Do Republicans Have the Courage to Impeach Obama?

On Wednesday, The Tea Party News Network’s Matthew Burke joined Tim Constantine on The Capitol Hill Show to discuss the impeachment of President Obama. Matthew says that there are more than enough reasons to impeach, but that Republicans are scared to fight when it matters most.
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  1. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: Bullshit Congress, I STILL can’t hear you! Sound off like you’ve got a pair!

    1. Yes SIR – DID YOU, D.I. WRITE YOUR US HOUSE MEMBER AND DEMAND THE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE DRAFT THE ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT AND SEND IT TO THE HOUSE FLOOR FOR A VOTE??? Was that loud enough? Are YOU going to DO it? don’t complain about a do nothing congress if YOU aren’t willing to do YOUR part! Shut up and write!

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      Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: Who’s your squad leader, scumbag?

      Private Elvaria: Sir, the squad leader is Private Snowball, sir!

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    1. not to side with the house, for I would love to see Obama impeached but even if the house should vote for impeachment it would fail when it went to the just like Billy Jeff the Dems would find him not guilty and therefore would be a waist of time.

    2. Everybody already knows the crimes. There aren’t enough Republicans in the Senate and the Democrats support all the crimes.

    3. No, everybody does NOT know the crimes. There are millions of Obamabots and LIVs who are totally oblivious to his shenanigans. They need to be on the very open and public record. Goodness knows, nothing else about this administration is open and on the record.

    4. It doesn’t matter if the Obamabots and the LIVs know his crimes or not. The point is that impeachment will NEVER pass the Senate with Harry the Criminal Fairy at the helm.

    5. We need to take the senate by a landslide in November and the next day start impeachment proceedings. As soon as that is done we need to file criminal charges against Obama & Holder & Hillary.

    6. Then all criminals should never be arrested and charged because the judge has been bought off, and they’ll never be convicted, right? Let’s disband the Police force, and the D.A.’s office.

    7. That will change in November. Reason why Democrats worry for their jobs, many will lose a seat, lose majority, to conservative republican majority. As conservatives get help from Tea party people who are outraged at corruption, Obama in denial, we will win. With a landslide on election day, I say Republicans will get a nerve back to fight for impeachment. ..

    8. Are you sure your not talking about George Soros and Obama the Muslim Thief in the Oval Orifice LOL

    9. Disarm yourself lib tard. Follow the commie Oblamo “it wasn’t me” manifesto. Hey libs we are arming up, in fact it’s too late. Seriously you are all done and remember the military takes very seriously their oath to defend the Constitution against foreign and domestic enemies. Oh libs . . . you are the enemy and you think big government is going to save you? You think Obama and his clan give 2 sh*** about you. Too funny! Man I would really be terrified if I was a lib. Libs are all talk, all bs feelings and emotions but never any substance. Just empty suits with big elitist know it all and better than everybody else mouths. Liberalism is a cruel joke and the true evil of this era. It must be defeated and destroyed. It has no place in a truly free society because it’s basic definition is anti-freedom. It destroys the very things it depends on. Now what idiot does that? A drunk? A drug addict? A gambler? A liberal? All the same thing

    10. In the records that it was sent for a vote – and who voted for and who voted against – the Congressional Record!
      WRITE your House Member!

    11. The biggest crime in America is the fact that that the last three Republican presidents have put this nation 17 trillion dollars in debt, Thats what Most teabillies don’t understand. Republicans are just making noise tho cover that fact up!!!!!!

    12. William, you just might have posted the most ignorant statement on here. When your fearless leader took over the debt was only 9 trillion dollars. Obama has added 8 trillion to the debt in just 5 years. It took this nation over 225 years to get a 9 trillion dollar debt and the clown in the white house has nearly doubled it in only 5 years. William, you are a true idiot and have no clue about the facts….

    13. It’s not about ruining his legacy or his agenda. It’s about the truth. It’s about conviction. It’s about making him and his coterie admit that he broke faith with the Constitution and the American People.

    14. Liar …. you Tbags and Liberfascist use the Constitution for toilet paper … UNLESS it’s used for hate or thievery

    15. So how do you use the Constitution, James? Do you even bother to refer to it at all in any of your political deliberations? Show me the money trail that leads to (or from) making the President admit that he has broken faith with the Constitution and the American People. Where is the hate in seeking the truth and making it public? You calling me a liar does not make it so. You have to show that what I said was contrary to any verifiable truth or evidence. You have not done that. Your accusation falls harmlessly on the floor. And whereas you violently disagree with me, 65 other people (at this writing) agree. You might think about giving your position a little reconsideration,

    16. Didn’t work for Bill, LIBS still don’t see what’s wrong with getting a little. Anyone else would have gotten nailed for sexual harassment

    17. Beg to differ, wasn’t Bill Clinton impeached? He is still revered by all the sheeple. And don’t forget the 30-40 curious deaths from Georgia to the White House.

