is viewed as a rush to the exits in the face of the Obamacare disaster and the Obama scandal machine bleeding into the 2014 mid-term elections, three prominent democrats in the U.S. Congress have announced their retirement this week. 

On Monday, 40-year Capitol Hill veteran and Pelosi Democrat, George Miller (D-CA) called it quits. Miller, 68, has been in the House since 1974, the year of Watergate. Miller stated that he looked “forward to one last year in Congress, fighting the good fight and then working in new venues on the issues that have inspired me.” Miller also indicated that he was especially proud of” passage of national health care reform.”

On Tuesday, New York Democrat Bill Owens pulled the plug. Owens was vague in his excuse, stating that, “It is time for me to undertake new endeavors and spend more time with my family.” Owens came into office in 2009 after winning the well-publicized NY-23 special election. In 2012, Owens won re-election in the newly formed 21st congressional district, winning against Republican Matt Doheny by only two percentage points, 50% to 48%. 

Then on Wednesday, Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) jumped ship announced his retirement. Moran explained little, simply stating “it’s time to close this chapter of my life and move on to the next challenge.” Moran is seen as one of the most abrasive and antagonistic members of Congress. The leftist Moran has been no stranger to his own scandals, or as Roll Call reported, “his professional accomplishments were sometimes overshadowed by personal scandals.”

This week’s announcements by Moran, Owens and Miller join other House Democrats, including Mike McIntyre (D-NC), and Jim Matheson (D-UT), who have also announced that they will not seek re-election. The exits of the congressional democrats is likely tied to their belief that 2014 offers little hope in their gaining majority in the House of Representatives.


  1. So, who are the Reps the Tea Party is fielding in these open seats?? Are you going to let all this free political booty fall through your fingers, and default to the RINOs, or are you going to take active advantage of these multiple opportunities?? What are your intentions?

    1. Tea party candidates need to move further to the right..! They are not conservative enough. Tea party candidates should be talking about investigating, charging, and putting in prison the left wing traitors!

    2. You can talk on the campaign trail all you want but unless you can get enough in the House and Senate to back the move, all your doing is stroking a voter group. Hit the real issues and once elected go after support for enforcement against corrupt elected and appointed officials.

    3. The only way to win the next presidential election is to have a candidate who is more of a centrist. You need the independent vote and you won’t get it with a right winger. Also, you lose a lot of the women’s vote with pro-life issues. Abortion should be between, a woman, her doctor, and God not the political parties.

    4. so the father has no word or say in that matter? Remember a Woman cannot have a child without the seed

    5. We have seeds in test tubes, men contribute to sperm banks all the time. Never thought you would stroke yourselves out of your usefulness LOL

    6. And your point is . . . ? Your statement is like the Geico commercial: “Everybody knows that.” Put it in a context that explains your point of view. That is, if you have one.

    7. If it is between the woman and God, should’nt that woman listen to God? God says murder is wrong. God says He knew you from before the womb so a fetus is most certainly a human being with a soul. Rationalize it anyway you want, abortion is murder.

    8. Patriot, which candidates are those exactly? Do you think that anyone that voted for Ron Paul in 2008 or 2012 actually did some good? In point of fact those votes had the same effect as those of Ross Perot’s in the 1992 Election. They launched a Liberal into the White House!

    9. I know man… At this point, I try to do what I think is right….. I guess I’m just trying to be real.
      We must place our faith in GOD. Other than that, I always fail!
      I’m trying .I will not stop until, I’m dead …..

    10. Even better, fill those seats with REAL citizens of the United States! People who actually have to watch how much they spend, actually balance a budget and checkbook and truly care about individual freedom.

  2. Ok…..since I don’t believe for a second that they are sorry for the crap they have done…..what do they know that we haven’t quite figured out yet? Why are they running? Obviously something is going on……..

    1. That is a very good question! Kinda scarey if you think about it! let’s see how many more jump ship! It might be easier than we thought to get this country back into shape!!!

    2. We have no one to blame but ourselves for that loss. As Hugh Hewett said, “We didn’t sell the message.”

      The only way to truly fix is to fix what WE have the power to.

