Leftist Congressman Henry Waxman Retires, Blames Tea Party

Henry Waxman
Far-left congressman from California, Henry Waxman, a 40-year House veteran, announced his retirement Wednesday, blaming the pro-constitution, limited government Tea Party movement. 

“It’s been frustrating because of the extremism of Tea Party Republicans,” said Waxman. “Nothing seems to be happening.” Waxman may have forgotten about Obamacare, which is a takeover of 1/6 of the American economy, placing the nation’s healthcare system under control of politicians and bureaucrats. 

Waxman joins a growing surge of democrats who have recently announced that they will not seek re-election. 

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    1. Sounds like something is in the air as the rats are jumping sinking ship…only despicable “republicans” RINOs are still determined to finish our country off…wondering why?…FOLLOW ThE MONEY!

    2. Nope, the wolves are hungry for Rino! I don’t know if I can post a link Just Bing it, AZGOP State Committeemen strongly censured Sen John McCain 1/30/2014

    3. And it was about time, here in TN we are gonna toss Alexander out on his ear and put Carr in. Cutting the pensions of our Veterans was a step over the line.

    4. Veterans are still good for that rousing big finish to the military budget cutter’s state of the coup address.

    5. I don’t believe the present CIC is aware of the term that describes his time of “leadership” ( and I use that word very loosely!) the term which is an acronym is… FUBAR.

    6. Yes Paul I watched the TP convention on CSPN & they’ve got some pretty T’d of southern mamas! I think/hope this will be a state to state event & I’m not a bigot doesn’t matter if there is a R or a D behinds anyone’s name! We’re Americans! We the People! The Pollutants just need to stay out of my pockets, who’s bed, what’s church & where’s kitchen!….LOL First Base! We aren’t sheep, but people with brains & a constitution, we just need more people to speak up! I write my FL people, sign petitions & may even volunteer before the years up! Hopefully this thinking will become more wide spread by 2016! Taxed Enough Already! Happy TGIF!

    7. I sure hope so….
      I was hoping McShame wouldn’t be re-elected the last time either….looks like he is good friends with Soros too ….

    8. then make it happen. quit letin seiu illegals vote in your elections call your newspapers and take pictures

    9. Wished I could take your advice but the problem is I no longer live in Nevada. Lived there (Vegas) for twenty of Reid’s formative years but got smart and moved away. But I have followed Nevada closely since then. And yes there were much crap that went one with Reid and the elections in Nevada and the casinos and the Mexicans. The other problems is the media (Review Journal), like other places, is in line with the Demos so that will not happen. Even if given the facts they will not run it.

    10. No, what they are doing is taking one for the Democrat Team. They know the ones who voted for and passed that monstrosity are in danger of not getting reelected, so instead of running and losing the seat to a Republican, they are bailing, putting up new, more electable Democrats who don’t have the stink of Obamacare on them, and going with that.

      Hence Sandra Fluke.

      This is a strtegy designed to keep a stranglehold on the power of the Congress and Senate and it might just work.

      Do not underestimate this devious ilk.

    11. And this is a win-win solution for them. The old Demo does not lose any money because he has a guaranteed income.

    12. and you shouldn’t keep telling people what to do…and what to think…..some of us are able to search for the truth not to twist it as you did below…..

    13. Republican s are who freed the slaves , it will have to be Republican s that fix the commies mess

    14. Holding slaves is a black mark on our country. Not sure what you meant with your comment, Doreen, but it sounded very ugly. Keeping people in slavery is as bad as killing 4,000 babies a week in our country with abortion.

    15. merc – maybe you didn’t understand. I did. Doreen said that the Republicans (through President Lincoln) freed the slaves and now they are needed again to fix the country as it is. What did you THINK she said? I do not understand where YOU got that she was saying slavery is good or that killing babies is good either with abortion.

    16. elf, I was asking what she meant, because I was construeing it that way. Wasn’t sure nor wasn’t meaning to say anything negative. I am glad she didn’t mean that.

    17. Ok. We all are allowed to make mistakes and on the internet or any “reading” mistakes can certainly be made. Been there done that. Love you response and attitude. :) Further, I guess Doreen could come on here and say I was wrong. That would be embarrassing! LOL!

    18. What Doreen said was simple to understand, and true. The slaveholders in the south were democrats. The KKK were democrats. Lincoln and the north were Republicans, and slavery ended with the victory of the north over the south. The Civil Rights Act was passed after the longest democratic filibuster in our nation’s history. These things are not difficult to understand.

    19. True Conservatives/constitutionalists, not the garbage elite that is running the republican party those days

    20. I love it too. Now, we must stop attacking ourselves as Republicans and keep to the issues in which we should be beholden. If we do that, we will be able to unite all factions of the Republican Party together. In fact, just listen and do what the voters sent us to do…represent them. It’s as easy as that.

  1. He refuses to shoulder the blame he wrought on himself. Anyone who had anything to do with ObamaCare, deserves to be shown the door.

    CA, as a state, has done more harm to America, as a country, than any other state in America.

    1. Along with NEW YORK and MICHIGAN ! and Nevada’s electing Reid over and over. AZ should never have kept McCain this long either !

    2. Toss California’s little sister in the mix too, Connecticut. Big name for such a little state. Should shorten permanently to their abbreviation, CONN as it is a Con State.

    3. Has McCain not been a liberal in the closet all these years as a Democrat safeguard? He and other RHINOs?

    4. McCain is one of the rare examples of a true RINO which is no different than a liberal Republican.

    5. The ones in the closet are always on the ready to keep Republicans in the minority, Remember Republican Jim Jeffords? George W. Bush was elected with a 50/50 Senate split. VP Cheney’s vote tipped control to Republicans for about four months. Then Jeffords switched his status to Independent and caucused with Democrats.

      Bush was the first Republican president since Eisenhower (1953) to have control of Senate and House. (That is a big reason why Democrats have been able to pass, literally, a mountain of liberal legislation that has been against American interests.)

    6. No.. my state is almost as bad.. sometimes I feel like moving out of Massachusetts..Ugh!

    7. Hey new York is worse. We didn’t have a govenor come and tell people to leave if your a christian or a conservative … We may have our ” ignorant” ones here and the free loaders . But how many citizens from your state moved here to become rich? Or tv stars lest movie stars? .., Not one state is perfect but this is one of the largest state in the union. And not all of us are fruits and nuts… We haven’t ruined this country anymore than any other state has… As a born and raise Californian with many generations here I take great exception to your statement tsigilli….

    8. oh shoot, you all just went and insulted one o’ them left wing California fruit cakes. you may not have had a governor tell your people that, but you California people have pretty much given up your rights and civil liberties. So your state is in as bad a shape as communist New York. We still have open and concealed carry here. Not gonna change.

