Obama’s State of the Union Speech Will Be All Lies

AA - Obama SOTU Speech

On January 28, the President of the United States will stand before a joint session of Congress and lie to them and to all Americans.

The mainstream media will treat it as a serious presentation and make no mention of the lies.

Following the State of the Union speech (SOTU) there will be a formal response by a Republican spokesman. It will be very polite and not likely to strongly expose the lies and oppose the President. 

The “low information” Americans will take Barack Obama at his word. Nearly half of all Americans who might listen to the speech or read about it are on some form of government dole or entitlement program. They are interested in food stamps, unemployment compensation, their disability status, and an older generation will understandably want to ensure their Social Security checks keep coming and Medicare will continue to underwrite their medical costs.

Whatever Obama has to say about the Affordable Care Act—Obamacare—will be a lie. His administration continues to lie about the number of those who have enrolled, but we know they are mostly the elderly while the younger generation wisely avoids it.

We live in a nation where more than 90 million Americans are out of work, cannot find work, or have given up looking for work. Anything Obama has to say about the economy will be a lie.

When Obama gives his speech, the total population of America will be 317,490,000 people. It is the third-most populous nation in the world with 82% residing in cities in suburbs as of 2011. Anyone who has driven throughout the nation knows that much of it is nearly uninhabited. A mere 2% of the population are the farmers and ranchers who feed the rest of us.

The two most populous states are California and Texas. New York City has the largest population of the nation’s cities. It just elected a Communist as its new mayor. He has announced he intends to raise taxes.

There are an estimated eleven million illegal aliens living in America and The New York Times reports that number may be growing. Previous efforts at amnesty resulted in not only endowing them with citizenship but their entire families, many of whom joined them from their home nations. At a time of high unemployment among natural born and naturalized citizens, increasing the population in this fashion will only add to the economic problems the slowest recovery in decades represents. In Congress, Democrats favor an amnesty. Republicans are unsure of whether to oppose or accept it.

In addition to amnesty, the President will no doubt make some mention of tax reform. The reform the nation needs is the elimination of the income tax in favor of a fair tax based on consumption of products and services. You buy it. You pay a national sales tax.

No doubt the President will make some reference to gun control. He has been unable to get any legislation about it and has relied on executive orders to impose limits on the Second Amendment. Meanwhile, Americans are buying guns like crazy. It’s about self-defense and the prospect of a President who may not want to leave office. He will cite the Newtown slayings, but mass slayings in America have not increased in decades. It is not common, though it is always tragic.

It’s hard to predict how much time Obama will devote to “climate change”, but this greatest hoax of the modern era is very dear to him and the Democrats in Congress. A group of them are signing a letter to be sent to the heads of the network channels urging them to devote more airtime to lies about how carbon dioxide is causing the Earth to warm and poses a huge threat. The Earth, meanwhile, has been in a cooling cycle for seventeen years and many Americans recently experienced record-setting cold weather. More of them—though only about 23%–are beginning to express doubts about global warming. Duh!

The climate change agenda is being pursued outrageously by Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency which is issuing regulations intended to continue shutting down existing coal-fired plants that generate electricity and keep new ones from being built. It is a direct attack on the nation’s economy which depends on electricity. Whatever Obama says about it will be a lie.

No doubt he will make reference to his latest scam, income inequality. If there is one thing communists love it is class warfare. The best way to reduce income inequality is well known. It is a thriving economy that provides more jobs and higher pay. Meanwhile, there may be a passing reference to increasing the minimum wage, a great way to deny entry-level jobs to young workers and increase the cost of everything else to the consumer.

Obama is not likely to have much to say about foreign affairs. In general he has managed to reduce America’s role as an international leader for democracy, justice and human rights. We are running out of allies, especially in the Middle East where Israel, Jordan, and a few Gulf states remain friendly.

When I was a young man coming of age in the 1950s I could never imagine living in a nation whose moral structure was such that a million unborn children are killed every year by abortion. I would never have believed that some 40% of women would choose to be single mothers. Or that the divorce rate would reach 50% and more. I could never imagine young men and women graduating from college with huge debts in an economy where jobs were not only fewer, but subject to an Obamacare law that forces businesses to cut the number of hours they work, limiting their earning capacity.

This is not an America I envisioned, but it is one that Presidents and Congresses since the Great Depression of the 1930s whose government they have expanded to the point where many Americans regard Big Government as the biggest problem facing the nation. They’re right.
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  1. This man does nothing but lie! I for one cannot wait for his term to be over. I just hope that Hillary doesn’t get elected; that will definitely be the end for this country.

    1. Well, you can keep hoping. Clinton round two is coming. You don’t have to like it but you’ll have to live with it.

    2. but that brain bleed, ya know the one that kept her from testifying before Congress on Benghazi so she could rehearse her lies-she’s not gonna run-bill doesn’t want to clean up the mess left by bo

  2. The lies will no doubt be pure phantasm, but the standing ovations while they all applaud themselves and their criminal behaviors will define mass schizophrenia manifested as abject dissociation from reality.

  3. That is actually an understatement. Obama is the worst President, this country has EVER seen, including Lincoln, who was personally responsible for the deaths of 640000 Americans.

    1. Lincoln? Really? I think you’d be in the minority on that one. And is that a veiled statement about the civil war and the end of slavery?

    2. EXCUSE ME????? LINCOLN was a GREAT PRESIDENT. ALL wars have casualties regardless of WHO the president is.

    3. You had me until Lincoln. You must be forgetting Jimmy Carter, who once had the heavyweight title for stinking up the White House, until Obama came along.

