Amazing Video: Civilian Pilots Honor Fallen Heroes with Flyover when Government Refuses

It’s no secret that when it comes to priorities, the plight of veterans and active military personnel is far down on the list for the Obama Administration and his fellow Democrats.

As Democrats use our national heroes as bargaining chips and pawns in their twisted games of chicken, Americans have stood by and witnessed 90-year-old veterans locked out of their war memorials due to political squabbling; we have seen a flagrant disregard for their healthcare needs.

Thankfully, most Americans are not so flippant about the plight of veterans. When two Air Force pilots from the Vietnam War were finally brought home to be laid to rest, supposed budget cuts were cited as the reason why these heroes would not receive a military fly-over.

Thankfully, what the government would not do, private-sector patriots would.

Courtesy of Allen B. West:

For those of you who think Big Government has all the answers, just take a few minutes to watch this video. Two Air Force Pilots, Major Howard V. Andre Jr. and Major James E. Sizemore, were buried in 2013 at Arlington National Cemetery and were honored with a flyover by civilian pilots — the US Air Force claimed budget cuts prevented an Arlington flyover. But the civilian pilots stepped in make it happen.

The Air Force pilots were killed in action over Laos during the Vietnam War and their remains were discovered in 2012 and returned for proper burial at Arlington. This Flight of Honor was truly awesome for the other pilots to plan and conduct.

It is and always shall be the indomitable American individual spirit that will sustain the greatness of America. Last Fall when the federal government placed barriers and obstacles in the way of World War II Veterans during an Honor Flight visit, those veterans said heck no, and breached the obstacles.

When government fails we find a way to care for our fellow Americans. We find a way to honor our veterans. We find a way to honor our Fallen. God bless America!


    1. Sorry, Obama doesn’t care for our military and I’m glad he don’t because when he tries to take over fully as a dictator, they won’t follow him. Who needs the criminal anyway!!! Besides, he needs his vacation/golf fuel.

    2. I guess we need to put 2 & 2 together and realize that Obama told us he wanted a private army that was bigger than our military for “States Protections” This Private army is the DHS and employs not only American civilians but non american’s as well. O’vomits private army, to be used against Americans at anytime he chooses and they have only loyalty to him. He is King now and the only way to get him out is to replace all those in government that vote for him.

    3. Why do you think he has been bringing thousands (and still is) of Muslims into this country? I understand that there are thousands of Russians here also..and well we all know about the Chinese..he already has his private army.

    4. Thanks..coming from someone of your caliber I consider that a compliment. Give it a couple of years and then say that to me again..

    5. he has a point im sure you have no proof that any of those Muslims Russians and Chinese actually work for him. If you do then come back to me in a few years and say that to me again.

    6. i do agree what what is happening is wrong but the country voted for him TWICE. so the country as a whole is responsible

    7. Jacob, You are not actually that gullible are you? Both of those elections were so crooked that they could have been screwed into a piece of wood. This whole GOP needs to be vetted and get new blood with the balls to take a stand.

    8. The country did not vote for him if you actually read the voting statistics obama lost the popular this last time the only reason he won is because of that damn electoral college which does not do their job correctly and vote for who their state chooses they vote for who is going to fill their pockets. Our government has became too powerful they do not have any remaining limits.

    9. Why are there Russian troops in the Tenn. mountains at roadblocks pulling US citizens over for checks?? Why is the Muslim in the WH defending/protecting terrorists?? Why is he bringing thousands more over here?? Why are there so many Muslim training camps all over the US?? Get your head out of the sand and YOU research it online and see for yourself..then get back to me with an apology.

    10. THANK U Sir, i have no idea what it is gonna take to wake this sort of people UP! i suppose they will wake when they are looking out thru barbed wire from main floor of 1 of obombies labor camps, or MAYBE death camps. ( he might be lucky to be in a death camp) oh well let him keep sleep dreaming, and U Sir pls keep on trying to get the sheeps attention, sheeples might be a better word. anyway thank u again. the content of this msg. is pointed at gary, for any of u that mighe be too much asleep to know who i was meaning. your partner in SLEEP. thanks n all have a great day.

    11. I can see what is happening and I try hard to get people to listen..unfortunately there are many like Gary. Thanks for the encouragement and God bless you and your family.

    12. They’re coming to take you away, ha ha, they’re coming to take you a way, ho ho hee hee, to the happy home with trees and flowers and chirping birds and basket weavers who sit and smile.

