‘Evil’ Koch Brothers Only 59th Largest Political Donor; Largest Dem Group Donates 5X More

The Koch Brothers of Koch Industries, only the 59th largest donor in American politics

The Koch Brothers of Koch Industries, only the 59th largest donor in American politics

Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries, or as they are known as by the far-left, ever-growing Marxist wing of the Democrat Party, the “Evil” Koch Brothers, are demonized as the Darth Vader of American politics. After all, the Koch Brothers stand for a constitutionally limited government. How can you get more evil that that, right?

The left has deceived the dupes and useful idiots of the left, portraying the Kochs as the largest political contributors in American politics, but it turns out that, according to OpenSecrets.org analysis of the top all-time donors between 1989-2014, the Kochs are only the 59th largest donor in American politics. 

The largest political donor, ActBlue, which refers to itself as, “the online clearinghouse for Democratic action,” has contributed over $97 million to communist-leaning causes, over five times the $18 million donated by the Koch Brothers. It is also notable that ActBlue began contributing only 10 years ago in 2004, 15 years less than the vilified Koch Brothers. 

h/t: Mark Tapscott at the Washington Examiner

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  1. read this you lying progressives, you have been had by your own inability to be truthful with others,,your being found out you creeps

  2. The largest political donors, in America, appear to be the socialists in Hollywood, who pretend to care about people, when what they really care about, is NO CONTROL over their industry!

    1. And your point is what? That the left tries to hide political donations behind groups who do not have to name their donors? The exact same thing the left accuses the right of doing?
      At least the Koch brothers have the balls to make their donations public record.

    2. And I’ll point out that Koch Industries is a company. We don’t see George Soros’ name on there, either but we know he donates beaucoup bucks to the Democrats. What is he listed under? I wonder how many Political Action Committees he funds? I know Move)n.org is one of them. I also noticed that there was not one donor who donates mostly to Republicans who didn’t donate also to the Democrats. There were several groups or companies who donated 0% to Republicans who donated it all to Democrats. There were also some Democrat donors who donated 2-4%. Thank God for the Koch brothers or the Democrats would have had this country hogtied and locked into Communism long ago!

    3. I would have thought Communism would be your thing, less government in your lives and in the economies life…

    4. The same group that can’t seem to stop drooling over Putin is now worried about being communists?

    5. Can we real quick point out it does not matter? If 1 person donates to 20 groups to push certain candidates or 2 people donate their money directly to certain candidates. I would say the bias and lies put out by the groups is worse.

  3. Intelligent readers will not believe ANYTHING alleged in this article. It’s time for a reality check, all around. Pretending that the zillions of dollars they put into political races and governmental manipulation don’t come from them because their signature isn’t on the donations is unbearably naïve–and demonstrates people shooting off their mouths without taking the trouble to know what they are talking about.

  4. This is a lie, and you know it. But your sheep will buy into your lies, because they are too stupid to realize that Act Blue is funded by MILLIONS of small donations from individuals, while the Koch Bros. are buying American all on their own. AFP, which is funded by the Koch Bros. spent over 36 million BY ITSELF. Take your heads our of the sand, you are being BOUGHT.