House Democrats to Use Desperate Tactic to Embarrass Republicans

Nancy Pelosi
House Democrats have vowed to use a little known tactic called a ‘discharge petition’ in hopes of hurting Republicans in the 2014 mid-term elections. The petition will be focused on the issues of immigration and raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. FOX News reports that House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) does not expect the discharge petition to be successful in actually advancing the legislation, as it rarely has been. However, she does hope to tarnish the reputation of Republicans among voters with this strategic tactic. 

The tactic is known as a “discharge petition.” It would require the minority party, in this case Democrats, to persuade roughly two dozen Republicans to defy their leadership and join Democrats in forcing a vote on setting the federal minimum wage at $10.10 an hour.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said fellow chamber Democrats will push the issue when Congress returns from its break Feb. 24.

The attempt to force a vote on a comprehensive overhaul of immigration laws could occur in a few months.

Democrats think that a majority of Americans support both issues and that attempting to use the discharge petition will at least portray House Republicans as the obstacle to their success.

Perhaps the House Democrats look at research coming out of Seattle, WA, an area facing a push for a minimum wage increase from $9.32 to $15. In an article written by Daniel Hurst in, Hurst addresses the real economic impact of a minimum wage hike, and it is not lifting people out of poverty.

In a 2010 article for the Southern Economic Journal, academics Joseph J. Sabia and Richard V.Burkhauser pulled the rug from underneath the idea that the wage hike ultimately will solve economic hardships for poor Americans. 

“While an increase in the minimum wage will lift out of poverty the families of some low-skilled workers who remain employed, other low-skilled workers will lose their jobs or have their hours significantly cut, reducing their income and dropping their families into poverty,” the duo wrote.

Further, they added that the wage-hike idea is politically popular, but not effective in achieving its aims. 

“While reducing poverty among the working poor is a laudable policy goal, the evidence suggests that minimum-wage increases have thus far provided little more than symbolic support to this population,” they wrote in the document.

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  1. The Dems simply are crimjinals who demand their way, and ignore the fact that VOTERS put those Republicans in office, to follow the wishes of the people.

    To try and circumvent that, is to deny the voters the voice they are entitled to, in government.

    Dems are criminal, in this regime…….and they need to be charged with criminal activity.

    1. if we resort to violence what makes us any better than our en slavers? there are ways around mass murder or genocide our sheer numbers in non violent protest can surely disrupt any unbalance imagine 11 million people outside the congressional house.

    2. Thomas Jefferson disagrees. So does Patrick Henry. Give me liberty or give me death. I’m glad to hear I have some numbers on my side.

    3. They have to push their tyranny much further Keith. Calm down. People are waking up and these dictator wannabees will be voted out. Hope there will be no need for violence and besides let them start it. All that peace and love from the far left progressives is all bullcrap. When they get voted out in 2016 (hopefully) the Occupiers will take to the streets and when they produce violence and start to kill people like I actually heard some say they want to that is when we take action. Hopefully that will not happen either. Most liberals are not bad people. They just feel too much and don’t reason enough about the consequences of the actions they want the government to take. Take care and be good.

    4. They have already pushed it way to far. We let them push it much further and there will not be a damned thing we can do. We will be disarmed.

    5. i will always fight to the death to protect my freedom and the freedom of my generations to come but i will not shed blood if the conflict is not so far gone that we can not come back from, do you have no real hope in your follow Americans that you would kill the ones you seem as your enemies ? who are you to choose who is good and who is evil.

    6. The ones that stand for taking our arms. The ones that stand for taking our freedom and liberty. They are the enemy. No one has to decide. You just look at the damn evidence. But don’t worry. Keep waiting. Once our weapons are gone, so are we. Too late then to be concerned on who we should fight.

    7. i disagree with you, youd rather kill them in the attempt them in fear that they may succeed, wether they are liberals enemies or not, they are all Americans and whos to say which ones you should shoot and which ones you shouldn’t ? no one will come take my guns, i will not give them willingly, this nation has not come to blood shed yet and words can impact more than bullets together we still stand a chance at saving the nation we love and staying free.

    8. Okay. You disagree. Changes nothing. You and others like you will be the reason we all lose in the end. Cowards. Damn cowards. Regardless of what they do you will find a reason to not fight. Remember. The were many in the Colonies who also chose not to fight and we barely won that one.

    9. We need to be armed to defend our rights,yes, we dont need a military coup. we need Americans to wake up ,vote out the socialistic libs and demand elected officials to do the job that they were hired to do by and for the people. Period. Congress needs to grow some balls.Start by getting rid of Holder and start impeachment on obama. Thats a great starting point.

    10. Pardon me, but Americansdid vote and they voted these commies into office … And you really think they are going to wake up? Really!

    11. Yes the 51% ,the low info crowd voted him in twice.But since then Id bet 10-15% of them have been awakened by obamas lies and deceit,right? Fundamental Christians, who kept their collective heads bowed and their eye closed and couldn’t decide to vote for a cult leader or a black socialist didn’t vote at all. they are now also looking around. so we now have mid term elections,maybe some of those lo infos will be pissed enough to vote conservative and we gain more seats in state and fed senates and congress . Dems are starting to distance themselves from bama.I do believe a great number of them will wake up or have done so.
      Im armed yes, but I pray we never have to go thru a cilvil war here in America. Got to try to stay positive, spread the word, vote out the old rinos and leaders who work the obama adjunda ,vote in conservative patriots and leaders who love the USA and will stand up for the constitution.If we are not strong enough to do that then we are doomed.

    12. Martial Law will be implemented before the Nov. election and there will be no election. We will have a dictator.

    13. We already had a coup. Obama refuses to comply with the Constiitution every day. DemoNazi voter fraud makes it nearly impossible to win elections in some states. I do not believe that citizen militias are the answer, instead we may have to resort to a secesion movement in states that support the idea of a Constitutional government.

    14. This is another way to beat them. This is why the governor race in Texas is the most important race come November. I would put it right there with the presidency…no doubt. Abbott is an absolute no-nonsense patriot as well. We have to win Texas.

    15. “Actually we need to form a militia 2 million strong with ex-military and take them all out. ” Mike, how do you read this as anything other than a call for a military take over?

    16. Just 2-million? That just covers a small segment of the pissed off people willing to take up arms against the current miss-administration! Probably why they want to take guns away from The People!

      If the first American Revolution had be a peaceful protest, a non-violent protest, we would still be bowing to the British Monarchy.

      And you are right, those not willing to defend their country, stand up for their rights and freedoms, but simply bow to their keepers asking for better treatment, are slaves!

      Read up on American history; which party was for slavery, which party was opposed, who were the rich powerful controllers, who were the working class leaders?

      This reminds me of a saying “Lead, follow or get out of the way.”

      Well, it sounds to me like a lot of slaves need to get out of the way!

      Disruption of the system requires force, it always has and always will!

    17. Spoken exactly like a NON-military trained a hole. If the US citizenry were to go up against even a third-rate modern military force such as oh say the Mexican military, we would be wiped out.

      Numbers simply does not matter on the modern battlefield. It comes down to horrifying attrition vs intact supply lines. Armed insurrection is now a colloquial romantic pipe-dream of the willfully uninformed. Refusal to pay taxes would be orders of magnitude more potent a weapon against tyranny – as has been historically proved to be the case.

      The voting box is the most powerful weapon against tyranny. Always was and always will be. Too bad it’s effectiveness is eclipsed by the effectiveness of modern tactical psy-ops involving the entirety of the MSM. Dupes are constructed one by one by operatives within our government until the citizenry effectually are mostly ALL dupes.

      The battle has been on for decades. It’s a disinfo battle which dupes are too blind to even see is happening.

    18. The beguiling GG my ‘soulmate’? OMG, I think I’ll have that brandy and Cuban now. Thank you, GG. I’ve been an admirer….

    19. ‘Foghorn’, my long-time “driver” closed my acct. He’s on holiday so what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him…he he.

