Democrat Wendy Davis, Candidate for Governor of Texas, Caught in Major Lies

Wendy Davis
Texas State Senator Wendy Davis was catapulted onto the national scene following her filibuster in the Texas Senate in support of abortion. She was almost immediately deemed a Democrat rising star as the national spotlight was thrust upon her. Hoisted upon the stage of unforgettable stories, Davis was praised for ‘overcoming the odds’ as a single mother eventually graduating from Harvard Law School. A few weeks ago, Davis declared candidacy in the governor’s race for the state of Texas. However, the tales of her life’s story are starting to unravel as we learn that much of it is untrue.

The Dallas Morning News revealed this weekend that ‘key facts were blurred’ by Wendy Davis in her campaign. In other words, Wendy Davis is a liar.

The basic elements of the narrative are true, but the full story of Davis’ life is more complicated, as often happens when public figures aim to define themselves. In the shorthand version that has developed, some facts have been blurred.

Davis was 21, not 19, when she was divorced. She lived only a few months in the family mobile home while separated from her husband before moving into an apartment with her daughter.

A single mother working two jobs, she met Jeff Davis, a lawyer 13 years older than her, married him and had a second daughter. He paid for her last two years at Texas Christian University and her time at Harvard Law School, and kept their two daughters while she was in Boston. When they divorced in 2005, he was granted parental custody, and the girls stayed with him. Wendy Davis was directed to pay child support.

When confronted with the discrepancy between reality the compelling story told by her campaign, Davis’s response was weak at best. 

“My language should be tighter,” she said. “I’m learning about using broader, looser language. I need to be more focused on the detail.”

Given the numerous lies that she has been caught in, does she mean that rather than ‘being focused on the detail’ that she should be focused on the truth?

Read more at Dallas News.

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  1. Okay I will start. Since when do we have to listen to people that will not even give their constituents the respect of telling them the simple truth? Do they have us so programmed that we do not even value when someone tell us the truth or become indignant and disrespected when someone lies to us? I tell you this. I want REAL in any candidate that runs for office. This lady is not being REAL!

    1. Wendy Davis is in general only a little above average in intelligence so the idea that she can make better decisions for us that we can make ourselves is laughable

    2. joe1cr did not say that people that go to Harvard are not smart. He said just because they did does not prove it is so!

    3. A college degree is after all, a piece of paper saying you completed a 2 or 4 year course. It has nothing to do with ones intelligence, honesty or the content of their character.

    4. I take it you are not a Liberal or Progressive….
      Of course not– you’de not be asking those questions if you were.
      I’m with you. It’s totally frustrating.

    5. Thank you Codetrain. Not much good with the labels these days. The truth is the truth regardless of the source. I do believe however that I would be labeled as one of those Constitutional Tea Party rebels they keep demonizing. I think after serving my country for over thirty years, I should be able to have a bit of a say.

    6. From what I have read, she just tells her story to make herself look good. In other words she lies. She isn’t a single mother, she didn’t even take care of her kids. We have enough fake , politicians. (lier’s) We need ones with integrity, honesty & character.

    7. She portrayed herself as a down and out single mother who through no fault of her own was a
      trailer park resident. But her actions show her to be a conniving user of a man to get her out of the trailer, provide for her child, her education. She then devoices
      him just as he pay’s off her college costs while committing adultery. She fit a good definition of a prostitute from the trailer park trash scenario.

    8. her children are adults now, she did have shared custody, she contributed to the finances working as an attorney, do you always make snap judgments without the facts?

    9. Your full of POPPYCOCK !!! Her husband had custody of them and she was ordered by the court to pay child support for them. She may of had visitation rights and that’s not shared custody. That’s was the SNAP
      JUDGEMENT, the judge made on her divorce.

    10. Wendy and her husband had shared custody of their youngest daughter, the oldest one was an adult at the time of their separation. They decided together as parents it would be best for their daughter to remain in the family home. Wendy insisted on paying support, not the judge. Obviously you know nothing about it , do you base all your judgments and decisions without knowing the facts?

  2. Expecting a demonrat to tell the truth is like asking the sun to never shine – IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN

  3. This is similar to the strategy that’s made Elizabeth “Cherokee Cheekbones” Warren a name bandied about as a presidential contender. Sadly, it’ll probably work for Davis, too.

  4. All she did was emulate what her Mesiah’s been doing for the past 5 years. They lie, lie some more, then hope the low information voters never catch on.

    1. Anyone that is so stupid to say that any ethnic group is stupid is really harmful to this country. I served this country as a Marine for 11.5 years, and as a police officer for 26 years. I speak from experience, there are blacks and other minorities that I am proud to call my friends and there are white people that disgust me. A low life is a matter of attitude not color.

    2. low information isnot as you describe. Low information are the ones who are to lazy to check facts of what they are told. they can be PHDs Just out of high school whatever. has nothing to do with race or social status. or party affiliation.

    3. Some low information Idiots have college degrees
      which often indicate a low I.Q. B.A. (Brains Absent), M.A. (Morons Anonymous) and PhD (Post-Hole Diggers) have often been obtained by community organizers who never learned a work ethic.

    4. Arnold , you should quit making comments about subjects that are way above yours and Odummers liberal pay grade.

    5. Well, I’m black, work hard, am a Marine veteran, support my family without out government assistance and vote Republican. If that means I’m “low information” I guess I should just be like the rest of the idiots who don’t watch the news or keep track of the lies. Oddly enough, not ALL people of different races like Obama. But thank you back woods for pointing out that black people are stupid.

    6. bucko25 is a troll trying to start trouble , most likely to fight each other , he is a liberal commie democrat

    7. Retired older white women and that is so wrong, black people are not stupid. I would not walk across the street to shake obama’s hand, but I would run after Allen West just to say I saw him. So if I am a racist, then I chose to pick the person. Hang on I truly believe there is a silent group out there trying to cause a war.

    8. I hear what your saying. Just because I’m white it doesn’t make me more knowledgeable then anyone else. Just like being a politician doesn’t give them a free pass to embellish the facts. When you lie to the people you are sworn to represent over what you consider to be small insignificant things 9 times out of 10 you are likely to lie about the big things too. Yes, we should be outraged about our government officials lying to us.

    9. I don’t think black folks are stupid. But I would like to see more outrage from the black community at a president who is so smug to think all blacks like him just because he is black and overlook his agenda. He does not think blacks can think

    10. Ed, not that I can speak for black conservatives but have you not noticed when a black person speaks against a democratic position they are called out as in “Uncle Tom’s” etc. Blacks get it from both sides as Buckie clearly shows above. He bashes blacks and yet StaceyM. has served this country as a Marine to defend Buckie boy’s right to condemn her.

    11. I get called a house negro a lot since I voted for Romney who is white and can’t stand Obama. I look at what he has done to our troops and our US citizens and am ashamed. We’ve had 12 presidents that didn’t wear a uniform and most were Democrat. What Obama and Clinton have failed to do is work with the American people and her troops. Instead Obama has worked hard on spitting on anybody that bleeds for this country, be it in or out of uniform, and has given leeway towards illegal immigrants, and people who refuse to work and are generation welfare cases. It’s very sad.

    12. I cannot thank you enough for your service. I never served but I cherish all who either are or have been the “point of the spear”. I had the opportunity to get to know a surgical assistant/corpsman from Korea. He passed last year, nearly to this day.
      He told me of the “triage training” (LOL) he received and the literal life and death decisions he had to make. It is small wonder some come back, crawl in a bottle (or other escape) and never come out. I was enraged when Maobama called you “His Army”. I find it inexcusable that the politicos treat you as their Praetorian guard. Yes, Hilary, it does make a difference.
      We cannot do enough to bring y’all back into the fold and celebrate the treasure you are.

      God Bless You!

    13. I do many community projects out here in California. The groups who oppose Obama aren’t very big out here, but we sure do know how to make people mad! I have a few bumper stickers that show my stance on Guns and others that are pro-Republican. If people can drive around in their stupid space cars with Obama/Biden I can drive my Jeep with my patriot decals and support our troops stickers.

    14. Agreed, every race has the good & bad but you need the sense of discernment to know when someone is a habitual liar and crook

    15. Stacy….THANK YOU big time for your service !! Please understand many of us so called white folks do not, have not, and never have agreed with the likes of one racist “Bucko” . ……and Bucko…you really are the stupid one.

    16. Thanks I guess? My adoptive family is white and will always vote RED! I take up after my adoptive father and feel that how the Republican party runs things is a lot better and more honest than how the Dems run things. But, good day to you Mr. Williams.

    17. StacyM, thank you for your Marine service. I am a white Texas Republican. Born and raised here for 60+ years. It makes me ashamed that even Republicans can be stupid and uninformed. Bucko25 needs a reality check. I have many friends who are either Gay or Black. All are very educated. They may have even used drugs at some point. So did a lot of my white friends. But we are all Very informed about what the Democrats are doing to our State of Texas and our Country as a whole.

    18. I just hope Texas can set the bar for the rest of the states and just NEVER vote Blue again. Texas is a great state filled with amazing people. I’ve never lived there, but plenty of my Marine Corps friends are from there and they are all good to go. God Bless Texas and all of her people! Legal of course!

    19. Thank you for your service! I think Like those below that this Bucko is a troll trying to get a racist rise going. Those that even bring race into the conversation I believe are wrong from the outset. Just as wrong as those that voted for skin color instead of substance. We need to get rid of this race BS and get back to honesty and content of character as well as loyalty to this country!

    20. I’m gay and am very much an American proud patriot. I dont vote democrat and I certainly didn’t vote for Obama. I’m for Greg Abbott all the way. I’ve seen many white and Hispanic bumper stickers with their Obama pride bumper stickers. The only thing you stereotyped correctly is stupid and commits correct that voted for all these fools. Don’t be so quick to judge Buck!