    3. 2012 was a wonderful example of the reverse discrimination in this country. Can you truly believe that 94% of the black population voted for obama because of the issues? Or was it simply because he was black? Liberal democrats have always followed blindly, but not the conservative democrats. I’ll give you an example, democrats in Oklahoma have the majority however, obama didnt win one of the 77 counties in Oklahoma. Some of them still believe in the Constitution.

    4. Exactly. We should never coast. Full out until we have actually WON. And then full out to control the budget, and pursue all the criminals in D.C.

    5. “Sorry?” They didn’t say anything about being sorry. For the guy being in there since ’72, ok… maybe it’s time because he knows it won’t come easy anymore. For the other 3? Perhaps they see some writing on the wall.

      But it doesn’t say anything about them being sorry.

    6. No one should be in congress for 40 years–that’s why it is all about the political class and not at all about we the people…

    7. Of course not .they didnt do anything wrong it was the republicans fault which is the excuse they always use when backed into a corner.Good riddance ‘ lets hope we get a bunch of these liars bailing from the senate as well .Then it will be much easier for a republican takeover and a obama impeachment.

    8. Look, I’ve defended the Tea Party from criticism in the past, but crowing about the retirement of Mike McIntyre and Jim Matheson is nothing short of disgraceful by this article. Mike McIntyre voted like Jim Matheson for the Stupak Amendment to remove Obamacare’s abortion agenda even in March 2010, and Mike also voted to repeal Obamacare that March also. They both actually stood up to their own party and refused to support Obamacare. If the Tea Party is attacking them it should be ashamed of itself. It’s because the Tea Party attacked the pro-life Democrats who stood up to their own party, even the 21 who voted against the final bill, that I could no longer stand to support the Tea Party in 2012.


    9. I am a pro-life creationist who despises the Obama administration for outspending 8 years of Bush in less than 4 years, for its hacking of the Yahoo and Google servers to spy on millions of Americans, and have been opposing Obama since 2004 when he ran against Alan Keyes because of his opposition to care for newborn children (Born Alive Infant Protection Act).


      But if the Tea Party is going to be attacking even the pro-life Democrats who voted consistently against Obamacare like Mike McIntyre, then they are going to find me opposing them.

    10. Dude you need to seriously wake up which party do you plan on supporting then? The Tea Party is the only thing between the american people and complete oblivion! You and other so-called loyal Conservatives better wake the F up between now and Novemember because with this division that you are spouting the Establishment Republicans will be in charge and MOST of them are in fact no better than the most conservative Democrat! ALL Democrats are the ENEMY PERIOD.

    11. I think what Scott is saying that kicking the few remaining blue-do Democrats in the teeth is a mistake. They are the ones with whom conservatives can work.

      What we need is to go after all the long-timers, Dems and Reps, who have forgotten who they serve, and all liberal-progressives, socialists, and communists (and yes, there are self-identified socialists and communists in Congress).

    12. Actually, if you read Scott’s comments he is quite clear that he believes all Democrats are bad, even the most conservative of them.

    13. HAHA a conservative democrat ‘ now thats a good one .Kinda like a honest democrat.They say their for you and as soon as you turn your back out comes the knife.

    14. How true.Show me a democratic politician and ille show you a liar and a traitor who would sell out their own mother for power and wealth which is all they seek.

    15. Just because they stood up to their party on 1 issue does not mean that they did not vote with their party 99.99% of the time. It is the Democrat party policies that have gotten our country into this giant mess it is in today.

    16. Mike you have to start somewhere and if it means starting small then at least you are starting somewhere. Democrats face far worse censorship than Republicans who go against the party, remember what they did to Joe Lieberman from CT when he spoke at the Republican National Convention. I give credit to every Dem who will buck the party wishes and encourage them to continue to hold or reassert the values that led them to run for office.

    17. I will not ever give credit to any Democrat, ever. To even vote Democrat on social issues or economic issues is a travesty to mankind. The whole mindset of Liberals should be protested.

