Scottie Nell Hughes: Didn’t Obama Think to Check CBO Numbers Before Pushing for Minimum Wage Hike?

On Tuesday, TPNN’s Scottie Nell Hughes appeared on Fox Business’ The Independents to discuss a range of issues from President Obama’s crusade for an increase in the minimum wage to the turmoil in Venezuela.

As the panel discussed President Obama’s willingness to unilaterally raise the minimum wage for federal workers, Hughes questioned, “Here’s my question for President Obama: Before you went and waved your magic wand to announce this whole fantasyland speech, don’t you think you might’ve run the numbers from the CBO first before you said that?”

The CBO report revealed on Tuesday that Obama’s minimum wage increase would have a dramatic, negative effect on family income and would cost at least 500,000 jobs- a disaster that Democrats are likely to downplay as they crusade for a supposed “income equality.”

The conversation soon pivoted to the turmoil in Venezuela that has seen multiple violent clashes between demonstrators and troops loyal to Nicholas Maduro.

Despite the violence in Venezuela, the world knows shockingly little as Venezuelan authorities control the state media and restrict information from leaking out.