Dr. Ben Carson on Tea Party: Not Demons, but Defenders of Freedom

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson, the now retired famous pediatric neurosurgeon and author, discussed the similarities between America’s original Tea Party, the Boston Tea Party, and America’s modern day, pro-constitution, pro-freedom Tea Party movement.

In an opinion piece in the Washington Times, Carson wrote how the early American patriots, like those of today, are standing up against an overreaching big government:

Interestingly, the much-maligned Tea Party of today faces the same concerns as the brave pioneers of old. They are also concerned about government overreach with programs such as Obamacare, unnecessary and unlawful surveillance of citizens, blatant and unchecked abuse by the Internal Revenue Service, and government cover-ups and media complicity.

Neither did the Boston Tea Party’s participants, nor supporters of the modern Tea Party object to paying their fair share of taxes, but both witnessed an incessant escalation of government spending, which was always taken out of their hides.

Carson goes on to ask why the political class goes to such lengths to demonize the Tea Party movement, explaining that the Tea Party, which stands for limited government, is seen as a threat to the ruling class’s power structure.

It is not a sophisticated political organization, but rather consists of a loosely knit group of American citizens from many backgrounds who are not ready to relinquish the power of the people into the hands of government entities whose interests and values do not seem to coincide with theirs.

I think it is because certain politicians have forgotten that they work for us rather than the other way around. These politicians are deeply offended by anyone who would dare challenge their “wisdom” and authority.

Carson condemns Obama’s radical and unconstitutional executive orders, saying that we “are in dire straits” when a president can change laws with the stroke of his pen and not be challenged by the other equal branches of government or by the media.

Though continually vilified by Obama, Progressive Communist Democrats and the mainstream media, Dr. Carson argues that the average people associated with the Tea Party movement are just everyday Americans:

These modern-day patriots are ordinary citizens who toil incessantly day by day to provide food, education and safety for our citizens. These are the people who fill the ranks of the Tea Party. They are not demons, but defenders of freedom. They are you and me.


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  2. I really like Mr. Carson. In today’s upside down world I find his words very refreshing indeed!

  3. Dr. Carson is man of integrity. His love for America is refreshing! Go to runbenrun.org to sign a petition to draft him for president in 2016.

    1. Ohhh, if only it could be soo! What if, just for sake of argument, it was possible to ‘recriut’ a true LEADER?
      A true Leader never leads in their own self interest, but always, with the passion of putting others before themselves, and by extension leads with integrity.
      I wonder how history could have been different if those, who like Dr. Ben Carson, who exhibits these qualities, had been recruited legally and by overwhelming consensus, to rise to the occasion?
      Integrity is a giant, as are those who display this irreproachable character. Thus history demands, for the sake of freedom, that the true Statesmen of this world LEAD.

  4. The government in DC through combined legislation is hurting more and more American citizens financially, religiously and ethically as they lose their jobs and health insurance and endure religious persecution. A real concern that nobody in DC cares has prompted everyday people to come together to put the brakes on this uncontrolled damaging wrecking ball called government. The TEA party will not disappear, but instead is gaining respect and influence from displaced Republicans and Democrats who are wearing the label “Independent” these days. There are many in DC who do care and they are now being labeled TEA party advocates because as Dr. Carson correctly points out, they oppose those in DC who like their absolute power. This is a silent but growing movement and thank God for people like Dr. Carson who speaks to the issue so simply, clearly and wisely. How will you vote?

    1. I like Carson but I would not vote for Carson because he is against the 2nd Amendment. Search and you will find it out your self. Do not only take my word for it. He is a good man but I will not vote for any one that is against the 2nd Amendment.

  5. I would be behind the Tea Party a lot more if not for the fact that every other post I see by some Tea Party group on social media is declaring the Tea Party a “Christian conservative group”, which alienates non-Christians right from the start, regardless of these potential allies holding in lock step to MANY of the same conservative principles and values. Secondly, I’m forever seeing the Tea Party referred to as “Tea Party Republicans, and I refuse to stand behind that group of corrupt career politicians any more than I would stand behind the corrupt career politicians on the left. The Tea Party needs to get it’s platform straightened out and resume it’s focus on over-taxation and government waste and overspending that causes these politicians to insist they continuously need more and more revenue!

    1. Don’t know why you are afraid of conservative Christians…they are some of the best people in America to have on your side… they won’t convert you God will.

    2. I’m not concerned with being “con-verted”, just “conned”. The most vocal of the so called Christians I’ve encountered throughout my life have been far more interested in CONVINCING me that they were upstanding honest people than in being so, often as a blatant mental slight of hand to get me to bring my guard down long enough for them to rip me off in one way or another. In regard to politics, I do not believe the government has any Constitutional authority to determine who can or cannot benefit from the laws which concern the status of being “married” or “single” by way of saying that only two people can be party to a marriage, nor that those two people must be of opposite genders, however, and when people begin inserting their own religious values (whatever religion it might be) that’s the kind of bigotry that results. People FREAK when the SLIGHTEST HINT of a non-Christian religion looks like it MIGHT get applied to US law somehow, but think nothing of it, or even EXPECT it when it’s “Christianity”, so the hypocrisy there just doesn’t sit well with me.

    3. “The Tea Party needs to get it’s platform straightened out and resume it’s focus on over-taxation and government waste and overspending that causes these politicians to insist they continuously need more and more revenue!’