    18. Being born in the mid 50s raised in the 60s and 70s,Ive seen a major change in democrat principles.they didn’t used to be this bad.
      I agree with everything else you said

    19. I agree with you mostly, but look at the Republicans who are wimping out on the values we expect. We need to look at how every single member votes and get rid of all mindless O supporters

    20. Agreed. I am sick to death of corporate sponsored Representatives and Senators that merely claim to be for the people.

    21. And I take that as a compliment. “A double minded man is unstable in all of his ways” – God. I do not entertain views that I find objectionable, period.

    22. It’s foolish to educate one’s self, form an opinion based upon convictions and morals, learn how to combat against lunacy, and not be swayed by idiocy? Wow, I have been truly rebuked into submission by your absolute words of wisdom. Thank you for setting me straight. I shall now go about my life knowing that I have been schooled by an all knowing human like god.

    23. Don’t sell yourself short.
      You are truly an amazing fool.
      “I will not ever give credit to any Democrat, ever.”
      This is just brilliant.

    24. You know what Robert, you are right. I was wrong for saying that I will not ever give credit to a Democrat. Here is what I give them credit for. Destroying our economy and our country through placing people back into slavery through welfare, Social Security and other “entitlements”, taking away our Constitutional rights one by one, granting criminal illegal aliens amnesty, the deaths of 4 people in Benghazi, resigning the Patriot Act and voting for it in the first place, gun control (which is ineffective), making children victims through gun free zones, corruption to the core, voter fraud, Common Core, the Department of Education (prior to this debacle we were in the top 3 in the world in education – we now rank 29th), bigger and more ineffective governmental regulations, laws that do nothing to curtail crime, and this list could go on into eternity. But thanks again for being so easily impressed with my statement in the first place.

    25. It was your “I’ll never give a democrat credit for anything, ever” statement.
      If Lindbergh was a democrat, would you say that he wasn’t the first to fly across the Atlantic?

    26. Well said they deserve all the credit for these debacles and will answer for them one day in front of the almighty who will not be kind to those who have allowed the murder of all his little ones.For them it would have been better to have been a poor beggar in the street than to have ever held public office.

    27. The word liberal translates into all out control of the people and anyone who says otherwise is blind.They dont want a safer society with less guns ‘they want a slave society with no guns to defend itself.

    28. Yes, they have to start somewhere. But starting in the deep hole that they have dug for themselves is not exactly good for their reelection efforts. The Democrats have to run on their records and over the last 5-8 years their record has taken our nation off the tracks in a direction that we should not be going in. Instead of facing an ever increasingly unfavorable constituency, these Democrats have decided to retire instead of losing in a landslide. Others still think that they can run on Obamacare and the recovery of the economy. I guess they will be invited to sample the reality in November.

    29. What values .Everything these scum stand for is against the will of the people.These traitors act like the gd gestapo .

    30. Your right. If Conservatives attack Democrats just because they are Democrats then what chance is there to turn things around. All that will come of it is to strengthen the divide between Americans as Democrats respond to unwarranted attacks.

    31. Excuse me? This is a war for the future of this country and our children. Enough of all the Liberal we to Unite crap already. All DEMOCRATS ARE THE ENEMY PERIOD.

    32. So I am the enemy? Just because at 18 in 1973 I decided to join the Democrat party I am the enemy. Back then the Democrat party was a decent one. For your information I am an American FIRST, Conservative Second and a Democrat Third. I put my life on the line by serving in our armed forces for the very things we are having destroyed by our ENTIRE government now. It is BOTH sides the dems and the Rinos that are destroying this nation and it is those of us that make comments like yours that are also destroying the best nation out there. We need to band together ALL conservatives, party does not matter, and SAVE our country from those liberals that want to destroy it..By the way I have left the Democrat party and am joining the Tea Party movement.

    33. Well good then welcome! You were the enemy and now you are not so why argue with me if you decided to join the Tea Party? Try and be more logical in the future and thanks for serving this great country of ours!

