71 Percent of Obama Voters Regret Voting for Obama

In a shocking new poll conducted by the Economist and YouGov.com, support for Barack Obama’s presidency among those who voted to put him in office is disturbingly low. Respondents were asked a simple question. “Do you regret voting for Barack Obama?” The results should be cause for concern for Obama and Democrats.

The poll, as reported on by the Washington Examiner, has startling numbers which could be viewed as a clear indication of lack of support for Obama’s agenda from his base.

  • Overall, 71 percent said yes, 26 percent no.
  • 80 percent of whites said yes, 61 percent of blacks said no and 100 percent of Hispanics said yes.
  • 84 percent of women said yes, and just 61 percent of men agreed.
  • 55 percent of Democrats said yes, as did 71 percent of independents.

While the poll did not find a significant number of disgruntled Obama voters wish they had voted for Romney, it did find that enough would have changed their vote, had they known then what they know now, to push Romney ahead of Obama in the polls by 3 million votes.

“Clearly Romney fares better, although he had fewer voters to begin with. As a proportion of the voters each of them actually received in 2012 (66 million for Obama and 61 million for Romney), the GOP candidate ends up with 55 million votes retained to Obama’s 52 million. Not exactly a wipeout. It’s also unclear for any poll that hypothetically revisits 2012 how much it says about renewed hope for Mitt Romney — who has notably been liberated from the scrutiny of a presidential campaign ­— rather than about dissatisfaction with an incumbent president who has spent the last year defending his administration over leaks, scandals and Obamacare roll-outs.” 

[Read more at the Washington Examiner.]


  1. Not a shocker. I am not even hearing the normal it is Bush’s fault from the liberals in the office anymore. It is just general outrage. Everyone has a friend out of work now. People are not as dumb as the politicians want them to be. The real unemployment is more like 23%

    1. I have no disagreement with that. I was merely referring to how they tallied unemployment in 1990 vs the cooked #s both parties have used ever since. I agree if you add underemployment that it is close to half the population.

    2. What’s frightening is the only ones hiring is government agencies that spy on Americans. IRS,CIA,FBI,USDA,EPA,NSA, ETC. The only ones left is government.

    3. The progressives that control both parties want half the population on some kind of govt assistance in the attempt to take total control or your lives through the govt. Handouts for votes. They know if enough people rely on the govt then they will be able to strip your right, liberties and freedoms. There wont be enough people to vote against it. They do not want you to know your neighbor. They do not want you borrowing a cup of sugar from anyone. If you need something they want you to ask the govt. They do not want you to be self reliant.

    4. They want to turn us all into State or Government slave’s , they want to control every aspect of our lives . Control our health care , our money , our freedoms , yep just slaves to the State or the Government . Next thing you no , they will shut down TV and Radio , because they want every one in bed buy 9 o’clock . If we don’t take a stand soon , its going to be to late , it’s
      already headed that way .

    5. Socialism isn’t working too good in South America right now is it? Now they are invading us and we too are going down their doomed path.

    6. No, the real number is much higher. The unemployment figures do not take into account those who have been long term unemployed and have given up looking for a job, nor do the figures include those who are still UNDER employed. Unemployment is still very high. Figures lie and liars figure. That is what the gov’t is doing with the true numbers.

  2. Low information voters are a serious problem. The vast number of working class citizens had everything to loose and nothing to gain by putting this person back in office. The information was there but large groups of people for whatever reason ignored it. America is the goose that lays golden eggs. This president has it on the chop block and the people that could save our country are turning their backs.

    1. It wasn’t just low information voters, it was the Republicans fielding bible thumping anti-choice candidates. Even most conservative women don’t want politicians to mess with that subject, and when you add in some of the additional rhetoric thrown in by some of the dinosaurs about rape….they had well and truly pissed off 51% of the population with that nonsense. They need to put a muzzle on some of those guys, because they are losing them elections.

    2. According to a May, 2013 Gallup poll. 46% of American women identify as pro-life and 47% as pro-choice. 68% of Republicans identify as pro-life and 26% as pro-choice. Looking at those numbers, I’m 100% sure that your statement that most conservative women don’t want politicians messing with that subject, is blatantly false.

    3. Well, I’d like for you PRO-ABORTION people to leave MY choices alone. I should not have to pay for YOUR poor choices. I am a bible thumping conservative (don’t care about Republican or Democrat or Independent) WOMAN and Mr. Guest – who can’t even identify yourself, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    4. I will never believe anywhere close to that number want to kill their babies.
      I am a not what you disgusting call names like bible thumper & I know very few who think abortion is the way. Obviously you are a liberal. Before you spout it, I am not a republican.

  3. I’m shocked, 100% of all voter for Obama should be the result. Show how many still need to understand what wrong they’ve done to their country.

    1. But would they really care? They have no PRIDE in and for their country! Most are from somewhere else and have no thoughts of becoming legal citizens.

    2. I believe they care, they just don’t know, and apparently don’t make an effort to know the truth even when its provided. Thanks to the way media covers issues, I fear they treat it all like its a game of some kind, Yankees vs Red Sox, Manning vs Brady. Or I can just quote the wisdom contained in the Bible.

    3. That is why coming here legally & fighting for citizen ship is necessary. then it means something. They also are required to learn
      about our country.

    4. It’s been my experience that… if you don’t work for something and it’s given to you for free…it isn’t valuable to you…and you won’t take care of it.

      So yes, absolutely yes, people should learn our language, our culture, our Pledge of Allegiance …..learn how to be an American!

      I looked up how to become an American Citizen: http://www.wikihow.com/Become-a-US-Citizen

      This is the last tip:

      Be a decent person. To become a U.S. citizen, you must be a person of good moral character, attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United States, and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the United States during all relevant periods under the law.

    5. Thank you! That quote is great. And you are so right that it is human nature to place more value on the things you work for.

    6. Remember when the buses of people showed up at the polls, were given an instruction sheet in Spanish telling them how to vote for Obama, were escorted through the line to vote, were given snacks or lunch, and were escorted back on the bus to go back home (wherever that was – obviously not in the district where they voted)? Those people were bought and paid for, and have no idea of the responsibility that comes with freedom. Unfortunately, we have born-and-raised American citizens who behave the same way when it comes to civic duty. It’s like herding around a bunch of pre-schoolers. Sad. Pathetic.

