More Lies from Obama Regarding Obamacare Enrollment Numbers

Barack Obama has worked tirelessly to spin the numbers related to Obamacare in order to prop up his failed signature legislation. Americans were told ‘if you like your health insurance plan, you can keep your health insurance plan”. They learned the hard way that is not true. They were told that Obamacare would lower the costs for every American family by at least $2500. Once again, Americans learned the hard way that is not true.

Now, the numbers provided by Barack Obama and his HHS regarding the number of enrollees in Obamacare have come under fire as false. Those leveling the charges are in the insurance industry who state that the number of enrollees are inflated. Ed Henry, of FOX News, reports.

The Obama administration’s latest rosy scenario about 3.3 million consumers signing up for health care plans is facing skepticism from top insurance industry officials, who estimate that somewhere in the range of 10 to 25 percent of those “enrollees” actually have not yet paid their premiums and are not fully enrolled.

“The numbers are not as high as 3.3 million — it’s lower,” one senior insurance industry source told FOX News. “Those numbers are inflated. The question is how much.”

Industry officials tell Fox that some insurance companies have privately reported up to 30 percent of enrollees have not paid up, while other companies believe a higher percentage of customers have taken care of their premiums. The senior insurance industry source suggested it averages out to roughly 10 to 25 percent of enrollees not yet paying into the system, and thus those individuals do not really have insurance.

Scenarios for not paying include people who went through the struggles of logging on to and eventually decided it was not worth it to go through the final steps of payment, and others who may simply not be able to afford the premiums. Industry officials believe others have gone through the process of choosing a plan and simply have not gotten around to writing a check, but eventually may make the payment to complete the process and wind up being a success story. 

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