    21. Bucko25
      Low information voters are people that don’t care enough to get informed. It has nothing to do with any of the stereotypes you have mentioned. Most of the low information voters I know are white, middle class, and in the 20s and 30s. Most have at least some college and have jobs. They are just to busy partying and playing to care about their country or future.

    22. Have to agree …..plenty of stupid “low info” voters in all colors….simply watch them on youtube. The interviews and questions they ask students on campuses across this country or just unbelievable. For the life of me I can not understand how someone can even graduate from high school. Much less be in a college and lack any form of common sense.

    23. Surely your describing yourself. Only a low information person would make an idiotic statement such as yours.

    24. I’ts amazing how so few stupid people can make it look like we don’t recognise and honor those among us who have served both their communities and our country most of us dispise people like you bucko–boy

    25. Lieberals only lie when it helps their cause, makes the conservatives look bad or stupid, helps somebody they like get elected or prevents someone they dislike from the same, is more convenient than the truth, or only when they have put on clothes in the morning before going out into public.

  5. She is just another lying democrat. I hope the people of Texas realize she is just another piece of democrat slime.

  6. When does a politico lie or otherwise pollute the environment? Only whenever he or she breathes. Politicos only real contributions to society and the environment are the volume of CO2 and CH4 they spew into the athmosphere. One could suggest politicos are a major cause for global warming.

  7. Apparently the fundraising totals her campaign issued for Q4 2013 included funds raised by a SuperPAC that can contribute to all Texas Democrats that is separate from her campaign.

  8. I don’t think much of her as a mother. Why would a mother take off to Boston or anywhere else to get more education, and leave them with their father? Answer: Someone who is self absorbed and selfish. I’m a Texas Grandma and I could see right through her. It didn’t take a clarification of her background .

    1. She sounds like she could have been Barack Obama’s mother. This is exactly what Stanley Ann Dunham did to BO and look how he turned out. No wonder the Democratic party proclaimed her a rising star. She meets the criteria.

    2. One of the girls wasn’t even his. He got custody of some other man’s biological daughter. What does that tell you about her?

    3. He paid for her law degree. The DAY AFTER she graduated SHE filed for divorce. She got the degree yet he got all of the kids….in Texas no less. What does that tell you about her as a parent?

    4. It tells me that her purpose for being married was likely to get a free ride and that she had no interest in being a parent!!

    5. She prostituted herself for a college degree and left her children . As governor, what would she prostitute herself for
      at the expense of all Texans .

    6. I have left my daughter with my parents to serve my country. I don’t think that makes me a bad mom, I think that makes me and many more like me willing to put themselves in the face of danger so people like you can judge. I got out when my time was up so I can learn about my daughter and I hold don’t the fort while my husband is away. He’s also a US Marine. Thank you for your comment, it puts things in perspective.

    7. No one is dissing you or anyone else for leaving their children to serve their country. We appreciate the sacrifices that you and your family have made. Wendy Davis however seems to be more self serving then you…..and that is what is drawing the comments. Thank you for your service!

    8. Stacey, as a fellow Veteran I thank and applaud both you and your husband for your service. Military life can be hard on families and sacrifices have to be made. No, you are not a bad mom…you are a great American!!

    9. we have a friend who like you had to give the care of her son to her mom while serving our country and we are proud of all of them

  9. So let me get this straight. The socialists of the shameocrat party exalt a gold digger who used her body to get what she wanted from a man of financial resource; threw him and her kids under the bus and the best she can come back with is, I need to learn to lie better?

    1. Yes…vtrobert….you pretty much nailed it. If one was to wonder what Valeria J., Nancy P., Diana F. and a host of others in the dimwit party were like in the early days…before coaching on the fine art of lying….this is it …..bare and without editing…

  10. Let me get this straight, not only did she lose custody of the second child she had with her second husband, she lost the first child from her first husband to her second husband? Very telling!

    1. Yep, it looks like Jeff Davis got custody of his child, and his step daughter. Doesn’t say much good for “Windy”, does it?

  11. We’ve had lies thrown at us for 5 years from the White House and I’d hate to see litter like Wendy Davis in Texas’ governor’s mansion. Traveling Texas across I-10 There’s often signs saying,”Don’t mess with Texas”, meaning no littering. I hope Texas voters live up to that and send Wendy Davis packing, they don’t need a prevaricator for a leader. Vote her in and one thing for sure is she’ll go after guns firsthand and that is messing with Texas!

    1. Whatever happens, I hope Texas doesn’t send her sorry butt east. We’ve got enough garbage in Louisiana with Mary Landrieu.

    1. Apparently we have someone here who is either a colossus of ignorance or basically brain dead. The problem is, she can vote.

    2. Sure… what’s a little lying and lack of integrity to a Democrat. I guess you think that abortion after 20 weeks is cool too !

  12. IF they documented every lie or half true your people told you would have the largest web site in the known world folks

    1. I wasn’t aware that I had any ‘People’. And I am not clear on what ‘People’ you are referring to. An example to support your statement would be helpful.

    2. Only lies are those spun by the lamestream media (propaganda arm of the REGIME).Have you ever been to a Tea Party rally? That’s right they OBEY laws, clean up behind themselves, and do not destroy private property! Occupy Wallstreet ring a bell? Goofball! Put down the crack pipe and back away.

    3. HEY Ken and Fox so called news isn’t propaganda please Ken put down the bunch or cool aid that’s not good for you;the take over wall street group came from miles and weren’t financed by the koch brother who have millions they can just throw away and some of them were libertarians and tea party as well as progressives and liberals too it was a movement. Not a well financed bowel movement like the tea party was ALL you were doing is following your king THE billionaires that financed you wake up Mr Lemming before you go over that cliff.

    4. look out lemming watch that last step it’s a Lou Lou. you and I are the smallest denominators if we don’t buy they don’t have a market period

  13. Well, she showed her true colors. If anyone votes for this woman, they are asking for what ever they get. Character people, look for good character in an individual.

    1. Unfortunately, if Wendy and the Socialists would love to get whatever they want…it is the huge majority of decent citizens that get what they don’t want and don’t deserve!

  14. Truth is such a rigid, restrictive and limiting thing. To reach your true potential, as a Democrat, information must be properly managed, massaged and propagated. An ‘Altered’ truth is so much more useful than the real thing.

    This is how you convince the uninformed to vote for something as solid and definable as ‘Hope’. Then you are empowered to implement the ‘Change’ necessary to destroy America and enslave the American people.

    I’d say it’s working well, very well indeed!

  15. Well, she is a “Democrat.” As far as I am concerned, “Democrats” are trained liars, along with some Republicans as well. Based on the revelations of her past life, I seriously doubt this individual has any character whatsoever. Like the typical “liberal” of the day, she is part of that clan which prizes deceit, lies, treachery, and amoal thinking as a way of life.

    1. …. but the real question is, will it make any difference to anyone?

      We have a President that can’t even produce a legitimate birth certificate… He was elected, TWICE!

    2. The media loves her for all the reasons that brings our ire. To be beloved by the media one MUST be amoral,deviant, treacherous and vile. For, as are most lawyers, college professors, and entertainers, the norm for media personnel is to be morally bankrupt.

  16. Attractive woman who divorces her first and second husband, giving up custody of her children and having to pay child support and she lied to the public!
    Isn’t this how you succeed without really trying?
    Or is it proof positive that for some reason that those who care only about themselves gravitate to the Democrats more so than the Republicans, thus we have the sad reason for the lack of trust in our elected leaders for the most part and the gradual lost of industrial strength.
    The only thing that she was interested in was the killing of the unborn and her own freedom from her children and the power of high political office.

    1. You have to go back to when she was 21 years old and put yourself in the place of the 34 year old lawyer who married her and paid her way through undergraduate and later Harvard University.
      Now I ask you would you do that if you were him if she wasn’t attractive?

    2. Ok ski…good point She might have been pretty hot back then. Her current picture though, not so much. Too bad for both her ex’s and kids that her character didn’t match her looks.

  17. Her strong support for abortion makes me wonder how many kids she aborted. Doesn’t look good for her that she lost custody of the two kids she did have.

  18. Actually, that she’s a liar means she’s qualified to be a Demo-rat Socialist. That she’s not yet an effective liar means she’s only a Demo-rat Socialist-in-training. Of course, I’m sure her time at Harvard Law included a sophisticated session on legal lying.

  19. She’s a democrat! Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Susan Rice, Kathleen Sibelius… It’s what they do and no one holds them accountable for it. This is nothing new!

  20. She is a Democrat. Democrats lie. It’s as sure as death and taxes. The people that vote for them do not care. They have no honor . Whatever it takes to win. They never keep a single promise and when the next election comes they make the same promises and the same idiots vote for them again.

    1. how about — there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? how about NO NEW TAXES — shall I continue –


    3. What is the “THE WORLD INTELLIGENCE AGENCY” and how can I apply for a position there? By the words you have written, I can tell that you must belong to this world-wide agency. Put in a good word for me will you?

    4. love that pizza — maybe afterwards I can get some recommendations for my application for the “THE WORLD INTELLIGENCE AGENCYS” — I need to find my transcripts though –

    5. High school really — I was the representative for my pac class — thought it might help my chances

    6. An actual degree is required. I’m afraid a demonstrable lack of awareness is simply not enough for admittance into the family.

    7. I already belong to a family with more than enough crazy people — I do not think I have the fortitude to take on any others but thank you. One crazy family is enough.

    8. It’s a colloquialism referring to the Intel agencies as a whole, which run the ‘show’ in Fallujah, which you seem to be specifically fixated upon, and of course other areas as well.