    1. Obama has used time wisely, Melissa. Benghazi and ObamaCare are good examples. The Benghazi terror attack happened on 9/11/2012 and Obama was attempting to get re-elected. He claimed to have killed Osama Bin Laden and minimized Al Qaida terrorist threats. Therefore, he had Susan Rice claim Benghazi attacks were a ‘spontaneous demonstration to an anti-Muslim video’ when he knew this was totally untrue. For the same reason, the effective dates of ObamaCare are also AFTER the November 2012 elections. He successfully ‘duped’ naïve people into voting for him once again and like Hillary said, “What difference does it make NOW?” Like you said, “Hindsight is 20/20,” Melissa.

    2. I have faith the truth will come out. It took 26 months from the break-in at the Watergate to Nixon’s resignation. I have a lot of patience.

    3. Well Watergate is a slap on the hand compared to what this man has done to this country!!! We don’t have any answers to anything , Bengazi is getting close to 24 months, so hopeful the answer will occur by 11.11/2014 the countdown continues. I don’t know the date of the NSA crisis occurring or the date of the whistle blower for the VA, or Fast and Furious debackle date, (im thinking that one is already over 26 months) the latest bringing in of 46000 children on trains and buses into our country, the release of 5 top Alquaida prisoners, the signing of illegal pen in hand excecutive orders think 13 times now, and I gotta stop here. Cause until the people put up more of a demand to know, this government is going to continue with the lies they have started until they get caught. GOD don’t let this country fall.

    4. Sharon is correct, Melissa. .Our entire political system is now a culture of corruption where neither party represents the interests of the American people. Nixon’s sins are child’s play compared to what Obama and peers are getting away with today. Your “patience” could very well be a factor in the demise of America.

    5. I agree what Nixon did was child’s play compared to this fool but I doubt my patience will be the demise of America. He will not be impeached until after the mid-terms because it is pointless to do anything with the Senate controlled by the Democrats and Harry Reid. Besides one better have all their ducks in a row before one goes about leveling charges against POTUS.

  4. They are fed up with Obama now but in the next presidential race won’t they vote for Hillary Clinton? As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly. We’ll see if stupid can be fixed.

    1. Unfortunately, Toyota Prius comes with the sticker attached from the factory! Their drivers are taught to go 10-15 MPH slower than the speed limit, and stay in the left lane, never getting out of our way. Kinda like Obama himself.

    2. you forgot the Subaru, it comes with a 10% surcharge is one chooses not to have it included.

    3. I live in liberal Southern California, and I see very few Obama bumper stickers on cars. Even dummies at times know when they have screwed up.

    4. Do you seriously think that Hillary even stands a chance of being the libs/dems choice? She is just as bad as what we have now – maybe even worse but I for one do not want to have to find out.

    5. Rebel…….Hillary, I agree will be probably worse than what we have now…If that’s possible. And think, “they” say a true test of a president is what will happen when a serious, decision needed NOW question arises and she is awoken up at 0300 hrs……what’s her answer going to be? Heaven help us all, especially if it is, well, the wrong time. I am a woman and I hate to go against my own gender but after Hillary ‘s dismal response to pleas for help in Ben Gazi (sorry on the spelling there) I have to say where I MIGHT have given her a chance (not likely but you never know) there ain’t NO WAY NOW!!! My kid was blown up twice during the wars…..she’d probably have ordered him to lay still and would have wandered off muttering. Shiver…..sorry to go on and on but had to put my 2 cents in.

    6. You should look into Hillary’s current health situation(s). She IS NOT a viable candidate. If she is, we better vet the VP very, very well!!

    7. Hillary will not win, she can’t even sell her book much less sell herself. Have some faith.

    8. I hope I’m wrong, but given the electoral results in 2008 and 2012, I have no faith in the American electorate to rectify this problem in 2016. This is where my hope and change went.

    9. what would be a really good tv ad for the repub nominee would be: at 3AM, a phone rings…Hillary answers: “what difference does it make?”

    10. Hey, if you listened to Bill Clinton when he took office the first time, we got 2 for the price of one. It will be Billary on the ticket. The only way it wouldn’t be is if the Benghazi thing turns out that Hillary knew about it all along and lied through her nose….that may just be her doom

    11. I think we already know she chose to ignore and abandon the guys in Benghazi. I hope it’s proven to the public, but I know that’s unlikely. She is one sorry, destructive force of evil in this country, and she tries to smile and joke while she’s wreaking havoc. I heard last week that she said she’s not running. I hope that’s true. I’m praying for a solid conservative candidate. I’m so tired of the GOP nominating wimpy “moderate” losers. They do not have the country’s best interest at heart, with the exception of a few newcomers who actually believe in the stated Republican platform.

    12. Unfortunately she is a force to be dealt with….people are fools to just write her off even if she is garbage.

    13. for all we have heard in the last few months from her, people would be fools to ignore what she is saying. She is not out there for anyone, she is not poor,but she knows that there are so many people out there that do not hear about her. She has no accomplishments in Mr obamas government. Women in this time do not need help from the government for anything. The days of women not being given the opportunity to work is long over. We do what we want, we work for what we want and a lot of us make more money than a man depending on the profession we choose. I don’t want to be a mechanic or a architect, but if I chose to be one, it wouldn’t have anything to do with the government. And if one of my fellow employees made more money than me, I would be trying to figure out how I could get there too!. Dam it ladies, we are not stupid!!! we run a home, we raise our children, we work, we go to school to better ourselves so we can help our husbands in our life choices. if we want a baby, we don’t get contraceptives, if we don’t want babies, we make sure we are covered and we do it on our own. No government needs to tell me that I cant purchase a pill of any kind, without them!!!! I am not stupid? to me this feminist junk just tells me that in all their glory of who they want to be, who they say they are, they still cant figure out how to go to the store and buy what they need? This Hobby Lobby judgement is just enforcing the law that was in place, in fact President Clinton signed in that law, I don’t thing Hill was screaming then? or did I miss that?
      Mr. Obama will create a revolution if he were to even try to not dethrown when it is his time. The people of this country would then rise up!!!

    14. not if he disarms us first and takes ALL of the food. Did you notice out in California who controls all of the farmers’ water? I guess during any revolution, if you get people hungry enough, they’ll go along with anything.

