Lindsey Graham Censured

Last weekend, Maricopa County GOP formally censured Senator John McCain “long and terrible record of drafting, co-sponsoring and voting for legislation best associated with liberal Democrats.”. Last night, the Pickens County GOP in South Carolina took similar action against Senator Lindsay Graham.

As reported on, this censuring of Lindsey Graham was overwhelmingly approved and not the first such public rebuke that Graham has faced.

Last night, Pickens County GOP publicly rebuked Senator Lindsey Graham by passing a 30-point censure resolution. This makes Pickens County GOP the 7th Republican group that has passed similar resolutions so far in South Carolina.

The censure cites 30 examples of Graham violating the Republican Party platform.

The censure states: “Lindsey Graham has committed a long series of actions that we strongly disapprove of and hold to be fundamentally inconsistent with the principles of the South Carolina Republican Party.”

The censure resolution passed by 78%.


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  1. Graham will not get my vote, in the next election. We need a true conservative in Washington……..but one who is focused on government, and not religion.

    1. I think you’re missing tsigili’s point.
      Religion has played a pivotal role in every war that’s ever been waged. It’s sole purpose is to gather large masses into easily charmed and manipulated groups that can be directed by the whims and desires of the few.
      Nearly every sitting member of Congress is deeply religious.
      You may not think that, but it’s simply because you don’t recognize their Diety.
      However, you can not deny the majority in Congress now hold and easily manipulate a huge group of the voters on the Left.
      They also hold and easily manipulate a small fringe element on the Right. It’s called “controlled opposition”.
      It’s time for that to stop.

    2. builder – you obviously do not have a clue what drives “religious” people. Your post looks like you read some statistics out of a book and then formed an incorrect conclusion about the “purpose” of religion based upon the statistics.

    3. No statistics Mike, just an observation.
      I would argue that “religious” people are more “led” than “driven”.
      Throughout history, there have been those that seek to hold dominion over their brethren.
      First, it was by brute force. That was costly in terms of lives on both sides. (even though it continues to this day in some areas of the globe)
      There was only so many people you could control that way.
      Second, was religion. It’s proven far easier to control the masses when you’ve convinced them their soul is in jeopardy, as opposed to just their physical body.
      It’s amazing how they line up when you threaten something they value more than life itself………

      Then came government. Simply an extension of religion, in that it codifies into law the fundamental beliefs held by those that implement it.

      Over the centuries, all methods have become intertwined to such an extent, that we can now proudly proclaim “If anyone resists our global domination, Kill’em all and let God sort’em out”.

      It’s just sad that people can’t see through all the bullshit……

    4. Religion wasn’t “invented” as a “method of control”. It has been around as long as humanity. Even early cave dwellers worshiped a spiritual being (or beings) much like primitive tribes do today. It is true that religion, even Christianity shamefully, has been used to dominate and enslave, but it is also true that it has been used to liberate people, i.e. William WIlberforce in England and the abolitionist movement in our land. In fact, our concept of individual rights is born from the Christian idea of a Creator that “endowed” each of us with inalienable rights.

    5. I think we may be arguing semantics here.
      Spirituality is somewhat engrained in every human being. It’s only natural that we acknowledge a higher power, and that has been around since the dawn of time.
      “Religion”, historically, has been used to promote every vile act imaginable.
      It’s the body whole that evil men use as a means to their personal ends. Pitting one religion against another, both of their own creation, not surprisingly.
      That has repeated throughout history, if you care to research it.
      If you don’t care to do the research, then take a look at the current conflict our country is engaged in.
      I won’t go so far as to say those that are funding both sides of it created it, but it sure seems plausible to suggest they did everything possible to instigate it.

      “Faith” and “religion” are somewhat at odds, in that Faith is a personal spiritual belief, and religion is a collective philosophy/ideology.
      I’m sure I don’t need to remind you just how dangerous “collective ideology” can be……

    6. Actually, it was written with the sovereignty of man in mind.
      It even codifies certain “inalienable right” bequeathed to us by The Creator.
      When we elect those who define The Creator as their specific “brand” of God, then we have a problem…….

    7. The framers of the Constitution were abundantly clear on what their specific “brand” of God was, and so stated in their various writings, so where is the problem again?

    8. Most people like to think that the framers were all nothing short of divine. These uninformed people would be appalled at the things people like Madison and maybe Jackson believed and did.

      They were great thinkers of the time while still heavily influenced by the dogma of their day. Much of that dogma has changed as society has evolved in our perception of the world.

      Most of that change is driven by science, not religious belief which tends to stay static and powerfully changes people’s views on themselves and their place in the world.

      The true gift that was created from these fallible men is the timeless truths that they imbued within the Constitution and later, the Bill of Rights. Wise people recognize that without possibly feeling the need to canonize the framers as saints. They were not.

      Thank God (metaphorically, if necessary) that they gave us the single most important document to the testament of individual freedoms that the world has ever known. Most people are unaware that until the Bill of Rights no government in the history of the world asserted within its own formation the concept of Inalienable rights which are neither granted by – nor can be removed by – the hand of government.

      I really think the deity concept is rather moot in light of the power that the Constitution grants to the otherwise powerless. Those arguments are aptly handled by the BoR.

    9. The problem comes when you try to get the sheep to believe “The Creator” is a veiled reference to your chosen Diety. That’s not the case.
      In fact, the separation clause in the First Amendment specifically prevents you from doing just that.
      You should be thankful it’s in there, otherwise you wouldn’t have the freedom to worship as you chose.

      In this country you are free to worship any Diety you want, anytime, anywhere.
      All we ask of you in return is, just for ONE day, (Election day) step up, and be an American.
      Put the well being of our country ahead of your personal religious views.

      You really need to understand that the latter, depends wholly upon the former…….

    10. There is no “separation” clause in the First Amendment. Neither the word nor the concept of separation is found there. Specifically it reads “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” The First Amendment doesn’t prevent you or I or anyone from believing the Creator is our chosen deity if we wish. In fact, it prevents Congress from telling us that we can’t.

    11. The separation is there, you just quoted it.
      The reference to “The Creator” is the acknowledgement of ALL religious Deitys, without elevating one above any other.
      It specifically precludes the State from establishing an official religion, and prevents the Church from usurping the government.
      The wall is just as tall on one side as it is the other.

      Your dog scratches a lot, but you say he has no fleas.
      Obviously someone’s wrong……………

    12. if the masses moving here from other countries are encouraged by our own government to maintain cultural enclaves, there is no collective “our country”. Therefore no compunction to vote for what is good for it. Until governments at all levels require assimilation (or at least support and in the very least way through the common spoken language-English) we will continue to see our country destroyed. Religious views or not.

    13. this is in fact refereed to as balkanization. This element of balkanization is in fact specifically addressed in white papers and books which detail the plan of the left, originally conceptualized by Brzezinski and which he details in “The Grand Chessboard” to destabilize the US, forcing a future condition to exist in the world where there are no ‘superpowers’.

      This plan is in full implementation under this administration and the evidence for that is insurmountable; but you first need to be aware of the plan to understand it.

  2. Pickens County SC, with a ranking of 13 out of 46 counties in South Carolina and with a population Density of 222.85 per square mile, has 63,848 voters. Compared to the demos of the Maricopa County censuring of John McShame, this really represents one small step for Americans and one giant leap for Pickens County SC.

    This changing of the tide in SC against the abyssmal failure of an entrenched pseudo ‘leadership’ will no doubt be spun as mere window dressing in the grand scheme of things. Yet even the venerable Macy’s affixes paramount import to its own window dressing – such is the currency of its power to effect desired outcomes. This is a good thing however it is bound to be spun as being insignificant. It is not.

    1. But in another thread, you said this to me:

      “You’re a little girl looking for recognition as a great thinker and daddy;s approval. I have no time for such twaddle.”

      Are you now being facetious? I must assume with the above as evidence, that you are indeed being facetious.

    1. The ONLY thing we have to worry about is Liberals winning their seats instead of strong principled Tea Party Candidates.

    2. I agree, not everyone is in favor of the Tea Party, which could hurt us deeply because they will split votes, which leaves the door open for liberal Democrats, The Party is already split from within, e-1 needs to come together in order for us to take control.

    3. What has hurt us deeply is the likes of John Turncoat McCain. and Lindsey light in the foot Graham.

    4. What does ‘light in the foot’ mean? I googled it, but all I got were synonyms for ‘fast’.

    5. GG, I’m pretty sure that means Lindsey Graham is very skilled at “dancing” around the subject, “side-stepping” the issues, and “walking” on his constituents.
      It could be a jab at his sexual orientation, or his inability to stand on his own two feet, who knows

      Either way, he needs to go…………..

    6. A ballerina is light in the foot. Most men choose not to be light in the foot. It tends to have an effeminate connotation.

    7. Thank you and builder. It bothers me not to be able to find something out. I asked ‘Foghorn’, who has been my ‘shadow’ for ever and tells me everything. He would not tell me this. He did turn very deep red and drank some pepto in the car. I kind of knew after that.

      Now that I know, it is right there to see, isn’t it?

    8. What a daisy! I just imagined him tiptoeing along a hot sand South Carolina beach with his pasty saggy triceps drooping along willy nilly, carrying a little yapper protruding its little bow-topped head out of Lindsey’s appliqué-d man-purse. Oh the horror. The horror.