  2. After 40 years,he is about 30 years too late! GO back home and enjoy your retirement because we no longer need you in our HOUSE!! We need someone who is for the people,not for his party….Hasta la Vista Cabrone!

    1. Problem is, ya can’t blame Waxman alone.
      The idiot Californicators keep electing Waxmans, Pelosis, Finestiens(sp), Boxes, etc.

    2. Yes, but he took advantage!! TERM LIMITS; these position were never meant to be a life career. He should have understood that as a “leader” but now he is going to cry about being in for 40 years and forcing to retire because of the Tea Party. IS HE SERIOUS!!!

    3. California voted term limits in many years ago. Unfortunately the worthless 9th district decided the people of the state couldn’t put limits on a federal election.

    4. I know a young man who was recently interviewed for an awesome job in the aerospace industry but is seriously considering turning it down because he really, really does not want to live in CA.

    5. What no one has mentioned here is that term limits or not, the same people who elected Waxman will/would replace him with another Waxman.
      We have to change perceptions before we can change outcomes.

    6. From the U.S. Senate website:

      All members of Congress pay Social Security taxes in the same amounts as they would if they were employed in the private sector at the same salary level. The amount of a congressional pension varies and depends on years of service, age at the time of retirement, and salary.

      The facts:
      The confusion about Social Security probably results from the fact thatbefore 1984, Senators and Representatives did not participate in the Social Security program. Like all federal government employees at that time, members of Congress were covered by a pension plan, called the
      Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS), that did not require payment of Social Security taxes and did not provide Social Security benefits. In 1983, Congress passed a law (P.L. 98-21) that required all federal employees first hired after 1983 to participate in Social Security. The
      law also required all members of Congress to participate in Social Security as of January 1, 1984, regardless of when they first entered Congress. Because the CSRS was not designed to coordinate with Social Security, Congress directed the development of a new retirement plan for
      federal employees, called the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), which does coordinate a federal pension with Social Security.

      Members of Congress are eligible for a pension at age 62 if they have completed at least five years of service. They are eligible for a pension at age 50 if they have completed 20 years of service, or at any age after completing 25 years of service. The amount of the pension depends on years of service and the average of the highest three years of salary. By law, the starting amount of a member’s retirement annuity may not exceed 80 percent of his or her final salary.


  3. Mr Piggy going out and if the TP had anything to do with it, GREAT. God bless the TP group or groups that made the decision for him.. GOOOOOOOOOOO TP

    1. I’m gonna miss this fellow! I mean, he made everything so perfect! (sniff, sniff…OMG, somebody PLEASE give me some tissue ’cause I’m starting to cry!) BWAHAAAAAHAAHAA Now my day’s ruined. One LESS liberal in power…can the country take the HIT?!? sniff, sniff LOL

    2. Yeah, this one is too much. I have been a part of ruining this man’s reputation. Can’t live with it. This could mean the end of our country as we know it. Don’t wanna be here when
      TSHTF. It is real bad. They might even resort to putting in another whining crybaby just like him. OH NO!!!

    1. Democrats are our largest and FIRST priority. That’s the only way we can get rid of them is dealing with them first by finding the common denominator, then we should go after the RINOs (which are not as many as some people think, but I’ll save that for another day). First, the Democratic Party.

    2. I just noticed that Boehner is darker than obama…..lol! Wonder what dna source that came from…..obama is part white, what is boehner?

    3. Don’t forget frankenfinestien and boxer… they should have been GONE long ago too… evil frigging HAGS!!!

    4. Thank God, he’s going! Sad to say, but we already HAVE “term limits”…they’re called elections! There are plenty in DC that I’d love to color “gone”….but there are some that we need to either keep or clone! Like Trey Gowdy, Tim Scott, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, to name a few. It’s the responsibility of the citizenry to take the time to inform themselves on issues & vote accordingly.

    5. Now SANDRA fLUKE (THE ABUSER OF BIRTH CONTROL) is going to run in his place! Gosh sounds great, NICE easy WIN for Conservatives!

    6. I see in many of the comments that people are still being held hostage by that left/right hoax. Until more people get out of that either/or mentality, we’re doomed.

  4. I was listening to Rush today and the thinks the Reps might lose the House if they pass Amnesty. His reasoning many Republican voters will stay home if Amnesty is passed. I wish someone would inform Boehner of that, although I don’t think he really cares. If he did why even bring immigration reform up?It’s a loser for Republicans but our so called leaders don’t see it.

    1. The RINO’s are a huge Problem they want to sell us while they think they havea justifiable reason! they are so lame they believe the people are still going to vote Demoncrap the next election!!! The majority have awakened this will be a huge turn if they would grow a Conservative spine!!

    2. Democrat Party first, then attack the RINOs. That’s how we can win this thing. Don’t divide and let the Democrats win.

    3. It’s a democratic tactic against the Republicans. The Democrats know Republican Voters don’t want Amnesty and are counting on Republican Voters to stay home. If that works for Democrats so goes the country

    4. You should read the press release that Speaker Boehner distributed yesterday setting forth the immigration principles that the House immigration reform bill should have. You might actually agree with him.

    5. Possibly right from what I heard. The idea is to submit a bill that requires things in priority i.e., border security first. When the Dems don’t vote for it, the Republicans will say the Dems don’t really like Hispanics and don’t really want amnesty. The problem is the Republicans cannot control it when the Democrats amend it. And then the Dems say Republicans don’t like Hispanics and won’t vote for amnesty. The games people play…I mean the government plays.

    6. There remains the erroneous belief that there still exist two distinct major political parties in America.

    7. Then there would be a good thing about that…he would lose the Republican leadership too. Maybe it might only take a couple of years of the GOP being a minority to make the party dump Boehner and elect somebody else.

    1. you are probably right. And we as citizens need to start imposing our will on OUR Government. This lobbyist coalition needs to go. and as fast as we can make it happen. I mean after all, do the poor taxpayers have lobbyists? Does anyone talk up for us?

  5. Well at least the ugly (both inside and out) Congressman is leaving. One less idiot to deal with. If ya can’t take the heat, get out of the fire. Waxman wusses out.

  6. That poor man…(sniff)…… I feel sooooo bad for him…..(sob)…..it’s just not fair what those mean old Tea Party people are doing…..(sob) …….just terrible …….NOT!!!!!!

    1. Oh woe is me, also Bill!!! It will haunt me for life (cry slobber, blow, snot, sob!!) to realize that I was a part of …… a part of….WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAAAA!!!!! OH NO!!! This can’t be!!!!!! (more boohooing, crying , slobbering, snot running everywhere) a part of … Wrecking this man’s career and bringing such devastation and heart ache upon him and his poor family. It pains me so bad. Puking now!!! Boogers really dripping now. Can’t get hold of myself. Oh no, lost control. I just doodooed in my britches!!
      That was because both my knees are bad and I couldn’t get myself up quick enough to make the bathroom!!!! I’ll never shed the guilt of what we have done to this man!!! Shame on me!!! ( I just reached up and jackslapped myself 5 times.)