    34. TRY to be more logical? PARTY has nothing to do with liberalism or conservatism. I am not arguing with you, but I have ALWAYS been logical, you do not know me so you should not assume you do by telling me to be more logical i did NOT vote for the mess in the WH either time. I will not vote for Hilary. I DO my research always have always will and listen to my gut. I do not judge people based on what party they are like you do. I could not be your enemy because you do not know me. I WAS never your enemy, I was NEVER a liberal. Just happened to join a party my family was in back then the dem party was a good one. The thing is I do not even know why I am wasting my time explaining things to you when I do not know you and have never been your enemy. I do not consider you mine because of comments you have made, because I do not know you. You need to judge less and look at each individual and what they stand for versus what party they are in. We need to remove the D an R from all and that way maybe more would concentrate on what someone stands for versus what party they are.

    35. Spending or not spending is very logical and the track record of the Democrats almost from the Reconstruction Period post Civil War till the present has been Tax and Spend Economics. So PARTY has everything to do with logic lady! The Democrats have NEVER been the good party and I mean never! They were the original slave traders and land owners in the south. Just because you have come to your senses now does not mean you were not wrong before. You were wrong, trust me. Before I freaking worry about offending somebody I want this SOB out of the White House, spending under control, a Congress that does it’s damned job and a media that sticks to reporting the TRUTH!

    36. I am a WWII Merchant Marine Veteran and a Marine during the Korean War. both Parties make a lot of noise about doing something for the Widows of the 7000 Merchant Marines that died serving America. Every 4 years a bill would surface with some kind of promises to honour the WWII M_M. the cosponsor’s were the crooked politicians that were coming up for reelection. in 2009 Obama “POCKET-Vetoed HR24. He stalled almost 6 day’s then sent it back to Congress and HR24 was removed from the bill. If there is a bill this year the Cosponsor’s will be 99% Democrats. Trying to garner the Votes from the realitives of our’s. There are nearly one million extended family members of the WWII Merchant Marines and probaly only 5 to 6 thousand still alive after waiting 60 plus years for reconiction.

    37. I agree but assuming that ALL democrats are liberals and ALL republicans are conservative is just nuts. We have conservative Dems and Liberal Republicans, we need to remove the D and R and just look at the liberalism and conservatism and go from there.

    38. I never said anything about Republicans being good, I HATE the RNC and the DNC. I said Establishment Republicans and that means the RNC.

    39. You bullshitting liar!!!!!! you never supported anything but Democrats your whole life…….!!!

    40. The abortion issue is one executive order away unless something is done to stop the liberals and I really dont care about an article attacking or crowing about two democrats going away. They may have stood on their hind legs for one issue but what about the rest? My opinion…Abortion does not belong in the hands of the federal government, that is between the woman and God, or whatever her higher power is. Planned Parenthood is a moneypit scam…another liberal product.

    41. Ultimately the abortion issue will be between the woman and her god and god help her if shes stupid enough to tell the maker of all things that it was her body to do with as she wished.

    42. Matheson may have voted against Obamacare but he voted FOR amnesty. He cooked his goose in Utah. I don’t believe he would have been re-elected.

    43. Maybe I’m not too far off in wondering if one of the 11 Executive Orders Obama is fixing to spew out is to just get rid of Congress and Senate as dictators do not need them.

  3. RUN you bastards ! , take your lobbyist booty and sneak back home now that you’ve screwed the rest of us .

  4. Are these guys retiring because they see no future for a majority, or is it because they see the Administrative Branch seizing all power? Has the “Mighty One” bullied them into leaving because he intends to put his “own loyalist” into their seats? Democrats, lately, rarely do the honorable thing, so as happy as I am to see them “retire”, I can’t help but wonder what they really know, and why it really is they are really leaving?

    1. Both Mike McIntyre and Jim Matheson actually stood up to their own party and refused to pass Obamacare. They are two of the few principled pro-life Democrats left who stood up to their own party on Obamacare, the administration may be trying to bully out those remaining.

    2. I would say that they realize there is more money/power to be had in the insurance industry dealing with the Obamadontcare debacle.