    15. not if he disarms us first and takes ALL of the food. Did you notice out in California who controls all of the farmers’ water? I guess during any revolution, if you get people hungry enough, they’ll go along with anything.

    16. not if he disarms us first and takes ALL of the food. Did you notice out in California who controls all of the farmers’ water? I guess during any revolution, if you get people hungry enough, they’ll go along with anything.

    17. I didn’t even like her when Bill was in office. She’s a shrew. She’s always been condescending, even when trying to be lighthearted or entertaining on a talk show. She showed her true colors while Secretary of State. It was idiotic to put her in office, but at least she made it clear who she is while there. I think she is just the kind of elitist, incompetent, irresponsible, pandering, hateful whiner that the liberals in this country love.

    18. now we have a new nut. Um, what’s her name? Elizabeth Warren. Not any better than Hillary, for the record.

    19. I’m wondering how many people think that Obama, being the nutcase he is, might just refuse to give up the thrown and just become the full time dictator. I’m mean, he’s now saying he will act without congress, act without SCOTUS approval and act with his pen and phone. He’s also refusing to support Hillary – even though Bill and he made a deal that the Clintons would support Obama in 2008 if Obama support Hillary in 2016. The Clintons are pretty ticked that Obama has stated that he doesn’t know who he will support in 2016! Not that I care about Hillary but what would we do if Obama refuses to leave. Just curious what ya’all think?

    20. When dishonorable people make a pac like that, only a fool would believe them. Everyone knows both of them are pathological l

    21. I’ve been wondering that since he got elected the first time. I was hoping his worshipers would see through him, but they elected him again. I think he is planning martial law and then dictatorship. He seems to be a megalomaniac. He got elected President, but he acts as if he is royalty. I think he also hopes to be king of the world through the U.N. I am ashamed that my fellow citizens put an America-hater in the White House. His non-handling or destructive handling of every crisis since he got elected, golfing and vacationing and fundraising while Rome burns, is abundant evidence of his hatred for all of us. Like any good Marxist, he hates individual freedom, and he hates any religion that fosters individual freedom (Christianity), and he hates God. The man is not just incompetent at his job, he is evil, and he is expert at abusing his position for the purpose of destruction. He is following the socialist program: first you identify with the “middle class,” then you foment anger and jealousy and a victim mentality among them, convince them that you are one of them and you will save them, then you destroy them, and then you can put your new social order in place.

    22. You said it exactly as I was thinking. But you were about 5 years ahead of me. I didn’t even think of it until I started think about 2016 and I realized that our dictator is not going to give up his power. It’s scary. Thanks for telling me I’m not the only one though thinking this. I’m not a conspiracy theorist – I don’t believe in ANY of them – but this is just so THERE and obvious. Hope we are wrong jean

    23. You said it exactly as I was thinking. But you were about 5 years ahead of me. I didn’t even think of it until I started think about 2016 and I realized that our dictator is not going to give up his power. It’s scary. Thanks for telling me I’m not the only one though thinking this. I’m not a conspiracy theorist – I don’t believe in ANY of them – but this is just so THERE and obvious. Hope we are wrong jean

    24. You said it exactly as I was thinking. But you were about 5 years ahead of me. I didn’t even think of it until I started think about 2016 and I realized that our dictator is not going to give up his power. It’s scary. Thanks for telling me I’m not the only one though thinking this. I’m not a conspiracy theorist – I don’t believe in ANY of them – but this is just so THERE and obvious. Hope we are wrong jean

    25. Of course the ignorant and uneducated who voted of Obama twice will vote for Hillary just because she’s a Democrat.

    26. We need to break the chain…….the global elite are the string pullers……….and they want dictated puppets in office and she is one of them…..so watch the crooks twist the votes to get her in office………we need to turn this country around if it isn’t to late……….we are being attacked from with in and if you do not see that well, good luck………..

    1. Actually, the “moocher class” will continue to get ENTITLEMENTS whether they actually need them or not.

  5. The only surprise herer is that it’s not higher. I guess that those that still support him are looking for free stuff.

  6. Maybe it’s just where I live in Kansas but I can only find one couple who will
    admit that they did vote for him.

    1. Maybe you don’t have any black friends, Reb. Both in 2008 and again in 2012 Obama received about 98% of black votes.

    2. Because they voted for the skin color …… and free stuff that is now going to the illegals and the blacks in Chicago are all bent out of shape over it. They voted for him and he tossed them in the trash

  7. The funniest part of this revelation is the fact that 100% of the hispanics that supported this doofus are making known their regret…..us white folk ain’t all tasted that object lesson yet…

    1. The only reason their pissed is that he hasn’t passed amnesty yet. Just wait when that happens they will all be on his side again. When he does that 50 some percent of unemployed Americans will jump which will mean more give mes and higher deficit

    2. Polls have shown that the majority of Hispanics are here legally opposed blanket amnesty. They say everyone should come legally or not at all!

    3. Dude, that voting block is single issue – amnesty – which they don’t have yet. That voting block understands the concepts that form the substrate of our Constitution less than any other voting block, and what’s worse, it just doesn’t matter to most of them. I’m simply speaking in generalities as a voting block and mean no offense toward individuals. The black voting block voted by skin color effecting a historical first – 98% dem candidate vote. They did it twice. Clearly the black RACISTS deserve everything they got, which is nothing. Only until the blacks wake up and bury their RACISM will they become impartial, objective individuals. Until then, they and the latinos are by and large a mob, acting and expecting as mobs always do, with no underlying impartiality or sense of Constitutional duty.

  8. Kinda late at this point in time. They should have seen the snake oil salesman before 2012 elections. Mitt Romney was not a choice that I wanted, but at least he has substantial business sense and I do believe that he does love his country, not so sure about Obama. All I can say is thank you for voting in another four…you imbecilic morons. Hope you have learned a lesson and will stop pulling the libturd handle in 2014 elections.

    1. Here’s the biggest problem; Thinking that the two parties are any different. I have no question that you and most others posting on here are well educated. But thinking that romney is any different is foolish. They are all the same. Just look different and say different stuff.

    2. Although I agree with you about POLITICIANS (GOP and Democratic parties), there are enormous differences between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney! In November 2012 voters should have known better but were “duped” once again. Many anti-Obama citizens didn’t vote because they were concerned that Romney was a Mormon. The ideological and political differences between Obama and Romney were HUGE!! A Romney administration would be as different from what we have now as night and day, Xombie. The people who are in political parties are generally very much alike, but the 2012 presidential candidates were NOT!!!

