NEW SURVEY: Is America in a Recession or a Recovery?

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  1. It is now easier to start a business in Rwanda than in America. That sure doesn’t spell recovery.

  2. There needs to be a third choice Depression. We are in a Depression, an Obama made Depression on purpose via Cloward and Pivan & Saul Alinski-Rules for Radicals tactics.

  3. All Heil the Fuerer of Amerika Herr 0bama, Sorry that not fair to Hitler, Hitler was a soldier who served with distinction, and cared for his fellow soldiers.

  4. Actually I believe we are in a Depression and have been since the 2008 crash which was the result of bill clinton and barack obamas forcing banks to make loans to those they knew could not afford to make bank payments .. about 70% of those getting those loans were illegal’s but were given loans because of pressure by cinton and obama and after obamas charges race against CITIBANK ,what bank was going to refused to make risky loans.. President Bush made seventeen (17) requests to Frank Dodd and the rest to investigate FREDDY&FANNY but they refused and made false accusations against saying they didn’t want poor people to own a home .. obama,clinton,barney frand , chris dodd and Maxine waters knew full well these fokes would lose their homes because they could not afford to make payments .. these people were used and democrats got their votes . No we are in a Depression all the cooking of books and borrowing money and pulling the lever on the cha-ching-machine printing money will not make any difference we are in a Depression and the 1929 Depression can not come close to matching the one we are under .. It took until the 50′s to recover from the 1929 crash this one has no recovery .. One morning fokes will wake up to hear government admit we are in and have been in a Depression since 2007 as a result of bill clinton and barack obamas forcing banks to make risky loans.. The bubble burst the American dream is over thanks to the Socialist Democrat Party and muhammad obama finishing what he started in the 90′s with the help of bill clinton.. obama thinks all will fall according to his plan and then he will come riding in on a white horse and save America bu some great plan .. and its the one he pushed while Senator A GLOBAL GOVERNANCE all pulling our resources “SPREAD THE WEALTH.. AND HEALTH ” ONE SIZE FITS ALL “

  5. I believe Obama was always planning on destroying from the inside. As President he is making it come true. Separating the classes, races, religions and isolate us from our allies (especially Israel) … At the rate he is going we will be destroyed by 2016….

  6. Never came out of it The complient media has done everything in their power to make you and I believe that the Mwongo Is the Messiah. I never once believed any of the bullshit

  7. The numbers that the gov uses to say unemployment is going down is so wrong. They only use who is on unemployment. and when it runs out and your can’t collect it anymore. You don’t count. I hope everyone is ready for the big depression we are heading for. The bad thing about it. We can stop it. The us dollar is in a fast decline. And 5 counties that I know of is starting their way to spend money. I hope you all are ready for our economy to crash. When other countries don’t trust the us dollar bad news. Why do you think gold has skyrocketed in the past 12 years. Silver is up 300+%. No one is trusting the us dollar. Because we are so much in debt our dollar is declining.

  8. How can it be a recovery when 400,000 unemployed drop off the charts because they drew all they could and have no jobs when only 167,000 jobs were created and they show unemployment dropped from 7.0% to 6.7%. IMPOSSIBLE>…

  9. Deep, dark depression, excessive misery
    If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all
    Gloom, despair, and agony on me