    18. I’m afraid in his case conviction and removal is very much needed. During Clinton’s trial, the Senate vote came down to a question of whether his remaining in office presented a clear and present danger to the American people and the Constitution. Since his crimes, while clearly an abuse of power, were relatively benign, the answer was “no”, and the Senate did not vote for removal. That is not the case with Obama – every second he remains in office he presents an ongoing and very real danger to all of us. Yes, I want Obama impeached, but unless public sentiment changes to the point that every Senator runs screaming in the other direction from support of Obama, it will be not only a waste of time, but further ammunition for the Democrats who wish to sweep it all under the carpet and make it nothing more than a political witch-hunt perpetrated by Republicans, leading to even more dangerous electoral reversals.

    19. That’s the reason we start it now and in November when we take back our House. We impeach and charge the unethical Lawyer with treason and get him and his cronies out of the White House

    20. Frankly I am more than in favor of Impeachment of the thief-in-charge. But has anyone considered who his replacement would be? Could it be Dynamo Joe? (Binden) who is bucking for the seat of President. It could be Johnny (carry the cash out of the country)Kerry. Could even be Our physobot beauty queen Ms.Clinton… If nothing else who ever the replacement is,,it could be worse. However it will pave the way for more impeachments within the democleptic party.

    21. When the President is impeached it goes to the speaker of the house so no it won’t be any you mentioned

    1. Your right and the primaries are going to be where we vote them out and not elect one single democrat that will turn their back on the constitution. Nominate young Republicans and put them in office will give a lot of power back to the people

    2. Independents, such as I, all need to change our party affiliations to Republican, if only for the short-term in order to vote in the primaries, then get those candidates (whether young or older) who support the Constitution to oppose the Democrats.

    3. EXACTLY but when you vote for anyone – do your due diligence – research what they stand for – re-elect only those who vote and show they support honesty, ethics, and the constitution!

    4. And I for one thank every independent for the help. We have to throw these “back room” liars out.

  3. LOL!! They’re bought and paid for. It’s not about courage, it’s about who’s lining their pockets. The new house in Playersville with the huge pool trumps struggling Americans every time. Do they have the courage…… LOL!!!

  4. HAHAAA,,, Them Friggin RINO’s don’t have the courage to scratch there own balls,,,,,, They are as disgusting as Ofukup and MOOCH ELLE…… All RINO’s out in Nov 2014…. DOTUS (dictator of the United States) Out on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    May 16 2014 Operation American Spring…..

    Won’t Group them all,,, just the RINO’s,,,, I believe TEA PARTY republicans would Impeach,,,, They just don’t have the numbers needed to get it done…

    1. How about you,,,, finish reading the comment before you jump on a bandwagon…. I said they didn’t have the votes in the house…. If it won’t make it past the house they don’t need the senate… It is dead before it gets there….. I know how it works….But It has to leave the house before it goes to the senate. GEEEESSSSHHH

    2. quit being stupid and write your house members and demand they get the Judiciary Committee to write the Articles of Impeachment – The TP had enough to get BO voted in for the last two elections…they didn’t you say? They most surely DID – they split the conservative vote into so many pieces that they FORCED BO to win! The people who voted outside the Rep party did it – and there are something like 43 different parties to vote for – with a big split, it’s no wonder there is a majority of liberals in the Senate!

    3. Ya’ Know I don’t recall calling you stupid,,, I don’t recall calling any stupid.. Yet you come on here and assume I haven’t written my representatives….. Where would the like’s of you get an idea like that about me????? I have written 17 letters to my representatives over the las 22 mo’s How many have you written? I hate someone who talks down to someone. So I really hope we never meet and you talk down to me like that…

    4. Oh and by the way keep voting for the likes of McCain’s and Graham…. They are serving the republicans well aren’t they? You also need to to reread my comment. It says nowhere about civilian voting for representatives…..

      It say the TEA PARTY republicans would Impeach,,,,,,, But they don’t have the votes. Meaning it would never get through the house…… So screw you lady…. Here is a list of TEA PARTY republicans,,, you might want to look at though… Look at there voting records… But keep voting just to get a republican in,,,, them RINO’s are working hard with Obama,,, so you keep right on voting for them….

  5. they better grow a pair and do something while there is still some country left to fight for. Its their inactivity and lack of backbone its gotten as far as it has. Fight for our country!!!!!!!!

  6. He should have had a letter of impeachment filed against him a year ago they have the proof let’s Roll!!!

    1. WRITE HOUR HOUSE MEMBERS AND DEMAND that the Judiciary Committee Draft the Articles of Impeachment – the HOUSE needs to hear that from the people! EVERY one of you MUST write!! NOW!!

  7. At Nuremberg, the Nazis said they were “only following orders.” Boehner has refused to do his constitutional duty and file articles of impeachment – Boehner usurped power and nullified the Preamble/Constitution. The members of Congress are “only following orders” to nullify the Preamble/Constitution and allow their leader to assume power. Who will lead in the name of the Founders to implement the Preamble/Constitution according to the clear and simple words therein? Can the corrupt, subjective, irrational, biased and ideological Superme Court read the Preamble/Constitution without themselves usurping power? Absolutely not. There will have to be a national force of will to reimplement the clear and simple words (as read by every grade school student) and intent of the Founders in the Preamble and Constitution. Those elected are “only following orders.”

