Obama Announces Expansion of Dictatorship

Obama Angry

Barack Obama announced further expansion of his unconstitutional and unprecedented dictatorial executive orders, speaking directly to a group of fellow Democrats on Friday. Effectively bastardizing the legislative branch and any pretense of checks and balances, Obama said that while he wants to work with Congress, he’s not going to wait for that to happen. Speaking to House Democrats, Obama:

“I want to work with Congress to make that happen. But, I’m not going to wait, because there’s too much to do. And America does not believe in standing still.”

This is not the first time that Barack Obama has made known his intention to ignore the Constitution, go around Congress, and act unilaterally and unconstitutionally in order to advance his progressive, Marxist based agenda. Although as a candidate for president in 2008, Obama vowed to never go around Congress, such action has become commonplace for him. Obama is no longer holding back, flaunting his tyranny for all the world to see. 

WATCH video of Obama’s remarks:

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