    9. Start your transcripts with ” Once upon a time”. Lol You do realize that Obama is training guillotine squads in Washington state to be used on American citizens. When the economy collapses under the weight of Obama-don’t-care, they’ll use the NSA to round you up. You can kick and scream about how you voted for Barack bin-laden all you want wearing your transgender clothes! Lol they’ll still kill you, perhaps they’ll even thank you for being so stupid to help them implement the laws that destroyed your constitutional rights to disagree with them! How does Killery Clinton look now? Liberal Twit!

    10. “shall I continue –”

      Lib answer: “Continuance will result in effective tax hike. Further continuance will result in tax hike combined with stagnation in economy effectively prolonging stagnation in
      economy and necessitating further tax hikes.”

      Conservative answer: “I’m sorry, did troll say something?”

    11. You’re right — all politicians are liars except the ones that identify with the Republican party — you have really figured out political parties in American politics — good one — nothing getting passed you — Answer me this my dear — why is al-qaeda raising their flag over Fallujah? but don’t hold anyone accountable — you put a lot of work into that answer — I am impressed — continuance on

    12. Exactly the reply I expected from a naive lib – a completely inaccurate assessment coupled to a thinly veiled put down. I’m not your ‘dear’ and no, not much about our one party system has gotten past me thanks to a lot of talented researchers publishing very informative books. Keep aping your dear leaders’ and professors’ failed ideologies, parrot.

      “all politicians are liars except the ones that identify with the Republican party”

      How you got that is just beyond me. I never said anything close to that. I know better.

    13. and such a quick reply — no put down — I thought you answer was quite creative. I like creative people – there should be more of them. Keep aping? You are calling the President an “Old War primate”? wow — such anger — terrible thing to call anyone — you still didn’t answer about al-qaeda in Fallujah — since you seem to read informative books by talented researchers — why do you think al-qaeda is there? I don’t think they were there a few years ago — maybe more than a few but in the recent past –

    14. To ape is to repeat, mimic or emulate. I never mentioned POTUS.

      More lib drivel. Change subject, deflect conversation to your predefined parameters. I’ve read Alinsky.

      Try harder.

    15. you are obviously much more intelligent than I so excuse my thinking of you using the phrase “aping” was any dig on the President. You better not mention Rules for Radicals — you will end up indefinitely detained in a military camp without the right to a trial, lawyer or much of anything else — for life, if they so choose. You can thank your liberty loving Republican congressmen and women for that one. Democrats too but we already know that — If you want to know if your special communist leader voted for the same power that Stalin had in his own Constitution just google ” Amend 12 to HR 1960 6/30/13″ enjoy — and thank them for serving you after you give them a check

    16. “you are obviously much more intelligent than I”

      When you begin your commentary by making the above statement, you effectively remove in your readership any necessity for that readership to continue reading. Savvy?

      Which was the outcome in this instance.

      Two recent purchases that may interest you, both of which I felt furthered and broadened my own knowledge of the ME oil wars and specifically the most recent flip flopping of roles between the Intelligentsia apparatus of the US government and the Pentagon whereby the Pentagon is now chiefly an intelligence gathering agency and the CIA covertly wages unconstitutional wars in far flung oil rich 3rd tier countries: Your comments did allude some interest:

      “Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10,2001″ by Steve Coll. long but substantive history of the US Intel apparatus specifically as relating to the funding of Al Qaeda as a deterrent to Soviet expansion and subsequently India’s geopolitical posturing in the region. Very interesting read.

      Another good one:

      “The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth”

      You seem to be fixated upon the ME and Levant, so I don’t know if you have knowledge of or are interested in learning about sub-Saharan CIA wars and the geopolitical para military ops that the US has been carrying out on the continent as a deterrent to specifically China’s bids on securing oil/gas exploration leases. This book details specifically the drone wars run from Indian Springs and is a really good read as well.

      Broaden your horizons, grasshopper. there’s a whole world of subterfuge out there to b*tch about.

      Just suggestions for your continued schooling in the real world.

    17. I don’t care if anyone reads my writings. I like Extortion — one of the finest political books today –

    18. A book I just indirectly referenced in an editorialized offering aimed at encapsulating the redistribution schema into a nutshell, and which is posted at this story:

      “Global Redistribution of Wealth…”, also on tpnn.

      It’s on my Amazon wish list.

    19. It is very complicated. With time and research you could possibly come to a more informed worldview which would do much to enhance your power to persuade. You DID come to this forum hoping to persuade people to adopt a more wise and informed worldview, right?

      If you want to know the whole truth of the matter in both a contemporaneous as well as a historical treatment of the subject of wealth redistribution, I would look no further than “The Creature From Jekyll Island”, by Edward Griffin. You could do much worse.

      My point is this: in your present condition, you fall prey to both dis- and misinformation dissemination. Couple to that an immature bent toward sarcasm and desultory remarks, and the outcome is neither informative nor readily accepted by people.

      Why not educate; stop assuming others are less intelligent than you, and become active in the dissemination of truth? You did not need to call me ‘dear’. It was condescending to me.

      Perhaps you’ve found a fresh ‘outlook’ on female posters? I would hope as much.

      So long, Kid. Good luck

    20. LOLOLOLOLOL She owned you fool…I bet it takes at least a month for you to poke your stupid head back in in here, if ever.

    21. huh — it was a good give and take with a little jibbing — no one owned anyone — if anything we agreed on more than we disagreed about — but thanks for your thoughtful and insightful remarks

    22. It really is a waste of time to try and get the truth through to a liberal. An overwhelming desire for government freebies makes liberals deaf to the truth. Here is a wasted effort. Telling a lie means that you know at the time you are speaking that you are not telling the truth. George Bush believed there were WMDs. And most likely there were WMDs and are still in the hands of terrorists. Your president on the other hand has never once told the truth in all the years he’s been around. He says whatever he needs to say at any given moment to get what he wants. Why can he do that? He’s got you!!! Shall I continue?

    23. Well as long as he believed it — then it’s not a lie — ok sounds good to me — What do you mean ‘your’ President? I am sure he told the truth once. Didn’t he get a dog? I am sure when he said the dogs name he wasn’t lying about that. Or maybe he was. You did say “never once” so I am unsure. Please don’t continue. As for freebies by the way, google “corporate welfare” — are those consider freebies? Or are these liberals too? I am confused –

    24. Of course you are confused. You listen to lies all day. You tell lies all day. It’s your nature. How could you possibly not be confused? The truth could solve your problem of being confused but hearing the truth is not you is it? You;ll have to excuse me. I have a job. I have to go fund your food stamps and condoms.

    25. There is a difference in believing in something & deliberately lying. Obama lies when the truth would be better. He tells the truth about nothing.

  21. “A single mother working two jobs”….whoopie…I was a married woman with two kids working full time and going to college full time…worked nights…slept a few hours…got up at 2PM was in class by three to 7PM….went home…slept two hours and then got up and went back to work…and…in my class at the time in the early 80s…we were ALL working and going to college…Boo-Hoo to her…she’s not that special…thousands did the same…

  22. Why am I not surprised another Democrat caught lying? She should be running for office in Boston, she could probably win there but not in Texas.

  23. I lived in a rual community, before ” online” education. I was suppose to go to Law school too. Our deal was, we would only live in this place for 3-5 years…. 18 years later I BOLTED. However, NOT once would I have ever left my children to go to law school. There is something missing, in this women…. Her pro-choice stance, makes sense to me…..

  24. Well, she has such good examples within her party–starting at the top with “if you like your healthcare, you can keep your health care” and the same for your doctor–we know how that turned out. Then there is the Benghazi cover up which obama and hillary both wish would just go away, and he even used a scapegoat for that lie–but she has been justly rewarded. That is Not even mentioning all the other BS from that party–let us hope and pray the people of Texas are smart enough to see the writing on the wall.

    1. Ok, you’ve established your opinion that she’s a liar. She’s no doubt made your short-list of worthy dems for your vote.

  25. If the truth was a requirement to run as a democrat, there would be none in office. Lies, and especially outrageously big lies are a resume enhancement for liberal democrats, it is expected by their voter base so long as they don’t lie about keeping the gravy train on the tracks.

  26. First NO any Lawyer in politic, second Dems and believe are a natural lie and enjoy No respect and broke all Law, from start no Liberal with crazy idea and opinion can be a Lawyer, take mental test to all Law school Student before grant be in a school, liberals are real evil, be out of any power.Any Lawyer who believe are above Law and Mass Murder are normal, must fired from be a Lawyer, only who believe 100% in Laws and enforce can be Lawyer. For liberals lie are to normal. Because born with some mental problems, See a Guy governor In New York, said to conservatives leave State, he are with strong mental problem, he not accept live with every body, and that are power abuse. I assure take out power all liberal and let a small minority, plus start invest in more mental facilities and all in general will go better, Dems liberals are a we big problem, any mental desabilities must ban any one for run public offices.

  27. A real hard luck story. She really had to struggle to get all she has. Big joke on the public. Kinda of like Elizabeth Warren claiming Native American heritage to get all the perks she used to get ahead. Both appear to be following in the footsteps of the Democratic party head honcho, Mr. Obama, lying to get what they want.

  28. She is the perfect Democrat candidate: pregnant in her teens, divorced twice, has a law degree, and now posing as a successful liberated woman wanting
    to put an end to the faithful wives that love their husbands, stay at home raising children, and go to church on Sunday.

  29. So unfortunate for her that she could not hide all her records like our current President. One has to wonder what the world will say when he is out of office and the records become available. I predict that history will record his presidency as the absolute worst failure unless what he is doing is by intent and then history will record the his presidency is the most successful. Why can’t we just get the truth from our politicians? The truth is that it is because they are “politicians” and not true “statesmen”. They have their own interest at heart rather than the best interests of our once great country.

  30. It’s not often in the state of Texas that a husband gets custody of children in a divorce especially when one is from a previous marriage and not his.

  31. What’s the old adage? The devil is in the details. She’s an awesome parent, her ex gets custody, not only of his biological child, but gets custody of her daughter as well.