    1. Even that is being usurped and removed from the educational system as it turns to a full out brainwashing operation no longer a place to learn

    2. Public school is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and anathematic to the Preamble. Schools SHALL BE private.
      The Constitution provides for governance within the parameters of the Preamble. Read the Preamble. The Founders tell you exactly what they established. It limits government to justice, tranquility, defense and PROMOTION of the GENERAL welfare (i.e. infrastructure) deliberately excluding INDIVIDUAL welfare. The Founders and citizens UNDERSTOOD that people take care of themselves.
      Government is to SECURE the “blessings of LIBERTY” which are the endeavors, businesses, enterprises and industries of citizens conducted in free and open markets in the private sector without government interference. These industries include those of education, charity and healthcare (i.e. public school, welfare, obamacare). The government SHALL NOT operate, control or manipulate any industry other than security and infrastructure. The government is to “secure the blessings of liberty” so that citizens may “pursue happiness.” I may choose to open a school and be a teacher to “pursue happiness” as one of my “blessings of liberty.”
      We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

  8. They know it would never get past the Senate, then they’ve destroyed their chances to take the House and Senate in November. If that happens, we are done. But, if they get the votes in November, it’ll be a piece of cake. That would be the smart way to go.

  9. COURAGE is not in the vocab of the RINOGOP unless a TP Conservative is involved. Get rid of the RINOS first, then we can take on the LIBS and DEMS. Until that happens stay tuned for more of the same?????

    1. TP Conservatives who don’t know what they are talking about need to stay out of this actually. W/O the Senate impeachment would be a waste of time just like shutting down the government in October was. It takes both Houses of Congress to do this and it’s pretty obvious to most the current Senate being led by progressive Democrats will never allow Obama to be successfully impeached. In fact with the Progressive media’s help they will turn this all around and have all the low information voters out there believing everything is the Republicans fault.

    2. Maybe all of the TP conservatives should check with you before taking any action/ After all we don’t want to be wrong and go after the RINOS ? Thank for the heads up and please keep all of us informed !!!

    1. Waste of time…The Senate will shoot it down and never pass it!
      It will be dragged out until Obama is out of office!

    2. Not necessarily so. If we can take the Senate in November and keep control of the House, we can get that SOB out of OUR House. But I agree it would be a waste of time right now.

    3. Exactly…so why is everyone wasting their time energy and money …before your “ifs” are reality?

      You are wasting your time unless you run, and elect, Constitutional conservatives who WILL have the courage.

      You are putting the cart before the horse!

      The Democrats are aiding you behing the scenes…. so they can label you racists… they play dirty..and unfortunately good people take the bait! imho

    4. I’m not wasting my time. I’m not putting the cart before the horse. It would be a huge waste of time, energy and taxpayer dollars to try and impeach Obama right now. Didn’t I already say that? You’re assuming the Dems will keep control of the Senate. That may not happen.

    5. I assume nothing when you consider the vagaries of politics, the deceit, fraud etc.

      I simply put one foot in front of the other and use all my resources, time effort and money, to support Constitutional Conservatives who will vote for limited government, lower taxes and individual responsibility.

      I try to stay focused and not become sidetracked by red herrings, like going off on a tangent of nonviable impeachment….. at this time.

      That’s a fool’s errand and counterproductive until we accomplish our goal of a Conservative Republican House and Senate. It’s all about priorities. imho. Have a nice day.

  10. Just as it torpedoed Clinton’s effectiveness in his 2nd term, so would it showcase both the evil AND the ineffectiveness of the Kenyan goat. It also forces the hand of dimocrat Senators whose base would be irate after seeing the evidence in full. Even at this stage, BO’s remaining followers are mostly in the lunatic fringe. DO IT. It’s called your DUTY!

    1. The critical difference is that Clinton still had at least passing respect for the constraints placed on him by the Constitution. Obama has already said he will circumvent it to get anything he wants done. Any impeachment proceeding MUST succeed – it’s a one-time shot, and a failed effort will enhance Obama’s “flexibility” even further. A terrifying prospect.

  11. Tea-chugging conservatives and their media mouthpieces employed by The Rupert have been shouting into the wind, calling for Obama to be impeached … ever since he was originally elected in 2008.

    The House Republican majority and Senate minority have become obsessed with discussing and voting on meaningless, totally symbolic, wholly partisan proclamations as a means of avoiding any discussion of useful, substantive, productive legislation that meets the needs and concerns of the American people at large.

    Stop the Press! Obama ate a cheeseburger last week. Impeach him now!

  12. I am a Obama paid climate scientologist …… I predict party cloudy conditions with a chance of outright fraud ….

  13. The repubs have no cajones , so forget about impeachment, Removal from office requires 2/3 rds of the senate. However we can look forward to the upcoming election of a conservative president who will then have the power to disband the EPA the DOE and the IRS, ban gay marriage and deport illegals and appoint judges at will without hindrance from the legislature

  14. It’s never going to happen. The cowards in government are too scared the Obamabots will riot if their messiah is impeached.

  15. Draw up the Articles of Impeachment and let the Senate have the trial, this will show the country who truly supports the Constitution. All that don’t should be voted out, or recalled.

  16. I think that All of the Democrats are brainwashed from that good old Uneducation they got from the Manipulated public school system. Sheila Jackson, especially.

  17. This is a part of their job, if they cannot do their job they should not be in office! IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!!!

