Harry Reid Celebrates CBO Report of Job Loss Caused by Obamacare as ‘Free Agency’

Harry Reid Celebrates
Harry Reid praised the CBO’s findings that Obamacare will cause over 2.3 million people to lose their jobs by 2021. Speaking with reporters outside of a luncheon, Reid shared his ridiculous and convoluted attempt at a football analogy to celebrate the rise of unemployment in America. 

“We have the CBO report, which rightfully says, that people shouldn’t have job lock. If they — we live in a country where there should be free agency. People can do what they want.  And what they’re saying here is — and the fact checkers have already done this — the Republicans talk about losing millions of jobs simply isn’t true. It allows people to get out of a job they’re locked into, because of — they have healthcare in their job.”

“So my caucus is right on track to understand this. The CBO report is far better for us than it’s not. Republicans should get away from repeal and start talking about some constructive ways to handle the issues that they’re concerned about.”

Reid undoubtedly attempted that analogy because this report was released just a few days after the completion of the Super Bowl. However, in the world of sports, the definition of free agency is a person who is able to act freely without being controlled by someone else. 

However, people have always been able to do what they want. Sure, at times, some professions, such as the financial services industry or lawyers, sign contracts with their firms. But, even then, there is a way out of the contract should you choose an early exit.

But, this distorted narrative pushed by Reid to lead people to believe that everyone is ‘locked into jobs due to healthcare’ is simply a continuation of the twisted spin by the progressive Democrats to demonize the health insurance industry and corporations. It also continues their tendency to focus on ‘choice’ when it is convenient for them. But, what about the choice of those who don’t want to lose their jobs or don’t want to see their hours cut. Are they to see this negative impact on their lives due to an over-controlling government as a good thing simply because Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama say so?

In his statement to reporters, Reid says that people losing millions of jobs isn’t true. He attempts to lessen the severity of the CBO statement by saying that people won’t be ‘locked into their job’.

The exact CBO statement is as follows. (emphasis mine)

“CBO estimates that the ACA will reduce the total number of hours worked, on net, by about 1.5 to 2 percent during the period from 2017 to 2024, almost entirely because workers will choose to supply less labor—given the new taxes and other incentives they will face and the financial benefits some will receive,” said the report. 

“The reduction in CBO’s projections of hours worked represents a decline in the number of full-time-equivalent workers of about 2.0 million in 2017, rising to about 2.5 million in 2024.”

Reid would like Americans to believe that those workers who choose to supply less labor are doing so happily and simply because they are relieved to no longer have ‘job lock’.

However, there are key words in this report that Reid conveniently, and not surprisingly, chooses to ignore. Those words are ‘given the new taxes’.

Harry Reid and his fellow Democrats, in continuing to spin the negative effects on the livelihood of Americans due to Obamacare are clearly demonstrating the ultimate in big government, elitist attitude – ‘Damn the facts. Ignore the reality. We know what is best for you.’

So desperate is the left to salvage and prop up Barack Obama’s signature legislation that millions of Americans losing their jobs, seeing hours cut, and pay reduced is spun as a good thing. But, this should come as no surprise. After all, the left spent months diminishing the negative impact of ObamaCare on those who were losing the policies that Barack Obama guaranteed they could keep by stating that it ‘only impacted 5% of Americans’. It’s bad enough that the experience of those losing their insurance, not by choice, was flippantly disregarded. It turns out, this number repeated ad nauseum was a lie.

Those millions of Americans who want to work, but are seeing their work hours cut or eliminated, will likely not be joining in the celebration of their loss with Harry Reid. Who would have thought we would see a day in America when the American dream was sold to the people by the government as working less and living more off the government dole. But, with a president hell-bent on fundamentally transforming America and a yes-man Congress readily allowing him to do so, even if his actions are unconstitutional, Americans shouldn’t be surprised that the Democrat Majority Leader in the Senate is reveling in their job loss. At this rate, America is headed further down the road of emulating the economic hardship and high unemployment of Greece. Is that the change that Americans were supposed to believe in?

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  1. Reid is an Obama puppet…….who will lie about any and everything.