  32. People who are predisposed to small lies now will get it perfected when they become politicians. Think Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Oh, and don’t forget the king himself. He’s a full blown sociopath.

  33. when are these politicians or anyone else for that matter going to learn that lying only leads to more lying and you can’t remember what lie you said and it all backfires. It is better to tell the truth even if it hurts you. People will have more respect for you for telling the truth.

  34. “Windy” Davis lied.

    Of course she did, she is a Democrat.

    Her second husband got custody of her daughters when they divorced in 2005?

    What? Is she an unfit Mother on top of being a liar?

    Interesting that Jeff Davis got custody of his own daughter, and also his step daughter.

    That says a lot about “Windy” Davis.

  35. Let’s see now, she lies through her teeth, gives up on her young children to better herself, can’t remember fact from fiction and just claims it’s a matter of the language she is using! For get the Governor’s slot, she’ll be the next Democratic Presidential nominee!!!

  36. Not to worry there Wendy…Obama always has room for another pathalogical liar on his team. You fit the profile.

  37. Kamarada Davis is a typical product of Harvard’s diversity program; just mouth those Marxist pablums and you are in. Latin pablum is the singular form – should I have written “pabla”?

  38. Unfortunately, trying to point to the facts in any matter concerning a fellow Progressive will cause the liberal brain to go into “talk-to-the hand”– or attack-mode.
    But keep up the good fight Jennifer. These facts still need to be put out there.

  39. She emulates another person doesn’t she. If he didn’t have to be vetted with truth and facts, why should she? Isn’t that now the standards for elective office? When Americans finally wake up, there are going to be a lot of people in power now headed for other countries. But, they will be found no doubt.

  40. If only she’d aborted her two daughters, instead of leaving them behind with her husband. She would have been able to charge forward as a champion to women’s rights.

  41. This lady is not the real deal! A liar and must have voted for Obama! She is a fabricator of stories! A stretcher of the truth, and deciever! She has learned that the truth doesn’t matter, by watching her president! Don’t be voting for this witch!

  42. Typical liberal. If her lips are moving, she is probably lying about whatever it is she is talking about.

  43. My guess is they are already depending on the swarms of illegal immigrants that don’t and don’t care aside from becoming a citizen for no cost whatsoever.
    Now, we have legions of scum bags born right here in U.S. who don’t care beyond the funding of their next bag of chips and keeping the boob tube ruuning.

  44. Just a little info for ya. all backed up by FACTS. Google the answers if you “wint” believe me. Understand I am NOT trying to change your mind just showing you that some of the things you blame republicans for aren’t exactly their fault.

    Our Social Security: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (terms of office March 4, 1933, to April 12, 1945), a Democrat who introducedthe Social Security (FICA) Program.

    He Promised:

    1.) That participation in the Program would be completely voluntary, 2.) That the participants would only have to pay 1% of the first $1,400 of their annual incomes into the Program, 3.) That the money the participants elected to put Into the Program would be deductible from their income for tax purposes each year, 4.) That the money the participants put into the Independent ‘Trust Fund’ rather than into the General operating fund, would only be used to fund the Social Security Retirement Program, and no other Government program, and 5.) That the annuity payments to the retirees would never be taxed as income.

    Many of us have paid into FICA for years and are now receiving a Social Security check every month — and then finding that we are getting taxed on 85%of the money we paid to the Federal government to’put away’—so you may be interested in the following:

    Dwight David Eisenhower 34th. President, Republican, Term Of Office: January 20, 1953 to January 20, 1961 Insert by Vincent Peter Render,

    If I recall correctly, 1958 is the first year that Congress, not President Eisenhower, voted to remove funds from Social Security and put it into the General Fund forCongress to spend.

    If I recall correctly, it was a democratically controlled Congress.

    From what I understand,Congress’ logic at that time was that there was so much moneyin Social Security Fundthat it would never run out / be used up for the purpose it was intended or set aside for.

    ————-WORSE STILL———–

    Lyndon Baines Johnson 36th. President,Democrat Term Of Office: November 22, 1963 toJanuary 20, 1969

    Question: Which Political Party took Social Security from the Independent ‘Trust Fund’ and put it into the General Fund so that Congress could spend it?

    Answer: It was Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat, Term of Office: November 22, 1963 to January 20, 1969) and the democratically controlled House and Senate.

    ——————————-READ ON ————————————-

    Question: Which Political Party eliminated the income tax Deduction for Social Security (FICA) withholding?Answer: The Democratic Party.


    William Jefferson Clinton (Bill Clinton) 42nd. President Democrat Term of Office: January 20, 1993 to January 20, 2001

    Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. (Al Gore) 45th. Vice President

    Democrat Term of Office: January 20, 1993 to January 20, 2001 Question: Which Political Party started taxing Social Security annuities?Answer: The Democratic Party, with Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. (Al Gore) [Vice President Term of Office: January 10, 1993 to January 20, 2001] casting the ‘tie-breaking’ deciding vote as President of the Senate, while he was Vice President of the US …


    James Earl Carter, Jar (Jimmy Carter) 39th President, Democrat Term of Office: January 20, 1977 to January 20, 1981

    Question: Which Political Party decided to start giving Annuity paymentsto immigrants?



    Then, after violating the original contract (FICA), the Democrats turn around and tell you that the Republicans want to take your Social Security away!

    And the worst part about it is uninformed citizens believe it!
    Chat Conversation End
    Seen Aug 25

  45. HO, HO, HO!! Total commie trash, lie, lie, lie…….she could be obamas daughter, or willie clinton’s ….you know! I bet she swallows!!

  46. It seems that the demorats constantly just throw out anything they think will make them something or someone they are not and then sit back and see what sticks, I have noticed a trend in the demorat party of just flat out lying.

  47. all you have to do is look at Perry and see that no canidate tells the truth all the time, dont matter wether they are republican or democrat

  48. When will people learn this simple thing…..the truth is infinitely more interesting than any lie. Truth is Wendy Davis certainly isn’t getting my vote.

  49. Huh…I thought being a pathological liar was a prerequisite to becoming a Democrat. After all, most of them seem to be quite good at it.

  50. “My language should be tighter,” she said. “I’m learning about using
    broader, looser language. I need to be more focused on the detail.”

    In other words she’s got diarrhea of the mouth.

  51. Lying seems to be the strength of most democrat candidates. Voters need to verify everything they say to earn their vote. Problem is most media will not investigate controversial comments.

  52. My father always used to tell me…”You don’t have to remember the truth” Because it is always out there…come to find out it was a paraphrase of Mark Twain, and excellent advice.

  53. I just love the how liberals keep selecting such wonderful leaders to rally around. This woman either gave custody of her children or lost custody of her children, and she’s a hero to the TX left because she stands for the right to kill more babies. Am I understanding this correctly? Damn that’s as stupid as putting a community organizer in the oval office…oh wait, we did that too.

  54. Will Obummer say “if Ihave another daughter, it will look like Wendy…” she learns a lot from me about LYING…

  55. She should go for an appointed position with thew Obama white house, she’ll be a shoe in.

  56. Interesting that the article left out the fact that the reason listed as the reason for divorce was that Wendy Davis had committed adultery. So, her husband was paying for her education, taking care of her kids from a previous marriage, and she’s cheating on him, then divorces him the day after her college bill is paid.

    1. I think that, I seen a article that stated he still has custody of the children. Any body know if this is true?

    2. interesting that Ronald Regan was divorced, but thats cool, Rush Limbaugh is on his 4th lifetime commitment before god, Newt Ginrich….David Vitter….. oh boy, you sound smart!

  57. Poor husband after he helped her to get a Law degree in Harvard, she filed a divorce? hmm something smell fishy, what do you think?

  58. Her 2nd husband took the child that wasn’t his. What does that say for her as mother? Is there a damnocrat who can te the truth anywhere out there ?


  59. All i will say is whats the difference if she lies or any other politcian lies. When the american people get this party bs out of their system maybe we will turn america around. As this is a tea party site it would seem that there would be a quest for truth. However all the teaparty has been as many true redblooded americans are realizing, is. Not even those on ghere are telling the truth. Many tea partiers are nothing more than partially converted republicans who still dont have a clue what the constitution says and means. I defy any one to show me ONE candidate One, that will follow the constitution. And takes their oath to it seriously. Show me just one. When you find that one person. then throw every democrat and repuklican out of the whitehouse and start over. And no before any idiot jumps on me and calls me a liberal troll, Know this. I DONT SUPPORT ANYONE FROM ANY PARTY. WHEN ALL YOU HEAR A CANDIDATE SAY IS WHAT THEY WANT TO DO WHEN IN OFFICE, KNOW THIS THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION NOR THEIR OATH TO IT. Public office is not a place for personal agendas, making policy (no matter what guise its under), or bowing to any group. If they cant come out and say they will faithfully follow the constitution and support it to the death. Then they shouldnt get anyones vote. And if your the kinda person who votes the lesser of 2 evils, YOU ARE THE REASON FOR THIS COUNTRYS PROBLKEMS. Wake up people We still own this country act like it

  60. Texas your vote is mighty,act on these lies,vote her gone !!! even if you are a democratic your core values should not tolerate lies from public servant. Go ahead and vote her gone.

  61. Can any of you commenting here elucidate on exactly what the lies were and why you consider them “major” as was described by the blog’s headline?

  62. “My language should be tighter,” she said. “I’m learning about using broader, looser language. I need to be more focused on the detail.”

    Lady, back home we call that lying. If that sounds a little ugly, it’s because it is ugly. You might have your daughters if you learned some of those lessons a little earlier in life.

  63. Humm… That’s funny. Sara Palin has a handicap child and some other things. And they ridicule Sara for all that. And this “single mom” is like a star. WHATEVER!!!!