      I’m sure I’m being adequately surveilled, so I suspect my re-emergence from exile will be a short-lived victory. You write superbly and with keen insight. I should expect that I may endeavor to emulate your style should I find myself occasioned by chance of a uniquely pedestrian target to harass.

    20. Oh, adorable GG. One can never know with certainty if you are being insulting or ingratiating, and that is as rare a talent as GG is. Best regards to Foghorn. He and the ‘staff’ certainly have endured much in their personal avocations. One can only imagine the barrage of daily insults they endure. I would probably laugh myself into a coma.

    21. I’ve joined not only the ranks of fourteen’ers everywhere, but have been afforded the somewhat rare indulgence of climbing a ‘fourteener’ to mark the occasion of my birthday. I imagined myself to be quite the little adventuress until I discovered that daddy picked a peak for it’s reputation as being the somewhat more ‘tame’ challenges, in that the climb is executed from an already lofty parking lot accessed by snowcat. A wonderful gift by all accounts. It must have cost a small fortune.

      It has been nice re-aquainting with you since the ‘other’ trouble spot we both once inhabited. Love the avatar, btw. One of my fav movie scenes of all time. Signing out now. Lovely visiting with you again. GG

    22. New acct, I see. Could it really be the always petulant GG? If you are, then see below. If you aren’t, believe me – you better be one gifted S O B if you want to imitate this girl. Odds are, you are waaaay out of your league.

    23. I agree with everything you said which is even more so why we need an insurrection. The political system is corrupt, the voting machines are rigged. You are basically saying we should give up because we have no chance. I rather they nuke the whole f’n world before I let those bastards stay in power.

    24. “You are basically saying we should give up because we have no chance.”

      No, that is not what I said.

    25. Well….we can’t beat them at the polls. They have control of everything. But we still have the second amendment. That is what they fear, and why they are going to extreme lengths to have it removed. That…and numbers. We have numbers. Those are our advantages. I’m sorry, I see no way out of this through peaceful means. Like the other poster said, they have to push their tyranny much further before it gets to this, but eventually we will have no recourse.

    26. we can and will beat them at the and wait. no better yet put the word out to vote patriots and conservatives into office where ever possible local state and fed .2014 is the most important voting year in 20 years. America still is the most unique nation on earth ,we must pull together and fight at the polls first !

    27. so you are saying the sworn US military would just buckle to a tyrant or dictator.??? Ill never believe that no way.There are to many patriots in the military collective to let that happen.

    28. The US military would engage all threats domestic and foreign at the discretion of Congress or the Executive branch, yes. There does exist a legal means by which the military could, under conditional constraints, legally seize control of the Federal Government while simultaneously maintaining COG. It exists and is rumored to recently have been the subject of an inter-agency memorandum circulated among certain Foreign Intel assets that such an eventuality, though unlikely, should be considered as plausible and within the scope of any operational readiness plan.

      To just off-handedly think that the United States would risk in any minutia any probability that the security it’s nuclear arsenal could in any way be compromised by a rogue element of ANY kind for one microsecond, is phantasmically delusional .

      You people thinking you can open a big can of whoop-a$$ on the Feds do not understand the enormity or gravity of your vision. It quite simply would never be allowed to happen. You would all die.

      In answer to your question, no, I don’t think that. I know the options, and I would fully expect the military would execute deeply researched and long developed plans that were enacted by CONGRESS MEMBERS THEMSELVES to effect COG in any and every eventuality and at any cost. You must understand that they built in laws to effect an orderly military transfer of power.

      That, and not 2 million yahoos with small arms thrashing through DC, is how I would expect a last resort scenario to unfold.

    29. the constitution and constitutional leaders have been the only way the USA has survived for 250 years. The people put in and take out the elected officials when those constitutional documents cease to remain solid law, the rule of law is dead. I pray civil war in America never happens, We the people must remain the checking system to hold the country together. We must wisely vote in and out of office leaders who do not have socialistic ideals which undermine democracy and Freedom as we have known it.

    30. Try not paying taxes and see how effective your non military action plan works. Once disarmed, your refusal to pay taxes will simply land you in jail. Not enough people left with backbone to stand with you to make it impossible to jail all. No, this will come to a fight. Yes, we will lose because of the cowardice of “We the people.” I will choose to go down fighting while you and others like you stand on street corners with your signs. I will die a free man, You will die standing in the bread line.

    31. Bwahahaha!! You delusional old man. Lawyers run the world. You will die and I will be alive writing the history books recounting the failed Coup of America for future generations.

      You cannot fight a modern military with small arms. You will not be alive. You would be dead.

      The military will never allow that, as the effective and orderly arrests and handover of COG would take place without your “help”. You stupid ignorant fool. How good are your groups at 1000 yds? I applaud your sincerity. It is your method I refute, and I do that with deep knowledge on the subject, which you have not applied.

    32. Democrat and corruption have become synonymous. Piglosi needs to be hauled away to the nearest loony bin.

  2. demo-crats will enslave America if they can. These are people without a soul and without remorse. Power is their only God

  3. @tsigili……RUFKM??? “To try and circumvent that, is to deny the voters the voice they are entitled to, in government.”….the people want gun reform, the people want unemployment extensions, the people want immigration reform, the people want lots of thing the Republicans REFUSE to vote on… go away…

    1. Did you just say the people want to surrender their guns and open the border while getting unemployment forever? yeah that’s what people want.

    2. Nope I didn’t say any of that, you did. As you can clearly see, you are what is WRONG with this country. You make stuff up and call it true. Quote my text where I say what you claim I say….O you can’t……The good news is that as long as we have people like you, the White House is safe from low information voters!!!

    3. your so ignorant it is unbelievable, do you really think the government will protect you when they start kicking in doors or when the riots start this NATION was founded on men and women who FOUGHT WITH BLOOD and you sit behind your keyboard miss dink dinkleberry, you are a coward and to think, that Obama has won fairly twice did you know that overseas ballots for soldiers where never counted ? you are mistaken and in the 3 1/2 years that he has been office he has failed to do anything but increase the NATIONAL DEBT AND GIVE OUT FREE MONEY also taxing free struggling american’s now have to pay a fine because they can’t actively afford health care on a website THAT THEY CAN’T EVEN GET TO RUN PROPERLY you are a spoiled individual who has never had to live without electricity you have no idea what its like to go to live off the land and you will probably never will, and is educated to the point where you have forgotten what true freedom is, freedom is paid in blood and when the time comes you will fear for you life and run like the rest you will be wishing you had a fire arm or a gun when you want to protect your family your ignorance to what this nation was founded off is blurred and if you do not believe in our Constitution and our bill of rights try moving to another country where you can believe in your the things you want cause if you inpede my rights you can deal with me directly, you miss should be drafted into active military service with the young men and women who volunteer and who die daily so that you can go to star bucks and prance around on the internet, can argue whether Americans should have gun rights amendment 2 STATES that us citizens have the right to bear arms to over throw a radical and tyrannic government, do you really think the sandy hill school shooting was a fluke ? that the government would never try to instill fear and strike us where it hurts America is no longer an democracy, it is a vile and toxic republic which is full of fraud and greed and your precious Obama is the worse thing to happen to this country since it has been founded.

    4. i actually apologize that was harsh and im going to say, i have to disagree with you dink and that you are a human being and that, i will treat you as i want to be treated but i very very passionately disagree with you.

    5. You said that people want gun control….the left wants to ban all guns and if they get their way, with gun control, we would be expected to surrender our guns. This is already happening in California and police raids are happening to force people to surrender their guns. You said we need immigration reform and illegals should get to stay here. By allowing 20+ million illegals to stay and take jobs, that means that there are 20+ million more unemployed. In this Obama economy, with fewer and fewer businesses willing to hire, that means unemployment continues. YOU are one of the low information voters and you are so low information, you don’t even realize how low information you are. Wake up to reality. Stop watching MSNBC and listening to PBS. Take off your rose colored glasses. Make an effort to become better informed. And, by all means, stop drinking the Obama Kool Aid, that stuff will rot your brain.