    The loss of jobs, is a real loss of jobs, by any measure. That means more people have fewer job possibilities. That isn’t more choice…….it is less choice.

  2. The State of Delusion. Only in Obama fantasy land are layoffs and hours reductions directly due to the ACA considered free agency. What a crock !
    Are people really buying this BS ?

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  3. Isn’t ACA by it’s design locking us in ?
    We were promised free agency by Harry Reid and then the President oh 28 times or so but who’s counting… Numbers mean nothing to Harry

  4. I have to shake my head in disbelief and sadness when I see and read the level of frustration of my friends when it comes to Politics and the state of the Union
    In my opinion, as it is true the amount of greed,corruption,and vanity in Politics is at an all time high and “Acting” is what a large majority of Politicians are doing… it’s so much more than that.
    It’s much more than blaming the former Administrations
    It’s much more than blaming the Dems or the Reps
    and it’s much more than using this act or that act of some person in politics as the pivoting moment that caused failure.
    We could fix any of those things if we really wanted to.

    Yes in my opinion,
    There is something else, something insidious that has reached a point of not being able to be hidden any more in politics. An Ideal, a mentality with no moral compass, no passion, and no regard for freedom, equality or transparency promised by this Country’s Standards.
    It was first reported on in the second term of former President Clinton and it was being perfected in little proving ground Towns,County’s and small City’s all over America long before that.
    It started out in the smallest of ways, feel good agenda’s that brought out the passionate by the hundreds to opine for a multitude of “good” causes.
    It spread through the Grade Schools and Colleges first and got it’s hooks in deep. What better place to plant the seed of indoctrination into future generations then at the source.

    But like all sinister and insidious plots it has a dark agenda and soon infected the reasonable and rational minds of so many otherwise free thinking people.
    This movement has devilishly and quite remarkably been successful at brainwashing enough people to change the course of elections, infiltrating the highest levels of Government, and all but publicly invalidating Christianity, Pro creationist thought, and Private Enterprise for the Religion/Profit of Science, Evolutionism, and redistribution of wealth ( Socialism) It has changed Unions,Corporate structures, affected the markets, Housing, inflation, Health care, put life styles ahead of the lives of the unborn, and worst of all pitted our melting pot of Races against each other for it’s own power and profit.
    It has brought to it’s knees this great Nation
    It is not a Democrat thing or a Republican thing
    It is not an Independent ( center Right,center Left) thing
    It is not an old school liberal or a Conservative thing
    and it surely is not a Constitutionalist/Traditionalist/Tea Party thing

    In my opinion, foolish is just a word

    Progressive Liberalism is the end game of America and it can’t be fixed.
    It can be removed.

    1. Mark, while I agree with you on much of what you say, I must disagree with your statement “It is not a Democrat thing or a Republican thing”.
      It is absolutely a Democrat / Progressive THING !
      I can spend hours complaining about the Republicans but the Democrats have been working for many years to take this country to the far (extreme) left, to Socialism/Communism and we are just one step away now. Obama and the Democrats have done more harm to this country than ANYONE else throughout our history.
      I do agree with your last statement; Progressive Liberalism is the end game and it can’t be fixed, Your last sentance should have read; It MUST be removed.
      Good job, I am on your side for sure.

    2. Thanks for the kind words Billy, Michele, gipbmac,and Carol !
      As I respect you and your opinion Billy, I know many Democrats who voted for President Obama for many different reasons and the “un progressive Liberals” have all changed their minds on the President and far worse them him, his Administration.
      They are all distancing them selves from any connection and are busy trying to scrape the “Yes We can” bumper sticker’s off the ole Prius for 2016.
      Sadly and to prove you have a point Billy, a few of those who voted Progressive with President Obama and now feel foolish are saying ” We will have a real President in 2016 with Hillary”
      Huh ?

    3. Julyette J, I have very little advise to give except,
      Constantly Call your own Party, State,District Representatives to the mat for they’re shortcomings first before you blame or discredit the opposing view.
      Do not Compromise your moral Compass, Core Ideals, and American Spirit ever !
      At the very least you can Feel confident you did every thing you could as you watch this Great Nation slip off in to the abyss in to the depths of Socialism.

