Dictator Obama: ‘As a President, I Can Do Whatever I Want!’


Despite repeatedly asserting that Obamacare is the settled law of the land, the Obama Administration announced on Monday that they were delaying the employer mandate yet again without Congressional approval.

As the Obama Administration braced for the inevitable blow-back from a public understandably agitated by a president that operates as a monarch, President Obama toured Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, and candidly boasted, “As a president, I can do whatever I want.”

The Obama Administration made several changes to the employer mandate. After pushing the beginning of the mandate off until the beginning of 2014 last summer, the White House unveiled new changes that will lessen the disastrous effects of the failed healthcare law until after the midterm elections.

This is likely a desperate ploy to try and help vulnerable Democrats up for re-election to escape the political fallout from Obamacare.

As Americans deal with yet another unilateral action by the Obama Administration to change parts of settled legislation, Obama toured the home of Thomas Jefferson, a founding father and president who abhorred the concept of a monarchy that was at-odds with the enlightenment ideals upon which our constitutional republic was founded.

According to the press pool report, as Obama gained access to a porch from which Jefferson would enjoy the landscape, the president quipped, “That’s the good thing as a President, I can do whatever I want.”

Though the remark was likely made in relative gest, the cavalier attitude coupled with his continual promises to operate as a dictator by acting without Congress on important issues offers a glimpse into the mindset of the 44th president who has become increasingly brazen about acting outside of his constitutional authority.


  1. Seriously…I can’t believe America has tolerated this guy as long as it has. Barry needs to go…right freekin’ now!!!!

    1. You’re right, someone needs to take the clown down a couple of notches. At the very least down to the level of his office. Sadly the people we elected to keep him in check (congress) and those appointed (justice) to keep that office in check are derelict. If either zero or holder were held accountable the dominoes would be falling everywhere.

    2. Obummer, isn’t the president, he is the supreme leader. Because our elected leaders will do nothing but talk about it. And fuss and fight about every issue that comes up!

    3. He and his cronies have ruined America. If he isn’t removed before the end of this year, we are doomed!

  2. Obama cracked that wry, sardonic one-liner just so that we could all watch the right wing heads explode.
    Oooooh. Ahhhhh.

    1. And I guess that makes it okay for BHO to go on defying our Constitution, the will of the people, and common sense. A BTW, Nixon resigned knowing he’d done the country and the office wrong; nothing even remotely similar with BHO.

    2. NO! Nixon resigned because he was going to be found guilty of 11 counts of impeachment. To his dying day he NEVER thought of his actions in the Watergate affair or coverup as being wrong, illegal, or immoral. He had a grand sense of history and the Nixon legacy and being found guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and removed from office would not be consistent with his personal view of his presidential greatness and how history would receive him…It would not have done his Federal pension any good either.

    3. Justify??? I think YOU need to reread the post.

      And lets not justify poor presidential behavior by POSTING poor behavior. O’bammy would LIKE that.

  3. I believe that President Jefferson was the one who had the muslim Barbarry pirates chased back to Tripoli, and the mosques in our country destroyed. From the halls of Montezuma, y’all. It may need to be done again.

    1. Google search for books about Thomas Jefferson and your memory will be refreshed. I will probably search too, just because I don’t remember either.

  4. I have had it with all of this as well. get him out !! why is this taking so long. people need to all march on washington it is time. !!!!
    and support your tea party !!! all you can . it’s our only hope !!

    1. I wasn’t talking about the American people as a whole. I was talking about people like me who are Veterans and have tried to improve ourselves with an education.

  5. The arrogance of this Muslim terrorist .He just spit in every one of our faces and the constitution. It isn’t that he is stupid he hates this country. He’s using his heritage and his ” supposedly” being a black american to make us into his slaves. He knows Americans in this country are afraid to call him out ..being in fear of being a racist.He has many ignorant Americans by the short hairs . Well like I’ve stated continueosely I coud care less if he’s purple with pink poka dots.. This man is a racist himself he plays that card to every black American . He wants his other ignorant terrorist buddies to stir the fires of hate.Like Jesse Jackson ,,Al Sharptons, and the many others wanting to start a race riot..it’s no longer funny about his comments their treasonous. One could say he’s planned all this out he and his titty mama Valerie jarret she’s the real enemy of this country ,the constitution and you America. We get her out his balls will shrink again..Even the mooch has stayed away. With this latest dictatorship he plans its time to show him whose in charge of this country it’s us America . Up these calls,face book the congress committee .the house oversite committe . Send this murdering racist muslim terrorist every broken pen Out of ink pen…let’s flood the stink house and drive his crooked secret service agents crazy… Signed….A Mom Against Obama in California

    1. 2/12/14, @ kimscharm, Now you know the enemy’s indeed within. He was installed by the naive, the dead, the crooks & the stupid. Blacks (95%), Latins, 18 y/olds, females—are you listening? It’s not just something far far away, overseas, over there; it’s right where we breath.