    3. i too would like to know the answer to that question.Is it possible they are realizing the error of their ways,no i doubt they were smart enough to do that

    4. I agree, I am happy to see them go but what is the real underling reason for this sudden exit??

  5. They are all being rapidly purchased by big special interest groups. Mark my words, we will see them again lobbying for big money aide for the same groups that have supported them over the years…The will be paid hansomly and still receive their stipends from congress while the poor/middle class and veterans in this world continue to suffer…

  6. Hussein the illegal kenyan terrorist wanna be dictator is forcing out those who do not toe his line and totaly support him. Don’t worry, he has hand picked muslims to take their place. This is why it is happening.

    1. But do you honestly think they will be voted in? When election time comes, I think any demo will be hard pressed to win! I figure at the rate Obamacare is failing big O will be struggling to keep his seat!,,

    2. They have been voted in to the congress before. Obama has 6 of them for advisers including Valerie Jarret who is from IRAN!

    3. God forbid if that ever happens but if it does I will execute my responsibilities as outlined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

    4. God Bless You, Scott McIntosh! If only more people were willing to act. Talking means nothing without action!

    5. I don’t think people realize what is coming. The tyranny has only just started and NO PARTY in power will protect US! Jefferson said that government is an evil necessity that should always be limited by the People.

    6. So very true…and scary! The Doomsday Preppers actually need to be taken much more seriously. So many just laugh at the “crazy people”. The laughter will stop when they’re going hungry and trying to keep their families safe.

    7. Do you honestly think that your votes really count? Elections have been bogus for since elections have been taking place. Those that have been chose by they that run things from behind the scenes will be those that win.

  7. They are leaving because they know whats coming, another republican landslide just like 2010…obama is in deep trouble when the senate falls to a republican majority. harry reid opened the door with the nuclear option, being a democrat in a republican house and senate is going to be tough…turn out the lights liberals, the party is just about over.

    1. I agree cerpas and as a direct result…. Do you all really think obama will “allow” a vote in November? Why should he? Be prepared my friends and God Bless America !!!

    2. I think he will, the price will be to great if he dont, the price will be the blood of many Americans, Eric Holder is trying his best to ignite a race war, that wont happen unless they stop paying food stamps, welfare checks, hud housing vouchers, emergency cash payments ect ect…If they do then of course the inner cities will burn, LA, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, ect ect… Which in turn will allow for Martial Law. Then it depends on what they do next. If during this time they attempt to disarm Americans they will start a civil war. It will be a slow trickle of clashes, civilians will die, law enforcement will die, then the people will organize and the fight will continue to grow until the entire Nation is caught up in it. Evidence that the people are preparing is the fact that gun sales all across the Nation has skyrocketed, ammunition is flying off the shelf just as soon as they stock it. Interesting times.

  8. Too bad people like Mitch McConnell and John McCain didn’t get the memo that it was time to move on to other opportunities…Mitch McConnell is in a dead heat with the liberal Democrat running against him in a bright RED state. McConnell is going to be responsible for the GOP losing a key seat, and yet he still is running instead of bowing out gracefully. Thankfully he is being primaried – go Matt Bevin!

  9. “…new venues”…..”spend time with family”…..”move on to next chapter”..

    Or in other words, K street came a knockin’.

  10. The dictator has plenty of potential lieutenants waiting in the wings, to help him take over the rest of America.

    Anyone who thinks he is on the run…….is a FOOL!

    1. I meant that boehner needs to be replaced by an actual conservative leader. And NO, i do not want her back in. NEVER again.

  11. This issue is mute, imo. Do you all really think obama will “allow” a vote in November? Why should he? Be prepared my friends….and God Bless America.

  12. DemoRATS jumping off a sinking ship. The rats are always the first to know the ship is in trouble. SEE ya!

  13. well looks like the Demacrats are running because they don’t want to be around when Obama care starts blowing up this country ?

  14. They have done their damage and now take their ……very big retirement and all the benefits they set up for themselves……..and leave. Hope that some organization will check them out and see if they can find any criminal actions done while in office and start the process to put them in jail. That would make a very nice retirement present for these liberal/democrat scum.