  64. Some of Wendy Davis liberal models are.
    Wendy is just another Liberal that not as clever as Hillary who makes sure witnesses vanish aka Vince Foster, Ambassador Chris Stevens etc. etc. etc.
    Wendy tried the old down and out tactic of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren who was forced to rise above her Native American ancestry.

    1. you have the knowledge-lots of blood on the Clinton’s hands. There’s a strong cache of evidence-17 people so far.

  65. …typical politician. They place no value on the truth. I’m betting Texans aren’t going to be fooled.

  66. There seems to be a pattern here. According to Democrats, it is acceptable to lie as long as it acheives the desired goal. And they do not seem to be concerned when the truth is uncovered. The only lesson is that you should have lied better! And next time don’t get caught!

    1. This is so true… Any time a Liberal (Dem) gets caught in a lie, if they apologize, they aren’t apologizing for what they did, they are apologizing for getting caught doing it.

    2. what was the funniest lie of 2013-the one you knew was a lie as it exited their mouth? mine-”I didn’t know about the IRS targeting people”

  67. Depends on whether or not there are more voters who will turn out in the rest of the state than there are in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and El Paso.

  68. The rate she is going she will be lifted up to Goddess and be President! I say…uk! Liars stick together! So sick of. All of the,!

  69. The dems answer to a “Superstar” politician is a surgically constructed human barbie doll. Before and after pics:

  70. She needs to learn looser language. Isn’t that in the Democrats Handbook of how to tell a story without it coming back to haunt you later.

  71. I hope and pray that Texans are smarter than to fall for her and her story. Texas doesn’t need another Ann Richards. Or a woman that thinks killing innocent babies is just fine and dandy.

  72. Just out of curiosity, is there a single person on this ‘string’ who actively participates in any hands on protesting. Who is a leader in any organization actively pursuing solutions to the many political wrongs and errors, and horrible legislation? All these comments are fine and good, but is there anyone amongst this group who are FIGHTING? How? Where? When? All this talk is just rot, when is the action happening??? Where is our Paul Revere? Where are our Minutemen? Has the first shot been fired?

    1. me me me-working at polling places, campaigning for candidates, collecting petition signatures, going to meetings, stood on an overpass with “Impeach Obama” signs-aka, my imwatermelon bo signs, attend many meetings, seminars, listening all the time to Rush, Mark, Michael Judge Pirro and the enemy liberal left just to hear their cockamayme trash mouth lies. When I write something-it comes from a politically aware mind-not like these-libs-if they had a thimble of awareness they would be storming the White House, that crazy and illogical they are, working on term limits for Illinois and the corrupt taxing system run by corrupt Joseph Berrios who should be in jail as we speak for contempt of court-he refuses to pay a court ordered $10,000. fine for hiring 27 of his relatives-but this is still corrupt Illinois and that includes, no surprise, the judges.

  73. Please VOTE for Honest Americans to represent you. She also milked her first husband for her own agenda….garbage comes to mind!

  74. I hate to say it, but what’s good for Omamba is good for ALL Democrats running for office. At first we just thought he might be lying, then the lies got so big there was no doubt, then he admitted he might have exagerated the truth and NOW he doesn’t even CARE anymore. Through it all there is plenty of stupidity to go around and keep electing these liars. We are in deep dung.

    1. None that I be a shame of, and sure none that would lose me custody of my children.
      But then again, I not running for public office
      and lying about my past.

  75. These are not earth shattering falsehoods!!!!! I’m not even a democrat and I don’t see what the fuss was about. Good grief! It’s not like she was sexting someone or embezzled money, cheating on her marriage, committing a crime or snorting crack!!! Give it a rest! Try not to dissect every politician running for office. This is very small stuff! Give me a break!!!

    1. It’s important because it shows her character with lies about significant facts. For sympathy and to align with women, single mothers for their vote? Lying to get a job? The country has runaway craziness with dishonesty, stealing and corruption. bo ignores the Constitution-he lied when he took the Oath of Office. Iif he violated private sector company policy, he would have been fired years ago. Davis is lying on her resume to get herself a paying job. If applying for a private sector job-if caught before hired-no job-if after-fired. We know-she knows we can’t fire her. Would you fire bo for lying about bo care? He lied to get the job-he got the job. Now what do we do. It’s not small stuff to lie to your employer-me. We must dissect every pol- as best as we can-if more reporters gave us the truths we should know, maybe we wouldn’t have the many pols running things that have brought us to 50 million people on food stamps, 37% of the population unemployed-yes, I typed this correctly. This is from the WSJ-and they have a long reputation of supporting the libside lie. This is not a good report right before the next lying State of the Nation speech. Please don’t accept any lie. Every lie matters. It’s not “a little white lie.” It’s black and white. And another aspect of her lie is her underestimation of the intelligence of others-that no person would disclose her lie. That’s not very smart. So this Harvard educated non-struggling mother is a liar and not too smart. Should a lying, not too smart person be running a piece of this country-voting for me? If you accept her lies about who she is, where do you draw the line-every is unacceptable. Normally, wouldn’t spend this much time preaching, but it’s 30 degrees below out there-just hunkered down making sure pipes don’t freeze.

  76. Imagine that a democrat lied, isn’t that a surprise? She didn’t want people to know she lost her own kids to their adopted daughter now that makes her worse than a bad mom.

  77. “Major Lies ” … really ?
    Rick Perry supporters shouldn’t really call these “Major Lies”.
    Lets see. who REPEATEDLY stated he would NOT run for POTUS ?
    Hint: The answer is the only persons name mentioned in the first two sentences of this comment.
    When asked about his relations with Obama’s administration, who said: “I have, frankly, never had a call from them.”
    (Information from both the White House and Perry’s state schedule contradicted his claim)
    Hint: Same answer as above
    Who said “abortions are the second-most common surgical procedure” ?
    Hint: See answers above.
    Face it … all politicians LIE. Even self righteous, FORMER Democrat in the Texas House of Representatives, current Republican Governors of Texas.

    1. Changing one’s mind is the same as a lie? I have come to detest you lying libs-you love lies-I hate them. Here’s some lies you can compare to Rick Perry’s lie-”I won’t run for POTUS”-and that’s a lie-he never said it. BUT BO SAID THESE-ARE THESE LIES by your analysis? All said by bomba, bo and the soon to be impeached potus:
      I will have the most transparent administration in history.
      The stimulus will fund shovel-ready jobs.
      I am focused like a laser on creating jobs.
      The IRS is not targeting anyone.
      It was a spontaneous riot about a movie.
      If I had a son.
      I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division, conflict and cynicism”.
      You didn’t build that!
      I will restore trust in Government.
      The Cambridge cops acted stupidly.
      The public will have 5 days to look at every bill that lands on my desk
      It’s not my red line – it is the world’s red line.
      Whistle blowers will be protected in my administration.
      We got back every dime we used to rescue the banks and auto companies, with interest.
      I am not spying on American citizens.
      ObamaCare will be good for America
      You can keep your family doctor.
      Premiums will be lowered by $2500.
      If you like it, you can keep your current healthcare plan
      It’s just like shopping at Amazon
      I knew nothing about “Fast and Furious” gunrunning to Mexican drug cartels
      I knew nothing about IRS targeting conservative groups
      I knew nothing about what happened in Benghazi
      I have never seen my Uncle from Kenya who is in the country illegally and that was arrested and told to leave the country over 20 years ago
      And, I have never lived with that uncle. (He finally admitted 12-05-2013 that he DID know his uncle and that he DID live with him.
      And the biggest one of all:
      “I, Barrack Hussein Obama, pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.”

    2. Of course, I have to be a LIb because I say all politician lie.
      While you apparently hate when Lefties lie, you turn a blind eye to lies told on the right.
      I simply refuse to turn a blind eye.
      Rick Perry stated several times during his last campaign for Texas governor that he would not run for POTUS.
      He would not run, he would not accept the Republican nomination for POTUS or VPOTUS and that he would complete his full term as governor.
      I simply hate all liars. RIGHT or LEFT.
      And you’re correct, that useless piece of garbage currently converting oxygen into carbon dioxide ( I see no other purpose for his existence ) in the WH tells huge lies.
      But that does not take away from the fact that all politicians lie.
      What I detest is how Red or Blue the people of this country have become. We should all be Red, White and Blue and put this countries interests FIRST.
      So, you keep detesting your leftie lies and accepting the lies on the right and We The People will continue to get the same inept inaction at every level of government.
      But to call Wendy Davis lies about her biography “major lies” is a bit of a stretch even for these polarizing political lackeys.

    3. She called herself a struggling single mother-however, she was a student at Harvard, while her husband paid her tuition and was taking care of the children. Define the struggle. She divorced him when she graduated and he retained custody of the children. She may have been single, she may have been a mother, but she was not a STRUGGLING -SINGLE – MOTHER. But in her defense, maybe she meant to say,” the children I bore were raised by a struggling single Father”, maybe.

    4. You missed a few points in there.

      This is from the Dallas Morning News story with her second ex-husband, Jeff Davis ( the one who has custody of the girls ).

      She divorced Frank Underwood when she was 21. She said she was 19.