    9. Yes the vision is disgusting. The real horror is his actions against his voters will. The alignment with John Turncoat McCain who’s goal is to legalize those trespassers who are murdering the people of his state.

    10. Jo those who chose not to appose those who are against the contstitution our nation of laws and our biblical beginning, are not living in reality and they support those who chose to destroy this nation. by withholding their vote or by aiding the enemies of our constitution. there are no two ways to be for America. you support the constitution and abide by the oath you took or your working for your enemy. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. we need the bums out and those who admire those like McCain and Lindsey need not apply. The lilly livered hand wringing is not what made this country great, standing up to those who would help you get into the box cars, on your way to the gas chamber is those like John McCain and Lidsey Graham make no mistake.

    11. Then the way you do that is you primary the SOB. If you allow Graham to win the primary, then push a 3rd party candidate, you WILL suck votes away and ensure that the democrat wins. Therefore, the primary election is where the RINOs need to be shown the door.

    12. You hit the nail on the head jfred. We need to primary out the rinos and vote straight republican regardless of whether or not it was our personal first choice. A no vote or vote for 3rd party candidate is just the same as voting for the dem. That’s how they keep winning is by keeping us divided. Now is the time for all repubs, tea party and liberatarians need to pull together and vote against the democrats. If we can get 2/3 majority in both the house and Senate, that will take ALL the wind out of Obama’s sails. He won’t be able to pass anything without congressional approval as even his little pen and phone weapons cant stand up to being overriden by 2/3 votes on Capitol Hill.

    13. Your strategy, as stated and as I read it, hinges firstly and entirely upon successfully primary-ing out the RINO’s.

      If you don’t, yet still vote republican no matter what, you have effected no change from the leftist-serving politicians who in actuality do not represent your views.

      I have never voted, but that seems to me to be a non-strategy. It only works in the eventuality that the RINO’s have already been voted out. So it really is secondary to that first step, is it not?

    14. GG wrote:
      “I have never voted…”

      You’ve never voted?!?
      Uh, then you don’t get to bitch about any political party.

    15. Actually, Robert, I do and I am. There are age requirements on voting. They are in place not because there exists no children whatsoever who are possessive of the understanding of our civic structure, function and responsibilities – but are in place (and wisely so) because it is demonstrably true that it is assumed in our society that wisdom does exist within the electorate to govern ourselves.

      That wisdom, unlike the admittedly rare advanced vocabulary or any other learned skill that children are fully capable of excelling at, simply cannot be purchased. It is earned by making and then learning from one’s mistakes in life.

      A 13 yr old, as an example, just hasn’t, by virtue of her short life, been afforded yet the opportunity to develop wisdom; and as our nation doesn’t seem to feel itself in dire need of this nonexistent wisdom, then laws have rightfully been passed to require a minimum voting age.

      Those laws do not, however, extend to one’s right to b*tch the last I checked. If you don’t like the smackdown you just received (as would be expected) from this barely teen person, then feel free to b*tch all you want. It is, after all, a universally accepted byproduct of participation in self governance. Universally accepted with your notable exception.

    16. Like you say, too young to vote equals nonexistent wisdom.
      Do you often insult yourself and other children?
      Maybe when you turn 14 you’ll be a little smarter…

    17. It isn’t the dems who keep us divided, its the repubs who talk like conservatives to get elected then act like dems once they get to DC. It would appear they are clueless as to what side their bread is buttered on. Voters will take that crap for only so long before they take a stand.

    18. And the dems do no wrong? It is the dems that are killing our country. You people act as though the democrats are totally blameless and it is all the repubs fault. It is the House and the dems that are ruining our nation not the republicans. Pay more attention to what they are doing.

    19. Everyone already know the Dems are taking the country down. They’re doing it with the help of the Senate, not the House. No sense preaching to the choir about it.
      What you may not know is, a certain group within the Republican Party is ALSO helping take the country down. They’re called RINOS (Republicans In Name Only) They oppose the Tea Party, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and a large number of Conservative Independents. Please try to keep up.

    20. Lovin – “Please do not talk to me as though I am a child.”

      “But it’s perfectly fine for me to address Glitch Girl like a child.”

      You are a hypocrite.

    21. Sorry if it seemed that way, but your post appeared to be defending ALL Republicans, regardless of their true intentions, then shifting attention to the Democrats.
      My apologies if I misunderstood you.

      We’re wasting precious time pointing out the lunacy on the Left. Anyone with a pulse already knows this.

      What people need to be made aware of, is the Left has infiltrated the Republican Party.
      How, when, and why are really not worth the time it would take to explain.
      What’s important to know is, they HAVE.
      Vote accordingly……….

    22. That’s because many people want to blame the republicans for everything and that is not the case. that’s why I defend the republicans. the democrats have done more than their share of destroying this country.

    23. Finally someone with common sense. I totally agree with you. However, it will be hard to just blanketly vote Republican this next election. Some candidates running just don’t have the qualifications to be rumning. It’s going to be a struggle.

    24. jamessh, it’s unfortunate, but we’ve allowed ourselves to become perched over a barrel, so to speak.
      It’s imperative that we select the right candidates for Congress in 2014.
      Failing that, we’re left with “plan B”.
      “Plan B” is voting for the lesser of two evils, or holding our noses (again) and voting against the Democrat.
      Plan B DOES NOT WORK!
      It never has, and never will.
      We need to stop doing that.

    25. You forgot to mention Boehner. He is one of Obama’s lap dogs along with Harry Reid. All three of these politicians are ruining our country and need to be ousted.

    26. boehner never folded, he is a progressive and always intended to do what he does. he just plays the game of trying to look like a conservative to keep uninformed voters in his camp.

    27. “It is the House and the dems that are ruining our nation”

      Try, the senate led by Dirty Harry Reid. I see that you have garnered mega upvotes and have thousands of posts.

      Frankly, I would hope your posts are not all this error ridden.

    28. Nothing error ridden in my comment. The dems are in power, in case you hadn’t figured that out yet. That is why our country is dying. How frequently I post is none of your business and does not require any critique from you. I said pretty much the same thing you did so what’s your beef? I hope you don’t comment to others this way when you are making no point at all. It appears as though you have made many comments also so what is your point about that? Check your own error ratio, sweetie.

    29. “The dems are in power, in case you hadn’t figured that out yet.”

      I read no further than that. Really. Your comments are devoid of anything meaningful.

    30. So are your comments. They only smack of rudeness and arrogance with little information contained within them.Just your effort to show that you know more than any one else which you failed to do.

    31. I know the difference between the house and senate. Your comment could not have been more wrong on that, and you apparently have no concept of what a RINO is.

    32. I know the difference between the house and the senate also. Whoopee! You have no concept as to how to be courteous do you? All you do is ridicule, put down, belittle. You just can’t help yourself can you. Are you still in elementary school?

    33. “All you do is ridicule, put down, belittle.”

      Try not to call people “sweetie” when arguing your point. It is bereft of its original meaning and totally uncalled for. It denotes you both as a hypocrite and emotionally insecure. I called you an imbecile. It is because you have acted in an imbecilic fashion toward me and therefor fairly descriptive and deserved.

    34. “Are you still in elementary school?”

      OMG! That made me spray my oreos. I cannot tell you why. It would be inappropriate of me to.

    35. Actually, GG’s post are very informative. Especially for those that are either not up to speed, or just totally misinformed.
      I think an occasional “summary” of ideas, causes, and positions serves a good purpose. Thank You, GG.

    36. That may be; however, her delivery is less than acceptable. I am not totally misinformed. there is no :summary” with GG. Her attitude is,”You know nothing and, therefore, you are stupid.” That is her attitude and that is not conducive to discussion. I have found that most people who think others are stupid are ignorant are ignorant themselves. I do not need her lectures.

    37. Sorry, I have to disagree.
      Name me one Patriot, anywhere in history that didn’t state their case in no uncertain terms.
      One that didn’t shout the tenets of their cause from the rooftops.
      Perhaps GG’s coarse delivery is an indictment of the Party in general, simply because this discussion even has to take place.
      Perhaps she’s disappointed in how voters in general have let this country slide into the pit it’s in.
      Is there anyone among us that can say absolutely, without a doubt, that we did everything possible to prevent it?
      You cannot make everyone happy every time,
      and you simply cannot have Liberty, and have it sliced thin.

    38. I can’t help but to spot the now very obvious pattern in your behavior toward GG. I’m going to point that pattern out here by using your own words. The pattern is unmistakable and it is at this time well established by you. This is the comment of yours that precipitated GG”s first post to you:

      “It is the House and the dems that are ruining our nation not the republicans.”

      To this comment, which I will add I would have questioned you for as well, as it is entirely misinformed – GG had the AUDACITY to ask for clarification on that pointing out that you have posted a lot of comments and you do have a lot of up votes. I think she was trying to correlate in her mind how someone with so many of both of those could possibly make what, I will just say right here to be a really elementary error. Obviously, it is not the house, but the senate which is the problem. HOW DARE SHE QUESTION YOU ON THIS.

      Immediately you came out swinging like a schoolyard bully with condescension, insinuation, and really pretty much any immaturity which you could use to attack her. Oh, don’t worry I will list them for you now.
      “Guess you can;’t read either.” – I will point out that this put down was not because GG said you couldn’t read, just for anyone thinking it was.

      “Are you still in elementary school?” – actually, if I’m remember correctly, she has said to have finished high school when she was 12.

