Dictator Obama: ‘As a President, I Can Do Whatever I Want!’


Despite repeatedly asserting that Obamacare is the settled law of the land, the Obama Administration announced on Monday that they were delaying the employer mandate yet again without Congressional approval.

As the Obama Administration braced for the inevitable blow-back from a public understandably agitated by a president that operates as a monarch, President Obama toured Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, and candidly boasted, “As a president, I can do whatever I want.”

The Obama Administration made several changes to the employer mandate. After pushing the beginning of the mandate off until the beginning of 2014 last summer, the White House unveiled new changes that will lessen the disastrous effects of the failed healthcare law until after the midterm elections.

This is likely a desperate ploy to try and help vulnerable Democrats up for re-election to escape the political fallout from Obamacare.

As Americans deal with yet another unilateral action by the Obama Administration to change parts of settled legislation, Obama toured the home of Thomas Jefferson, a founding father and president who abhorred the concept of a monarchy that was at-odds with the enlightenment ideals upon which our constitutional republic was founded.

According to the press pool report, as Obama gained access to a porch from which Jefferson would enjoy the landscape, the president quipped, “That’s the good thing as a President, I can do whatever I want.”

Though the remark was likely made in relative gest, the cavalier attitude coupled with his continual promises to operate as a dictator by acting without Congress on important issues offers a glimpse into the mindset of the 44th president who has become increasingly brazen about acting outside of his constitutional authority.

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