  15. These morons don’t leave they just bring in another POS worse than the last. We will never rid our selfs of the blight until we change the election process. Go back to the way it was no one can vote that does not show that they are a citizen and we get rid of the electronic voting system. The malupition is harder unless we put up with the hanging chad bull.

  16. No Rino/Socialists needed anymore. Ever~ We need more tea (the people) party candidates, that are not corruptible and don’t want to be there 40 yrs.

  17. Owens won by splitting the votes last time and knows with his record that he didn’t have a chance this time.

    1. True, but you can bet some snivling socialist maggot will be there to lie and obfuscate thier way into the old maggot’s positions.

  18. Good news! Now if we could just convince Dingy Harry and Demented Nancy to let someone more lucid into office we would truly be making progress.

  19. They have set up their deals (lobbyists payouts), started their businesses connected to what they supported, Now they simply need to move into the private sector to start collecting. They will become lobbyists to keep successors voting their way and keep building their money and empires. They will feed these new successors money while they become the same big business they told you they were fighting while they were in office. This how pelosi, reid and all the rich liberals have done it to get rich and gain power while they tell you that’s what the conservatives have been doing. Look over there, they’re the ones that are keeping you poor. More cons, more scams, they just don’t have to be in front of the public being exposed. YES the conservatives are doing it too. That’s what happens when we started giving them the power to make decisions for us and control us. We started giving them this power decades ago, But it really picked up back in the 70′s

  20. they all are afraid of being charged with all the crimes they committed , just like Clinton and Napolitano they bailed also

  21. Maybe they are worried about their own health care when the public finally wakes up and sees what the democratic party has done.

  22. The ”eyes” have it. Look at B.O.’s left eye, [the one on your right] . You can see a heartless and hard murderous, demonic beast, willing to do anything. Now cover that eye and look at his right eye. See how sneaky, divisive, moved by fear he is?

  23. No worries, the GOP will run candidates that will promptly put their feet in their mouths. One well placed question about abortion and its all over.

  24. I imagine that they are retiring because the don’t see a majority in the house….and they can predict a landslide take over in the Senate.

  25. It is time to make it so uncomfortable for these progressives to seek election or reelection they will crawl back under the rocks they came from.

  26. They are leaving so their party will have a chance at their party retaining their seat. They we probably told by their parties to do so.

  27. Don’t give up this important fight to get our country back. We need to gain every seat we can and hold the ones we have. Keep The House. Gain the Senate back and get rid of Nancy and Harry. Then we can remove all the GOP RINOs. Clean house and save our wonderful country. We also need to remove the unqualified squatter who is occupying the Oval Office. Once we have to votes to do that. And hopefully that will be very soon.

  28. Or are they leaving because people are reading the Constitution and asking real questions…in other words being a Congressman has become a real job. They have to face people who know and hold them accountable.

  29. […] This week’s announcements by Moran, Owens and Miller join other House Democrats, including Mike McIntyre (D-NC), and Jim Matheson (D-UT), who have also announced that they will not seek re-election. The exits of the congressional democrats is likely tied to their belief that 2014 offers little hope in their gaining majority in the House of Representatives. – See more at: http://www.tpnn.com/2014/01/16/dropping-like-flies-third-house-dem-in-three-days-calls-it-quits/#sth… […]

  30. Now lets hope people can vote in conservatives. No more RINO’S. they are dem lites, they are as bad as the dems.

  31. Guess these cowards would rather quit then be arrested for treason. That could still happen.

  32. They may be leaving…but unless Republicans monitor the polls, the voting booths, the ballot counts, the absentee ballots and work for voter ID….we will gain nothing and lose it at the ballot box through voter fraud!

    1. Why would anyone trust Republicans at the polls after what the GOP and RNC did to Ron Paul during the presidential election?

      Look up all the blatant corruption and counting votes in secret and losing ballots and literally calling the SWAT team that happened at various caucuses as well as what happened at the Republican National Convention which can be seen in the video RNC Sham 2012.