      “little information contained” – which you are refering to information in her posts. This I found to be laughable, and which makes one wonder upon an examination of her posts what in your mind would constitute ALLOT of information.

      “in case you hadn’t figured that out yet” – I don’t think she seems to demonstrate a problem with that. To the contrary, I think she has probably met with more people in life who could not figure out what comes easily to her.

      “does not require any critique from you” – Oh really? What is an opinion thread then? It’s people commenting with and about each other. Only a very thin-skinned person such as yourself could make that statement that you “require” no critique. Yes I suppose you don’t, do you?

      “sweetie.” – One of the first things you did that established your woeful pattern of verbal abuse you flung at this little girl was this sad attempt to immediately establish a false perception that she exists “below” you on some fanciful hierarchy which obviously does exist in your head and nowhere else. If one DOES exist at all it would be her that she is overwhelmingly more intelligent than you will ever be – and you are intimidated by that.

      “Don’t we think we are special?” – I don’t think she has demonstrated anywhere that she thinks that. I have seen the opposite of that in her. But then, I gave her a chance.

      “ridicule my intelligence.” – Asking you to clarify a profoundly wrong assertion is ridicule now?

      “arrogant boor you are” – Your entitled to your opinion of her, but I think I have by this time shown that you really are merely lashing out at her out of your own insecurities with yourself.

      There’s plenty more bullying in your comments directed at her, but I think that’s enough to prove you to be what you are – a thin skinned bully. I will tell tell you this. Had you lashed out at me like you did to her for merely asking you to clarify your post, I know that I would be typing this very same post to you.

      The fact that GG hasn’t is testament in my mind of her superiority over you not only intellectually but ethically as well.

      You are now trying – even with your own childish bullying recorded here – to try to spin it as it was GG whose “delivery is “less than acceptable”. You ACTUALLY said that? Really? GG never lectured you anywhere. It is YOU, however, with the above diatribe and more, who has lectured her. The final irony in your post above is that you end it with the words: “I do not need her lectures.”

      Well you certainly could use a lecture from someone and now you have it. The next time you want to repeatedly and across several posts bully another poster who merely disagrees with you, I can only hope more TP-ers would have the conviction to put you in your place.

    39. Gettin’ in the middle of all these comments, retorts, irrelevant remarks, can any of y’all stick to the topic and avoid personal attacks?

    40. Lady, I read this whole back and forth between you and GG and I’m responding to you at this post because it was here that you made the intentional decision to put her down by calling her sweetie.

      You should have gave up long ago because this little girl roundly handed your azz to you and like GG said you deserved the butt-kicking she handed you.

      You may not like her, but I think she went easy on you.

    41. Tminus/Glitch,
      Why are you posting as two separate people on this board?
      Maybe you’ll understand this when you’re 14, but adults with integrity don’t post responses to their own comments under other names, in a vain and immature attempt to give credence to their own posts.

    42. “You people act as though the democrats are totally blameless and it is all the repubs fault.”

      With rare exception, I actually don’t see anyone taking that position. You’re just making things up.

      The subject of this thread is on the Pickens Co SC GOP censuring Graham. It would therefor be entirely appropriate that comments are centered upon the subject of the RINO’s. If you can’t handle that, then find a thread on all the evil things the dems are doing and talk about them in that thread, or at least be respective that this thread does in fact deal with the problem of the RINO’s.

    43. Hahhaha! They know EXACTLY which side their bread is buttered on!
      The problem is, the blind sheep that stumble into a voting booth and check the big red “R” and think they’re doing the right thing because the candidate muttered “Praise God” and wears a flag on his lapel.
      “Single issue” voters are a bane to the Republican party.

    44. What about those blind sheep that vote Democrat? And by the way, all Republicans don’t do God. That’s where you people are stuck. What does God have to do with politics anyway.
      As for Democrats, I find most of them rude, crude and downright ignorant.

    45. You’re right.
      There’s just no need to focus on Democrats.
      We all know by now most of them are lost causes, and trying to wake them up is like talking to a stump.
      Their house is a total mess. Let’s get ours in order first.

      Democrats are emotional voters.
      Republicans tend to be logical voters.
      Where do you want to spend your time building unity?

    46. I want to be proud of my country. I want people to put what’s best for it first. I don’t see that from most of our politicians anymore. We need people to unite us and I don’t see that happening any time soon. The Democrats have done their best to seperate us and break us into groups. The Republicans seem stuck and unable to come to terms with what people want from them. Unless the Republicans can unite with the Tea Party and pick a good solid candidate, there will be another Democrate in the White House.

    47. God has everything to do with everything. But lets stay on the sake page. The cronyism has to go and integrity has to step in.

    48. The Democrats think all Republicans are religious. The Republicans think all Republicans are religious. There are millions of people like me who have non-religious views. Politics should be about politics and not about religion.

    49. When the current republicans allowed the religious right to take over the party it opened the door to the communistist athiests to take over the democratic party. That is what religion has to do with politics. Boot them both out. The majority of us religious or not are not being served either way.

    50. lol..they think. Democrats think of things to give away so people will vote for them. The Democratic voters think of more stuff they can get for free.

    51. What does God have to do with politics anyway? In our modern system, I must admit, not much. Was it supposed to be this way? No, I don’t think so. In the beginning of this country, the leaders and the common folk relied upon God for direction, strength and endurance to establish a nation that relied upon God. I think of the picture of George Washington kneeling and seeking guidance from God Almighty, and I cannot imagine a Republican or Democrat who would bend their knee in public, asking God for anything.

    52. WE can vote for God, but Please!! dont shout it from the roof tops..The Liberal media loves this..Basically all government is a man made institution and run by unregenerate men..lets not kid ourselves..God never intended for us to appoint men to rule over us but we demanded rulers and we got them..Now our job is to work within God’s kingdom to get the best men and women we can in office. VEry few will really know Jesus as LOrd and Savior, but we can get as many as we can who feel that if they do good they are in God’ good grace, and who know’s they may be..If they look after the poor, the widowed, etc.BAsically what I’m saying!! don’t play into the liberal media’s hands and vote our conscience but not shouting it for all to hear, and the liberal media to dig up dirt on, and make sure they don’t win..once again just to reiterate… I love God and Jesus.. and want to see our government to turn around and begin to return to God..

    53. I’m all for people expressing their feelings about their God but the seperation of church and state is a good thing. The people who wrote the Constitution understood that.

    54. Who wants to end up like Iran? To govern with religion is a bad thing. I don’t want to live under someone elses religious rules. Would be a bad thing.
      The First Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ….” and Article VI specifies that “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” The modern concept of a wholly secular government is sometimes credited to the writings of English philosopher John Locke, but the phrase “separation of church and state” in this context is generally traced to a January 1, 1802 letter by Thomas Jefferson, addressed to the Danbury Baptist Association in Connecticut, and published in a Massachusetts newspaper.

    55. Some single issues are deal breakers. If someone wanted to eliminate the Second Amendment could I trust his intent in any other matter? If they won’t stand up for the rights of the unborn, why would they stand up for mine, etc…

      It’s like saying “you know, except for the fact this candidate wants to commit genocide against the Jews, I like his other policies”.

    56. Collin, so long as that “single issue” runs contrary to the Constitution, then by all means DO NOT support that candidate. If they have ran afoul of the Constitution during their term in office, then absolutely DO NOT re-elect them.
      ANY violation of their oath to uphold the US Constitution is, at the very least, grounds not to allow them anywhere near our Congress, or our White House.
      The problem seems to be those that would, for example, vote for a candidate that supports the NSA, but opposes, say abortion or gay rights.
      You cannot pick and choose based on what “feels good”.
      You just HAVE TO understand that your vote isn’t about your personal agenda, it’s about keeping our Nation strong and adhering to the Constitution.
      It amazes me so many Republicans would rather keep electing Democrats instead of setting their personal vendettas aside and supporting the Founding Document.
      Maybe they don’t realize that ALL THREE of the above mentioned “issues” are fundamentally un-constitutional at their very core.

      Try voting for a candidate that doesn’t “bend the rules” just to get your vote and see if you have better luck……..
      Otherwise, we’re just as lost as the Left, only thing different is the agenda….

    57. None should bend the rules, but the rules themselves must be just. The Constitution must be upheld, or legally altered in great need through the means provided, but the laws created by its authority must have true justice as their foundation or just following the Constitution will not be enough to save this land.

      In fact, when people have ceased caring about our laws being just, you’ll find people also ceasing to care about the Constitution. That’s the only explanation for the apathy for Obama’s free pass to believe he has all of the authority in the land he wishes.

      I wish to inform you that you are deeply mistaken about some matters though. There is and can be no right to end the life of a innocent in a truly free land. It is a violation of the founding principles of this country that all have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to do otherwise. To buy the liberal claptrap that “privacy” overrides another being’s right to live is as buying into their previous claptrap that only some humans have full rights, while others can be owned.

      A pro-life libertarian such as the Pauls is what I’m looking for, not a tyrant against our Constitution nor the principles it stands for.

    58. Collin, I agree.
      You may have misunderstood me when I referenced the NSA, abortion, and GLBT rights.
      As I see it, all three are in direct violation of the Constitution. Several people agree, also.
      The NSA is obviously a 4thA violation of privacy.

