Namath Honors Navy SEAL Chris Kyle at Super Bowl

Quarterback NFL legend Joe Namath does the coin toss at the beginning of Super Bowl 48.

Quarterback NFL legend Joe Namath does the coin toss at the beginning of Super Bowl 48 on February 2, 2014.

NFL legend Joe Namath honored fallen soldier Chris Kyle as he did the coin toss at the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 2nd. Namath tweeted a picture of what he would be wearing in honor of Kyle, who died one year ago on February 2, 2013. Kyle is known as America’s deadliest sniper. He had 160 kills during the course of his prolific military career. He was killed one year ago at a shooting range in Texas while helping another veteran overcome post-traumatic stress disorder.

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    1. right on chuck,instead our government spent millions on the half time entertainment,got to keep those roman citizens happy or they might rebel! all these games are are distractions to keep people from thinking about their plight

    2. They’ve spent millions on their DHS Viper Teams checking every person in and around that place. There were Federal agents everywhere’s and even Federal snipers hidden throughout the stadium. There were squadrons at the ready and all ready in the air in case of an event. Shall I go on. Yes, you and the rest of us paid for millions and millions of dollars for the half-time show and nothing ever happened. Why? Because you’ve got the foxes watching the hen house. Just like the war on drugs, terrorism is great for business and great for political careers.

    3. Actually the cost, while still coming from the people, is paid by the city governments the sponsors and the league’s.

    4. By the leagues, you mean the SOBs that don’t pay ANY federal taxes. Are those the folks you are talking about, you senseless twit!

    5. while the league is tax exempt, most of the money funnels down to the teams which DO pay taxes…do some research on this please…

    6. Most of the money? You are the one who needs to do research.For one, what salary is the commissioner paid? That ought to keep you busy for infinity.

    7. Actually the cost, while still coming from the people, is paid by the city governments the sponsors and the league’s.

    8. The federal government probably spent less on Super Bowl security than Buckwheat and Moose’s vacations.

    9. And of all the celebrities that could have done this, it takes a guy that has said recently that he’s been struggling with brain damage. I would say your brain is functioning just fine pal, God bless you!

  1. right on chuck,instead our government spent millions on the half time entertainment,got to keep those roman citizens happy or they might rebel!

    1. I am not sure about the entertainment but they spent hundreds of millions ( I saw $ 222 million some where ) on security. What a farce.

    1. But yet he gave airtime to Whitney Houston who died of drugs and gave nothing to the country. He has no respect whatsoever for our military. He only uses them when he wants a photo-shoot.

    2. Joe is a American with a valid BC…no one is supposed to know who or what the Faker in WH is……but we will before long..

  2. Good for Broadway Joe!! Chris Kyle put the hurt to those who intended to harm our warriors and thanks Joe Namath for your kind act and honor of a true American Warrior Chris Kyle!!!

  3. Thank you for honoring my fallen SEAL brother, Mr. Namath. All of us, former & currently serving frogmen really, really appreciate it. Hooyah, Chris…! You will NEVER be forgotten. Rest with God, my Brother.

    1. And thank you for your tireless service. I’m proud to have such an elite group of warriors protecting our freedoms. “Act of Valor” makes me tear up every time I watch it. God bless you and your brothers in arms and those SEALS who died defending our freedoms.

    2. missed lone survivior in the local theater. had a cold this weekend. guess i’ll have to wait till the dvd comes out and watch it when i want to. murph the protector is pretty good as well

    3. Yep. Both are just plain excellent. If only we had more movies that tried to help build our national pride. Instead, it’s an unrelenting attack from Hollywood upon the very morals that helped found our nation, it seems. America…don’t forget God as just like the saying goes…a life without God is like an unsharpened pencil…there is no point.
      Hooyah & God Bless.

    4. We are grateful for you and all who serve so faithfully. Thank you, BrotherPatriot! – Mrs. TheRMSDave

    5. BrotherPatriot as a former serving frogman, I can say Joe Namath proved once again why he is one of the greatest players of all time, and thank you for saying what a lot of us are thinking. SWO/MMC Terrie Boyett (SS/SW)

    6. Ty for your service, Sir. People like us are the fail safe’s within our society. People like us are the ones who will rise up to defend our Nation from both foreign & domestic threats. Not just due to our Oaths to the Constitution…but because that’s just who we are. We are the TrueBlood American’s who will embrace the Evil before us in order to defeat it. We see the bigger picture…as it affects the future of our children and the Nation as a whole. People like us are the ones who will be found shoulder to shoulder on the line when/if it comes to that. Trust me…it’s the domestic threats that are the more dangerous. This is the reason that “they” are trying to paint us Veterans as terrorists. We are the ones who will rise up & resist the ongoing overt takeover of our Nation. Looking at it like this does help bring clarity and helps it all begin to make sense…right? That’s because it’s true. There is much going on that most people have their heads in the sand about. America…we no longer can afford for YOU to wait for someone else to do something about the problems our nation is facing. Stand up & become involved. Your country needs you. Learn the Truth. End this rule by secrecy that has been allowed now to go on for far, far to long. Never forget your veterans, America. For a nation that does…is soon itself forgotten. Hooyah & God Bless America’s Patriots such as Chris Kyle & Chad Littlefield. Again…a big THANK YOU for every active & former serving military man/woman of this great Nation…!!!