    2. not competitive. just thought I would have some fun with this one, too. I can’t believe that pathetic whiner would say something like that publicly. I would never put myself across as some sniveling crybaby to the public eye. Just shows his immaturity.

  7. Good Waxman and his fellow leftwing communists should hit the road. They should also lose their retirement so they have to live under the B.S. that they have left for the rest of America.

    1. Butt? have you seen that nose lately? Don’t let his nose get trapped in the door as they shove his sorry rear end out the door! Viva La Tea Party keep up the good work! The scungy rats are jumping ship….let’s replace them conservative voices but no RINO’s please.

    1. You are probably right, but it is really a shame we need to think this way….looks like they might have won if we are thinking this way.

  8. Those dems can’t take responsibility for anything. Waxman you were stupid enough to vote for it and now you pay the consequences for your dumb vote.

    1. I remember when I lived in Texas. Every so often we had to bomb our house to get rid of the cockroaches. After a while you could actually see them if they made it out side. They would still die but it looked like a mass exodus from the house. Spiders, snakes under the house, termites actually coming out of the wood work, stink bugs and other vermin.
      Maybe it is time to clean out both houses of government the same way, get rid of the vermin and varmints in it now.

  9. Another one bites the dust
    Another one bites the dust
    And another one gone and another one gone
    Another one bites the dust
    Hey I’m gonna get you too
    Another one bites the dust

  10. Its the giant sucking sound your hearing as Nostrillaitus Waxman leaves office. Finally the sucking sound that has been his nose sucking tax dollars down the drain to the tunes of millions if not billions over 40 useless years in congress will be coming to and end. Stop whining you old fart!

    1. Got news for you- he will still rake in $$$$$$$ in money, perks and free healthcare you and I pay for

  11. Can anyone list a single significant accomplishment from this man during the forty years he’s lived off our taxes?

  12. hey, maybe that will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide on the congress floor he exhales thru his enormous nostrils,,,as the “brilliant ThINKER/scientist ” Obama already is calling on reduction of carbon dioxide….
    Stop breathing, everyone…or executive order is in order!

  13. I remember this little tweeker running around LA when he was a county superviser trying to get the Jewish votes

  14. Were it not for the fuel of envy and greed for what others have, liberalism would have died on the vine long ago.

    Liberalism is such a counter-intelligent, counter-scientific, counter-intuitive philosophy, even Americans of the most humble education and intellect would have long ago rejected it for the exercise in asininity that it truly is.

    Were it not for envy.

  15. Nothing is more important to liberals than avoiding responsibility for the failures of liberalism, and the debacle that is Liberalism thus requires extraordinary efforts at blame-shifting and scapegoating.

    The Tea Party is used to avoid taking responsibility for failed progressive ideology.

  16. If the Tea Party accomplished his resignation, I’m impressed. Waxman is the example of why we need term limits.

  17. It’s rare that a politician rat actually looks like a rat and the Tea Party just exterminated a big one.

  18. Amen! Good riddens ! Why does California do that stuff to themselves, for forty years ! Why?

  19. Fuck him. TBH, anyone who’s been in elected office more than 12 years needs to SCRAM, (R) or (D) or (I)

  20. He can blame whom ever it is he wants to blame. My support goes to anyone that led to this parasite’s departure!

  21. 40 years? OMG this is just another reason to impose term limits on these leaches to the American taxpayer. These jobs weren’t meant to be a career. They were meant for Americans who wanted to give something back to the country. then to get out and reintigrate back into their communities. Aren’t we tired of these “elitiists” earning a living off of our backs yet?

  22. It would be great to see all these bobbleheads just leave! What a bunch of grunch biting queefs!

    1. I just got through watching “Mr Smith goes to Washington”, and we should’ve had a clue then, but then again some of us were little back then, where was the rest of America?

  23. Him leaving on his own is a victory for no one! Him leaving in a closed casket is the only true victory. This country has been taken over by an insidious enemy both foreign and domestic, other than their deaths, nothing will bring this country back safely from the brink.

  24. Good Riddance! Waxman is leaving because he doesn’t even live in California and he is aware that another congressman was indicted for fraudulently claiming residence for election purposes. What a fraud he is.

    1. Damn idiot Waxman probably doesn’t even touch California until near election time when he has his hands out for donations.

  25. This is a strategic move by the Democrats. They know many Americans want a change in the status quo, regardless of party affiliation and their ranks are filled with old establishment dinosaurs so, many of them are ripe for picking in traditional Democrat districts. I believe the DNC is quietly making deals with these people to retire now to prevent the inevitable blood bath. This move is to stop the Republican resurgence by offering new Democrat candidates along side the new Republican candidates so the Democrat districts will more likely stay on the plantation. Smart move, I wonder if the Republicans have a clue what’s going to hit them the next election. If more of these Democrat dinosaurs are convinced to retire, I predict the Democrats keep the Senate and take the house in the next election.

  26. The simple fact that Congress can NOT pass laws is a good thing! Have you ever seen anything good come from governmental interference? And the Tea Party/Libertarian thinking/Conservative-minded influence is to blame for this?

    See ya later, Hank! Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

  27. That’s what the Constitution is for is limiting Government so Americans can live free but when we have Dictator type liberals and Progressives who want to run peoples lives that can even run there own. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness mean’s ME! not your happiness but mine and each individual’s as well I’m not put here for you or your entertainment, or your stepping stool or foot rest!!!!!

  28. Good riddance to bad rubbish……Let the purged begin and get the rest of these no good SCUM BAGS out of office!

  29. Henry Waxman, the human Pig. With all the money he’s taken from the tax payers you’d think getting that damn nose fixed should have been on his list of priorities, in SF he is considered intelligent looking by his liberal, leftist, socialist constituents but what else would you expect from liberals it’s a mental disorder!

  30. I’m glad that Nostrils Waxman is going. Now if the rest of his damn ilk would leave, I’d drink to that.

  31. They smell the approaching armed revolution coming from 80 million armed Veterans along with our military…could happen before December 2014.

  32. Well I guess I owe the “Tea Party” a great big thank you!!! It is good to see these bureaucrats getting out! Waxman is just another turncoat Liberal anyway!!!

  33. Henry, Henry go away because the Tea Party is here to stay and we will get the remainder of the Leftist loons in Congress soon to sound your tune. Hey, Hey Tea Party all the way!!!!!!!!! Go Waxman go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. My California is in SERIOUS need of a Democratic ENNEMA. YES! Waxman down, 3 more worthless, self-serving Dems to go!