      GLBT rights are “special rights’ over and above those guaranteed to ALL, which is in direct conflict with the Equal Rights clause.
      Abortion conflicts with both the Equal Rights clause, AND the Right to Life.
      In America, a woman can stand up and say “I have the exclusive right to kill a child, at my discretion, without penalty, based solely on my gender. A right afforded to no other citizen of this nation.”

      My point was….How many Republicans will let a candidate “bend the rules” because he opposes GLBT rights and abortion, but yet, let him slide because he voted for the NSA?
      Single issue voters are a bit hypocritical, IMHO.

    59. I’m afraid I did misunderstand you. I hear far too many try to justify any of those things as Constitutional, even in libertarian/conservative circles.

      You’re right, we cannot justify ignoring the law to do good, we must work with it. To do otherwise brings us down to the same level as those we are in opposition to.

      It reminds me of the dialogue about this in the outstanding “A Man for All Seasons”:

      William Roper: So, now you give the Devil the benefit of law!

      Sir Thomas More: Yes! What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil?

      William Roper: Yes, I’d cut down every law in England to do that!

      Sir Thomas More: Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned ’round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man’s laws, not God’s! And if you cut them down, and you’re just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake!

    60. How is the GLBT right to marry a violation of Equal Right’s, or any more a special right or over any other citizen’s right to marry? It would seem, by definition that Equal Rights would mean all citizens have the equal right to marry. What am I missing here? You seem to be the one who is bending the constitution to fit your own narrow anti-gay single issue agenda.

    61. Not at all Mike. The Constitution is very clear. Equal Rights are just that. Equal.
      “Gay Rights” are the same violation as “Affirmative Action” schemes.
      They both violate the Equal Rights clause under the Constitution.
      Both create separate “classes” of citizens based either on race, or sexual orientation. Special rights are given to these groups, and while some are redundant, others are “special” right that no other class of citizen enjoys.

      Gay marriage isn’t so much of an infringement as are hiring quotas, service contracts, housing requirements, and other areas where you may hear shrieks of “discrimination.”
      It’s probably no secret by now, my personal view is anti-gay. However, my greater allegiance is to the Constitution, and under that document, my personal beliefs can become nothing more than that. The same should hold true to any American citizen, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

      Not that it matters, but the GLBT community has completely missed the mark by lobbying for un-constitutional “special rights” through legislation, when they should have been fighting in court on Constitutional grounds to uphold their Equal Rights. (rights they already have)

      Marriage is a whole ‘nother can of worms, but suffice it to say the Constitution gives the government very little room to inject itself into that arena, regardless of what genders are involved.
      Doesn’t mean they haven’t already, but they really have no standing to do so.
      Marriage has traditionally been a religious ceremony, and therefore falls almost entirely within the separation clause. If Churches won’t perform a ceremony, there’s not much the government can do about it. (legally)
      Government’s involvement is roughly limited to recording marriages for estate, beneficiary, and inheritance purposes. Record keeping is a service the government can provide, ordainment isn’t.

      From a strictly Constitutional view, Civil Unions are the closest the GLBT community will ever get to a legitimate marriage.

    62. “Most” Republicans vote more in line with our values that a Democrat any day. Sure there are the lifer Rinos, but most are WAY better than what we have seen when Democrats are in control. WAY better. Only reason we aren’t a complete Socialist Country now is because of the House controlled by Repubs.

    63. I suspect many RINOs are in fact Dems put in as republicans to keep the GOP voting the Democrat agenda.

    64. you are correct 2/3 would do alot more to obama than people think . It would make all bills passed by house and senate unable to be vetoed by the punk in office . just like two thirds of the states take a revote on obama and we can impeach him without congress.. and thats in the constitution plus in the federal laws .

    65. You are almost there…We take back the Senate then impeach obama and keep biden a lame duck by using the majority….then we prosecute holder, obama and the rest of the lying scandal covering democrats. Then go to work throwing out the judges he has appointed..

    66. Vicki – I wonder why you believe that the TEA party and Libertarians should all vote Republican? Especially in the PRIMARIES? I think we would be way better off if all of the Republicans voted for the TEA party candidate, or if all of the Republicans voted for the Libertarian party candidate. Let’s face it, the Republican party is failing horribly. I think they have completely lost focus on what they stand for and have instead focused on being a political party. It is actually very saddening.

    67. I agree with you. This is an issue I have been torn over for the last two elections. I have not really backed either GOP candidate totally, but have not had a choice since the ballots contain only two parties. We have to find a way to effectively put up a strong third party candidate who can get the funds to fight both the Dems and the RINOS

    68. The answer you’re seeking can be found in the last election.
      There was every reason to believe we would have a TP/Libertarian/Constitutionalist in the White House today, if it weren’t for a last minute shenanigan pulled by the GOP Elite at the ’12 Republican Convention.

      It is of utmost importance to insure those candidates we seat in 2014 FULLY UNDERSTAND that we expect the Convention rules change to be nullified and returned to the pre-2012 language.
      That “last minute” change gave us a candidate designed to lose to the Democratic candidate.

      That statement may piss a lot of RINO supporters off, but so be it. It’s well documented within the GOP itself.

    69. Stay the course, Mike.
      If we’ve learned anything from watching the Socialists devour the Democratic Party, or the Dems undermining the Republican Party, it’s that INFILTRATION WORKS.
      Stand your ground, and don’t flee into uncharted waters. (Home court always has it’s advantages.)

      Working within the Republican Party gains us a tremendous mathematical advantage.
      A huge number of Tea Partiers and Libertarians. are already registered Republicans from last time.
      Several Independents and dis-illusioned Democrats are considering changing sides, also.
      Don’t throw that out for some ideological empty “statement” of rebellion.
      The last TP/Libertarian/Constitutionalist candidate made it all the way to the convention with enough support from just the Republican base.
      Think about that. JUST THE REPUBLICAN BASE.
      How many votes did the other nominee get from those that would NEVER vote anything but “The Big Red R” anyway? I guarantee you they would have voted “R” no matter who won the nomination.
      That’s a fact.

      How many more Dems and Indies were just waiting to fall in behind us in the General Election?
      How many 3rd party voters can be mustered on que?

    70. They’re RINOS.
      RINOS elected by blind sheep that push that Big Red “R” in the voting booth.
      They don’t need to know the issues or the candidates, they just barely need to know the alphabet………

    71. Let me make sure I understand. Unless we Tea Party conservatives throw all of our deeply held convictions into the round file and accept the goals of the Republican Party establishment who are backing the RINO’s, whom we want to get rid of, we Republicans should vote for the straight Republican ticket and for the very RINO’s we want to get rid of. Have I got that right? You are saying, If we do this we can handcuff Obama by taking two thirds majority in the House and Senate made up of the RINO’s we want to get rid of. Sounds like a winning strategy for defeat. I am all for getting rid of the RINO’s in the primary, That’s job one. But I don’t trust the RINO’s in the Republican establishment to do anything more than what they have done in the past. That is to promote RINO’s in perpetuity.

    72. Voting straight Republican is why we have crap like Graham in the Senate. If we get the house and the senate with the same trash that is in there now, we will get no more then we did under Bush and the Republicans. JUST BIG GOVERNMENT, and more spending.

    73. I will NOT ever vote for any RINOPROGLICAN. If the Repuglicrats want my vote or the votes of 3 million of my brothers and sisters they need to grow a pair and field conservative candidates.

    74. It isn’t a left/right dogma anymore. The fact that the word RINO exists at all in the American lexicon irrefutably changes the playing field considerably.

    75. I would agree, but the problem is that you have to vote your convictions. Just voting for the lesser of the evils means you are willing to compromise your convictions, just so someone else doesn’t win. I am 57 years old and I WILL not compromise anymore. Compromise is what gets you the situation with abortion we have today. Compromise gets us the situation we have with amnesty today. Compromise is what gets us the situation we have with a $17 trillion deficit today. Compromise is what we have with Obamacare’s defunding today….I can go on and on and on about where compromise has gotten us, instead of doing what is right.

    76. You’re definitely onto
      Something here! I’m tired of the same–old crap,of never having a REAL Republican, and just another Rino whom mclame , and flakey, from my state have become! I’m a tea party liberatarian!

    77. That, and Old Guard GOP (read sellouts) stabbing us in the back every inch of the way.
      For every primary that slaps down an incumbent RINO, you will effectively double your opponents war chest in the Election.
      Something to keep in mind when we’re hit with all the “soft money” negative ad campaigns in the MSM…
      Don’t think for a minute the One Party system will go down without a protracted, dirty fight.

    78. One can hope that enough American’s have woke up at this point if they are willing to remove RINO’s maybe they are starting stand together. 78% is a big number for the republican’s to come together on. Let it be the beginning of better things to come. It’s time to reclaim the republican party and show them what America looks like so our children and grandchildren can understand freedom again.

    79. You MUST do it in the primaries! If a real conservative can’t get 50% of the vote in the primary, how can he get 50% in the General Election. If you lose the primary, admit defeat, support the lesser of two evils and hold his feet tot the fire until the next election. Letting the Liberals win by splitting the Conservative vote is part of the problem we now face. In the last republican presidential primary rounds, conservatives keep winning, but splitting the votes and delegates among many candidates. By the time it came down to the last few standing, the “moderate” had accumulated too many delegates by winning states with 30% of the primary vote that the last conservative was already beaten.