    3. there was a day if you were an Irish Catholic you were treated like the plague. Then President Kennedy was elected!!! Neither Kennedy or Romney brought their religion into politics. this country knew everything and anything about both of these men. everything was known!!! But not this president!! I don’t think either ever said that if you didn’t believe in their religion something was wrong with you> Kennedy: if you go back to his time and his famous speech which he said : “Ask not what the government can do for you, but what you can do, he actually talked like he was a Republican,! Had a lot of the same values! Romney same thing! Our Mr. Obama went to a church that advocated Black Theology!!! Go look up what that religion is!!! Not a religion of worship of GOD but more of the plight of the black people and what could be done about it!! His plan is ” what can the government do for you and you don’t have to do much but vote to let us do it for you”!! But the people didn’t even blink an eye to his religious beliefs, nor the people he grew up with, the father he writes about who was a Communist, who I think many years back, Communists were blackballed in this country. The things that this country truly believed in, for some reason went to the wayside and a man who did nothing in his life except go to school and become a community organizer, somehow became a Senator, whose only vote, was to kill a baby if it lived after an abortion became your President!!!! Doesn’t that just make your head spin???? it does mine!!!! No the people on both sides are not alike. not even close. And we all need to go further than a stupid headline in a newspaper before we know what we are talking about to the next person . that people respond to this sight is a good example of the majority of people actually wanting to know because the next two years might be the complete downfall of this great country!!!!!

    4. Sharon Staniowski –
      Unfortunately, there will always be lots of ignorant, or misinformed voters. Before JFK was elected it was commonly believed that a Roman Catholic would never be elected president because he would have more allegiance to his religion and Rome, Italy than the United States. Many misinformed voters feel the same way about a Mormon and this was certainly a factor in Romney’s loss in Nov 2012. It never ceases to amaze me what some people will believe……….. The fact that Barry Obama could “dupe” people TWICE is still a shock to me. When they didn’t know him (2007 and 2008) and he was campaigning based on HOPE, CHANGE, TRANSPARENCY, etc., it was somewhat understandable. However, after 3 and a half years of incompetency and not fulfilling his promises voters had no excuses in 2012. Voting once again for Obama and/or not voting for Romney because he was Mormon is pure IGNORANCE. Like you, I am concerned about the continuing downfall of the USA.

    5. Not even sure he has an education. He had it all sealed.
      He says he had a law degree, but doesn’t now. Not many people lose their law without doing really bad things. Michael] lost his because of Fraud & several other crimes.

    6. I would rather take my chances with a American Mormon then with a communist illegal muslim dictator

    7. You and me both. Romney loves his country. Obama….America is not his country….so there you have it in a nutshell. Romney is a brilliant businessman. Obama….not so much….not so much of anything actually. So, will you Obama lovers please explain why you thought someone nobody ever heard of or knew where he came from and had zero qualifications could POSSIBLY qualify to run our once great country? Please. I need to know.

    8. Obama may have been born in Hawaii, but he was raised in Indonesia and is a Muslim at heart. His formative years were spent in Indonesia and he knows little or nothing about America and American culture and American legacy. He hates our military just like the Clintons did and is set on destroying it. We’ll be lucky if we can get rid of him in 2016.

    9. They thought that because Oprah Winfrey told them how wonderful this man would be for the Country. The absurdity of it boggles the mind. Sheeps off a cliff I tell you…

    10. If I could do a search on Obama and his family and find out what he was BEFORE he was elected, then so could have other people, including the media that is supposed to be our “watchdogs.” As it turned out, they are nothing but lap dogs for Democrats. I knew what he was before the unwashed masses elected him President and so did a lot of other people. Some people were so eager to have a black man as President that it didn’t matter what his underlying political philosophy was. Now we know what he is, and we’ll be damn lucky if he actually vacates the Oval Office and doesn’t declare himself Dictator for Life.

  9. Well its to late now, we are a socialist, communist nation with 17 trillion dollars in debt, and a lot of people are not working what’s wrong with that picture?

    1. that’s the truth that is exactly what I am saying its to late now unless if some miracles happen to this nation

    1. republicans are not offering a legitimate alternative. All they ever do is point out problem and never offer solutions. There are too many RINO’s like McConnel, Boehner, Ryan, Lindsey Graham, John McCain. They are hurting that party and I do not feel libertarians have enough of a base for a legitimate national challenge. Perhaps some local elections but not presidential. I wish they did.

    2. This is the CLAIM of the Democrats, Chaz. The Dems have been very successful at repeating a “talking point” again and again until people accept it as fact. In reality, career politicians in the GOP are pretty much the same as career Democratic politicians. They all make campaign promises, then point at the opposition when they fail to keep their promises. Most interesting is that the laws and legislation that gets passed ALWAYS benefits the politicians and their special interests and is paid for by the taxpayers. Apparently, YOU are buying what they are selling, Chaz.

  10. I still see far too many Obama stickers on cars to believe this poll. In fact, if you click on the link to the poll, the first graph you see asks: “If you had to vote again today, would still vote for: Obama / Romney?” The graph shows 79% of Obama voters saying ‘yes’, and 90% of Romney voters saying ‘yes’. Kinda conflicts with this article, doesn’t it?

  11. Oh my! Is this going out over all news sources? The answer is NO! But the key here is WOMEN said no! WOW! Finally women are beginning to realize the progressive / communist administration could care less about women? Hispanics? That surprises me, because of the amnesty discussion. Is it that the truth is not what the socialist news media are reporting!
    Are you waking up yet to the lies? Here comes July 1, 2014! Prepare Americans!

  12. And 100% of the people smart enough to know that Obama is a lying POS regret the vote of those dumb enough to fall for Obama lies.

  13. If they think they are sorry now, give it another couple years and see how sorry they are then. Anyone who voted for Obama is an absolute idiot in my book and that viewpoint will never change as long as i have a breath to breathe.

    1. No the discrepancy les in te fac that the 43% approval rating comes from MSM, and they would lie to you, to save his queer arab soul.