    6. If by “the people” you mean around a third of Americans, you are right numb nuts. The rest of us don’t want the one third (low info morons) deciding for us. You will have to wait until enough illegals make their way into the Country and minorities bred enough low info voters, to give you a majority. Until then, stick it up your @ss.

    7. Hey, guess what…your side LOST…TWICE…haha, I guess you are the one in the minority!!!! now go away….

    8. Well guess what ? The losses came as a stupid legal agreement that the GOP made not to challenge voter fraud for 20 years! Figure it out, 2016 that will be all over and voter fraud will be challenged then ! In the majority and bound by law!

    9. hahaha….Voter Fraud??? All the news channels, even FAUX NEWZ admits that there were maybe 3 documented case in the whole entire country!!!!! Now Go Away!!! Low Information Voter!!!

    10. Seriously? there was approx. 270 cases of voter fraud reported by Bi-partisan boards in Ohio alone! One lady in Hamilton county was convicted of voting for out of state relatives, and dead family members and herself twice… You are the one lacking info…

    11. Everyone. Pat Dink on the head and tell him he’s a good boy. Then throw the ball. That should keep him out of the way while grown ups converse.

    12. Gun reform is liberal speak for gun confiscation. I’ll agree to unemployment extensions, but not forever. Immigration reform is liberal speak for Democratic voter enhancement.

    13. If it is anything but a shotgun you can thank republicans for that. So troll, how much dose the DNC pay you to disrupt conservative sites? 119 comments and only 81 likes and those from you with a different account. Loser can’t find a better job in this O’bummer economy?

    14. Better than 75% likes!!!! Sounds like the I’m dealing with a bunch of LOW INFORMATION VOTERS, and the people know it.

    15. You Dink, are one of the people who have no business with one. You contradict yourself and your stupid. You can’t fix stupid boy so go play in the sandbox with the other children and try to stay out of trouble. I’m sure there is some children’s links that would love to have your input.

    16. No,, the Leftist and Liberals have told naive Democrats that this is what ‘they’, (naive Democrats) want. Out of the 100′s of bills passed in the House,, Harry Reid the Demorat Senate leader, has reused to even put them up for a vote, another one of their tactics to try and make it look as if the house, is doing nothing,, the media chooses to ignore Harry Reid’s manipulation, and go along with being bias and reporting propaganda put out by Democrats, and here you are,,, repeating the ‘entitlements cry’,, wanting more government control and intrusion into our lives. Apparently they have you believing that there aren’t any laws already on the books to deal with these issues,, their problem is,, they just don’t enforce them,, why? for political reasons,, same ones you have fallen victim to.

    17. Liberal Media….that’s what a losing side would say. Media bias…I don’t think so. O do you mean all the real news channels reporting facts, or do you mean FAUX NEWZ Comedy Channel that is unable to convince anyone that they are a real news channel!!!!!

    18. They must have convinced someone considering they are the top cable news network in America, you dumbass.

    19. just goes to show that there are an overwhelming number of low information voters and they still couldn’t beat the smaller number of well informed voters!!! Who by the way are the MAJORITY of Americans!!!!

    20. “Smaller number of well informed voters….Who by the way are the Majority…” How did you do in math boy? Dink….you are the very definition of delusional.

    21. hahaha, just goes to show that you can’t fix stupid. The masses knew that they had to vote to protect the White House and they did. Where the minority rose up, took charge and became the majority!!!!

    22. For you to be part of the “minority/majority” (your math not mine) all I hear is crickets as far a upvotes go for your dumbass comments..

    23. Yeah, and the Faux News mantra is what just plain losers say, repeated by those with no reasonable responses or arguments.

    24. You just lost your argument. At least FoxNews tells you both sides of the story, but then maybe you are one of those that have selective hearing and only hear one side because you’re too busy jumping up and down yelling at the reporter. You don’t hear FoxNews criticizing and laughing at a family that chooses to adopt a child not of their race, you don’t hear FoxNews calling people names because of their political and religious beliefs, especially if they are a woman. You don’t see FoxNews tell only half the story, give half the implication, and you certainly don’t hear from the liberal media that none, not one of the bills brought to the senate by the house has ever been put on the table because Harry Reid decides they will only serve to put some common sense information and realistic fixes to what is wrong with what they propose or see as putting forth this President’s agenda which is to bring this nation to its knees.
      Nope this administration would rather be a Robin Hood, would rather see our military strength be brought down to pre World War I levels, and put everyone under the care of the government.
      Has anyone picked up that the new practice for taking care of our soldiers is not to take care of them? Did you know that if an active duty person is getting out on a medical that they are being intimidated into signing a document that says they committed some trumped up charge and will get a less than honorable discharge from the military therefore having no claim to any benefits. If they don’t sign, they are told it will go to Court Martial? Did you also know that our young men and women when time to separate from the military are asked to sign a paper that gives them a lump sum of around $40,000 to never claim any VA benefits? That’s a lot of money to some so young. They think it will last forever when the only thing that may last forever is the PTSD and physical ailments that may not show up until later in life.
      Losing side? We will see. I don’t think this administration or liberal media, or liberals themselves have any understanding of what the majority of the people in this country want or need.
      By the way, you might want to ask some of the people who voted this person in office…especially the younger people. If you choose to LISTEN you will hear a different song.

    25. You sir are a LOW INFORMATION VOTER. I hope that more people like you believe that everything is a conspiracy and the “liberal media” is somehow stronger than the truth and FAUX NEWZ, at least the White House will be protected for many years from your type of #&%@

    26. First, I am not a sir. Second, I do much research on each and every candidate, issue, and piece of legislation that is offered before I open my mouth to express any opinion and certainly before I vote. That is not being a “low information voter”. It is people like you who only come on forums like this calling people names and never offering any concrete evidence of what you say. That to me is “low information” actually NO information only spouting what YOU believe. I’ll just skip over your comments from now on because they make absolutely no sense.

    27. The majority of we, the people do not want gun reform or immigration reform. How about enforcing existing laws instead of passing more that won’t work. As for unemployment extensions….many believe that extensions of unemployment cause those that are unemployed to stay unemployed because there is a lack of incentive to find work. Why work if you can be paid to take a year off with unemployment.
      You do not seem to understand that the Republicans in the house hold a majority there and they have held that majority for 2 election cycles. They were sent there to represent their constituents and their constituents do not want…..well, pretty much everything the Democrats want. Why do you think the Republicans have the majority? It ain’t because people want Obamacare. Nancy McBotox made the wonderful statement about passing the bill to find out what was in it. Guess what? when 70% of the people are telling you that they don’t want this bill, it’s dumb to pass it. Despite 70% of the people saying we don’t want Obamacare, it was still passed…with absolutely zero Republican votes. The Democrats do not care what the people think, they do not care what their constituents think….the Democrats lost the majority in the House as a result of that indifference….they are going to lose the Senate in November because of that indifference. These petitions will do little to change anything and will be used to try and smear Republicans. That may play well on MSNBC, but people are seeing through Nancy McBotox and her party.

    28. What don’t you get about Obama won TWICE??? The majority of the people spoke. ALL OF THE PEOPLE knew they were going to get the ACA. Obama beat Romney by huge margins, so you can say what you want, but if you don’t change your way of thinking, it will be a VERY LONG time before the White House sees a Republican!!!

    29. Obama won another election through the overwhelming, collective ignorance of racists, homosexuals, feminists, and people too mentally deficient to understand what they were voting for. To think that you can force people to follow your agenda because you won an election shows that you have no understanding of how this country functions, nor do you have enough common sense to understand what you support.

      The only people who want “immigration reform” are the Mexicans who don’t care about the integrity of the country, the racist “anti-white” crowd who vote for anything with a non-white skin color involved, the ignorant liberals who support anything with a “feel good” vibe to it, and the corrupt democrat politicians who only have a shot at winning elections by selling out the country to the minority communities who don’t know any better.