    2. He has no heritage, except failure at every front.
      He is not America’s first black president, he is America’s first mixed breed president. His Mother was a white woman from Kansas and his daddy is from Kenya!
      He doesn’t even have a birth certificate.

  6. I do not support this Presidents actions nor plans for this country. But I will pray for him because that is what Jesus said we should do.

  7. Let this idiot think he can do anything he wants. As long as We The People still have our guns we’ll be waiting and watching!

  8. Didn’t Nero utter, “I am Emperor, I can do as I want without consequences” just after he kicked his pregnant wife to death because she laughed at the wrong time.

  9. At this point I believe the unthinking Americans that don’t see this happening are just burying their head in the sand and hope that it goes away.
    Well it isn’t, it’s just going to get worse unless US the Americans that are concerned about this don’t do everything we can to open peoples eyes, and not be afraid to stand up against this unlawful administration.
    I have personally changed peoples minds, it’s not easy and sometimes frightening to step out in front and state your position, but we must or lose this Great country forever.
    I have personally sent messages to eight different elected officials today and am now on the way down to Our local newspaper to submit an article concerning the unlawful actions of the Whitehouse ( Obama ) to be printed in the opinion column. What have you done to enlighten the ignorant today? It’s time to take the bull by the horns.

  10. And this is why you can’t give a man like him any power, they’ve never had it and they don’t know how to deal with it. But it doesn’t take a lot of common sense to know this, all you people that voted for this fool deserve everything you get and more, I just hate that we have to suffer right along with you.

    1. Our “slob in chief” has never been told NO. His mother, major low life, had not a ounce of goodness, or integrity.

  11. GUILTY CONSCIOUS! These are our leader’s? Want another laugh? Me neither and that’s why they need to count US ALL in Washington come 16 MAY 2014! We would like everyone to come and join US for a VOCALIZATION OF PATRIOTS! And never let the antiAmerican Guilty Conscious pushing and forming opinions national Lying media shame YOU! They think they can use their media’s to persuade minds and in some cases that works and just look around at the takeover of Wall Steeet? We need to first unite and then we can really use our HUGE Numbers to send our message of No More! Don’t settle for anything less than what our Parents and Grandparents had because they helped build it, America and it’s worth a Fight if it is required for our Children and Grandchildren? So if your afraid of race or your religion because of what other’s have said then don’t come because we need the Courageous today and I’m not trying to be a Meany.
    16 MAY 2014
    Washington, D.C.

  12. Face it, As long as the Corrupt Senators and Representatives are in Office nothing will be done to impeach Obama. Why, They are afraid that that the greasing of the Palms with Payola will stop. I know that my State Senators and Representative has sold out to the Washington D.C. Crowd.

  13. Typical Marxist Bullshit From Our First “Red” President.
    Well, He’s Certainly Set a Precedent As Our First “Red” President.
    I’m Not the Only One Who’s Noticed That Every Speech/Public Appearance He’s Given Since He First Announced His Intention to Run For Public Office; Has Been Riddled With Quotes; Both Direct and in Paraphrase From Karl Marx Communist Manifesto. . . Am I?
    When You Were Growing Up, If Someone Described What’s Taking Place Now in Our Free Republic, Would You Have EVER Believed Them? Or, Would You Have Thought They Were Describing Some Third World Marxist Totalitarian Cesspool? . . . Yeah, Me Too.

  14. He doesn’t even obey the laws that he himself creates !! He is in fact a Dictator by any definition !! Obama is the most dangerous thing to happen to the United States in its history. Further, he is a megalomaniac who sees himself above all other people. And he is a narcissist who thinks he cannot make a mistake !
    All of us need to work as hard as we can to impeach this maniac before it is too late. It may already be too late !!

  15. ‘As President, I can do whatever I want’.
    Why is this NEWZ?
    He has been doing this right along and with the blessing of our
    Congress! Both Parties INCLUDED!
    We have a Corrupt Government….Is this New to anyone?