Amazing Video: Civilian Pilots Honor Fallen Heroes with Flyover when Government Refuses

It’s no secret that when it comes to priorities, the plight of veterans and active military personnel is far down on the list for the Obama Administration and his fellow Democrats.

As Democrats use our national heroes as bargaining chips and pawns in their twisted games of chicken, Americans have stood by and witnessed 90-year-old veterans locked out of their war memorials due to political squabbling; we have seen a flagrant disregard for their healthcare needs.

Thankfully, most Americans are not so flippant about the plight of veterans. When two Air Force pilots from the Vietnam War were finally brought home to be laid to rest, supposed budget cuts were cited as the reason why these heroes would not receive a military fly-over.

Thankfully, what the government would not do, private-sector patriots would.

Courtesy of Allen B. West:

For those of you who think Big Government has all the answers, just take a few minutes to watch this video. Two Air Force Pilots, Major Howard V. Andre Jr. and Major James E. Sizemore, were buried in 2013 at Arlington National Cemetery and were honored with a flyover by civilian pilots — the US Air Force claimed budget cuts prevented an Arlington flyover. But the civilian pilots stepped in make it happen.

The Air Force pilots were killed in action over Laos during the Vietnam War and their remains were discovered in 2012 and returned for proper burial at Arlington. This Flight of Honor was truly awesome for the other pilots to plan and conduct.

It is and always shall be the indomitable American individual spirit that will sustain the greatness of America. Last Fall when the federal government placed barriers and obstacles in the way of World War II Veterans during an Honor Flight visit, those veterans said heck no, and breached the obstacles.

When government fails we find a way to care for our fellow Americans. We find a way to honor our veterans. We find a way to honor our Fallen. God bless America!

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