    1. The problem is very definitely the Congress. THEY are the ones who impeach…the Senate convicts. If the Congress doesn’t start the impeachment proceedings, nothing is going to happen at all. It needs to go to the Judiciary cCommittee and a special prosecutor with broad subpoena power must be appointed to charge Obama in order to even start the process. The Senate never even gets involved until the investigation is complete and a Bill of Impeachment passes Congress and proceeds to the Senate for confirmation. In my opinion, however, just as Nixon resigned before it got that far (the investigation also put many close associates of Nixon in jail…which hopefully would happen in Obama’s case), I suspect that Obama will do the same. Regardless, it’s highly likely that the “rats (Democrats) will leave the sinking ship” and convict him if it gets that far…they won’t want to go down with him.

  18. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Obama is in league with the Zionists who control the government. If Congress were to even entertain the idea of impeaching Obama, their perks would be cut off and Mossad may come looking for them. On the other hand, geoengineering (aka chemtrails) by Zionists will ensure that the population of America is decimated, including those in Congress. It’s a Catch-22 situation, however, if I were in their shoes I’d opt to oust Obama AND his minions. This tyrannical government needs to be overthrown and, hopefully, the planet can recover.

    1. That is ridiculous! Obama is doing everything he can to destroy Israel. Haven’t you notice Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood ties, his deals with al Qaeda and Iran, and allowing “asylum seekers” with possible terrorist ties into the country. ["The Obama administration has unilaterally eased restrictions on asylum seekers with loose or incidental ties to terror and insurgent groups, in a move one senator called "deeply alarming."]
      He is NOT pro-Israel…he is very definitely pro-Muslim, perhaps even a closet Muslim himself.

    2. Do the research. Where did Obama’s campaign funds come from? Look at his cabinet – all Jews. Whatever Israel wants, Obama usually obliges them. Only exception was Syria. No, Obama got where he is today with Jewish support and our stolen tax dollars. Obama is a Marxists first and a Muslim second.

  19. Believe me slick Willy was impeached for far less
    But we all know this isn’t going to happen and why IT’S CALLED SKIN COLOR

  20. Before anything can happen to been a stop to this run away administration the speaker has to be changed. I fear he is nothing more than an Obama lap dog.

  21. the last 5 yrs should have show how the Rep. congress is afraid to stand and be counted against this out of control Pres. the Republicans need to be MORE afraid of the American people then Obama, TEA PARTY HERE WE COME

  22. Come election time get rid of them ALL! but remember vote in repubs or it will be the same ole same ole! have to take BOTH houses to prevail!

  23. A lot of crap for the conservatives. They are so scared of losing their testicles and just let Obummer screw all over them. Republican voter base is long gone. More like Independents which at the moment has a very high percentage and which they could garner when embracing the same ideas as that of the Tea Party. Republicans will be a lost breed if they can’t pick up from the from the lies and/scandals that this POS of a President is advocating against We The People. Gosh it feels good to say I am done being a Republican and now an Independent leaning to the Tea Party.

  24. I’d
    say the evidence is obviously,”not at all.” Oh, and waiting until the
    end of his Presidency isn’t brave, but spinelessly self serving.

  25. The gop leadership in congress is a disgrace. They talk and talk and talk, but never act. boehner needs to be dumped today, not in the next congress. mcconnell needs to be dumped today, not in the next congress. Think about it, if he is reelected and the gop takes the senate, he could be the senate majority leader. What a horrible thing that would be for our country. If the house will not impeach, the leadership should resign and let people who are willing to impeach take over. Don’t hold your breath.

  26. Why do you all keep talking about this???? If you gonna talk the talk then walk the walk … What up with that??? Are you so afraid of him that you can’t get past the talk about it stage??? Lets get with it and just DO IT!!!

  27. I know Obama is lying, you know he is lying … Heck, EVERYONE KNOWS!!! DO SOMETHING!!! That is what we put those people in office to do. BE OUR VOICE and do what we voted you in for. GEEEEZZZZ

  28. Impeachment is a political process. Sure, the republicans could file the articles of impeachment, which occurs in the House…..but the Senate will NEVER convict their demigod. It is the political equivalent to stomping your feel and crying “not fair.”
    We need a good percentage of the country to come our way in 9 months..if the country gives us a Senate we will be able to deal with Obama on OUR terms for the next 2 years.

  29. Unfortunately, as in every profession a peer will not generally attack a peer. I’ve seen it time and again. It has to be an extreme example of abuse for this to occur. Obama is approaching that point with his circumvention of the constitutional rules. He is disregarding the checks and balances set up by the founding fathers by getting around congress. All his cabinet officers are of the same mindset. His attorney general sees no problem in appointments that smack of blatant conflicts of interest. His IRS has become a hatchet squad. The socialist agenda that is his main purpose is advancing because the opposition has no gumption to go after him. We as a country are changing radically. God help us get through this difficult period. I pray in Jesus’ name.

  30. What good will it do for the House to impeach Obama, when Demokrats are the majority in the Senate & you know Reid would never even bring it up .. Get a civics lesson & read the Constitution ! Take the Senate First … Then assign special prosecutors to all these scandals, gather evidence and force him out for corruption !

  31. It may be more “prudent” to wait until AFTER the 2014 elections when the GOP controls both the House AND the Senate to pursue impeachment. It could then be more than ceremonial.