      Gun control has never been shown to improve violent crime statistics and simple logic dictates that it’s not the law-abiding citizens who run around shooting everyone. Furthermore, there is plenty of evidence to show that in areas with armed citizens, crime rates are much lower. You can’t deny these facts and if you are such a coward that you feel empowered enough to try and take away the guns from true Americans, then you deserve the bullet that puts you down.

    30. O my: “Obama won another election through the overwhelming, collective ignorance of racists, homosexuals, feminists, and people too mentally deficient to understand what they were voting for”…..Another Low Information Voter!!! And if that wasn’t enough, you babbled on and said “The only people who want “immigration reform” are the Mexicans who don’t care about the integrity of the country…..” :You sir are the problem with this country. LOW INFORMATION and absolutely NO IMANGINATION!!!!

    31. It’s good that you can admit that Obama won because of low information voters. It is good that you can admit that YOU are a low information voter. This is the first step in becoming informed. Normally, something like that would be a 12 step program, but with low information voters….it might be more like a 24 step plan. Good luck with becoming informed….once you do become informed, you will never vote Democrat again.

    32. You don’t even realize that you just called yourself a low information voter, do you Poor Little Dink Dink? You are sad. Seriously dude. Sad.

    33. You do realize that there are three equal arms of the US Government, correct? Obama won one of those three arms. He is not autonomous nor a king, like you (and he) seem to believe.

    34. While I think you are correct on the first and third points, to say only Mexicans who don’t care about the integrity of the country … etc .. etc, is a bit bigoted and not the viewpoint of many people in border states.
      Immigration reform is needed. NOT amnesty.
      But, to hold an adult who has grown up in the country but were brought here, with no say in it, when they were infants and to say they are illegal and should be deported is not right.
      Secure borders and an opportunity for law abiding, hard working “illegals” to declare their allegiance to the United States would be a better approach.

    35. They illegally entered this country. They illegally take jobs by producing false SS#’s. They illegally register to vote by declaring and signing under pains and penalties of perjury that they are Citizens. They fly the Mexican flag. What makes you think that “declaring their allegiance to the US” would mean anything to them? Obama has sworn to uphold the laws of the US and is breaking the law by not enforcing the immigration laws on the books. He breaks the law by changing the laws to what ever he dictates. He shows the illegals it is ok to break the laws and they are following his example. They need to get in line behind those that want to enter the US LEGALLY and obey the laws and are sincere in swearing their allegiance to the US of A. They do not deserve to be citizens solely because they are good at breaking the laws.

    36. The ones I am talking about are the ones brought over by their parents when they were young. I am sure when you were five, you would have stood up to your parents and said “no, I will not go into this country illegally”. Now, they are just stuck with an “illegal” label.
      And the idiots flying the Mexican flags can have a free bus ride home.
      I do agree they should wait to obtain citizenship but a temporary visa would work until then. They break the laws in the interim, deportation.
      Believe it or not, they are not all breaking any other laws other than a law they had no choice to break.
      They should give up everything they have known and move to a country they may have never seen before, or at least were to young to remember ?

    37. Sorry. Wait in line like all that would legally enter the U.S. Enforce the laws on the books. With out enforcing the laws on the books, we have anarchy. Selectively ignoring or selectively enforcing and we have a dictatorship. Oh, thats right… that is exactly what we do now have.

    38. The ones I was speaking of did not have any part of the decision making of whether to come across the border or not. What is a 5 or 6 year old supposed to do ? Tell mom and dad “no” I am staying in Mexico because we would be breaking the law. Or that same child as an 18 year old is supposed to leave his/her life behind and go back to a country they have little or no memory of ?
      Why not issue temporary visas and let them go through the immigration process without drastically disrupting their lives ? What is the difference ? Geography ?
      What makes you think the opportunity to become legal US citizens wouldn’t mean anything to them ?
      I should have used the word “sincere ?
      And, obviously, the ones producing false SSN’s, Illegally registering or breaking any other laws that they have a part in the decision making would not be the “law abiding” people I was speaking of. I don’t think that flying a Mexican Flag is illegal, although flying it above the US Flag should be.

    39. When liberals lose on the truth of the issues, they sling mud and name call to attempt to get a reaction that avoids and diverts from the issues they lose on.

    40. Grown up illegally. Makes no difference. They have no rights whatsoever. And to give them one cent of American taxpayer money is criminal and any that allow it need to be charged with a crime as well. If I murder someone in my youth, then grow to adulthood, I guess I should be excused huh?

    41. You cant seriously be comparing being brought across the border by your parents as a child to you killing someone, can you ?
      Whats next, death penalty for traffic violations ?
      And never said a thing about giving them money.

    42. Comparing murdering someone in your youth to a child brought into this country illegally by their parents ?
      I guess you feel we should treat all crimes the same ?
      Death penalty for parking violations ?

    43. You’re an idiot but….the difference is being born here by American parents and swimming over to have a baby at our expense and then because you have been here for years it is forgiven. Bullshit. An American commuting a crime here is punished. An illegal has committed a crime just by coming here. You don’t reward the crime regardless of how long ago it was commuted.

    44. There is no word to describe the level of your ignorance.
      If “they” do swim over here and have a baby then the baby is a US citizen. Its been that way for a long time, and the fact that you are too stupid to know that doesn’t make it any less true.
      Considering those are not the children of immigrants that I was speaking of, then you obviously missed the point. I am sure that you are used to that but I am not accustomed to explaining the very basics to thick headed dimwits, such as yourself, and will not begin to now.
      So, just stop pretending that you understand other peoples words, put your helmet back on and, although you are one of the blissfully ignorant, many people still consider you “special.

    45. Law abiding illegals….their very first act was to break out laws by coming here. Even if they were a young child they have broken out law by being here, how can you say that they are law abiding?
      I do agree that we need immigration reform that includes a secure border, not amnesty. Those that are here illegally, including those that came here as children, need to be deported or to leave on their own will and come back legally. As for the path to citizenship, we have that now.

    46. I find it amusing that you suggest that we hold infants and children responsible for where their parents make them live. Your childhood must have very unique.
      Do you really believe a child would even know that they are in a country illegally ? Seriously, ask any 6 year old what an illegal alien is and see what kind of response you get.
      And to suggest that we uproot those now adults and send them across the border so they can file to come back into this country actually made me laugh. Thanks.
      What would be wrong with temporary visas while the paperwork is being done ? And if, for any reason, there is a problem with the applications, then go through the process of deportation.

    47. Temporary visas for criminals…interesting. Just because someone came here as a child does not mean that they are here legally. Illegal immigrants are criminals and do not deserve temporary visas….simply being here illegally would disqualify them…they broke a law.
      We need immigration reform, not amnesty. If those here illegally want to be legally here, there is a process in place for this. That process starts with them applying for a visa in their country. If the illegal person came here from Mexico as a child, they need to return to Mexico and get in line for immigration. They need to go through all the background checks and paperwork that other immigrants go through. Why should any illegal immigrant be rewarded for breaking our laws?
      Amnesty is not the answer. An amnesty was passed when Reagan was president and the only thing it did was encourage more illegal immigration.
      6 year old children not educated in the public school system know what illegal and immigrant means and they can put the two together and come up with the definition of illegal immigrant…..but our failing, government controlled education system is another debate for another time.

    48. That’s twice you have made me laugh. Thanks.
      To suggest a six year old would understand the legality of immigration is beyond funny.
      Did you have a part in starting this Common Core Math currently undermining our children’s education ?
      Let alone to hold a child responsible for the actions of the parents.
      To emphasize the geographic location of a person going through all the background checks and paperwork for immigration is fastidious at best.
      You really think dramatically disrupting, if not destroying, someone’s life due in large part to the actions of the parents is reasonable ?
      We do need reform and secure borders. I would never suggest amnesty.
      Reagans autobiography says one of his biggest regrets was his amnesty bill. Part of that bill was secure borders, which he never forced.