  14. I have been saying things about the direction this country is going in for many decades and it basically fell on deaf ears. I now do not care as I am 62 and just going to coast through life. The young crowd has no interest in political or economic policies and it is too bad as they are the ones who will have to deal with all this national debt and a broken system. In a way I just think they are asking for it and so they will get it. I know that is a bad attitude to take but please when you ask young people to give you a couple of the bill of rights and they can’t name anythiong or ask them about Benghazi or national debt and all you get are blank stairs. If you ask about Kim Kardasian’s baby they know all about ti. If you ask about the new iphone or text messaging or whne the latest world of warcraft game comes out they are on top of it. So sad.

    1. We are totally on the same page. The de-sensitizing of the youth toward their fellow human beings is another one of the major and most troubling outcomes of the NEA indoctrination campaign which has stolen from the youth their ability to rationally conceptualize their world and to recognize that the human condition is on a death spiral. But as long as they have a strong signal and Mickey D’s is open till two, hey, what does any of that matter?

    2. I hear ya, Chaz. I’ll be 72 pretty soon. I’ve all but given up on trying to convince people that Obama was and IS a huge mistake. Probably the biggest mistake this country ever made. And we’ve made a few. Then with this last debacle at our border, which I suspect was manufactured by Obama, I’m very close to saying I just don’t care anymore. When there is so much money and power available to mere mortals, greed will always rear its ugly head. There has been corruption in government forever but now it seems to be more blatant than usual, more in-your-face than usual, and a whole lot more of it. I love my country. I’ve always been proud to be an American. I’m not so sure anymore….sad.

  15. Americans are so uninform and will NOT weigh things; they see and hear what they want, then when they make foolish decisions, everyone has to live with them. I thought Americans were suppose to be intelligent; however they do and say the stupidest things. I watch people interviewing others on TV by asking the simplest question such as who is the VP; and they don’t know! They will be surprise then they wake up to see that we are being controlled by a dictator and he has bankrupted us. For pete sake, wake up AMERICANS before it is too late.

  16. ? Regardless of anyone’s feelings about Obama this article is completely inaccurate to the point I wonder if J. Burke can read. If you read either the poll or the Examiner article it clearly states 79% of Obama voters would vote for him again. Clearly 71% of Obama voters do not regret voting for him. Does the author not understand basic English? Did she lie on purpose? Either way it really hurts her TPNN’s credibility to print obviously wrong material.

    1. Yes I see that now. So NOT 71% of Obama voters regret voting for him but of the 10% that say they would not vote for him if a revote was held 71% regret their vote. So that would be about 7.1% of Obama voters not 71% regret their vote. As I said completely inaccurate. Is the author stupid or dishonest? And where are the editors? This sort of thing destroys credibility for everyone.

  17. I would have thought that the number would have been closer to that in time for the 2012 election. I am afraid that you cannot fix stupid. Those of us who want to try need to focus on the fact that he is only being allowed to screw up so badly because he is a Democrat. These are policies supported by the Democrat party. Obama will not be running again. But, the Democrats will still run someone that the media will still adore. Who will also continue the direction that we are currently on.


  19. .1 obama use fake birth certificate
    2. obama lie too many time never tell the truth
    .3 obama ‘s ss number is not match huh
    4 . obama is try destroy the american
    5. obama is immigraton too he born from kenua
    6 obama waste million dollar on to man vacation huh
    7. obama allow immigration come in usa so he can get green card too
    8. obama force us to buy obamcare under him that is WRONG

  20. It is the task of the MSM to produce low info trons who will vote by skin color and ‘cool’ factor before applying reason. It is the task of the NEA to provide the raw, unfinished trons for final assembly by the State run Media. It is the task of J controlled Hollywood and the hip hop ‘music’ industry to provide what is supplanted into the space that reason and logic once occupied. The truth is that the ethnic former ‘minorities’ are far and away more susceptible to the brainwashing. The RACIST left capitalizes on that fact with a detached robotic efficiency that would make Goebbels himself blush.

  21. Interesting part is 100 percent of Hispanics REGRET voting for him.

    Hmmmmmmm, does this bode well for this coming election.

  22. Believe me, I am not for Obama, but how many people were polled? The numbers seem skewed for a large poll…especially the 100 percent of hispanics regretting their vote. The statistician in me needs more information.

    1. Completely agree. Anyone who has taken a basic Statistics or Political polling class smell something fishy here. That said, I do feel the President and the DEMS are in major trouble.

    2. The writer’s math is wrong.

      “Given a chance to do it all over again, only 79 percent of those who voted for President Obama would vote for him again and 71 percent of Obama voters now inclined to vote for somebody else “regret” their vote to reelect the president, according to a new poll.”

      So, of the 21% of Obama voters that WOULD NOT vote for Obama again, 71% of them regret their decision. That comes out to 15% of Obama voters regret their decision. Not 71% of Obama voters regret their decision.

  23. I see a lot of stones being cast at Hillary, but what I don’t see, are any new ideas about how to fix any of our problems, and very few electable candidates from our conservative breathren. Is everone’s memory so short that they’ve forgotten the clown parade known as the 2012 Republican primary?

  24. I read something this morning that said our focus should now be on winning the November 2014 elections and making the final 2 years of Obama’s term the hardest and most uncomfortable years of his life. Lets make it happen!

    1. Frank, I appreciate the sentiment, but how does that help us as a country, when we can’t move forward and get anything done. I don’t think that obstruction helps us. Putting forth good ideas, building consensus, and yes…compromise seems like a better plan to me.

    2. Compromise on who’s part, THE DEAR LEADER, fat chance that worthless piece of sshit will do that.

      THE DEAR LEADER should be impeached, then strung up by his neck from a street light pole.

    3. I really like how you compare Obama to Kim-Jon Il by calling him by the same nickname of the late North Korean leader. Really they are the same. Look at it. Obama: Implementing social programs, trying to raise taxes on rich people, cutting the military. Kim-Jon: Single Party Dictatorship, Mass murder of citizens, concentration camps, widespread starvation, huge military spending. Any informed American should see that they are exactly the same, and I’m sure that any North Korean would agree that our quality of life is just as bad as theirs.

    4. Stopping Obama supersedes getting “anything done” for the next 2 years. He has repeatedly skirted Congress, sidestepped all of his scandals, and has violated our Constitution when he wanted without retribution.