  5. You know what’s really scary? There are idiots out there that actually believe what this blatherskite says!!!

  6. Man out-thinking nature. Markets are free, open and efficient through competition. That’s nature. Man cannot out-think nature. Freedom and Capitalism are the same. Central Planning is unnatural, straight out of the Communist Manifesto and bound for failure. Read the Preamble. It limits government to security and infrastructure while it “secures the blessings of liberty” so Americans can “pursue happiness” through the conduct of industry and business. Government is limited from operating business or industry. The government conducts security and infrastructure so that Americans can conduct business in industries in free markets in the private sector without government interference. The Supreme Court has failed to keep government out of all industries including education, healthcare and charity which are unconstitutional as public school, obamacare and welfare. Don’t mess with Mother Nature.


    1. Harry Reids deserves more then an attitude adjustment, much worse, I hope someone gives it to him soon.

  8. Harry Reid as usual LIES through his false teeth. The People of Nevada had a golden opportunity to get rid of this demented, dirty old man, and blew it. We are paying for their mistake.There has not been one Democrat to tell the truth. The loss of jobs are now a big joke to them. We should vote them all out, but then they would be on unemployment, for ever.People should check out the net worth of Democrats, who claim the Republicans are the fat cats. The Clintons net worth prox $300,000,000.00 not bad for people who could not pay their attorneys when they got Washington.

    1. Talking about the Clinton’s, GOOGLE “The Clinton Body Bag” and you will be amazed at all the info that’s been collected on the clinton’s over the years. They (both) are absolute criminals who should be spending the rest of their lives in prison, shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the White House.

  9. Harry was re-elected by dishonest means. Goes with his dishonest past. His son’s run for Governor was corrupt and he was prosecuted for it. Runs in the family. Seiu owns the majority of the electorate resident of NV since ’62

    1. Some person from NV said (on line) that the power went off for 20 minutes during the voting process in Reno and the machines were down – the SEIU “fixed” it.


  10. how much more delusional can this freakshow admin get – apparently there is no level low enough for obumer and his psychotic freaks to go – good gravy on garbage how pathetically STUPID for dingy harry to even suggest there might be a positive to the job loss fall-out from obumercare… what a horrible sick joke this admin is

  11. Wow, see what happens when the blinders are so firmly tied on? It is not “free agency” when you want to change jobs but there are none. There is no “agency” when I am thrown out of the work force because the employers revert to part-time and eliminate full-time or turn all into ‘contractors’ to avoid the explosive cost of ACA. Given Harry has exempted himself with having to live with/under the ACA in his live, as a member of Congress, he can blithely misread the impact to most of us who have been forced to be independent contractors or be unemployed and then pay nearly triple monthly costs for healthcare coverage (IF we can get it). Believe me senator, the agency is anything but ‘free.’

  12. The liberal insanity is epidemically infectious and ongoing. When the economy ultimately fails and wipes out the 99% completely they will praise the opportunity to start over again. Oh, you think that’s what they wanted from the get go? Dumb like a fox and communism here we come unless you all wake up.

    1. Fascism, Communism, Baggism, “What, at this point, difference does it make?”

      (I am being factious to the max)

  13. Really, only a schizoid mentality could think this way. Normal people would never have come up with such an irrational retort to the CBO’s response. I find it incomprehensible that anyone would support these irritatingly dishonest lying and deceitful people. They are no even trying to hide their useless reason for living. Everything now is blatant and in your face stupidity hoping their base of ignorant minions will absorb the spin.

  14. What a moron.There are millions of people being “locked out” of their jobs because of The Ponzicare scheme being shoved down our throats.This senile old fart should be “locked” up.

  15. Hang all the insane people. Start in Washington. With all the nut jobs there it will take at least two years. Who’s got a rope?