    1. You are a person of great faith to believe that our Dear Republic might endure until the 2014 elections.

    2. Proverbs 19:21 (paraphrased “liberally”) “Man plans, God decides.” Praying here for Divine mercy.

  32. Conservative values in this country are lost. Getting elected is more important to these low bred politicians than the country. But why should they care? They are rich and it won’t affect them. The (expletive)s!!

  33. In a word “NO”! The house and senate are overpopulated with gutless and morally corrupt lemmings who call themselves conservatives. They fold at every crossroads and are scared to death to call out the Marxist in the White House because he is black. If the country is waiting for the republicans to ride in and save the day, it’s gonna be a long wait.

  34. Actually, the best way to win the Senate is the make the DEM’s go on record FOR the lawlessness of Obama’s administration by defending him. Once all his abuses of power go public, the DEM’s would be hard pressed to stand up for him would make the DEM’s very worried about their own jobs. When the ship starts to sink, all the rats take off.

    1. Two things you overlook Jeannie; obuma’s abuses have ALREADY gone public but the dems and the media have done a masterful job of spinning them into positive moves. Additionally the low-information and the “vote democrat under any circumstances” voters don’t care.

  35. It would be smart to wait until the November elections. If the Republicans try now, they don’t have the numbers. And, it could jeopardize their chances to win both the house and senate. They could start to get the proper papers together now. And then, file them officially after the elections.

    1. Nice thoughts Neil but I wonder if once they get in power the republicans would do anything anyway. It’s possible I guess, if they won with new names and the McCains, Grahams, Boehner types were sent into retirement.

    2. Yes, it is hard to know for sure about that. I will be praying about it. And, I would encourage anyone else who prays to do the same.

    3. Proverbs 19:21 (paraphrased “liberally”) “Man plans, God decides.” Praying here for Divine mercy. What brought down what’s his name in Romania, MANY praying and therefore fearless people!

  36. Well Tea Party, do the posts below ring any bells? I understand that most posters on these pages tend to lean right but I suspect that they are but a small example of how the majority of conservatives feel. At this junction I wonder how many even care if the GOP swept the house, the senate and in 2016 the WH since they are incapable of acting like winners. The moral compass of the country is broken and the few truly conservative’s in congress are doing little but plugging holes in that broken dike.

  37. The current Republicans don’t have the courage to stand up for the people, much less, stand up TO Obama.

  38. All we have are Geldings in Congress! They have all the info and can drop him like a piece of hot baloney. Drive a stake through his heart and for God sakes for Country and all “REAL AMERICANS” do it!

  39. Wow! So many here no nothing about the laws of our Land and just want to make BS comments. W/O the Senate support an impeachment would be nothing but a waste of time. Many need to read up on impeachment procedures. It doesn’t take guts to do this it takes the House and Senate and the Senate right now will never allow it.

    So for all you people saying the GOP is gutless and there are nothing but RHINO’s in the GOP. Try learning about what you are talking about before talking will ya’s :-O


  41. I really don’t think so. They’ve had many years and every provocation. Why would they finally do it now?!

  42. Their not going to do anything to the President, for the most part the Republicans are guttless, and their just as bad as he is, paidoff by the people who really run things, the big money guys, and the Army.

  43. He needs to be impeached just based on him changing laws without congress. That alone is enough!! Forget the fact that he has ran our country into the ground financial, refused to protect the people in Benghazi and lied to the American people. I obviously don’t like him but we can not allow a dictator in office. Goes against the American constitution.

  44. Obama And His Fellow Tyrannical Traitors Should Be Tried By An Independent Criminal Tribunal Convicted And Swiftly Executed As An Example Of The People’s Wrath Against Corruption Of Government And Corrupt Politicians.

  45. Its all a big show. They are ALL collectivists bought and paid for by the NWO. the PROGRESSIVES, ie COMMUNISTS have taken control of the government. Both parties are a joke, almost as big a joke as the low information voters that continue to vote republicum or democrap, Must vote outside the two party system. Obombya is bush # 3, where is the difference? They both continue to travel down the NWO highway.

  46. Republican party needs judge Jean on Fox news to motivate them to get the big boys pants on, grow a back bone to do what must be done. Then they will earn my respect back they lost years ago as Romney went after Obama hard on first debate. We thought we had a winner, then he backed off to let Obama get the edge. Add up the election fraud in Ohio, we lost without even demanding a recount as Romney conceded…Next time we need a real fighter, no more mr nice guy. Maybe a Ted Cruz or Rand Paul with Sarah Palin. The Democrats are lying corrupt dishonest cheats, their leader Hillarys Attitude, what difference does it make, as 4 Americans left to die on her watch. We will show how much difference it makes. I want to see a historic conservative landslide embarrassing on democrats in 2014, 2016…

  47. People, I want him impeached, also, BUT turn your attention to filling the Senate seats this year with true conservatives and he will be gone!! Right now, it would do no good!! Be patient and FOCUS on this years congressional seats.!! We can win this!! We can get rid of this man and his cronies. We have to in order to live in peace, again!! God Bless all of you!!!

  48. Of course, you have to remember: the feds have been recording our most private conversations for 50 years, and they undoubtedly have blackmail on every congressman. Most of them have bowed to the pressure of that threat.

