Missouri Seeks to Nullify Obama’s Federal Gun Laws

Shopping at the Missouri Gun and Knife Show at the Show Me Center.

Shopping at the Missouri Gun and Knife Show at the Show Me Center.

In Missouri, there is a strong pro-gun movement going on that gun rights supporters and lawmakers believe is necessary to counter the federal government’s attack on the Second Amendment. Republicans in the legislature began the push for a comprehensive pro-gun bill after Obama’s heightened demand for expanded background checks and a ban on assault weapons. 

While courts have established that states cannot nullify federal laws, it has not stopped some from attempting to stop what they see as a federal takeover of their state sovereignty. According to their proposed legislation, certain gun control policies would be deemed ‘null and void’. It would also penalize anyone caught enforcing them with the possibility of a year in jail, a fine of up to $1,000, and other civil penalties.

The Missouri push against Obama’s anti-Second Amendment agenda is not without controversy.  Some doctors are upset with the limits that it places upon them in communication with their patients and documentation of said communication.

From FOX News: Schaaf said he was concerned about regulating what a physician can ask a patient or include in a medical record. The Missouri Academy of Family Physicians and the Missouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians echoed Schaaf’s sentiments and said the legislation could lead physicians to unknowingly break state law when talking with patients.

The bill’s sponsor said he was open-minded about changing the measure’s language to meet the physicians’ concerns, but added that the provision is necessary to protect a patient’s privacy when it comes to gun ownership.

There are also major changes planned by the bill’s author in regards to concealed weapons.

Like last year’s version, the legislation would also allow designated school personnel to carry concealed weapons in buildings. Another provision would let holders of concealed gun permits carry firearms openly, even in municipalities with ordinances banning open carry. It would also lower the minimum age to get a concealed weapons permit to 19, down from 21.

But Nieves’ bill is less specific about which federal laws it seeks to nullify. It removes references the 1934 and 1968 gun control acts while keeping generic references to fees, registration and tracking policies that “have a chilling effect on the purchase or ownership” of guns and ammunition by law-abiding citizens. 

(Read more at FOX News.)

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