Obamacare Approval Rating Plunges to 24% Amongst Uninsured


When crusading for Obamacare, President Obama spent years promising that the supposed need for the healthcare overhaul was to help insure the uninsured. With leftist phrases like, “Healthcare is a human right,” Democrats crusaded for the disastrous overhaul as a supposed means to provide health insurance for those who were unable to buy health insurance.

Today, not only is the number of uninsured higher than it was before Obamacare, but Obamacare’s approval rating amongst the uninsured has plummeted to an astonishing low.

It seems the uninsured aren’t buying the promises of hope and change any longer.

According to a Kaiser tracking poll released on Thursday, the overall approval rating of Obamacare has remained consistently low. For the third month in a row, approval ratings have dropped with January showing an overall approval rating of 34%.

However, amongst the uninsured, a group the healthcare legislation was supposed to dramatically affect, Obamacare’s approval rating is at an all-time low with only 24% of respondents indicating a favorable view. 39% of those without coverage indicated the law has made them worse off and 26% say they are better off.

This is tough news for the Obama Administration who has spent years pushing Obamacare as a function of helping the uninsured. Further, the Obama Administration has spent months trying to recover from the disastrous rollout that continues to deliver bad news. After extensive efforts by Democrats, young people are still unenthused about enrolling and the future of the healthcare law remains in jeopardy as its fiscal infeasibility becomes more and more evident.

With President Obama and his cohorts touting the supposed “success” of Obamacare by claiming that 2 million have enrolled in the healthcare exchange, they remain elusive on how many (if any) have actually paid and had their payment processed- the true measure of who can be considered “enrolled.”

Furthermore, with 2 million having enrolled, such enrollment numbers fall dramatically short of the number of Americans who lost their insurance thanks to Obamacare regulations. Conservative estimates put the number at around 5 million; so, even if Obama’s supposed 2 million enrollees have paid, at best, Obamacare mandates have netted -3 million without insurance.