Sen. John Cornyn’s Super PAC Sued for False Statements About Opponent

John Cornyn
The super PAC supporting Republican Senator John Cornyn is being sued for libel for making “numerous false statements.” 

The Cornyn PAC, operating under the name “Texans for a Conservative Majority,” charges that Congressman Steve Stockman, a Tea Party favorite who is mounting a challenge against the well-funded Cornyn, had been “jailed more than once,” was “charged with a felony” and “violated federal ethics laws.” Stockman vehemently rejects the charges as blatant lies, accusing incumbent Cornyn of committing libel in the following statement: 

“Today I have filed suit for libel in Houston’s 344th District Court against the attack group that misleadingly calls itself ‘Texans for a Conservative Majority.

“The operators of this big money PAC, who are supporters of John Cornyn, set it up for the sole purpose of a smear campaign all too familiar to American voters. Then, they hide behind the PAC they set up.

“This time, these Cornyn supporters have gone too far. And I’m sure that John Cornyn would agree.

“The Cornyn supporters have committed libel per se against me, falsely and maliciously accusing me of a felony. Of course, I have never been charged with or committed any such act, and these anonymous Cornyn supporters know it. As a sitting member of the United States Congress, I find it unconscionable that another member’s supporters would make such reckless, malicious and false allegations.

“By law, Senator Cornyn cannot authorize nor coordinate his campaign activities with the PAC. I therefore call upon Senator Cornyn to publicly denounce the defamatory tactics of his supporters who are hiding behind Texans for a Conservative Majority.

“Voters are entitled to more from their elected officials than secretive smear-campaigners who operate PACs. It’s time that men like John Cornyn join with me in condemning reckless and malicious defamation by misleadingly-named groups like Texans for a Conservative Majority.”

Stockman also claims that a website,, set up by the pro-Cornyn PAC, which has been flooding conservative websites with ads demonizing Congressman Stockman, has lied about his voting record. The site claims Stockman voted against a food stamp reform bill when he actually voted in favor of the bill. 


  1. “Congressman Steve Stockman, a Tea Party favorite….” Why, WHY is Stockman being called a “Tea Party favorite”? Check local Tea Party endorsements in Texas and you will see an amazing trend: DWAYNE STOVALL has the endorsements. Check him out at I think you will be pleasantly surprised and an immediate supporter of Mr. Stovall for U.S. Senator.

    1. Dwayne Stovall is my man for US senator. I have sent e-mails to other Texans so they will know about Stovall.

  2. BS alert!!!!!!!! Below!!!!! More false “TEA Party claims. This will be the tactics used to confuse people and keep RINOS like Cornyn in office…Do not be fooled folks!!!!

    1. No, no Don. I believe he is saying that Stockman is a Tea Party favorite and that Dwayne Stovall being a TPF is false, with the intent to confuse. Seriously, everyone should research for themselves. You can’t trust anyone’s claims!!

  3. RINO Republicans are spoiled little brats . Lets run them all into the ground. Tea Party ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. By your definition Goldwater and Reagan would be RINO’s or are you too immature to know the difference in a fiscal conservative and a charlatan like Cruz who mouths the words and acts otherwise.

  4. Stockman needs to come clean on the charges against him and be more transparent. His denial is reminiscent of another candidate who ran around claiming “I’m not a witch” with the same results at the polls.

    1. Stockman has come clean. This is typical behavior of people who have no real agenda and the only thing they can do is smear and name call the opponents who have a clear agenda. The liberals, who I think, are behind this smear campaign allow people like you to convict someone without knowing all the facts.

    2. The more the main st media is against them then the more I am for them. THAT is how we can tell which candidates to elect.

    3. I simply asked Stockman to be transparent and not bring a law suit as a smoke screen. That’s not name calling… just common sense.

  5. Get Cornyn out anyway that can be done. Christie is RINO history and TX do the same with this SOB. Their has to be another Ted Cruz in TX and Cornyn is not that guy!

  6. I agree fully with the Tea Party message.
    I have serious problems with the messengers – Cruz, Stockman and Palen.
    When are you going to get grown-ups to run for office?