  33. Real problem in Washington is we don’t have “professional politicians” We have amateurs playing politics. A professional politician understands one thing – “Compromise”. They also understand the party got them to the dance, once there, they work for the PEOPLE, not the party, Not suggesting losing their political identity, but work WITH the other party to PROMOTE your party. Take for example, Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan, Two diverse political agendas, yet they knew how to work with one another to get what they wanted and STILL upheld the Constitution and did what was best for America. When you have amateurs like Barry, “its my way or the highway”, Obama, criticizing the polarization in Washington he is leading creating, there will be nothing but Gridlock in Washington. Bring back the professional politicians that understand you can still uphold your party principles, work with the other party, uphold the Constitution and do what is right for America, Not party votes. .

    1. The RINO compromises to the Democrat Socialist are what put us where we are to day.
      Ethics and economy are being compromised daily so maybe you can explain how anyone with ethics and a budget can WIN by compromising them away one at a time?

  34. GOOD! Lets keep putting the pressure on those remaining democrats and see if we can’t get a few more to hang it up. Need to put more pressure on democrat senators and get them to retire.

  35. Dr. lamb 07… I would be more inclined to agree with your analysis than their sudden need to retire to engage in other venues. As Congress becomes absolutely useless, at the stroke of the Presidents PEN and the key pad on his PHONE.. why not join the Czars where the real power is … community organizers and government by party comrades and their committees.

  36. Good Riddance re George Miller. His nose has been so far up Pelosi’s rear end for years. He had a Congressional seat in the Northern California Cesspool and highly populated area.

  37. I Wouldn’t trust these Scumbags Old Faces No chance at the voting booth , New faces Maybe , Watch these Snakes and Be very Careful with Our Votes this time around , This is it , Fix it or get on Ur Knee’s

  38. OMG, How can life go on? How can we ever replace 39 year incumbent Miller, a California Democrat. Who else can possibly do to the country, what he did?

  39. the Benghazi evidence is damning: the dems distancing themselves from the trials coming up for treason

  40. If anyone Dem’s or Rep’s Voted for thing’s that was not in the Best interest of this old USA and Our Fighting Men and Women, Just One time Is not trust worthy enough to vote for again that’s how critical This Election Is To Our Country ,… So Please Vote USA Strong …!! U know I ask Myself Why all these people are trying to come to our Country ? U Know the right way or not ,and then work to chance thing like it was where they just left …. Nuts or What ???

  41. Just imagine how difficult it will be for them to live on their ridiculous retirement benefits!

    1. Not yet. They all need to get a huge message at the ballot box. Of course, there is the waters and lees and rangels who will never listen to the American people. VOTE THE LIBERAL SCUMBAGS OUT AND INSTALL CONSERVATIVES OF ANY PARTY

  42. MARK MY WORDS HERE! After the president, ehem, I use that term very loosely, meets with the pope I will guaranty he will be impeached over Benghazi. He will never capitulate to the wants of the vatican and that will turn the tide of the catholic owned media against him and the spin will be nothing short of fantastic, BUT the worst is yet to come. Legislating morality is far worse than legislating immorality so look out PROTESTANT America!
    What makes this meeting with the pope interesting is the fact that the catholic kerry will meet first before the muslime hypocrite! This will prove to be very interesting indeed!

  43. Say what he said and run in 2014 and you won’t have to resign. You will get your automatic walking papers.Think on it. Opinion.He was happy he voted Obamacare in and then quits. Great advertising don’t you think?

  44. As much as I’d like to remain optimistic, it is realistic to expect in 2014 and 2016 an increase of the mega fraud we’ve seen in the last 6 years, unless WE THE PEOPLE ACT, not react. The usurper has not had a “Jesus” moment and he doesn’t show intentions. The pattern is endless: denials, blame, lies, cover-ups, intimidation, executive abuse, defamation, exaltation, demonizing the opponents, more lies, more executive abuse………….

    1. I read many of these remarks on many articles and find the same sentiment….THE PEOPLE SHOULD ACT! Okay…so who is going to organize this. People are not going to come out of the cracks with their guns and stuff in hand. How is this done…who will organize it. How is it advertized covertly…so many questions…few answers. Just an overall feeling that we are just all sunk!!