    13. Funny. Bet you won’t be singing when the enemy takes over and throws your a$$ in a camp.

    14. Proof….there are over 35 known muslim terrorists training camps here in the US, OH! They are practicing on proper table manners for when they go to the white house for tea and crumpets! One musilm to another, best get your heads out o your butts before they cut them off.

    15. In a few years Gary will, dressed in whatever uniform Obama has had created for his private army, chanting a Horst Wessel mantra.

    16. Muslims yes, Russians no, Chinese maybe. He has the MB to do his bidding against our Patriotic citizens. The Russians, in my opinion, do not have any desire to fight with true Americans. The Russians feel the same way about Muslims as we do. Remember Putin is a Christian, and he may actually help true American Patriots to purge our nation of the Islamic threat that is sure to come our way. The Chinese probably won’t fight with arms, but with economic weapons. This the way I see it going down, we will know soon enough.

    17. Russians..YES. Go to YT and look up the videos that the people who live in the Tenn. mountains posted and listen to their stories. Putin is a Christian?? LOL!! He is KGB..always has been and always will be..he won’t help any of us..he thinks Americans are weak because Barry was elected twice.

    18. In our modern age of technology couldn’t he just Skype, text or make phone calls for his meetings with world government leaders instead of flying his big ol’ 747, which is also a very environmentally unfriendly aircraft? That’s just my question.

    19. It’s obvious, Obama is a low rent POS, not fit to hold the office of President. His miserable wife, who, by the way, has no government job, continues to throw away millions on her lavish vacations. Hopefully, with the Benghazi investigation and the Senate going Republican, Obama will soon be impeached.

    20. LIKE your comment! was thinking that* too. But you know to them, they own* their own little portion of $$$ so truly they are just greedy sons of bitches but i cant wait til the benghazi can of worms gets opened with evidence for it shall expose them for what they truly are!

  1. This is just proof that our military fellows are faithful to their fellow heroes even if they have to foot the cost when our government is too stingy with those to whom the honor is due!

  2. Should anyone really be surprised? Today’s military is rapidly declining under THE DEAR LEADER as they did under Carter.

    Our foreign policy under THE DEAR LEADER has made this nation a LAUGHING STOCK.

    1. Doesn’t the USA spend more than the next 4 countries combined on military? Hmm.. Seems like spending on military has gotten a bit out of control. And yes actually many countries do laugh at us, for how much money we spend on military (and most of it is on things we don’t actually need for defense; see the new set of tanks ordered during the bush administration that cost millions that the Army has said they don’t need and will never use)

    2. What countries would that be? If one of them is China, better compare how much the Chinese are compare to how much UNION workers are being paid here – goes a long way towards how much we spend on defense.
      How about this, we pay all workers in the defense industry $5.50 an hour to keep cost of defense down.
      Wanna talk UNWANTED military hardware? Fine, during the Carter years a new class of destroyers which weren’t able to defend themselves let alone a carrier battle group was forced upon the Navy by demonrats members of congress from the state where they were built.
      What price do YOU put on your own personal freedom, the freedom of your family, and the freedom of the nation? Evidently NOT MUCH.

  3. More Obuma as President… I can do whatever I want including give America’s real heroes the middle finger.

    1. Just like he gives EVERYONE in America the middle finger, ALL THE TIME, every time a photo is taken of him…….

    2. How many of Seal team 6 members have mysteriously been killed since osama bin laden has supposedly been killed?

  4. WOW!
    & the fact that the s**t for brains at “Homeland (IN)Security & the FAA gave them permission is even more remarkable.

  5. You see Obama This is why AMERICA is the Greatest Nation on this Earth and you or nobody else will ever take this from the hearts of us who Love the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  6. I used to do funeral honors for veterans before I retired from the Navy. It is not standard practice to provide fly-overs as part of the funeral honors for veterans and is not authorized under the legislation passed and signed by President Bush.

    1. True, but these men were missing for over 40 years and a special circumstance should have ben allotted. But then again, Vietnam Vets have been shafted for years, why quit now!

    2. The problem is these same type of requests were made and denied under the Bush Administration/Government and no one was crying foul. Why is it only wrong when the present Administration does it but not the previous?

    3. I think what is actually going on here,and it doesn’t matter who was or is president……..We are just sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!!! And people DID have issues with past presidents….but the MEDIA and GOV. officials dismissed us and did not cover the protests and when they did they called us looney!!!!!The Media and Gov. officials are the ones using the race card!!!!