    80. Simple. Some states have closed primaries, while others have precincts situated in ultra (blind) Right-Wing beltways that absolutely will not listen to anything but choir music, and end times rhetoric.
      Put that candidate in front of the nation, and it’s VERY conceivable that he would garner more support than he did within his own party.

      Nothing exemplifies this more than the TP/Libertarian/Constitution movement.

      Really a moot point though, since you have to get through the primaries first.
      Voting for the lesser of two evils is EXACTLY where they want you to be………
      We know why the Left wants you there, but what is the Right’s agenda for continually putting us in this predicament?

    81. at least a liberal you know what you have , nothing worse than a backstabbing liar and a traitor

    82. It’s about time! Need to weed out all these low life’s and to do that the people have to kick them to the curb at election time.

    83. Does that really even matter any more? It’s the Tea Party, or the “Other Party” as far as I’m concerned. We either win, or we’re all going down.

    84. I’m a very suspicious person and I am really curious why the various GOP groups are censuring the worst of the worst. McCain in arizona was censured by the Maricopa County GOP which is the largest membership in Arizona, and now graham, two of the biggest traitors in the GOP. Might it be they are doing this to divert the Conservatives and quell the calls for recalls, primary challenges and Article V Conventions? I just have this gut feeling these GOP weasels are one step ahead of me. What are their real motives? I don’t believe they are sincere, they have something under their sleeves.
      It reminds me of that ole saying “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”.
      Have a good one

    85. Good point frjm.
      Perhaps it’s because their cover has been blown and they’re in the process of fitting a new wolf with his sheepskin………
      Anything’s possible at this point.

      Be very cautious who they throw their support behind.

    86. New avatar. Oh the excesses when drunk with success! Next will be a new pic showing off the lip implants and eyebrow lifts ;)

      seriously, +1 for your popular post.

  3. Glitch girl: compared to the demos? what a demos? AZ has a population of 6,626,624, Maricopa County covers most of Phoenix which typically votes democrat. The demos did not censure McCain, the Republican base did. If there is a changing tide it is that Phoenix just may turn Republican once again.

    1. You have completely misconstrued my words into something that have meaning only to you. Grow some reading comprehension.

    2. Maricopa County covers all of Phoenix and the surrounding towns. It is primarily a Republican state. Where did you get your info Cary. I don’t think the population is that high. The last census I saw was over 4million.

    3. When I used the term “demos”, within the context of my post I think it is quite obvious I was referring to “demographics” – not democrats. I edited my post thus.

      Your whole post is built upon your own confusion as to exactly what I said. Enjoy all the upvotes from people who also have no idea what they are upvoting.


    1. The only way to get rid of the Dems, is to level the playing field, wouldn’t you agree?
      Right now, we’re flushing out the Dems hiding within the Republican Party.
      As soon as we’re successful, we’ll get right on that………..

    2. Yes, I agree with that. Thank you for your courtesy. Not everyone seems to have that trait. What’s the saying “You can’t get more results with honey than with vinegar.” I jut get tired of people blaming the republicans for everything when the dems are doing as much damage, if not more. Thanks again.

    3. Oh now, play nice,GG. LOL!

      Your input is very refreshing and much appreciated.
      Just keep in mind you’re representing here…….
      The high road, remember the high road……..

    4. But builder……..that’s where the fun iiiiiiiiiiiisssssss

      Ready? aaannnnd chopstix!

      You’re right. I know. thx for the reminder.

    5. You’re really displaying an astonishingly low level of understanding about the process of government tonight. I hope it is not always that way. I was going to point out the obvious gaping flaw in your illogical comment, but builder21 beat me to it.

    6. Don’t we think we are special? You are displaying an astonishingly low level of courtesy and good manners. It’s a shame your mother failed at this with you. What gives you the right to ridicule my intelligence. Just because I don’t agree with every little thing you say. That is MY RIGHT and does not make me ignorant, It does point out what an arrogant boor you are. Big difference between you and builder21 – good manners, courtesy, no ridiule. You could take lessons from him and should.l

    7. “What gives you the right to ridicule my intelligence.”

      um, 1A. That’s what.

      Take lessons in manners from whomever you want. Maybe that person will begin your schooling with a treatise on how demeaning it is to end discourse with words like “sweetie” in the context in which you used it with me.

      It is you who are rude. And for the sake of correctness, I did not rejoinder your comment originally because you did not agree with me. Your comment was not about anything I said – it was simply mistaken, as has become a noticeable pattern in your thought processes which highlight hypocrisy and thin skin as defining characteristics.

  4. People better watch out. If we keep attacking our own, we will surely lose Congress and the Presidency. I don’t always agree with my politicians, but we have to unite and bring a strong front to the upcoming elections.

    1. You’re absolutely right when you say “our?”. RINOs like Lindsey Graham do much more harm than good. The RINOs always want all Republicans to stick together when THEY win the primary; but when a non-RINO GOP wins the primary, forget about sticking together.

      Case in point: A few years ago, Joe Miller won the Alaska US Senate primary. Murkowski had promised to support the nominee, no matter who won, but when it was Joe Miller, she stabbed him in the back by running in the general election as a write-in candidate. She stole the election from Joe Miller, and more importantly, from the people of Alaska.

    2. Excellent choice.
      We might have to muzzle him in between rounds to keep him from shredding the entire Legislature, but hey……
      That man has principles and doesn’t mind saying so.

    3. Speak for yourself. These losers DO NOT represent the majority of us, nor do they represent this Constitutional Republic.
      If the upcoming elections are lost to the Dems, it will be the sole responsibility of those that blindly support any con artist that can preface his name with a big red “R”.
      People need to scrutinize their candidates better. A WHOLE lot better.

    4. I look at it as voting for the lesser of the two evils. I do not want people like Obama, Pelosi and Reid running the show anymore. I am 100% sure that Lindsey Graham is not destroying America like those three are.

    5. No freaking way man. I will not support the lesser of two evils. If I can have a conservative whats the point to prolong the misery. At least I know what I am getting with democrats

    6. Isn’t voting for a “little” evil the same as being a “little” pregnant?
      Either it’s evil, or it isn’t.
      People like Graham, McConnell, McCain are all about theatrics. They play for their constituents when there is no real issue at hand. (which is 75% of the time)
      When something comes along that furthers the NWO agenda, they fold like a cheap card table.
      Everyone feels like they were fairly represented 75% of the time, and they’re too clueless to see they just got 100% screwed……………..

    7. HE is not doing it as quick but he sure is. I will not vote Lesser of two evils. Beohner must get the message that if the country is gone go down we conservatives want nothing to do with it. SO if Boehner and his immigration is passed I will not vote incumbent republican but instead will vote democrat.
      I know it makes no sense but at least democrat have not lied to me like Boehner has.

  5. Obama is going to make sure he gets people voted in that he wants. The voting is going to be rigged. Demand that Soros’ voting machines are not used. Obama is pushing for voter ID not required, and probably will work on registration not required either. I read somewhere today on one of the blogs, sorry I don’t remember which one, that Obama is bringing in thousands of Islamists before the elections.

    1. I knew a few elections back that letting an Israeli firm (DIEBOLD) provide our voting machines and sending them to Israel to tabulate was a huge mistake. Then, brother Soros took the reins and it was, what? Spain? that tabulated the vote. Unreal!
      It’s my opinion that if our citizens are too lazy or too inconvenienced to HAND COUNT PAPER BALLOTS that determine the leader of our country, then they deserve nothing……

    1. He would look great knocking on doors and ringing bells with his little whiteboard in hand. Oh, such a glorious vision has so elevated my evening!


    Due to the paradigm shift in establishment GOP politics away from traditionally conservative values most significantly toward feverish fiscal irresponsibility, there now exists a rising sentiment in the country – and indeed within internet boards- to defund the GOP wrt to contributions and votes. People are -and have been – speaking with fervor and courage but nobody in Washington has been listening. The defund/don’t vote operandi is specifically intended that the establishment GOP (as it is presently constituted with liberal spendthrifts) is not able to continue usurping the party in the exact fashion that the progressive party has usurped the democratic party; and toward that end, is no longer able to win elections.

    This is a strategem that has grown out of necessity and the consequences of implementing it sit squarely on the shoulders of the RINO caucus within the GOP, and not upon frustrated conservative voters in districts across America who have gone for years without ANY representation in Washington . Establishment die hards rebuke this strategy by stating the obvious possibility of lost GOP seats in both houses of congress, failing to SEE the obvious: that they have provided no practical benefit to conservatives by holding those same seats as crony progressive republicans. In a risk vs reward optic, there is just no real downside to withholding votes and contributions to GOP “shoe-ins” – even though the risk of doing so would be to lose that seat to a progressive democrat..

    In the 2014 and 2016 election cycles, the candidate most maligned by main stream media and establishment GOP will be the candidate who presents the strongest antithetical argument to progressive idealism, ensuring that there is no room at the PAC trough for them. The eGOP has left its constituency no other choice than to primary the RINO’s with courage, conviction and closed wallets.

    1. You’re a complete imbecile. I responded above to your other personal attack upon me, and anyone with any modicum of analytic skill will immediately be impressed by two truths:

      1) It is an irrefutable fact that no content exists anywhere on the planet where I could have possibly plagiarized my rebuttal to your immature and pointless attack on my right to b*tch (above).


      2) The similarity in writing styles between my timely response to your above comment on me and my diatribe entitled “No Downside To Primary Rino’s” is more than similar – it is indeed exact. That is because the same person wrote both. And that person is me.