    2. Correct. We’re all unempowered, lost and cornered by the most evil tyrant ever sitting in the WH. Our only recourse for “action” is our vote, and spread the word against these liberals, via the social media; use wisdom and logic to “convert” the unwise and blind. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. If there are any heroes who have the means, the leadership, the connections and the position to oppose them, I’ll be the first one to join.

  45. I love it! See how fast they run rather than admit their lies and not representing the people of their districts. Not ONE democrat has the guts to admit their stupidity for only voting for their party and NOT the American people.
    Republicans would do well to remember this regarding Amnesty &/or Immigration Reform.
    435 people DO NOT represent the feelings of hundreds of billions of Americans!

    1. I am no fan of the Dems…but I am beginning to wonder about the Republicans too! Some of them should also take a hike!!

    2. That is exactly why I am telling them it would do them well to vote according to “We The People”.
      McCain needs to be the first to go….boot his but!

  46. It’s time to clean house. Either voluntarily by existing Dems or by kicking them out in 2014. And that means some republicans too.

  47. I agree drlamb07 I wonder what it is that we don’t know? There is a take over that is happening around us. I am deeply disturbed because there are so many loyalists who want to be part of this. As a people we need to wake up and smell the coffee.

  48. and all the king horses and all the kings men couldn’t help put him on track again, Soon Obama Soon

  49. actually things are going just the way Obama planned. When the economy collapses totally he will be one of the riches men ever. Sifting money off the taxpayers w/ Obamacare and Medicare, and drug companies that will pay him for his service while President.

  50. These guys should go directly to GITMO and occupy some of the cells emptied when big ears turned more of his Islamic Terrorist friends loose. Need to make certain they leave room at GITMO for both of our highest ranking domestic terrorists, Obama and Holder.

  51. I’m not certain, but I think I remember seeing some kind of story that when a Member of the House retires, he or she may get to keep some or all of the money in his/her re-election accounts. Since these Democrats see the writing on the wall, they may be retiring because they know their seat is a lost cause or because they believe the entire Congress is going to go Republican and they want to grab the money rather than spend it on a fruitless re-election bid.

  52. Obama is shaming the whole country with his program to install judges who are biased in favor of unnatural gay marriage, etc. His program is to gut the country of traditional morality and probity.

  53. Moran is as corrupt as they come ..should retire to federal prison…I don’t know about the other 2

  54. the prob is–are establishment repubs gonna put in their own which arent much better than blue dogs..

  55. . Will. Pres Call for Marshal Law to protect Obama Care?!!! or Call in the UN
    Too Handle the Country

  56. Do you think we can get our “quote, quote” President to do what is right and jump ship, maybe in the middle of the ocean.

  57. I see it as rats leaving a sinking ship – will the last rat jumping ship kindly push Obama and Holder over the edge?

  58. The real problem is that of those 3 I know 2 are from hard core blue districts that won’t swing red anyway-I wish some Senators would convert blue to red or quit-Manchin being on that list.

  59. Leftists never retire. They find another avenue that helps prop up the machine or line their pockets.
    Example–Democrats who had been in the govt, were appointed to Fannie and soaked up 100s of millions
    in taxpayer dollars through the expansion of Fannie they had just created. What they have been busy
    creating through the bills they have passed, they will now go and enjoy.

  60. I’ve met Rep. George Miller (CA). I found him to be arrogant and self absorbed. Contra Costa County can do much better as it is a wonderful place to live.

  61. When I read the article, I looked at the photo of Obama.. I do not see disappointment or worry. I see arrogant, contemptuous dismissal in the picture. He is not afftected by the news.
    In the first place, Democrats loyal to Obama will likely win election. But that’s not all.
    Obama is President until the third Monday in January, 2017. In the meantime, he has an adoring media palace guard, and his billionaire boys club to pamper him and buy Congress, The Bush family is keeping the GOP under control and fairly quiet as they plot to make JeeeBBB the Prez in 2016, so they are a big help.
    And Obama controls the NSA and is governing by executive order anyway, so what Congress does or does not do is of little import, even after the 2014 elections. His self assurance is well founded.