  35. Whatever we’re doing right, let’s keep it up, and maybe we can get more Democrats to retire!
    This is fun!

  36. Blame it on the Tea Party because you can’t reasonably blame it on Bush anymore. They are all jumping ship since God basically told them, from the podium of the House, He won’t be mocked. They can run but they can’t hide. LOL (HR 3741)113 Congress

  37. Democraps are retiring because Obamacare killed, and amnesty is killing their re-election chances in tight district races. Everyone can see the polls. The party leaders are telling these old has beens to leave so they can run fresh faces unconnected to this train wreck of an administration and their policies and lies. Watch, the new crop of liars will all claim to be JFK Democrats, just like the Rinos claimed to be Reagan Republicans.

  38. This is the ugliest person to ever be in Congress,what a horrible waste of skin.You can look up his nose and see the back of his skull.Lets hope he drops dead on the way home.

  39. jumping off the sinking ship before he has to go to prison thats ok fool enjoy your brief freedom ,because after obozos imprisonment we will be coming after you and his other cronies.

  40. With the city of Los Angeles facing a $200 million deficit, we found some city councilmembers purchasing fancy cars at the expense of taxpayers.

  41. We haven’t seen the last of this guy. If we get a Republican administration, look for the media to be interviewing him frequently.

  42. Can’t get out of there fast enough for me……………..don’t let the door hit you…………….bye bye. 1 more down many more to go……………….can’t blame anyone but themselves for not representing the people……….the days of Congress making the rules and the American People living with them are over……….the Tea party didn’t cause your retirement you did, the only difference is the democrats pushed and lied too too too too many times and the sleeping giant awoke and said “enough is enough” Can’t face the truth on what part you played with American s healthcare BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T READ IT, BECAUSE YOU DECIDED YOU KNEW BETTER and BECAUSE “A L L ” that was important to you was to vote party lines………..
    And as you go you still will lie and lay blame on anyone but yourself. easier to name call and point the finger than tell the truth……………….
    NO GUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that is how you will go to your grave, a liar!

  43. This means nothing. The communists have control of both houses and have for a long time. America is doomed. The only thing that will really mean anything is if an insurrection is mounted, is successful, and most of the useless and wasteful laws these idiots have been passing without anyone’s knowledge are all appealed. Kalifornians and mexicans will just elect more commies.

  44. “We are not able to oppress people and make them dependent on the government as efficiently as we could have without this awful Tea Party. So I quit, because I am a gutless bully who should be dictator!”

  45. I’ll bet he’s been looking at his poll number back home and they don’t look real good. In fact, probably the worst he has ever seen. 40 years, wow, that’s 38 way to long. Back to your rat hole jerk

  46. I would not celebrate just yet. These are people from very blue districts. You never know what kind of extremist is waiting in the wings to replace them.

  47. there are at least 7 seats up for contention and the ACA is going to cost the dems greatly. Amnesty will cost all of US.

  48. yeah. it is time for all the anti constitution, large government bureaucrats to go away. Hows global warming working out for everybody?

  49. That is the BEST NEWS I HAVE HEARD THIS MORNING. It is about time these commies leave. LONG LIVE THE TEA PARTY & OUR CONSTITUTION.

  50. Maybe this is a sign disaster is on the way, and he doesn’t want to be around for the payback… In any case, good riddance!

  51. Chucky (Doll) Schumer said the “Tea Party” were the “Elite” who BLAMED GOVERNMENT! for everything – so I guess Obama started the Tea Party in 2008 when he took over the government FROM Bush by BLAMING Bush ! Another thing we didn’t Know about O !

  52. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out the last day Congress meets in 2014! Although, I wouldn’t mind if it gave you a good whack! That’s for blaming TEA Patriots instead of yourself for all your 40 years of legislating against America.

  53. I’ll take credit for that one. Blame it on me.
    He’s right I do want limited govt, controlled spending and a return to the constitution….if that frustrates democrats it should be a warning to us all

  54. Can’t be because all the left are a bunch of criminals and they figure they better get out before they are thrown in prison.

  55. But, but, but, I thought the Tea Party was dead and gone.

    Oh well, it’s good to see that they have enough influence to get rid of people like Henry “Nostrildamus” Waxman.

  56. Money isn’t real but power is money is just the distraction that is blamed for the corruption of the majority of men that taste the real money ~Power~

  57. I know Henry, it’s been so tough fighting against those that BELIEVE IN THE CONSTITUTION !!! And you don’t.

  58. Face it folks. Most of these a’holes (both parties) are owned by the international banks and military industries. They are treasonous to the core. Corrupt bastards! The Democrats especially serve Satan’s pleasures. Waxman is one of the snakes.

  59. So, the Tea Party caused the loss of 5 million insurance policies? The Tea Party caused the Family Plan premium of a “typical” American family (which gets its health insurance from employers) to go up an average of $2500 since the passage of Obamacare? And it was the Tea Party that wrote in the marriage penalty into the price paid for insurance on the Exhange? And it was the Tea Party that launched a website that is not secure; that couldn’t handle the visitors to it; that didn’t have a “pay now” option and has seen many who thought they enrolled weren’t actually enrolled?

    Nah, Harry. That was YOUR party that did all of that. You are once again lying. You are retiring because of what YOUR party has done in the last 5 years to the middle class. Because you are a coward and don’t want to face those you have done grave harm to.

  60. I hope he doesn’t enjoy a single day of retirement, and collects NOTHING on his propped-up pension.

  61. So the Socialist Autocrats are condemning The Tea Party for wanting to keep our Democratic Republic intact?
    How’m I doin’? Am I in the ballpark?

  62. that’s good that all these anti-Constitutional, self-serving, lazy, incompetent, deaf and blind PUBLIC SERVANTS are jumping ship like the rats they are. Now, maybe, the ‘good’ political & judicial public servants will begin to do their jobs & obey their Oath of Office. FIRST, Support & Defend the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights. That’s the FIRST step in their treatment & recovery. If they do not want to return to the [American] fold, then “be gone evil ones”!!! WE do not want you working for [against] US anymore.

  63. Just a reaction from that lame State of the Union address, hope there are more to jump ship in the coming days, they are finally smelling the danger – took um long enough!

  64. Good riddance leftist moron. Thanks for foisting upon us the welfare-entitlement state which has bankrupted the USA and many states and counties. I hope they cut off your retirement when the USA files for the bankruptcy you and your leftist buddies are responsible for.

  65. Left California for Texas almost 20 years ago. Thought it was bad then, but watched it be overrun by illegals and Socialists. Let them reap what they sew. Prayers to those who have tried to make an incredibly beautiful state, geographically speaking, their home.

  66. Wow what a compliment for the Tea Party. Just imagine if the Tea Party hadn’t formed and took it to polls, how far the communist would be….no wonder they are pissed.

  67. Heck if this is what it takes to get ultra-leftists to quit then let’s all keep up the obstructionism and keep government shut down. Hopefully the entire Democrat Party will quit and go home. Then we can get our country back completely!!