      If you don’t want to bother yourself with reading what obviously on its face amounts to one person’s editorialized comments, then don’t read them. But to slander them because you don’t agree with them or are otherwise offended by them – then at least make a considerate response. If that is too much for you, then by all means do be sarcastic as he11. But just don’t be a d*ck.

    2. You are posting under two different names?
      And making it appear that others support your statements?

    3. glitch,
      Oh, and your #1 example is meaningless. Nowhere did I say that you plagerized any part of your rant to me concerning that.
      Perhaps when you turn 14 you’ll learn reading comprehension.

    4. Now you’re referring to yourself in the third person?!?
      Wow, you are a nut job.

      Here is what you wrote, Glitch/Tminus:
      “1) It is an irrefutable fact that no content exists anywhere on the planet where I could have possibly plagiarized my rebuttal to your immature and pointless attack on my right to b*tch in this post of yours:”
      Please show where I stated that your reply was plagerized from your many selves or from anyone else.
      Nonexistent wisdom indeed.

    5. You are an idiot who doesn’t understand what you are reading. My rebuke to your first post obviously couldn’t be plagiarized. The writing style is the same as the “No downside” diatribe. That’s because I wrote both. That is exactly what I’m explaining to you and you are far too dense to keep up.

      I have now resorted to making fun of you because you are so confused. Tminus follows my posts. I’m not surprised to see him post in this thread defending me, although I think it’s the first I’ve seen him do that. In fact, he’s hardly ever on TTPN.

      You really are such the conspiratist – and slanderer.

      Anyone can re-post my editorial stuff. If Tminus does,then more power to him. I haven’t seen him do that because like I said – I don’t see him on this forum much, but I’ve known him for some time.

      Now, if you want to comment on the subject of the actual thread, go ahead. But I doubt from your comments it would be worth reading.

    6. Tminus/glitch wrote:
      “My rebuke to your first post obviously couldn’t be plagiarized.”

      Show me where I said it was.

    7. Well you sure have invested a lot of your time commenting on my verbose points in my editorial, so I guess I had a lot of points. You just don’t agree with them and chose not to engage me in mature dialogue about my opinion, but to just say ‘you plagiarized that’ for no apparent reason. I asked tminus if he posted it anywhere and he said he didn’t. I’m tired of your BS. You are just too dense to understand anything.

      I think you’re just insecure about yourself. It shows.

    8. So now you don’t remember where you’ve posted the original missive, or under which name?
      And you’ve make a lot of comments, but no points. Big difference.
      Too funny!

    9. Like I said, if you’ve seen that posted by someone else, more power to them. I’ve posted that myself on other forums. Others prolly too. I didn’t just write that today, you moron. I posted here because of its appropriateness to the topic. It’s common and wise to use cut/paste instead of having to repeat your own comments. I save my editorials and re-post them all over.

      Gawd, you are one dense moron.

      And yes, I post in a lot of forums and have an identity for each. That keeps pervs from following me around the web. It’s very effective. A lot of minors do this and it is smart to do. You have no point. You’re just an idiot who is completely lost.

    10. You’re right, I’m a moron.
      Because when you say,
      “”1) It is an irrefutable fact that no content exists anywhere on the planet where I could have possibly plagiarized my rebuttal to your immature and pointless attack on my right to b*tch in this post of yours:”and:
      “My rebuke to your first post obviously couldn’t be plagiarized”,
      You are clearly saying that I claimed you plagerized it.
      But now you’re saying that that is not what you’re saying.
      Have you taken your bipolar meds yet this morning?

    11. This is a cut/paste from above. I don’t see any other way to explain your stupidity to you but to just repeat this:

      “My rebuke to your first post obviously couldn’t be plagiarized. The writing style is the same as the “No downside” diatribe. That’s because I wrote both. If the writing is the same,which it is, then why
      would you not just say “ok, I read your other posts and see that the writing is the same, so obviously you didn’t plagiarize it [the "Downside" rant] – guess I was wrong. What a d*ck I am.”

      That is exactly what I’m explaining to you and you are far too dense to keep up.”

      I’m sure that was way too deep for you. I’m done with you, troll.

    12. Wise kids exist only in fairytale movies. Smart kids do exist in real life. You really are the dimmest twit I’ve encountered in a while.

    13. Glitch,
      Why don’t you explain to a moron like like me what you did mean?
      “1) It is an irrefutable fact that no content exists anywhere on the planet where I could have possibly plagiarized my rebuttal to your immature and pointless attack on my right to b*tch in this post of yours:”
      This should be funny…

    14. That if I didn’t plagiarize that post because it would be impossible to do since it is a response to your post, and the writing is the same as my “No Downside” rant, then it stands to reason that I also wrote the “Downside” rant – which you accused me of plagiarizing. Same writing. Same author. Got it now, moron? It’s pretty simple.

    15. If there’s any doubt GG has any support here, I for one agree with virtually everything she’s posted.
      The problem, it seems is when you’re dealing with someone intelligent enough to be objective in their search for answers, toes usually get stepped on….

    16. I don’t doubt it or have a problem with it.
      But when someone posts under multiple names to back up their own posts, that’s wrong.
      And I’ll call it as such.
      But do you all really think Glitch is a 17 year old political savant?

  7. as long as they are thrown out of office as well…if you simply “censure” them, they will go back and do it again for another 6 years!!!!

  8. Here’s a news flash for ya…. the GOP establishment has been playing footsie with the Dems even while Reagan was in office. After Reagan’s two terms were up the GOP was falling all over themselves to get back to their RINO agenda.

  9. Next Flake, Rubio. Censure all the RINO’s from Gang of Eight. Rubio and Flake too. Send all the other Rino’s in the Senate and House that they do not represent their constituency anymore playing up to Obama and the Democrats.

  10. I suggest the libertarians follow the Rand Paul/Ron Paul lead and run as GOP. You need to get elected to make changes, what does it matter if you call yourself a republican. Democrats are okay as republican rino’s.

    1. I agree. It’s the only way to win. Do the math.
      If it were done with a 3rd party strategy, you would end up with Tea Party/Constitutionalists/Libertarians losing to the Dems by a fairly wide margin, and the GOP would be so far behind that, they’d look like tail lights.
      Of course, the GOP would ignore the obvious numbers, and claim those nasty TP’ers let the Dems win. (like last time)
      We really need to get rid of the ignorance within the Rep base…….

  11. if the gop gives me a choice between two evils, their evil, or the dem evil, i will not vote that column at all; unless the libertarians have a candidate, or we finally get the freedom/tea party going mccain will never get another vote from me period.

  12. What function does Censuring have? Is it just a posturing, or does it have anything to do with what a politician can or can’t do in the future?

    And remember, “If you can’t explain it simply you don’t understand it well enough.” Albert Einstein. : )


    1. I appreciate the directness & brevity of your response, as it did in fact save me some time for a more extensive yet equally stupid response.

      While there may have been many ways to have interpreted my question, being that i chose to ask it in a specific forum, an in regards to a current event, I thought perhaps someone both bright, patient & willing enough might be able to put it into appropriate context as to what i asked, rather than trying to select from the top 5(?) best search results from the 17,600,000 results found in 0.14 seconds.

      …and for this… I thank you.

    2. Glitch was wise to direct you to google. I did the search and ‘censure in the united states’ was third on the list and provided by far more and better quality of information than you are likely to get by just a random poll – which is essentially what you did. The prereq thing didn’t help any either, for me at least.

      Take responsibility for your own research and you will be better informed. If you put it off on someone else and don’t like the answer you get try not to be a vindictive snob about it. GG is very informative poster and she might have just been trying to do you a favor in the long run.

    3. I appreciate your honest response. Smart-ass, not snob. I have no sense of vindication or superiority of her or anyone. I simply responded to a dumb answer. I am not familiar with her, don’t follow her or anyone else. Her response to me was a universal expression of utter laziness and hubris, i would say far more so than any you could have possibly (incorrectly) assumed from my point of view. Because you candidly mention this, I am happy to explain myself better, that it seems you have interpreted a few things I said.

      1. You said it was the 3rd search results in Google. A – you started reading the 1st 2 as well. How far down would you have gone? (kind of trivial. We can agree to give a few results a quick read) B I’m not in the U.S. or an English speaking country for that matter. Sometimes it’s easy for me to get through to English Google. Sometimes it’s not. So 3rd response for you might be different than for me… and is certainly in a different language. Maybe trying a little harder… sure.

      2. I wasn’t being lazy. I’m not looking for this to be sole-source informative. I was looking for interesting interjection – FROM A VOLUNTEER – that might help me find another avenue, an avenue that might yield a source with answers more specific to what I am looking for. A reference, different wording, “For example, look back at Sen…” something of that nature. “Back and forth.” If I got a good response perhaps I could guide more information more specific to what I’m asking through better questioning once the dialog started. It recently happened to me on another occasion. (I didn’t give a short response as I did here. It was lengthy and descriptive from the beginning. I am only speaking to “back-and-forth” dialog helping add to info/sources to be further researched)

      “Prereq?” again, I appreciate your honesty. It wasn’t meant to display laziness, but rather I actually had looked up censor and was not satisfied with my results (above i mentioned “difficult in another country.” YES, and I finally got through. Another example – i know you cannot see that – that i did put some effort into it). It was admittedly a very broad-brushed stroke to saying I am not looking for an over-analytical or super-technical answer. Though college educated, I’ve had 4 civilian and 2 military jobs in my career, the most resent requiring quite a bit of skill in a few disciplines, I honestly, sincerely believe that the best conversations/answers are the ones that are the most basic. The quote was only meant to reflect that. If it did so poorly then that is unfortunate for those who misinterpret it who would otherwise have chosen to help, and perhaps even more unfortunate for me in that it appears I discouraged. that was never my intention, and in fact would have been pretty stupid (not a pointed commentary) considering I am asking for help.