    1. Cruz is awesome. He is a one of a kind and the press can’t slander him because he won’t allow it and neither will his supporters. Cruz is EXACTLY what America needs. Notice how he NEEVER said one bad word about those attacking him? THAT is a CLASS act. You don’t find that in elected officials anymore. HE is the leader that can bring America out of this devisive gutter obama and Dems are takling America into.

  7. Some continue to insist, that in some insane way “the battle is lost”, if we don’t vote for leftist/globalist/socialist Republicans to replace leftist/globalist/socialist Democrats??!!

    The enemy is among you.
    There are only several possibilities to explain that upside-down ill-logic.
    A. These Rino supporters, are suffering from Anne Coulter Syndrome “If we had elected Rinos in the last election we would’ve defeated Obamacare – among other things. “?!?
    B. Ignorance. They don’t realize that we have arrived at this state of affairs, in this country [one government-instigated incident away from a totalitarian state], precisely because “centrist”, “moderate”, and blatantly liberal Republicans, have taken control of the Party – beginning with George Bush1.
    Ask yourself, who is defending domestic spying the loudest, while “devouring it’s young” that dare oppose it?
    C. The Rino supporters, blindly equate “D” with everything wrong with America; while ignoring the role Rinos have played in getting us here. Just one example: John “Reach-across-the-aisle” McCain.
    Any GOP candidate, at any level, that utters the words, “If you elect me, I can get things done; because I will reach across the aisle, and work with the other party.” should be anathema [detested thing/person]. Personally, I cannot recall a Democrat candidate speak those words.
    D. In many cases, on this site, we are witnessing Democrats, knowing they are facing losses in the upcoming elections, responding to calls from liberal agencies to come to these blogs posing as Republicans, and use fear, cajoling, to gain support for Rino candidates – that will preserve Obamacare; proceed with Amnesty; support gay marriage; draw closer to accepting UN “rule of law”; and other leftist agendas.
    Listen carefully, during the upcoming election cycles in ’014 and ’016, to your “demigods” of “conservative talk” – like Ann Coulter, etal. They will tout conservative candidates – while, at the same time, tell you why the most conservative among them “can’t win, don’t waste your vote.”[Sean Hannity].
    When the RNC signals their “preferences” for a GOP Presidential candidate, the state Republican committees, who send the voting delegates to the convention, will fall in lock-step with that choice. The primaries will be a sham.
    Once, Christie, or a “Christie-like” candidate, is nominated, the “conservative” media will abandon any pretense of “winning in the arena of ideas”, and lead you, like lemmings, into the sea of a coming “Authoritarian Socialist State”.
    History has proven, “We must vote for the lesser of two evils.” to be a failed philosophy. The “lesser of two evils” may take longer to get you there, but the finish line is Evil’s victory, nonetheless.
    It will happen in upcoming elections ; just as it happened with McCain and Romney. “Let History be True and every man a Liar.”
    The only choices you have are, one, to believe the lie “the lesser of two evils”, and vote for the RINO. Then, live a life of “buyer’s remorse” – like so many Obama voters suffering under Obamacare.
    Or, remain steadfast to what you believe, and never waver.
    Renounce the Right’s “hidden Left” doctrine of “lesser of two evils”.
    You are witnessing the two-party system “morphing” into one “Government Beast”. The Right’s “hidden Left” rejects the salvation of a Third Party. Therefore, if the GOP rejects conservatism, and gives you more “closet”-Leftist candidates – and you claim your vote is so “sacred” – reject them.
    Let the GOP, crash and burn. That is your only chance to retake the Party.
    The Drones are already here; the NSA is watching everyone of us; Obamacare is here; Amnesty is coming; Federal recognition of gay marriage is next. The GOP-machine of today, supports it all.
    If you reject the destruction of your beloved USA, by both parties; if you reject the Right’s “hidden Left” demigods call, to “vote for the lesser of two evils”; I guarantee this one thing to be true: A new mantra will replace Karl Rove’s, and the Republican elitist’s, RNC “Big Tent”, mantra.
    After the fall, the new GOP will cry “Out of the ashes, I climb. Out of the darkness, I rise. My pain changed me forever.”
    Let those around you succumb to the fear tactics of the Right’s “hidden Left”, voting for the evil of the “lesser of two evils”. As you are assailed all around, to “vote for the lesser of two evils”, and the doubts creep in, remember, “A weak man has doubts before a decision; a strong man has them afterwards.”
    “Your vote is a reflection of the depth of your character.”
    From the words of surrender, of some here and elsewhere, the depth of their character does not run deep.