    49. illegals, regardless of when they arrived…as infants or adults are here ILLEGALLY. What part of that do you not comprehend. Maybe you need a remedial reading comprehension class.
      As for emphasizing physical location, yes, they need to return to their home country. These people are here illegally and it does not matter if they arrived as an infant and had not choice in the matter. They are not citizens and have no rights of a citizen. Disrupting or destroying someone’s life due to the actions of their parents…..ILLEGALLY IMMIGRANT, they should not be in this country to begin with. Their disrupted life IS also due to their parents and they can thank their parents for the disruption or destruction.
      Why should our nation reward law breakers?

    50. What kind of idiot uproots someone from the only life they have known for no reason ?
      And, a temporary visa takes care of your whole ILLEGALLY problem.
      That is not a reward. It is not amnesty. It is simply a stop gap measure for someone who is stuck in the middle when a broken system is fixed.
      If they don’t meet the requirements for citizenship, then go to the expense of deportation.

    51. Yes, a temporary visa takes care of any illegality issue….however, since they failed to obtain one before coming into this country, they should be deported.

    52. Which part of children should not be held responsible for the actions of their parents do you not get ?
      There is a huge difference between illegal and breaking the law.
      What is really amazing is that you think sending someone to a country they do not know to satisfy your need for proper geographic location during an immigration process is the right thing to do.

    53. Can you explain the difference in breaking an immigration law by crossing the border illegally and law breaking are different? What part of they crossed our border illegally, so therefore they are law breakers. It does not matter if their parents brought them here as an infant. They can thank their parents for their deportation.

    54. Since I seem to be the only one in this conversation who can understand the written English language, let me see if explain this to the literately challenged.
      The parents are breaking the law. They know full well what they are doing is illegal and are the responsible parties.
      The children ( I should probably capitalize that for you ) are here illegally but they are/were too young to understand the laws and were not acting as the responsible party.
      It does matter

    55. Are those children still too young to understand Illegal? But yet, they do noting about their illegal status. Deport them.

    56. You left out the fact that all states who practice voter ID were red, while blue states had county after county with results in excess of 100% for Obowmao, with multiple cases of proven voter fraud now exposed.

    57. Since you claim that please show the voting tally for any county with over 100% voter turn out. Yes, I know you can’t. But feel free to continue ranting with no facts.

    58. Are you seriously that lazy, or just that blind? Just Google “2012 Obama 104%” and you’ll find link after link.

    59. 51 percent to 47 percent is far from a huge majority.
      Is the irony that Romney got 47 percent of the vote lost on anyone ??
      While everyone knew they were going to get the ACA, very few understood the ACA. Even those who passed the law.
      I don’t believe not buying into the Liberal “Let the Government take from the Middle Class and give to the poor” will keep a Democrat in the White House. The Tea Party will ensure a Democrat stays in the White House for the foreseeable future.
      The Democrats divide the country to maintain power but the Tea Party divides conservatives to ensure they have no power.

    60. Progressives are NOT conservatives. Progressive Republicans are not conservatives. Progressives are statists. Statism, that big central government control, whether Fascism, Socialism, or Communism is not good for the People or the Nation.

    61. No, Progressives are not conservatives.
      I don’t remember saying that they were.
      But the extreme-right views of most Tea Party members will never gain enough strength to stand on its own.
      It only serves to divide the Republican Party.
      Anyone who believes that there is a politician in Washington DC who is not a statist is naïve at best.

    62. Wow…I did not know fiscal responsibility, smaller government, and constitutionality were that radical. These are the things the Tea Party stands for. These are the very things the Republican party used to stand for.

    63. Because the majority will never agree with them does not make them wrong. What, you going with the majority because you want to be on the winning side even if it’s wrong? Yeah, you and damn too many others. I’ll go with the right minority every time.

    64. Damn. You don’t understand anything you read, do you.
      Since I am capable of making my own decisions, which disqualifies me for the Tea Party, I am an American, not a member of a “party”.
      You know, one of those people who actually pays attention ( you must have met one or two – I would never accuse you of that ) and votes for the individual who is best qualified and best represents the interest our country and not just an agenda or particular group. I am certainly not one to fall into the mob mentality and just speak as I am told to do by my “leaders”

    65. I understand fine. I vote for the candidate but only Republicans, independents, or libertarians. There is not a single Democrat that does not have a socialist agenda. It’s impossible. Some maybe not as much but any amount is too much. They mouth liberty and freedom but their votes never support either once in office. Same for far to many Republicans. As I’ve said before. There is not a nickels worth of difference between them. The compromise so many speak of is BS. There is right and there is wrong. If you compromise you have made right, wrong. You can’t compromise the truth and still say you support it. Compromise is for getting votes and votes are for getting power. For any given subject there is only one truth. Anything else is a lie.

    66. I understand what I read just fine. You just don’t care for someone calling you on your BS.
      You see yourself as intelligent enough to figure it out for yourself and maybe you do. But if you vote for even one Democrat then you are not as intelligent as you think. Democrats today are not the Democrats of old. Any politician that is a member of the Democratic party is a socialist. To vote for and to seek to pass any law or to go along with any existing law that takes one dime from one citizens pocket to put it into another, makes you a socialist as well. You assume I vote along party lines when I have said nothing to indicate such. I vote Republican, Independent or Libertarian depending on the candidate. For the most part there is not a nickels worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican parties. Both want big government, their battle is for who controls the power. The reason I do vote for some Republicans is that not all fall into the big government is better crowd. The same can not be said for one single Democrat. They may say they are for small government, liberty and the pursuit of happiness but their record NEVER backs them up.
      No, you are the one that does not understand. You are another so called free thinking lemming.

    67. OK. I will give you credit for understanding that the Democrat Party has changed over the years and is not the same party it was. I am having that same conversation with, sadly, too may people who think the Democrats have always been the same Liberal jackasses they are today.
      Other than that, your comments are just self-serving nonsense.
      To suggest that you are some sort of martyr because you are voting for the righteous minority is something only you and your ego understand.
      While the 10 % of you want to “stand up” to prove something to yourselves you are giving the Democratic Party the political victories they need to destroy what was once a great nation.
      So, keep up the whining about how bad the Republicans are because they are not far-right enough for you and how we need to do everything we can to keep the socialist liberals from destroying the country all the while knowing that it is you 10% that are giving the Democrats free reign in our government.
      As much as I despise Rick Perry, I would vote for that pandering, ex-Democrat, RINO POS before casting a ballot for a single Democrat.
      Why ? Not because I like anything that weak, no backboned POS says he stands for today, but because he would replace these Liberal jackasses running our government with people with more conservative values.
      So, you just keep being proud of yourself for voting for that “moral minority”. For every vote you cast for a losing cause is a vote for the Democrats because the people who vote for them have no independent thoughts and are only concerned about what the government will give them as a reward for putting these idiots in office.
      I don’t know which one is worse. The idiots who vote for a Democrat or the idiots who give the Democrats their vote by voting solely to give themselves a warm fuzzy feeling with total disregard with the consequences to this country.
      I don’t know which Democrats you have been listening to but I have never ( at least in the past 20 years ) heard a single Democrat say they were for a smaller government. I have heard countless of then say they want to socialize “big oil”, “health care” and every other industry in this country but never smaller government.
      So, thanks again for allowing them to continue to promote this agenda so you can feel good about yourself.

    68. You understood not a single word I wrote. You are a complete and total moron who trolls pages looking to spout BS that you feel proves your superiority. You have no convictions. No character and nothing worth reading. You are a pathetic nobody who is desperately seeking to prove other wise. I’m sure many see you as a wise commentator on this and many subjects. While the truth is you have no anchor. You sail where ever the wind takes you. As I have with other morons such as yourself, further conversation will fall on deaf ears. I will not waste one more iota of my time conversing with a fool. So troll away little man. Troll away.