  68. For a movement that we have been told has lost its “mojo” the Tea Party sure is getting a lot of blame for doing nothing. lol Causing a 40 year House veteran to retire? Wow.

  69. Unfortunately, Waxman’s departure isn’t enough. Time for Boxer, Pelosi, Capps and a host of other liberal bottom feeders to leave.

  70. He is from California… he looks like it. Pelosi’s brother!! Which leads me to my next question… When is that psycho beotch going?

  71. These guys only retire when there is no more tax money for them to line their pockets with. Otherwise they would stay there until they vapor lock on the House floor.

  72. stupid is as stupid does!!! Liberals never want to take responsibility for their policies it is always somebody else’s fault. IDIOTS!!!

  73. Thank you all Tea Party members who pushed this POS into retirement!! Maybe if Republicans would have had some stones and stood up to bullies like Waxman long ago, we would still have a country that still had some moral decency.

  74. John F. Kennedy would be considered a “Right-Wing Extremist” in todays Democratic Party…they are now full throated Socialists.


  75. Oh, Little Henry didn’t get his way so he is retiring after 40 years of putting forth failed “Progressive” Liberal policies.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out and be sure to sign up for Obamacare before March 31..

  76. You know, for every socialist moron that resigns because of the Tea Party (Socialist morons of EITHER party) I think I’ll donate a hundred bucks to the Tea Party. We need more of this.

  77. I am not necessarily a Tea Party supporter, but in this case they accomplished a lot of good. Well done.

  78. Way to Go Waxman, what a badge of honor for the Tea Party! And congratulations on sticking with your fearless leaders game plan “Fail then Blame”! But, as you part please provide one last service to your country and take the Pelosi and Fienstien winches back to California with you! They deserve them, the rest of us deserve better!….

  79. My money which formerly went to the GOP will now be apportioned to the TEA Party. Thanks, TEA, you made my day! –a California conservative

  80. It’s hard to win the debate when your foundation is hypocrisy, corruption, and lies! You will not be missed, and may the avalanche of conservative truth bury everyone of your left wing socialistic cronies, along with your Republican enablers in the Washington Establishment! CYA! RR

  81. They know they will be voted out. Blame the POTUS and the fact that whatever self serving plan he comes up with you puppets sanction it instead of doing what is best for the country and their citizens. Finally the country is speaking up and those who don’t represent us with be voted out.

  82. If——IF what you say is true Henry then those who make up the Tea Party are to be congratulated. Ridding the U.S. Congress of a leftwing leech such as yourself if huge !! Now find a real job if, after 40 years of doing nothing, you are able to do so.

  83. It is good to hear that theTea Party is having success! This guy was in Congress way to long and we need more of these lifetime politicians to get out so that we can have a citizen lehislature again. Being a pilitician was never intended to ve a career!

  84. Well, there ya go!

    If the Tea Party means NOTHING ELSE! By THIS ALONE, it’s existence is thoroughly VALIDATED.

  85. He is a dbag who should never have been in 40 years! He and pelousy both- and then they squeal and blame Bush. Pathetic, really California, are you ever going to give up the drugs and elect some smart people?

    1. I actually had a democrat friend of mine say to me once “We’d get a lot more done without that damn Bill of Rights always getting in the way.” I just stared at him and seriously started rethinking my choice of friends…

  86. What a joke dems are. I’d like to know how Tea Party Rep are preventing the Obama admin from pursuing their ongoing corruption. This party has the ‘blame game’ down pat.

  87. This is the beginning. We need a new jail just for these politicians who are acting like rats on a sinking ship. They need jail time for their crooked activities instead of retirement. Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Rangel are a few more that can join him.

  88. Good bye for good Mr. America.40 years.Are you kidding.It should have been four in my opinion. Enjoy your rocking chair.After 40 years you deserve it.

  89. Great news. Only problem is the stupid voters in CA will just replace him with another left leaning idiot!

  90. WooHoo!! Party time…with RINOS and Commies out of the way, we might actually see progress (not progressive)!

  91. Blame, Blame, Blame, good heavens, take a look in the mirror, there lies the only one to blame for what happens to you ~ YOURSELF ~ in the end it is you who makes/made the decision of what path you take/took, who you listened to, what you choose to believe, what you choose to ignore. I think in your gut, The Tea Party woke you up to the reality of how this administration is trying to destroy this country & it is easier to “blame” them than admit you were wrong in your support to follow this “president”.

  92. Let’s hope the RINOs get as frustrated and start bailing out…….Tea Party gaining traction…..let’s keep the pressure up

  93. If the Tea Party folk had anything to do with this dispicable oaf retiring from Congress, then I say kudos to the Tea Party.

    1. The Democratic Party loves the civil war between the GOP and the Tea Party as it only benefits Democrats during elections. (makes them so happy :) ).

    2. Had problems getting back to you:

      You know my posts are not profane or radical. You may remember character “same” from N-max blogs? Think you exchanged comment or two with him on abortion.

      Got to “know” him from lots of exchanges. Pretty good guy, not dogmatic on abortion. He was experiencing heavy “moderation” since he exchanged with me a lot.

      “It appears I might get a chance to bid adieu to all you patriots. My password keeps expiring and I don’t get new news anymore so it appears my comments are not welcomed anymore. To lose one of the last avenues to have my inconsequential voice heard makes me think the first amendment really is history.To all Patriots that can still get the word out,keep up the good work!!! God Bless America!”
      I saw where he is back. I advised him on how to bypass any blacklisting attempt.

      The following is a copy from Disqus, sent when they “moderated” my post on amnesty, yesterday:

      “We are unable to post your comment…” error
      This message indicates that you’ve been blacklisted from commenting on the site in question, you can contact the website for more information on why you were blocked. Note that while Disqus offers many moderation tools, we do not moderate comments ourselves.”

      I came to Times to post the comment, low-and-behold, Disqus followed me and for the first time “moderated” my comment. This proves, to me, that Disqus is in on the “moderation”. The Times has never taken a post – after all, Disqus says they don’t, that left N-max as the culprit on their own site. I know from experience, it never happened here, using the very same “moderated” comments from N-max.
      The war has just begun. I am contacting the Times “investigative editor” Monday. As with N-max, I am going to demand to know why the Times is censoring comments without profanity, hate, links.
      I know they are not – it is Disqus/N-max crossing over into Times “territory” to stop me from exposing N-max/Disqus, here. I am hoping to make such a “ruckus”, that the Times will investigate “invasion” into their message boards, by N-max with the aid of Disqus.
      Have you been “moderated” yet, on Times?

      Will get back to you, on your suggestion. Right now, I want to make sure I am not going to “risk” anyone, as I get deeper into this. I don’t know how closely they are following my emails.