    1. We have to elect TEA party candidates where we can and jsut don’t elect anyone where their are rino’s. It is better to have mistakes made while Democrats are in charge then have repubs to blame. Eventually America will realize the damage democrats do and they will ruin themselves. Yes, we will have to start over but we are going to have to start over anyway. There is no way we will fix this with Democrats in both parties. The pigs are at the trough on both sides.

  8. “grandmaGunowner”, says:
    “….is there a place where all of us can go and really make a difference? I for one am tired of posting and talking…how about a real way of rallying the people that believe in the constitution?”
    “BackwashBill”, says:
    “I can’t see one politician out there is worth the crap that they spew from there lips. So any body know any good leaders that fit that bill of working for the people…..”
    You have to find a leader that will “go where no man has gone” since the founders. A militant leader, that will never “bow-the-knee” to the likes of the political-correctness machine.
    A man/woman not beholden to party leadership, special interests, or media elite of either side.
    Someone that will tell the attacking media -Left and Right – desperately protecting the status quo, to put it where the “sun don’t shine”.
    Someone that can motivate the true American patriots, get them out of their comfort zones, return to the pioneer-spirit of sacrifice for a righteous cause. The same “Pioneer Spirit” of our fathers and forefathers, that met every challenge, climbed every mountain, vanquished every foe, and forbid the flag of any other nation to cast a shadow over the Flag of Freedom.
    A leader, in this dark hour, that will lead from out in front; not from a plush leather chair, in front of a microphone in a ‘studio’, telling others what to do. Someone with the vision to realize that this is the last opportunity to save ourselves, and our Nation, from a “Government slavery – without colour”.
    Someone, that understands that the “talk-demigods” – that talk a “good game” about the “arena of ideas” – are not the friends of patriots; and will oppose any opposition to the status quo.
    The Left will battle the Patriots. The GOP will Crucify them.
    As long as you seek a candidate that is wealthy; a shill of Party leadership; one that has received the anointing of the millionaire, do-nothing-but-talk “king-makers” of the Right; you will never:
    “rally the people”; “throw the losers out of office”; find “leaders that fit that bill of working for the people”; “really make a difference”.

  9. God help us if Cruz is elected. As a fiscal conservative who worked hard for Goldwater and Reagan, I”ll move to Western Canada. From Obama to Cruz… this country can’t survive another Socialist or McCarthyite!

  10. If my choices are vote for an accused felon or Cornyn, I’d have to think long and hard about that one.

    1. The only question in my mind is are the accusations true or political propaganda. While I might not support Stockman, if I lived in the State of my birth, I definitely would not support Cornyn.

  11. Given how thin-skinned dimbulbs and libturds are, there has to be a certain amount of truth to what the PAC said. If there was no truth to it, why make an issue of it?

  12. I don’t live in the state of Texas but I am so sick of these bitter contests, the lies about the opposing party, the outright attacks on their character. Not one word about what they (the person who is looking to be elected) stand for; their ideas for making America a better place to live. If Cornyn’s record is so poor that his PAC’s have to personally attack those opposing him, that would be a huge red flag to me if I lived there. Let’s get back to the ISSUES!!

  13. The only thing false were the lies that slimeball Cruz made against Deuhurst. In Texas it is the Lt Gov that drives the budget process creating the fiscally conservative environment which has made the State #1 in attracting business and 7000 new residents/day.

    1. You response indicates a juvenile misunderstanding of the Texas legislative and budgetary process. Calling a Goldwater-Reagan conservative a name accomplishes nothing. Grow up!

    2. You grow up. You libs are always on the sites throwing out accusations against candidates, but never provide any evidence to your claims. When you do provide a link, it’s to a website that provides it’s own version of the truth and in some cases false video that looks like an old Japanese film that’s been translated to English, so that the lip movement doesn’t line up with the words being said.
      You claim to believe Tea Party values, but actually belittle Tea Party activist.
      You and your kind do nothing but obfuscate facts and slur people. Then accuse them of being juvenile and of name calling, when in fact by the very nature of your arguments, you are insulting and belittling them.

