Obama Announces Expansion of Dictatorship

Obama Angry

Barack Obama announced further expansion of his unconstitutional and unprecedented dictatorial executive orders, speaking directly to a group of fellow Democrats on Friday. Effectively bastardizing the legislative branch and any pretense of checks and balances, Obama said that while he wants to work with Congress, he’s not going to wait for that to happen. Speaking to House Democrats, Obama:

“I want to work with Congress to make that happen. But, I’m not going to wait, because there’s too much to do. And America does not believe in standing still.”

This is not the first time that Barack Obama has made known his intention to ignore the Constitution, go around Congress, and act unilaterally and unconstitutionally in order to advance his progressive, Marxist based agenda. Although as a candidate for president in 2008, Obama vowed to never go around Congress, such action has become commonplace for him. Obama is no longer holding back, flaunting his tyranny for all the world to see. 

WATCH video of Obama’s remarks:


  1. Why are those people clapping? Are they really listening at all ? Isn’t there some way we can end this Obama-pain without waiting 3 years? He has done nothing but make America flounder on the the beach of No-Identity. We’ve lost our foundation, our moral compass and our hope. Get rid of Obama!

    1. I could never understand why these politicians[Kings and Queens] need to be applauded for doing their job. Do you and I get applauded when we say something important or when we enter the room? This act only magnifies their position of false importance. They happen to be servants/employees of the American people. These parasites are sucking off the hard working middle class by taxing us into oblivion while wasting the money on extravagance and pomposity. What a despicable bunch of human beings. We the people are to blame for letting it get to this point. [ Solution], vote them all out, and pass a bill for term limits. Term limits would really bring this travesty to a halt.

    2. You hit that nail square on the head yes term limits would certainly take the air out of their sails all should be directed 2 years and a max of 2 terms it was never meant to be a career

    3. And net worth limits too. I’m sick and tired of those bastarrrds getting elected and using their powers to get rich and to helllll with the people who elected them. And get rid of the lobbiests too. They have no right to be involved in government with payoffs and gifts to get what they want at the expense of the people…..

    4. I once read a SF book where every elected official on a new planet (not yet discovered) had to liquidate all their assets and those assets were then added to the government. If the government made a profit, they got it back, if the government did not, Oh Well. Taxes were set so no inflating the profit.

    5. If I may, it should be “net worth increase limits while
      public servant”
      Otherwise we get into communist class envy 0bama
      loves to inflame. There is nothing wrong with being
      rich as long as it was not stolen from taxpayers.

    6. That sounds good. I also like part of Linda’s idea. But I’ll change it a bit. Index congress’ salaries to the economy and reduction of the debt…..

    7. Yup! Private citizens, should, ( through their efforts only), have no issues with making themselves further , financially!
      NOT off the American people’s back! Good point!

    8. I, too, would like to rid our government halls of all the professional lobbyists who dispense booze, broads, and bills (money) to get favored status or advance notice of coming situations!

      However, the lawyers (ptooie!) will argue along the lines of ‘redress of government’, or something similar, and the OTHER lawyers already in government will make sure THIS will not be allowed.

      Along with ‘term limits’, the only way to improve this, and our lobbyist situations, is with amendments, and the ONLY way to get these amendments even CONSIDERED, is by States’ Convention. The incumbents CERTAINLY will not vote themselves OUT of these juicy jobs!

      Each of you MUST contact YOUR state representatives and DEMAND your state be one of those who desire this! I’ve done mine (TX), but no progress, so far……just acknowledgement e-mails! And no announcements otherwise.

    9. Not really amazing at all. Who the hellll cares anymore about you and us? They haven’t cared in years. I would like to add one more thing to the list and that is, no one with a law degree may serve in government…. Business people are what we need.

    10. Excellent assessment! I wonder, ( excuse my ignorance,) Is that constitional?
      It seems to me, that we indeed, do need experienced, business people, who understand reality, to run our country….. Provided, they do it with integrity!
      Thank you so much for your reply!

