Sick Children Denied Coverage in Seattle Due to Obamacare

Obama Signing ObamaCare
When Obamacare was being sold to the American people, it was done with many lofty promises, most of which we have learned were all lies. In addition to a promise of lower costs that turned out to not be true, Obama said over and over again that those with pre-existing conditions would not be denied coverage. This was one of the biggest statements used to demonize insurance companies. In fact, during his State of the Union address earlier this week, Obama continued to tout the supposed benefits of Obamacare for those with pre-existing conditions.

“Now — a pre-existing condition used to mean that someone like Amanda Shelley, a physician’s assistant and single mom from Arizona, couldn’t get health insurance. But on January 1st, she got covered. (Applause.) On January 3rd, she felt a sharp pain. On January 6th, she had emergency surgery. Just one week earlier, Amanda said, that surgery would’ve meant bankruptcy. That’s what health insurance reform is all about, the peace of mind that if misfortune strikes, you don’t have to lose everything.”

However, the reality for those with pre-existing conditions is not matching up with the promises of Obamacare. Seattle Children’s Hospital and the patients it serves are experiencing the ramifications of that lie first-hand. King 5 News reports that sick children are being denied access to specialty care because of the regulations of Obamacare. (video below)

“Administrators at Seattle Children’s today said they predicted this would happen, and it’s even worse than they expected,” says the local news anchor. “Patients being denied specialty treatment at the hospital by insurance providers on the Washington health benefits exchange. Children’s filed request on behalf of 125 of their patients. Of those, they say they got only 20 responses, eight of which were denials. Dr. Sandy Melzer says all this comes after reassurances of certain unique specialty cases would still be covered.”

Dr. Sandy Metzler explained some of the cases where coverage is not only being denied, but even more troubling, most requests filed have been ignored.

“Well, some of the patients who were denied are ones who would clearly fall into that unique category [of needing specialty care]: a two year old with a new, significant neck mass that was being evaluated for infection or malignancy, an older child with a chronic, severe medical condition requiring multidisciplinary care here, a baby that had a skull abnormality.”

While the hospital has covered the costs of these children so that they do not go without their much needed medical service, they have stated that they cannot continue to operate in such a manner. Again, this is what happens when you pass a bill as law to find out what’s in it. In the case of these children, young lives are at risk because Obama and the Democrat party sold Obamacare as a lie to the people.


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