    4. asgjim, we now see why you are posting! Keep on trolling! Please link me to a site proving to me that Bush would have denied a flyover in this type of case! Just like Macindy said….these men were missing for over 40 years and Vietnam Vets were shamefully treated when they returned. If Bush did this same type of denial, then damn him too. I’m guessing you can’t show me that’s true. I think Bush’s actions truly show how he himself feels about military service men, women, and Veterans!

    5. As I explained in my previous post, Presidents do not approve or deny these requests. The decision is made within the DOD command structure and which command makes the final decision depends on which branch of the Service the Request is made to. In this case, since they were Air Force pilot, the request was most like was handled by the Air Force command for Air Operations. After Congress approved the Budget Sequester the Air Force released the following statement with regards to flyover request: “Due to current fiscal and operational constraints the US Air Force cannot currently provide flyover support.” So the Air Force has not provided Flyover Funeral Honors for the last 2 years, a decision made within the Air Force by its upper Echelon commanders.

    6. So, “Command makes the final decision”. Refresh my memory, WHO exactly is the Commander-in-Chief? Although it may not be done as a matter of routine now, in this case, an exception should have been made.

    7. Fly overs are done. I have served at these ceremonies. Fly overs can be done as flight training missions that have to be performed anyway. Just a matter of scheduling. I have served in the Navy and Army and still do. Poor planning and a sorry attitude from the new generation of so called leaders is the cause.

    8. Yes, Funeral Honor Flyovers are still done. The decision is made by each service branch (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force & Coast Guard) and only the Air Force has implemented a moratorium on accepting Flyovers Funeral Honor requests the other branches still consider each request on a case by case bases. The resources (planes, personnel, fuel, etc) used in a Flyover are those of the branch granting the request (i.e. not all Flyovers are done using Air Force assets). Again this funeral honor is not authorized thus requiring a request. If someone wanted the Air Force to make an exception to the present standing order of not accepting these type of requests, then you would need to follow the Air Force instruction for requesting an exception to the appropriate command authority. (You know how military procedures and commands go, these type of command policies and practice have been around for centuries and have nothing to do with the “sorry attitude from the new generations”.)

  7. This is what happens when a coward is President of this great country. Thank God we have some great people still in this country. was in the Military and every person that serves and dies serving this country deserves a military funeral. Sorry we have a coward running this country.

  8. What’s all the flap about? With the savings, the government extended vital food, cell phones, medical care, housing and so on to the citizens who are undocumented in order to get their vote. Since our president does not honor our military, the Liberals are duplicating his behavior.

  9. Do the idiots in the White House and Congress not realize these are the same heroes that watch their sorry butts? The least our government can do is honor the ones who have gave their lives for this country and our government! It’s not a matter of lack of funding it all boils down to Obama disrespects our military and our flag!

    1. You clearly have not seen a government invoice. To half mast the countries flags is in the millions. The man hours collectively is astronomical and lets face it most of the people lowering the flag have never served so odds are the lil princesses will hurt their fingers hands arms or shoulders etc etc when they lower the flag. Then we got medical bills, loss of wages claims, workmans comp, lawsuits, etc etc. Just have a training flight do the fly over. I live next door to Luke AFB, the sound of freedom flies over my head several times a day. No funding issues here keeping flights grounded. This is just typical treatment of the US Military. He has pushed out all the real leaders and replaced them with favor bitches to help facilitate the dimiss of the US Military. All part of the master plan he is weaking everything except his personal units. Saddam punished the Iraqi Army and formed his Republic Guard. Hitler dissed the German Army and created his infamous SS. Now we have Obama doing the exact same thing. Saying the exact same things leading up to the take overs. We have allowed Boston to write our kids literature and therefore lost connection to the facts of history. We are doomed to repeat it. Simply put theres not enough doers to get the job done. Plenty of people bitch but very few of you will actually do more than talk. Id rather you talk conservative than be a liberal but talk is cheap. Actions speaks louder than words. Its time we take a stand and the next time this muslim bows down then let me do the cutting. It seems only the Elderly Vets and the Tea Party show up time after time to push against the admin. Its too far gone to stand around with our hands in our pockets. This problem will require we roll up our sleeves and ball up our fist. If you’ve seen combat you know whats up if you haven’t it shows.