    1. What B.S. start the clock when ‘Rats took over the senate in 2006 – Dow manipulated by a trillion in quantitative easing ! Unemployment calculated after millions gave up looking – the only hiring is gov.net ! GDP inflated by = See # 1 Quantitative easing and massive money printing fueling prosperity ? NO only inflation ! Deficit good news = What an imaginative narrative ! Consumers are confident only that the ‘Rats sorry policies will end and sanity and democracy will return . Enough of Progressive Socialist propaganda from our Comrads @ College ‘Rats of Amerika !

    2. All economic comments you made are about a republican controlled house which if I remember correctly controls the purse strings. Jobs in spite of the house blocking every jobs initiative introduced.

    3. You forgot one important comparative statistic.
      Bull***t in government published statistics:
      2009 – 50% NOW – 100%

    4. P.S. You don’t remember correctly. The House must originate spending bills, but the bills must still pass both chambers AND be signed by the President to become law. Also, you’re talking out of both sides of your mouth. Either stand behind your (erroneous) claims of economic improvement, and admit that a Republican House had something to do with it, OR accept the truth that the economic improvement is a mirage propagated by a lying socialist President who is inept and ineffective as a leader.

    5. I choose to believe that any economic improvements that have been made are in spite of republican obstruction. I think my memory serves pretty well. Our most recent great recession was the result of wall street speculation and manipulation. If you want to hold someone accountable for the 2008 economic disaster, you need to look to the people who actually caused it and put Bush and a few bankers in jail instead of blaming the president who inherited the mess.

    6. repeal of Glass Steagall by clinton triggered the housing collapse which triggered the meltdown-greenspan and rubin were sidekicks-all due to dems.

    7. The Demon Rats had it all for two years , Presidency – House – Senate and what an economic BOOM ! Stock market is propped up – inflation is rampant – Job growth negative vs population – What socialist policies would you want escalated that are not already killing jobs in every single sector except government

    8. dow about to crash, unemployment 37% according to WSJ, how can there be any growth with 1/3 of employable are unemployed, most everything sold here is made outside of US, consumer confidence at all time low-a dem poll is as believable as a dem

    9. Did politicians ship 5 million jobs overseas or did greedy corporations? We can argue dem vs rep all day, but the problem is with the ultra rich socking all their money away and not re-investing it here…..Yeah, they NEED more….right!

  4. and yet people were STUPID enough to vote him into office for a second term. NObama is not the “answer” that the majority THOUGHT he would be. I DIDN’T vote for him so you can’t blame me. He’s got a hidden agenda and he’s right on track to destroy the USA that our forefathers fought for and that our military have DIED to protect from Hitler, the Japanese, etc.

    1. It couldn’t be more obvious he’s continuing the NWO agenda of his predecessor. Our Bill of Rights and 4th Amendment were already nullified in 2001 via Executive order and it has been carried forward and increased by the following President and Congress sworn to protect and defend our Constitution. NDAA 2014 riders have sealed that deal once more. The President admitted the 4th amendment is moot when he stated they were not overstepping their power by blanketly reading our emails and listening to all phone calls. Unreasonable search and seizure much? We’re seeing an exact repeat of the legislative dismantling of a free and open Democracy as occurred in Pre WWII Germany yet only a small percentage of Americans are old enough to remember/smart enough to recognize it, The TPP being fast tracked through Congress will give away the vast majority of our remaining rights to self governance yet how many know or care? As for voting? Even if no one did the propagandist media now owned by only 6 corporations, would show results streaming in and the anointed one would “win” supposedly elected by the people.

    2. I have seen reports that without all the voting fraud, Obama would have lost to Romney. The 2014 elections are coming soon, if there is no cleanup of dead voters, multiple voters, Chuck Hagel’s voting machines set to give Obama the majority of the votes, illegal aliens voting, etc. the Democrats will walk away with it again.

  5. I won’t be wasting MY time or electricity to watch him LIE on National TV. He’s already proven that he’s a LIAR.

  6. Unfortunately, I don’t want to listen to more of our President’s lies. I’d rather read a good book. Too bad he is such a liar and what is even more sad the people who still believe in him and it makes no difference what his color is. It is his policies. He has been a disgrace to our country and a poor leader.

  7. I really do not want to watch Obama’s speech either, but unless we do we cannot really see the things that are going to face us in the rest of his presidency. I personally believe the man is a liar and a fake and I still doubt his citizenship, but alas there isn’t anything we can do about it now, but pray that God in His infinite wisdom protects America during these coming years and when the next presidential election comes, the conservatives get their act together and that the Republican party listens and put up a terrific, electable candidate!!!!

  8. Here’s the reason for your so-called climate change! Geo-engineering!
    Commonly known as chemtrails! Activated by haarp!

    1. No such thing as “chemtrails” – they are contrails, and they have been around since before WWII. Haven’t you seen them in movies of B-17s over Germany? I remember seeing them over Kansas City in the mid-1940s.

    2. This phenomenon is absoulutly not contrails, and please don’t fool youreself.
      It was invented by G E, in the 40s, and is used heavily as weather control, and warefare, by the n w o.
      Please don’t be a fool! Most sheep simply follow each other to the slaughterhouse…. Please don’t be one, and at least check it out.
      Thank you. P s I have watched 12 o clock high since the advent. I recently saw a re-done version with super imposed chemtrails, and re-written script to cover this lie!

  9. They will be lies, but after the speech he will call them “inaccurate expressions” or “slip of the tongue.”

  10. It’s interesting in reading the posts here that NO one including the author uses any facts to support the article here which I would conclude will prove to be another Right Wing Lie. You’re welcome.