    11. I voted for Ross Perot when he ran. That’s how far back I believed in business people in government. We don’t need lawyers in government. There’s way more laws on the books than they could ever enforce. The IRS has 100,000 pages of rules and laws alone. Who the helllll can enforce that??? They too need to be abolished. The IRS is Obama’s equivalent of Hitler’s Gestapo….

    12. The most convoluted laws in Congress were written by, you guessed it, LAWYERS! They’ve managed to emboss the bills with such legalese NO one, other than lawyers, can READ, much less understand, them! I agree lawyers can screw things up so much you NEED a lawyer to salvage your butt!

      My solution was no lawyer could even QUALIFY to run for Congress if they had practiced law for 6 years prior, OR 6 years AFTER they left Congress, this would INCLUDE acting as a LOBBYIST! However, I must admit I like your NO LAWYERS plan much better!

      And as far as lobbyists go, I would preclude ANY post-Congressional jobs as lobbyists, CEOs of industries controlled by government (this probably would include MOST industries!), or otherwise, in ANY related board positions of companies/corporations sucking up to the government for jobs!

      I am SO tired of people being elected to Congress and becoming millionaires (can you spell, i-n-s-i-d-e-r t-r-a-d-i-n-g?) shortly after taking office, then duping their electorates for several terms, long enough to retire, taking MORE tax money for their ‘retirement’. THEN they get a cushy fur-lined seat on some board of an industry for whom they finely crafted beefy contracts, (even though they were to WATCH and REGULATE them!) and were rewarded, AGAIN, (this time by the industry out of its contract ‘fat’) for this ‘help’!

      And, all the while, writing their OWN healthcare plans, then REQUIRING us to submit to that INSANITY, zerobamacare, writing laws WE, but not THEY must obey! So much for Congress being “of the people, by the people, and for the people!”

    13. I agree with most of your assessment, with the exception of the term ” human beings!”
      I sometimes, don’t know how to perceive b o’s speeches. Actually compared to most, this was mild.
      As far as term limits go, I, at one time, thought ” the vote,” WAS term limits! Now, I agree, that they MUST be implemented, and we need to take a look, at so-called ” executive,privilege, and orders.”

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    15. Please don’t try to advertise on this very important constitutional discussion.
      I see these ads all the time. Really, do you think the people who truly care about America want to hear this……”junk?”

  2. ANY and ALL who Support this TRAITOR are also GUILTY of TREASON to The United States of AMERICA,OUR CONSTITUTION and The Rule of LAW!
    Time to warm up the TAR!

    1. That would mean 95% of the blacks are guilty – not once, but TWICE. I agree with you. Get rid of all the traitors…….

  3. FLOOD and I MEAN FLOOD Speakers officw with calls for IMPEACHMENT: email, phone calls, twitter, and Facebook. He gets enough MESSAGES for IMPEACHMENT, he will HAVE TO LISTEN.

    1. You have to have grounds for impeachment, “Patriot.” Obama has issued fewer Executive Orders than all but one other president. The fact that you don’t like him is not grounds for impeachment.

    2. Obama has committed over 250 crimes, nearly 300 crimes in fast. Obama has started several wars without congressional approval. Obama supports Al Queda and other militant enemies of the USA including the Black Panthers. I could go on and on and on. Just me is right. There’s plenty of PROVABLE grounds for impeachment. Fast and Furious. Benghazi for a few more…..

    3. Yes! Plenty of grounds for impeachment. He is a habitual liar for starters…. He has abused his office, he has raised muslims to high places, he is behind Benghazi, the IRS scandals etc….He is the greatest con-artist the U.S. has ever known! Enough said!

    4. Being a habitual liar is not grounds for impeachment. It is a qualification to be a con artist or politician. Raised muslims to high places? 1) Who and what mosque do they attend; 2) when did religion become an impeachable offense when the Constitution prohibits any religious test to run for office? You have complaints, fair enough. You just have none that are impeachable offenses.

    5. there are grounds, but the Senate won’t follow though, and they are the ones who remove from office. Can you see Reed doing that?