      And this is not in her defense, but a similar experience which makes me less likely to condemn her statement. I was divorced at a young age. I was divorced when I was 22. That was the year the Ex-wife walked out on me and the girls. Our divorce was final when I was 24. That’s the year the lawyers finally stopped billing me. You can say what you want about being formally divorced when I was 24 but I was divorced when I was 22. Period. We had no contact except for a few lawyer visits and a couple of court dates. So, the year a piece of paper is filed in a state is not necessarily the same year someone considers themselves divorced.
      She said her parents were divorced when she was 12. The News says she was 14. Again, my parents divorced when I was 15. I have NO clue what year the divorce was final. And it doesn’t matter. They were divorced when I was 15.
      Even if Mrs Davis was divorced the first time when she was 21, not 19, she married Mr Davis when she was 24. So, for somewhere between 3 – 5 years she was a single mother. I cant speak to the struggling part except to say I know how difficult it was for my mother and Mrs Davis was a SINGLE – MOTHER for years before any of the Harvard and marriage to Mr Davis.
      Her and Mr Davis were married for 18 years. I doubt seriously that she attended Harvard for 16 years ( two years were spent at TCU )
      Mr Davis said “It was ironic,” he told the Dallas Morning News. “I made the last [Harvard] payment, and it was the next day she left.”
      Now, you can take this as defense of her story. Its not.
      It is simply a statement to explain why I feel “Major Lies” is a bit of a stretch for the title of this article.
      I simply don’t like liars on either side.
      I do resect her filibuster in an effort she knew was a losing cause. The same way I respect Ted Cruz for his when he knew full well it was a futile effort.
      They have both since lost any respect I had for them.
      Now, after reading YOUR fine example of “Major Lies” do you really believe the two belong to be lumped together ?
      I do not.

    5. Yes, I do. Here’s why. bo’s lies have a more significant impact on the world because his position is more powerful, obviously, and her’s microscopic, in comparison.

      However, both lied for their very specific personal gains, bo, to win another election as pres, wendy to win an election as gov. For example, while Wendy didn’t have the actual authority to tell us, “you can keep your insurance if you like it”, I would bet she would have dittoed that lie.

      Therefore, I “lump” the egregiousness of all their lies, bo’s and wendy’s, in the same catagory, because it was all about the “me” of both, and nothing about the people representation which is inherent in career paths these two liars chose. And I use the word “career” in a very discouraged manner, because I have come to believe the career pols have greviously injured our society and America.

      I do keep a mental ledger-career pols on both sides are disgusting, frightening and need to be gone. But they vote for keeping themselves in and vote against their constituency desires for term limits.

    6. I do hope you keep a mental ledger for both sides. Most don’t.
      To me, “I don’t know Gods plan for me, if I am still alive in four years I will complete my term as Governor” ( Mr Rick Perry ) was a huge lie when he knew full well he would be exploring a run for POTUS. That was a major lie, to win an election for govenor and to get votes from those who would not otherwise vote for him because he would be leaving mid-term
      Personally, I consider Mrs Davis’s statements more of an exaggeration than anything else.
      After all, she was a single mother, living in a trailer and she did earn her way through school and acceptance to Harvard.
      I have never read where she said that she was a single mother while she attended Harvard. Or even how long she said she said she lived in that trailer.
      But whatever, I believe her point to be spot on. MOST politicians, especially those who attain higher offices, come from privilege and money and she does not.
      And Boo Boo’s lies are just that. Flat out lies. Whether on purpose or through ignorance there is much too often not a shred of truth to the words he speaks.
      I realize saying that a Democrat is not a heinous liar is not particularly popular in this particular forum, but I don’t care.
      You can understand and even respect your opponents, in some aspects, without over hyping and attacking everything about them.
      I am sorely disappointed every time I read Conservative articles doing just that. That is such a Democrat thing to do and I would like to see at least one party that stays above that nonsense.
      At least we do agree on one more thing “-career pols on both sides are disgusting, frightening and need to be gone. But they vote for keeping themselves in and vote against their constituency desires for term limits.” is a very point.

    7. I maintain my position-Rick Perry has no obligation to tell us what he plans to run for until he decides to run. That goes for whether he plans on buying a new car, selling his house or getting a divorce. As much as I dislike hibil, she’s not saying whether she will run either-hedging every time she is asked and like so many women, always using bil as her excuse-”he wants me to do what I want” sure hil-he wants you to stay out of his hair-whatever that takes. So if hil decides to run, will you say she lied because she knew all along she was going to run. Perry wasn’t my pick anyway-we need more and more someone to the radical right to pull us back to the middle-wonder where we would be if we had Newt-his morals? well he didn’t just go out and cheat-he asked for permission-gotta give him credit for that-how many men ask their wife if they can cheat-it was the wife who then asked for the divorce-that hospital bed thing has been distorted-the wife is alive and well-right now the wh has indicted dinesh desousa who exposed bo’s true past and the wh is trying to put in laws to prevent us from canvassing neighborhoods with petitions and doing ‘get out the vote’ and registration activities. Can this country survive another 2 years and 10 months?

    8. I never expected you to change your position.
      The difference between Billery and Rick is that Billery is not currently seeking election to another office. If she were running for Governor of, lets say, New York, the only state that would have her, then I would expect her to tell the people of that state that she plans on spending much of her time in office traveling the country campaigning for yet another office, lets say, POTUS.
      That is the difference. Rick was asked, during his campaign for the office of Governor of Texas, if he would be seeking the POTUS while serving the people of Texas.
      To say he would serve his full term knowing full well he would campaigning across the country is nothing less than a flat out lie. Much more of a “major lie” than to suggest your divorce was when you separated from your spouse, and not the date a piece of paper was filed or most of the other things “Barbie” is being persecuted for. ( I hate to admit it, but I am liking the “Barbie” moniker more and more )
      i’m not 100% sure about your “someone from the radical right to pull us back to the middle” statement. I do believe we need more moderate politicians to try to get this country less polarized, but I am not sure a radical from one side or the other is capable of doing that.
      I cant speak to Newt’s position. I am not aware of that whole situation. BUT, if he did actually seek permission from his wife to cheat, well, that would be VERY unique indeed.
      I do indeed believe we will survive, however, I do not believe the right has any hope of regaining the WH any time soon. The leading candidates are far too though, for a short period of time that Ted Cruz might have a chance, but after the budget debacle in December I am back to understanding that he is a bit of a loon. To submit a bill to cut foreign aid would have been something I could have gotten behind but to submit a bill to cut foreign aid and spend that money on an East Coast Missile Defense Shield, borders on stupidity. At least Rand Paul’s bill was to cut foreign aid and spend that money on the infrastructure in the US ( roads, bridges, etc ).
      As long as stupidity and dishonesty reigns on the right, the left will continue to control the WH. They have the “the government will take care of me” voters and their numbers are growing.
      I think the right will continue to control the House, due to the fact that the House represents the area of the country more than the volume of the country. (It represents the rural areas better – it does not just represent the large number of urban voters )

    9. The numbers are indeed growing-amnesty pushed by the dems in the name of “compassion” when it’s in the name of votes-rahm emanuel, naming Chicago a “sanctuary city” for illegals-the real compassion is nowhere for all the low-skilled unemployed American citizens. I very much like what Ted Cruz did-it was a risky, courageous and Patriot act-here’s why: I apply a film of gauze over the picture-POLITICS-I think he knew he would fail-but he also knew, as so many of us knew, (and I have been to numerous meetings about bocare-even in the audience for a filming by one of the experts) that bocare is horrible disaster for everyone. By doing what he did, he brought an intense focus to the issue-so while it was happening-his call for non-funding-those who didn’t understand the impact that it was going to have upon them and still thought Lord obama, our great messiah, were really mad, disgusted with Cruz. Now, that bocare has proven to be a lie from the prez’ lying lips, it’s hitting so many people in impossible to handle ways, the uninsured are still mostly uninsured, the site has no security, doctors won’t accept you or are shurtting down their practices, the scams are built in-well, just everything that is happening with it-if Cruz decides to run-there is going to be an aura around him of bravery, intelligence, strength-BECAUSE he can run on, “REPEAL-I TOLD YA’ SO”. That’s why I don’t think he is a loon, rather an owl.

    10. Yes, indeed …. Mr Cruz can run on an “I told ya so” platform. He could also try a “Na-ner na-ner”. an “I’m rubber and you’re glue” or a “Liar Liar, pants on fire” platform, but too many people see him as the reason for a government shutdown.
      Much like Mrs Davis’ filibuster, Mr Cruz’s filibuster was doomed to failure. I do have a limited respect for those who “go the extra mile” for a losing cause, although, deciding if they are doing it for the “greater good” or “self serving interests” can be a difficult call.. However, I also know that a filibuster is a last, desperate grandstand and almost never has a permanent, positive outcome.
      And, while there is a certain amount of limelight during the fight, the winners eventually have control and continually spin the negatives until that is all that most remember.
      Ted Cruz is now responsible for the government shut down ( a very large number of Americans believe that ) and Mrs Davis is an abortion lover who championed late term abortions ( although most of her arguments were against closing clinics needlessly in the name of “the mothers health” ). Neither are true but the winners have an opportunity to get their words printed more than the losers do.
      Bo bo is the AA version of Billery Clinton. The only way to tell that they are lying is that they are talking.
      While I don’t believe you will find a higher percentage of racists in the Tea Party than in any other random sampling of the same number of non-Tea Party members, I do believe that you will find a MUCH higher percentage of those with far-right Christian views.
      I find that no better than being racist. A racist hates due to ones skin color while an extreme Christian hates due to your beliefs. Neither takes the person into account. They just hate because of the differences.
      ( Granted, neither are as bad as extreme Muslims. They just seem to hate everyone. Even themselves )
      I do not believe, in any way, that the Tea Party is good for this country. They are succeeding in dividing the GOP when we need unity the most. Most of the Tea Party members believe that if they could just get “their person” elected President that they could immediately change all the wrong with the world. Drastic cuts immediately regardless of who gets hurt along the way. The problem we face were not created overnight and will not be fixed as quickly.
      Take your Mr Cruz. If he had been successful and the ACA had been defunded, then what ? Was there a plan in place to replace it ? Do we go back to the way things were ? What ?
      I do NOT believe the ACA is the answer, but I do firmly believe that the insurance industry is in need of some drastic changes. Should an insurance company be able to exclude you because of a pre-existing condition ? I don’t think so. But I saw, nor heard, no alternative solution by Mr Cruz. ( Another reason I think his filibuster was in his own self interest )
      If ANYONE in the GOP would come up with an affordable, realistic option I believe the Dumbocrats would have a tough time getting any of their members elected. But, we hear nothing. Just how bad the other side is.
      I tried to open the link you posted but it just said that it was not available. Hmmmmmmm

    11. The gov is going to shutdown on Mon and Tues. So? Do you believe Cruz caused the last one or bo. The people I know, know bo caused it. The public needs to be protected from bocare-we need to be protested from him for everything. bocare is unwinding-apparently you dislike Cruz-a qs? who do you wish was prez this very second. Another question? Did you happen to listen to Larry Kudlow, today, Jan 25, and all the analysts he interviewed? Very interesting. Peggy Noonan said nobody listens to the prez anymore. Watch the morning shows tomorrow-watch stephanopolis defend the prez tomorrow morn with bocare is working and peeps have coverage and jobs and the economy is great-it’s bush’s fault all those others who are on food stamps. Those right wing christians-know a bunch-always trying to convert me-here’s my qs. to them: “So you say you are a follower of Jesus Christ, right? Right, they answer. So why aren’t you following Judism, Christ was a Jew-you are not following him and you shouldn’t think or say you are” They never can answer-still they are all good people who I like.