    5. I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from, but you might want to check a few new sources. Fox news has a long history of getting the facts wrong. If you are speaking of the presidents use of executive orders, you might be surprised to know that Obama has used EE’s far less than any other two term president, and substantially less than most one term presidents in the modern era. As for his scandals…..ALL administrations have their share of unfortunate (and sometimes stupid) things that happen. Most of this was not his fault, but some he needs to be accountable for, such as the healthcare roll-out, and lack of accuracy regarding some being able to keep their existing policies. But…there’s a caveat there as well. Some of the insurance companies have been working at cross-purposes for their own gain.
      As for his violations of the Constitution…you’ll need to be more specific.
      Here’s a source about the executive orders:


    6. I can’t say I disagree with you at all. however, as far as compromise, it is clear that Obama does not wish to compromise. He blamed the House on the shut down last September, when in reality the House presented a deal that would have put forth funding for everything that needed to be addressed, with exception to the ACA, which they wanted to continue to debate on and work out. But the POTUS was so focused on passing that healthcare bill, he didn’t care about anything else. and now look at what is happening–the ACA is a disaster and is being used as a political pawn, and Obama is choosing on his own, unconstitutionally, to enforce and amend it as he sees fit. Ronald Reagan had the ability to compromise and make things work across party lines. Obama has proven with his own words and actions that he has no desire to work with anyone and just wants his own agenda to push forward, country be damned. so while I do wish for compromise, and a return to a true 3-branch system of checks and balances, I do not see it happening. I just hope that the voters speak up and use their power to change the balance of power in congress so that Obama is forced to play ball rather than continue to do as he pleases.

    7. Hi Frank, It’s refreshing to discuss ideas and different points of view with someone that’s obviously intelligent and repectful of others opinions…..instead of just throwing rocks. If you look back to when the ACA was being discussed and formulated….the President did have the Republicans at the table, but they were not of the mind to make this work. Do you remember when Mitch McConnell vowed to to everything to make Obama a one term president, and Rush Limbaugh was hoping for the president to fail? You also should remember that the President DID compromise on one huge issue that doomed the legislation to just a step in the right direction, rather than bigger and better law that it could have been, I’m speaking of the public option, which was a total deal breaker to the few republicans that finally voted for the law as it now stands. There was a huge amount of dis-information dumped on the public from the very well financed insurance & pharmaceutical lobbies to protect their interests. Cries of “socialized medicine” and “death panels” created a fervor and fear among many that seem get all their news from one source. If you look back to where we were in 2007, before Obama had even been elected, We were paying almost TWICE as much per capita, for health care compared to any other system in the world…..Yet over 45 million of our fellow citizens either could not afford, or had been denied coverage. We ultimately paid for their health care anyway…in the most expensive way possible….The emergency room. (this is one reason that an aspirin can cost $100.00 in the hospital) The expense was unsustainable. Every country but the United Stated and Mexico utilize a version of the single payer model for health care delivery, and they are actually getting better outcomes than we do in the richest country in the world. We are ranked 30th in the world in infant mortality rates…by far the worst ranking among civilized countries. Obamacare is certainly not perfect, but could be made better if Republicans would spend their time working with the Democrats instead of just voting over and over to repeal or de-fund it. It’s also a fact that this law was originally conceived of by the Heritage foundation, which is of course a conservative think-tank, but anything that Obama is for, the Republicans have to be against. If you think that they are looking out for you instead of the special interests…you are gravely mistaken.

  25. I am afraid that you “cannot fix stupid”. When you literally buy votes with tax dollars, giving people free stuff at zero cost, who has the backbone and the intelligence to say NO? We have been saying the truth about Obama since Day #1, but it is only now that some of the flock are getting it? I could go on and on, listing the inproprieties of this POS, but it would take too much time. As far as Hillary, well, she is a power-grabbing, mean-spirited psychopath that needs to get kicked out of politics completely.

  26. REALLY??? Is that what the poll said? Maybe you need to brush up on your English and re-report the facts properly.

    “Given a chance to do it all over again, only 79 percent of those who voted for President Obama would vote for him again and 71 percent of Obama voters now inclined to vote for somebody else “regret” their vote to reelect the president, according to a new poll.”

    So, of the 21% of Obama voters that WOULD NOT vote for Obama again, 71% of them regret their decision. That comes out to 15% of Obama voters regret their decision. Not 71% of Obama voters regret their decision.

    Way to go for spreading misinformation.

    1. Who do you work for and how much do you make? I’m willing to bet you are compensated by a liberal group if not the government itself.

  27. Just a little to late to be sorry. Now they can say they were part of destroying this wonderful country.People have got to stop voting for a party, and be independent voters. Vote for the person and their platform, would be the smart thing to do. Will they I dont know. I just pray these same people dont put Hillary in just for the sake of a party, or because she is a women.

  28. I was Born democrat, But republican by choice, As a business man, The facts that I have encountered…I build things, When the democrats are in charge, There seems to be a lack of jobs, and no growth in site, no one has money, I cannot sell my wares, And All I hear is how many rounds of golf the president is playing or talk about his latest million dollar vacations instead of rolling up his sleeves and working for this country. He still campaigns like he`s running for office, His State of the union address was the most disgusting portrayal of any president to date. When Republicans are in office, I notice growth, I have customers, Romney was a clear choice, hands down because of his love for country, his business sense and had a very clear plan on how to get this country back on track, Instead, this country has derailed, We can be a great nation again, but its going to take a complete overhaul of our government.

    1. i am republican but rather be called an american but what raised the red flag for me was Obama came from Chicago

    2. Being a person of independent thought by birth and by choice, I have a question for you.
      While I still consider ol’ Billy boy to be one of the worst three Presidents in the history of the United States, did you notice those same problems when Billery was in office ?
      I remember the economy did pretty well for about 7 of those years ( until the DotCom “bubble” burst ) and I don’t remember a lot of golf games, although his McDonalds visits were well documented.
      Much like Obama’s SOU addresses, I never watched Billy boy talk. You just knew every word was a lie.

  29. Some may be disappointed because he is not a leftist enough or he has not taken more unilateral action.

  30. Did you guys actually bother to read the survey? 71% of people who voted for Obama, but would not vote for him again regret it. The question was asked to a total of 35 people. For a total of 24 people.