    69. That means SO much coming from such an intelligent individual such as yourself.
      It only took you 6 days to get your buddies to tell you what to think and write. I am glad they had time for you. Probably only took a very small “donation” on your part.
      You show yourself to the be the typical ignorant little “sheeple” that you are.
      You have absolutely no valid point or argument so you run around calling people names.
      So, thank you for spending your time telling me that you will spend no more time with this.
      You enjoy the little trip your “leader” takes you on by pointing your moral compass in what ever direction they choose to point you in today.

    70. On the far left there is total government control as in a dictator or Communism called tyranny. On the far right there is no government called anarchy. The founding Fathers placed the Constitution in the middle. Not too much government, not too little. For anyone to call the Tea Party that wants a return to the original intent of the Constitution a far right extreme movement, shows just how far left they truly are. The Republican party division came as the progressive republicans move left of center. The Tea Party and other grass roots conservatives desire to keep the Republican party, the Republican Party and not the right side of the Democratic Party. The progressive Republicans should just come out of the closet and join the Democratic Party.

    71. You can state whatever ideology you would like about the Tea Party. The reality of the Tea Party has absolutely nothing to do with moving anything to the Constitutional “middle” (as you call it).
      After listening, for months, to increasingly brutal campaign commercials and statements and voting in the Texas primaries, it is glaringly obvious what the Tea Party, at least in Texas, stands for.
      Fortunately, few of the Tea Party backed candidates fared well, although the Republican candidates has moved farther right in an attempt to partially appease those folks.
      Even the TP’s golden boy Cruz would not endorse the Republican front runners for Senate and Governor, stating that they were not far enough to the right. And neither John Cornyn nor Greg Abbott have absolutely nothing to do with “progressive” or “left of center”.
      The Progressive Republicans, such as McCain, should jus make the switch already, but not all Republicans have moved too far left and to state that the Tea Party represents a Constitutional “middle” is absurd and just shows that you simply do not actually pay attention to the actions of the party, just the rhetoric of the party.

    72. Your nonspecific accusations are what is absurd. You do not deny the truth I have posted about the Tea Party positions nor do you present specifics about any thing negative about the Tea Party. Then you have the audacity to put quotes around “middle” You are so far left Putin is to your right. The Constitution is the middle and the Tea Party wants it adhered to. The liberal Progressive Socialist Statist nut jobs DO think that is quite radical.
      In a time of universal deceit, to speak the truth is a revolutionary act.

    73. No, they aren’t.
      But extremes to the left or right are just as bad.
      And, the majority of Tea Party members I know, and I live in Texas so I know quite a few, want to control peoples lives almost as much as Democrats, only in a different way.

    74. What kind of a stupid statement is that? What control does the Tea Party want to impose? The control that the Tea Party demands is to follow the constitution and to enforce the laws on the books. The Tea Party principles are a Constitutionally limited government, less taxes, free market economy, and accountability of elected officials. If you do not like those controls, you are not American. Get rid of the Constitution and have anarchy with no government or do what Obama is doing and have a dictatorship and tyranny.

    75. Just because YOU do not understand a statement does not make the statement stupid, the stupidity lies with you..
      Quit with the Tea Party rhetoric. I am fully aware of what the TP claims to represent. However, I am also fully aware of what they truly represent.
      When state laws are ruled to be unconstitutional, someone who claims to represent a party who wants to return to the guiding principles of the Constitution does not campaign claiming to want to impose obviously un-Constitutional stricter laws. That is exactly what has been happening regarding immigration, abortion and gay marriage. Your Constitutional “representative” TP candidates happen to stand against the things and since they don’t agree with them they feel they should continually pass laws that are “un-Constitutional” to make a point. Either that, they are stupid enough to think that repeatedly doing the same thing over and over will get different result. I am pretty sure Einstein define insanity as just that.
      The Tea Party does not want “limited” government, they want a redirected government. They want to end “social” programs for what they call the “lazy freeloaders”. Regardless of whether these people are truly in need or not.
      And ” accountability of elected officials” ? Obama ran with that same stupid claim. “Transparent” “accountable” etc. No politician wants you to know what the government is doing. They just know the sheeple will believe what they claim and it will help those politicians get votes.
      So, keep regurgitating the rhetoric that the TP has instilled in you like it is the gospel. Because, of course, those of us who actually pay attention to the reality of the TP MUST be un-American ( that’s what the TP told you, right ? – of course, I am sure that you heard that from that “true American”, born in Canada, Cruz) because it has become dreadfully un-American to make actual informed decisions instead of just going along with the “Hope and Change” montra.
      But, you are correct about one thing ( I know, I am surprised as anyone that you got something right ) I do not like government intrusion into someones personal life.
      If you do not like guns, don’t own one.
      If you do not like gay marriage, don’t marry a gay person.
      If you do not like abortion, don’t get an abortion
      If you do not need government assistance, don’t get assistance.
      Its pretty simple

    76. Regarding immigration. THE LAWS ARE ON THE BOOKS!!! There is NOTHING about wanting stricter laws. The laws are being broken by not enforcing the laws. There should be Impeachment for the Dictator deciding what laws to enforce or not on whom. Do not enforce laws on illegal immigrants, Black Panthers, Heads of Departments spying and targeting. Enforce laws on targeted groups and make up laws through Tzar regulations and Presidential Executive Orders, change laws written by by Congress and signed into law by Obama himself, by-passing Congress and ignoring the Constitution.

      I am glad you are such a Constitutional expert that you are able to tell us all what is Constitutional and what is not. Why do we need law makers and Courts when we have experts like you, the PROGRESSIVES that KNOW what is best for the rest of us poor ignorant Americans

    77. Ahhh…… a voice that at least is reasonable, has merit and makes some sense. The Teabillies will absolutely make sure the Dems keep the White House for a very long time!!!!

    78. As long as Republicans vote and side with the Democrats, they might as well be Democrats…there is very little difference.

    79. As long as Republicans and Democrats cant work together and, instead, continue to put their own special interests above whats best for this country we will have what we have today and, in case you haven’t noticed, it doesn’t work.
      I’m glad all politicians don’t feel they way you do, because without several Democrats not supporting our dictator-in-chiefs gun control idiocy we would have lost one of the greatest freedoms we have.

    80. As I said, very little difference. Why should we support Republicans that vote for increases to the debt ceiling without attaching budget cuts to it? The leadership of the Republican party caved on this issue after telling us at the end of the government shutdown that budget cuts would be addressed during the debt ceiling debate. Wow, they voted like all of the Democrats. This is the kind of action that causes many to simply say nope to them. We are simply fed up with John McCain, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and others caving in to increased debt, no budget cuts, not tax reforms. John McCain has completely lost the Republican party in Arizona, they censured him and will no longer support him as a candidate for anything. His voting record shows that he might as well hand a D behind his name… he is not the only Republican with a voting record like this. It is true that we need a majority in both houses of congress, but we also need representatives and senators that there is a marked difference from Democrats. By the way, government not working is better than completely caving to the Democrats. But then, your statements lead me to believe that is exactly what you want.

    81. If that is what you understand from my statements then you obviously have a comprehension problem.
      A lying politician still surprises you ? Then you haven’t really been paying attention for a while.
      I was pretty shocked, but not really surprised, that the budget passed without cuts but its an election year and all ALL politicians care about is retaining their position or improving it.
      I can only think of a handful of politicians who should not be removed. That’s all of them. Republican and Democrat.
      To say that you are fed up with increased debt, no budget cuts, not tax reforms again makes it seem that you are new to paying attention to what goes on in DC. None of those things are new to either party.
      Funny you should have that particular avatar and stress the importance of debt, deficits, etc. Answer this question. What POTUS, in the past 50 years has had the lowest deficits and debt increases during his presidency?
      How did he do it ? He was able to get both parties to compromise. Pretty simple. ( And yes, I still despise that POS former POTUS but you have to give credit where credit is due )

    82. Clinton was that POTUS and yes, he managed his deficit and debt with compromise. Reagan also compromised and got the things he wanted. However, Obama and the group of Democrats in congress have absolutely no desire to compromise. If they were willing to compromise, Harry Reid would have allowed bills to move forward for debate. Many bills from the Republican held house are still waiting to see the light of day in Congress. The Democrats don’t care about compromise, they care only about their agenda.
      The only way to force current Democrats to give a rat’s backside about compromise is to put them in the minority in both houses of Congress. They will beg for compromise at that point. RINOs also need to be removed from their seats. They are failing us with their votes with the Democrats on important issues.