    6. not inforcing the ACA law on 27 exemtions and delays is s good enough reason, he only uses the law when its good for him but the ones he doesn’t like he goes around

    7. Maybe they did not issue executive orders that went against the Constitution, the law of the land.

    8. Oh c’mon Barb! Take a look at reality girl! I’m not going to accuse you of anything, but ignorance of the facts.
      This guy was put in office…. Yes PUT, to bring this precious county to its knees! At best this foreigner, was elected illegally by illegal foreigners!
      This b o, or b s,fiasco ( depending, on what name his really is,) was funded by the likes of George soros, and crooks like Michael bloomberg!
      Incidentally, I’m not the. ” patriot ,” you responded to. I’ve had this handle for more than 1,1/2 years…. Look for the F N FAL, in the pic!

    9. Bart, I don’t believe you have been paying attention….. Or you are a liberal/socialist/communist, who agrees with Obama and his LAWLESS administration. Calling for his impeachment is not ALL about the executive actions/orders.

    10. I agree with you the house could bring him up on impeachment charges but it would die in the Senate same as Clinton. There are too many socialists in government and young people are flocking to it not even knowing what it means

    11. I made “Patriot” my handle, and there was no message that it was being used. If I can figure out how to change it, I will.

    12. No sweat bro! I’m just glad to know another Patriot! How many people, in GODs world, share the same name?
      If we all work together…. WE, can build a better country for all Americans, and our generations to come!
      Take care, I look forward to reading your comments!

    1. Doesn’t take Republican s all it takes is elected officials to do the right thing. They all need backbone

  4. What has old O’bumbler got on the House and Senate? Must be something for them to flat out refuse to act on his treasonous acts.

    1. What he has on House and Senate ? What do you think NSA has
      been busy with ? According to Snowden they didn’t get around to
      fighting terrorism yet. They are digging up dirt for blackmail.
      Every one of our representatives has a litany of ethics violations
      which would cost them their job. Term limits is the answer.

  5. Half the country who are conservative will be incarcerated in a fema camp and the other half will be cheering the ruling elite on. But don’t worry the libs will turn on themselves. Robespierre comes to mind.

    1. Snopes is biased in favor of Obama just as most media are…. leftist media…… I don’t trust Snopes…..

    2. so what, they didn’t try to change a congressional passed law by executive order, or go around congress, constantly.

    3. Broken record Bart doesn’t seem to understand that quantity isn’t the issue; a single illegal act is enough. So we’re covered by what, a factor of 500? 1000?

    4. You are correct Bart.
      What counts is the criminality of the ones which violate the Constitution

  6. Unless Our First “Red” President Has Abolished the 13th Amendment (By Executive Order, Of Course) and Re-instituted Chattel Slavery, Indentured and Other Enforced Servitude, He Has NO Authority Over We Free Citizens. He Is a Public Employee, and Like EVERY Other Public Employee Works For US.
    WE Decide Our Government Policy, Period! Since, WE EMPLOY THEM.
    When Did We Forget This and Become Consensual Slaves to the “Beloved Leader?”
    If Anyone Described When You Were a Child Our Modern Day U.S.A. Would You Have Believed Them? Or, Thought They Were Describing Some Third World Marxist Totalitarian Pisshole?
    Yeah, ME TOO!

    1. We started forgetting that back in 1913, when the government made all citizens slaves to the government in the form of income taxes…..

  7. Obummer is a megalomaniac! I’ve got news for him, contrary to his belief that “the president can do whatever he wants,” the majority of people in this country hate everything about him and what he is doing to our country. Impeach him!

  8. At least the Venezuelans have the courage to really protest. Unfortunately they waited until they lost everything. I am sure we will do the same thing.

  9. And I say we the people want to work with Congress too, to get him out but we cannot wait anymore either. It’s time to go around Congress and do the deed ourselves no matter what the outcome!!!!

  10. “It reminded me why I am a democrat” Hussein 0bama.
    The only reason he calls himself a democrat is because he is an opportunist
    and the looniest sector which could be swayed with his lies was democrats.