    12. Did I understand that correctly ? You are in the Windy City ?
      If you would have asked me before that last comment, that would have been my very LAST guess as to your location.
      I am almost speechless. But, as anyone who knows me knows, I am never completely speechless. ;)
      As much as I enjoy some of the weekend morning shows, I will be working in the morning.
      My personal opinion is that every politician in DC is responsible for the last government shut down. The inability of DC to work together for the better of this country has been our greatest obstacle since January 20, 2009.
      I would definitely give Bo the lions share of the responsibility, I believe the Tea Party delegation deserves more responsibility than the average member.
      I am currently NOT a Ted Cruz fan. There are some aspects that I like but the ones I don’t care for outnumber the ones I do.
      I realize every POTUS enters the office “owing” certain people and organizations for his/her success and I find those who Mr Cruz would “owe” just slightly less repulsive than those Bo “owes”
      That President who is a bit tricky.
      Of the two who ran in November 2012, Romney, hands down.
      Of all POTUS’s, present and past, Ronald Reagan. I know he had his faults but he brought a certain respect to the office and country. And his one liners were some of the best ever uttered. ” The eleven scariest words in the English language ‘I am from the government and I am here to help’” *Classic
      Of anyone currently alive …
      Damn, that’s a tough one. I was going to say Stephen Colbert, but I have seen him talk without his writers, so he would HAVE to come with his writers. LOL
      I would have to go with …. Rand Paul.
      I would pose the same questions to you.

    13. Starting off in response with the utterly significant-Rand Paul-HUGE respect for him-my current choice for POTUS-so smart, diplomatic in a totally truthful manner, dignified, exudes quiet confidence, sincereity, would bring back dignity, respect and grace to the Oval Office and America. On Cruz-maybe the best way to view him is as the sacrificial lamb-he served the purpose of portending bocare disaster, which the dems knew and ignored. Now that the predictions have arrived, give credit to Cruz at least here, he did his patriotic duty, fell on his sword, and for that we owe him thanks.
      Wouldn’t guess I’m from Chicago? Would think I am blue? RED, RED RED as they come. Blue and the “getting along” you write about, like Congress, is the reason Illinois is like it is. I am living the devasting impact of the “getting along.” The hotbed of corruption, convicted criminals voted into office-crazy- ranking 50th in the land-well I am obsessing over where to go and how to get there-born and raised here-anywhere else seems like the far side of the moon but must be done-staying here is financial suicide-the pols have turned this state’s taxpayer’s into their personal ATM’s. I’m in unflinching support of the man running for Governor, Bruce Rauner. He is running against 3 career pols, who don’t discuss the issues, of which they have all been part of creating, but Rauner’s wealth and his wardrobe-he wears jeans all the time. I have asked Rauner directly, “how long do you need to shape things up?” I have heard him respond to this question asked by many people, many times, “I hear that question all the time from people who want to escape from Illinois-give me 2 years.” And this “getting along” thing? I think it is part of why I view Cruz the way I do-a stand had to be taken because “getting along” is not made us better, it’s made us worse. There is a time and a place to get along and a time for the mavericks. It’s time for the mavericks, the radical right, the Tea Party, the change needed is a conservative, law abiding, self-sufficient humanity.
      And it snowed again last night-about 4 inches and snowing right now. What’s good here in Illinois? The only thing that comes to mind is Lou Malnotti’s deep dish pizza, “The Lou.”

    14. First and foremost, I am glad Rand Paul, and not Ted Cruz, has your support.
      Yes, I would have thought blue, blue, blue. LOL
      Personally, I don’t like to think of myself as a color.
      For the most part I am “Red” ( and I remember when calling yourself “Red” meant something completely different ) BUT I do have “Blue” opinions about a couple of things. Obviously.
      I disagree on your “get along” opinion.
      I don’t think Chicago is still in that mode. While Chicago has been Synonymous with corruption for quite some time and I believe the Blue side has had complete control for far too long to be concerned about getting along. And that, my friend, is why you have the opinion of Chicago that you do.
      When was the last time Chicago wasn’t led by a Democrat at the Mayoral level. ( Richard M. can call himself whatever he wants – he’s a Dem. And Rick Perry can call himself whatever he wants, he is a RINO at best )
      I don’t believe the “Maverick” thing will work Goose.
      Most “Mavericks” are extreme to one side or the other. Dividing ones own party is not going to win anyone anything and the unified party will laugh all the way to the WH.
      I find it almost impossible to get behind any candidate for any office who resorts to name calling and demeaning of others because they see things with a different viewpoint. The name calling should be left to the children. I certainly do not want someone like that occupying an office in my government.
      ( As you might be able to tell from my little cyber stalker, not everyone shares that opinion LOL )
      I think Mitt would have been a good POTUS, especially now. He would have added respect and class to an office sorely in need. However, I think he is moderate enough to not alienate half of the country as, say, a Ted Cruz would. Lets face it, not everyone in this country is going to have the same opinions. To get the country moving forward again, compromises have to be made.
      Look at what has happened in just 5+ years of our Dictator in Chief.
      Since, say 1975, do ever remember the country this divided ?
      I will say, I whole heartedly agree with one statement you made.
      While attending tech training, while in the USAF, in Rantoul, Ill, we spent a couple of weekends in Chicago and you people make the best damn pizza on the planet.
      I know it cant be good for your health but who cares !!

    15. Well at least we people make good pizza-anyway that getta along thing is stronger than ever here-if anyone, well, if enough, there are two-Mike Bost from southern Illinois and Tom Morrison from Palatine- was fighting for the populus paying all the taxes, Illinois would not have the mass exodus that is going on here-one taxpayer leaving every 9 minutes-moving companies furnish the stats-the most business coming from Illinois and New York. If you were to follow Illinois politics you would know about the “pension reform they put in place about 4 weeks ago. No reform because they are all beholden to the teacher’s unions-what do you think about someone who substitute taught for one day and will get a pension of $100K per year, or superintendents getting 400K pensions and go to a different district and start all over with a second pension that will net them $150k. It’s so bad here. Bo talks about income inequality-it’s between the public and the private sector-The average private sector worker earns 1/3 in salary and benefits for doing the same work the public sector work does. Just the township arrangement here is disgusting,-rotten, mean workers, who do nothing all day long-walk into one of the 5000+ twp offices here in Illinois and see if you can find anyone working or anyone waiting to be helped-you won’t-because these people are incapable of doing anything-just a bunch of patronage jobs ripping us off- TRUST ME the go along thing in Illinois is a monster. Let’s start with this question to you-how many Township Offices in your State. Keep in mind, States need very few twp. offices-most have 10 maybe 20-but when you want to create patronage jobs for knownothings, seenothings, donothings, stick in another township somewhere-so, how many in your state? What do they take care for you? Ours? you’ll laugh-the food pantry-which only had one bag of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, I checked. Now does that require four fulltimers in a twp office? So, your state?

    16. That does not sound like the “getting along” I was speaking of.
      I was talking of compromise. In no way, shape or form do I think the people of Chicago get any kind of compromise from their elected officials.
      I do NOT follow Chicago politics all that closely. Simply because the left is so firmly entrenched there that the dictate with no fear. Much as or dictator in DC tries to do.
      I would say the Chicago tax payers get screwed, not get along.
      Do you think what is needed there is a radical swing to the right ? Or a swing towards the middle where compromises could be reached and everyones concerns would be taken into consideration and addresses before policy is made.
      Lets say Ted Cruz was to gain political control in Chicago. Do you believe a sudden, radical shift where pensions are stopped ( he has said repeatedly that he wants to do away with Social Security ) ? Thousands, if not millions, of lives suffer major hardships or are even destroyed because of a major, radical shift. Or, he would want to take the money spent on social programs and greatly reduce it ( which at that point sounds good ) but instead, spend it on a missile defense shield for Lake Michigan ? ( That was the bill he sponsored during the Dec 2013 budget debates – except for the East Coast and G.O.M. )
      Or lets say, Rand Paul, who I consider to be MUCH less radical than Cruz, was given that same power and would instead reduce that same government spending over a greater period of time and take those same monies and re-invest in the infrastructure of the state ? ( Roads, bridges, etc – creating local jobs and boosting the local economy at the same time )
      That is my definition of getting along. Not to use political power to further one particular agenda but to do whats right by the people, all people.
      I actually had to look up Township Office. I have never heard of such a thing in Texas.
      One of the things I do like about our great state is that we do have a limited government and a limited number of unions.
      We do not have local government offices for every little thing. We do have offices, and I feel most are over-staffed with too many management types and not enough working types but nothing to the extent of most states I know of north of the Red River.
      And our taxes, while too high, are very reasonable by comparison. The last list I saw put Illinios #5 on the list of highest property taxes while Texas didn’t crack the top 10.
      However, this was not accomplished through a radical change from the norm. This is because of years of understanding that, while social programs are needed and government employees are also, they are not needed at every level for every facet of the citizens lives.
      What we get in return is a government basing political decisions on certain religious beliefs.
      While, financially, I think we get the better part of that deal, politically, we lose many of our freedoms to choose due to religious based laws.
      I am a firm believer in the people right of choice.
      I believe our government has a responsibility to regulate commerce not to require its citizens to participate in it.
      I can choose not to do something and still respect others rights to do so, whether I agree with those decisions or not.
      I do not feel a politician is the best person to make decisions and laws regarding my health. I believe those trained in the medical field are the best qualified individuals to make those decisions. ( although I should have the freedom to make my own final decision )
      When organizations like The Texas Medical Association, the Texas Hospital Association, and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists come out against a law, then I find it hard to believe these politicians are acting the best interest of anyones “health”
      All peoples in this great nation should fall under the shadow of the American Eagles wings not just the ones you agree with.