      “Horizontal stripes on a BFA.” Not sure what BFA is. I assume that is a “smart” reference not necessarily being used derogatorily at me. ;) I get it… though not the saying. I’ll “look it up!”

      “Take responsibility…” Addressed above. Quickly, I agree with you, always agree with that, did before I posted, and was seeking further guidance if easily enough available. She was being a smart-ass, not doing me a favor. “Google” is a favor? It is not.

      I do appreciate your detailed response. I was not so specific in my original question because I figured someone would either give me an easy answer/reference, or just skip over my comment like everyone else. I sense a “wise” tone in your response and I assume it’s because you perceived things to be differently than perhaps what I’ve now described. I hope this gives you a sense that this diffuses what you thought was my utter lazy arrogance… (except for my smart-ass Tosh.O reference at the end) to be something else.

      Either way, again, thank you for being candid and descriptive about what you did not like. Thanks for letting me explain myself.

      Now that I’ve wasted good time on “censure” research… ;)

    4. Wow. Stopped reading at like first sentence. Get some meds for that obsessive disorder. Just wow. It wasn’t that big of a deal to write a book. You could have looked up that def about a thousand tiimes in the time it took you to write that screed. So that pretty much blows whatever tripe you just wrote that I’m not wasting MY time on right out of the water.

  13. “… was not the first public rebuke that Graham has faced.” So vote his RINO backside out of office! Why do you people in South Carolina keep rewarding his behavior by re-electing him? Primary him, for cryin’ out loud.

  14. With open primaries, SC has Democrats voting in the primary to get the candidate most to their liking…because a Democrat can’t win, they elect a Democrat to represent the GOP.

    Open primaries are not beneficial to good governance.

  15. Reading these comments and their nastiness, the DEMs have no problem, at all. When Republicans/Teapartiers will eat their own, as we have seen in the last Presidential election, and as we see in the remarks right here between posters. the DEMs are sitting pretty. They love this division….one they didn’t even have to do themselves. As long as this division continues, expect the DEMs to stay in power. BTW, a RINO is anyone who calls themselves by a party name in which they don’t adhere or believe. Who are the real RINO’s. Some Teaparty REP are not really, GOPS, therefore y are RINO’s pretending to be GOP’s, the only avenue they have to get elected. Don’t get me wrong, I consider myself a Teapartier, so this is NOT a slam on the principles of the Tea Party. Taxed Enough Already….lower taxes, smaller government. I’m just saying the GOP is actually two parties, not one united party and that division is causing problems for every supporter. Just sayin’.

    1. “BTW, a RINO is anyone who calls themselves by a party name in which they don’t adhere or believe.”

      Wow! Thank you Obie Wan Kenobe for that valuable elucidation. Who would have ever known?

      I will speak for myself in saying that I reserve my right to make my arguments and comments in whatever style I see as appropriate to the degree in which I feel insulted, condescend to – or on a positive note – agreed with.

      I must say you started out arrogantly assuming that people here are by and large unfamiliar with the term RINO when it is at the core of why the TP exists in the first place.

      You then felt it necessary to admonish others in things you were not involved in. That is more a leftist characteristic and so it should come as no surprise to you that – speaking for myself – I think it is you who should check your mindset.

  16. I will NOT be sucked in. If you want to attack a poster whom you disagree with, make “personal” attacks, you are part of the problem, not the solution and you make my point for me.

    1. No, lemmings make your point for you. There’s plenty of them over at OFA. Argument is at the very core of what makes America stronger, not weaker. You are misguided in assigning negatives with people’s right and varying degrees of abilities to vociferously defend their positions. It’s at the core of our judicial system and practiced daily by our Congressional bodies.

  17. Pickens County is home to 100,000 remote hillfolk of dubious scholarship. Oooooh! Methinks we have a national movement afoot!

    1. “Methinks”. Now there’s a sad attempt at appearing scholarly on display for the world. Those hills are home to descendents of Scots and Irish immigrants who came here to escape being persecuted by dolts like you. Their sons fought along everyone else in the great wars of the last few centuries against fascism and communism and left their blood in the mud.

      How it is that you believe they are less deserving of honest representation in Washington is nothing other than a sad comment about yourself.

    2. Your pathetic attempt to be sincerely incomprehending of sarcasm belies your obvious and profoundly mediocre intelligence, or so methinks. Go ahead, split the party and vote out all the Republicans, and see what you get. The uncontested democrats will elect candidates that make Obama seem like Ronald Reagan. The middle path is the only way forward. Appeal to the center, just a little bit, and wipe the foam off your lip.

    3. It will be my home come May. I have a BS and 3 Masters. I teach math.
      I went to Harvard. Please refrain from pious generalizing.

  18. Good news. Two RINO’S down, 6 more to go. The GOP and the American people need to send the entire “gang of 8″ that straddle the fence on every issue until the last minute, then choose the option that will protect them and their committee appointments. They are each responsible for the enormous national debt, Obamacare, the decline of America’s status worldwide, the invasion of citizens privacy, politically motivated audits and abuse by the IRS, the fact that we have no resolution to the fast and furious debacle, the Benghazi murders and the appointment of unacceptable members to our highest levels of government offices. No more RINO’S, no more radically liberal politicians of either party and no more spineless wimps that will roll over when offered a political bone, so to speak. Wow, I think I may have just eliminated most politicians. Frankly, I would be happy with fewer members of the congress and senate with no political affiliation that have the ability to see through the prism of the greed and power grab that all our politicians suffer from today. I want politicians that don’t think only about themselves and their goals. I want politicians that will listen to the American people, but not be swayed by opinions or bought with money and power. I want politicians that will look forward to the future for our grandchildren. They deserve to have the same opportunities we all had rather than be burdened with unsustainable debt and a dictator to control their lives. I also want a politician that will understand that his/her elected position does not result in a lifetime career. Term limits, with the knowledge that constituents have the ability to say “you’re fired” if they do not abide by the promises they gave in order to win their seat. This should apply to ALL politicians, from the POTUS to the city manager in the smallest town in America.

  19. One step at a time Now lets find a good conservative candidate who will do the job we elect them to do and defeat the Dems in Nov. Bye Lindsey

  20. These are indeed interesting times. Recap: Dems lead the Executive Branch and Senate. Repubs lead the House. “Our” Congress just passed a bill to spend $1.1T. MANY people for and against that new spending law. Against: Gov’t already taking too much from wage earners. For: Like to show “care and concern” for those who can’t or won’t fend for themselves. Disconnect: Unable (unwilling) to separate the crowd that won’t take care of themselves from those who can’t fend for themselves. The result, those who won’t fend for themselves vote for politicians who support laws that get them handouts. Task: Get politicians who will stop establishing laws that take from wage earns to join the Democrat Party primaries so we who are against increased spending can beat them at their own game … Conservative Democrat, has a nice ring to it! Reducing the number of weak-kneed Repubs would be icing on the cake … just thinking out loud here.

    1. I don’t think infiltrating the Democratic Party is going to work.
      Those people can smell Freedom and Equality a mile away.
      (makes their ears ring) You’d never get past the front door……

  21. SC, like TX, requires a 50+% majority to win a primary; otherwise, the state holds a run-off between the top two candidates. So, vote for “anyone but Graham” in the primary, then back his opponent in the run-off. The key to ousting Lindsey is getting out the conservative vote on June 10th, not November 4th.

  22. I am pleased to see this happen. While I admit he had me fooled too for many years, he has been hanging around John Mccain like a little puppy on a leash. It finally caught up to him. Time to let him and John McCain go to the dog pound together. There, now I feel better!

  23. The problem lies in the fact that all of them are liberals to a point just the democrats are way over board on their leanings and the republicans are just leaning against the rail of the ship.

  24. we conservatives have to be careful we do not shoot ourselves in the foot. It is better to have a Lindsey Graham, as hard as that is to say, than another left wing radical like Harry Reid. It is better to help a moderate like Lindsey get elected than try to run someone too far to the right and elect a communist. This is one thing the Tea Party and the Conservatives seem to be failing to understand. We elect good candidates to state legislatures from conservative districts and some to the US House. But we fail to get candidates who can win in state wide elections hence we have hostile governors and US Senators for the most part. We need to look more at strategy. It is better to have a Lindsay who is beholden to us for getting him elected.

    1. And a vote for a Dem-funded RINO is a vote for the Dems.
      I think you’ve pretty well outlined what we’re up against, now lets find a solution that doesn’t involve holding our noses, and grabbing our ankles……..

    2. Sorry, I can’t agree with you. This is the old less of two evil philosophy.
      That cost us the last two presidential elections.

    3. I believe once elected, they’re beholden to the system, not those that they claim to represent.
      A half weak representative is no representative at all.

  25. We need to scrap the name RINO and replace it with Republicans who need to be more conservatively oriented, then work to re-educate them.