    3. Wow….they’re pushing it aren’t they. This is nothing less than spying. Do I need to mention how angry this makes me. Seems America has surpassed any restrictive country in a matter of a few short years. It seems it’s taken this country less time than it has taken other countries to get to the same despicable place we’re at.
      I mentioned giving you my email address because I don’t want to lose touch with you but you do what you think is best. It would sadden me if we lost touch. You’re someone I trust and I don’t have many of those. I appreciate your wisdom in things and especially in the Lord’s word, which you’ve proven to me is true wisdom and trustworthy.

    4. PS: I haven’t been moderated on Times. And suddenly have begun to receive newsmax news notifications again, coincidentally after I mentioned to you that they had stopped.

    5. No wonder I didn’t find a response. TPNN, really?

      I had to chuckle, “Disqus”, again. Hmm? Should be interesting what I learn Monday, from the TIMES investigator. All indications are, Disqus is behind all of this.

      Following, is a reply to a email – 5 Dec- to an organization that reports on government activity.
      Never heard back. Disqus, operates their boards”
      Not including what I wrote them, you’ve read most of it before.

      “Your request (172) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.
      To add additional comments, reply to this email.

      Dec 05 20:46 (PST)

      glenn pittman sent a message using the contact form at
      http://www. nationofchange. org/contact.

    6. I was just going to tell you we were posting on TPNN when I received this post from you. Did you get my other reply just before the PostScript reply?

    7. How better to follow emotions of TP followers. How better to create dossiers on comments of Government [both parties] enemies.
      I recollect, that the only complaints of moderation on N-max, came from conservative commenting bloggers.
      I never read a RINO, or Obama fan, leaving a comment cursing N-max for being a conservative censor.

    8. There’s got to be some other way for these news forums to notify their members besides disqus. Can we opt out of disqus?

    9. Disqus website: “We operate comment forums for millions of websites around the world”. [paraphrase]
      They seemed to rise up out of nowhere. I will be wikin’
      their history, to see if they came into existence AFTER the Patriot Act.

    10. Yep they sure did seem to rise up out of nowhere. That alone is cause for suspicion. I’m surprised forums that claim they’re conservative are partnering with them. Very disappointing.

    11. Now we will include TPNN that Disqus is “moderating”.
      They are no longer making a pretense of website being the “moderators”.

    12. Some of the below is for benefit of un-intiated.

      As promised, I checked. My suspicion was confirmed: Disqus appeared 6 yrs AFTER the Patriot Act. And, in only several years, took nearly total control of operating millions of commentary website blogs, “message boards” [maybe synonyms?]
      Being a lady, I don’t know how much interest you’ve had in the workings of “Black Ops”. The Government [this case NSA, after the workings of CIA's foreign spies] can create any “deep cover” it desires – for individuals or “businesses”.
      They can create “shell” corporations with complete false background histories; and, populate it’s leadership with agents [with false life histories – totally documented with school transcripts, birth certificates, former “classmates” [fellow agents], “parents”, etc.; that would pass any background checks from law enforcement, media, even military secret clearance background checks, etc. Then, in this case, hire innocent civilians to complete their daily workforce.
      Notice in below “Wiki” statement:
      “user profiles”, “social integration”, “moderation”, “analysis” [psychological "analysis"? of bloggers potential active resistance to government?], email “notifications” [does having access to our emails, give them the opportunity to insert "cookies" into our computers, to monitor our computer contacts?, not a techie, only asking], “mobile commenting” [our portable devices].
      Who is Discus? And why did they follow me from N-max, after “blacklisting” me there [and blaming N-max - who was partially involved], to the Washington Times, who never moderated my comments, to begin moderating me on behalf of N-max?
      N-max emailed me months ago, concerning my accusing them of “censorship” [in an email to customer service], and accused Disqus [who, in turn accused N-max]
      Their claim, that they are not the moderators, is proven to be false, by the above action of “moderating” me on a site that users claim never moderates non-profane free speech – and never moderated my posts that were rejected on N-max.

      I believe they fear the suspicions being created by my documenting their actions, and the emails between N-max/Disqus, and myself, that I have in my possession.

      “Disqus is a blog comment hosting service for websites and online communities that uses a networked platform. The company’s platform includes various features, such as social integration, social networking, user profiles, spam and moderation tools, analytics, email notifications, and mobile commenting. It was founded in 2007″ wikipedia

      To be continued – Thank you for “moderating” this comment. You have just proven that your claim that these websites are the “moderators” are false. Their is noting in the above commentary, that would prompt the Tea Party to “moderate” this post.
      Keep up the “good” work. You are going to expose yourself, NSA

    13. “Black Ops” interest me, especially when they’re against this country’s own people. The shell organizations…..as far as I can see, disqus may very well be a govt shell organization. I can’t stomach lies and have always asked the Lord for discernment and He has never failed me. The fact that this current administration is so entangled in lies and calling conservatives and Christians “terrorists” and spying on average Americans is something not to be ignored. May the Lord keep us ever aware.

    14. I sent you a reply to your “Black Ops” response, with more disturbing information on what Disqus is capable of. It was “moderated” once. I deleted it – which you are able to do, when you click “see your comment”, on a notice of “moderation”. I re-posted it, with a “Note” to the moderator, attached. If that post is here, you will understand.
      The moderated comment, now with the warning attached, did post on the screen, without “moderation”.
      To double-check, I went to my history, and it does not appear. That is a sign that I may be seeing a “false screen”, making the comment appear to be here.
      That is why I am sending you this note; to see if you can see the post, below this note – where it should be located. If someone is seeing their comment on the screen – and not in their history [within a minute, or less] – it has been my experience that the comment will be gone when I leave the page and return.

    15. Wow, no your response to my Black Ops comment does not appear here. When I got the disqus email notifying me of your comment (the one above, starting with “I sent you a reply to your Black Ops…”), I clicked on “Reply to Glenn Pittman”, still no new comment from you.
      So I opened a new tab on my browser and entered http://www.tpnn.com/2014/01/30/leftist-congressman-henry-waxman-retires-blames-tea-party/ which is the original article (with no comment # after the url) and loaded all comments until I came to this, your last comment to me and still the “response” did not show.
      Then I went to your profile to see if the comment showed there, no new comment. I even scrolled down your comments several days old, nothing of your response to me.
      I want to read your response! I’m seriously irked and can only imagine how you feel.

    16. I’m not sure conservative forums are aware. Newsmax was the only site “moderating” it’s bloggers regularly. Like you said, you haven’t been “moderated” on the Times/or here, I assume. I hadn’t been at the Times, until I was blacklisted at N-max. Today, it happened on TPNN. You will [or have seen] my comment on TPNN, to that fact. The post reappearid, withing minutes, following my note of it happening.
      These sites, won’t be aware, until they are made aware. You, possibly, have read people posting complaints into cyberspace, about moderation, on N-max. None had taken it to the level of going directly to the source. That is how I personally encountered the lies and deception of both N and Disqus. Then the evidence began to accumulate with the Lavabit story, and their attacks on myself and “same” – culminating in my blacklisting – that I am still – for now – able to overcome.