    2. Don’t forget the big ta-doo when everybody flew over to mandella’s funeral, but couldn’t even send condolenses to Margret Thacher’s funeral…. If you aren’t Marxists you aren’t in!

  10. That filthy Muslim President Obama can sneak 550 million dollars to Syria under the table without onyone knowing but we can’t afford to fly a couple of planes for these heros. Thousands of military planes fly every day on training missions and fly because these pilots must fly so many hours per month to stay qualified. Obama hates the military and the American way of life. He is a Muslim and doing his best to destroy this country from within just like his buddies in the Muslim Brotherhood has ordered him to do.

    Vietnam Vets have been treated the worst in the is all of the wars fought by America. We were spit on, called baby killers, attacked and forgotten.

    1. You, VietNam Vets were not forgotten, many stupids out there effectively displaced the memories for a time, but MOST of us have very strong memories about your Service and Loyalty, and WE HONOR YOU.

    2. My husband is A Vietnam vet and I am so very proud to say I am married
      To a man who served his country with honor and distinguished service. I feel the same for every man and woman who served in the Vietnam War

    3. I went to school with MANY who served in VietNam, and still remember some of those that did NOT make it home. They served well and tried very valiantly to win that War, and a lot of them GAVE ALL, 58,000+……..

    4. Not a problem at all, YOU DESERVE much more. Sempra Fi. I was also married to a Marine, but he served in the Philippines, not Nam……

  11. Obama = POS. Obama Zero NOT Hero !!!
    ” The Blood of Heroes is on the Hands of Obama, Clinton and Panetta…Remember Benghazi !!!!”

  12. Good on these flyers who Honored these two Soldiers of/for America. They should have had more, There could not have been better, the guys that showed up to do the Honors proved that. Our ENEMY IN CHIEF decided that his own trip to Hawaii and then to CA, and to So. Africa were more important, but, ONE DAY WE WILL SHOW HIM how WRONG HE IS….. ONE DAY, and it will come sooner than you think.

    1. I would do what his Mother did NOT do when he was young and started defying the decency of America, I would knock him down a peg or two, but alas, I will never have the chance to do that, he has way to many people shielding him all of the time. But the Country will do something to him, to remove his arrogance from his mind, sometime soon….. he will get his comeuppance, and I think it is coming faster than he wants it too, now. I am not the ONLY one that is FED UP TO THE GILS WITH HIS DESTROYING AMERICA…..

    2. I’m glad that you had a plan. I always hate when people make threaten others and then don’t have any real way to back them up. Don’t worry, I’m sure that there are many other loyal patriotic Americans like you who will punish him for being the President.

  13. No, we can’t afford to Honor these Heroes but we can afford for the “Messiah” to set records for travel and golf. He is a #$%^ing nightmare! Wake up America!

  14. The explanation for the denial being budget cuts is ludicrous in the extreme. Air Force pilots are required to fly a certain number of hours every month. They only needed to request a few volunteers to use some of their training time for a flyover. Shame on Obama and shame on our military for putting up with this kind of crap.

    1. There’s red tape still choking military processes, and using common sense requires leadership to willingly slog through that red tape.

  15. Please include the who what where when why in your reporting. Why did the government do this. Your story is not complete mister overall

  16. Oh and your boy Paul Ryan was the one who cut military benefits. Oh and your tea party shut down the government. Keep preying on the uneducated white man. Maybe you can even get the south to rise again for a hidden agenda. The south died for freedom but in reality it was the rich corporations of the time to keep their slaves. You work for the agenda of billionaires tricking American people. Education is your biggest enemy. Your destroying your party. How about that your party will not even pass immigration reform until they are in office and can take credit for it. I hope your rich or you are just part of the agenda. It is funny how your tea party Cry’s of taxes when it is us democratic liberal states who keep you poor evangelical out of the poor house

    1. In a nutshell, yes. Facts don’t seem much of an impediment to the writers of this page…and unfortunately, I’m not at all surprised. This is a contingent that seems to believe a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth. (FYI, the Park Service underhandedly allowed the Honor Flight members to visit the memorial the day that the Republican-led government shutdown FORCED all Nat’l Parks to close. And that’s not even touching on the Randy Neugebauer let’s-yell-at-a-Ranger-just-doing-her-job debacle…) It’s sad to see the entire GOP immolating itself on the funeral pyre of the extremists, but when you wear your ignorance like a badge of pride, it’s to be expected, I guess.