  49. We’ve discussed their monitoring of our phone calls – most folks realize they’ve been recording actual calls for a long time (I’ll tell you it’s been 45-53 years for most of us, depends on when your phone company switched to touch-tone direct dial. But the monitoring is more insidious than that. I’ll tell you that they’ve been using your electrical circuits – light bulbs in your room, stereos, televisions – it goes on from there – to monitor your conversations anyplace you’ve been. If you’ve had a military briefing on COMSEC in the past 40 years you know that to be true.

  50. I submit they need to but given this is the first 1/2 black president they will not and are afraid as the lefts mantra is all about race. He has broken every rule in the book, lied to the people, spied on the people and intimidated the people and press like a Putinesk type leader. If anyone deserve impeachment it is this clown. Nixon was a choir boy compared to this wanna be

  51. Corruption is in the Congress also. So this won’t hold water because you need two thirds to impeach and unfortunately this won’t happen. There has to be 20 Democrats to vote this way in the Senate. I only wish, this could become reality. A special prosecutor needs to come into play and we can’t even get that to happen. SAD BUT TRUE

  52. You would have to get Harry Reid on board, and we all know that isn’t going to happen.

  53. Tell me one person in government who hasn’t committed crimes or aren’t crooked. You can’t because there aren’t any!

    1. Are you saying that because everyone is corrupt, that gives the preznit cover for being corrupt? Two wrongs make a right? What exactly is your point here. I’m curious.

  54. Ok this is how its done you go to court with alllll the charges that you have and there are a lot of them and you start the procedure to have him impeached. If you don’t understand go back in time and watch the films on the impeachment of Nixon. But what ever it takes we need to do this for our country and for the people all the people who live here.

  55. Just as Gary Gilmore said just prior toeing put to Death for Murder and as Nike stole as their official slogan: Just do it!

  56. As difficult as it is, we must wait it out and let the Democrats bury themselves. I’d say it’s like leading a horse to water (kool-aid) by allowing them to do as they wish and in doing so the country will see just how damaging their policies are.

  57. You folks are dreamin’ aren’t cha??? Congress is in this with Ostupid, doncha get it? They are all gettin’ paid to go along…most are millionaires an the rest will be before the dictatorship is completed before 2016…ya better wake up and smell the coffee …

  58. The Senate won’t convict him and the Liberal Media won’t publicize it so impeachment would be an exercise in futility! Together, they will just make the Republicans look like a bunch of racists.

  59. Why is this question coming up daily now.Is there anything to it? Tell the American people what is really going on. Think. Opinion.

  60. No, they won’t because they do not have the balls to do it. If I were them I would really worry about my job come November there is a real movement to get all the do nothing yahoos out of office .

  61. Lois Lerner pled the 5th! This from Mr. Sekulow, a former Trial Lawyer for the Chief Council for the IRS who represents 41 clients who are suing the IRS among others for being harassed etc. He gave IRS statistics because Mr. Cummings asserts and now all Democrats do as well that some “Progressive” organizations were targeted as too making this an ordinary targeting (if that makes sense) He made it known that the IRS itself asserts that 106 Conservative groups were asked 1552 questions and still some after more than three years still don’t have their tax status. Only 48 have been approved since then, 46%. 7 “progressive” groups got caught up in this targeting because of their names, They were asked a total of 33 questions or 4,7 questions per organization and 7 of them were approved. That is 100%. It wasn’t an equal opportunity discrimination. It is clear what it was and is. It was and is TARGETED discrimination coming from the IRS and here is why it’s even worse than was previously thought and why any Lawyer would have told Ms Lerner to take the 5th. She NEEDED to. He said the determination came from the HIGHEST ranks of the IRS. A Presidential appointee! Mr Sekulow mentioned an email was sent by Lois Lerner, the former head of Tax exempt. She along with Ruth Madagril (sp) from the Office of Tax Policy, U.S. Department of the Treasury sent the email to Jeanine Cook, Deputy Division Council and Associate Chief Council, tax exempt and governmental entities division, Victoria Judsen (sp), Division Council and Associate Chief Council, Tax exempt and Governmental entities division, Nancy J. Marks, Division Council and Associate Chief Council, Tax exempt and Governmental entities division and who is a senior advisor who conducted a probe for Stephen Miller with Holly Paz in to the impropriety Months before this We will work “Off Plan” to devise rules to curtail the activities of 50c4 organizations. The IRS is now attempting to curtail Conservatives from free speech by making it illegal to say words like: oppose, vote, support, reject or even the name of a candidate 60 days out from an election. No voter registration you can’t host candidates to speak and there is even more. The Democrats seem to think this is OK and this Administration is doing the right thing against Conservatives. It’s sickening and it’s un-American. There may be some factual errors and certainly grammatical and spelling errors. What I just wrote was taken from a video on c-span titled ”
    IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups, Part 1 and Part 2.

  62. Congressional Group Of Pigs are the LEAST LIKED much lower than the president and lower than democrats in Congress ….. PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE YOU …. you are sinking lower and lower into your sewer bubble of conspiracy and tinfoil hats … BRING IT ON …. eventually your … GERRYMANDER WILL FALL …. your safe districts will fall and all the CLOWNS you elected will be sent packing

  63. CONSTITUTION, This should not be a choice but a duty to their OATH of office to protect and defend the Constitution and the People’s Liberty. Why is this so hard to figure out?