    1. Ralph, I hate to burst your bubble, but these people have been indoctrinated into something no amount of “re-educating” will un-do.
      They believe what they believe, and they’re willing to endure ridicule, censure, reprimand, scorn, and put their entire personal reputation on the line for their masters…………

  26. Graham and McCain getting their comeuppance should send John Boehner a message. Come on, 8th Ohio Congressional District, get with the program and censur Boehner. Let him know that RINOS and OBuma lapdogs will not be tolerated.

  27. Love it! Time to make the RINO’s pay for their treason! Course, I don’t trust many Republicans either, unless they are backed by the Tea Party.

  28. I don’t like to get involved in anyone else’s disagreements but if we ourselves can’t control our emotions how do we have the gall to tell them to do it in the House & Senate? There is enough turn coats in our Party we don’t need to turn on each other. Nobody has to be condescending in here. If we as a whole can’t get passed words we will be lost. Unity has to begin with us, we all need to get a backbone and stop letting other people’s words hurt us. So many things are taken out of context. Don’t we all want the same thing? Or is that just wishful thinking on my part? It starts with us. We have enough separation in the Party we don’t need it here.

  29. Graham is a traitor to the republican party and the nation. It is about time he and the other self-dealing pols in the political elite are held accountable.

  30. Funny..Youtea baggers calling Republicand RINOS when that is exactly what you are. Truth twisting lying RINOS ! Actually a lot like Hitlers Nazis !

    1. Fantastic ! The country now has an economy again after eight years of Bushdom and the resulting foreclosures. People are buying and building houses again you idiot !

  31. It is about time. I am so sick of these rinos who get themselves elected to represent one school of thought and then go to D.C. and do the exact opposite.

  32. If I were living in SC again I would vote for Nancy Mace. She was the first women to ever graduate from the Citadel Military Academy. She is a woman of strong character, IMO. She could be trusted. I would like to see her win the primary against Graham. It does my heart good to hear the people of Pickens County censured him.

  33. All I can say is “AWESOME”!
    Well done Pickens County!
    Now please use any influence you may have to get other counties to do the same.
    This is a great start to cleansing the GOP of the lying, corrupt, scheming liberals-in disguise.

  34. Censure is not enough… they need to call for his resignation. It is time for all GOP local committees to start the process of reviewing the voting records of their representatives in Congress… with an eye to CENSURE and demand resignations from those who fail to follow the Party planks and or their campaign promises.
    In fact, it may be time to censure the likes of the Chairman of the RNC and the various other GOP fund raising organizations… telling them they are unwelcome as a representative of the party in those party committees and states, where they have been censured. The institutional RINO must be denied access to the party… and if the RNC or various state committees will not do it then the grass roots county committees should.
    Where the State GOP is firmly opposed to their representatives… and they have control of the State Legislature/Assembly… resolutions of censure addressing the betrayal of the voter’s in general should be considered. If possible revoke their State Citizenship if they have acted in direct opposition to the State Constitution… once their citizenship in a State is revoked…. they can be challenged and removed by the State from their seats in Congress.
    We must think outside the conventional political box… too, remove the RINO and his close allies from power.

  35. Graham is a INO POS, and may he rot in a specific hot place for all of eternity with the rest of the filth traitors :)

  36. It’s about time our fellow conservatives are speaking up. I say “well done” to them all. Unfortunately, I live in San francisco and we do not have anybody in office I can gripe about as a conservative. I’m surrounded by progressives.

  37. Too bad it took so long for the Pickens County GOP to realize that L. Graham is a stealth Democrat.

  38. I live in SC. we are doing everything we can to make sure Graham does not get reelected , the people living in the Beaufort County area and Hilton Head want him gone . He is just as big a liar as McCain and their buddy Obama.

  39. Graham needs to be voted out. He is a puzzy, and certainly no one who supports the principles of limited government and low taxation. He has stabbed conservatives in the collective back.

  40. Tea party definition of “RINO” — a rationally-thinking, pragmatic Republican who doesn’t buy into the wholly dogmatic fanaticism of self-righteous tea party faux patriots, the socially-regressive Christian conservatives, and the greedy, self-serving fiscal conservatives within the GOP.

  41. Electing a representative to the legislature is a contract between the people and the person elected. If the representative fails to faithfully represent the views and opinions of the electorate they should be removed. Nothing hard about that.

  42. I wholeheartedly support the censure of Graham. You can add to the list the fact that he does not return letters to him, or if he does, he changes the subject. He must not be re-elected!!! He is an obama boot licker.

  43. Changing of the guard is necessary to win back the Republic. To do that all need to vote against the incumbent in the next three election cycles, then if congress cannot be forced to enact term limits vote out anyone when they have served two terms.

  44. The Republican party needs a purge so the electorate will have a clear choice, an honest dialectic needs to be restored in US politics.

  45. I am kinda new to all this, so can someone get me up to speed? Specifically, how are the Dems ruining the country? Further, as for integrity, is there a Republican equivalent of such? I have been looking for one but of the potential players in the presidential race in 2016, a candidate with integrity is severely lacking on the GOP side. How are Republicans ‘in the know’ and all Dems and/or Progressives nothing more than clueless idiots prone to drooling upon themselves? Also — this might be a tricky question — if the charter of the GOP calls for less government, how then is it not hypocritical in wanting such entities such as Homeland defense, the NSA, narc police piss testing everyone and anyone on public assistance, et tal? Or, for that matter, if the charter mandates that the government stays out of people’s business, how is it not hypocritical when Republicans want government directly involved in who we marry, a woman’s lady parts, forcing Christian doctrines upon our school children (Hello Texas, you are on the air), or otherwise having a go at the veterans, the poor, the LGBT community, women, the Black community, the Latino community, or anyone else that fits into that neat little box of — ‘Let them eat cake?’

    Do get back to me. I am rather curious. From this particular thread the only thing that I have read that is even remotely true was by someone that stated that Republicans are destroying their fellow Republicans. As you defame such would-be ‘Rinos,’ the opportunity to cure what ails this country further slips from our grasp. Forgive me if I am wrong here, but wasn’t it Republicans under W’s administration that made compromise a dirty word and yet somehow now ‘compromise’ is trendy again to use? In this skewed paradigm of a political party that the GOP represents, it somehow implies that the GOP gets everything that it wants when it wants it otherwise we live within a socialistic state of being and therefore the legislative agenda becomes a giant temper tantrum whereby very few new bills are passed into law while the collective of elected GOPers takes their ball and runs home?

    Extra credit time,.. Answer this question, and be sure to show your work.

    How do Republicans make both the party and those that it is comprised of look like ignorant Hayseeds? Cannot answer? Okay, the answer is simple really. They do so by suggesting that Liberals are Socialists which, by its very definition, could never happen. The same could be said of Liberals being communists. Liberalism and Libertarianism believe that the legitimacy of rights extend from the individual to the state, not the other way around. Because of which, if the modern day Libertarian movement wasn’t a reactionary distraction by the Koch brothers making yet another power play for the White House, Libertarians would be far more apt to side with a liberal agenda whereas they would be more content (by definition) in that particular wheelhouse than the one that they are shacked up in currently.

    I digress however, because as stated, the GOP is a great and silly cannibal that feasts on it’s own whenever, however it is able to do so. You did it to yourselves when McCain was your pick for office, and then again with Romney. ‘McCain wasn’t far enough to the right’ went the chatter during the Republican convention while ‘Romney isn’t centrist enough to pull independents or blue dog Democrat’ was expressed by more than one Fox News pundits (oxymoronic perhaps? You betcha!).

    If the GOP potential nominees to run in 2016 were a basketball team, it wouldn’t be that deep in players while lacking true depth and/or strength. As the ‘Great White Hope,’ you had both Jeb Bush and Chris Christie. Bush won’t commit hoping not to have to run due to the fact that he is tired of having to clean up his brother’s messes, while Christie is being rake over the proverbial coals due to ‘Bridge-gate,’ and for A. illegally using such money for victim relief on a campaign commercial, then B. withholding funds from the city of Hoboken due to the fact that the mayor of the city would not sign off on a three block radius being classified as in need of redevelopment, thus allowing a law firm that Christie and a couple of his staff have both direct and indirect ties to, garner such tax breaks and monies from the state as they broker the deal in reconstructing the area. This, naturally, brings us back to a previous question asked — Does the Republicans have a politician among them that has integrity?

    Do let me know if you would. As I previously stated, I am new to all this Republi-speak, and want to make sure that before I suggest that anyone is either A. stupid, or B. brainwashed, I want to make sure that I am correct in my facts.

    1. “Extra credit time,.. Answer this question, and be sure to show your work.”

      I didn’t read your book above since scrolling over it revealed that little gem. Could you be more arrogant? Guess I can live without your ‘extra credit’, Mr. I’m so new at this.

  46. It was with great pleasure that I read the stories about McCain and Graham. And just a small reminder, McCain was the (R) establishments choice for President at one time. Hmmm…something rotten in Denmark? I’d say so.

  47. Does anybody wonder why the establishment Republicans are living in fear and have put their biggest efforts and donors up against other Republicans? The Tea Party Republicans may be closer than anybody can guess to ending the big government stranglehold that the establishment Republicans have on the entire party.

  48. Rino’s don’t need to get called on the carpet, they need to be voted out of their jobs! There can be no more compromise with the likes of Reid, Durbin, Schumer, Boxer, McCain, Graham et al.