    2. Pot, meet kettle. A lie repeated enough becomes the truth, or….as libs/progs like to say, you didn’t hear it right. hahaha

    3. You do know that there were NO BARRIERS surrounding OPEN AIR national monuments and memorials, right?

      Name one instance where barriers had to be erected to block access to our national monuments and memorials during the previous 17 government slowdowns.

      How much money did it cost YOU to erect barriers to block those veterans flown to.

      Is it the GOPs fault that WHITE HOUSE TOURS were suspended? FORGOT about that one didn’t you.

      I suppose you would support CHARGING ADMISSION to visit our national memorials and monuments.

    4. Sad part is, it later came out that white house tours were conducted by 100% volunteers. There was no money being saved by suspending the tours. He did it for spite.

    5. Neugebauer is my rep. I was delighted that he stood up to the little park fascist. If only he would also stand up to Obama and Boehner.

    6. So the president sending armed troops to make sure that not only some of the parks stayed closed, but so that citizens couldn’t even park in areas where they could see them from the roads that were in areas that make Mount. Rushmore visible. More money was spent on the troops than would have been spent to keep them open. So he isn’t lying? REALLY?

    7. Oh just so you know the truth, Neither branches of Congress were responsible for the shutdown, that falls completely on Obozo’s shoulders. He did it to spite the entire country because the House would NOT fund Obamacare during that session, the ONE thing he insisted upon happening. because of that he shutdown the government, and when they refused to pass the funding for it he threw a hissy fit or temper tantrum and shut everything down. Just like shutting down the White House tours, they had nothing to do with money, just their privacy. What we NEED is a BUDGET, one of the Most important of his jobs, and he can’t be bothered to manage that little bit of work, and hasn’t managed it for his entire terms in office so far. Every time they come up with a budget, he fails go work with either the House or the Senate. This is one of the reasons Nobody knows what they have to work with, or actually how much they can spend on anything. WE NEED a Budget. Maybe you can call your buddy and get him to spend some time trying to get this done? Yeah Right. WE should be so lucky.

    8. Budget will never happen. Here coms another 185 billion dollar tax credit for corperate welfare. The gov continues to print money for our bffs the banks devaluing our dollar. The inflation number is a lie, how dies food and gas not count. We are in big trouble 17 trillion dollars worth of it. Lobbiest run America.

  17. We send billions to Aid our enemies and our govt can’t spend 10 minutes to do this?? What a shame Obozo!!!

  18. As a conservative, I’m actually offended by this piece which misprepresents my Air Force (I’m a 24-year veteran of the greatest Air Force in the world). The Air Force has NEVER made it a practice to provide flyovers for military funerals, period. Allen West and the rest of you guys need to get your facts straight.

    1. That was my first thought, too. Flyovers?!? At funerals? Since when? My dad, a Vietnam war vet and officer, received military honors at Arlington, and there was no flyover, but he was not a winged officer either. Maybe cause they’re pilots. I have to research it to be sure.

    2. Those two WARRIORS we killed in action over 40-years ago and deserved to be remembered. They earned the honors because they were missing for that long.

      Should THE DEAR LEADER die while in office, you can bet his funeral would cost far more than what the funeral and flyover for two WARRIORS cost. If that worthless POS president we on fire I wouldn’t waste a bladder full of pissss to put him out.

  19. As a vet . Its ridiculous to think the military can or should spend 10s or 100,’s of thousands of dollars for every military funeral you do one you have to do them all

  20. Obama doesn’t give a damn about our nations fallen Heroe. His ultimate goal is to destroy the Military.

  21. Maybe Mrs. Obama could have had Air Force One dip its wings on her way back from the “present” the President gave her of extra days in Hawaiii at the taxpayer’s expense.

  22. Seems some people believe the shortage and funding issue. Please remember oba-massa gave the direction to make things difficult on the vets. Wonder if Oba-massa will wait until after the elections in Nov to declare martial law, since Carney stated the admin believe the dems will not lose the senate.

  23. Now this is the kind of story you love to hear, GOD Bless those wonderful Americans who DO care for their own and especially our Veterans who gave the ultimate price so that all of us could be free. So very proud…

  24. Obama did not set up the sequester the GOP did! Tea Baggers make me sick. Hats off to the pilots as I am a retired flyer and proud Democrat!