      My avatar…the Gadsen flag is the symbol of the modern day Tea Party. The Tea Party stands for smaller government, lower taxes and tax reform, reduced regulation, and constitutionality of our government….maybe if you were paying attention you would know this. You would also know things are changing in DC thanks to the Tea Party….and neither party likes it.
      I am done with debating you…it’s like a battle of wits and you are unarmed.

    83. This was never a debate to begin with. A debate requires two valid points and you never presented one.
      I know exactly what your avatar stands for. That is why I mentioned it.
      It was funny because the things you say the Tea Party stands for were best accomplished by a person representing a party you claim to dislike.
      Its sad that I had to explain that to you.
      So, Democrats are unwilling to compromise. The Tea Party is certainly not going to compromise. So, there so-called RINO’s you speak of are the only ones in Washington trying to do their jobs ?
      Washington has become about nothing but agenda’s. Democrat, Republican and especially Tea Party.
      The Tea Party is the extreme polar opposite of the Democrat Party and is just as bad, if not worse.
      They do claim to represent the things you mentioned but you did not include the fact that is only if you are of the correct racial, religious affiliation.
      They only want smaller government for some things, less regulation ( except for their agenda’s, then its okay for the government to make laws and do whats necessary to enforce them ), less taxes at the expense of those in this country who require assistance and the freedom to pick and choose the parts of the Constitution they want to follow.
      We all heard in the last election how much change there was going to be because of the Tea Party. That worked out pretty well, huh ?
      If they would have just added the word “hope” they could have used Obamas election strategy.
      I don’t blame ignorant people such as yourself for being ignorant and I understand you not being able to handle a conversation in which your “points” are shown to be the bigoted arguments that they are.
      Now, go pray for salvation and leave the real conversations to the grown ups.

    84. You are the ignorant one…you talk of the Tea Party with Democrat party talking points that prove you know absolutely nothing. I’m through with you, done, finished, no more replies….bored with this battle of wits, you are far too unarmed in this battle.

    85. A small percentage of the electorate voted in both elections so that is BS. But now that the leftist in office have destroyed the economy, banking, foreign policy, healthcare, military, the constitution, the rule of law, etc. The rose is off the bloom, the Democrats will never see the white house again period! Why because leftism has failed just like in Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, China, North Korea, Vietnam, if you don’t believe that, just let me know which country you want to move too and I’ll help you move there!

    86. hahaha, you mean the Republicans will not see the White House again for a very long time, especially with people that have your LOW INFORMATION beliefs!!!

    87. We were right about Obama a failed loser know nothing hahaha! You folks are so stupid. You won the election but the country lost it's respect and economy!

    88. Dink Dink. You use it so often but I’ve seen your math skills in your other comments, do you understand what it means? Do you know how to calculate it? No. No you don’t. You are a low information voter. Your comments support me so it’s not a matter of my opinion. Who taught you the phrase? MSNBC? CNN?

    89. So blind, so ignorant…. you will always have an excuse… never FACTS…and because of people like you….you’ve already lost 2016……

    90. what HUGE margin…alittle over 50% is how he won and if he had not imported illegals that were allowed to vote in OUR country and show no id he would have lost I was not even asked for ID and I am a citizen ..Lets see what happens in nov as the Obama supporters are starting to wake up??Yes people knew about the ACA BUT not about his lies until AFTER the election.which Romney warned us about

    91. I get it that Obama won twice, but you don’t seem to understand that the Republicans also won twice…taking the majority in the House and then holding that majority. Do you really think that they were elected for any other reason than to oppose Obama’s policies? Yes, all of the people knew that they were going to get Obamacare and when it was signed into law 70% of America did not want it. Today…4 years later, 60% still don’t want it, doctors are opting out of Obamacare refusing to accept the yoke it forces on them, insurance premiums are, in some cased, doubled or tripled, on top of the increased premiums are increased deductibles and copays, the website to sign up still is not working after almost $1 billion being spent on it, and people with pre-existing conditions are losing their insurance and their doctors. Yes, all of the people knew they were getting Obamacare. The Democrats are trying to spin the job losses and people losing their coverage as a good thing. Really, losing your job frees you from job lock? You obviously have drank far too much of the Obamacare Kook Aid.
      Obama beat Romney by huge margins….not really. Obama won with 51.5% of the ballots. The margin wasn’t really that large. By the way, Obama received far fewer votes in 2012 than he did in 2008. Yea, January of 2017 is such a long time to wait for a Republican to be president. Do you really think Hillary has a chance of winning? She is about as popular as Obama is. If she runs, there are going to be many things that are going to come back and haunt her…..I can think of one television commercial that ran about her answering a 3 am telephone call….that will be paired up with Benghazi and her negligence there. With Iran parking warships off of our coast and Hillary’s negligence…she might not be the best candidate for keeping America safe. Her domestic policies would be mostly the same as Obama’s domestic policies….and we can see how well those are working to get America back to work and out of debt. Obama is a laughingstock to the rest of the world, Hillary won’t be much better.

    92. The Dems are banking on the Republicans trying to smear Hillary with Benghazi, her husbands indiscretions, and a host of other things NO ONE cares about. Between that and the Republicans war on women, it is what will ultimately cost the Republicans the White House. The ACA will get tweaked and I for one am glad my kids get insurance up to age 26. Once the ACA starts really working the Republicans are going to pay a heavy price. The fight over the ACA is OVER. When 47 votes are taken to mess with it, and it does nothing, it REALLY make the Republicans look stupid. I have no doubt that it’s going to be a VERY LONG time before we see another Republican in the White House.

    93. You keep thinking those happy thoughts, cupcake. When reality catches up with you it is going to be like a giant kick in the nuts….enjoy.

    94. well I dont want Gun Reform, dont care about unemployment Extensions or Immigration reform but think New jobs for american people would be great, want to stop rewarding Illegal aliens, and want the 2nd Amendment to be protected nothing more nothing less

    95. Actually, Obama couldn’t even get all Democrats to pass his “Gun Control” bills. So, not all people want gun reform. Fortunately, there are still many people who realize that it is the person holding the gun responsible, not the gun.
      But Obama has a pen and a phone, so he will do what he can without the support of Congress, because he cant get that support.
      Most conservatives support Unemployment extensions ( regardless what you heard on MSNBC ), but with spending cuts in other areas to pay for it instead of just continually running up record deficits.
      And again, most conservatives support immigration reform, not amnesty. I do not support deporting someone to a country they haven’t seen since they were born and I know of no one who does, but blind amnesty is just a Democrat tactic to garner support from the Latino population.

    96. Dinkleberry….? You think you are “Hot $hit on a stick”…! Don’T ya’..? Well……! A cold turd on a tooth pick is more like it.

    97. I have a pen and a phone too. Since Obama is ignoring the laws of our nation, perhaps everyone with a pen and a phone will also ignore any laws he creates with his pen and phone and ignore him in the process.

    98. As long as you and I do not agree, then I must be in the right.
      Think. (Since you must first think before you can rethink.)

    99. I don’t know where you’re getting your information from but NO the people DON’T want any of what you mentioned. By the way, republicans have over 100 bills in the senate right now that THEY refuse to table for vote. So why don’t you get some verifiable numbers to support your claims.

    100. The people….? The ones that want everything FREE…..? The ones that Steal, Rape and Rob….? “DINGLE BERRY” is a more fitting name for you DUDE….!!!!