    7. Well said, BrotherPatriot. Thank you and all those who sacrifice so much to keep us safe from our enemies from afar. We can only pray that our fellow citizens will wake up to the dangers within.

    8. Brother Patriot: well said and kudos from another former sailor…..we all need to watch each other’s backs cause there are those wanting to insert their political knife….all veterans will be with you and take back this great nation!

    9. Thank you BrotherPatriot, you and all other men and women that serve this country are HEROES! God bless ou all….

  4. Unfortunately, what is getting out there more than the good he did was that he was wearing that coat. He did something outstanding to honor a National Hero but wore a fur coat (something that is quite unpopular these days). I have seen only one post (this one) about him honoring Chris and many posts on all the animals that were harmed for the coat he is wearing. Hopefully everyone who knows of the GREAT thing he did can be sure to post and re-post and talk about it so that people think about that and remember that he did a great thing by honoring Chris rather than what he is wearing.

    1. You have to seriously wonder about the priorities of people who woulds pick the coat to gripe about.

    2. Focus on the message not what he is wearing. I served this great country, stay on point, which is Joe honored a fallen hero !

    3. Back in the day, Joe Namath was known for his fur coats….and, yeah, it is likely real fur…get over yourselves, environuts. And, no, I’ve never worn fur, and have campaigned for wildlife since 1970!!!

    4. Back in the “day”, when Joe Namath was Broadway Joe and the biggest draw in the NFL, he wore fur coats quite often – especially beaver (if I recall correctly). That industry has almost disappeared, and maybe he was giving it a little shot in the arm, but that was Joe being Joe. God Bless Chris Kyle, and thanks for your service.

    5. One more opinionated comment on Broadway Joe’s fur coat… it looks like the old Joe swag, but I don’t like what they did to Lassie! And one has to wonder about those who complain about a wild animal being used for a human’s comfort when the life of a true American hero has been lost and the “guy in the coat” is celebrating that hero’s gifts to his country.

    6. what’s really amazing is that those very same people commenting about the fur coat are wearing leather shoes, belts, carrying leather purses. I guess they think those things come from a leather tree.

    7. do you, Zoey, wear leather shoes? Do you use any wooden items? Do you eat meat, eggs or dairy? Did you know that plants have a very intricate communication system? What can you use or eat that did not come from some living thing? Granted, all living things should be treated humanely but we do need animal products. What is your stand on “women’s reproductive rights” as you mourn the pelts in Joe’s coat? Go tell it to the Eskimos who would die were it not for seals and whales because where they live that is the only source of food, and they have the greatest respect for the animals which support their life. I would love to have a parka made from wolves pelts. (and here in Montana we can legally hunt wolves[gasp!] as they are prospering)

    1. I am wondering A. who would be “the type to wear a fur coat.” B. Why can’t you take a man seriously while wearing fur? At one time long ago, the ONLY outer wear worn was of fur or skins. I guess we’ve come a long way, baby. We don’t wear fur anymore (but are we really better people than we were back then?)

    2. Right, I’d forgotten about that! lol He’s a great guy, I’m sure. I think it’s that the fur coat looks effeminate. I think it’s awesome that he honored Chris Kyle, the pic just caught me off-guard (NPI) :))

    3. No doubt Joe will send over a letter of apology for failing to get your approval before he chose what to wear. ;)

    4. You are clueless. Namath is famous for wearing a fur coat on the sidelines of his games during the 60s and 70s – before you freaks began demonizing anyone who wore fur coats. (yet strangely have no problem killing 3rd term human fetuses) Anyone who knows anything at ALL about American sports knows this. I’m sure he was wearing it in a goofy, remember the old days kind of way.

    1. You are a clown ! What have done for this great nation, except complain about something that isn’t part of the point being made here.
      Maybe you should reassess your priorities.

    2. Daily Kos called. They’re short one idiot. Not that there aren’t hundreds there to cover for you.

  5. I am so glad Joe showed his support for Chris. Chris was one of the few heroes I have in this world, he was a man who was making a difference in the lives of veterans he never even met. And he never backed down from his principles or his love of America. If you have not read his book, it is an awesome read. And let’s not forget Chad Littlefield who was there to help this young man also, so often we remember Chris but forget about Chad, his death was equally tragic for this country and his family. And although Obama ordered flags posted at half mast for a drug addict like Whitney Houston, and never spoke of Chris he will always be remembered by the ones who found him to be what our president has never been, a true American hero.

    1. airforcevet73, thank you for your service. I would just alter your last sentence to say “he will always be remembered by the ones who found him to be what our president has never been, a true American.”