    1. The President was offered a way out–and picked and chose what closed down and what didn’t. His golf course groomers were considered “essential” and kept on the job, while we closed an OPEN SIR memorial. Does this make sense to you?

    2. So you are proud that THE DEAR LEADER had to spend your money to erect barriers around the many OPEN AIR national monuments and memorials to prevent members of the GREATEST GENERATION from visiting a memorial constructed to honor them.

      Prior to that government SLOW DOWN, there were 17 others. NOT ONCE during those previous 17 other government SLOW DOWNS were the American people, let alone veterans, BARRED from access to national monuments and memorials.

  25. Well I have to say as much as I would like to blame Obama, it is not the policy to do military missing man fly overs for the fallen, at least not until you get up in the ranks of General. There are some other prerequisites besides the rank having to do with field service, I quit listening when I heard General…..

    I know this because we just buried the remains of my wife’s father in Arlington in December. He was a Colonel and was buried 45 years to the day of his loss in Laos. I was hoping for the honor of a missing man fly over for him but was disappointed to find out it wouldn’t happen.

    Bottom line this has been the policy for quite some time.

    I’m just very pleased for the two servicemen and their families they were honored in a way that they deserved.

    I must say that the efforts of the United States Government to recover and identify my wife’s father and the care that was taken to bring him home and lay him to rest and to give closure and answers to his family was nothing but top notch.

  26. my husband is getting ready to retire from the US ARMY at the end of this year. he will reach his 20 year mark. my dad was a POW in Korea with the Air Corp, and my father – in – law was 20 year retired navy. my husband was hoping to stay in longer but knows he can’t because they are forcing 15,000 seasoned Army soldiers out and that doesn’t include the ones getting out or being put out. these are upper NCO’s and officers being forced into early retirement. by the time this POS in the white house is done we won’t have a useful military because the only ones in the military will be green around the ears yet

  27. Majors Andre and Sizemore flew the Douglas B26K Counter Invader during their last mission. These were very dedicated pilots with special skill who flew highly modified WWII aircraft to fulfill a very dangerous and specialized mission. How very touching and appropriate that the fly-over included one of the very aircraft that they flew on their last mission. I’ll bet their spirits were right there with the pilot who was flying for them! Welcome home, Majors Andre and Sizemore. RIP, and Hoo-ah!

  28. The only use Dems have for the Air Force is as their personal limo driver of the skies. Oh, and for pre-testing socialist policy on military families who live on base. Almost forgot that one…

  29. The military is in a death spiral. A friend I served with in south Korea in 1980 told me that up to 40 percent of active duty military personnel stationed at SCOTT AFB IL are going to be discharged at the end of their enlistments this year with no replacements.

  30. That scumbag can have party after party and go on multiple Million dollar vacations and our Heroes get nothing ??? I hope everyone can see this obama is something other then a proud American.

  31. We have had enough of this governmental waste. The obama’s go all over the world on the public’s dole—but we cannot find enough money to honor 2 Viet Nam veterans killed in the war. But what can you expect when flags are lowered to half staff for a drug addict who overdosed but you cannot lower the flags when a former Ambassador dies? GIVE ME A BREAK!!! These men who flew over these heroes funeral are heroes themselves.

  32. what a beautiful story of two of our great HEROES who our politicians sent to PLAY war not fight war as they have been doing ever since korea. I am proud of these two great men and their families and the participants in the fly over.

  33. The Obama’s spend millions and millions every year on vacations yet a military flyover for two of America’s hero’s was out of the question. I don’t know how much more I can take of this….

  34. Throughout history Politicians and the military haven’t got along, this one of the reasons the Romans kept their soldiers out of Rome. One day people will say enough is enough and you will see the military help finish what the people start.


  36. Here is an interesting thought, instead of bashing on a single man for what ever reason. Stand up and recognize what these two men went through for your freedom. What all the family members have been feeling and how they have been suffering for the past 40 years. How civilians who didnt even know the story of these men stood up and took a stand. It was an honor in being a part of this funeral, but the 21 gun salute could not follow up the fantastic fly over performed by those civilians. How do you take a news story about how two American HEROS are FINALLY being laid to rest and all the hard work that went along with it to make the closure for the families was special, to being racist and judgemental to a race/religious stand point.

  37. God bless these great men and damn our POTUS when this can’t happen for our men and women in uniform.

  38. God bless them, true heroes are finally home. So many thanks to the civilian pilots for honoring these two men. Obama sucks and doesn’t deserve the title Commander in Chief. He can spend the fuel money on lavish vacations and excursions for himself and his spoiled family, but not for our heroes? He’s no leader, he’s a joke.