  64. By Congress admitting the Treason they must by Oath proceed. Impeachment has to be placed before the Senate, which is so corrupt that the Constitution does not hold any threat, so they will lead by Harry Reid ignore the Constitution,the People’s Liberty and ignore the treason.

  65. I can tell you plain and simple…NO, the republicans do not have the guts to bring IMPEACHMENT against obama. I think they feel they would lose too much in the Nov. 2014 Congressional elections to try and impeach him now. Oh, they have the grounds and he definitely should be impeached but the democratic Senate would never agree to impeach him. With almost 3 years left in his “reign” he can do lots of damage to changing our government to a “DICTATORSHIP” with him as the leader….Not kidding,,,,

  66. We can’t accomplish anything unless we get the Senate in November. Problems is, the DNC has their voter fraud machine well oiled now and I don’t know if we even have a chance.

  67. Obviously something is broken here. We need a way for the people, the real government of the US, to do the impeaching/removing themselves if the Congress drags their feet or totally ignores their responsibility. There should be something set in place for this to happen.

  68. House Resolution 442 would require the House of Representatives to bring legal action against the Executive Branch for certain actions such as the delay of Obamacare’s employer mandate and the waiver of work requirements in welfare. Upon introduction, this resolution was referred to the House Committees on Rules as well as House Administration. CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSMAN!

  69. The RINOs are afraid to be called racist, that’s why they are allowing Obama to do whatever he wants. Boehner and the rest of the RINOs acts like they are going to deny Obama’s proposals but they give in to Obama’s demands at the last moment every time.

  70. If you Republican’s don’t do anything….We the people will remember all that you all didn’t do when election time comes. Obama needed to be impeached over a year ago! All of you know this.You should be thinking about American’s s our safety instead of being afraid to step up to the plate.No Democrats will get our vote as it is!!


  72. They had better step up to the plate because, all of them are elected by all of us american’s and Obama has nothing to do with our votes !!

  73. congress on both sides is so gd corrupt they can’t impeach him…he would expose them all dems and repubs alike….vote for non incumbants in nov

  74. Get real it will not happen. It will not pass the Senate. Get serious, If we are to survive we must win with our better ideas as opposed to spending our time trying to bash Obama.

    1. The House impeaches and the Senate removes from office. If the House impeaches it stays. Then the Senate has the opportunity to remove him from office. That is what happened with Clinton. He was impeached but not removed.

  75. Too many House Republicans, even some Conservatives, say it won’t go anywhere because of the Senate and the leftist Reid. So what! Do it anyway! Put it all on The official record.

  76. as long as the dems have the senate no way will it fly however if the tide changes with the nulcar option open all it would take is to expand on for legslative it could happen at that point i know it needs to happen i firmly believe that it is Obamas intention to destroy this country and remake it in his image. This the real turth about Obama and this is how other countrys see us because we voted and allow someone like this to repsent our great country failed leaaders like him is why people see us this way !!!! I dont care what Obama thinks i realize he is very thinned skined and makes life hard for anyone who doesnt agree with him what is going to do send irs after every american that does not agree with him.

  77. I don’t believe they have the cajones that it takes to IMPEACH; they are all a pack of PANSIES. Shaking any one of their hands would give one the jebbie webbies; would make a real mans body have a goose bump attack; it would be that bad; like grabbing the tentacle of a squid/octopus; just plain CREEPY;

  78. they have no back bone , why are they in office ? people it’s all about MONEY , they get into office they aren’t rich . but while in office they become mutimillionaires.

  79. It won’t do any good for the House to bring Articles of Impeachment. The “trial” is held in the Senate, and good old Harry Reid would never allow Obama to be tried, convicted and removed. The only chance for impeachment is to hold the House and win back control of the Senate, then when the new Congress is sworn in, in January 2015, impeachment will be possible.

    1. Thank you, someone else who actually knows the constitution. I have been saying that same thing for years, it is pointless to even talk about it unless the Republicans gain control of BOTH houses… It is not a matter of courage it is simply a waste of time! Harry Reid will just simply table any articles of impeachment that make it over to him.

  80. Get all of these cronies out and start over and while your at it go get that other guy and his son for stealing billions from the people and lock them up . One man steals a pair of underwear for his daughter and he gets a life sentence under the three strikes law and the big shot politician / gov steals billions and nothing at all happens . Something is wrong here people .

  81. If the impeachment fails, at least it would take up the rest of his term and keep him from doing further damage to America.

  82. Get rid of those who are afraid of him… vote in new Senators come election day,, contact your state Senator and let them know,, you will no longer have a job after election day. We the people, will act if you don’t,, we will replace you with someone who is willing to do their job, the job you took an oath to uphold, and haven’t… that is reason enough to find someone who will.

  83. My concern is IF he is impeached and IF it goes through the House and IF he is convicted and removed from office, who will fill the presidency? OMG!!! Can there be two impeachments to get rid of Biden too?