  16. ONLY a Liberal Lemming would celebrate harm caused to fellow Americans as long as their agenda and control goals are met…

  17. It’s time to start recall petitions against all those democrats that aren’t up for re-election in 2014 and force them to have to run again to keep their office and come November 2014, we vote them and every democrat who will be up for election out of office. They are the ones who blindly voted with Dirty Harry Reid and Idiot Nancy Pelosi to pass and force obamacare down our throats without even reading what was in the bill. Time to make them pay for their stupidity!!

  18. Harry is old now, however, he may still have a few years left to live under the brutal yoke of this Marxists, Islamic regime, that he has worked so hard to birth. No doubt, he thinks that only the “little people” will suffer, and apparently, that is just fine with him. It’s funny though, the way Satan works; when he doesn’t need you any longer he destroys you. Who knows, perhaps, it will lead old Harry to repentance before he draws his last breath.

  19. Just another plan by the fascists(aka progressives) now in power to further their power takeover of our once free country to a fascist dictatorship. Obama does all he can to disrupt the lives of regular Americans so he can implement his total police state dictatorship. Political internment camps are now being built to hold all citizens who disagree with his agenda. The goast of Hitler has been reincarnated. When the US Constitution goes, so goes liberty and freedom. God save us all.

    1. Could these fascist “progressives” be the first rising of the biblical beast that rose from the dead after being slain by the sword? The bible says that the people marveled and wondered who could stand against him? Could the slain beast be old style national socialism, and the risen beast be the N.W.O. controlled so-called “progressives” who are masquerading as liberals? Inquiring minds want to know. Meanwhile, as you ponder these questions, ask yourself, how is that promised “Hope and Change you can believe in” working for you about now?
      I pray to God that the National Socialists of the twentieth century are not reborn by Satan as the globalist socialists who control virtually everything now, with the exception of the souls who belong to Christ Fascism is a form of elitist socialism.

  20. Unbelievable! We should hold a contest to see just how low liberals are willing to go in order to twist what has become nothing more than a complete disaster. What is wrong with these people?! Now we’re celebrating job loss because it gives people freedom from “job lock”. After all, who would WANT a job. Apparently, having freedom from “prosperity lock” is all the new rage amongst the left. All we have to do is drag everyone down into poverty. And the worse people’s financial situations become, the more celebration from the camps of the leftists, especially if they were formerly prosperous. After all, how DARE they steal from the proletariat thugs who demand ever more, while being ever more resistant to the concept of work ethic, patience or morals.

  21. Less work less cash flow for things you want . Extra groc, appliances, cars, cloths, gas, tires, hair cuts and it is a long list of personals. And that is ,no matter how many benefits the govt gives.

  22. What about the people that loved their jobs and are heart broken to lose them? What about the people that aren’t going to be able to find another job due to our rotten economy? What about the families that can no longer pay for health insurance now that they are unemployed? I’m sorry, but Harry Reid is a cold hearted lying SOB that cares nothing about the people and families of America.

  23. We have no leaders. I read post after post of frustrated Americans lamenting the loss of our precious liberties and yet few are provoked to action. Feminism has neutered the masculine spirit of the American male. When does a man allow his children to be indoctrinated and have their diapers searched at airports; his wife used as a political pawn while her children are being savagely ripped from her uterus; witness nuns who care for the poor be persecuted and coerced to deny their faith or face punishment; or allow his grandchildren to be sold into economic servitude and all the while remain passive? The proverb states, “Evil men rule when good men do nothing.” Calling all good men to action.

    1. Where are the leaders katpac? They are buried by the media and the demonic false leaders who control the “system.” You buy their demise with your dollars just as I do because the control of the “system” is so ingrained we will need to all stand in solidarity to stop it, if we are lucky. While we were busy with life they were busy enslaving us. I am a good man and I have been called and I am ready for action… who will join me?

  24. Now if those that lost their jobs were the clown czars and thousands of overpaid, underworked government union workers, that sleeze ball hairiest reidioskonov would be calling the Tea Party and any nearby GOP members names that are not printable in NY Times Pravda East or the LA Times Pravda West….just think, this ba$tardy and the ho nance pe$lutsi along with all the democrats in the house and senate are responsible for not only this communist act, but clown acts of deceit and subtrafuge since 1977 and before…..