      I dare to suggest, Sir, that the reason the tea parties platform is seemingly not focusing on what you bring forth, is precisely because you do not stand fully behind them.
      The tea party is after all, in spite of Nancy Pelosi’s comment that the tea party is AstroTurf, a real grassroots outpouring, that is so new and young it, as of yet, has not solidified itself into an AstroTurf position, and I for one am thankful.

  6. don’t know what Dr. Carson’s plan are, but we support his “citizen statesman” efforts to speak truth.. many will hear it, those who deny reason will not.

    “Reason is not automatic. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. Do not count on them. Leave them alone.” – Ayn Rand


  7. We need a man like Dr.Carson in the White House. He truly loves our country and God. Things weren’t given to him, Dr.Carson worked hard to get to where he is today.

  8. He is the tool of the Republican Party. How many breaks did he give a family for his services. How many times did he complain about the other “43″? It is a gold mine for blacks to disagree with Mr. Obama cause it makes guys like Ben feel needed, respected, and part of the gang. If the Tea Party was so right, how come they did not do what they went to DC to do? Balance a budget…no. End the war…no. Control spending…no. When will they do what they promised? Put the date right here _________________________.

    1. If you read his books or watch his speeches, or ever attended an event where Dr. Carson spoke live, you will learn that he has indeed given away many of his services to families who could not afford. He says before mega insurance companies and government got involved, there was no reason for any American to do without the medical services they need, b/c every small and big time doc and medical facility sometimes gave their services away or served at reduced rates, b/c that is what physicians do – help people. Further, your comment says why didn’t the Tea Party accomplish their goals in DC? The Tea Party doesn’t have enough representation yet in Washington. Don’t assume that the Republicans are representing the Tea Party. They have their own agendas. Read and listen a little to Dr. Carson and I imagine you will be persuaded that he is a genuine man of integrity who cares about reducing the suffering of humankind, and believes that the way to do that in the US is to reduce the size and control of government and create opportunities for people to have meaningful work and the financial means to to create the lives they want. God’s blessings to you and Dr. Carson and the USA!

    2. His foundation is worth millions yet only a small percentage goes to those scholarships and reading rooms. One of the board members owns an IT company and gave $10,000 to Obama campaign in 2008 and was given a $60 million contract by CMS in 2011. He is a close friend from Maryland where Carson lives.
      Carson did not join the Tea Party until 2013 when he made his famous appearance at the Prayer Breakfast. Despite the fact that he has been on the speakers’ circuit since 1989 and was at the time supposedly conservative there was no outcry from carson about Obama in 2007-2008 –in fact–he showed up on a program to celebrate the inauguration.
      Basing loyalty on how well someone speaks or because he is a famous doctor is foolish. There are 3,500 neurosurgeons in the U.S. many are philanthropists and do good work privately.
      Rising star Carson has talked out of both sides of his mouth in his writings and in his interviews. Too many red flags and with a Marxist in office who wants to take the chance? Giving anyone who is not thoroughly vetted access to big name conservatives and Republicans running for office didn’t work out so well for Romney who latched on to Artur Davis, a black Congressman 2 months before the convention. Davis announced his switch to the Republican Party right before that. But guess what in 2008 he wa a field operative for Obama and wen to school with him at Harvard.

    3. 1. By all that’s apparent the Republican party has no useful tools.
      2. Blacks who disagree with the Obarry are blacklisted
      3. The tea party is under extreme attack from most of our elected reps and appointed gov’t officials.
      4. date-May 16, 2014
      5. place-Washington,DC
      just sayin.

    4. How many Tea Party members do you think were elected to Congress? You make it sound as though 3 or 4 men can change how Congress thinks and votes. Why do you blame them? They are doing their best and are ridiculed and demonized because of it. When more conservative representatives are elected they will be able to make some changes. You don’t know Dr. Carson yet you paint him as a tool of the Republican Party. The Republican Party has nothing good to say about the Tea Party so I don’t think he is working with them. Dr. Carson does not need the Republican party to make him respected. He is highly respected already. I am sure that anybody who does not agree with your liberal point of view is ignorant. You certainly assume a lot about people you don’t know. You show a great disrespect for blacks. I guess that makes you a racist.

  9. Love him! Truth!
    And he is right about the “political” class. It is they who are threatened by “upward mobility,” it is they who are threatened by creativity and economic growth. These politicians have hampered economic growth in every and any way they can so they can remain in power while everyone else suffers. And anyone who is willing to let another person suffer so that they can enjoy the “benefits” of their political office is no leader.

  10. Ben Carson speaks for me, one of the few who do; and by his very transparent honesty, paints a stark contrast to politicians of both parties who act like they are beholden to the politically correct movement and not the Constitution.

  11. This man is our last, best chance to salvage this country for future generations! He is out spoken and honest, NOT a politician, and that is the only way we can start to put things back on the right track!

  12. Ben Carson is what this country needs to get it back on track. I love him and his reasoning of the tea party. He is right on.

  13. Would that we all would be so forthcoming in our stance for limited government and a return to common sense in government.

  14. It would behove our ladies and gentlemen of the ‘chest thumping elite’ to know the values of We the People. The DNC, you know, the ones with blindfolds, must take note of the threat Dr. Ben poses in selecting the next candidate for the president of the United States.

  15. since when did the wealthy want to pay 35% of their income in taxes see this man is a liar too

  16. the last paragraph we know is a lie they take food out of our veterans mouths their are more military families using food stamps than civilian And the only freedom they want is for corporate America to have the freedom to do as they wish to make money which will lead to our breathing air water ways and our lands looking like china