    17. After I speak with Times, I might start ringing the alarm, here. “The British are coming”.
      I will get back to you – about emails, after I speak with Times. I have some vibes [Holy Spirit] about all of this. I’m not involving you, in what may come, if I sense any thing is amiss.
      It would be just like the “forces” to claim bloggers, that met on these sites, are conspiring in some sort of plot – via their email. Not as crazy sounding as would have been six months ago. Not, until Disqus made it official – then came after me on Times. Is TPNN next?
      If anything – anything – unusual occurs surrounding your accounts – N-max, Times, TPNN, contact me on one of them. I can always find you, through My Disqus, when you leave a comment for me.

  94. If it took the rise of the Tea Party to effectively bring about this guy’s stepping down, it’s just a crying shame that they weren’t organized 39 years ago.

  95. Wa-hoooo! Go TEA PARTY!! Maybe they will all leave and we can start over. and here I thought this guy was dead. I’m glad he isn’t just so I can watch him RUN FROM the Tea Party. LOLOLOLOL Good riddance to bad rubbish. Now if we could just get rid of Frankenstein, Pelosi, Waters, etc etc. California really needs some new blood, they are going down the toilet.

  96. Like this is a bad thing. For a career politician to retire is just icing on the cake. It’s priceless that it’s another of the liberal party, I just wonder how he will make a living. He & his cronies cut the pensions of the Armed Forces folks. I suppose we can tell him to do the same. He can get a job at Wally World. Besides we need the income & pay to Obummercare.

    1. You could probably live a much higher lifestyle on the pension he will receive & the money he has made through insider trading.

  97. …maybe they are not seeking reelection because they know if a real investigation were to every be conducted, they would be charged with treason…

  98. I heard Sandra Fluke is thinking about running for his spot. So we’re going to trade nose for hoes! BOOM! Thank you! Goodnight! Tip your waitress, try the veal.

    1. It was pretty much a waste of taxpayers $ as lefties have been causing the decline of the USA for decades.

  99. Apparently, the reports of the death of the Tea Party are “greatly exaggerated”! The Republican National Committee might also take note.

  100. Demos who were up for reelection and resigned before the election only to be replaced by another hand picked Demo Replacement think they have it made. Well we can still vote those out at the election. Hold fast and remember who they are replaced with and vote them out.

  101. Sounds to me like the Tea Party is finally getting some results, guess we aren’t as stupid or as small numerically as they think. When Pelosi said we were Astro Turf, she probab;y had it confused with crab grass, which will take over you yard or pasture.

  102. The problem is they don’t go away! They hang around in one capacity or another and excrete their poison. They retire from Congress with a sizable pension, then really go after the big money so they can live like the Aristocrats they believe they are! Look at the millions amassed by the Clintons, the Gores and all the ex “Public Servants”. After they amass a fortune, they still don’t go away and leave us in peace. because they love the limelight and the influence over the ignorant that they wield.

  103. You know when something is going right in America when the Tea Party is being blamed for something again.

  104. Will Waxman go home and wonder… “Could I have done anything useful with my life?” Collectively, the Electorate too stupid to demand term limits, what a shame..

  105. Tea Party, hear that RINO’s? We got done what you couldn’t. God Bless the Tea Party! The ONLY party of principle!

  106. I don’t know where he’s from in my state but I say good riddence to bad garbage. Its apparent by his statement he has in inclination of the constitution or what the oath he swore to uphold. This ignorant self serving get rich off the taxpayers dime was what he was after .not serving Americans but helping himself to greed,lust, power.hecold himself off like a dime store hooker. In fact those who hate the constitution and this country are ores than ime tore hookers … They are the scum of this nation and it’s to bad relly because it’s voters like these that have destroyed this nation. And let a Muslim terrorizing serial murderer in the stink house..Signed… A Mom Against Obama in California…

  107. good. the more demon crats leave office the more God fearing independent American loving constitutionalists can get in

  108. Yeah! I only hope the Republicans and Tea Party don’t help the democrats win because each is overconfident and unyielding.

  109. Next! May I suggest Sheila Jackson-Lee, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Feinstein, Boehner, Ryan, McCain, Lyndsey, Cornyn, Franken, and many others join him!

  110. It’s not that difficult to figure out, really. The democrats, oops, I mean the socialists, have realized that they will not recapture the House of Representatives. Their more extreme socialists are jumping ship, so as to increase the chances that they will keep the Senate, and be able to direct the funds to that effort. Instead of giving money to Waxman, or to the many other socialists in the House who have jumped ship, they will save that money and direct it to those socialists senators in tough races. The bottom line is that they have already conceded the House and are reserving funds to keep the senate.

    Chances are very good that the senate will revert to the Republicans in 2014 anyway.

    1. I know I’m dreaming, but wouldn’t it be great if the Republican Party can invert the current Senate? Of course, in order to do so, they’d have to have a net gain of ten seats.

  111. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy…Maybe he could talk to the most highly regarded women from California also. Bye, bye Nancy and Diane

  112. Why be so damn mean our country is not what it used to when I was a little girl. I hoping for the best for my grand kids. I really don’t what happened since 911.Oh yea a Black Man was Elected. Racism stated again.

    1. He is a racist man, the entire obama administration is racist, they bring race into everything, and about everybody.

    1. Not so sure that justice will not come around this time. Times ARE changing and the super-confident, hyper-liars may still have justice served. Obama going after people legal-wise in the Bush Administration after the fact, set a precident that will bite them back.

  113. Stop blaming the The TEA Party you low life’s, the TEA Party does not have the power behind them to close down our Government like obama did. You’re quitting because it’s time for you to GO! You should have quit along time ago, 30 years is far too long to have someone like you making our laws.

  114. Yet another whining & blaming Democrat! Thank God for the Tea Party and those who are STANDING against this tyrannical Government!

  115. One of about 10 big problems gone. Shumer, Pelosi,Reid,Jackson-Lee,Franken, they need to go quickly as well.

    None have voted their constituents wishes but just along party lines while taking huge piles of money from corporations that keep them in office.

  116. Let the PURGE and thorough FLUSHING begin with Henry Waxman,, the first of the COLLATERAL DAMAGE effect.; There are many more that need to go by the way side; They should all be IMPEACHED; strip of all retirement benefits; do them same as they have done the people of this great NATION of Nations.

  117. Good riddance, Waxman. Also if you don’t like OUR constitution, you can retire in Iran if you like. I hear it is beautiful this time of year. By the way get over yourself, you whining crying, slobbering old coot. Take Reid, Pelosi, Boehner, Sheila J. Lee, and the rest of those immoral traitors with you. This is free America and we are taking it back.