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    20. You WILL find me and I am the “stalker” … uh huh.
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    25. here’s what on the link:
      One question is on the mind of all Americans: can we trust the Obama administration to keep its promises, protect individuals’ rights, and uphold the law?
      The lack of accountability in Washington is creating a crisis of confidence in this country, and under this President, trust in government is approaching record lows.
      President Obama has an opportunity to address people’s concerns in his State of the Union address Tuesday. Please keep reading below for the full list of five questions I am asking the President to address and for an update on the latest in Washington.
      All the best,
      Ted Cruz
      Five Questions: The President Should Hold His Administration Accountable to the American People
      This week, Sen. Cruz presented five questions Americans deserve to have answered by President Obama in next week’s State of the Union address.
      “Americans all over the nation are asking questions about the economy, Obamacare, the IRS, Benghazi, and the NSA that aren’t being answered. However, as the President prepares his State of the Union address, he has signaled he has no intention of clearing the air,” Sen. Cruz said. “The lack of accountability in Washington is creating a crisis of confidence in this country, and under President Obama, trust in government is approaching record lows. It no longer seems like Washington is protecting America. Washington is protecting Washington. These are the questions I hear when I’m home in Texas, and these are the questions the President should answer in order to restore credibility with the people. The State of the Union will be stronger for it.”
      Over the next several days, Sen. Cruz will focus on each of the following questions and the importance of why the President should answer them in his State of the Union address:
      1. Will the President allow the Department of Justice to appoint a special prosecutor to fully investigate the IRS’s illegal targeting of conservatives? The President should be eager to prove he has clean hands on this issue. He professed to be angry and outraged by the IRS abuse. Will he pledge to stop new IRS rules that restrict the free speech of non-profit groups? Sen. Cruz wrote a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder asking him to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the IRS’s illegal targeting of conservative groups.
      2. Will the President act to ensure that the privacy of law-abiding citizens is protected from unjustifiable violations by arms of the federal government such as the NSA, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Internal Revenue Service, and Department of Health and Human Services?
      3. Will the President recognize that his economic policies have failed to create the millions of jobs that he promised and have, instead, reduced the labor force participation rate to its lowest level in decades? Will he commit to commonsense, job-creating policies such as the immediate authorization of the Keystone Pipeline, a moratorium on new regulations, and fundamental tax reform for every American?
      4. Will the President call on Congress to form a Joint Select Committee to finally discover the truth of why four Americans perished in a preventable terrorist attack in Benghazi 16 months ago?
      5. Will the President finally recognize that it was a mistake to ram through Obamacare on a party-line vote and that it is — right now — hurting millions of Americans? Will he take real responsibility for misleading the American people when he falsely promised “if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan” and “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”? Will he acknowledge that he doesn’t have the power to unilaterally rewrite the health law for powerful favored interests such as big business and Congress? And will he finally work with Congress to repeal Obamacare and start over, adopting instead reforms that will make healthcare more personal, portable, and affordable?
      Sen. Cruz Speaks with Mark Davis on the Obama Administration’s Accountability
      On Thursday, Sen. Cruz spoke with Mark Davis on keeping Washington accountable and investigating the IRS. Here are a few highlights:
      “This week I sent a letter to Eric Holder pointing out that it’s been eight months since the IRS scandal broke…. Eight months later nobody’s been indicted. Eight months later it’s been publicly reported the FBI doesn’t intend to bring any indictments against anybody. Eight months later Louis Learner who was leading the unit that was doing this has gone before Congress and has pleaded the Fifth. And eight months later we have discovered that the investigation at the Department of Justice is being led by a partisan Democrat who’s given over six thousand dollars to President Obama and the Democrats. And at the end of the day, the current state of affairs is unacceptable.
      “One of the real pillars upholding rule of law in this country is that we have had fair and impartial enforcement of the law. And when it’s corrupted and turned partisan it undermines it.
      “There’s a lot of common ground when it comes to immigration. The two areas with widest agreement among the citizenry are one, we need to get serious on securing our boarders, and we need to solve the problem of illegal immigration. That’s got overwhelming bipartisan agreement outside of Washington. Number two is that we need to improve and streamline legal immigration, make the system work better.”
      Roe Anniversary Reminds Us of the Tragic Loss of Over 56 Million Unborn Lives
      On the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Sen. Cruz released the following statement remembering the fateful day:
      “Today, thousands of people march to the Supreme Court with heavy hearts. It is a solemn ritual, one that reminds us of the tragic loss of over 56 million unborn lives.
      “Fifty-six million boys and girls who never drew a breath of air. Poets and inventors, doctors and athletes, explorers and musicians, the world is far the poorer for their loss.
      “Every human life is a precious gift from God, and our law should protect innocent human life. Yet 41 years ago, the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision overturned the Texas law that prohibited abortion on demand.
      “As we mourn the loss of millions of souls, we also commemorate the good work that citizens continue to do to fervently defend life. Beyond the thousands of marchers in Washington today, countless individuals are devoted to affirming life, to promoting adoption and to helping provide comfort and aid to new mothers in distress. Their efforts have continued to make significant steps towards valuing the dignity of each human life.
      “This past year, we saw the horror of late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who was convicted of deliberately killing babies already born. The tragedy of that case can never be undone, but the fact that he was found guilty by a jury of his peers in Philadelphia is a small step towards basic human decency.
      “In time, we can all hope that we can come together and create a culture of life, where every human life is protected, cherished, and respected.”
      A Few Words of Tribute for Tom Coburn, Who Announced He is Retiring at the End of This Year
      Upon hearing of Sen. Coburn’s early retirement, Sen. Cruz expressed his gratitude for his courageous service to the people of Oklahoma and all Americans:
      “Tom Coburn changed Washington. Elected to represent the great state of Oklahoma, Dr. Coburn became a voice for millions of Americans inspired by his fearless leadership and “no more business as usual” approach to legislating.
      “His tireless efforts to make DC listen to growing consternation over our nation’s fiscal crisis forced Washington to acknowledge the problem. His willingness to scrutinize every bill and to decipher a bureaucratic tangle of government programs imposed badly needed accountability.
      “Tom Coburn has proven that you do not have to sacrifice principle for results, or civility for conviction—even in Washington. He has demonstrated that unwavering commitment and tireless effort can change even the most entrenched practices. He has proven, with humility, that one member can force the Senate to operate as the ‘cooling saucer’ the Founders designed.
      “Most admirable, ‘Dr. No’ has fought these hard battles and challenged the most powerful interests in Washington while earning a reputation for character, compassion, reason, candor, honesty, and fairness. Even his most ardent political opponents describe him as a trusted friend.
      “Dr. Coburn has made a difference in the lives of many—from the more than 4,000 babies he delivered, to the countless patients he counseled and treated, to his constituents back home, to current and future generations of Americans who owe him a debt of gratitude for his service. He has undoubtedly influenced the future of our Republic, forging a path toward renewed fidelity to the Constitution, fiscal discipline, and economic stability.
      “The true impact Dr. Coburn will leave on Congress is immeasurable, and I hope his legacy will permeate this place for generations to come.
      “I thank my friend for his selfless service, and I pray God’s most abundant blessings on his future. When I ran for the Senate, he was one of my very first supporters. For that, and everything else, I am deeply grateful. I look forward to working with and continuing to learn from him in the coming year.
      “Washington has not been the same since Tom Coburn arrived, and it certainly will not be the same when he leaves.”

  78. WOW, a Democrat lied! Stop the presses! To all of America and the ships at sea: Windy Davis a Democrat LIED. Can you believe it Earth shattering. Has this ever happened before?

  79. Well, golly gee willikers everyone, she is a true Democrat. She will fit right in with all those upstanding leaders in DC.

  80. And yet another prime example of how Liberals will not ever admit to making a mistake and asking for forgiveness for it. Instead they redifine terms and stretch things into their own version of truth. Her apology was to say that she was sorry for not being careful enough in her story and that she would learn how to tell her lies in a different way the next time so as not to get caught in them.

    1. Rememeber when Cheney apologized of 9-11? ANd then apologized for Iraq? Me neither, but don’t let that stop you. Now Ron get back to denying science.

    2. So then in your esteem this justifies Davis and any other Liberal to do the same, right? Revenge, the Liberal way of making sure they stay equal when doing wrong.

  81. @Pamela Durbin reminds me of a vulture as she gives her opinions 3 to 4 days after others have commented on this article. Pamela also reminds me of Hillary Clinton who waited for a year and a half to cover her behind on Benghazi . Pamela is a cherry picker of the lowest order, like a thief in the night she hopes no one is awake to catch silly opines to the people that posted on this article.