    1. In his case the “C-in-C” should actually read Communist-in-Chief. At lest then it would actually be descriptive.

  39. Its sad more than Half of you idiots are so blind its not only Obama its the Stupid Democrats and Republicans you fools forgot who still got paychecks as everyone else sat in limbo while they argued over who was right and who was wrong do some damn home work

  40. God bless those pilots. They cut through the negative chatter we see and hear daily. They remind us of what is important and of who we are.

  41. Aside from family, my first and only concern is America, and not the Rs, or Ds because their first concern are their big dollar donors and reelection.

    As a non partisan TP supporter, the spotlight on the decline of America needs to directed from “libs and cons” to the ex-Soviet Commies, who represent many of the wealthy corrupt oligarchs and banker sector in America. They and their un-American lobbyists have come to own the Democrats while controlling the Republicans.

    When one asks what happened to America, the spotlight needs to illuminate this influential group as assisting in creating the national divide, and most of what is now going wrong in America. The few have more and most have less and our military is being sacrificed and not for the USA.

    When you examine who wants Americans disarmed and the USA filled with illegal (no their media style book says we must call them undocumented) immigrants, you need only look in that direction.

    Their 1965 Immigration Act initiated the first frontal assault on changing the face of America from Anglo Americans, and for the express purpose of dividing us as a nation, and giving the elites even more power than their money deserves.

  42. The Warrior Flight is performing another flyover at Arlington National Cemetery on April 22, 2014, 1PM for USMC Lt Bruce Guetzloe. The DOD declined flyover honors yet again due to budget cuts and claiming Lt Guetzloe did not meet protocals for a missing man flight. Lt Guetzloe flew combat operations in WW II and the Korean War with VMF-452 in F4U Corsairs so he is deserving of full honers. More information is available at

  43. Just a simple question, if Obama died of a heart attack, would anyone show up to the funeral, and would the military cite various reasons for not providing “honors” (I know of a lot of Crew Chiefs that their planes would suddenly be found with non-fly able conditions)?

    1. The only reason I might show up, would be to open the casket to make SURE he was really dead. Then I would piss on his grave. He deserves so much more but that is for those who have the power to make that decision

  44. It’s alway great to see real Americans stepping up when their government craps all over fallen soldiers. FUBO.

  45. It should be mandatory that Obama and his goons have to take a pay cut so that there would be enough money to give our heroes a proper military sendoff. What a f***ing crime. There should ALWAYS be enough money for this, no excuses!


  47. Bless those finally returning home…and THANK YOU to those who remember and respect them…

  48. As a veteran I have NEVER heard of the government doing a flyover during a military funeral. Here are the rules:The rendering of Military Funeral Honors for an eligible veteran, free of charge, is mandated by law. An honor guard detail for the burial of an eligible veteran shall consist of not less than two members of the Armed Forces. One member of the detail shall be a representative of the parent Service of the deceased veteran. The honor detail will, at a minimum, perform a ceremony that includes the folding and presenting of the American flag to the next of kin and the playing of Taps. When available taps will be played by a bugler, however there are so few buglers available that the military services may choose to provide an electronic recording of taps. The veteran’s parent Service representative will present the flag. So what is you Tea Party people want? A smaller government or a larger one that provides flyovers for veterans funerals?.

  49. Less than one trip to Hawaii would have paid for a flyover. Its good to see that not only do we have the right to bear arms we also have the right to bear fighting planes.

  50. Yet all my section 8, African American neighbors, continue to get their rent paid by the government. Their food stamps and welfare checks are on time allowing them the luxury to drive a BMW or a Cadillac. Awesome video and awesome American pilots and aircrew members! F( )CK Obama!

  51. One would think that with all the money that Obama has spent on sending his wife & family on vacations around the world, they could have cut a couple days out of those vacations to accommodate this well deserved honor. Ooopppsssss I am talking about the Obama Administration caring about someone other then theirselves!

  52. Maybe if the Obamas give up just one of their vacations annually we could afford to honor the protectors of our freedoms and liberties.

  53. Amazing his youngest brat just had a 2 jets and all security on board flown to Mexico for some jackass reason but he will not relent fuel to honor these fallen Veterans of 40 Years past! Screw you obama you worthless pile of undescribable dung!!!