  118. Thank you, God. We’ve been punished by the crap this slime-ball has been promoting for 4 decades. Could only wish he suffer a terrible accident to pay him back for all the damage he did to California and the country.

  119. We need more Tea Party Revolutionaries…so that we can get some sanity back in DC…Get rid of Harry…Nancy…Boxer….Frankenstein…Schmuck…and the rest of the dRats…they are selling out our country and our Freedoms…They all voted for that ObamacaNightmare that will bankrupt this country….Who are they to tell me/you what to buy for my health care needs??…Now…we are stuck for being denied our doctors….our hospitals…those scums/tyrants have to go…

  120. Where did Waxman hail from…the LA area? If his district is liberal in which I suspect, all that’s gonna happen in that case is his district will be represented by another liberal Democrat.

  121. Haven’t we given it a big thought that maybe the Democratic Party wants the Tea Party and the less conservative mainstream Republican Party to fight it out? The Democrats know very well that a divided house cannot stand. I understand we don’t want RINOs and yes, they’re a disappointment to say the least, but understand this: We claw and fight and the Democrats will win…make no mistake about it.

    First, we must unite with the Republican Party to trounce the Democrats. Then when the air settles after the election, concentrate on the RINO establishment and work on getting more and more true conservatives in power. That’s the only way to make sure Democrats don’t win an election. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if the Democrats win time and time again. They live for this and love it. I’m here to tell y’all to break the chain that binds us.

    1. Better idea…first we take over the Republican Party (we can call it whatever we want to at that point), and get rid of the RINOs entirely…forcing them into the Democrats corner where they have always belonged. Then we take the country back with no problem. The trouble with the Republican Party, is that it has been almost completely infiltrated by the Left, who posed as “conservatives” to get elected, knowing that they weren’t quite liberal enough to get elected as Democrats. They then started to destroy the Party from within. It was their attempt to eliminate their opposition (us) and reduce this country to One Party Rule, and it almost worked.

  122. “Anti-racists” never say Asian countries are “too Asian” and need more Diversity to become less Asian

    “Anti-racists” never say African countries are “too African” and need more Diversity to become less African

    “Anti-racists” only say White countries are “too White” and need more Diversity to become less White

    Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White. Diversity is a codeword for White Genocide.

  123. “It’s been frustrating because of the extremism of Tea Party Republicans,” said Waxman. <===

    You're Welcome!

  124. There is a God after all! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me feel! These people have betrayed their Oaths, our Country, our People, they failed to represent American Citizen’s while they violated our laws to protect the invasion of illegal Alien Criminals! More American’s have been murdered by the hands of illegal aliens than those who died in the last 50 years of wars! All I can say is Thank you TEA Party for supporting and honoring our Constitution!

  125. The folks in California will have one less dingbat in the House. And this one is one of the worse. They just need to get rid of Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein, to name a few.

  126. The folks in California will have one less dingbat in the House. And this one is one of the worse. They just need to get rid of Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein, to name a few.

  127. The folks in California will have one less dingbat in the House. And this one is one of the worse. They just need to get rid of Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein, to name a few.

  128. Newsflash, Mr. Phantom-of-the-Opera looking puppet of the Jews! You are not entitled to the office, it is NOT yours! You are exactly whey they need term limits in the Senate and Congress!

    1. Well now. Proof positive that you are a gutless little punk. You have used the name of a well -known anti-racist author, and made a fake Facebook page in his name. I checked. You are a moron. I will make the real Tim Wise aware of your activity, and he can take the appropriate legal action against you should he choose to. What a total waste of human DNA you are. PATHETIC
      [DISCLAIMER] I_Go_Pogo posting as guest. I wouldn’t go near trash like you in real life, nor will I here.

  129. OINK!!!! OINK!!!! OINK!!!!
    40 Years of going to the trough.
    You are starting to look like one.
    But us folks are the ones who have been slaughtered!
    OINK!!!! OINK!!! OINK!!!

  130. Good bye Waxman and don’t le the door hit you in your fat butt on the way out…this man is the prime example as to why WTP need to use term limits no retirement for all elected and appointed gov’mnt officials, the use of a ballot driven nat’l sales tax to replace the progressive tax and the ban of all guv’mnt unions…blood sucking is now the premise of this unaffordable guv’mnt and we need to repair and cull the corruption caused by the incumbent elites like Waxman…..another Ca, weasel..

  131. I think it is really sad that any man says he has to retire because a group of people insist he do the job he swore to do. Evidently he can not defend the constitution or do the job for the good of America. Anyone who can not do the job for the good of America, not the parties, should retire. That was the job they were HIRED to do.

  132. Awesome news. Go back to the homeland of fruits and nuts or better North Korea where you can discuss politics with those of a similar persuasion.

  133. He’s nothing but a coward and a bully. As soon as anyone stood up to him and called him on his BS, he turned tail and ran…good!. Now lets get the rest of them out of there and start rebuilding.

  134. If the Tea Party caused Waxman to resign, hooray for the Tea Party. The Party has done the nation a good and great service, and will hopefully cause more of the Dem Lib loons to resign and be forced out in elections.

  135. Unless these people are passing bills daily they say nothing is being done. They have passsed more bills than should have EVER been passsedx. If we do not pass another bill for a hundred years it will be too soon! A 40 THOUSAND page healthcare bill? That is COMPLETLY UNNAVIGATABLE! Any Dem that voted for that should be hung and tried in the town square. It took 50 years to get to a 40THOUSAND page IRS REGULATIONS and Democrats come up wioth a 40 THOUSAND page health bill in 1 year! ARE THEY NUTS???!! Democrats are CONTROL FREAKS. Live Free or die!

  136. Wonderful!! The Tea Party is doing great things for this nation and I’m proud one of them is getting rid of Waxman!!!

  137. Not like Henry Waxman did much any real good for someone like me to begin, as he so epitomes the so-called ‘jew LiEbral’, 1 who seems so to care much about the societies down-ridden, that is until they comin’ down right to his neighborhood, which lies right mostly with the upper crust folks down in Beverly Hills.(another Jewish cesspool) He spent over 20 years making sure a public transit stop would by-pass the Beverly Hills area. Such much for being the ‘man of the people’. Whatever!

  138. I didn’t realize Waxman had been in office for 40 years. I remember him when he was a Los Angeles County Supervisor. Didn’t like him then and have a strong dislike for him now. Always reminded me of a rutting pig.

  139. He’s so full of schitt it’s coming out of his mouth. He’s retiring because he knows he would lose his seat to the Tea Party. Actually, what he said goes to the credit of the Tea Party.

  140. Tea party cause his retirement, good riddens to this Leftist asshole….It only going to make the Tea Party bigger and bigger…..

  141. Let’s be libs for just a moment and chant an old John Lennon anti war cry; “All we are saying, is get the !@*&! out”