  25. Reid will soon understand what FREE AGENCY means as he watches members of Congress become free agents that will no longer be caught in dead end jobs…………only his lying, forever in power buddies don’tt want out. They love the power, corruption and haven’t for decades known how to tell the truth or represent “We The People”.
    Society, yes you and me, sat back for too long and didn’t make our feelings and thoughts known. We allowed them to do what they wanted and because of that we allowed the democrats and others to become dictators. GAME OVER!
    DC still doesn’t get it. They play deaf and fabricate excuses. They never look into the future of their actions. And THIS time the DEMOCRATS threw ALL Americans over the cliff and are trying to laugh it off as “free agency” or “spending more time with their families “. This is the greatest bushel of crap yet.
    Since when has anyone HAD to remain in a job? But Congress believes that they must remain because they are over diluted into thinking they are the answer.
    WE THE PEOPLE must show OUR SERVANTS exactly who is their boss. Everyone that can vote MUST get out and do so.

    America and Americans must fight to take our country back. Stay informed and speak out, call, email &/or write your Congressperson each and every time they are out line with what the people demand.
    End corruption!
    P.S. just so you are aware that 7 family members of Reid’s are lobbyists.
    Has anyone voiced their opinion of the Farm Bills pork.
    Demand that the media, not give endorsements but openly print and shout out each areas candidates voting record and each states amount of PORK received on each and every bill.
    Americans must know where and how their tax dollars are spent and take that to the polls.

  26. This idiot really believes this is a good deal? Very telling! He is crazier than I thought! If Dirty harry gets reelected, and the people keep this POS, then america is more than doomed, it is damned!

  27. Yeah, and when they no longer work full time, big brother can give them some more handouts so that they will want to work even less–hey then the government can control them–AMERICANS are you really that stupid?

  28. He is one of the biggest problems in DC and he must be sending a lot of dollars to his home state-since they keep re-electing him!

  29. I keep asking, but no one will answer, not even the so called conservatives or Fox new. Why hasn’t Reid been removed from Office on bribery charges? For he did bribe two Corrupt Senator, who sold their vote for Obamacare. Bribery is against the Law for the little people and not the So called elite like Reid. Reid is being protected by the Brotherhood of Corrupt Senators like mine from the State of New Mexico. So, Obamacare was passed using bribery and therefore totally ILLEGAL and should be removed from the books. But, all these corrupt Politicians, Petty Bureaucrats and the Totally scared Lame News Media will not even speak of it. So, where is the out cry? No where, as these so call watcher of the wrong doing are hiding under some type of gossip of who is doing who in Hollywood elite.

  30. Deliberately lying to preserve a marxist attack on our freedom. Democrats are domestic terrorists, their voters are fools, republicans are democrat enablers who have forfeited integrity for status. Time to rethink and upgrade the Constitution, espescially the function of the supreme court.

  31. Harry Reid is just echoing what Karl Marx and Marx’s followers believed. I know; I used to be a Marxist. Marxism doesn’t work. Neither do Harry Reid and Barack Obama’s Neo-Marxist policies!

  32. It’s high time that Reid, Pelosi, Holder, Hillary, Boehner, & Hussein Sortoro became permanent free agents then.

  33. I am married and my husband has a job that covers me but doesn’t cover my kids. So, not wanting to, I went and got a job that does cover them.
    (This is pre-Obamacare).
    I am an example of someone who only HAS TO WORK for the kids’ health insurance.
    I do not want to work! I would much rather stay home with my kids – and NOT have to pay a babysitter, which, by the way eats almost all my salary!
    Does this make me a lazy deadbeat? NO!
    I am a Republican, by the way. I believe in the family unit, and that parents should raise and take care of their own kids, and not have to worry about losing everything because of a catastrophic illness. That’s why we all have insurance!
    Also, there are three people for every job opening.
    I repeat: Three people looking for work for every job opening.
    Another issue here is that workers are not trained for the jobs being offered.
    What happens when you combine those two facts?
    Food for thought, eh?