    The survey also shows that 79% of people would vote for him again. Out of 396. for a total of 312

  31. This headline is so misleading wrong as to be hilariously bad, or an outright misrepresentation of data. The actual survey shows that 79% would vote for him again, which is around 340 people. OF the 21% of that would not vote again, 71% regret their vote, which is total of 24 people.

    I understand 71% sounds great, but when it is out of 35 people, you just look like an idiot.

  32. I hope people have smartened up I yelled for years O’Bama was a FRAUD, now everyone but his hanger ons know it too. Now I will yell about Hillary, for Gods sake don’t make the same mistake again, she is just as bad, as much a liar, egomaniac, only cares about herself. Please listen if you have to lie to the mation, you don’t mind destroying it for YOUR Power Trip. Let the Bi-ch of Bengazi retire just like the rest of the lying scum in DC have!!

  33. At least Obama has a higher poll rating than congress. Mid term elections should indicate the True Will of the American people. If they vote for the party that tells the most lies, it’s their own fault if they get what they voted for. I don’t vote by the party line, I judge each candidate on his own merits. I am for a single party system that works for all citizens in America. If Hillary runs you won’t be able to use those racial slurs. By the way, your question was so general that any data could be skewed to show a negative result for the President. It doesn’t account for individual reasons that the president may not have lived up to their expectations.

  34. You can’t fix stupid. Many wanted Hillary and will vote for her and she is just Obama in a pant suit, she believes in a One World Order just like he does.

    1. It’s pretty clear that nobody’s going to learn anything of value from you. Just keep throwing those rocks.

  35. A good friend of mine is and has been a “Yellow Dog Democrat” for more than 60 years. He will ALWAYS vote for the Democratic candidate, whether he agrees with what they say or he likes them. Although he is generally well informed, he believes today’s Democratic Party is basically the same as it was in the 1950′s. He believes the same is true about the GOP (hasn’t changed much in 60 years). Although he dislikes Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, it doesn’t matter. Therefore, if you were to ask him TODAY, “Knowing what you know now, would you still have voted for Obama?”……… he would say YES. Regardless of my friend’s opinion about politics, over the past 40-50 years secular society and the Democratic Party have changed dramatically. Unfortunately, loyal Democrats like my friend do not see it. Obama blames others for all that is wrong and loyal LEFTIST ideologues believe him. Today’s Democratic Party knows how to play the game, while the GOP cannot get out of it’s own way. Therefore, Hillary will likely be the favorite in 2016. Go figure……

    1. Interesting post. Obama certainly hasn’t been the perfect president, but you have to admit that no matter which party is in charge, half the population isn’t going to be happy. You may not like Obamacare, but if you are knowledgeable about how bad the healthcare system was before he took office…you know that it was unsustainable. Another point to consider…is that the last time this country had a balanced budget was when the Clintons were in the white house. If you can find a candidate from ANY party that can curb military spending, bring our boys home, and employ them building our roads, bridges and airports. and create decent well-paying jobs here…..I’ll not only vote for them, but I’ll campaign for them.

    1. I would never vote for HRC. She would not be a sane choice any more than Obama was.

      I did not vote for Obama in 2008, because he was in no way qualified to be president. That has become painfully obvious.

      I did not vote for Obama in 2012, because his policies are — and continue to be — detrimental to the interests of the United States and her legal citizens. That also is painfully obvious.

      Voting another socialist democrat OR a socialist republican into a position of power in 2014 and in 2016, would further the agenda of our enemies, both foreign and domestic, of the United States of America.

      There is no logical reason to further damage ourselves by continuing our destruction via the voting booth. And while we’re at it, lets figure out how to reduce voter fraud which skews the results of elections. The stakes are very high. The playing field needs to be level at the polling booth. One person, one vote, “should be” the norm. Voter picture I.D. and updated voter rolls should be required of ALL legal voters to keep the process more honest. If you can sign up for welfare, you should be able to sign up for voter I.D. at the same location. Not too hard to accomplish, and there’s still plenty of time to get it done before the next election.

  36. I wonder what the stat is for black people who voted against Obama to begin with?

  37. Ha Ha Ha the Obama useful idiots realize they the got screwed, good! we warn them but of course these young morons know it all would not listen. Wait till they get the Obozocare bill which will be force to pay, Ha Ha, but they voted for this, now Pay Up!!

  38. Sorry, but this is incorrectly reported here. Unfortunately the regret is far far less than we would hope! Read the title and first paragraph of the Washington Examiner article:

    “Poll: Only 79% of Obama voters would vote for him again

    Given a chance to do it all over again, only 79 percent of those who voted for President Obama would vote for him again and 71 percent of Obama voters now inclined to vote for somebody else “regret” their vote to reelect the president, according to a new poll.”

    You see? STILL 79% of people do NOT regret their vote and would do it all over again!!! And the 71% regretful are from the group who would not do it again.

    So, America is fast asleep. This is very bad news. They just don’t care or are being held tightly in the grip of brainwashing through their leftist media, including NPR.

  39. Doesn’t matter! GOP is as much an enemy as Obama now.
    More concerned about Mexicans then jobs, health care, wars, VA, IRS.
    Whens the last time you heard McCain, Bohner, … talk about IRS, Boarder control, VA, Wars…

  40. what is truly sad is the simple fact that if you are a negro, black, mixed or african-american, I think that covers all of the monikers, you hold this president in high esteem. You would vote for him a 3rd term if it was available. And clearly you can not see past his skin color to logically deduce he has done next to nothing for you, quite frankly he has set you back 50 years come November 2014. The rest of his supporters would vote for Khomer Rouge, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Idi Amin, if they identified themselves as a Democrat.

  41. Too damn late now they should have known this back in 2012 when they could have changed their vote but NO they were too stupid and was still drinking the Kool-Aid and following Obama like the good little sheep they are now look at the mess we are in and it is going to get a lot worse Obama is not thru destroying us yet but he will soon

  42. If funny how polls can be biased depending on whom you poll. I dont doubt that some people regret voting for Obama but over 70%. BULLSHIT any mathematician can explain why that number is wrong based on demographics and what part of the country you are polling. Iv seen 10 different polls this week with 10 different numbers with the lowest being 41.5% regret voting for Obama, which i have no doubt which is also biased. Never trust polls

  43. 100% of Hispanics? Wonder why? They want to take over through all means regardless they be illegal. La Raza. Race First.