    101. Hey JackOff… are the reason we will protect the White House. We refuse to have people like you with unstable personality’s to run anything!!!! God loves you and that’s about it, well the Dems love people like you too!!!! It ensures that the White House will be safe for many years!!!

    102. leave our constitution alone and enforce the laws on the books
      if you want reform because it doesn’t suit you go to live in mexico

  4. Just more diversionary tactics from this bunch of rats. If the Republicans by now haven’t figured out their tactics and figured out how to block and tackle them, GOD help them all!

    1. This is all about looking like you are doing something for one group because you care, while killing the economy for the producers.

    2. The Demonocraps have been incrementally getting away with this stuff since the New Deal. The Repulsivans continue to compromise this country’s future away. It all seems pretty hopeless to me. I’ve come to believe they are both sides of the same two headed coin.

  5. It will not lift anyone out of poverty! What good is a raise in the minimum wage if there are no jobs! Prices will go up! More leftist voodoo economics! And, there will be even less jobs when employers start laying off people and paying OT to the rest of their staff.

  6. This country survived for nearly150 years with NO minimum wage. The original minimum wage was pushed to limit the employment opportunities for black worker moving from southern to northern states. All minimum wage laws do is make some economic transactions illegal and should be abolished with wages determined by agreement between people in a free market.

  7. I’d like to think the Dems are in trouble, but in truth, I know better. I’ve encountered too many people living off Democratic-sponsored government handouts. Those recipients LOVE the Democratic Party, they love Obama, and they love the idea of getting free money.

    The idea that someone else had to work for their largesse doesn’t matter. It’s free to them, and the Democrats are doling it out. Until we can shut off some of the welfare, the Democrats have bought themselves a large, loyal voter base.

    1. About a year ago an acquaintance of mine was getting groceries and at the checkout line was behind a couple who had their cart piled high with groceries including steaks. They notice my friend only had necessities and commented that the steak prices were good and she should have gotten some too. My friend said that they couldn’t afford extras. The lady says “We couldn’t afford it either but we get food stamps to pay for it and you should too, It’s FREE”. My friend said, “No it’s not really free the government uses tax money from people like myself to pay for Food Stamps”. This was a bit of a shock to the other Lady who said that she had no idea she was being given money that other people paid in in taxes. My friend said when she left, the woman was just standing there staring into the trunk at her groceries.

  8. Pass a law for immigration and wage reform with the stipulation that the home states of the author and sponsor(s) must fund the new law. Hey jack, makes sense to me …

  9. What on earth makes Nutty Pelosi think the majority of Americans want complete amnesty for those people who are in this country illegally? I’m all for immigration to this country, we are a very diverse culture here, but all I would like is for them to come here LEGALLY and not just swim across a river to drop a baby on the US side of the border so they can set up housekeeping, and get all of those freebies our government seems to want to give to everyone except US citizens.

  10. The rhinos don’t need Pelosi to embarrass them. They do a good enough job embarrassing themselves…..
    However, it’s another example of dems having absolutely no sense of business and economics.

  11. American Citizen’s reject immigration reform! We want the laws we have now to be enforced and respected by our government and the illegals! Pelosi may very well be the best weapon to oust this Socialist Party once and for all!

  12. Pelosi is an air-head and this American disagrees with raising the minimum raise and with granting amnesty to those who entered this country illegally. She is wrong on both counts.

    1. That is just what they want , it is why they are planning this . We need to beware & not play into their hands !

    2. Alan, The republicans need to be smart enough not to vote with the opposition party on this. If they do, they have to go, just the same as the democrats have to go.

  13. Immigration reform should deal with Legal Immigrants. The illegal immigrants should be deported.

    1. No such thing as an illegal immigrant – they are illegal aliens. Calling them illegal immigrants or undocumented immigrants is the mindset thinking of the Dirtbagocruds. You can’t be an undocumented immigrant if you’ve never been documented and admitted legally for permanent residence. They don’t know a dang thing about immigration law.

  14. When yo get a raise in the min. wage you lose money for that is all passed on from the factories and you pay more for everything so you pay out more then you get and you pay more in taxes too. sounds good but it is a rip off and also a job killer for they work on replacing you with more robots.

  15. A discharge petition is actually a way to let the voters be heard. If the Chairman refuses to bring an item to the floor to be voted on, the House can force it through a discharge petition. If there are not enough signatures the petition fails. If the bill comes to the floor and does not get enough votes it does not pass. I don’t see how either of those is ignoring the will of the people.

  16. “The tactic is known as a “discharge petition.” It would require the minority party, in this case Democrats, to persuade roughly two dozen Republicans to defy their leadership and join Democrats ” They have to have a tactic to do this, if they would just look around they would see them already joining the Demos

  17. The democrats are playing politics as usual. They are not acting with the Constitution in mind, or the American people. That is why the American Spring, May 16, 2014, rally in washington, DC., is necessary. The American people are coming for their government. I do not see why these politicians can not act in the best interest of the Nation, across party lines.

  18. If it were not for the Republicans, Libertarians, Tea Party, and Patriotic Americans, standing against this bunch in the White House, this country would already be under marshall law, and in the control of one man, Barack, aka, barry, obama and his handlers.

  19. Isn’t she too old to work? She needs to retire in the arms of Obamacare. Her brain is as screwed up as her face!

  20. What democrats and that Seattle Socialist from India fail to understand is that when you raise the minimum wage, it has to be paid for in some way. After its paid for by increasing the cost of a product or service. The poor & middle class will end up paying more for the product or service. End result, your dollars will not go as far, which drops consumption, in turn companies have higher inventories, which results in layoffs. This is inflation. The next result, incomes for middle class will stay the same as prices go up, the result is now you have caused more people to go into poverty.

    If you think prices on everthing won’t go up, we’ll I have some land I would like to sell you that has gold growing on the surface of the land. These are false promises made by socialists and democrats to make you think they are doing something good for people.

    This will only hurt the poor, the middle class more, it will also hurt the business too as it will cost them more to keep their doors open. If you have to pay more for food, gas, utilities, products and service, what money will you have gained. If business has to raise it’s prices to pay for this increase cost in wages, products, and services, then the businesses are going to sell less of it products. The end result will be business will need to layoff people or replace people with a machine to keep their cost down in order to stay competitive.

    Ask youself this question, if this solution would work, why has it not been implemented centuries ago, it’s not a new idea. Don’t be a low information and/or low IQ voter.

  21. If the Republicans would stand against these things they’d pick up votes not loose them. But the spineless RINOS will be scared to death and “cross the isle” to betray us again.

  22. Given that the GOP is all set to beat the snot out of some of their members for opposing the Dems, I wonder why Nancy is going this route. She should simply propose a bill and I am sure Boehner will oblige. Heck, Cadell says the GOP is all ready to have the IRS beat up the GOP’s TP wing.

  23. Evidently she doesn’t understand that conservatives and republicans are very much against the raising of the minimum wage and illegal immigration amnesty. She’s just going to make us dig in a lot deeper – boehner realized when he put something out for people to comment on – we don’t want the illegal aliens given amnesty and he backed off of something he was very much in favor of. If they think their jobs are threatened and their power may be taken away, they back down. Of course, I hope his power is taken away in the very near future anyway.

  24. Well, as we see now in Kiev, protesting is a very risky tactic, especially as we have seen the nature of the POTUS’ s executive orders, the government’s arms race against its citizens, and the belligerent attacks against our Constitution. Voting as already mentioned is just as dicey since the democrappers and their “community organizing” media will again steal the election, and if they see that maybe they can’t or are just tired of dealing with that pesky Constitution, they just may find a way to declare martial law, (perhaps using unrest in the streets to endorse it) that would come from the economic destruction they are bringing down on all us. All of this is NOW in play… …just sayin’

  25. … Republicans plan to use a old tactic known as “facts” and “common sense” to embarrass Democrats. If that fails, they have vowed to fight really dirty and employ democrats’ own words against them, a thought which should terrify a dingbat like Nancy Pelosi.