FLASHBACK 2008: Obama Vows to Never Go Around Congress

One thing Barack Obama has demonstrated time and time again is that his speeches are meaningless. They are simply words. From his promise to be the most transparent administration in history to his spoken resolve to get to the bottom of the Benghazi terrorist attack, Obama has demonstrated more than just a tendency to mislead the American people. He has a habit of doing so. The words spoken are done so for political expediency. Nowhere is that more apparent than in a 2008 speech that he delivered during a town hall event in Pennsylvania as he was campaigning for President the first time. (video below)

“You know I taught constitutional law for 10 years, I take the Constitution very seriously. The biggest problems that we’re facing right now had to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all, and that’s what I intend to reverse when I’m president of the United States of America.”

Obama, who has made it abundantly clear that he has a pen and he has phone and will use both to go around Congress via executive orders, lambasted his predecessor George W. Bush for the use of executive orders. However, today Obama is continuously abusing the executive order privilege to create and change laws, a power not granted to him by the Constitution.


  1. History will reveal Obama as being the biggest liar in American politics. Yet again proving why liberals should never be allowed positions of authority.

    1. History is written by the victors and we don’t know which side will prevail yet. (doesn’t look too good for our side.)

  2. Strange how everything he condemned in Bush, he is doing in high gear (and still blaming Bush for!). When will the Congress who campaigned promising “to go to DC and take care of business for us” start standing up for America and keeping their promises to us? They aren’t taking care of business when they sit by and watch him take over the country.

  3. He lied from the get-go and continues to lie just about every time he opens his mouth…and so many people believe every thing he says. He has been a shame for the American people and is a king only in his own eyes and to his party. I hope we can survive for the rest of his term…we won’t if he has his way! The American people need to wake up and see the disaster planned for our nation. He has so little time and so much distruction to accomplish and he is working overtime on that!

  4. I still can’t believe all of the people who fell for this boob. I’m not the smartest cookie in the jar but I saw through this lyin’, arrogant idiot right away.

  5. He has been a bald faced liar his entire life as far as he has exposed his life. So why in the world trust this man any further. Bring this reign of ignorance to an end.

  6. You mean he lied …why I am SHOCKED !!! this just can’t be true ,has he ever done this before ? like maybe register as a foreign student ? or not lol

    1. To be fair, Obama only registered as a foreign student because he was from Kenya. Living with his uncle in the same house a year and a half but never met him and all of his personal files are sealed because he accidentally used a SS# that wasn’t his given to him by his wife who was forced to forfeit her law practice or go to prison for fraud and corruption and expose Barry’s bathhouse cocaine/sex ring.

  7. Obama’s vows aren’t worth the wasted air they are spoken with. He is a failure as a president, leader, executive, scientist, professor, husband and a human being. How he got this far is a mystery, locked away with the same answer of how Billy Ray Cyrus was ever a “star”.

  8. Unfortunately, it is expected that every politician lies. And let’s be real, every president has used executive orders, and some, far more than Mr. Obama. The concern, however, is the content of the executive orders, not the quantity. The reason the privilege is given to the chief executive is so he can expedite the execution of laws, not to rewrite or ignore them. Mr. Obama has been picking and choosing the laws he likes and disregarding those he doesn’t. That is not his privilege and it circumvents the balance of power put in place by our founding fathers. As Americans who value our freedom, we must put a stop to this and hold our representatives in Congress accountable. Too much power in the executive branch is authoritarian and it makes Congress unnecessary. If Congress doesn’t act, they are proving they are a valueless, ineffectual and meaningless body and their jobs should be forfeited.