    2. Very well said and yes, we often forget to mention Chad Littlefield but his loss is no less important. Both were TrueBlood American Patriots. If only the pretender sitting at the highest office of our land had even a smidgen of the honor Chris & Chad had in their little finger’s. After researching this puppet, Obama…I believe it’s very possible that the powers behind him that catapulted him into his position, knew that Barry Soetoro wasn’t Natural Born & that he MAY not even be an American citizen. Now…imagine that if it’s true. How could that be? The answer is due to the fact our country is being ran through secrecy & the secret societies are pulling the strings behind the curtain. Don’t we have standing as American citizens to demand to know if our Commander in chief is even one of our citizen’s? No? Well…imho, anyone who says no to the above who is serving as one of my public servants…those people need to be fired & find a different job because it’s obvious they are NOT serving the Will of We the People…but most likely are instead…serving the New World Order. Wake up, America. The NWO & Illuminati are very real so get over it America and then…figure out what we collectively are going to do about it. Arm yourselves with the Truth. Hooyah & God Bless America and her Patriots!

    3. Brother Patriot, no imagining, it is the only plausible, it is the horrible truth!!! Wake up America!

  6. You bunny lovin tree huggers make me sick ,all things were put on earth for the use of MAN, better honor their creator than things and I agree Odumma is doing all he can to destroy this country,they will pay for their mistakes one day,maybe not in this life, they will.

  7. A young former Alabama quarterback takes a few moments to honor a fallen Navy Seal. No greater honor than to serve ones country-no greater honor than to have a great quarterback honor him. Y M E X

  8. Thank you Joe for remembering Chris Kyle. May God Bless you and all of our elite Seals who have served and are currently serving. You are the best. RIP Mr. Kyle. You will never be forgotten. You were the greatest Seal that will ever be.

  9. Yes, the Roman games served their purpose as is the games we have today. In fact the games are taking over religion as more and more people get fired up for the games, more and more churches are closing for lack of people on fire for God. Wonder how many of the people who went to see the super bowl went to church Sunday morning?

    1. Yes, I have always liked Joe Namath. You see in him the gentleman he is and he doesn’t mind expressing his feelings about a fellow American who was doing good in the world and was taken all too soon.

  10. Yes, the Roman games served their purpose as is the games we have today. In fact the games are taking over religion as more and more people get fired up for the games, more and more churches are closing for lack of people on fire for God. Wonder how many of the people who went to see the super bowl went to church Sunday morning?

  11. Thanks Joe for giving Chris Kyle honor. When your convictions for this country are true and real it shows. As you were contributing honor to the life of a hero that unfortunately was taken to soon. Obama was dancing around and spinning the heck out of a load of crap w/O’Reilly………

  12. You KNOW this admin is muzzie because they’re threatening Israel with sanctions if they do not comply with the demands Kerry & ovomit are making. Joe is honoring Chris Kyle and this admin is still calling the Ft Hood shootings “work related violence”. Someone tell me why I should believe ovomit is a Christian.

    1. He isnt a Christian. Theres a video floating around from before he was POTUS where he calls himself a muslim.

  13. God bless Chris Kyle, Chad Littlefield and their families. The state of Texas flew flags at half staff in honor of these American heros yesterday. That is more than the ovomit administration has ever done, but what do you expect from a muslim from Kenya his own wife stated this in one of her talks. The time has come we must take OUR country back!!! ARA

  14. Namath. Class act all the way. The coat… probably better on the wife, Joe. BUT… a man’s coat is his own business.

  15. I read the headline and thought the coat was made of seal skins, way to go Joe on the bracelet……………

  16. Joe. You made the Super Bowl super. Even though I was a fan of Johnny Unitas at the time. I saw you once in the airport at Miami International walking with your Jets suit bag on your shoulder. No handler just you and some guy who came to pick you up. Man, you were a giant walking by.

  17. Kyle was not killed by his fellow solider pal. Obama’s Muslim Bro pals took Kyle out and framed the soldier so Obama could push no guns for vets and people on anti depressants LIKE MANY VETS ARE from this 13 year war. Obama has never called Mrs. Kyle as per Beck last week or acknowledged Kyle. Obama is a Muslim backed anti US Marxist fraud who is destroying our military and their morale. REMOVE AND ARREST THE TYRANT WHILE WE STILL CAN.

  18. It isn’t supposed to be a debate about the president, a famous man was honoring a fallen veteran and please just respect that. I am not happy with war politics, but a sailor was killed. When you bring politics into an event like this, it takes away from the tribute and makes it feel less than honorable. Our soldiers and sailors, veterans or active duty and reserves, I believe, all deserve everybodys highest respect.

  19. Great Americans like Chris Kyle and Brian Terry are men of Honor and SHOULD be remembered for their service and considered American Patriots and Roll Models instead of a corrupt smooth talking politician that’s got a silver tongue trying to destroy the very things our fallen Patriots stood for! American’s needs more men of honor and less men of disgrace!

  20. The half time show was NOT paid for by taxes.. get your facts stright.. nor was super bowl.. people pay thousands and up to see super bowl and as for the half time show.. to be on the field that was another expence.. oh and as for security its local las enforcement and if the stadium asked for mot then the military steps in.. but the men and women of the military did NOT get paid souly to do the Super Bowl they do it cause its thier job..