Dr. Ben Carson on Tea Party: Not Demons, but Defenders of Freedom

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson, the now retired famous pediatric neurosurgeon and author, discussed the similarities between America’s original Tea Party, the Boston Tea Party, and America’s modern day, pro-constitution, pro-freedom Tea Party movement.

In an opinion piece in the Washington Times, Carson wrote how the early American patriots, like those of today, are standing up against an overreaching big government:

Interestingly, the much-maligned Tea Party of today faces the same concerns as the brave pioneers of old. They are also concerned about government overreach with programs such as Obamacare, unnecessary and unlawful surveillance of citizens, blatant and unchecked abuse by the Internal Revenue Service, and government cover-ups and media complicity.

Neither did the Boston Tea Party’s participants, nor supporters of the modern Tea Party object to paying their fair share of taxes, but both witnessed an incessant escalation of government spending, which was always taken out of their hides.

Carson goes on to ask why the political class goes to such lengths to demonize the Tea Party movement, explaining that the Tea Party, which stands for limited government, is seen as a threat to the ruling class’s power structure.

It is not a sophisticated political organization, but rather consists of a loosely knit group of American citizens from many backgrounds who are not ready to relinquish the power of the people into the hands of government entities whose interests and values do not seem to coincide with theirs.

I think it is because certain politicians have forgotten that they work for us rather than the other way around. These politicians are deeply offended by anyone who would dare challenge their “wisdom” and authority.

Carson condemns Obama’s radical and unconstitutional executive orders, saying that we “are in dire straits” when a president can change laws with the stroke of his pen and not be challenged by the other equal branches of government or by the media.

Though continually vilified by Obama, Progressive Communist Democrats and the mainstream media, Dr. Carson argues that the average people associated with the Tea Party movement are just everyday Americans:

These modern-day patriots are ordinary citizens who toil incessantly day by day to provide food, education and safety for our citizens. These are the people who fill the ranks of the Tea Party. They are not demons, but defenders of freedom. They are you and me.

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