Idaho Introduces Law to Nullify EPA Regulations

Obama with EPA Head, Gina McCarthy

Obama with EPA Head, Gina McCarthy

The State of Idaho has introduced new legislation which nullifies all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations in that state. 

The bill (RS22758) says the purpose of the legislation is to “protect citizens of Idaho from EPA regulations that are not authorized by the Constitution of the United States and violate the Constitution’s true meaning of intent.”

The Idaho bill declares that the EPA is “not authorized by the Constitution” and “violates its true meaning and intent as given by the founders and ratifiers,” and therefore is considered “null and void” in the state.

The final straw for the state, according to State Rep. Paul Shepherd, who introduced the bill, was the EPA’s attempt to misinterpret the Clean Water Act to completely eliminate gold dredging:
“It appears the EPA bureaucracy has an agenda in its interpretation of what pollution is. They’re saying if you pick up sand with a suction dredge, run it through and dump it back in the water, that’s pollution. It’s pretty much shutting (the dredgers) down. That’s the main thing driving this, but the bill pertains to any regulations not approved by the people.”
The bill would nullify all regulations put in place by the EPA on its own, without Congress. Article I of the U.S. Constitution gives Congress “all legislative powers.” 

h/t: The Daily Caller


  1. There is NO QUESTION, that the EPA is totally out of control, and I applaud any and all efforts to restore sanity to the EPA.

  2. McCarthy-ism a la 2014. God, I love it. Idaho, keep it up. Push back against this communist man-b*tch Gestapo wannabe.

  3. I wonder how Obama and Kerry will explain the latest global non-warming excuse from a government scientologiest? This so called scientist actually proposed the theory that burning coal causes global warming, except when China burns it and then it causes global cooling , HUh ????????? This was actually proposed by a “scientist ” as explanation as to why the trend over the past two decades is cooler, rather than the expected (preferred) warmer. LOL

  4. My Oh My,,,, Talk about an agency that is totally brain dead… I read about Liberalism every day and everyday it gets more stupid…

  5. Would that all states would nullify the EPA and a host of other government agencies/cabinets. How about the Consumer Financial Protection Board (or whatever the official name is) which is controlled by and housed at the Fed – a private bank?

  6. Need to hit the FDA next for polluting our water with toxic carcinogens that have been killing Americans for years.

    1. You can vote in November but re electing the same people who caused the problems are not going to fix the problems only hope is the states

  7. maybe the people of the usa should give permission to other countries to nuke washington… they are so out of control!

  8. Idaho has the right and authority to prevent the US government from imposing the EPA, and any other regulatory US government agency’s regulations upon Idaho citizens. However, nearly every Idaho citizen has signed a separate contract with the US government agreeing to obey any regulations that the US government wants to impose. As with any contract, there must be value given for value received. In return for agreeing to giving up their constitutional rights, the citizens of Idaho, and every other state as well, have received government benefits. That is things like being allowed to participate in the Social Security program, receiving welfare of some sort, food stamps, free cell phones, unemployment compensation, and all the rest.
    When we signed up for the program, we signed up to be citizens of the territorial United States. That’s Washington D.C., not the state where we are resident.
    So even if Idaho nullifies the EPA, and all of the US government agencies, I doesn’t matter. The nullification only applies to people who haven’t signed up for Social Security, or some other US government benefit.
    Check this out;