      That’s nothing but a highbrow technique that actually doesn’t win any arguments. However you people are so full of yourselves that you think you have accomplished your goal. When in fact, you have only satisfied your own ego by accomplishing nothing.
      Again, you grow up!!

    3. I don’t care to continue the discourse with an airhead. To call a Goldwater-Reagan-Armey supporter a Lib serves to prove my point for me.
      Anyone to the Left of the G-R-A are RINO’s. You would be in good company with the John Birch Society and the American Firsters who wanted to cut off aid to the British to fight the Nazis.

    4. Talk about calling names. You lack intelligence. Go back and read your post. Calling yourself a Reagan/Goldwater conservative isn’t being a Reagan/Goldwater conservative.
      I’m betting you support George H.W. Bush as well. He was certainly no conservative.
      There is a lot more to being a conservative than saying you are or picking out one or two that you support or claim to support. I supported Reagan, that doesn’t make me conservative. They called his economic policies trickle down, voodoo economics and worse. Reagan called it supply side economics and he had that exactly right. And I am the one that coined the phrase that real conservatives use in their arguments against the left. You don’t hear it often, because most politicians don’t get it. Why? Because they aren’t really conservative.
      Your comments to other people on here indicate that you are the RINO!!

    5. Here’s a phrase I coined on national TV to describe the mess Bush created in Katrina, which applies equally well to your dribble…Stuck on Stupid.

    6. That’s the best you can do? It appears that you are Stuck on Stupid.
      That phrase was around long before W’s, Progressive daddy was even in politics. I knew you wouldn’t be able to figure out the phrase I coined, that is directly related to supply side economics. And the reason is that you are a RINO.
      You don’t even know what conservatism is and everyone that has seen your comments on here knows that you are a hack and a shill for Texas Dimwits.
      I am going to thoroughly enjoy watching, Abbott kick Davis’s a$$, all over the state of Texas!!

  14. Cornyn is not for Texas or anyone from Texas. Cornyn is for Cornyn. A senator that has voted with the McCains and McConnells in the senate. Now they are up for election and are doing nothing but giving lip service to get the people to think they have the backs of the people in their states. In his adds he claims that he is the second most conservative in the senate. That’s only true as long as McCain is the first most conservative in the senate. We all know what a two face liar this guy is. I do live in Texas. Everyone out there from Texas, contact Cornyn and ask him why he, along with McCain, attacked Cruz and other TeaParty senators for standing up for the people of their state that voted them in? Maybe you will get an answer; I’m still waiting for mine. That’s been since the first of 2013. I know I won’ be voting for Cornyn.

  15. If you live in Texas you would be aware of the slimball campaign waged in the Senate primary. Case closed!

  16. All the more reason that Cornball Cornyn needs to be replaced and Texas needs an honest Senator like Mr. Stockman to look out for the needs of the people of Texas and the nation.

  17. Terrible timing! The one year out of six years that Cornyn remembers that he has told folks that he is “a Conservative” and now something has gone wrong and he can’t just buy another election. Cornyn made the biggest mistake of his political life when he attacked Mr. Cruz and now, Boy, is he going to pay dearly for it!!!! Cornyn, can you say “I’m Toast”!!!!!

    1. Completely agree… he voted for cloture, against Cruz, Lee, etc., and against the will of the people. Now he tries to sound all conservative. Nope, just a Rino trying to fake it for a few months.

  18. Interesting response to my last comment… awaiting moderation?

    “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”

    Barry M Goldwater, 1964

  19. John “Obama” Cornyn … lies might motivate progressives but they don’t fly with Conservative Freedom Loving Tea Party Republicans.

  20. How do you feel now that Stockman was caught lying about Cornyn’s neutral position in the Senatorial primary? Great candidate… he and Obama would make a terrific pair. He should switch to the Democrats where fabrications and misrepresentations are par for the course.

  21. Thank God there were adults in the room when Crazy Cruz tried to bring the government down in defaulting on our national debt which is spiraling out of control like our junior Senator.

  22. Thank God there were adults in the room when Crazy Cruz tried to bring the government down in defaulting on our national debt which is spiraling out of control like our junior Senator.