  44. knowing oBAMERS habits about deception his posting of Blasphemy makes me wonder how so many people can call them selves Christian and yet vote for a homosexual muslim ?

  45. Let’s not forget all the dead voters who voted for the loser. Without them, Romney would have won anyway

  46. Really now the media is reporting the Polls Correctly… I know of 13 people that voted the first time and 6 of them voted for him the second time and they are now all Complaining… 3 of them on Medicare lost their Doctors and all I can do when I see them is Smile.. and say….. see I told you so….

  47. Sadly, almost everyone one of these idiots will fail to learn this lesson and will vote for the Democratic Presidential candidate in 2016 regardless of who is running on the GOP side. And if by some stroke of insanity that GOP candidate is Romney, there is no chance of the GOP winning the Presidency.

  48. The stupid thing is that most of the people that now regret voting for
    Obama were warned over and over and over about how corrupt Obama really
    is. They ignored all the warning signs at the voting polls and now we
    are ALL left to deal with the consequences of their ignorance.

  49. I saw nothing in the article stating the sampling factor, error ratio, where it was conducted or how many people were surveyed. Until I can see those statistics I would regard this article as unfounded and severely lacking in veracity.

  50. The poll did not mention the number of people queried. 100% of Mexicans said they regretted voting for Obama. Did they ask less than 10 Mexicans. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t vote for Obama at all. But i am a fan of good reporting… and this was not good reporting.

  51. but did they ask “why do you regret voting for O”
    because I didn’t get enough EBT cards, Obamaphones, and more free stuff
    or because I finally realized how dumb I was to vote for a fraud

  52. I was one that could see from day one that this guy was a waste of office space………..I had arguments with friends over them voting for this idiot ………….what I find unbelievable is why he is still in office………..after all the crimes he and his cronies have committed…….there is a conspiracy in this country and if people do not wake up to it……….well you are seeing the aftermath of that now…………..connect the dots…………….I am sick, I am embarrassed and I am fed up with these crooks running this country in to the ground…………..they need to go…………………..but the problem is deeper than the puppets in Washington they are global elite that are pulling the strings………….follow the money trail…………………….and wake up……………

    1. An impeachment is NEVER going to happen. I’m just trying to get thru to 2016 and hope Ted Cruz or someone like him gets elected.

  53. I am probably the one conservative/Libertarian who can name every liberal that refuses to admit they were wrong. I’ve had to block many of my liberals “friends” on FB because they continue to berate me for not holding their same opinion. Because, you know, the party of tolerance doesn’t tolerate different opinions. No, I don’t miss them. But why is the, what, 27% on MY FB feed???!!!!

  54. What’s scary is how many people do not regret voting for him. That is telling. That means that maybe half of the country are either ignorant, stupid, or worse communists.

  55. I wonder what the percentage of those Obama voters are who regret voting twice for Obama in both elections. Things that make you go hmmmm.

  56. It only took them 6 years to find out what we already knew. Trouble is I suspect they don’t understand the Obama agenda so they will for an Obama again i.e. Hillary, Elizabeth etc.

  57. Kind of late, isn’t it? I hope they learned their lesson but we shall see in 2016. Will those same voters vote for Clinton or Warren? If so, we’re back to square one.

    1. The problem is the young voters who voted for Obama are older and wiser and won’t make the same mistake again. Unfortunately, there is always a new crop of kids who don’t know how the world works yet and will vote for the Dimocrat for president.

  58. A vote for any democrat is a vote for further deterioration and decline of America in the eyes of Americans and world citizens.

  59. The results would have been different if the voters used their intelligence prior to voting for him. There was and still is information about his entire life and life styles. It’s very disheartening that so many voted on his color and his “hope and change”, and many voted 2-3-4 times for him.

  60. If Mitt Romney gets the nomination, the clueless GOP will launch another Progressive into the Whitehouse.

  61. Voters’ remorse. But it’s not like our votes matter anyway. It’s who offers the best bribe to the Electoral College. I honestly believe that!

  62. This has to be a lie too, for they reported today that still 68% support amnesty for the illegal invaders!!

  63. This is really misleading. The Washington Examiner article linked says that 21% of those who voted for Obama in 2012 would not vote for him again. Seventy-nine percent of Obama’s 2012 voters would vote for him again. Of the 21%, 71% of them (about 14.9% of Obama voters) “regret” their vote. America is much dumber than this TPNN article would have one believe.

  64. We need Trey Gowdy to run for president. Republicans and Tea Party members will both vote for him. No split vote! Heck, I believe that many democrats would vote for Trey. We have to be smart about who we put on the ticket.

  65. Its George’s fault. Blame George. Bull crap, blame those that value charismatic black influential lies about kumbaya. A worthless turd is a worthless turd, no matter what position he or she occupies. I hope you love what he has done to you that voted for him. I wanna puke when I see a vote Oscumbag bumper sticker.

  66. On his worst day, Mitt Romney would have been a better President. But you know…binders of Women and stuff!

  67. So a poll taken by right-wing outlets finds that 21% of Obama voters would change their vote today. Imagine that.

  68. How many people were polled? 71% percent of a 100 is only 71 people. How many were actually polled? I would like to think it was a high number but the article doesnt say for some reason.

  69. According the link to the poll you supplied, your numbers are off.

    In YouGov research conducted from February 6th-7th, we went about it in a slightly different way, asking people who voted for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama whether they would do it again. We found an ostensibly similar picture: 90% of people who voted for Romney would do it again, compared to only 79% of Obama voters who would.

  70. This headline is not correct. In fact, the poll states that 79% of Obama voters WOULD vote for him again. The poll then states “It also found that among Obama voters interested in voting for somebody else, 71 percent regret their vote.” So, it’s 71% of those interested in voting for someone else that regret their vote, which comes to about 15% who regret their vote. It’s not 71% of ALL voters who voted for Obama.

  71. Hmmm Jennifer, I checked the research too and it seems you either can’t read or are terrible at math… Back to school for you I’m afraid….

  72. This comment shows clearly that Obama and the press LYING is what caused Obama to get reelected. There is no doubt that had the press actually reported on Obamas illegalities he would have lost.

    TO ME, that is outright deception and Obama should go to prison and the Media should be sued out of every dime they made off the American people. They do NOT have the freedom to LIE to us!! And this NONSENSE that they are just reporting the news from a Liberal view is BULLSHIT! They are LYING.