  11. Truthfuly, before any impeachement or thought of impeachement, there should be a lawsuit perpetrated by the House Speaker (against Obama), and the minority whip vs (Harry Reid) as a co-conspirator), directly sent to the United States Supreme Court for usurption of Presidential Powers and normal Congressional voting procedures. It could be done and it would be unprecedented but, there is no other way to realistically do this w/o harm to the country and I believe both the Legislative and Judicial branches within the government are being bypassed by not only the PResident but, his counterpart in the Senate Harry Reid.

  12. I have been posting this same message many times so that everyone knows what’s probably going on in Washington…

    I was given some shocking, but believable, information on 02-13-2013. There is one problem with badgering the politicians to do their duty. I was told, over the telephone, by someone running a National PAC (which I won’t name so as not to make them the focus of IRS harassment), that certain members of Congress have been threatened with physical harm to them personally, and harm to their family members if they don’t toe the line to protect Obama’s power and control. I’m inclined to believe that story, because the rumor was that Hillary Clinton backed out of the Presidential race because of threats to harm her daughter. I believe the Obama handlers are capable of ANYTHING in the style of Chicago politics. If the story is true, then all members of Congress who were threatened in any way should have a press conference and tell their stories so that the general public can learn what a criminal administration we have in power now! I was told that the threatened politicians are afraid to come forward. They need to grow a pair of balls, carry a side arm for protection, and tell the public what they know. If that information is accurate, then this country is in deeper trouble than anyone could ever have imagined!

  13. Had any president before him said something as blatant as this, networks, newspapers would go wall to wall. Yet these words of a domestic enemy of the Constitution grab barely a mention.

  14. He won’t work with anybody, he will only do what he wants to do! Impeach him and his Cabinet, and all the Czars….they should all go to prison for crimes against America and our Constitution!

  15. And the demoRATS are now openly calling for the IRS to attack anyone who goes against a demoRAT in the next election!! WAR IS COMING!! STOP COMMUNISUM!!

  16. Get supplies, get ready, protect America! Soro’s is his main supporter and driving the destruction of America!!

    1. Once we get Obama out, then we need to send our elite military to Spain to get Soros and drag his (_|_) back here to hang

  17. Obama will keep pushing the gate until he has total control. While we American men sit on our bass and let him. He is not afraid of & breaks the LAW frequently .Then he makes up laws. He has no respect for the CONSTITUTION. And who ever is elected next reguardless of party. Will push their agenda the same way. Bush started this, Obama has done 50 times more than Bush .The next president will go 50 times more than Obama. There is not going to be a good guy like Cruz or Paul get elected. This is the New World Order. Either we sit back and take it ! Or we take our country back

    Harry Reid is a ENEMY TO THE CONSTITUTION. Is there not a provision to REMOVE HIM?

  19. Well. Actually… we do believe in standing still. We LIKE the checks and balances and a congress that gets very little done. We are all better off that way. We will all be better off when democrats are OUT of power and conservatives are IN power. I wish our military would honor their oath to defend the constitution and step up on behalf of the American people. This punk president needs to be reigned in, possibly thrown in prison for his crimes against the constitution and the breaking of his oath of office.

  20. OK, here’s Spamster’s cure for this problem of political corruption. 1) no campaign funds, contributions, perks, et al before, during or after serving in public office. 2) Double the salaries of all congressmen. Keep paying them as usual and deposit an equal amount into a trust fund. If the budget is balanced, they get the other half of their doubled pay. If there is a deficit, it first comes out of the trust fund. We would have a balanced budget and no financial hanky-panky, thus detering those corrupt individuals from even entertaining holding public office in order to profit.

  21. Until we can get those wimpy politicians in DC to impeach him, there’s nothing we can do about this dictator. All of us who care about America need to write our reps and congressman on a continual basis to IMPEACH this dictator. The ones here in Ohio have wimped out; lost my respect and my vote. Hope we have some people run that have backbone to stand up to the socialist’s agenda.