  84. Where the problem lies is, most people don’t understand how politics work at all. The only thing they know is , they don’t like how things are going. Millions of people in the US has never even voted one time in their lives. That’s what has to change. People need to be educated more on how everything works and forced to vote. yes I said forced. Should be a law that every man woman over the age of 18 has to vote.

    1. If there is a possibility of a conviction in 2014, it would be worth the effort. It will take months to do it, Biden would take on Hillary and screw over her plans, and with the office of president behind him the two of them would have to fight it out and bring up a lot of baggage on each other. Since Biden can’t walk and chew gum at the same time he won’t be doing anything much as president – it could actually be fun to watch.

  85. They don’t have the votes until after the mid-terms. Watch the Dems steal elections everywhere!! A war is coming and the evil will be purged!

  86. The ones that refuse can be arrested and charged with misprision in their home states. Soon we will have indictments from a federal grand jury to act on. Get your cuffs ready.

  87. It is the obligation to the American people for the House and Senate to impeach Obama as there are many just causes. If impeachment action is not taken then we need to vote out all of Congress for they are not doing their job. It is just that simple.

  88. In a word – NO! They, with very few exceptions, are gutless. They know it would be a waste of time since the Senate wouldn’t carry out their part. It should still be done by the house just to air out the administration’s dirty laundry.

    1. It’s just not worth the time and money knowing that the Senate won’t convict. Other than humiliating Clinton for a nano-second his impeachment ended up as worthless.

  89. food for thought here…the senate needs to be in the hands of the republicans for an impeachment to happen……..doesn’t it?

  90. There is no point. This House leadership certainly doesn’t have the will or the backbone and the Senate is a lost cause. Hopefully after the 2014 elections we would be in a position to do so and we would have enough representatives AND Senators to follow through.

  91. That which the fear most, impeach Obama and have Joe Biden as President will be like having Jeff Dunham’s Achmed the dead terrorist as President , they know all they would be doing is exchanging one Puppet for another…Maybe they could have Jose’ on a Stick and get immigration reform through then??

  92. OK you have talked it over, now do you all have the guts?Obama needs to go while we still have a country. every thing he changed put back in place.

    1. Absolutely everything. Starting with Obamacare, the new taxes, the viollations to the first amanement he signed into law on the eay after christmas f 2013, and all the others. Next we need to take every one of his apointees from everywhere he has put them. Personally I think Impeachment isn’t good enougn a punishment for his list of crimes aginst the people of this country

  93. I really hope they have been waiting so long since the petitions started arriving in the house because of the problems posed by the Democratically run Senate refusing to allow impeachment even though there have been more than enough reasons (more than any other President in the history of this country in fact). They know that they only get ONE attempt at this, and if the Senate drops the ball because they all have their heads up Obama’s butt and didn’t

    want to have him removed even though the majority of the nation wants him out not because of the color of his skin, but his constant Lying, and disregard of the Constitution and its restrictions. He does whatever he wants regardless of the restrictions that are supposed to be on his job.

  94. I Have Been Watching That Nerd,Since He Was Running For,The Illinois State Senate Seat,I Did Not Like Him Then And My Opinion,Has Not Changed,Except More Disdane, I Have Sent Several Messages To Our Representatives In Washington,And Their Stance Is Evidently,NO,They Are Scared Of The Word Impeachment,Since With The Exception Of Andrew Jackson,All Attempts Have Failed,So Do I Think.He Will Be Impeached???, NO,Mainly The Democrats Are Not Going To Impeach One Of Their Own,And Especoially Since Obama And Polousy And Dingy Harry Reid,Are Supported By The Same Person,George Soros, According To The Income Tax Records,From The I.R,S,All Of TYhem Received “POLITICAL “CONTRIBUTIONS”,From Soros And His Many Orgahizations,,,,Bought and Paid For By Soros…..

  95. As long as Democrats control the Senate this will never happen. The courts may be the answer but this administration can do great harm to this country with the legal delays.

  96. Some GOP members of the House and Senate have the testicles to impeach the Devout Student of Marx, Mao, & Mohammed, presiDUNCE Barry/Barack HUSSEIN Marshall-Davis/Soetoro/Obama but there are gutless RINO’s and others who worry it might effect the 2014 midterm elections thus they refuse to act appropriately and remove the malignant tumor destroying our once great nation.

  97. He needs to be impeached now. The Senate will be empowered by the impeachment, and see the chance to dump him. Democrats hate Obama just as much as everybody else does. We don’t have time to wait. Whoever replaces him, be it Republican or Democrat, will be paying closer attention to the interests of the people of the U.S.

  98. Saying that the Senate wouldn’t convict is just an excuse. They would convict immediately, so fast that Obama’s head will spin. Obama is universally hated and feared.

  99. There is a persistent myth that Obama is the champion of the masses. Baloney. He is the champion of Wall Street, that is why the Congress is reluctant. Wall Street doesn’t want to lose their lackey. Obama is much more responsive to the needs of the private central banks than any Republican would be. He is even worse that George Bush, although in truth, they are remarkably alike.

  100. If it was up to us Texans and other southerners, he would’ve been hung by a rope the day he became president, or shot. He is not a home born American. He is an illegal alien, which makes his presidency illegal too. If we were to impeach him, it would not be racist because he’s not even fully black. He’s only half.